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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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officer saw the woman bein mauled by a large gray pit bull. a second pit bull police say, aggressively ran towards the officer, who shot and killed the dog fearing an imminent attack. the first dog police say jumped off the woman, and aggressively approached the officer who shot and killed that dog too. right behind this house where this all took place, is a relatively new development. and people here tell me, they complained to police about those dogs. >> it doesn't surprise me from what i've heard. i've seen the dog, it was pretty much scared all over his body. >> the reporter: this neighbor tells me one of the pit bulls was often loose in the naked. she filed a complaint after confronting the owner. >> i said if i see your dog out there again, tied to a tree, with no water, and no shelter, i'm going to report you. >> the reporter: and what did he safe? >> he didn't say anything. >> the reporter: well, neighbors tell me the woman who was attacked, they don't think that she actually lived in that home,
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now, she is in the hospital, the woman who was attacked is in the hospital. we checked just a short time ago and we're told that she is in stable condition. as for the man who owns those dogs, whether or not he's going to be facing any charges in this, we have a call out to police. as soon as we find that out, we'll let you know. bob ward, fox 25 news. >> blair: outside tonight, a warm end to the columbus day weekend, just gorgeous out there today, but some rain is now headed our way. >> elizabeth: we want to turn to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, and concerns the risk of rain is a little higher during the morning commute tomorrow. >> kevin: it is. that's when the showers will start to erupt, especially southeast of boston. not everybody will get rain, but there will be showers out there. look what happens as the sun goes down this evening. we had temperatures in the upper 70's, a couple around 80 degrees today. maldin up to 81 degrees and already, everybody dropping back through the 60's, except for hartford, connecticut, 60 degrees. a few towns in between the main reporting stations are still at or just above 70 degrees. temperatures are falling fairly quickly this evening under clear skies. hardly any wind, just a
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beautiful evening out there for all of your plans, so i'll be watching some clouds to the south that are just off the screen here, but i'll also be watching this cold front. it's going to bring some showers along it and will also bring a change in the air mass. overnight, temperatures are going to be mostly in the 50's. far to the north and west, southwest new hampshire, southern vermont, connecticut river valley of western massachusetts, upper 40's, but not one of the colder nights we've seen. we have much colder air on the way, so through the morning, here come the clouds overnight tonight through the morning and there are the showers elizabeth was talking about scattered about during the morning commute, but they increase in risk as the morning commute wears on and by lunchtime, you may need an umbrella especially southeast of boston. dealing with these. i'll put this timeline forward ahead into the afternoon and evening commutes, so you'll see where those showers will be. >> blair: the search for a new hampshire woman missing for weeks has come to a tragic end. police are piecing through evidence into the apparent murder of sue hutchison. as we first told you at 5:00 p.m., her body was found
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inside her own home, hidden inside a crawl space. investigators believe her roommate is responsible and new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 news's kerry kavanaugh is live from manchester. the family expressed concerns about this man long before she died. >> the reporter: these family members told fox 25 news in the last couple of weeks, they were very concerned that this man was stealing from their mother and possibly pawning off her belongings. today the new hampshire assistant attorney general says exploring. sue hutchison disappeared three weeks ago. new hampshire investigators believe she was in her home the entire time, cleverly hidden until sunday night. >> the family, they were there last night, they smelled what they described as a strange odor. they called the police department, the fire department. >> the reporter: assistant attorney general says when investigators arrived, they localized the smell to an entrance of the home, entered a closet and found a crawl space. inside they found the body of the 57-year-old mother, they believe she likely had been
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there since september 20th. her kill are, police say, hutchison's roommate, 36-year-old steven andrade. investigators say hutchison was only trying to help andrade when she allowed him to move into her apartment on kayliff road. now they're examining if he had been deceiving her the entire. >> we're certainly looking at whether or not he had been stealing from sue, as the potential motive. >> andrade died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police found him last week in this tewksbury hotel. family was back at the apartment monday. we spoke with hutchison's daughter over the phone. she expressed frustration it took manchester police this long to find her mother. >> that many times to go through the home? my heart aches. >> you know the investigators had searched the home, they had actually used some special investigative techniques to try to find any signs of violence in the home. nothing had turned up. nothing still has turned up. >> sadly, investigators say finding her sooner wouldn't have changed the outcome of this case.
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they do have a tierry on how soup hutchison died but have scheduled an autopsy for tomorrow with the state medical examiner. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: emergency crews had to use the jaws of life at a rollover in peabody. sky fox overhead and captured the scene around 1. p. you can see a trash truck rolled over, landed in the ditch. one person was trapped inside the wreckage, so special tools had to be brought into free him. no word if that person was hurt or what caused the crash. officials are investigating after a revere man died following a violent struggle with police. police say that they found the 38-year-old man bleeding and combative sunday night after he broke into an apartment building. we're told that man fought against the officers and was tasered with no apparent effect. he was restrained, taken to the hospital and later died. an autopsy will be performed to determine his cause of death. we're following breaking news out of tufts field where a woman had to be flown to the hospital after she was thrown from her horse. sky fox over the scene this afternoon at bradley palmer state park.
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fire officials say that woman appeared to have broken both of her legs. >> blair: tonight, two men are recovering in the hospital after being slashed with a machete. the lynn daily item reporting 44-year-old ramon be russo gos has been charged with attempted murder in the attack apparently happening early saturday morning. officials are investigating what started this car fire on the expressway if boston. two people jumped from this car, seconds before it was engulfed in flames. 93 north early this morning, it happened at the exit 16 off-ramp near the south bay shopping center. crews had to shut down that ramp while they put out the fire. no one there was hurt. former patriots player aaron hernandez will be back in court tomorrow, that hearing is a continuation from last week when his lawyers tried to get a witness intimidation charge dismissed. that witness is hernandez' former right hand man alexander bradley. lawyers are also trying to get evidence dismissed before hernandez is tried for double murder in boston. >> elizabeth: big changes are coming to the way the auburn housing authority operates,
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2-year-old foster child. conway avalena conway coxon was living in a housing authority with her foster mother at the time of her death. barnstable police arrest this man, jay blawak on drug charges. members of the street crime unit were on patrol in hyannis saturday and spotted a suspicious car. they found blawak sitting in the marijuana. with the owner of the car returned, officer found marijuana, scales and a large amount of cash in her backpack. she was arrested as well. >> blair: police in merrimack, new hampshire, arrest two women after a fight at a business. the two women got into a fight with each other, saturday afternoon. they are now both charges with domestic violence and they were released on personal recognizance. they will be arraigned tomorrow. >> elizabeth: a new hampshire
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woman is accused of crashing into a state police cruiser. that trooper was in the middle of a traffic stop on 93 in the town of thornton. yesterday. the s.u.v. skidded off the road and into the tree line. according to new hampshire state police, that car involved had been reportedly weaving in and out of traffic just a minute before the crash. the driver, 62-year-old katherine deangelo and sergeant victor muzzie were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. state police say the driver was heavily medicated at the time of the crash. a new record set today in the tech world. computer giants dell closing a deal to buy hopkinton based emc for $67 billion. that is believed to be the largest tech company sale in u.s. history, but it raises concern for thousands of employees. fox 25's sharman sachetti joins us live from hopkinton with more on a monumental deal. >> the reporter: yeah. we're live in hopkinton, outside em c's headquarters. they expect to keep their combined headquarters right here in town.
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we did ask about the possibility of layoffs, and the impact all of this will have on this town. a mainstay in this town for decades, and a giant in its industry, now with emc and dell come together, will hopkinton feel the impact? >> it's not all that much of a surprisism. the chairman of the hopkinton board of selectmen have been looking at this for a while. he says emc contributes 5% on a property tax basis to its coffers, that comes to about $2.5 million. he says he doesn't believe this will have much of a dramatic impact on the town. >> there's not a lot of folks that live in town that work for emc now hey days. >> perhaps, but it is a regional employer, one of the state's biggest at nearly 10,000 people. at company headquarters, a spokesman tells me the goal is to put both companies together and emerge stronger than ever. >> we have a business to run, so we have to do sensible things to run the business. >> the reporter: we asked products and marketing president jeremy burton if job losses were
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coming and he wouldn't say for sure. i'm not hearing you say no layoffs. >> i don't think any business can ever say that you're never going to have any layoffs. that would be, i think an irresponsible thing, but we're focused on growing the business. >> the reporter: the deal isn't done yet. it still needs approval from emc shareholders and in hopkinton, people remain hopeful about emc's impact on the region. >> most mergers down side and sometimes they relocate. >> i think we'll be ok. i would have been more uncertain if they didn't have anyone to help them out. >> the reporter: and tonight, governor baker's office putting out a statement, essentially saying that he is optimistic the new unit will have a robust presence locally for here to come. i did reach out to the state's department of economic and housing development, to try to quantify exactly what emc means to this state in terms of numbers, and remarkably, they just couldn't tell me. we're live here in hopkinton, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news.
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>> blair: according to business insider, the emc dell purchase is the largest tech buyout in u.s. history. the next two largest -- facebook's purchases last year of what's app for $19 billion and before that, hewlett-packard bought compaq computers. >> elizabeth: the legislative push to punch those who fly drones. what it could mean for the future of the industry. >> blair: plus, a devastating loss in dedham, a bright young athlete collapses on the field and tonight, how her friends are now remembering her. >> elizabeth: we're following breaking news out of brockton. gunfire erupting between two
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our malini basu is there with ready to head out when others head home.
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upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. eversource. >> elizabeth: we continue to follow breaking news. a gun battle erupts in brockton. one person is hurt and a homiciding was ripped by the bullets. >> blair: malini basu is working to get new information since her
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what can you tell us now? >> the reporter: investigators clearing the scene just about 30 minutes ago, still at this hour, investigators are looking for the shooter. i'm going to show you all of this happened in front of this stop sign, and at this hour, we're being told the victim is expected to survive the shooting. all of this was around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. witnesses told police, they heard at least 15 rounds fired on packard street if brockton. customers heard the commotion and immediately cleared the area. a nearby house was shot at as well. a 17-year-old tells us, he and his big brother were home, the 17-year-old was sleeping. he told fox 25, he heard the gunshots, he was shaken up, he looked outside and he saw all of the commotion. police here are not taking this lightly, because they're afraid an innocent person on the street could have been shot. >> it's very early on, but as you see, we have both state, local, and county detectives combing the neighborhood and looking for evidence and there are a number of leads and as i
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say, the victim is well known to police. >> the reporter: investigators are also telling us they desperately want to find the shooter in this case, because there have been similar crimes like this and they want to know if it's connected. for 10:00 p.m., we're working together to get sound from that 17-year-old. you will hear live from him. live in brockton, malini basing. >> elizabeth: actor randy quaid had a new role today. defendant in a vermont courtroom. quaid and his wife appeared at separate hearings. the judge put both of them in jail on $500,000 bail. they both pleaded not guilty to being fugitives from justice. the quaids are wanted in california on vandalism charges and picked up at the canadian border on friday. two hikers from lowell are safe tonight after getting stuck on mount washington. 26-year-old wu hiked up mount washington on sunday with a friend. but when they tried to take the cog railway down it was sold out, so they started hiking down. wu injured his ankle and couldn't walk anymore.
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pair around midnight. >> blair: a bear has apparently taken up residence right here in the scran torn neighborhood. this guy showed up on kim's yard a few times in late september. he also visited several times since july. mc neal says the bears are clearly on the prowl for food and the whole experience for her is a little nerve-racking. >> caller: a tech book triggers a haz-mat situation at the university of new hampshire. police say a haz-mat team was called in after a strong odor and smoke were noticed in spalding hall, so screws went to check it out. officials say it turns out somebody put an old textbook in the microwave. they're now searching for who did it. a new hampshire lawmaker filed three bills aimed at making sure dartmouth college is holding up its end of the bargain after it was given money and land, that gift was given to the ivy league school in the 1800's, under the provision the resulting income would be used to educate low income students. the bills would put more pressure on the college to prove that it's honoring its
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there for your dinner plans. temperatures generally in the 60's across southern new england and into new hampshire and vermont as well. there they are. water temperatures are in the upper 50's, so it stands to reason it would be cooler at the coast during the afternoon. it certainly was today, but in many towns, getting well into the 70's, even had at least one 80-degree reading from our spotter in maldin. there were a couple out there likely get to go 80 degrees. amazing for couple bus day and it's still -- columbus day and it's perfectly clear out there in southern, central new england. but there are clouds creeping up. the last few frames, you'll start to see them coming right in through here, they have their eye on southeastern massachusetts later tonight. a front will bring showers to our region as well. so overnight with more clouds after midnight rolling into the south coast of massachusetts, warmest here because of the increased cloud cover, but still in the 50's around boston, lowell, framingham. northwest of worcester, you'll see some upper 40's, plenty of that already this season.
6:18 pm
seen a lot of, and they are weekend. here's futurecast for overnight tonight and through the morning tomorrow. there are the clouds increasing through the morning hours, this takes you to 3:00 a.m. and notice the spots of green. futurecast showing us the increased risk of a couple of showers making their way onshore as well and that certainly looks like likelihood especially in southeastern massachusetts, but a few showers will make it into central mass as well. we'll have to watch for those during the morning commute and up through lunchtime. notice the increase in heavier downpours possible through your lunch hour. so plan for that. and there are even a couple of renegade showers that make their way into central and eastern massachusetts. no one is totally out of the woods as far as getting a shower through the middle of the day and just the higher risk for you in southeastern massachusetts with that system coming northward from the mid-atlantic and then there's that stuff behind me, that's a front coming our way. first batch in the afternoon. southern vermont to southern new hampshire, beginning part of the evening drive and then through worcester and boston area, north shore by the end of the evening commute and there's still some
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more back here that will come on through, that's the end of it, the cold front actually coming on by. that will clear the area late tomorrow night and clear us out for wednesday morning. you'll wake up to sunshine. but behind that front, cooler air is. coming in and when that mixes with the sun that we have these last couple of days, the sun starts the day wednesday, notice the clouds really take over, there can be a couple of showers that come out of that, although a lower risk than you'll have during the day tomorrow. marshfield, 72. dennis, i've added you to the map, 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so the south shore, quincy and franklin 72. finally to the north, 72 in windham, new hampshire. winchendon checking in at 69 tomorrow afternoon and 70 in the city of worcester. here's the seven day forecast. now we're going to go up and down, tomorrow is still a mild day, but with some showers. wednesday, fewer showers and just a little bit cooler. much cooler thursday, despite the sun. shot for rain coming up on friday and into saturday and look how chilly it gets by this upcoming weekend. that's something i want you to key on.
6:20 pm
not only would it be a frosty morning coming up on sunday the way it looks now, but it could also be a widespread freeze by monday morning. six and seven days away. you know how things can change in new england. that's what i'm keying on for the potential for a killing freeze already in october. >> elizabeth: long lines, explanation. coming up, southwest airlines leaves travelers wondering about delays over the weekend. the serious threat they claim was definitely not to blame. >> blair: but next tonight, a first look at the democratic hopefuls. the presidential debate planned for tomorrow night and what we're not expecting to see there
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>> elizabeth: democratic presidential hopefuls gearing up for their first debate tomorrow and while hillary clinton is hoping to cement her lead and vice-president joe biden is flirting with a run, right now clinton's biggest challenge is coming from vermont senator bernie sanders. he's trailing her by more than 16 points in the polls, but leading clinton in new hampshire. in the meantime, president obama giving his second in command some praise, should biden enter the race. >> and if you're sitting right next to the president, in every meet, and you know, wrestling with these issues, i'm sure that for him, he's saying to himself, i could do a really good job. >> elizabeth: despite his praise though the president fell short of actually endorsing biden and
6:23 pm
is confident if he could run for a third term he would probably win. a former investigator for the benghazi committee added his voice to claims that the panel is out to hurt hillary clinton politically. this weekend, an investigator fired from the committee said the panel's mission changed from investigating the deadly consulate attack to a political witch hunt. the benghazi committee helped expose a private email server clinton used as secretary of state leading to an f.b.i. investigation. dems say the committee has wasted $4.7 million and counting. >> want the investigation to be refocused back to its original purpose. the victim's families are owed the truth. >> our focus is to get to the truth on what happened that night and what led up to it and what happened after. >> elizabeth: clinton is set to testify before the benghazi committee next week. >> blair: there's a good chance you never heard of the group or its members. but the house freedom caucus is playing a huge role in who becomes the next speak of the house in washington. the group of 40 conservative republicans meets in the basements of a mexican
6:24 pm
restaurant and has only been around for nine months. the freedom caucus forced house speaker john boehner as speaker and kevin mccarthy's decision to pull out of the race. most members ran for office on a platform of fighting to limit government, but the freedom caucus won't release publicly exactly who is in their membership. no oregon tonight, the governor is praising the community for its show of support after the deadly shooting at umpqua community college. students returned to class today and dozens of people lined up outside that school to welcome them back. counselors and comfort dogs were on hand to help the students shake en by the tragedy. the scene of the shooting, snyder hall, remains closed. >> elizabeth: fly responsibly or else. the stern punishment for drone operators who put others at risk if congress can pass the bill. >> blair: he is one of his most trusted allies. tom brady's health guru under scrutiny. why the feds want answers and
6:25 pm
the court of public opinion. >> elizabeth: a communities pulls together after a shocking loss. >> she was a bright light. >> elizabeth: friends and family
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woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. man: because this is where robotics is happening. man: to help every student find their true words. woman: here to express myself. woman: here because math is the language of the future. man: to change the world through music. man: here to unlock the adhesion power of the gecko. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good. -man: umass. -woman: here for a reason. >> elizabeth: want to take a look at some of our top stories at 6:30 p.m. >> blair: starting with the discovery of the body of a missing woman in manchester, new hampshire. inside her own home. police tell fox 25 the body of sue hutchison was found if a crawl space. they disappeared three weeks ago.
6:28 pm
investigators believe she was in her home the entire time until police found her sunday night. investigators belief hutchison's killer was her own roommate, 36-year-old steven andrade, found dead last week from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in tewksbury. police shot and killed two dogs in winchendon this weekend after home. police tell fox 25 an officer saw the woman being mauled by a large gray pit bull. then say a second pit bull officer. police are investigating as to who owned the dogs, but neighbors say at least one had been abandoned. >> she was just a bright light in everyone's life. so joyous. so happy all the time. she was always skipping, always singing. >> elizabeth: what a lovely description. this is casey dunn, a bright young wellesley teen who collapsed suddenly on the field of play at noble and greeno school. casey's personality and her story is being shared through her friends. fox 25's crystal haynes shines a light on a life that was lost too soon.
6:29 pm
>> friends and family just trying to remember this young vibrant athlete's life tonight and it's so difficult to understand something like this, the head master telling me that casey was in line for drills, she looked behind her to to her teammates, said my head hurts and went down. a freak event. >> she was literally standing in line for a drill. >> 16-year-old casey dunn collapses during field hockey practice at noble and greeno school friday, suffering suddenly from a massive brain bleed. >> she just collapsed. it was that simple. >> this picture taken about a half-hour before the freak medical event by a teammate, head master robert henderson tells never 1 on the field acted quickly, but nothing could be done to save casey. and i'm told she had no preexisting medical conditions. >> she was just the best sister that anyone could ever ask for. >> stunned but determined, mike and sandra dunn trying to remember their little sister
6:30 pm
hockey player herself and recent graduate at nobles, casey looked up to her. >> she was just a bright light in everyone's life. so joyous. so happy all the time. >> holding on to memories of the five. >> this winter, we got a christmas tree, and our mom wasn't too happy about us showing up with a christmas tree. >> right down to her love of rubber ducks, this makeshift memorial of them collected on the field where she collapsed. >> there's an effort to collect one duck for every student here at nobles. >> i'm very happy that she went out in such a happy place surrounded by people she loved. in a place she loved doing something that she did love. >> that memorial on the field likely to grow. grief counselors were on campus today and will be tomorrow when school resumes after the holiday. casey's wearing an funeral are -- wearing and funeral are
6:31 pm
scheduled for wednesday and thursday. >> elizabeth: we have more details now, this is actually the s.e.c. time if a month that a -- second time in a month a high school athlete has died playing sports. you might have remember that in september, a new jersey football player died suddenly after being taken off the field. in that case, evan murray died of a ruptured spleen. new at 6. p, a brookline firefighter under arrest, accused of beating up a homeless man outside a restaurant last night. police say that 37-year-old joseph ward got angry at that man because he apparently took too long to order inside anna's restaurants on harvard street. that scuffle found its way outside. hospital. ward is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a bottle. >> blair: as we look ahead to the start of a shorter work week, for most people it was a beautiful day outside today and our cameras were able to capture people out and about enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures in west roxburyry. turning to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, a change in drive. >> kevin: a lot more clouds around, it will be on the mild
6:32 pm
that we have to discuss, because there were two systems pushing toward us. one is a weak one coming up from the south but enough to kick off a couple of showers. this cold front to our west, that's also pushing our way, either way, we'll get something out of this. tonight, temperatures dropping below 60 degrees by 11:00 p.m. if boston. down to 59 after a mild day, well into the 70's. 75 is the latest official reading from the national weather service at logan airport. we'll get the overall official reading for the day in about an hour. 57 degrees by 2:30 a.m. in the morning, that's about as low as it's going to get and at first light, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's in and around the boston area. all the clouds out there during the morning and a risk for showers. you see raindrops off to the south while the sun is out in other spots. it will be that kind of start to the day and lunchtime as well. future cast shows the clouds coming in from the south across eastern massachusetts and notice the showers that are breaking out, morning commute at 4:00 a.m., shiri spear will be here to tell you about the showers an how they're increasing in coverage in the morning drive and later part of the morning and first part of
6:33 pm
this takes you through 7:00 a.m. heavier showers threatening to come on shore. the front later on in the day and into the evening, take a timeline through that and how cool it will be behind the front too. >> blair: he is the man tom brady credits with making him the best and healthiest qb in the nfl. but a new boston magazine article details how brady's personal guru has been investigated by the feds for some questionable claims as we report, brady was quick to defend his right hand man during an interview on weei radio. >> he is tom brady's nutritional guru and business partner, but others call guerrero business partner, but a boston magazine article calls alex gurrero a glorified snake oil salesman, practicing snakery. brady defended him on weei this morning. >> as a person, as a friend, there's nobody better person
6:34 pm
that i enjoy as much as alex. including a problem with the federal trade commission. he claimed to be a doctor even clinical study for a supplement he was pushing called supreme greens, saying that that study showed that that supplement actually cured terminally ill patients, only to later admit there was no such study. >> i think there's definitely things he wished he would have done differently. that's part of growing up. at 38 years old, tom brady is playing some of the best football of his life and credits his so-called guru for making him the player he is today. he says guerro's past is not an issue for him. >> that was part of his past when i met him, i wouldn't be playing today if it wasn't what he accomplished with method. >> blair: and brady added in the 11 years he's been working with him, grew guerrero has almost never
6:35 pm
been wrong. >> elizabeth: one person is in critical condition a shooting following sunday's patriots game if dallas. local reports indicate a fight broke out in the parking lot of at&t park after the game. one man was shot and flown to the hospital. police were able to locate that suspect, they took him into custody. right now police are not releasing the man's identity. california is going where the nfl will not. the state is now the first to ban public schools from using redskins as a team name or mascot. the law takes effect in january of 2017. only four california high schools call themselves redskins. despite protests, the owner of the washington redskins has refused to change the franchise's name. >> blair: tonight, police are still searching for a person of interest in a string of robberies and a sexual assault in dorchester. we have the surveillance video released by police over the weekend. they say the man in the redshirt threatened and robbed two men on september 27, at about an hour after this, a mile away, a woman was sexually assaulted near harbor view and dorchester
6:36 pm
avenue. forever a masked robber, saying he hit the town variety on last night. the suspect had a 12-inch kitchen knife and got away with cash before taking off toward peabody square. southwest airlines return to normal today half a computer problem delayed hundreds of planes. travelers were greeted this morning with long lines at logan airport, but those lines quickly dissipated as the airline worked to get everything running smoothly again. southwest was forced to use backup systems around the country on sunday to check in travelers without printed or mobile boarding passes. some airports also had to write a few handwritten tickets. >> i waited all day yesterday, trying to get on their web site, to get my boarding pass and stuff and i didn't get on until 7:00 p.m. last night. it was crazy. >> elizabeth: the airline hasn't said what actually caused these problems, but a spokesperson said there was no indication that hackers were behind it. an overheated credit card reader led to a plane's emergency landing. alaska airlines plane was headed
6:37 pm
morning with the device started smoking. flight attendants use the device to sell food and drink items. the plane landed in buffalo, no one was hurt. >> blair: the dentist who triggered the worldwide outrage when he killed cecil the lion won't be charged. james water palmer had the proper paperwork and had not broken any of the country's hunting laws. critics believe the lion was clued out of a national park and killed. a store clerk stabbed during a violent robbery and police are searching for the suspect who made off with more than just cash. christine mccarthy spoke with bedford police who you for looking at surveillance video i. >> the reporter: bedford police are reviewing surveillance video of the robbery with staff at the gas station that was robbed and working on pulling images from that video so that we can soon show you a picture of this very dangerous man. bedford is a very safe community, but we're not immune to those types of incidents. bedford police officer jeff
6:38 pm
french tells fox 25 it was a violent robbery on sunday night at this shell gas station. the suspect, hidden behind a knife. >> there was a scuffle between the clerk and the suspect, and the clerk was cut in the hand. >> but the suspect didn't leave empty-handed. >> he got cash from the registers and a fairly large amount of crash tickets, lottery >> the reporter: officers responded to the shell panic alarm and tried with the help of nearby agencies to track down the suspect, who is still at large. meanwhile, the clerk is recovering. >> from what i understand, he was pretty shaken. he did suffer a pretty good stab. >> bedford miss are asking for tips, while warning the public about this dangerous criminal. >> he was aggressive, so if which 1 sees anyone matching that description, be careful. he could be armed and dangerous. >> the court: we are working. >> the reporter: we are working with bedford police to get surveillance video to show you the images of the suspect.
6:39 pm
as soon as we have it, we'll bring it to you. i did speak with a manager at that shell gas station. he tells me he's been instructed not to speak about this case as it is still under investigation. but he does tell me that the clerk is recovering just fine and that he says is most important. in bedford, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: making moms a promise. still to come tonight, a remarkable maternity leave offer. >> blair: plus, they are becoming more and more common and next on the fox 25 at 6:00 p.m., how congress is considering to crack down on drone operators who fly dangerously. now taking a look at tonight's lineup after our news ends at 7:00 p.m., we are followed by entertainment tonight and tmz and gotham and minority report
6:40 pm
with t every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system, we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. together.
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>> blair: we told you about some of the close encounters that planes have had with drones, and now a bill in washington would make flying drones too close to restricted airspace a federal crime. jacqueline feld explains the threat in the sky that has lawmakers supporting a plan to crack down on drone flights. the popularity of drones is putting some in washington on edge. just last week, government officials met on capitol hill to discuss safety of unmanned flights. >> these new entrants are often unaware that they are operating in shared airspace. >> the reporter: after hundreds of incidents where drone users interfered with jets or firefighters battling wildfires, lawmakers introduced the safe drone act. it would make operating a drone
6:42 pm
within two miles of restricted airspace a federal misdemeanor. >> it's pretty unsatelliting. >> brett sells and flies drones and says they should be federally regulated but harsher penalties aren't necessary. he also says keeping drones away from airports, wildfires, and other no drone zones is easy. this won't even work here if i wanted it to. the technology inside won't let it fly in restricted zones, like washington, d.c. in fact, you would have to drive 25 to 30 miles outside of the district just to make it work. he fears threatening criminal punishment or damage to an industry is just getting off the ground. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a newborn baby girl becomes a medical miracle at boston children's hospital. abigail jones is just two months old, but her doctors in florida never thought she would survive it long. inoperable brain tumor, that's
6:43 pm
parents were told, she wouldn't survive. her mom and dad didn't give up and sent her mri's to boston children's hospital. and the hospital's chief neurosurgeon thought that he could save abigail, so the family quickly flew to boston. abigail had successful surgery this past thursday. >> initial thought is that it grade tumor. you know, they can did definitively says it is not cancer and will not kill her. >> abigail's parents tell fox 25, they're starting to dream for her an thinking about the things she'll accomplish. >> blair: student names apparently listed next to the time they would die. all new later on the fox 25 at 10:00 p.m., some parents shocked that their kids turned up in what they call a death hillsborough county. the local school district responding tonight and the reason the district says no students were ever in any danger. that and more ahead at 10:00 p.m. sky fox over a tradition on this
6:44 pm
we captured the 39th annual tufts 10k for women, it tracks more than 7,000 competitors and 20,000 spectators at the boston common, down the charles, down commonwealth avenue and ended on charles street. what a day for this. >> kevin: couldn't ask for much better, that's for sure. temperatures in the 70's, always cooler near the water, 75 in boston today and it is clear out there tonight, pretty evening for sure. a couple things to watch. there are some showers making their way northward with that weak system that's going to push some showers here by the morning drive. closely. a cold front back here that will also, if you don't get showers from that stuff coming off the coast, you'll get them from the front later on in the day. overnight tonight, under clear skies, temperatures will drop down to the upper 40's in southern new hampshire and vermont with clouds starting to roll if during the morning drive, but still, would stay dry out that way it looks like. then on the north shore, temperatures under clear skies, dropping into the mid 50's. the risk of showers increases by 6:00 a.m. during your morning commute though. and then finally out to worcester, and just northwest of worcester too in the suburbs,
6:45 pm
there will be clouds rolling in, with a temperature down around morning. this is what i'm talking about on futurecast, you receive the clouds taking over central and eastern massachusetts during the morning drive or at least ahead of it, meteorologist shiri spear will be tracking showers starting to develop, just spotty showers through the first part of the commute, but watch what happens later on. by 9:30 p.m., showers start to show up in central massachusetts, heavier downpours moving towards the south shore and south coast of massachusetts, as well, so your lunchtime, may end up being wet for you. south of boston especially, so plan for that. meanwhile, middle of the day, we get a break in the action as those showers move away but another batch is moving in from the west through southern vermont and new hampshire. 4:30 p.m., worcester county and marching eastward. we await another, the one coming along the cold front, with some showers, we'll have to watch the potential for any thunderstorms to develop along this front. looks like a low risk, but it is going to be milder than normal day tomorrow. we'll have to look to see how the dynamics of the atmosphere.
6:46 pm
behind it, there's definitely a cooler air mass moving in behind the cold front. the showers push off later in the evening. first thing wednesday morning, we start with sunshine buffer the cool air and strong sun mixing together to produce more clouds and a small risk of a shower popping up on wednesday. the seven day forecast will show you how much cooler we're going to be by the weekend, but tomorrow's high temperatures aren't so bad. we'll be looking at getting into the low 70's in most spots once again ahead of the front. 74 arlington and 72 in boston tomorrow afternoon. even up here into southern new hampshire and off to the northwest of worcester, 69 in ri rindge. showers will start saturday. the seven day forecast shows us we will be warm tomorrow and start to gradually cool down heading in to the weekend with a poe tense for a killing freeze by early next week. >> elizabeth: a new hampshire yogurt company getting ready to launch the most generous paid
6:47 pm
next summer, stonyfield farm will offer six months of paid maternity leave to mothers or the primary caregiver in a same-sex marriage. officials tell the con toward monitor that they felt it was time to catch up in supporting women. more than a third of stonyfield's employees are women. >> crazy baseball game today if in houston. why we are headed to a game five in kansas city. tom brady talking revenge and the bruins play this afternoon trying to avoid the first 0-3 start since 1999.
6:48 pm
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i. it was day that started with good news for the bruins. zdeno chara back in the lineup in the starting lineup for the first time this season but after 60 minutes from hockey it was a familiar script and the b's are 0-3 for the first time in 16 years. incredible. there's the big fellow taking the ice for the first time. travis roy dropping the
6:51 pm
ceremonial first puck, so rays of hope there. feeling good early. 1-0 in the first. krug to erickson. 11 minutes in the b's had a two goal cushion. but eight minutes later, it's 2-1. head to the second, tied at two. dan boyle forces the turnover. nice move by boyle, 3-2 lead. brian tied it at three. but it went downhill from there. nice pass, tam coast one-timer from the left circle. the lightning would never look back. the b's are headed on the road for two. lots of work as they fall today by a 6-3 final. >> you know, at the end of the day, you can't keep giving up that many goals and expect to win, so we really got to clean up that part of our game. >> we're way too sloppy in our zone and we're giving too much time in the neutral zone or in our own zone for them to capitalize. >> read it and weep.
6:52 pm
these numbers are stunning, first 0-3 start since the 1999-2000 season. the bruins haven't started 0-3 at home since the 1960's, the same year they allowed 16 goals in the first three. this could get ugly quickly if they do not kick it into gear. baseball playoffs in full blast. four games on the slate if they are all like the first one, it's going to be a fun day and night. astros trying to fillingish up an alds upset. 4-4, two homers, four ribs. second shot, 5-2 in the second. the home crowd is going nuts, sensing a trip to the alcs, but a.l. champs. royals put together an incredible rally, a 40 minute, top of the eighth, five runs, made it 7-6 and a two run insurance shot in the ninth made it 9-6, so that's how it ends. they are headed back to kansas city for a winner take all on wednesday night. can we talk about the efficiency of the patriots? this team is like a machine, marching forward to the beat of its own methodical meticulous drum.
6:53 pm
tom brady, a man focused and determined as ever. quarter of the way through the regular season, unblemished. adjustments on the fly to offset the aggressive cowboy defense. the patriots broke thez'nna| franchise record for most points through the first four games. they passed a 2007 team yesterday. with revenge on the minds of many pats fans, tom brady talked this money on weei about the business. >> the way to do that is to go score as many points as possible and that takes a lot of execution, that takes a lot of communication with the teammates in practice, so that's what i'm focused on. that's what i'm focused on every week. i think it would be a disservice to mr. kraft and jonathan and our organization if i didn't do that every week. we're going to try to score every time we touch the ball, just like every other time in every other game. >> it's been working so far. big shakeup in l.a. head coach
6:54 pm
was placed on indefinite league as it was reported he came to work intoxicated and today the contract was terminated. the trojans are on the road to face notre dame this saturday. that's a big time matchup. hopefully sarkisian will get the help he needs and gets back to work. >> blair: what a day out there today. >> kevin: gorgeous stuff. let's talk about this evening and how beautiful it is outside for your dinner plans. temperatures are still in the 60's right now. tomorrow, not a cool day. it will be mild, cool as in cool, yeah, a, fonzie cool but not cool as in terms of the temperature. age reference, i get that. i have to get my water skis out. wednesday, 68 with more clouds, that will be working on in by thursday. we clear it out, cooler, but note next weekend, boy, it is going to be cold, frosty morning sunday and it would be a freezing morning on monday, something to keep in mind. i updated this just before we
6:55 pm
report, the foliage report updated and peak conditions creeping southward. people are tune with this especially those into photography or those getting way for a couple of days. changing quite a bit around here too. the colors are getting better, the weather is getting cooler and it did snow in mount washington. >> elizabeth: incredible. is it possible we'll get a hard frost that will kill all the mosquitoes? >> kevin: that's the one thing i hope for and the ragweed pollen will get out of here if we get the cool temperatures. >> blair: what a shift this week. thank you for joining us and making us your choice for local news. see you at 10:00 p.m. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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