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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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aspect of the engineering of the ship. >> as the investigation continues between florida and the bahamas people of massachusetts as you saw were gathering in honor of local crew members on board. >> now to john monahan live in winthrop where friends came out to remember keith griffith, john. >> that's right. earlier tonight i spoke to the wife of griffith. she tells me on the phone officials told families that their loved ones would not be coming home. meanwhile people came out to offer their support to katie griffith. >> katie asked me to crack a beer for keith. >> reporter: john bradley was keith griffith's best friend growing up in winthrop. tonight at a candlelight vigil, he and friends came together to
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katie in florida. in fact, john and keith recently saw each other. >> i had the privilege of being with him a little over a month ago. he came to visit me in stoneham. >> reporter: john says the two talked about life, their families and children. >> he told me how excited he was about the wife being pregnant, katie.
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to light a candle for keith and to let katie know they stand with her. >> they're not in this alone. and that these are a lot of prayers for that. >> reporter: john said that katie changed his friend keith in the best way possible. >> katie brought a happiness to keith that i've never seen, never imagined. so in keith's memory john made a final toast. >> cheers, keith. >> and katie says to fox 25, a message says i want them to know how much the vigil meant to me and all the people that came to show love for keith what a little bit of happiness it brings. what i can't put into words how much this means to me. the turn-out tonight, the feeling is certainly mutual. john monahan, fox 25 news. the family of another massachusetts man missing from that ship is asking for prayers tonight. they released new pictures of jeff mathias and also a family statement through mass maritime. the statement says jeffrey is our beloved son, brother, loving husband and father. he is the center of our world. all of his friends, family, nieces, nephews, as well as his three children ages 3, 5, and 7, his wife, brother and parents ask for your continued prayers as well as continued respect for our privacy during this difficult time. of course we're keeping tabs on the situation overnight. we'll update you just as soon as we hear anything more. you'll have the very latest on fox 25 morning news beginning at 4:00 a.m. tonight a new hampshire criminal is facing charges after police say he kicked a dog to death. police charged toby to usually who's running for keene city council after the dog died saturday. we spoke to to usually who says he's not sorry about what happened. >> reporter: for the 16 years the pomeranian mix lived with bill laplante and his wife sheryl and he was well loved but teddy was going blind and death in his -- deaf in his old age so perhaps he was a little confused when he wandered into the neighbor's yard. >> when we were coming out of the woods, i saw teddy right behind our trash can.
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>> reporter: 14-year-old matthew evans' family rents the house next door. evan says his landlord toby to usually was doing work in the backyard saturday afternoon. to usually, who is running for keene city council, became upset when teddy defecated on the lawn, according to witnesses. >> he says you're not gonna crap on my lawn and then runs up like probably three steps -- i'm pretty sure it was a steel toed boot, and kicked it right in the chest, stomach area, and it just flew up in the air. >> reporter: the kick killed teddy, and the news of his death nearly stopped laplante's heart too. >> i brought my dog down and showed him, i said you killed my dog, and he didn't say a word to me. >> reporter: la plant fought back tears and told us to usually showed no remorse. >> he looked at him, wanted to come say something to me, don't kick a dog and kill it. >> in a phone interview to usually told us teddy and one of laplante's other dogs were menacing him and being aggressive but to usually stopped short of apologizing, telling me laplante should have kept his dogs on his own property. >> the guy tried to take a swing at me and i don't know how remorseful you can be when someone's trying to pop you in the face.
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to usually has been charged with animal cruelty but he says he's not worried. >> if they don't want me, this he don't have to have me, do they. >> reporter: in keene, new hampshire, katheryn burcham, fox 25 news. well, a mild day is continuing tonight. fox 25 meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now. kevin, there is a little bit of rain ahead but also a beautiful day in front us. >> no question about it. nice and toasty during the day tomorrow, a warm october day. tonight it's chilly out there, nashua and orange both already down into the 40s beverly and plymouth at the coastline, in case you think you were escaping that. some clouds rolling across the area. thin variety, and i widen this out didn't to really nothing showing up on radar. a dry front coming on through, first thing in the morning in boston. up to 70 in the afternoon. we'll explore if the
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the area in just a few minutes. 46 degrees for a low temperature on average in middlesex county. how warm we'll be all over the place tomorrow afternoon and rain in the forecast, i'll show you when. a deadly shooting of a brockton man. avington is charged with murder, armed robbery and illegal gun peg. prosecutors say garner shot and killed 21-year-old matt yesterday afternoon on rodney street. family and friends held a small vigil in his honor today and tell fox 25 they don't understand how this could have happened. six months into a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd, aaron hernandez was back in court on two outstanding boston cases. hernandez faces double-murder and witness intimidation charges. prosecutors say hernandez shot his former right-hand man alexander bradley in the face. the defense is trying to get the dismissed. >> if hernandez shot bradley, which we certainly don't concede
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that he did so in any way, shape or form to intimidate the witness, this is their theory, but this is basically a concocted fantasy. >> the judge will hear more on that and other defense motions when hernandez returns to court next week. the new england toddler has died after what his family claims began with a trip to the oxford county fair in maine. 21-month-old colten gay of auburn passed away monday after contracting hus, or hemo littic urimic syndrome after his family says he was exposed to e. coli bacteria at the fair. colten is one of two toddler who has contracted hus in the state, both were present at that petting zoo. federal investigator are also on scene looking into the derailment of an amtrak train tonight. 17 people were hurt when the vermonter hit rocks that had fallen on to the tracks yesterday. crews are now working to pull the cars back up and get them back on to the rails. amtrak says the tracks should be
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back in working order within the next week. until then, amtrak is now running buses between st. all bans and springfield, mass. drivers are supposed to be hands free while on the wheel. sharman sacchetti has more on another attempt to get drivers to be hands off while in the cars. >> reporter: outside the state we found drivers texting, talking on the phones, all while inside the families of those killed by distracted drivers told emotional story. >> all i have are pictures, some videotape, and a grave to visit. >> reporter: jerry sibly's son crashed into a tree in 2007 while he was talking to his father on his cell phone. >> and then the phone went dead, and my wife and i tried to reach him for 15 minutes straight and it kept going directly to voice mail. >> reporter: we found the 2010 law that bans texting while driving and any cell phone use for those under 18. but that's where it ends.
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when i was six months pregnant my dad was kill by a woman programming a gps. >> reporter: emily lost her father to a texting drive. she says she wants tougher rules in place. >> there's a huge hole in the current law. >> reporter: bill ban's happened held cell phone use has been proposed for years but never passed. in 2010 there was concern about the prices and availability of hands-free devices. >> i do think the technology on this has come a long way in of course the past five years or so, which is, i think, particularly important with respect to people's ability to actually comply with a hands-free requirement. >> reporter: governor baker tells us he'd like to hear from law enforcement on it. lawmakers on the transportation committee tell us they believe this year may be their best chances yet. >> it just makes sense. >> reporter: in all, lawmakers discussed some 17 bills but there is one in particular that does have a good chance. and that one would require
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hands-free accept in cases where you need to make an emergency call. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. new at 11:00, police in new hampshire want your help track down several suspects involved in an attack. the assault happened in sports smith near the intersection of fleet and hanover streets. one man was seriously hurt, suffering a concussion and back injury. the suspect is described as one white man and two black men, all in their late 20s. if you know anything, contact portsmith detectives. and rodchester new hampshire police looking for this woman in connection with a shoplifting incident. you can see the pictures are fairly clear here. if you recognize her, let rodchester police know. we have new details tonight about a worcester toddler found dead in her crib. the worcester telegram reports that city inspector ordered the family's landlord to treat the apartment for bugs in july. the report also noted loose outlets and baseboard covers. both are dangerous to a child. gigi brown was found unresponsive last week in her home and an autopsy is still pending.
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a look all up and down the east coast at this front coming at us, i don't see any echoes on radar. but there is rain in the forecast. when that will arrive. colten, we told but a mom who said she couldn't pump at an airport area other than where pets are used to relieve themselves.
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some say the sign is making light of the black lives matter movement by saying black labs matter. joy lim nakrin spoke to the shop owner who says he stands by the sign. >> reporter: this is the sign causing controversy tonight in norten just outside tom's barbershop. you can see it reads support the mscpa, black labs matter. and tonight the owner of tom's is under fire. >> reporter: barber tomstien says humor is his way of life. >> just a sign. a way to have fun. a way to reach out. >> reporter: some residents say this sign outside his barbershop is far from funny. >> putting a joke to something that's really hurt so many people is just -- it's not the right way to go. >> reporter: it reads support the mspca, black labs matter, admittedly making light of the black lives matter movement. >> i think it's kind of funny when you can make a play on words and the mspc is a good thing to support, so black labs
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matter records many voice their frustration on social media. >> much i'm an animal rights supporter but in the grand scheme of things, yeah, what he put on his sign could be very offensive. i would be offended by it. >> reporter: tom's barbershop responding online, quote, some people need to lighten up, ha, ha, pun intended. >> i think it's just offensive because there's been so many tragedies around, you know, racial issues lately still tom stands by his statement. >> i think it's a bunch of people getting offended by it
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>> the water main break happened this afternoon at the intersection of prince and salem streets. several businesses in the area had their basements flooded before damage is fixed. we're told that repaving will be done mostly by the morning. >> an airline making an emergency landing in new mexico. it landed safely in albuquerque just before 8:30 this morning. the copilot was able to walk off on his own recognizance but no word on how he's doing tonight. united heirs is responding after a local mother wasn't able to find a place to pump while traveling. united tells us they'll add nursing stations to all airports who don't currently have one. liz keep she was looking for a place to pump at the dulles airport but the staff could only offer a bathroom or relief station meant for pets. liz is the wife of a fox 25 employee. a heads-up if you're taking the orange line. buss will be replacing night
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rail service between oak grove and sullivan stations. the buses started running at 8:45 tonight until the end of service. the night bus service will continue through thursday and then again parts of every week for the rest of the month. a local dog fighting for her life tonight after she was seriously hurt in a car crash. new at 11:00, this is molly, and she was thrown from a car where owners were involved in a crash. she suffers life-threatening internal injuries and her family bills and their own medical bills. if you'd like that help molly or the family, you can contact the wachusett animal hospital. >> and a bit of an internet sensation you might recall. his photo was posted last year. tonight boston police reporting about k-9 take oh's growth. he was sole little last year he
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and today filling it out quite nicely. the vest was provided last year by massachusetts vested dog that has delivered vests and first aid kits to bpd for years. turco is currently in his fourth week of boston k-9 academy fall patrol class. we talked a lot about all that moisture from the carolinas from this storm system that's spinning around in here. that spin was thought to try to capture this hurricane early on on the track and pull it towards the east coast. clearly they stay separated but i wanted to show you this quickly because this is joaquin. still a hurricane. talking about canada here, this is on the path towards europe and still holding on to category i hurricane status. pretty amazing what's happening out there. fortunately not affecting us. might be some rough seas out there the farther you go but near the coast, not a problem. thin clouds not really represented to that and with temperatures dropping under those thin clouds it will be another cool autumn night. in boston temperatures are still
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in the 50s. same with hull... weston's at 46 and medfield is at 49 degrees, as well. in and around lowell temperatures are holding off in the low 50s.
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>> just some clouds as the front comes on through. and temperatures underneath all that sunshine getting up to the low 70s braintree, brockton, look at foxboro, 72 degrees. 70 down toward the canal in wareham, it's 70 degrees. to the north and middlesex county, temperatures in the 70s to sudden burry and concord. both at 71. to the west of worcester, westborough with 71 degrees as well. and the final stop this time will be southern new hampshire way new here. we're seeing temperatures here that will be in the 70s, as well. manchester over to bedford, derry, nashua, all right around 70, 71 degrees tomorrow afternoon. nice-looking stuff, no doubt about that, especially for an october day. but we have to look ahead of course to our next batch of rain that's coming on through because that's something you have to plan for. not tomorrow, and it's not thursday either but by friday here comes the rain. 5:00 in the morning just getting into western new england. this is important because it's a holiday weekend. if you're driving northward to go for the color right now but also the most likely place to find rain friday morning. by friday middle of the day,
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that front slides southward, pushes the rain into southern new hampshire and into massachusetts as well. into the afternoon and evening, boston and worcester getting in on the act with some showers that will come on through and futurecast denoting potential for heavier showers that will pass on by and sthoaz those slide south by 7:00 will continue offshore later on that night setting us up for what looks to be a pretty nice holiday weekend. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. temperatures will cool off behind the front wednesday. thursday only 63. by friday, warming up with the showers, and by this weekend the holiday weekend, it's gonna be a beautiful sunshine day coming up on saturday, and then we'll see sound. i'll have another update coming up in the newscast. >> thank you, kevin. the yankees had to be houston
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>> the city of boston, the fans embrace us, the players, unbelievable. >> i think it's great. they are recognizing a lot of people that do a lot of good jobs.
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>> i kind of wish this was around when i was playing. so celebrate the good times we had on the field but now just living here for over 13 years this is a fun night, to be part of this. it means a lot, it means that people believe what we're doing and it promotes everything that we do. the yankees already out of the mlb play-offs. jacolby elsbury didn't start $153 million on the bench. 7 strike-outs and 6 innings. a-rod striking out. the offense gave from carlos gomez among others a fourth inning first pitch solo shot, making it 2-0, houston moves on to make kansas city -- beat kansas city 3-zip at the globe tonight. now, ryan was the player who hit oh chair a that led to the injury that's kept him out of action since. kind of a weird scenario for the long time bruins captain who's still pretty close with charra. >> we just heard about it and
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saw the picture in the globe and i was asking what were you doing, he just wanted to see how it felt to hit the big guy, and i actually saw it on the weekend and my son was -- it was pretty comical, my son found out that danno was there, he wanted to leave but he talked it over and had a good laugh about it. >> they worked it all out. celtics in italy wrapping up the trip overseas. take a peek at a couple of new guys, amir johnson getting up, like to see more of that throughout the season. 6 points today. crowder pushing it up court, terry picks up the loose ball, fouled along the way. third quarter action marcus smart gonna have a nice pass to david lee, came over from the golden state warriors, the champs. they'll be getting a ring soon. the celts won easily over their opponent, 124 to 91. all right, coming from just of west 495, the milford hawks
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mini nights football game. i know you'll love this. about a month ago, this is while the game is being played. they're doing the whip and the nay, nay. there's the run-around... still doing it. i've never seen anything like it, but it's absolutely hilarious. they're really trying to run. >> very distracting to the other team. >> yeah, wasn't like that when i played. all business. >> they all get trophies for it, too. >> good stuff, guys. >> 70 degrees on wednesday with sunshine, colder on thursday, rain coming in on friday and we'll track it on through but then it will cool off on saturday. guys, an important weekend. columbus day weekend. a big business weekend for northern new england especially with the leaves popping out. kind of a slow season so far to get the colors out because of the dry and warm summer we had leading up to the season but i think they'll start to pop by the weekend. so get on up there if you can, i think it'll be a good weekend for it. apple picking and the whole thing.
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all the leaves are changing on the corner of 95 already. it's beautiful out there.
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