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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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could happen in the school we could have had students in the school. >> the item you may not find in a lot of massachusetts schools that could be risk. and the near tragedy at one school today. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 11:00. >> strong winds and rain turning a damp october friday into a dark night with no power for many across central massachusetts. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm joy lim nakrin. within just the last two hours we heard from the national weather service about some strong winds in monson so let's get right to meteorologist sarah wroblewski with the latest. >> reporter: we are watching for the possibility possibility of a microburst. bringing preliminary reports looks as though it may have been straight line wind damage. but sure enough knocked down a good portion of some trees in one location out in monson. but the doppler radar now showing the last of the showers finally exiting the area still over nantucket right now. dumped a good amount of precipitation across the
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region picking up over a third of an inch in dawson over half an inch in reply mouth as well as across the vineyard in nantucket picking up about half an inch. so we saw some of the rain. the good news is we'll see some drier conditions. it's still pretty mild and muggy out there. we do have this cold front to the west that still needs to push on through. as it does so it will introduce much cooler and drier air that will occur through the overnight hours. that will start to clear out clouds. when you wake up tomorrow we're in the 40s to near 50 and boy we've got some chilly conditions to start for the beginning part of our holiday weekend. but we've got big improvements heading our way. in fact we're going to get back into the 70s. i'll show you when coming up in my timeline ahead. >> sarah was just explaining the winds in monson today are straight line meaning no microburst for now. but for residents in monson it's just about getting power turned back on at this point. fox 25's catherine kathryn reports the cleanup efforts radio just getting underway. >> reporter: as you can see
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on this windy rural stretch of road here tonight. now unfortunately we haven't been able to see much of the damage for ourselves because as you can see here police have access to that affected area blocked off and they won't let us pass through. >> reporter: within the past 90 minutes we were able to confirm with the national weather service that the damage is due to straight line winds that blew down silver streetful although some residents feared it might have been a microburst. we came across several downed wires as we surveyed the area. this utility and cable crews working to get power restored to the few houses along this road. there were also reports of downed trees that blocked access to the road essentially trapping some drivers in their cars. despite the damage thankfully no one has been hurt here tonight in this small town of less than 10,000. there's just plenty of yard cleanup to be done once the sunrises in the morning. in monson, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> the town of monson is no stranger to storm damage.
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back in june of 2011 you might recall a tornado tore through this town. many homes completely destroyed. according to the national weather service the roof of monson high school was destroyed in some locations tree park was tripped from the remaining trunks on trees. >> tonight a man and his girlfriend are in jail accused in the grisly murder of a marshfield man. we have first brought you this story as breaking news at 5:00 and at 6:00 p.m. tonight we first showed you these pictures of michael and lauren kaliel. fox 25's christine mccarthy was there when investigators revealed their arrest and christine you have learned of key evidence police say linked those suspects to this crime. >> reporter: we have, joy. we spoke with investigators here at the marshfield police department earlier tonight and they tell us that this investigation which has now led to three arrests involve d.n.a. evidence and dozens of tips. to the family and the friends of mr. mckenna know that justice will prevail.
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arrests in the murder of marshfield resident robert mckenna. police announced on friday michael, a 32-year-old attorney, originally from marshfield but living in quincy, is charged with murder and burglary. his girlfriend 31-year-old lauren kaliel of quincy, charged with accessory after the fact of murder. >> she's being charged as a result of her actions in hiding evidence that was implicate her boyfriend. >> reporter: mckenna was found by his friend last month at his home on damien's point road. he died from extreme blood loss. >> due to injuries to the right arm severing a large blood vessel. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago james ferguson of dorchester was arraigned on murder and burglary charges in connection with the gruesome crime. officials say d.n.a. evidence on clothing led them to ferguson. >> the discovery of items of clothing footwear, gloves, at the scene and along the suspected route where the perpetrators look to leave the scene. >> reporter: police haven't revealed the connection
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between this trio and the victim but this say it started out as a burglary and five stolen guns have since been recovered. >> attorney and james ferguson have ruined a lot of people's lives and now their own. >> reporter: neighbors tell fox 25 last month that the victim told them he was involved in the diamond industry in africa and that he may have had precious gems in his home. investigators say they're well aware of that and looking it into but could not comment on whether or burglary. now as for these two suspects who were both arrested today, they will be arraigned in plymouth district court on tuesday. we're live in marshfield, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. hundreds of people inside a auction house this morning not prepared for what was about to burst through a crowd of people. >> dozens scattered as the bmw s.u.v. plowed through building that. at least eight were injured
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with one man trapped underneath the s.u.v. he was flown to the hospital. witnesses told us the 78-year-old driver didn't seem to realize what happened and bystanders didn't have much time to react. >> the person i was with got hit by a car. i jumped out of the way i was lucky. >> i had his head in my lap. i was holding his neck still. >> police are not releasing but say criminal charges could be pending if they determine the crash was caused by driver error. framingham police say they've never had any problems at this weekly auction. the f.b.i. making an arrest in a suspected murder for hire plot in everett. investigators have been following burke since they got word he started telling people he was willing to kill for money. burke eventually offered to kill an i.r.s. agent in new york for an undercover agent. federal agents also searched burke's girlfriend house in somerville today.
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in a newton neighborhood. police have now found the animal and environmental police are now taking charge. all this started at around 9:00 tonight. again, the bear spotted in newton tonight has now been located. it is being monitored by environmental police. to carver now why one woman is under arrest on drug and gun charges. police computed search warrants. there they found an quality rifle a shotgun and some illegal pills. 41-year-old sherry lafronts was arrested. police say they will also charge other residents who were there during the raid. >> south boston man has been convicted of murder in the death of a 67-year-old grandmother. today 30-year-old timothy koska was found guilty. prosecutors say koska was confronted by koin when he broke into her home that's what he beat and kill her. investigators say the two families knew each other. koska now faces a mandatory
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life in prison sentence. two men under arrest tonight after a brazen bank robbery in boston. it happened at the hingham institution for savings in charles street. 55-year-old anthony pan tone, and walked into a bank showed a handgun and jump over the counter before taking off with the crash. -- cash. they then hopped in a taxi before police caught up with them. the investigation continues into a frightening attack near boston common. right now police are still on the hunt for the suspect accused of stabbing a man several times right outside the park street t station. we first brought you this story as breaking news on the fox 25 news at 5:00 and 6:00 yesterday. witnesses told fox 25 it was actually the victim who was acting strangely right before that attack. the suspect is described as a woman wearing an animal print shirt carrying a large bag. she was seen with a man walking towards winter and washington streets. if you know anything that can help solve this crime you are asked to please call boston police. tonight a wakefield man
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is behind bars charged with multiple crimes including child pornography and human trafficking. at 5:00 and 6:00 we laid out the charges against the man and tonight fox 25's erica richie explains the investigation leading to this arrest spanned the country. >> reporter: reading police tell me tonight that as of right now there is no information that connects his alleged sex crimes to his practice here in town or the clients that he serves. north recovery management in reading is in darkness not just because we there were after hours. >> please note that the office is temporarily closed and we are not accepting new patients at this time. >> reporter: that's the message we got when we tried to learn more about the owner 34-year-old rick hall of wakefield. we wanted to know how a licensed social worker with an obligation to report child abuse could now be accused of causing it. >> photographs were taken in oregon and sent out here. marion rye on says they were news photos of 15-year-old girls in oregon allegedly
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taken at the request of hall who promised them money in return. once the photos crossed state lines via the internet hall got slapped with child porn and human trafficking charges he was arrested on wednesday following a two month investigation by reading police after they were tipped off by oregon police who had been contacted by one of hall's alleged victims. >> it's concerning when someone is disseminating or taking this kind of photographs but it's particularly significant when it's someone who has a professional obligation to be protecting children. >> reporter: and that has caused the issue of internet safety to resurface. because it acts as a reminder it's impossible to know who's on the other side of the screen. so officials urge parents to become on-line monitors. >> stay informed on what sites as well as any activities or unusual changes in behavior. >> reporter: as of right now investigators only know of the three out of state victims but say the investigation continues. meantime, hall's license has
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been suspended. he's being held on $100,000 cash bail and ordered to have no contact with minors. in reading tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. strong winds, heavy rain, pushing away from the region right now. i will show you when to expect that sunshine and the warmup for the holiday week. but first a tragedy narrowly avoided. coming up next the lifesaving alarm in one newton elementary school and why it's concerning parents
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>> high levels of carbon hospital. at 5:00 blair miller discovered massachusetts schools are not required to have co detectors and tonight he's talking to state leaders who want to change that. >> reporter: long before students could arrive, firefighters pulled workers to safety at franklin elementary school in newton. the carbon monoxide detector went off and a teacher called 9-1-1. this janitor staggered outside but a maintenance worker collapsed inside the boiler room. both ended up in the hospital. >> they were firing up the boiler and something went wrong with it. >> reporter: something terribly wrong while they were installing a new boiler at the school. firefighters say they detected a deadly level of carbon monoxide in the building. >> we just got a message. >> reporter: parents like caroline bell got word from the school saying it was cancelled. she was concerned why. >> of course you worry about those things that's why you have the monitors. >> reporter: yes, the
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monitors did work. if. >> if the detects weren't installed and we could have had students in the school. >> reporter: but fox 25 found massachusetts schools aren't required to have carbon monoxide detectors in schools. >> it's important that we protect our kids. >> reporter: the state's fire marshall told us today schools need the detectors not just an option but a requirement. >> it will make a huge difference to know the presence of carbon monoxide at the early stages and be able to get people out of that environment before they become ill. >> reporter: state representative paul mark is currently sponsoring a bill in the state house to do just that. but it's been stuck in committee. >> unfortunately, any time an incident like this happens whether it's in massachusetts or anywhere in the country i think it brings attention to the issue and increases support for the legislation. >> that was fox 25's blair miller reporting. lawmakers tell fox 25 it comes down to funding who will pay for the detectors the state or each district. as for newton the district
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now plans to check every boiler before school resumes on tuesday. heads up for drivers about traffic trouble all week on a major route into the city as crews demolish a bridge in brookline. pedestrian bridge on washington street. crews started tearing it down at around 9:00 tonight and they will not be finished until monday morning. >> if you are headed west you can detour at brookline ave eastbound traffic can detour at hyde, washington or boylston. one suggested route is to use beacon street. i'm fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski and i'm expecting to see a lot of folks out and about this weekent as it is a holiday week it's going to be perfect conditions for viewing any fall foilage, apple picking or perhaps picking a pumpkin. but it will be drying out, too. the showers and thunderstorms in the day today moving on out it will be a cool start to the weekend but we do have a warmup headed our way.
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72 in boston, well above the average of 64 not close to that record though set back in 2011. but temperatures will be dropping overnight tonight. in fact, we're still quite mild 64 degrees the dew points in the upper 60s. we have some lower clouds out there. we notice that wind direction now out of the west. really breezy all day gusting over 40 in some spots. but now we're starting to see that wind out of the west northwest. starting to pick up and it will remain active overnight tonight helping to clear out the clouds and bring in some cooler air. also, pushing the rain away. this is all that's left now just a few showers pushing off of nantucket as well as so we're starting to see improvement heading our way. we'll continue to do so overnight as those winds will break apart the cloud cover. so anticipating to see sunshine when you wake up tomorrow. it will just be on the cooler side in fact we're going to be talking about temperatures mainly in the upper 40s and 50s for the cape. but back to the north and
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winds will still be out of the west northwest about 10 miles per hour but then dying down as we continue through the day. so it's going to be very comfortable in the afternoon. it's going to be cool. perfects starting in the 40s climbing into the 50s by 10:00. getting stuck in the 50s in boston by the afternoon. some spots though could touch into that 60-degree mark. definitely going to feel like fall. but as winds fall light it's still going to be a really nice day. the warmup heads our way as we head into sunday and even monday. so temperatures in the 50s on saturday. we jump into the 60s with a few more clouds out there. as high pressure will continue to push to the east. in fact, one thing i want to point out before we get to this warmup overnight saturday into sunday temperatures are going to drop it's going to be a chilly night with high pressure in control light winds with clear skies. we could see some temperatures early on sunday into the 30s so there could somebody patchy frost very chilly start. but then that wind comes out
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of the southwest and warms us up quite nicely. so that's we're anticipating that jump back into the 60s. so all around the new england area if you have plans this holiday week looking pretty fantastic. we're finally starting to see the foilage turn across southern new england. a little bit later then we usually see but peak conditions out through parts of vermont and we're looking at some good color through parts of maine as well as parts of new hampshire. if you are traveling of this holiday week the cape and islands perfects in the 50s and 60s. lots of sunshine on saturday on your sunday. if you are travelling northward that's when you will see that jump from the the 70s. in fact, i want to take a forecast for you. you will see that in the boston area, too. anticipating temperatures right around the lower 70s. remember, we are usually right around 64 for this time of year. so your monday forecast goes like 60s for the cape, 70s elsewhere. our next chance of showers arrives late on tuesday. then you will see
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temperatures drop back to where we should be a few more clouds in the afternoon through the rest of the week. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> all right, sarah. former red sox aces duel it out in the playoffs. i'll have those highlights plus, a preview of b.c.'s next test. but the headliner is mike mullins in our fox 25 game day.
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andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us
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the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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well, there's a reason why tom brady and the patriots are very good and seldom have letdowns. coach belichick refuses to let his team overlook anyone even though a team who is missing its best two offensive players. >> we got off to a decent start this year so you all got to keep it going. we got to sustain good practices, good games, good weeks see if we can just keep building. this team could easily be 4-0 they're playing at home. got a lot of good players very talented team. teams in football. >> these type of games that's what you look forward to as a football player. good competition. >> reporter: all right, some playoff baseball action. the cubs cardinals lester versus lackey tonight. john lackey was a bit better than lester. lackey he also had five
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strikeouts on the night. but lester also goes seven and third with more strikeouts nine, but lester also gave up more hits including this monster shot. nine hits on the night he gave up. lackey wins the battle of the johns. the cardinals win the game 4-0. game two of the blue jays in the rangers. toronto the highest scoring team in baseball. a lot of home runs but it was with with the rangers getting it done together. go ahead single. rangers add another take a 2-0 series lead with a 6-4 win. now, the eagles back at it versus b.c. will definitely do well if they give some good play from the quarterbacks the two headed monsters. >> they're just working hard just like all of us out here. they're really just trying to do whatever they can to help this team. they're trying to step up and trying to be a leader. >> they're talented young players but then again
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they're young you can really see them maturing they bounce back and make a play themselves. they're doing good. they're doing fine in my eyes. doing fine in my eyes as well. tonight game day geo dub our first affair. cheerleaders were troopers pregame out there in the rain. town celebrity mike mullins hung out then sang the national anthem. a good one out there. homecoming for the hillers. quarterback jack baret had himself a night beautiful pass. hillers were no chump they came back stan layman he's no lame man, nice run though. 21-7 hillers kmrping back but matt liner look-alike mr. barrett to everett holliston wins this one 35-14 and they remain undefeated on the season.
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>> obviously a great team. i respect their program so much. so we went out we got a huge win we're one step closer our main goal is the league championship. >> we always talk about we win these games sunday to thursday you know then we just go out and try and execute what we've done all week. >> another tip of the cat to hopkinton giving our photographer who shoots all of our game day highlights jeff with chocolate gift basket. where's mine? time to bring it down here. >> i got rained on and he gets chocolate it. >> was pouring tonight. >> yes, it was, sarah. >> don't blame me. hey if you want to blame me blame me for the weather this weekend because the rain is god we have good news coming our way. starting off cool is our sunshine for the dysart. a few more clouds on sunday we're climbing into the 70s by columbus day. it's just great weekend all around.
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>> fire up the grill. >> absolutely. >> it's like july at that point. >> perfect at your house?
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>> bring th i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those.
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