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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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coyotes. the ring of attacks that have neighbors concerned for pets and each other. and questions a text book j why replacing the word "slave" sparked a viral rant from a student's mom. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>catherine: good morning to you, tuesday, october 6, 4:30, i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert today. >>daniel: i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company today. it will be a great day once we shake the chill off. >>catherine: we need a sweater out there, a coat or something. >>daniel: we do. meteorologist shiri spear has a timeline on today's warm-up. >>shiri: we call these kind of warnings jacket warning because you need this outside of boston boston. degrees. 45 in waltham. 44 degrees in walpole. and 43 in lowell. so this is the chill we are talking about. middle 40s in worcester all the way to the upper 30s in northborough and orange this morning. keene at 39.
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nashua at 39 degrees. chilly in those locations. as you travel southward warm up to 50 in plymouth and 56 in plymouth and 58 in nantucket. maybe a lighter jacket for you guys. in the 50s this morning, but where we have the 30s, the 40s, slow to warm up. that warm-up doesn't kick into gear until after about 7:00 this morning. a little bit of light fog in beverly and plymouth and norwood. dense fog in keene, new hampshire. and there will be foggy spots until 8:00 this morning. a.m. temp. average it out say 44 degrees and we will have that decent rain. noontime warmth, 63. we are going to jump by almost 20 degrees by lunchtime. today, 3 p.m., 68. 58 by 7:00 this evening. the winds will stay fairly light but still have waves 3 to 6 feet at the coastline and the rip current risk kind inform that high category. we will go over the improvements that i expect at the coastline commenting up. back over to you, catherine,
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>> 4:21 on your -- 4:3 with your commute. start with the big map. plenty of green on that map and start with 128. moving well in both directions. the pike also doing just fine and north of the city, 93 route 3 doing okay. route 1 doing okay too except for that one slow pocket around the saugus area. could be some construction or something like that. looking now at the pike, traffic moving fine. and a look at your live drive times. on 24 take you 9 minutes on 93 from 495 to the leverett connector. 19 minutes on 93 from the braintree split to the pike, an 8-minute ride. and new this morning. moralboro fire fighters worked fast to knock down flames in a kitchen in a multifamily home midnight. our crew at the scene say it appears to have started in a kitchen in the top floor and spread to the rear porch and roof line causing significant no one was hurt. we continue to follow developments this morning on the cargo ship lost at sea
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during hurricane joaquin. the national transportation safety board is set to speak at 7:30 this morning about the investigation. the company who owned the ship says mechanical failure may have prevented the captain have prevented the captain from skirting the powerful hurricane. right now the coast guard said they are focus on searching for survivors. they believe the ship named el faro sunk near the bahamas during the heart of the storm. they found survival suits, lifeboats and life rafts. one the survival suits contain the remains of a person who has not been identifythree sailors with massachusetts ties. we got our first look at mariett e wright who is a massachusetts native. her mother said she has always been aned a venturer. a memorial for keith griffin tonight. he graduated from mass maritime academy and his wife is pregnant with twins. she is waiting for any
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information on his fate. the whole community is on edge. >> the first thing you find out that his wife was pregnant with twins at the same time, not a good this time for the town of winthrop. >> graduated with an engineering degree and his family owns bogg cranberry farm. four members of the maine maritime academy are also missing. they are holding their own vigil tonight at 6:30. fox25 will be following these development all day. the ntsb news conference is at 7:30. we will alert if you we get more details through our fox25 news app. 4:34. new this morning, the american airlines identified the pilot who died on board a red-eye flight for boston. michael johnston passed away in the cockpit on the way to phoenix. the pilot's wife is talking about her husband new this morning. michael henrich live this morning at logan airport with a
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claimed that pilot's life. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. a report from a flight attendant association said a heart attack claimed the life of that american airlines pilot midflight. the airline, as you mentioned, has identified that pilot as captain michael johnston of phoenix. he was 57 years old. the pictures we are showing are you from facebook. johnston was a husband and father whose career navigating the friendly skies started in 19 90. johnston's wife thanked everyone for their outpouring of love, support and condolences in a social media post overnight. she also announce the viewing will be friday. the funeral on saturday. 147 passengers were on board flight 550 from phoenix to boston when johnston fell ill and then died. the co-pilot successful flee made an emergency landing in syracuse. fox25 caught up with some of
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or deal after a replacement crew flew them the rest of the way to logan near boston. >> it's tragic. i really think -- you got to hand it to the co-pilot, i tell you because i wouldn't know what i would have done in that situation >> the passengers from fox25 all complimented the professionalism of the crew in the face of an incredibly emotional situation and some can be heard in the air traffic control obtained by fox25 which we will air in just about 30 minutes. for now i am live at logan airport, michael henrich, fox25 news. this morning police in brockton are searching for a pickup truck spotted near the scene of a deadly shooting. investigators say a 27-year-old man was shot in the neck during a robbery on rodney street yesterday afternoon. he was rushed to the hospital but later died. the enterprise says police are looking for a white pickup truck that may have been connected to that shooting. a former private school teacher in new hampshire is now
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behind bars and on suicide watch. donald levets had sex on multiple occasions with a male student at the shaker road school in concord. also had sex with a female student who was above the age of consent at the time. he resigned last year and he was a camp counselor and a youth football coach in concord youth football coach in concord. 4:36. work will resume to clear the track after an amtrak derailment in north field vermont. our crew was on the scene as this was breaking. two of the five went over a ledge after hitting rocks on the track. seven people were hurt. and the governor says one was air-lifted to the hospital. passengers say they knew immediately something was wrong immediately something was wrong. >> you felt something. it was just like a thump, and next thing we knew we kind of swerved to the left and swerved to the right and we are all going uh-oh. >> officials say it does not appear that speed was the factor in the crash. it could take a few days to clean up the scene. and that cleanup could mean
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train service will be affected. amtrak is running the vermonter out of springfield with shuttle buses bringing passengers to massachusetts from st. albans, vermont. amtrak has set up administration hotline. you see that number on your screen and on our web site at to get breaking news any time with our fox25 news app. we send alerts just like this one. download it for free on your smartphone. new this morning, the t is preparing new commuter rail schedules that will hopefully eliminate some frustrating delays. the current schedule has several conflict points where multiple trains were scheduled to use the same tracks at the same time. other incidents where a brief others. current plans call for the updated times to be released by the end of this month. the new schedules will take place on november 30. happening today, state lawmakers will battle over proposals to fourth massachusetts drivers to put down their phones when they drive. no teching, no talking.
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fox25's robert goulston is live on beacon hill to explain why they would want to do this. robert? >> well, catherine, right now i am allowed to get on my phone and talk to you while driving, but if you are going in any other direction out of the state except rhode island, you are not allowed to do this. but massachusetts today is throwing around the idea to make it a rule you can't do that here as well. >>reporter: get off the phone may be coming to massachusetts roadway. a proposed law to prohibit holding a phone to your ear and talking while driving. the state banned texting and e-mails while driving but did not address talking. many neighborhoods states like connecticut, new hampshire and new york, you can not use your phone at all unless you are using hands-free technology. a legislative committee will hear from the public today as legislatures consider the bill. and this new rule will also come with fines. if you were caught on your phone the first time it will be $100.
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the third time or more, $500. coming up, we will talk to that lawmaker who is backing this bill and have a little bit more on why he thinks it is so important. for now we are live at the statehouse, robert goulston, fox25 news. this morning people in franklin are on high alert after a string of coyote attacks. pets are being attacked around stewart street and meadowlark. it happened three times in a month and one of the dogs did not survive. that dog's owner tells fox25 she is devastated but worried that the coyotes could become bolder. >> it is frightening because we have a lot of little kids in this neighborhood. if they go after a dog, who is to say they won't go after a child. >> people with small dogs should walk them on a leash and not leave them outside on their own. coyotes are not nocturnal so seeing them out in the day is not unusual. in lawrence this coyote has been seen around seer drive. keep pets signed and garbage
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if you spot a kai etee call. the state's 7th case of west nile virus. she is in her 90s and from the same county where two other people have died from the illness. health officials say the risk level remains high more boston, chelsea, revere and winthrop at least until the first hard frost. this morning the former head of boston's mbta is no longer in the running to serve on the national safety board. the white house withdraw beverly scott's nomination around 7:00 last night. the president put her up for job in july. no word why the nomination was withdrawn. scott was general manager scott was general manager of the mbta until she resigned due to all the problems with the weather. and sharing from space. how facebook plans to give free internet to a billion people around the board. the airline tells a new mom to pitch where dogs use the pot to pitch where dogs use the potty. what happened a local mom that could bring changes across the country.
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good morning, shiri. >>shiri: good morning, you guys. a low risk of showers today, tomorrow and thursday. almost nothing on the map. not until we hit friday. what is changing that will finally introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can'
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this morning investigators in upton believe the cause of the large fire in a vacant building is suspicious. the fire chief telling fox25 that the state fire marshal is working to determine the official cause. sunday morning's fire destroyed
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a building on main street, and the owner has agreed to demolish what is left of it. and investigators in waltham now say a large fire at an apartment building started in the attic. sunday's fire on russell street left several family left several families homeless. everyone inside did make it out safely, but most residents lost all of their belongings. still no word what exactly caused the flames. the fire did cause part of the building's roof to collapse. a former new hampshire police officer will likely spend three weeks behind wars. marc richardson pled guilty to a charge of simple assault while on duty. he admits to shove he admits to shoving an accused drunk driver head first into a station. the incident happened in 2009 but this surveillance video was postedline. prosecutors plan to seek 21 days in jail and a one-year suspended sentence. weymouth police show the suspect in a armed robbery at a local drug store. it happened wednesday at a rite
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aid. the officers say the man claimed he had a gun and demanded cash. the victim handed over some money and ran off toward kensington road. two college football players from massachusetts are facing criminal charges for a fight at a fraternity house. players michael bl anc of charlton charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. the pair and five other members of the uri football team were involved in a fight with members of a local fraternity. police say the players may have tried to force their way into the frat house. fraternity members end under in the hospital. >> broken noses. some pretty severe lacerations. we since learned there could be a person with a broken or fractured jaw. >> has been dismissed from the team. six other players have been game. this morning an airline is promising an apology to a
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newton after one of the employees suggested she pump at a pet relief station. liz cooper travels for work and needed to pitch milk for her baby at home. on skype, when she asked for private place to pump, she couldn't believe what the woman at the national airlines counter suggested. >> she said you can go to the bathroom. i said, the bathroom is not sanitary and i can't pump in a bathroom. relief center. and i just looked at her. she said, there haven't been a lot of dogs in the airport today. >> fox25 reached out to dulles and will open up a station for nursing mothers. logan tells us it has a nursing station at every terminal on both sides of security. a look now at your live drive time traffics at 4:47 on your tuesday morning. you can see the map looking good. no incidents popping up just yet which is a good thing. 128 moving well in both directions north of the city same with 93 and route 1. you are doing just fine.
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and then taking a look west, you can see the pike is doing okay. 20 a little bit sluggish in a a look south. the expressway going north toward the city with 128. a look at traffic on the zakim connector. and you can see not too much getting in your way. here is a look at some of those live drive times. on the pike 11 minutes on 93. 9 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 20 minutes there. and shiri, certainly no rain getting in the way today, but people might need a jacket or heat on in the car perhaps. >> absolutely. i think you called it there. so we are starting out mostly in the 40s. so, yes, warm up the car if you have to. grab that extra layer. you will definitely want to give your kids jackets if you head to the bus stop in a couple of hours and a little bit of patchy fog through 8:00 this morning. if you are in one of those spots that typically take on fog, you know who you are. and, yes, through 8 a.m., you are going to see some of that. the next rain for friday. we have got a stretch of dry
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weather thanks to this dry weather that comes through. if you have a cold front that will come through the area tomorrow, it will wash out as it goes. just not enough moisture attached to it to bring us rain and bring us scattered showers. future cast looking good. a little cloud cover over the cape and islands that ends up fading away as it goes so turns mostly sunny today. right now 50 in boston. that is one of my hot spots. remember most of us starting out in the 40s this morning. noontime, 63 degrees and about 68 at 3:00 this afternoon. so we have an amazing warm-up. some spots even to 70 in framingham. burlington, lawrence, hudson, new hampshire and shirley. worcester today 67 degrees. same in boston. 67 as well in portsmouth. i have got 68 in bridgewater. 66, hull down to plymouth. sandwich at 63. 60 in chatham. and mostly sunny skies. a few clouds over southeastern massachusetts and then tonight we will drop back into the 40s
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50s in spots like boston and marshfield and cape and island. across the interior north and west of boston and more temps like this morning in the 40s. this is the trend, guys. this is normal this time of the year waking up to the 40s. lower 50s in boston. so having to layer up. tomorrow, though, we actually very above average temperatures as we get up to 70 in boston and beverly. 73 in brockton. 72 in lowell. 71 in manchester, new hampshire. and upper 60s in worcester. we have warm weather to look forward to. this is future. cast, a little snapshot of 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies. high thin clouds. blue skies out there. high pressure will slip away. as it does, this is a front i am telling but that basically fall ace part as it tracks toward us. -- falls apart as it tracks toward us. even if you were headed home from work and a front in the area, it will bring us a couple of clouds do not expect any rain attached to it. the latest, this color i would
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expect to see it a little further a you long in a dip cal season. because it is so mild last month and so dry, the whole change over a little bit behind. most of the area just seeing color begin to turn. i have pops on north shore of moderate color into central and northern new england as well, but in the next couple of weeks, we have to play some catch-up because, again, we are running behind normally central new england already seeing peak color by early october and by mid-october that color near the mass-new hampshire border. a little later than that because the mild conditions from last year. 70 for tomorrow with sun and scattered clouds. mostly sunny on thursday. wake up to the 40s. only get up to 63 in the afternoon. a little warmer on friday but in comes the rain late in the day to early saturday. saturday clears out quickly, 50s. 64 with a few more sunday clouds. back to you. >> nine minutes until the top of the hour. boosting the bottom line with
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booze. coming up new at 5:00, why the t is getting into the alcohol advertising business. and coming up next, sharks lured into shallow water. why scientists causes -- causes
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than other places new this morning, scientists say they were surprised to see so many great white sharks on the beach. so many adult sharks were found
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dead on the beach between july and september like this one in harwich. scientists tell the cape cod times they rarely see sharks stranded in places like california and south africa. the theory is that the sharks were chasing fields and followed them into the shallow bauer. uproar on the internet after an employee at a boston company won $35,000 online. that employee worked at draft kings and struck it rich by taking second place in a competition put on by draft king's rival fan duel. before the competition he post before the competition he posted a list online that show posted a list online that showed how often draft king users picked various nfl athletes that athletes athletes. that information can be used to get a competitive advantage. draft king has banned its employees from playing on competitor's sites. gas prices have leveled off a bit. massachusetts remain steady at an average of $2.124. -- $2.14. that is the same as it was last
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we are $1.18 lower than the same time last year. in the bay state, $.15 lower than the national average. a boston-based sports tore has filed for bankruptcy. city sports is planning to shut down eight stores and sell the rest. the company launched more than 30 years ago, but officials they have not been able to cut enough costs to make up for decline decline in sales. the company has nine stores in the boston area and other locations from vermont to virginia. a local sports company is relocating. makes figurines that look like professional athletes. they plan to move from acton to marlborough. the move will be -- bring in 200 jobs to that city. company officials say they have outgrown their current space. this morning, a mom in texas is slamming her son's textbook for its definition of slavery and her opinion it something viral.
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text book referred to africans brought to the plantations as workers not slaves. mcgraw-hill posted on facebook they would change the language in the book. they agree the language did not caption -- or did not capture adequately and convey that africans were force into migration and against their will as slaves. stay-at-home kids getting some in-school experience. the big change to make sure some home-schooled students get to play sports with everyone else. happening today, aaron hernandez back in court. the legal loophole the former patriot's attorney is trying to use to get murder charges in
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now at 5:00, rescue crews continue to search for survivors of a lost cargo ship. what may have kept the captain from getting to safety. the pilot dies in the
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