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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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across the octagon. he understands the game good enough to know how to sprawl. you have to take advantage to get there. bader wasn't willing to. >> brian: the shot wasn't the biggest mistake. what ryan bader tried to do was shoot, make anthony johnson work, force him to wrestle early to wear him out. he went for the kimura and even when he lost his leverage and anthony johnson had both legs wrapped around him he stuck with it, he was caught in the mound, head pressed up against the fence, the tactical error where any other guy he's mounted by he's probably going to escape from but he's so strong. one mistake. >> joe: so terrified of the punches that by the time he was mounted he didn't want to let go of the arm. >> daniel: you have to realize "i've lost this position. i have to get back to a safe space, maybey take one or two to get back to my feet. he was so afraid of the power he
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>> curt: you're not assuming you win -- >> daniel: john and i will fight. why wouldn't he keep going to fight these other guys. >> curt: everybody takes him deep. he can't get him deep. for a complete wrapup of tonight's action we hope you you will tube in to ufc fight night the post fight show right now on f. s. 2. coming up next on fox it's your late local news except for those of you on the west coast. for brian stann, daniel customerier and the rest of us,
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saying so long from newark. hello everyone, i'm meteorologist john carroll weather first.clear and quiet weather tonight will allow the temps to drop intothe 30's, much warmer air is slated for sunday with snowmelt and mud going hand in hand. i will have your full forecast in a few,but until then, ten starts now. tragic end - to the search for a missing teen. coverage about the arrest - and the heartbreak in blacksburg. and...keeping cows healthy. sot: " i see that you're uncomfortable with this but you can trust me."experts help farmers - to keep their then lucky dog. sot "and we came really close to losing him" firefighters reunited with the dog - they rescused from an
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outcue::.... with first degree
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worst fears - confirmed by police. the body of a missing teen - recovered across the border - in north carolina. tonight - we know that david eisenhauer - the virginia tech student charged with abduction - is being held respondible for nicole lovell's death. we begin our live team coverage tonight with solina lewis - in blacksburg. "it hurts real bad but now we know she's in a better place." kyrra winters, classmate nicole's classmates friends
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candle light vigil outside her family's house --each of them hoping the thirteen year old was still alive, and would see their messages of support, and come back..."we came out here to pray for nicole to come home, we didn't realize until right before, she had been found and she wasn't going to be coming home" rebecca lemon, vigil organizerfriends of the family said nicole's parents had remained hopeful until the very last minute, with her dad posting the news on facebook... "he announced his daughter was found and she was deceased and of course he was devastated" kenny jarels, help save the next girlher classmates said the bus rides to school same, and they hope, wherever nicole is, she knows how much she was cared for..."i love her and i miss her a lot" lot" i miss her a "i love her and for...she was cared knows how much nicole is, she hope, wherever same, and they will not be the rides to school said the bus her classmates next girlhelp save the kenny jarels, help save the next girl her classmates said the bus rides to school will not be the same, and they hope, wherever nicole is, she knows how much she was cared for... "i love her and i miss her a
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solina thanks. police just wrapped up a news conference - a short time ago.w-f-x-r's charlie cooper is here - with new information - detailing how police pieced this all together. blacksburg police briefed us just 30 minutes ago. nicole madison lovell was last seen on january 27th. hundreds of officers and cadets have been on the search for lovell over the past few days. her situation was particularly dire because she had a liver transplant and has been without her lifesaving medication for days. police located her remains at approximately 4 this afternoon
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carolina boarder in si-ree county.evidence is currently processing at the north caroline medical examiners office.her remains will be transfered to roanoke for an autopsy and examination. this has been an extremely fast paced investigation in the past 12 hours. it was late saturday night when the investigation lead us to 18- year-old david e. eisenhauer a virginia tech student here in blacksburg . this morning he was charged with one count of felony abduction. since the discovery of nicole and through consultation of montgomey county's commonwealth attourney marie petit we've also just charged eisenhauer with first degree murder. authorities also said the investigation is far from over and they are still working to reconstruct a timeline in regards to lovell's death. they're asking anyone with information about either eisenhauer or lovell to contact blacksburg police
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in the studio, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. charlie, thanks. the arrest of a freshman for this crime - spread quickly throughout virignia tech's campus. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow is live - with what fellow students and officials are saying. bill - according to university officials - david eisenhauer is a freshman here at virginia tech who is from maryland - and is studying engineering. we spoke with several students on the tech campus earlier today - they tell us students were sent an email from university officials - about eisenhauer's arrest.we went to the dormitory on-campus where several students told us he lived. signs were posted on the doors - barring media crews from entering that dorm.students here on campus told us they were shocked to hear the news - that one of their own - is a suspect in a teenage girl's disappearance. and haven't been able to find anyone who knew eisenhauer - since we arrived on-campus this but students here say they remain a bit shaken up tonight -
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happen. corey buck - virginia tech freshman"we leave our doors open here sometimes. like, even steal from other rooms here. so to hear that a kid somehow is connected to a 13-year-old girl abduction is pretty sickening." kendall richardson - virginia tech freshman"i was really shocked. i would not expect anything like that to happen here at tech. it was a real surprise, never would have thought, especially a freshman brand-new here. never would have thought that would happen."and bill - in a tech officials said with a felony arrest - they have the authority to place eisenhauer on immediate interim
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do so. and bill - virginia tech officials - have offered their support - to nicole lovell's family and friends - at this difficult time. live in blacksburg, kristen eskow, wfxr news. thanks kristen. we're going to continue to follow this story on air all weekend. all of our updates are on our facebook page - as well as our website - virginia first dot com. in alleghany county - police are searching for a man - who ran off - after a police chase. troopers tell us - a driver fled during an around 12 thirty this morning - on route 3-11 - near the state border. at one point - the driver fled into west virginia - then made a u turn headed back to virginia - then crashed his car. state police - have identified the driver as andrew allen arnold of white sulphur springs.he's wanted in west virginia - and
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an update now - on a story we first told you last night. police tell us - two men are facing charges - after shots were fired in a shopping plaza parking lot. it happened during an argument just before 6 thirty last night- outside k-mart on hersbhberger road in ronaoke. no one was hurt - and no damage was reported. we learned tonight that darius bratton has been charged with with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and reckless handling of a firearm. abdoula mub-ie-din - was charged with brandishing a firearm - for allegedly showing an airsoft gun - during the confrontation. is helping - with a massive animal cruelty case in north carolina. the a-s-p-c-a says - around 600 animals are being seized from a facility - known as the haven - in raeford. the a-s-p-c-a says - many of the animals are emaciated - or property owners - have reportedly been charged with animal cruelty. angels of assisi - says they sent staff
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that rescue in north carolina. despite last minute negotiations - our parent company - nexstar broadcasting - was unable to reach an agreement with cox communitcations. that means - thousands of viewers throughout our region - are unable to watch us tonight. right now - the negotiations are focused on a fair price - for cox to carry wfxr and wwcw - for a fare rate. nexstar has offered cox the same rate paid by other cable and satellite companies - to grant cox a special lower rate - would unfairly advantage them. we appreciate our viewers - we apoligize to those who have been inconvenienced by this blackout. it's exciting to when you look at the relationships that our team and our stations have with this community as we work 24/7, 365 days a year to entertain and protect and
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an indepth explanation - on what's happening with the negotiaion - how you can voice your concerns - and also - who to call if you want to switch to another provider. it's all on our homepage - virginia first dot com. coming up - one lucky dog. we'll hear from firefighters - who rescued a pooch - that fell through thin ice during that winter storm. and - keeping cows healthy. what farmers are doing - to protect our local beef supply.
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full forecast after the break .overnight...clear. lows in the lower 30s. southwest winds around10 mph with gusts up to southwest winds around 10 mph. afternoon..sunday evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. lower 40s. southwest up to 30 mph..monday...mostly highs around 60. southwest up to25 mph..monday night...mostly cloudy. a the lower 40s. west winds evening...becoming light and variable. chance of rain 20 .tuesday...partly sunny.
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showers likely...mainly after midnight.temperature in the upper 40s. chance of rain70 percent..wednesday...showers. highs in the upper 50s. chance of rain90 percent..wednesday night...mostly cloudy in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. cooler with lows in the lower 30s. .thursday through friday...partly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s.lows around 30. during the big snow storm last week - we told you about a saint bernard - that was rescued through the ice in northern virginia. virginia. in northern through the ice - after falling that was rescued you about a week - we told snow storm last lows around 30.the lower 40s.
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cloudy. highs in the lower 40s.lows around 30. during the big snow storm last week - we told you about a saint bernard - that was rescued - after falling through the ice in northern virginia.
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reunite with that lucky dog. jay korff has our update. "and i welcome our update. jay korff has that lucky dog. reunite with a chance - to virginia. in northern virginia. firefighters got a chance - to reunite with that lucky dog. jay korff has our update. you all here for reuniting of the family with the crew that saved our four-legged here." will tell you that this five- year-old dog is more like a in a st. bernard suit. friday, family thanked fairfax county fire and rescue station 32 for saving their beloved pet."and we came losing him, and we know we did. so, thank you guys."the video and taken by fire officials are grainy but gripping. during the blizzard friday, milo wandered away from his family while they were sleddng at wooglen lke in fairfax station."it was scary. it was just really frightening."yolonda whartman called for milo, but says this dog-obedience-school dropout
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to hold back her husband from going in. "well, he was trying to get up onto the ice, but it just kept breaking. but i firetrucks, so i knew they were close and i knew that help was on the way." then there was getting this one-hundred and twenty pound pooch out. he's a bit bigger than the family's other dog, gizmo, who smartly opted to water."we'd first tried to catch him with a dog collar, but even though i got a tight wrap around him, he head out. he didn't like that. at that point, i realized that we had to get into the water to help him."allows firefighters to make this kind of a rescue. this is called an ice commander's suit. a couple on and went in after milo." firefighters eventually lifted milo up and out. despite being in the water for about twenty or thirty minutes, he warmed up quickly."luckily for milo, he's got this big thick furry coat on him that really helped to prevent that water from affecting him as quickly as it would've one of us." happy - and healthy. up next - how farmers are working together - making sure their
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then - a stockyard in flames. where fire wrecked a business - and the concern about the
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farmers and students united
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beef cattle health conference the focus - was on proper cattle handling practices. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper spoke with cattle experts who say - the animals' health depends on the way in which they're herded. 22:04-25:001:02:21-1:07:19 for these guys, it's easy to understand each other-- they speak the same nat sound- cow moo--but for farmers sometimes it's not so simple. that's why many of them joined students at the virginia tech beef cattle health conference to learn more about how to communicate with herds through low stress cattle handling techniques.dr. tom noffsinger- veterinarian it's all a silent language based on body language, position, posture, how far away you are, how fast you go, the angles that you use.track 2 dr. tom noffsinger is a veterinarian who's known for his role in low stress cattle handling. he says one of the biggest challenges farmers face is making sure cattle arent confused or stressed when being herded.dr. tom
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want to create voluntary motion in both animals so animals and people are doing something because they want to not because they have to.track 3a 4th generation farmer, kendal golden says share of stressed cattle due to improper handling.kendal golden- bovinae represenvative, virginia maryland college of vet medicine if they don't know where they, are if they cant see their pen mates or their herd mates they immediately have that head up, wide eyes, ear forward, paying attention.track 4and scared. doctors say this causes their immune function to drop and makes them more prone to disease.kendal golden- bovinae represenvative, virginia maryland college of vet medicine the key to it all is being able to read them and understand how comfortable they are and what they're doing and then being able to ask them, ok i see that you're uncomfortable with this but you can trust track 5because after extended part of the family.kendal golden- bovinae represenvative, maryland college of vet medicine the biggest learning what we can all do to make sure our babies are better off in the long run. track 6charlie cooper. wfxr news. firefighters have been battling a massive fireat the blue grass stockyards in kentucky. the three-alarm fire erupting this afternoon... smoke and flames jetting into the air. multiple emergency crews arriving at the scene to combat the blaze... reports say - 7 acres of the beef cattle auction company were runied. no word on the fate -
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bikers duck for cover. coming up - the search for a gunman - after a deadly shooting. and - legal to drive. what bartenders and advocates are saying - about a possible change - to the legal limit -
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one person is dead... and several more injured... after a shooting at a bike show in denver. as joe saint reports - there were plenty of witnesses - but so far - no arrests. nats: "national western stock show... several shooting victims inside..." multiple victims and at least one dead after violence breaks out at a bike show in downtown denver. mos says: "i just saw a bunch of people scattering after we heard two gunshots." eyewitnesses say they heard people get shot and stabbed... and the conflict involved biker gangs. denver health reports at least 9 rushed to
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and then there was a bunch of mongrels, motorcycle guys beating up each other on the top of the stairs." our cameras were first on scene... capturing at in handcuffs. but, police reiterate, no one has been arrested."mos says: "at this time, we do not have anyone in custody." this all appeared to have happened in the national western complex... next to the coliseum.mos says: "at this time we do not have any information, that we know of, of any officers or firefighters have been hurt." the official name of the event is the motorcycle expo... admission was 15 dollars and thousands were inside at the time. no word tonight on what sparked the violence.mos says: "that's kinda why we leave about this time every saturday." this biker, who saw parts of the pandemonium, says unfortunately, biker violence has become all too common. not surprised... gun shots rang out.mos says: "if you're a rider, you know what goes on here. so, if you start seeing looks between club members,
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the n-t-s-b is reportedly eyeing a possible lowering of the legal limit for drinking and driving.sharon crowley has reaction from bartenders who worry about their business. 00:00 - 00:051:07-1:141:27-1:36 the weekend is here and maybe you want to celebrate or unwind by going out with friends and having a drink. have more than one drink an hour, you may be putting yourself at risk of being over the current legal limit...point-oh-eight to drive a car. you could be charged with drunk driving if you are stopped. the ntsb would like to see a person's blood alcohol content be even lower, before getting behind the wheel. the agency would like to see it lowered from .08 to .05. mos 1 says: "that's like one drink and the police are gonna take you and give you a test and you'll be thrown in jail? i don't think that's fair." it's an idea down well" with some customers at this bar on long island.mos 2 says: "if you have like wine or one beer when you're eating and then the cop's gonna stop you and you only have one drink. it's kinda ridiculous." here also thinks a change like that would hurt his business.
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to go out there and have a drink. it definitly would." crowley says : the ntsb says lowering the legal limit would help make the roads even safer. right now though it's just a proposal on their wish list. mothers against drunk driving has no position yet on whether to lower the legal limit... they just want something if you are going out to drink and drive.encourage people that go out and consume they decide on a different way to get home as opposed to driving the car." car."driving the opposed to get home as different way to they decide on a different way to get home as opposed to driving the car." voting for the twenty-sixteen presidential race officially begins monday. candidates from both parties are
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trying to drum up support ahead of the nation's first caucuses. ross palombo is in des moines with more on how the voting works... and why it matters. 0:00-0:06 0:22-0:310:46-0:54 1:30-1:41konfrst says: "..we like to say the iowa caucuses aren't first because they're important. important because they're first." on monday, all the hawkeye state will caucus, but the way party winners are chosen differs between republicans and democrats. g-o-p voters first listen to speeches by candidate representatives, then choose who they'd like to see in the oval office. some write down their selection on paper.kauffman says: "..we are a purple state with low cost media markets that any person regardless of their name or size of their pac can actually make a run for the presidency." the process for democrats is more complex. voters first indicate who support by standing in specific areas for their candidate. if a candidate doesn't have at least 15 supporters have to choose a different area or step out.cowherd says: "'s a big responsibility for iowans and we want to be a part of it and be educated about it as well. and also, we are political creatures, so it's fun.'' winning here isn't always enough though to propel someone to their party's
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did win here when running for his first term, but rick 20-12, mike huckabee won in 2008... neither went on to get their party's nominationkonfrst says: "..iowa's effect on the primary and caucus process is often to weed out players who maybe can't make it out of here, who don't have that kind of organization. it narrows the field." voters must be at least eighteen years old and eligible to vote in iowa in the november election to the caucuses. they must also be a registered democrat or registered republican. iowa voters have up until the last minute to choose a side.... party registration is available at each caucus site. in des moines, i'm ross palombo, fox news. plus - a judge - orders ads off tv. the claims - that have a popular yogurt maker - in hot water.
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break... (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the lower 30s. southwest winds around10 mph with mph. .sunday...sunny. highs around 60. southwest winds around 10 mph.gusts up to 30 mph in the afternoon..sunday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. lows in the lower 40s. southwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. .monday...mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. highs around 60. southwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to25 mph..monday night...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of showers in the
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in theevening...becoming light and variable. chance of rain 20 percent. .tuesday...partly sunny. cooler with highs around 50. .tuesday night...cloudy. midnight.near steady chance of rain70 percent. .wednesday...showers. highs in the upper 50s. chance of rain 90 percent..wednesday night...mostly cloudy in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. cooler with lows in the lower 30s..thursday through friday...partly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s.
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the maker of chobani greek yogurt has been ordered by a judge to ditch an ad campaign that takes a dig on the competiton...specifically, its rivals use of artificial preservatives and sweeteners. the judge found that artificial preservatives and sweeteners are not dangerous, as the ads lead consumers to believe.chobani's biggest competitors -- yoplait, and dannon, maker of light & fit greek yogurt -- both cheered
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it is a full slate of college hoops today. the virginia cavaliers getting the road monkey off the backs tuesday. today they stay on the road for a date with the louisville cardinals. coming up, we head over to the blue grass state for this top 20 acc battle. the result was kinda of a suprise. plus we head over to salem, where it was battle for first place in the odac
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for the great hoops hokies tomorrow begin a 2 game road trip as the will be in the steel city to take on the pittsburgh panthers. tip is set for 6:30. tech is on a 3 game losing streak to set their acc record at 4-4, the hokies is coming off a loss to the louisville cardinals wednesday night. speaking of 16th ranked louisville, they were the 11th ranked virginia cavaliers opponet this afternoon in acc play. uva ended their road fashion with a buzzer beating triple tuesday night at wake forest. the cavs looking to start a road winning streak. to the kfc yum! center in louisville!1st half... virginia up 2anthony gill gets the steal... he finishes the
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later in the 1st half... virginia up 2...malcom brogdon drives... he finds isaiah wilkens who finishes the dunk cards head coach rick pitino not happy with louisville's 14 first half turnovers... virginia up 15 at the break... 2nd half... virginia up 14off the miss... anthony gill throws down the put back dunk virginia up 16later in the 2nd...mike tobey takes the pass and slams it home... virginia rolls...beating louisville 63-47 the cavaliers win their 2nd straight road acc game beating in the cards 63-47. the liberty flames winners of three in row hit the road to play presbyterian in big south play.liberty-john dawson to ezra talbert...6-2 libertyliberty- dawson triple.....10-2 liberty presbyterian-ed drew with the miss.....desean murray scores...10-4 flames liberty-dawson triple.......for 3 of his team high 19 points.presbyterian-
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for 2 of his 23 points liberty-ryan kemrite triple. 4th straight win as they beat the blue hose 65-61. staying in south carolina, a match up of streaking teams, radford winners of 3 straight and four of five battling winthrop on a 6 game winning streak.eagles johnson triple.......lead now up to 6 for winthropwinthrop xavier cooks scores......lead remains at 6radford cam jones........radford down 4 radford brandon holcomb 2 of his points. winthrop johnson to duby oh-kay-kay with the dunk the eagles extend their winning streak to 7 beating the highlanders 87-77. southern conference play......the vmi keydets also
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military rivals in the citadel. 2nd half vmi up 2vmi-julian eleby scores......47-43 key detsvmi-tim marshall triple......50-45 vmi citadel-------quayson williams triple.....cuts vmi's lead to 3 vmi------austin vereen triple.....vmi by 6citadel----p.j. boutte hoop and harm the bulldogs come back to pull off a 3 point win over the keydets. to division 3 ranks, a first place battle in the odac co-leaders roanoke virginia weslyan hooking up at the bast center in salem.1. marlins rolling early... khory moore to aaron sturdifen ...35-24 virginia wesleyan 2. maroon's bryce woodliff for three cutting the deficit down to nine 3.
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4. roanoke college chipping away at the lead...john caldwell with the nice finish... the marlins take sole possesion of first in the odac nipping the maroons by 1 women's action from the vines center in lynchburg, co- big south leader liberty hosting high point.liberty doing work inside.....katelyn adams miss but back after injury ashley rininger scores. lu----more adams......scores .......24-15 flameshigh point- kaylah keys triple.......libe rty lead cut to 6lu-mickayla sanders triple...... the liberty flames stay in first in the big south beating the panthers 56-43. its the flames 19th straight big south conference home win. to the dedmon center in radford, the highlanders co-leader in unc-asheville. radford up 7 in the 1st ru-aisha foy triple......radfo
10:40 pm
asheville-khaila webb scores...highlanders lead cut to 5.asheville-sonora dengokl scores asheville comes back in the second half to beat radford 54-46. the bulldogs stay tied with liberty for 1st south. we are not done with this basketball bonzanza. we trickle down to the high school ranked where for the second time this season. radford and on the court. plus we head over to roanoke catholic for a boys and girls doubleheader. this and so up on the other
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a non-district rematch on high school hardwood in salem. the spartans hosting the radford bobcats. radford won the earlier game in radford. we are off to salem high school...the bobcats lead by 22 at the break.radford off to a good start.blake burdack with a tripleradford-burdack scores radford-quinton
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salem-shannon davis scoresradford-burdack the bobcats gets the win tonight over salem 56-38. more high school action..........roanoke catholic hosting eastern montgomery.big but the playing hard...dakota hanks hits nick bahnken for three2. butto day belonged to the home team...ian mcinnis to marcus myers for the lay in celtics up 78-163. and then its lucas myers for three from the baseline...three of his game high 28 as the celtics roll to a 100-23 victory the 1st half of the roanoke catholic double headers.......girls action as the celtics host turner ashby. 1. the knights getting things rolling ...kierstin roadrop knocks down the jumper...6-1 ta 2. the celtics responding ...kk sharkey with the steal taking it the other way gets the bucket and the foul making it an 8-3 knights lead3. the
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simmons for three turner ashby goes on to get a 54-24
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