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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now at 6:00, more rain for your friday commute. how showers play into the weekend and the newest track out on hurricane joaquin. we continue to follow breaking news to oregon where a gunman breaks into a college classroom and starts shooting. the question he asked before opening fire that is shedding light about a possible motive. police are searching for two missing. the suspicious activity outside their apartment that could lead to a break in the case. >> this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, 6:00 on the button. i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: i am sara underwood. we have rain for this morning but dodged a bullet for the
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hurricane joaquin is taking a hard right. meteorologist shiri spear is trackinging forecast. >>shiri: based on that forecast more of a breeze and waves. watching rain in your friday forecast, an inch or more in the cape and islands but that hurricane joaquin track as of 5:00 this morning 200 miles off of nantucket. so, yes, staying out to sea, but, again, still a couple of things i am going to go over with you that i want us all to be aware of upper 40s to lower 50s. the cape, the islands, the south coast. boston running mostly dry and one or two sprinkles through the morning commute. 8 a.m., the bulk of that rain. look at the temperatures, barely moving again today. it will be cool, wet and windy as well. by lunchtime, the showers sneak up to the mass pike and a couple
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of showers ongoing through the afternoon. wet drive home from work. but comfortable 52 to 58 degrees. 50-mile-per-hour gusts for the cape and island. a lot to talk about for today's forecast. a look at that latest track on hurricane joaquin in a couple of minutes. catherine parrotta is standing by with live drive-time traffic. low things looking. >> this incident the pike going eastbound. a stalled vehicle near 128 in the newton area. not seeing any delays just yet. we will keep an eye on it. and telling you about this last update on 290 update on 29 0 westbound in worcester. a rolled over truck there at route 12 hope avenue. and there are some lanes closed in this area and the expressway going north through quincy very
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typical volume there. and leverett connector. you can see volume is also pretty typical in these locations. and a drive time, 24 it will take you ten minutes on 9 from 495 to the will he eleven. on 93 from the braintree split, already jammed up an 18-minute ride for you. gene, over to you hurricane joaquin, we may have dodged a bullet here, but it looks like to be slamming parts of the bahamas. the island chain is not populate the island chain is not populated but battering trees and sending water up some homes. the prime minister is changing laws to mandate evacuation for shelters. so far no reports of any deaths or injuries. you can follow joaquin's path as it shifts to the east. it is available on google play and itunes.
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be watching the storm as it loses steam all weekend. we continue to follow breaking news out of oregon where we are learning more about the gunman who stormed a community college campus killing nine people. >> that suspect was eventually taken down by police. fox 25's daniel miller is live with much more information on the shooting. >>daniel: gene and sara, good morning. we are getting the latest details out of this small community college school. ten are kird including the shooter. seven more wounded. the gunman has been identified as 26-year-old christopher harper mercer. he was from that area and died following a shootout with police following a shootout with police. authorities are also recovering -- also recovered, that is are, three pistols and rifle at the scene. the father of one of the people injured is giving new insight into mercer 'motive. >> this man had enough time -- i don't know how much time elapsed before he stood there and asked
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people one by one what their religion was. are you a christian, he would ask them. if you are a christian, stand up, and he would say, good, because our christian, you are going to see god in just about one second and then he shot and killed them. >>reporter: dad got those details right before his details right before his daughter went into surgery. his 18-year-old daughter was hit in the back by a bullet. she is expected to survive. he told the television crew on the scene she played dead when the shooter walked around the room. one law enforcement official said the shooter was heavily armed with a lot of ammunition and body armor, enough for a prolonged gun fight. we have crews from our sister scene in roseburg this morning. i will be checking in with them as we get new details all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. gun control will be a major topic for lawmakers once again because of this shooting. a frustrated president obama addressed the nation in what was his 15th state on a mass shooting since taking office.
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country on earth that has people with mental illnesses who want to do harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kind of mass shootings every few months. >> the president referenced shootings in newtown, connecticut, charleston, south carolina, and utah. he once again called for tougher gun control laws. that stance is getting strong reaction in morning from local gun rights groups. >> i think it was a tragedy today that people lost their lives, and it really is just heartbreaking. but -- but before we get that knee-jerk reaction and start calling for more gun legislation calling for more gun understand what was -- what happened. what the motivation was. >> gun rights advocates argue that our laws are strict enough and the problem is actually enforcement. and stay with fox25 and for continuing
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coverage of the college shooting in oregon. we expect to learn so much more today about the victims and why this happened. coming up at :30, we will take a closer -- at 6:30 closer -- at 6:30, we will take a closer look at the online foot a closer look at the online footprints that the gunman left mind. following news out of manchester, new hampshire where a pair of roommates have been missing for more than a week. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live outside the police department where they say trouble troubling crews -- clues, rather troubling crews -- clues, rather, are cause for concern. stephanie. >>reporter: found one of their cars found blocks from where they lived. behind this gate at the police department. a possible clue into their disappearance. we spoke with friends and family one of those roommates, sue hutchinson who is a creature of habit and they were concerned after she missed several appoint 789s.
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her roommate steven andrade disappeared. one day after that they found hutchinson's car blocks from their home parked. this is video you will only see on fox25. this is her car. it is a 1992 buick century. again, police have now taken it into evidence. they are also searching for another car that hutchinson own another car that hutchinson owned. andrade was last seen driving this car and last seen outside in gamestop in bedford, new hampshire. >> too early in the investigation to say that foul play was involved. certainly wouldn't be ruled out at this time. >> take a look late to on your tv screen. police say that silver bmw has that license plate, 3806038. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. and coming up at 7:00, the reason friends told us the two ended up as roommates.
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am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. this morning a young father is accused inform a horrific case of abuse roving his own son case of abuse roving his own son. merrimack police say chase m+ eriscol picked up the boy and threw him into a nightstand in a fit of rage. relatives say that he and the baby's mother are from arizona and flew to new hampshire so family members can meet the 7 family members can meet the 7-week-old baby. the child's grandmother said meriscol became violent during an argument with the baby's mother. >> didn't look realistic. the baby looked like a rag doll and swung the baby and the baby hit the nightstand and hit the floor >> the newborn has been released from a hospital 37 from a hospital from a hospital. we are told he is doing just fine. the child's relative is seeking an order of protection from the judge. this morning a worcester man has died days after being hit by an alleged drunk driver. our crews on the scene as the investigation began. 46-year-old george burdick was removed from light support
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tuesday. last weekend he was hurt and his sister killed after being struck by a car on lincoln street. 29-year-old daniel depew is facing multiple charges including injury accident causing death and operating under the influence. will he pew is held without bail and due in court for a probable cause hearing later this month. police in taunton say local drug lord with ties to a mexican cartel is now off the street. federal prosecutors have arrested 25 people as part of a large-scale heroin network. dedham cruz rivera is the. leader, accused of importing drugs and sell selling them across massachusetts. >> it has been going on for ten years. we have been unable to get him in the past. we have tried many times. >> taunton has been hit hard by the recent heroin crisis. there has been more than 150
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the second time this year a suffolk county resident has died from west nile virus. the latest victim, a woman in her 90s. the department of public health says it is the 6th human case of the mosquito borne illness here in massachusetts. officials say despite the cooler temperatures it is still peak season for the infection. a huge fire in august that destroyed a local winery. the fire department is under scrutiny for its response and problems at the scene. what call logs police obtained overnight knew about how long it took to get water on this fire. it is good to see smoke, fire and emergency vehicles at logan airport later today. we are live at logan with the drill massport is doing and what they are hope they are hoping to accomplish. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. 93 from andover to the zakim bridge, and you can see it is going to take you about 25 minutes to get there. you are going about 52 miles per hour still in the green. shiri.
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forecast in boston have temperatures stays in the 50s. rain on the way. but look how breezy.
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stronger gusts, 6:14 the time. meteorologist shiri spear here. i have rain mostly over southeastern massachusetts from marshfield down to plymouth. steady rain from lakeville to
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over the cape to east falmouth. some of these will be filling closer to boston. new this morning, a building struck by a car struck by a car lowell. it happened in lowell merrimack and prescott street around 2:00. according to our photographer at the scene, the building and to be vacant. unclear if anyone was injured in the crash. inspectors are due at the scene later this morning. happening today, fire and smoke at the tarmac at logan airport. mass state police tweeting out the heads-up that crews will be performing an emergency drill. fox25's jessica reyes live at logan where that drill is expected to get under that by just about two hours, jess. >> that's right, sara. starts at 8:30 this morning. put on by mass port and an emergency response drill in the event of a plane crash scenario. not the first time mass port has done something like this here at logan airport. the video that you are seeing right now. this is from the last time they did this back in september of 2014. just a little over a year ago. they tell us there will be
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several emergency vehicles and small control fires here at the tarmac at logan airport. the airport is going to be open, and they want everyone to stay calm if they do happen to see this later today because they want to remind everybody that it is still a drill. the faa requires tests like this every three years. again, there is going to be smoke coming from the airport as well as a number of emergency vehicles responding to this plane crash and does start at 8 plane crash and does start at 8:30 this morning. right now we are up on the top of a parking garage at logan airport. we have a good vantage point of the tarmac. as soon as this starts at 8:30, we will bring it to you live as it is happening. live at logan, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. a find on a cape cod beach. on tuesday a wellfleet harbor master found in enormous sunfish washed up on the rock. they showed up to examine the carcass and determined it was a female.
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to a database on ocean sunfish. :16. and a look at your traffic conditions this morning. mostly green on here. a look at a couple of things. this just popped up 93 going south in lawrence. a little bit of a backup behind it and nothing jammed. good news. down here on the expressway headed north into the city, you are very, very sluggish only going about 16 miles per hour, even jammed in a little pocket there. filled in with extra time. west, 290 westbound in worcester. a rolled a rolled-over truck at hope ave. not seeing any delays there. we will keep an eye on it. the pike eastbound, traffic moving fine but volume beginning to fill at this hour. the drive times. on the pike 13 minutes from route 9. and 128 from route 1 to the weston tolls, 24 minutes. shiri, i know you have been very busy tracking weather for us and joaquin and barreling up the east coast. that's right.
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category 4 hurricane. so little movement so little movement in this since last night. winds still at 130 miles per hour. slamming the central bahamas right now. some of these the less inhabited islands which is the only good thing to say about this situation. once you hit the weekend, you see it drifting more toward. still a major hurricane early sunday morning and it slowly starts to weaken as it travels offshore from the eastern sea offshore from the eastern seaboard. and this is the huge change since yesterday. look at this hook out to sea. this storm is now expected to take. this track will be about 200 miles offshore from nantucket. there is, of course, some wiggle room where you see that cone. the center of the storm could go anywhere within that, but based on this current trap which passes us very early tuesday as a cat 1 hurricane, we will get a little bit of a breeze and most. moisture and most of the wind will actually miss us. the computer models i would like
6:18 am
to see a little more consistency here. a snapshot of where the center of the storm goes and a 200-mile spread and i said some wiggle room. as you hit the weekend and right now beyond. advisories today. coastal flood. coastal minor flooding and splashover between 1 and 5 over the cape and islands and windy. wind advisories for winds sustained 20 to 30 miles per hour but gusting 50. also where we have that real wet weather now, but by noontime, climbs back up to boston, back up to the mass pike, and into the afternoon back up into southern new hampshire there. pretty patchy showers. heaviest and steadiest southeast massachusetts and even if you have friday night plans, it will still be wet out there. temperature-wise as well, stuck in the 50s all day long. 54 in boston and beverly and in plymouth. 51 and 57 in nashua. 56 in chatham. kind of cool, wet, windy, and into the weekend still breezy
6:19 am
temps still in the middle 50s. we gain a couple of degrees for sunday. 57 in boston. 54 in worcester. 58 in nashua. 60 in plymouth. the drier a day of the weekend with a couple of breaks in the clouds north and west of the city. tomorrow scatter showers. keep going strong. another wind have iry in effect for the same spots in southeastern massachusetts at least into tomorrow morning. we will have to bait and see if that is extended into the afternoon but here -- i still have clouds and cris in the sunday morning forecast. as we get into the afternoon better bet we will get breaks in the clouds and what we will watch beyond that, the seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy sunday, monday and tuesday. as joaquin is passing us here, we still have got to be on the lookout of coastal concerns, some higher surf, rip currents and waves. temperatures slowly warm and the sunshine is back in town by wednesday into thursday with highs close to 70. back to you. >> all right, shiri
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developing this morning, the taliban is using twitter to claim it shot down a u.s. cargo game near the afghan, pacquiaoi border but right now -- pakistani border but right now there is no evidence of who will till file. 11 people, all u.s. servicemembers and contractorrs were killed when the c 130 went down. investigated. happening today, more high level meetings between isis and syria. leaders of france and syria will meet. the u.s. said the strikes have hit anti-government rebels. russian -- russia, rather, supports syrian dictator al supports syrian dictator al-assad. focus needs to be on the fighter focus needs to be on the fighters. bernie sanders is heading to massachusetts for the weekend for the first campaign rally in
6:23 am
tomorrow, sanders will make his first stop at springfield city hall for an afternoon rally before heading to boston for a 6:00 even center. both events are free and open to the public. sappeder's stop comes on the heels of a visit from hillary clinton. the former secretary of state sat with marty walsh and attorney general maura healy for abuse. the former secretary making it clear dealing with substance abuse and asinks is a priority. she wants to work on the issue at the federal level. >> i want to be a partner with states, with cities, mayor, with institutions, with community groups, with law enforcement, with everyone who has a role to play in prevention, first and formost. >> mayor walsh commended euclideanton for toe cussing on addiction i shall -- clinton for focusing on addiction issues but did not go so far as to support
6:24 am
her for president. tom brady was supposed to sit out a month of september, but he did not and outplayed all others for the offensive player award. 900 yards, nine touchdowns and no interceptions. high school football returning to fenway park for the first time in 88 years. earlier this year fox25 reported that eight high schools will take the field at the home of the red sox. sevarian and st. johns prep. bc and catholic memorial who will play on thanksgiving eve. two of the longest rivalries in the history of thanksgiving day football will take the field. needham and wellesley and boston english against boston latin. they will play on thanksgiving day. boston college will play notre dame at fenway the week before the holiday. a big break in a decades a big break in a decades-cold case, how an arrest in a separate case gave local police the evidence they were waiting for to solve this murder waiting for to solve this murder.
6:25 am
and a rainy day on the way. the high risk today into tomorrow and things start to ease up late week into next week. the latest after the break. new details of a toddler who
6:26 am
the injuries police right now at 6:30, we continue to follow breaking news at another mass shooting this time at a community college in oregon. ten people were killed,
6:27 am
coming up clues he may have left behind on social media. and good morning, everybody. it is friday, october 2 it is friday, october 2. thank you so much for joining us. i am sara underwood. >>gene: i am gene lavanchy. a rainy friday. things are pretty busy on the road. catherine parrotta checking that out for us as well. hurricane joaquin taking a hard right. that is good news. meteorologist shiri spear has been tracking this storm since it first popped up a few day ago. >>shiri: great news for us. go over that 9 a.m. track and stays 200 mile offshore from nantucket. our impact will be mostly waves. we will break that down and we will deal with the wet weather over southeastern massachusetts. a steady lane brewster to bourne a steady lane brewster to bourne, sdux burry and the vineyard gets up to taunton, brockton and scituate and shuts off. what we have is mostly dry conditions here up into boston. now at 5 degrees. 46 in worcester. 50 in manchester, new hampshire, but we will have to watch even those locations for one or two
6:28 am
inches its way back up to the mass pike during the morning commute. heaviest rain southeastern massachusetts at lump time. 53, 54, with winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. we will show where to expect those strongest gusts in a couple of minutes and showers on couple of minutes and showers ongoing street in your friday evening as well. not all rain all weekend long. what to expect for your saturday what to expect for your saturday, sunday and how hurricane joaquin will play into that rain risk as well in a couple of minutes. back over to you kathryn for a check of the roads this morning. things picking up. >> a little bit busy on the big map. a couple of incidents. we are telling you about this one 93 going south in lawrence. an accident near river road. we are not seeing that much in point. that is good down here the expressway going north into the city. 14 miles per hour. if you look a little bit more this way, you see the pike and they are jammed up there through
6:29 am
familiaring hoom and approach newton. 128 is doing very well. 128 going south to burlington around 57 miles per hour. giving you a look now one of our cameras storrow drive moving okay. and we wanted to give you drive time too. on the pike take you 9 minutes from the pike to the weston tolls to the ted williams. 13 minutes on 93 from the braintree split to the pike. that is where you are jammed up a 28-minute ride. gene, over to you. the big headline on hurricane joaquin this morning is it is not coming 209 is it is not coming to the east coast as shiri said. bahamas. sparsely populated but battering trees and sending surging water to some of the windows of the homes. the prime minister is changing laws to mandate evacuation for shelters. no reports of any deaths or injuries. you can follicle you can follow ca mean's bath
6:30 am
with our fox25 weather app. our team of meteorologists will be watching the storm as it loses steam throughout the weekend. we continue to follow breaking news out of oregon as we are learning more about the gunman that stormed the community college campus killing nine people. >> that suspect was eventually taken down by police. fox25's daniel miller is here with the latest information from overnight. >>daniel: gene and sara, what happened was horrifying. the first day of classes at this oregon. this morning ten people are dead including the gunman. seven others are wounded. three of them in critical condition. the gunman is 26-year-old christopher harper murderser. he died after a shootout with police. police uncovered three pistols and a rifle in the florida class. heard. again.
6:31 am
can hear them moving and crying and -- and -- and the look on her face, it was horrifying. she said we need to get out. >> one law enforcement official says the shooter was heavily armed with a large amount of ammunition and body armor. enough for prolonged gunfight. we have crews from our sister station on the scene in roseberg station on the scene in roseberg. i will be checking in with them as we get new details all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. new this morning, federal agents looking into online post which is may have warned of yesterday's shootings. the "new york times" said the post and on a message board. the suspect chris mercer reportedly had an extensive online presence which showed an have in mass shootings. public records show an e-mail account in this game is linked to a fire fire it the, he will to a fire fire it the, he
6:32 am
uploaded a documentary on the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. joe olson retired over the summer and he was in roseberg the time of the shooting and shortly after spoke with fox25 about this tragedy. doesn't matter if you are in boston or roseberg, when something like that happens. it strikes to the very heart. we as a nation have to come to some sort of balance how we balance civil liberties and -- and public safety. >> olson told us he was believe the news when it scrolled across the bottom of his tv screen. stay with fox25 and for continuing coverage of the college shooting in oregon. we expect to learn much more today about the victims and why this happened. coming up at 7:00. 6:35. new in morning, there are new questions about the suspicious fire that destroyed a fire that destroyed a winery in
6:33 am
charlton. a call log that showed it took fire fighters more than 20 minutes to arrive at that scene and another 30 minutes to start dousing the flames. live at the winery with brand in new reaction from the owners who said they lost everything. good morning, mile cal. >> good. the car lot two and a half show about that entire play-by-play of that day. the owners of charlton farm and winery spoke with me right here in the rubble of that devastated winery and says in a bittersweet way, these call logs prove as inland vation to what he was saying all along. the call logs show 21 minutes passed between the first 911 call and the first charlton fire he thinks twin arriving even though police department arrived in just seven minutes. then the owner nathan benjamin said the fire engine malfunction said the fire engine malfunctioned and took several minutes to get water on that burning winery.
6:34 am
benjamin told me this morning that most of the public didn't realize the orchard itself is still open meaning the devastated winery has also led to a 70% and 50% drop in sales in august and september. now it has been a difficult road starting from that delayed response two months . >> we stood there for 40 minutes watching 15 years of life's work be destroyed and it was destroyed to such a degree that a lot of things unidentifiedable today. we stand in the rub trying to remember what -- in the rubble trying to remember what things were. >>reporter: benjamin said this week they obtained permit approval to demolish and clear this rubble. took two months since the fire that the fire marshal believes was arson. there is a $5,000 reward in this case. now i did leave a voicemail early this morning for the
6:35 am
charlton fire department. of course, we want to know their reavrngs to these -- reaction to it these car logs and hear more about that day. for now i am reporting live in charlton, michael henrich, fox25 news. this morning the suffolk county da says dna evidence led to a major break in the decades old cold case. in 1982, lane in 1982, lana bruce was murdered in her south boston apartment by an intruder. now more than 20 years later, the suffolk county da announces an indictment against a man already in custody. police say it was a dna sample from another case that cracked bruce's murder. >> we have today what they could no the have moj ed in 1997. d n a evidence that identifies james witskow ki with exclusion of other. >> he is in jail on other charges and will be arraigned
6:36 am
charges and will be eded for first-degree murder charge for bruce's death. an area of boston is hiring investigate his own administration. a prosecutor will investigate the alleged link between city hall and local union members charged in an extortion scheme. as we reported on wednesday, members of teamster local 25 were charged with intimidating producers of "top chef" when the film was filmed in boston last year. the unnamed employee called local biggss and said the union would picket them if they had any involvement with "top chef." more details on the allegations against the union. the herald reports three of the teamsters facing charges were working on the movie black mass at the same time they allegedly harassed producers of "black mass." it puts suspects at a restaurant in milton. in court documents.
6:37 am
federal agents said all three were scheduled to work on the "black mass" set that day. a pair of dcf workerswere on leave after a state reviewed a series of agency failures led to the death of a little girl in foster care. that report also finding 2-year-old avalina conway coxon suffered heat stroke and had bruising consistent with struggling against her car seat restraints. avalina and other toddler were found unresponsive in an auburn home run by kim malpa ss. they say it all leads up to neglect. >> in the case of the auburn foster home, it shouldn't have been a foster home. if you follow the practice standards and policies that were in place, it wouldn't have ever gotten licensed as a foster home gotten licensed as a foster home. >> fox25 was at the statehouse as governor baker called this case a blatant lack of oversight by dcf staff. right now no one has been charge
6:38 am
charged in the case and avalina's officials cause of death has not been released. nor embarrassing thing from the department of affairs. the winner of the huge powerball jackpot has stepped forward to claim her prize. what she did when she found out she was the nation's newest millionaire. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes on the road. we are looking at the expressway going northbound. moving through quincy here and to get through the city, it will take you 30 minutes. only average of 17 miles per hour. you can see you are jammed um for quite a stretch of this road for quite a stretch of this roadway. we will have more updates in just a few minutes. for now, shiri over to you. >> another coastal flood advisory for the cape, for nantucket all the way up to the north shore. we have waves all the way up to 11 feet for some of the offshore hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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marshfield, bridgewater and providence rhode island southward. a pretty wet morning drive. stead tow light to moderate showers to the cape and islands. new this morning. after days of no comment from the valentine's day can, it is now clear the pope did meet with the kentucky clerk that went to jail for refusing couples the right to marry. the vatican released a statement saying the pope meeting with kim davis is not considered a form of support for her position. davis met with the pope last thursday in washington d.c. the vatican says the pope met with many people and did not discuss the details on davis's case with her. prosecutors in los angeles are going over details for a criminal case against bill cosby criminal case against bill cosby. a model's accusation that bill cosby drugged and sexually
6:43 am
2008. they turned over the evidence but no time table if charges will be filed. cosby's lawyers have denied the claims. the california woman badly burned by an exploding electron burned by an exploding electronic cigarette has won a product liability suit. jennifer has second-degree burns after her vap-cig charger mal after her vap-cig charger malfunctioned and caught her dress on fire. the 2014 incident. a wedding gift causes a security scare at denver international airport. tsa agents spotted these bottles checked bag. 20 minutes. turns out the bottles were wedding favors for guests at a wedding certain me. both had names with ts. inside were just bath salts. a michigan woman wasted in time quitting her job after winning the powerball jackpot. the 50-year-old struck it rich
6:44 am
playing powerball for the tune of $310 million. co-worker at her office say the woman had been working overnights until she checked her number. >> got back from my lunch break and everybody was crowding around here and around here her and -- around her and didn't know what was going on. she was shaking and ready to go home. >> no word who that lucky winner is and what she plans to do next with her big payday. we love this story this morning. a woman in virginia came up with a very special way to let her husband know they were expecting a baby, and she secretly recorded his reaction. >> you pregnant. >> that man's wife hid the ultra >> that man's wife hid the ultrasound in the oven next to some buns. buns in the oven. get it. minutes later told him it would be a boy and he erupted into tears. the couple have been trying for 17 years to have a baby and she found out she is almost five months pregnant. >> i wasn't expecting that at all. i knew that he would probably be
6:45 am
emotional, but i definitely was not expecting the reaction that i received. >> i have never been that excited before in my life. and i mean, not mainly for myself, but for her. >> that video getting a lot of attentionline. at last check, it was view -- online. at last check viewed 1.2 million times on youtube. hard not to smile when you see that story, catherine. >> i love it. a great story. look at the roads. you may not be smiling at this picture. but get to a couple of incidents but get to a couple of incidents. a new one that just popped up going westbound. the accident near route 9. near the police barracks. you can see traffic up ahead of it. i don't see anything xwltion are glass are going the other way. moving up this way, 93 going south within andover. we have been telling you about this at river road. i am not seeing any delays behind it. new incident this is here, 93 going southbound in woburn --
6:46 am
near w woburn near 128. and another lane blocked after 128 in that spot. moving farther west, 290 doing moving farther west, 290 going southbound. a roll over occurred overnight. tweeting that the right lane will be blocked there for the morning commute and we wanted to give you a look at one of our live cameras. 93 traffic moving in somerville through the sullivan square through the sullivan square area. pretty typical volume. drive times and the mbta tweet drive times and the mbta tweeting minor delays on the red and orange line. on 24, 14 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 15 minutes on 93. it will take you 32 minutes. and i know that you have been very busy through tracking joaquin. >>shiri: yeah, the latest information i have that, catherine. this came through with the 5 a.m. advisory. we get another one at 8:00 this morning, but currently winds 1 30 miles per hour. that's where they were at 11:00 tonight. top four hurricane. a major hurricane dumping up to two feet of rain over the central bahamas.
6:47 am
looking at a storm surge of 12 feet. so huge, huge rainmaker there. very big and devastating storm for the central bahamas. up in this stays a cat -- a major hurricane through at least sunday morning. and then it slowly starts to weaken a little bit. want to freeze-frame things here 1 a.m. on tuesday. notice it is making a path at us notice it is making a path at us, but well offshore. that will keep most of the wind and the wet weather offshore, but we still have some coastal concerns mainly including swells and some beach erosion. so there are still reasons to watch this forecast, plus it is going to wobble a little bit here. continue is evidentable as we fine tune the forecast. you will notice a track. going a little closer and further out to sea. now currently forecast to pass us as a cat 1 hurricane about 2 us as a cat 1 hurricane about 200 miles away from nantucket as you go late monday into early tuesday. temperatures right now 51 degree temperatures right now 51 degree. 12-mile-per-hour winds. i know it doesn't sound all that
6:48 am
bad but the win are gusting a little stronger. 31 miles per hour in plymouth. but going to get stronger still. so 30-mile-per-hour gusts expect so 30-mile-per-hour gusts expected this afternoon in boston and worcester. could be as high as 50-mile-per-hour gusts over southeastern massachusetts, the cape and islands. all the wet weather that i have in the picture now over southeastern massachusetts, but what you will see is it starts drifting northward here. so by lunchtime, we have showers into boston, and by the afternoon, you will see that it gets up to southern new hampshire. so we have got a lot of spot showers north of the mass pike. steadiest rain stays south of the mass pike. same story headed home from work and into your friday night plans and into your friday night plans. plan around your wet weather. all day 50s and as we get into the weekend upper 50s in the a cape and island. more rain and wind. better chance breaks in the clouds during the day tomorrow. far north and west of boston and sunday definitely the better of the day weekend. 58 degrees and 60st monday into
6:49 am
watching closely joaquin, and mostly cloudy skies. and we have the sun coming back to town wednesday to thursday. back to you. all right, shiri. it seems like those black friday sales start earlier and earlier every year, but one local chain is take is taking a stand. the store that won't be open on thanksgiving this year. and new at 7:00, a high school election prompts a mass suspension at a local high school.
6:50 am
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well, happening today, the september jobs report will be released in two hours. financial experts predict the report will show that unemployment remains steady around 5.1% while hiring was stronger than the previous month. they are watching this month closely to see how the tumultuous stock market impacted the numbers. that report will be released 8 that report will be released 8:30 this morning and we will bring you the information as soon as it comes out. and amazon will no longer sell its competitors' streaming devices. apple tv and apple chrome will be revealed. as amazon unveils its new stream as amazon unveils its new streaming service the fire tv stick. a massachusetts-based chain
6:52 am
is making a change when it comes to holiday shopping. staples says it will be closed thanksgiving day so employees and customer can celebrate at home in marks a change for the company open for the holiday the past two years. there will still be deals online thanksgiving day, but doors will not reopen until 6 a.m. black friday. and new this morning, police officers in sutton are refusing to let a thief ruin one little boy's night. the police department had this photo of an officer buying a new x box. his was stolen from a house with his single mom that he shares with. the officers say they wanted to make sure that the boy knows there are still some good guys out there. there certainly are. >>gene: very nice. >>sara: very nice. still to come on the fox25 morning news, there is new developments in the murder of a popular restaurant owner on the north shore. the important piece of evidence found at the scene of that crime. the defense lawyers want it tossed from the case.
6:53 am
my rain totals just updated a little bit lower in boston through the day today 37 a quarter inch of rain there. we are expecting one, one and a half inches of rain over southeastern massachusetts. time line on those showers when they are the heaviest coming up next. and this story made headline and this story made headlines when it happened. a police officer claims she was turned away from a dunkin' donuts because she was a cop. but it was all a lie. i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years
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