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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 7  FOX  March 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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wfxr news is your local election headquarters. the information that matters to you as you head to the polls. "he's not worthy
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tuesday, march 1st. thanks for starting your day off with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. super tuesday is here and wfxr news is your local election headquarters. primary voting across virginia has been open for a little over an hour. wfxr's paris holmes is live in
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has voter turnout been so far? go to virginia's donald newsroanoke, paris president.
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donald trump says around 3-thousand people watched his speech at radford university on monday, with thousands more waiting outside, hoping they made it in. during his speech, trump critcized his rivals, the press, plus china and mexico. the billionaire real estate mogul says he knows what it takes to create jobs, despite never holding public office. "i went to the wharton school of finance. good student, did all of that stuff. you all have good educations. some of you don't. you don't need education to know this. we lost our jobs, we lose our money, we lose everything." trump continues to hold a strong lead in a cnn-orc national poll. trump with 49-percent, marco rubio in second with 16-percent and ted
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hillary clinton continuing to hold the lead. she's at 55- percent. bernie sanders at 38-percent. the two leading republican candiates covered virginia over the last few days...senator marco rubio stopped in salem sunday-- donald trump made a pass through the new river valley monday...thousands packed the dedmon center at radford university to hear him speak, but things got heated when protesters clashed both inside and out.wfxr's travell eiland has more. good explain.county to live in roanoke wfxr's past. turnout in the high voter always led to virginia during the nice weather however, commonwealth. across the trouble today cause voters any
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the and mainly dry with warm and mainly dry weather in the forecast, mother weather in the and mainly dry weather in the forecast, mother nature shouldn't cause voters any trouble today across the commonwealth. however, nice weather during the virginia primaries hasn't always led to high voter turnout in the past. wfxr's taylor kanost is in roanoke county to explain. good morning, january you would think this warm weather would encourage voters to head to the polls today, but as you mentioned there really hasn't been much of a correlation in recent years between nice weather and high
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last virginia republican primary in 2012, only 265,000 virginians voted despite the fact that conditions were dry and seasonably warm. meanwhile, in 2008, conditions were cool and damp with even a little bit of snow on the roads, but that didn't stop over a million virginians from voting in the republican and democratic primaries.
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thursday.wednesday into weather wednesday into
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as we've told you all morning, super tuesday is finally here. and it could reveal the biggest indication to date .. of who the eventual nominees will be. fox's caroline shively state-by-state trek of the us... today it turns into a national sprint."trump says: great again; greater than ever before. i love you. get out and vote." today voters in 13 states will cast ballots in the republican contests. donald trump has a 33- percentage point lead over his next closest rival , florida senator marco rubio, who is now calling on trump to release an "off the record" conversation he had with the new york times in january. rubio says: "he told them what he really believed about immigration which apparently is not the same as what he is telling audiences. eleven states and one territory vote for the democrats today. since
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landslide in south carolina on saturday, she has been shifting toward the general election. clinton says: "the republicans, i have to give them credit, they're persistent. persistently wrong, but they're presistent!" clinton leads bernie sanders -- by nearly 20- points but the vermont senator still expects to do well tonight. sanders says: "what this campaign is about it having millions of people stand together and say loudly and clearly, 'enough is enough!'"shively says : "super tuesday is just getting started but the candidates are already looking ahead to delegate-rich florida which votes in two weeks... trump, rubio and clinton all hold events there tonight. in washington, caroline shively, fox news." virginia news."shively, fox caroline
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virginia first dot-com has everything you need to know to stay on top of super tuesday. for more on the candidates, or to find your polling location, head to our website and click on your local election headquarters. ahead on good day virginia. a plea deal could be in the works for the man accused of killing two college students in central virginia. and.. new details in the deadly officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
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now to news making headlines across the commonwealth this morning.
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police officer killed in the line of duty over the weekend will happen later today.police say the suspect, ronald hamilton, shot and killed ashley guindon and wounded two other officers when they responded to a call at hamilton's home. he's in jail without bond this morning on a charge of capital murder and first-degree murder in the death of his wife. guindon's remains will then be taken to her hometown in new hampshire for burial. happening on wednesday, accused killer jesse matthew is expected to make a plea deal. matthew is accused of killing uva student hannah graham and virginia tech student morgan harrington. officials say the plea will resolve both abduction and murder cases. harrington went missing from john paul jones arena in charlottesville back in 2009. her body was found three months later. graham went missing from charlottesville's downtown mall in 2014. matthew is already serving life in prison for an unreleated sexual assault case that happened back in 2005 in fairfax county.
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department released more details about friday's officer involved shooting. police say 18 year old kionte spencer appeared to have what looked to be a gun in his hand, when they responded to a walgreens on the corner of electric road and brambleton avenue. police say they asked him to drop his weapon- but he did not.that's when officers tried to use tasers, but they didn't work.police say two officers each fired one shot at spencer. one shot hit him in the shoulder. one hit him in the hip. police discovered after the fact that spencer carried a b-b gun that is a replica of a popular handgun. "you saw what our officer saw in his hand, that is a potential deadly encounter. and at this point, our investigation, in the case our officers responded within their training." spencer died at the hospital. chief hall says there are two
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probe, the other is a criminal investigation. next on good day virginia: building a farming foundation! in our ag life report, why ons farmer credits that for his
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the future farmers of america helps some decide their perfect career path. wfxr's sophia
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build a foundation for a successful farming career. 0:15 - 0:340:35 - 0:42 feeding the cows is something brian bennett has been doing pretty much his whole life. as part of the 4-h and f-f-a clubs he learned the foundation of his career, and says future farmers of america built his leadership skills to run the farm.brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "through those programs and projects, you had to keep record books and then in crops judging teams, you learn crops and seed and diseases and what not. and certainly they play a big part in our everyday management of our forage program here on the farm." standup: brian is co-owner of his families cattle farm, but when he was in 4-h he actually first started out with sheep. bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "sheep were a little bit easier to handle built that flock up to about 60 or 70 animals by the time i was in high school and was able to sell them and use them to purchase some cattle."brian says the f-f-a teaches passed onto future generations.brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "it's one that included the whole community and the whole family can get involved." getting a younger generation key especially for an industry that is predominately older. brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "so you don't have to love getting your hands dirty and working with animals and working the land. there's so many aspects of agriculture that we need the knowledge and people." brian says f-f-a is a involved and give them life skills needed for any career. borrelli wfxr news. if you want to get a little nutty today. it's perfectly okay. it's nutty get a little if you want
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if you want to get a little nutty today. it's perfectly okay.
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super tuesday is here and this morning we're breaking down what's at stake for the race to the white house. a uva student detained in north korea for two months is speaking out for the first time!"kids on instagram were getting like like using emojis. i think it was a skull and a bomb and a gun." a virginia middle school student could be legal trouble
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good morning, it's tuesday, march 1st. thanks for starting your day off with good day virginia. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. wfxr news is your local election headquarters on this super tuesday. you may be asking yourself just what exactly is super tuesday?it's the day where a dozen states--and american samoa= hold their why does it matter so much? cnn's jonathan mann explains super tuesday" is a chance for candidates to get a very large number of delegates to the democratic and republican nominating conventions. 12states will either vote or caucus.about half of them are in the south.., which is why you'll also hear this called the "s-e-c primary"... taking that name from the "southeast conference"... an association of southern universities that may be best known for its football football tie-in there but the u-s territory of american samoa will also hold it's caucus on super tuesday.there are more
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day of the calendar.that one day offers nearly half, fully 48-percent of what's needed to win for republicans...more than a third, 36-percent, for democrats.super tuesday will probably not decide the race for republicans because of the number of candidates still in the race.they split the vote too many ways for a clear, fast win.but it could have a significant impact on the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders donald trump's rally at radford turned contentious at times monday-security escorted out mulitple escorted out mulitple protesters...and a a time magazine photographer got into a scuffle with the
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chris morris wrestling with the secert service agent. morris tried to leave the media staging area to talk to the protestors being escorted out. its unclear from the video what started the altercation--but the agent tosses morris to the ground and morris starts kicking. morris says he didn't start the fight. him. i never touched him. at the very end i tired to show what he did to me and i said he choked me and i put my hand on him and that's when i was arrested. police detained and questioned morris before releasing him. police did not file charges, but they are still investigation. despite that sideshow, trump moved forward with his rally, winning some undecided voters. our chief political correspondent, bill wadell has more. 00:53 - 00:5701:05 - 01:13in a presidential race - far from boring. donald trump. "if i pick up new york or michigan, it's over folks. it's over." local supporters insist -
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america's problems. "are you ready to go vote tomorrow and sweep super tuesday for donald trump and make us the nominee." "his civility. its rests in what he is doing and what he will do to restore true decency to this country's governance." "vote and make sure your voice is heard."donald trump... told the crowd - he'll reignite america's economy - and prevent jobs from going overseas. officals at radford say they wer enot an official host of that the trump campaign paid to rent the dedmon donald trump "i went to the of finance. good student, did all you all have good educations. weak high weak high pressure builds weak high
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pressure builds in tonight allowing for continued dryweather under diminishing winds. strong low pressure will trackwest of the mountains tuesday with a trailing cold front pushing across the area tuesday night. weak high pressure will follow this front with drier but colder weather wednesday into thursday.wind advisory in effect from 9 pm this evening
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a university of virginia student detained in north korea is talking about his ordeal for talking about his ordeal for the first time. .otto warmbrier confessed to a hostile act in a videotaped press conference released by state-run north korean media. the 21-year-old says he tried to steal a sign containing a political slogan from the walls of a hotel. "i wish that the united states administration manipulated myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. i entirely beg you and the government of dpr korea for your forgiveness. please, i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please act to save me. life, but please made the worst please, i've forgiveness. dpr korea for government of and the countries. i foreign crimes against future to commit people like manipulated never administration united states "i wish that the "i wish that the united states administration never manipulated people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. i entirely beg you and the government of dpr korea for your forgiveness. please, i've made the worst mistake of my steal the sign.warmbrier to "i wish that the united states never manipulated myself in the future to commit foreign
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forgiveness. made the worst mistake of my act to save me. please. think of my family." north korean officials say warmbrier asked for the press conference.north korean officials also say a secretive university society and the c-i-a encouraged warmbrier to steal the sign. a northern virginia middle school student could be in legal trouble, after she's accused of sending threats on social media. school officials say the student was sending emojis of a gun, bomb and knife on her instagram account. a letter was sent home to parents. one mother says she is taking extra steps to "basically knowing her password and checking behind her to see what she's sending, checking my verizon bill at out who's she's been texting with, how late she's been up.
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they're taken away." the school has not said if it has taken an disciplinary action against the student. a man is shot dead by police in north carolina. this morning, community members outraged, sparking protests in raleigh. plus.. apple scores
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order. crowds gathered in this raleigh, north carolina neighborhood after police shot and killed a man they say resisted arrest. police say the man was wanted on drug charges and had three prior drug convictions. the suspect's mother says her son wasn't armed, but police say a gun was found near his body. both the north carolina state bureau of investigation and raleigh police are investigating the shooting. a federal judge has ruled investigators in new york cannot force apple to unlock an iphone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the company is currently being pressured by federal investigators to break into 13 iphones across the country, including one belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has complied with similar requests from the government in at least 70-other court cases. in health news this morning: for the first time doctors in southern california have performed a procedure in utero. that procedure increases the
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open-heart surgery after he was born. wfxr's becky freemal reports. smiling and soaring but grayson's parents didn't always know if he'd make it this far20 weeks into
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50s.highs in the mid the upper
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more than a hundred pythons like these were caught
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in the florida everglades. they were captured as part of the state's annual python challenge. the snake hunt drew more than a thousand people! the goal is reduce the burmese python population in the everglades, where the pythons are an invasive species. largest python caught this year was a 15-footer that
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>> 8:00 on a gorgeous march 1st. i'm jason caterina. what you need to know is autochilly now but warm later and the temperatures making their way well into the 60s. for many of us a bit of a light breeze and the lunch time temperatures well into the 50s with most of the day to feature lunch outside and most of the sunshine and we'll still have warm temperatures by the time
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a few showers making their way in later and then much cooler temperatures the rest of the week. i've got the details in the 7 day forecast coming up when "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> kyle: super tuesday. voters in virginia and 10 other states head to the polls to pick the presidential candidate. we've got team coverage bringing you the latest. >> and making a plea. the man accused of two high profile murder cases is ready to make a deal. >> kyle: and examining the evidence. roanoke county's police chief reveals more details about the a teenager shot and killed by a county officer. march first... super tuesday i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. super tuesday is here and wfxr news is your local


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