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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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getting closer and closer. meteorologist shiri spear shows us where the heaviest rain is expected. and a violent attack on boston common. the wild reaction from the victim, and the very distinct suspect that police are searching for this morning. and counting down for one of the world of the world's top awards. who is on the short list to win a nobel peace prize in less than one hour. >> this is the fox25 morning news. good friday morning, everyone, it is now 4:30 on october 9. i am julie grauert. >>michael: and i am michael henrich in for daniel miller. he will be in a little bit. this week it was dry, but that will end. >>. >>julie: yes, it will. >>michael: that is the summary summary. for us. >>shiri: rain is not a bad idea. we can use it. it is in the plans, in the works today but won't arrive until later. 56 in boston and rockport.
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52 in walpole. these are temperatures we have seen almost every day with the 40s and 50s. 47 framingham and lowell. 51 in worcester. 39 again in keene, new hampshire due to a couple of breaks in the cloud cover there. 52 in plymouth. 53 in sandwich and 55 nantucket 53 in sandwich and 55 nantucket. you will find patchy clouds this horns and they get thick and thicker through the morning hours. mostly just clouds here by 7 a.m. by noontime, spots like southern new hampshire, we start to see the rain. temps around 58 degrees. by 3 p.m., we have got temperatures up around 70 again this afternoon. 3 p.m. is still mostly north of boston. as we head to the evening commute, the evening hours, it is boston and south that really get slammed as those showers at 7:00 this evening. we go. after 8 a.m. we will start to put the chance of rain in that forecast, but it is primarily afternoon and in boston itself, 3, 7 p.m. time frames that we will have to keep a close eye
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on. we have that hour-by-hour look at the forecast. julie with check of the roads. >>julie: all right, shiri, as you can imagine things a this early hour are moving along nicely. pike looking good through framingham to the weston tolls. i do want to remind you route 9 will be closed between juniper and washington street as crews take on the footbridge. a look at the pike through brighton. volume very light. live drive times. 12 minutes on pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. eight minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 22 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. time now 4:32. developing this morning, the search continues for a woman accused in a violent attack on boston common. >> we were at the common as this was first breaking during our 5 p.m. newscast. this morning police are hoping that woman's very distinctive clothesing will help find her. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the common right now with that description. jess in.
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happened right at the park street station here, right in the middle of rush hour in broad daylight. we spoke to several people who were on scene here tonight, they say the whole thing was really disturbing. as you said this morning police are still searching for a suspect. taking a look at some video now. this was shot at the scene less than an hour after it happened last night. police, they were on scene here gathering evidence for several hours after the fact. they tell us a woman stabld a man here several -- stabbed a man here several times and people on scene and saw the whole thing unfold tell fox25 the victim was acting erratically right before the attack. >> he already had a cut on himself. he was flinging blood at people he was flinging blood at people. he was just talking about he was just talk a bunch of crap to everybody. he was messing with someone with a service dog and that's when my friend and i stepped in when my friend and i stepped in. >>reporter: according to suffolk university police, the suspect is described as a woman wearing an animal print shirt carrying a large bag.
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dark colored hoodie and last seen walking toward winter and washington streets. now this happened not too far away from where two park ranger away from where two park rangers were stabbed on the common last october, almost exactly a year ago now and this morning police are still searching for the suspect, and they are asking anyone who may have seen something last night or maybe knows more about this person to give them a call. we are live here in boston this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. a boston-based fantasy sports company is now the target of a class-action lawsuit. a kentucky man is suing draft kings and rival web site fan duel with fraud. claiming that the employees were given inside information to make money. one employee ethan has kill of southborough said he won that information is trouble that information is troubling to local fantasy sports dealers dealers. >> you are playing against for fun and you are assuming that it is all operating under the same pretenses.
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>>michael: the attorney general of massachusetts and new york are reviewing the operations of draft kings. the time is 4:34. this morning a local attack is at the center of a federal lawsuit against uber. the suit was filed on the west coast just before the fox25 news at 10:00. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in boston this morning with the changes that two women are asking for. catherine? >>reporter: good morning. well, these two women are suing uber, and in the lawsuit, the two lawyers for these women -- or the lawyers for these women say that the company markets safe rides for children, especially women who have been out drinking, but the lawsuit says that uber has failed to provide adequate background checks and drivers, and now this lawsuit is suing the company for neglect and fraud in a federal court -- in a federal lawsuit. one of those incidents in the lawsuit is alleged to have happened here in boston. according to the lawsuit, the boston case happened in february, and the alleged victim was a woman who was out with friends.
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they got an uber ride from driver. the woman claims that sakiri dropped off her friend and went off the route and raped her. the second case of a woman who said she was assaulted by a uber driver in charleston, south carolina. the new york firm filing the lawsuit said uber's negligence, fraud and misleading statements caused of florida's sexual assault which humiliated, degraded and violated plaintiff degraded and violated plaintiffs of their dignity. uber released a statement saying our thoughts remain with the victim of these two terrible incidents. we proactively worked with law enforcement with massachusetts and south carolina at the time to share information and aid their investigation. both drivers have been permanently removed from the platform. now as for what the lawsuit is requesting uber to do, we will have more on that part coming up next hour. for now live here in boston, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. a new report shows the most important transportation issues for the city of boston. the city spent a year asking
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for input for it to go boston 2030 plan and the globe reports 6,000 people responded. they are concerned about three main issues. first, getting the speed limit lowered by 5 miles per hour. also, expanding train station services to include buses, shuttles and car and bike shares. people want poorer households to spend lest of their income on transportation. final action plan will be released in the spring. as the search continues for el faro off the coast of the bahamas, the ntsb is getting ready to study its sister ship to investigators are prepared once el faro is located. they will tour el junte. they will investigate the layout including the exact location of the vessel recorder or rdr. it will help them get the vdr once el faro is found. >> the vdr is affixed to the bridge so we will have to make that determination once we
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lying and how it is lying on the sea floor. >> el faro is presumed sunk after sailing into the eye of hurricane joaquin. two mass maritime graduates are part of the crew and are presumed dead. they will join the search for el faro and not likely to start this week. more than 100 potential jurors are expected to be questioned in the case of a teenager accused of killing his math teacher. phillip chism is on trial for the 2013 murder of danvers high school. jury selection started yesterday. in court, at least two potential jurors were excused for openly discussing facts of the case inside the courthouse. chism is accused of rape chism is accused of raping and slashing teacher colleen ritzer inside the bathroom of a school. he was just 14 years old at the time. a new hampshire private school said a former teacher charged with charged with sexually abusing a student faces allegations of improper conduct this year. shaker school said that don lavett was allowed to resign
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instead of being fired. the school said he had inappropriate communication with a former student. he is charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy from the school. prosecutors say he had a sexual relationship with the teenaged girl who was a former shaker road students. prosecutors in new hampshire are urging a judge to uphold the felony conviction of a graduate of the st. paul school. owen labrie was found guilty of sexually assaulting an underaged classmate. a separate conviction of using the computer to communicate with the victim should not stand. if it does stand, he will be forced to register as a sex offender for life. a stabbing at a grocery store. fox25 was live at the scene yesterday morning when the owner returned to the store. police say he kicked suspect christopher soderberg out of the store wednesday night. when he came back, he stabbed the owner and another employee before he was knocked unconscious.
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soderberg was arraigned charged with armed assault, intent to rob and assault with a dangerous weapon. officials say a huge fire that destroyed a oxford wood mill was accidental. flames broke out an old webster road yesterday evening. fox25 was on the scene as investigators combed through rubble and kept hot spots down. the fire likely started at a makeshift kiln. it was a wood and lumber refurbishing company but didn't town. state investigators are working to determine the cause of a huge fire at a local marina. the fire took out 11 boats, sinking three at captain's cove in quincy. breaking during our news at 7:00. fox25 obtained this drone radio from brewster ambulance. the drone was flying over the fire to see if anyone needed help while fire fighters were moving on to the docks to battle the flames. one couple said they just moved on to their boat. >> we just moved everything to do this.
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everything he had left was in there. >>michael: state environmental police say right now this looks like just an accident. this morning, officials in maine are trying to figure out if there is anything linking two cases of e. coli. one toddler has died. another has been hospitalized and is still in intensive care on dialysis and genting blood transfusions. right now the only connection that officials can find is a petting zoo at the oxford fair. a veterinarian said people need to wash their hands if they are going to be around animals. >> obviously if this was a everyday occurrence or anything close to that, we wouldn't have petting zoos but an extremely rare event >> the main cdc is joining the investigation. samples from that petting zoo are now being tested. one of the worst cases of child abuse in the state's history. coming up at 5:00, a foster mom convicted in the death of a child in her care is set to be are he leased from prison. why she is getting such a short prison sentence. a bus driver goes flying. what is missing in this video
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that has the state punishing the driver. shiri? >> yesterday we had the drought monitor updated and guess what, we have a moderate drought in areas like the mary remack valley. close to 495 and south of
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how this local school bus driver has lost her license this morning because of what is in this video. this is from worcester public schools. it shows the driver losing
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control of her bus during a crash last month. she tarts to make a turn and she leans to the right and as you can see she falls out of her seat. that is because her seat belt wasn't buckled. the bus hit two cars in theway of a home. no students were on board. middle school students picketing a school board meeting over the firing of a social study social studies teacher. larry chen was a teacher at driscol middle school until he was fired for swearing at a group of high school students. now students are banding together saying he is too lose. >> he is engaging. he is connected with all of the students in one way or another, and he is the only one that these high schoolers have come to visit. he is the only one that i know that a lot of us will come back to visit. and he has made such a difference in everyone's life that we can't say no. >>michael: fox25 spoke to school board committee members who are looking into the whole
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situation but could not comment further. happening today, we will find out who will win the 2016 nobel peace prize. that announcement is due in 15 minutes at 5 a.m. right now we know there are 273 candidates, 68 organizations and 25 individuals under consideration. -- 205 individuals under consideration. as for speculation who can win, pope francis, edward snowden and german chancellor angela miracle. a danville store is facing fines after an employee was hurt in a stockroom. osha said boxes full of patio furniture weighing 53 pounds each fell on the employee and more unsafe conditions found during an osha investigation. osha is proposing $66,000 in fines. the chain has 15 days to pay up or appeal. a quick start for the boston bruins on opening night, but the excitement doesn't last very long. bs hosting winnepeg in the opener and black and gold jump
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out to an early lead. david krejci takes the feed from david pa is sternik and bury buries it and the wheels come off in the second period. matt irwin turns the puck over and a go-ahead gold. the jets cruise to a 6-2 win. montreal comes to town. i tweeted a picture of traffic on the zakim, it was bruteam getting to the garden. things looking so much better right now though. want to let you know that the four level bridge will open for a tanker passage. you can expect delays because of that on route 3 a. right now the expressway moving along fine. pike wide open from framingham through the weston tolls and through brighton, nothing slowing you down. the live drive times. eight minutes on 124 from 123 to 128. eight minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and we should have a relatively
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but things will be changing for the evening. >>shiri: yeah, that's right. the evening commute is the one that gets kind of walloped by all of these things. heavy rain potential. you know there will be heavy rain out there, but because it is to so scattered i will keep that threat in the medium category. winds of 40 miles per hour develop this afternoon and develop this afternoon and little bit of patchy fog and this afternoon as we get the heavier showers, visibility will suffer as you are driving home. 56 degrees right now in boston. noontime, 68 degrees. and we actually get back up to about 70 today thanks to those winds pumping that warm air and that moist air in from the south and southwest today. so mild, muggy. i said breezy. check out these wind gusts into the afternoon. winds gusting to the 30, even 40-mile-per-hour range out in provincetown later today. 34-mile-per-hour gusts in boston at 3 p.m. 1 in worcester and its going to be wet and it is going to be breezy and here is where our rain is coming from over new york. it will take some time to get
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here though. this morning you will find the big clouds are going to be on the increase after about 8:00 this morning. i am going to increase the risk for a shower up in southern new hampshire, southern vermont. mostly noontime that we will start to see showers pop up around there and slowly they work their way down to the south and down to the east. at 3 p.m., a lot of those showers, kids are coming home from school are going to be along and outside of 495. but in time for the evening commute, we have some pops even of heavier downpours moving into the boston area. mostly along and north of the mass pike here at 5 p.m. that is really on important time frame though. because that is the time that is really going to start to intrude across boston, metro west. this going to slow down the evening xhurs and if you have some friday night plans, it is south of the pike that we will see the heaviest showers. perhaps even a rumble of thund we are some of these stronger downpours you can see focused across bristol county. keep closer eye on that. sarah wroblewski will be
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tracking that. and into the evening hours. those showers come to an end before midnight. afternoon and evening that we will see the wet weather. not much of a range. lower 70s from boston to malden lower 70s from boston to malden. newton at 73 degrees. even into central massachusetts for upper 60s, lower 70s. worcester, 66. gardner, 66. 7 in bellingham, but you will find similar temperature readings even for the cape today and upper 60s. outer cape, 69 in wellfleet. 68 in dennis. 70 in barnstable. and 70 in borne. we will keep an eye on those temperatures but 70 in your forecast, it will be warm and totally different than tomorrow, saturday, sunday and monday high temperatures in the forecast for the cape and islands. you will get stuck in the 50s here tomorrow. bright and sunny but a little bit cool. you have got middle you have got middle 60s for sunday with a few more clouds around. monday kick out the clouds and bump you up a couple more degrees. look at your forecast for beverly, 59 on saturday.
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67 on sunday, partly cloudy. and then monday, the sunshine is back at 73 degrees. if you were looking for some of of the best foliage, you should actually head northward here and i have got temperatures that are a little bit cooler but set of in lakes region for the day on monday. futurecast, your full sunshine for the day tomorrow as we head into your sunday forecast. we have more clouds. but the thickest clouds you find are really going to be up into new hampshire, are the have the, maine. the firster south you go the more breaks of sunshine you get more breaks of sunshine you get. partly sunny locally and then warm, sunny, dry forecast gnaw get to really enjoy. then columbus say, 73 degrees. and about 70 to 76. that sunshine all the way. cape just a little bit cooler in the next round of rain after that is going to roll in for tuesday. back to you, guys. it is not even halloween yet, but many people are already thinking of christmas. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, the day travel experts say is the best to be buying those tickets for the
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and next, a food fight over dutchlings. the secret family recipe is the
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and an alarming new report of the use of vaccines in the united states. one in every eight children in the u.s. may not be protected against the measles virus, that includes those who have not received the vaccine or the recommended booster shots. scientists say large measles outbreaks are possible if the
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vaccination rates fall any lower. a food fight of sorts have broken out over dumplings at two local businesses. dumpling daughter opened one year ago in weston and not too long two employees opened their own restaurant dumpling grill. the owner of dumpling daughter said they copied her menu and stole secret family recipes. the woman who filed the lawsuit is the daughter of a woman who owns self-high-end chinese restaurants and said many of the recipes came from her mother. >> very grateful for everything that our family created back in the '80s. these recipes all come from our home, and from my mother and i tweaking at it. >> the owners of dumpling grill declined to speak to fox25 on camera but denied they copied anything. paul perdome passed away after a brief illness at 75. he first rose to fame as
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commander's palace before opening kay pauls in 19 79. he became a face of cajun cuisine because of best-selling cook books. whole foods has issued a cheese recall because of a possible listeria contamination possible listeria contamination. organic rockford cheese that comes in clear plastic wrap and can be identified with a scale label 029536. listeria causes a form of food poisoning that can be deadly. and this wood high chair from safety first is being recalled. the consumer product safety the consumer product safety commission says the child can remove the train themselves and then -- the tray themselves and then fall out of the chair. 11 children have been injured as a result of this mal as a result of this malfunction. if you have one, contact the company. this morning facebook is giving us more ways to react to status updates. facebook is launching these reaction buttons and they are animated.
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they are just in the testing phase right now only in spain and ireland. mark zuckerberg said for a long time people have asked for a dislining button, but instead he wanted people to be able to express themselves on line. >> go to angry? angry instead? dislike may be better. a rogue make is back home. the five-foot-long snake affection alley known as bertha was found at a neighbor's home a whole block away from her own home. the people who thank found the snake called 911. animal control officers arrived at the house quickly and were able to catch bertha and took her home. city hall. coming up at 5:00, the pay raise boston's mayor is proposing and how it can get approved without any debate. a nanny accused of stealing she worked for.
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