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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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college in roseburg. the gunman identified within the hour as 26-year-old chris harper mercer, killed in a shoot-out with police the sheriff said he will never say the gunman's name because he shouldn't get the attention. also new tonight a neighbor says he, quote, seemed really unfriendly and the neighbor also says he heard a woman believed to be the suspect's mother in the suspect's house crying her eyes out today. the community is coming together for a candlelight vigil to rember the victims. we'll have a full report on the shooting investigation in a few moments. our other breaking story, hurricane joaquin is gaining strength. the storm has intensified into a major category iv hurricane and that means winds can reach up to 130 miles per hour. >> what you're seeing right now is video from the bahamas where the storm can already be felt tonight. winds there are picking up as is the rain. >> and no one along the east coast are taking any chances. workers filling sandbags, just
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thanks for staying with us, everyone. >> still so many questions tonight about the storm. let's get right to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with the latest models of the hurricane. >> ken. the answers are becoming a little clearer tonight, let me show you what's going on. this is the storm. you saw the satellite picture already, still sitting here in the central bahamas and doing major damage. a few of the pictures will come out to the outer islands by tomorrow. there are watches and warnings in place for the bohemian islands, and there's also tropical storm watches and warnings for the inner islands, winds 130, that's blowing all the time at 130 in the eye of the storm. moving west at 3 miles per hour. so a slow mover. slow enough that it's going to miss its ride to get pulled inland and pick up a ride in the jetstream out to sea. saturday evening. sunday evening, gradually we get into a category i by monday evening. there's nantucket and there goes our storm. way to the south owes even the northern fringe of this
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probability area just stays southeast of nantucket. looks like we're done with this threat unless something huge changes in the next 24 hours. here's the thing. the european model which has been calling this hook to the right the whole time is still even farther out to sea than this. so this could actually wobble a little farther out to sea if that computer model ends up being the right one. the curl to the west, but they've been congregating farther to the east and that's why the national hurricane center has addressed that track tonight. and joaquin is not expected to hit us too hard but people are taking preyou cames just in case. malini basu shows us how people are getting ready in our area.
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line. >> shock and sad innocence oregon. 10 people shot and killed in a small college campus and now a live look at a vigil happening right now to remember the victims and those injuries. the gunman was also killed in a shoot-out with police, he was just 26 years old. john monahan has been on this story all night and here with what we've learned since even it. >> we just got an update from law enforcement the last 40 minutes and they tell us all campus buildings have been searched and clear at this hour. the name of the gunman is being widely reported 26-year-old john harper mercer. however, the sheriff's department in roseburg oregon being adamant tonight that they're not going to confirm or say the name of that shooter. >> let me be very clear i will not name the shooter.
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i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >> we also know at this hour there's a candlelight vigil going on on campus as mark mentioned and an emotional tend to another emotional day on yet another college campus. >> we put backpacks in front of us, chairs, whatever we could shield ourselves with just in case he came in. >> reporter: shock and horror tonight after a gunman opens fire in a small oregon town. the gunman identified in the last hour as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. at least 10 people are dead including the gunman and at least 7 people are hurt. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, we are holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. >> the shooting taking place mid morning at umqua community college in roseburg, oregon. photos from the newspaper the news review revealed the chaotic scene as parents rushed to the scene.
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buses, i don't know if she's idea. >> the shooting appears to have happened across at least two buildings, including the science building. the first 911 calls came in at 10:38 local time upon arriving, there they located the shooter in one of the building. officers engaged the suspect, gunfire. >> reporter: rescue crews saying they felt helpless. very shrill known about the 26-year-old shooter and there's no known motive at this time. roseburg oregon is a small close-knit rural community, a community that is now left searching for answers. >> three or four more shots were fired and the look on her face was just horrifying and she said got everybody out and we were all just running for our lives. >> at the fairgrounds where students were reunited with their families, a flag flies at
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apartment of chris harper mercer looking for clues tonight. the question many have tonight is what mercer was thinking and what brought him to that campus. there are reports in the investigation that may be possible comments made online on our web site called for chan, john monahan, fox 25 news. just we went on air tonight i spoke with the former president of the community college who retired over the summer. he now lives in boston but back in roseburg tonight. holeston told me he was heart broken and couldn't believe the news. >> it doesn't matter if you're in boston or roseburgs when something like this happens, it strikes to the very heart of the community. we have to come to some sort of balance how we balance public safety. during our conversation, holeston got very emotional when talking about the lives lost today. despite the numerous training exercises the college and police organized.
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and president barak obama addressed the nation expressing grief and sadness in the 15-state of a mass shooting since he was in office. >> we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or want to do harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. >> president barak obama addressing a large amount of mass shootings representing newtown, charleston, and more. he also talked about tougher laws on gun control. >> i think it was a tragedy today that so many people lost their lives and it really is just heart breaking. but before we get a knee jerk reaction to start calling for more gun legislation let's at least understand what happened, what the motivation was.
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that our laws are strict enough and say the problem is actually enforcement. stay with fox 25 and for continuing coverage of this college shooting. we will also update you on any overnight developments on our fox 25 morning news starting at 4:00 a.m. >> we have developing news out of afghanistan. 12 people, including 5 u.s. service members, have died after a transport plane crashed in afghanistan. the plane is a c130, a large cargo plane used to transport troops and supplies. officials say the plane crashed at jalalabad airport. the crash happened only a few hours ago so no cause has been determined. >> family members of these roommates from new hampshire are worried sick. katheryn burcham is back live in new hampshire now and you spoke with a relative of the missing
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>> that's right. and investigators tonight not only speaking with relatives, but focusing on key pieces of evidence. one of those is a car. hutchison's car behind this fence. it's one of the key pieces of evidence in the case we got a firsthand look at it, even as police search for hutchinson's second car, which they believe her roommate may still be driving. 57-year-old sue hutchinson's family is frantic worry about her mother who is a creature of habit who suddenly disappeared. >> reporter: hutchinson's former partner who didn't want to be on camera toll us he was the last one to speak to her before she disappeared on september 20th. two days later, angel torres also found one of hutchinson's cars parked blocks from her house. this 1992 buick century which fox 25 obtained exclusive video of. >> i think it's early in the investigation to say that foul play was involved but certainly wouldn't be ruled out at this point in time. >> reporter: police say one day after hutchinson disappeared so did her roommate steven bishop andre.
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the two shared this manchester apartment after he broke up with hutchison's daughter according to family friends. police say andre was last seen driving hutchinson's silver 2005 bmw license plate 3806038 spotted outside this game stop in bedford, new hampshire. >> where's fisher? he was living here. where's -- bishop. where's he. >> family members say they wait in agony for answers. >> we miss her. if she hears me, i hope, you know, she's listening and she needs to get back home. police want anyone with information on andre or hutchinson or the silver bmw you saw there to call them and they're interested with talking with anyone who may have seen someone parking that 1992 buick century on the streets of manchester last week. live in manchester, new hampshire, i'm katheryn burcham, fox 25 news.
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new at 11:00, you will see smoke coming from logan airport tomorrow. a mock emergency drill will be taking place at the airport for 7:00 a.m. again, this is a reminder there will be numerous emergency vehicles and visible smoke coming from logan tomorrow morning but it is all just a drill. >> this is not, though, a major hurricane hitting the bahamas. but the latest track is good news for new england. still, there's rain and wind out there tonight. i'm tracking that and your weekend forecast, up next. taking no chances with some people in new england, what keep their properties safe in case the storm rolls in. and a strange discovery on the cape.
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the shooting happened this morning in roseburg, oregon at a community college. the gunman identified 26-year-old chris harper mercer was killed in a shoot-out with police. the neighbor of the gunman says he, quote, seemed really unfriendly and the neighbor also says he heard a woman believed to be the suspect's mother at the suspect's house crying her eyes out today. fox 25 morning news will have any new developments starting at 4:00 a.m. new tonight at 11:00, the charleston police department responding to a violent rollover crash. one person was hurt yesterday when the crash happened on dresser hill road. officers say the occupants suffered only minor injuries but had to be taken to the hospital. thankfully tonight they are expected to be okay. quite an unusual find washed
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up on the beach on cape cod. take a look at this. on tuesday, the welt sleet harbor master found this enormous star fish washed up on the rob right near a shack. mass autobahn was called in to examine the carcass. they took evidence and determined it was a female sun fish and the info is now being added to a database on ocean sun fish. meanwhile the atlantic's releasing another great picture of a white shark. despite the weather getting cooler, the water temperatures still inviting for some surfers so definitely beware. >> people are preparing especially along the coast. malini basu is in plum island with what's happening tonight. >> we're here in plum island where many folks have been coming out of their homes, they've been walking over to the beach, checking out the waves and tell us they will be watching the forecast closely
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and do what's necessary if need be. >> reporter: it's images like this that have many on plum island worried about hurricane joaquin. >> it was 2012, 2013 when that house went in and the house on the other side went in and our deck was ripped off. >> reporter: the winds off plum island are pretty intense. this has homeowners preparing for anything that comes their way. >> pull them up so they don't wash out and get all the things that can blow under cover but nothing much you can do. except hunker down. >> reporter: those living on the island say they don't want to relive these images. >> there's nothing that can prepare you for that kind of feeling of losing your house or losing your belongings and everything that's, you know, you have sort of built up around you. >> reporter: over ins exthese two brothers tell fox 25 they're pulling in town girl for the season and afraid she'll get
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hurt in the storm. >> it's the last day i'm taking photos. tomorrow. >> in the meantime, the governor is warning all new englanders to keep a close eye on the storm. >> i do all of the planning and prework that we can do absent knowing for sure what's going to happen and then if it turns out it's going to land somewhere in our neighborhood, we'll hit the switch and execute it as quickly as we can. >> the governor also telling fox 25, state officials are watching the storm closely, and in the meantime just in case they're also asking you to check on your neighbors to make sure that everyone is okay. for now, we're on plum island tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. there's rain holding onshore tonight and across central new england including up there in plum island in the next few hours if it's not in your town already. now, the live doppler radar will showers are. the heaviest just off of nantucket has some heavier downpours and a while ago cape cod seeing a break in the action right around falmouth, it looks
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and up through plymouth, some of the moderate rainshowers, same thing for worcester, extends through middlesex county around lowell up toes sex and that plum island why are. this is just some rain from the front yesterday bowing back northward toward us as areas of low pressure ripple along that stalled front. nothing to do with qua queen, but we are gonna talk about that storm in just a moment. there's more rain to our south, will come along this front and you'll expect a wet day tomorrow. heaviest will be south of boston. you'll see that with futurecast but the rain will come farther north from time to time. kind of going back and forth over us but eventually the front lifts right into southern new england pictured early saturday morning where there will still be showers around monday morning and we'll see through with rain gear in hand but a raw feel to the weekend. we will dry out sunday and things look better. winds are whipping out there coming in at 35 miles per hour
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piled up against the shoreline and next flood advisory tomorrow afternoon although there is a high tide in the early-morning hours, just a minor splashover there. look at, this temperatures in the 50s with rain tomorrow all across the area. quincy 54. bridgewater 54. a chance of breaks of sun the farther north and west you go. but still 57 in attleboro and loudoun and 51 in worcester with likely rain tomorrow, this is joaquin. major hurricane, still hitting the bahamas, still has winds at 130 miles per hour, jogging to the west at 3 miles per hour. >> tuesday evening it won't matter. yes it will send some big waves toward the coast, swells towards the coast and likely give us rough seas that, would be the extent it on a track like this or farther east like the
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the effects become more. of course we'll monitor future tracks and the movement of joaquin and let you know if it's going to become an issue but all of the computer models have been congregating more out here. so this track i think is no longer in play. the one that's farther out to sea is the one that's most likely from here on out and the one that's we're going with as center. here's the seven-day forecast with that good news in there. weekend. but saturday is northwest of boston and worcester and really into vermont and new hampshire, otherwise, temperatures staying in the 50s and into tuesday case joaquin came close. up next, tom brady finally gets some love from the nfl. i'll explain and the bruins address the ridiculousness of coach julienne's status and how andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on,
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>> the red sox playing the best baseball of the year by far. six-game win steek and looking for a four-game streak for the yankees in the bronx tonight. they got off to a pretty bad start. rich hill with a 2 and 0 injury, gives up two runs in the second inning.
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single in to run, 2-1, the sox. top of the seventh, same score, run on first and he almost gives the sox the lead with one swing of the bat. the yankee add a couple more, get the win 4-1 and clinch a play-off spot. the red sox managerial update, the word is john ferrel will be the sox manager next season if he's healthy despite a bad season 28 didn't 16. kind of a head scratcher but the sox lasted 2014. this season they were last, 14 games under 500. torres led the team. the most shocking set fourth worst under pharaoh and fourth best under novello. i know what else brady is other than a corn ball with a hot
11:25 pm
brady's numbers are listed ridiculous, 11,112 and 9 touchdowns. 0 picks. hasn't won a behavior the week yet this season. so now looking deeper. no other quarterback has over 950 and brady has 92 completions which is an nfl record in 3 games and the player of the month is his eighth tied with peyton manning for most all time. a lot of pressure for the black and gold but for the first time in julienne's tenure he's coming off a season that the bs did not make the play-offs. so he's in the hot seat already?
11:26 pm
he'd like to see the team play. the coach could be on the hot seat at some point. it's unclear. >> kind of crazy. the steelers, ravens tied right now and the bruins opened up the season october 8th at home versus winnipeg. should be pretty cool. can't wait. >> and weather-wise you can definitely feel it's a season for that. there's the storm piling on too. >> i had someone tweet me earlier saying it's freezing outside. not quite. but it is chilly. >> it is going to be cool. temperatures in the 50s for high temperatures, right through the weekend. major hurricane joaquin is in doing damage tonight. that's an immense storm. they're getting hit hard. fortunately, i suppose if you want a silver lining this is some of the lesser inhabited islands, not some of the major islands but still that's a ridiculous storm right now. 130 mile-per-hour winds.
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will circle away from the bahamas during the day tomorrow and stay well offshore in southern new england.
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