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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now at 4:30. a facebook message leads to criminal charges. what a local teacher is accused of sending to a student that landed him behind bars. >>a church fight that has lasted more than decade. why today could be the end of the road for protesting parishioners on the south shore parishioners on the south shore. and locked and loaded at blue hills. when the popular park will open its gates to hunters. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good thursday morning, it is now 4:30, i am julie grauert. >>daniel: and i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company this morning. if this isn't cold enough, wait until the weekend. meteorologist shiri spear is here with 30s and 40s now, but freezing temperatures on the horizon. >>shiri: i heard your reaction >>shiri: i heard your reaction, guys, when i said 20s over the weekend. it will cool down big time in
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the next couple of days in, therefore, are some of the warm temperatures. 50 in boston. 42 in randolph, walpole. 40 in framingham. 44 in plymouth. 45 in marian. i have 53 in harwich. a little bit warmer for the cape and nantucket this morning cape and nantucket this morning. but 30s worcester northborough, 39 degrees. freezing now orange. keene at 36. some frost out there. nashua at 40 degrees. but you are going to fall into the 30s there before the warm the 30s there before the warm-up really takes off. 7 a.m., we will be straddling that 40-degree mark. we have only a few clouds in this forecast, so mostly sunny here at noon. really handsome day. 58 degrees. lower 60s. which is typical for this point in october at 3 p.m. and 7:00 this evening. clear and 53, but i will time out the showers and that huge cooldown coming up. back over to you, julie, for a check on the roads. >> shiri, i call this a handled >> shiri, i call this a handledsome road report now because things are moving along nicely.
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pike wide open from framingham to the allston-brighton area. nothing is slowing you down on the zakim bridge. live drive times. 8 minute to 124 from 123 to 128 8 minute to 124 from 123 to 128. 20 minutes on 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. easy nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. it is 4:31 right now. a former southbridge english teacher is heading to court to answer charges that he sent naked pictures to a student. joseph zuniga befriended a teenager on facebook and sending the child graphic pictures. the teen never responded but the student the word spread through school that he had the images. >> they met at a church function and has been with this particular teacher for a full year. >> he is no longer an employee. accord to his linkedin page he
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went from part-time to full time and the director of the early education program at worcester state dwroovt. happening today, another mental health evaluation for the boy accused killing his math teacher. phillip chism is hearing voices and having suicidal thoughts, but prosecutors say it is all an act to delay his trial. a judge is expected to bring in an outside psychologist. catherine. >>reporter: one thing we won't see today are any potential jurors for the trial of phillip chism because a judge told them not to report and in fact they won't be needed until next wednesday. what the judge ordered was an emergency competency hearing for phillip chism. the judge will appoint some clinicians for competency to stand trial. all this happened after a psychologist interviewed phillip chism. during that 75-minute interview
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during that 75-minute interview, he sat with his back, tracing the cell block with his finger and talking to an individual man. chism said he had a suicide plan and what chism told her about the thoughts during court proceedings. >> he said he has a really difficult time coming in here and sitting and listening to everything. he talked about a visceral reaction where his heart begins to race very much. he has a complete burning sensation that goes -- that goes -- excuse me, that goes through his body. >> this interview came one day after chism was said to be banging his head on the floor and needed to be moved to a padded cell. the psychologist that you just heard from said hospitalization might be necessary. a judge didn't want to have that yet but need to have a competency hearing first. they need clinicians to assess phillip chism. in the meantime, the prosecution had strong words about chism's recent behavior and you will hear more about that coming up next hour. for now live in salem, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news.
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developing this morning, the department of justice and the fbi have launched an investigation into the fantasy sports site draft kings and fan dual. the investigation is focussing on whether the company violated u.s. gambling laws. fbi agents from the boston office have reportedly contacted draft king customers for information. draft kings is based in boston and last night's company denied doing anything illegal in a statement, draft kings said, quote, it is entirely predictable that the government will follow up on the misleading reports about our industry. the time is 4:35. u.s. custom and border protection will try to determine what caused a wide determine what caused a widespread outtage to their processing system that caused delays across the country including logan airport. this broke just before our news at 10. a picture taken by one of the passengers inside logan airport during the outage. it lasted 90 minutes and led to long lines at logan, jfk and other airports at dallas and atlanta. the department of homeland
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security said the system that failed is one that checks passengers against the no fly list. >> systems are down so they it is back to manual paperwork. a bit of a pain, but one of those things. >>julie: u.s. customs said at this time no indication that service disruption was sparked by anything malicious. 5-year-old worcester boy is in d cvshtion f -- dcf custody after he showed up at school covered in bruises. the mother police say knowingly allowed the child to be beaten. police arrested her after her son had serious bruises all over his body and could fairly balk. wynn blamed her male roommate and didn't say anything because he a care provider for her. neighbors didn't want to be identified but can't believe that she didn't step in. >> why wouldn't you as a parent. are you serious. as a parent, obviously she carried him for nine months, held him.
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identified the male roommate as a suspect, but dcf took custody of his other children. december. it may take months before we find out what killed a 2-year-old girl in worcester. the aunt of gigi brown tell the herald that investigators are waiting for toxicology reports. gigi was found unresponsive in home. the child's family was under dcf watch when the child died. a home is condemned and three people are facing animal cruelty charges. the single-family home was infested in fleas and animal waste, trash and clutter. also inside the remains of two large dogs and a dead lizard. investigators say the home have been abandoned and one of the animals was dead for a long time. neighbors are stunned. >> horrible awful. if i had known that there were dogs in that house, i would have broken into it.
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>> it is horrible, help in a quiet neighborhood like this. >> the woman that owns the house and her estranged husband faces six charges of animal cruelty. a 17-year-old relative also was charged. 4:37. 4:37. we continue to follow the collapse of former nba star lamar odom at a nevada brothel. according to a 911 call at the brothel, odom took cocaine before he was found unconscious before he was found unconscious. he also took a large amount of her balance viagra. he is currently on life support he is currently on life support. known as the love ranch is 70 miles away from las vegas. lamar's estranged wife chloe kardashian is at the hospital at his side. kris jenner posted this photo of anymore his jersey asking people to pray for him. the brothel owner said his company did nothing wrong. >> nothing than someone doing something wrong in any business. we can't control these people. we can't be with them 24 hours a day to watch what they are doing.
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>> police say the her balance viagra was legal and odom got the substance from the brothel but the owner said they do not offer supplements to visitors. the b u hockey coach accused of raping a 13-year-old girl back in 1981. the girl played on a youth team by robert richardson. she only recently told investigators about the alleged assault. the attack allegedly happened in richardson's dorchester home. this video from 2005 when richardson was found not guilty in a separate child rape situation. happening today, the battle over south shore church could be coming to an end. parishioners have faithfully maintained a vigil at the church for 11 years, but a new ruling could bring it all to an end. fox25's michael henrich live in scituate with what could happen next. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. for nearly 11 years, they have held vigil here every single day.
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francis cabrini parish in scituate, but as you mentioned, daniel, this could be coming to an end very soon and at 11 a.m. an end very soon and at 11 a.m., parishioner also hold a news conference news conference to respond to the latest legal blow. the latest legal blow. back in 2004 when the archdiocese closed this church and 50 otherwise but parishioners occupied the church to prevent it from going away. earlier this year the archdiocese went to court this order to remove these parishioners from the property and the archdiocese won. just yesterday that decision was upheld. time seems to be running out for those who want to save saint francis cabrini parish. >> financially solvent. the church is financially sound. we have a priest. we have the sacraments. there were plenty of people. >>reporter: parishioners held an emergency meeting last night and plan to speak with their attorney before this morning's news conference. fox25 has could have had this legal battle for years upon
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years of this. of course, we will let you know what the parishioners say on our fox25 news app. plus in our next report coming up in a half hour, we will fill you in on how much this legal battle has cost these loyal parishioners. live in scituate, michael henrich, fox25 news. new this morning, massachusetts taxpayers are being charged millions per year to fix leaks in the big dig tunnel. mass dot is paying $7 million a year to pump water out of the tunnels. more than 16 million gallons have to be removed from the highways every year. contractors originally said the tunnels will be sealed tight, but mass dot saying they will always leak. saying thanks but no thanks to boston. coming up new at 5:00, why verizon will not be extending internet and cable service in the city. sur burrbia. why homeowners with these hoops could face fines. why they want them taken down by the winter.
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good morning, shiri. >>shiri: rain showers through the night but as we take you
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don't have that many rain drop . 4:44 right now. there could be big changes on the way for massachusetts driver licenses. governor charlie baker wants the tate to meet riments. to far the state has failed to follow the real id act that
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citizenship before issuing a license. massachusetts ids would not be valid for entry into airports and federal programs if this change not made. fbi officials have decided not to enforce a town curfew. they faced legal action by the civil liberties union. franklin reinstated the curfew after reports of unsupervised children out late at night but say parents, not the government, should decide when children should go only. the curfew barred anyone under 16 from being on city streets after 9:00 on weeknights and 11:00 on weekends. franklin, massachusetts, officials want to fine homeowners that leave the basketball hoops on sidewalks or streets. an advisory urging residents to get the hoops off public property. having them on streets and sidewalks is actually against town code. there is a warning up to avoid problems when winter rolls around.
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really inhibit the plowing. so we want to kind of give folks a heads-up that says, you know, can you take them off the street when the season is over. >> residents face fines from $50 to $300 if they keep their hoops out, but most people say they understand and don't mind complying because it will give -- it will get too cold to play soon any anyway. more details now, franklin is not the only community to prohibit sports equip on public property. in 2014, peabody mulled over making street-side basketball hoops and hockey nets illegal. unclear if it ever passed. now 4:46. tonight baseball's final four will be set. the mets and dodgers play game 5 with the winner facing the cubs in the cubs in the nlcs. the american championship series was set yesterday and fans in toronto will remember this home run for years. jose bautista crushing a three jose bautista crushing a three-run shot in the 7th
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inning. check out that epic backflip right there. he toss it is aside. texas will make him pay for that next season. the jets -- the jays rather eliminate the rangers 6-3 in game 5 of their series. toronto will face kansas city in the, alc. morales's home run for the royals seal their 7-2 victory over the houston astros in game 5. game one between the blue jays and royals will begin tomorrow night in kc. take a look at the roads right now where, as you can see, things are moving along nicely. 93 south nothing slowing you down. pike wide open from framingham into the allston-brighton area. i want to let you know in med i want to let you know in medfield. south street is closed at phillip street because of gas leak and emergency repairs going on. a live look at the zakim bridge where things are moving along nicely. live drive times. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the
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19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. little chilly out there at the moment. is that something that will continue for today? >> today we will start off cool >> today we will start off cool, but we will be seasonable once we hit the afternoon, julie. a seasonable day which means highs in the lower 60s where we should be this time of the year should be this time of the year. so layer up as usual. it is october, guys. you got to expect that you will need a jacket. widespread hard freeze in the forecast though sunday night and monday night. that will be a killing freeze. so anything you may still have growing in the garden. any kind of tender potted plants that we have outside. going to bring any of that in if you want to save it. also turn blustery with winds gusting up around 25 miles per hour. don't necessarily like to see a lot of wind come into the forecast when we are talking about a peak of foliage and something we will have to keep an eye on because it can wreck the foliage. i don't see it that bad right now but something to watch closely.
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right now pretty quiet yet weather and will dry for today. keep us nice and dry and clear and a system coming through tonight and into tomorrow. so futurecast today has a lot of sunshine in place. ocean effect cloud cover likely cape. so overall, enjoying sunshine and just and just a few scattered clouds for your day ahead. temperature-wise we will make it into the lower 60s, and most spots here, including the boston area. boston at 61 degrees later today. cambridge, brookline, 63. watertown, 63. arlington. milton and braintree 62 for you folks. the merrimack valley. temperatures 62 in lowell. 62 in bill lick ca. ipswich, 62 and danvers 61 degrees and the south shore where you will see the lower 60s from scituate to wareham over to bridgewater at 63 and foxborough at 62. and finally wrap things up with central massachusetts. my cool spot today as you go up in elevation.
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as i said cooler at 58 degrees and you will also see highs get into the upper 50s for the cape. for framingham, 63. lowell, 63. we take it and it will feel good. tonight lows back into the 40s and it will be a milder night because of the clouds rolling shower. that is going to continue into early tomorrow morning. the showers, lots of clouds. temps reaching the lower 60s again. so another near normal day. i know it looks ugly with futurecast at 7:00 tomorrow morning with a couple of showers. a lot of cloud cover, but by noontime we start to brighton up. sun and scattered clouds for the afternoon. afternoon turns much nicer and into the afternoon more changes moving in. saturday morning, we will start partly cloudy, and we do have the opportunity for just a few showers. thing is overdone, but northern new england actually sees a couple of snowflakes here at home. we are talking a couple of rain showers on saturday. sunday, why 48 your high temperatures will be breezy, partly to mostly cloudy. again those morning
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temperatures are going to be rough with 35 in boston. 33 in plymouth. but freeze in manchester, beverly, lowell, worcester, and gets even colder by monday morning with lows in the 20s. highs 60 degrees but end up warming up tuesday, wednesday, highs in the 60s are back. back to you, guys. >>daniel: ten minutes until the top of the hour. naked and tearing apart a fast naked and tearing apart a fast-food restaurant. coming up new at 5:00, what in woman reportedly ingested before going on this costly rampage. up next, a woman gives a whole new meaning to the term "airborne." >> i was like, somebody on the plane. >> the team evident continue to an international flight to help a pregnant woman deliver her baby at 30,000 feet. as we head to break, here is what is coming up tonight on fox including the long-running
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boston hospital where he later died. the crash sunday investigation. new this morning, the impending closure of pilgrim new england lar power station in plymouth could drive electricity rates up in england at least temporarily. according to the metro west daily news, the power supplied by the grant needs to be replace and could be costly. they are weighing proposals to decide the state's future energy sources. governor charlie baker has filed legislation that would require companies to buy hydroelectric power. a recall on spinach that may be in local refrigerators right now. dole is recalling bagged spinach in 13 states that include massachusetts and connecticut because of a possible salmonella risk. no illnesses have been reported but if you bought it, throw it away. an enjoy by say the of october 15. check out our web site
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days of deer hunting at blue hill reservation. the controlled hunt is part of a deer management plan where the population has exploded. the increase threatens the long the increase threatens the long-term health of the forest. it will be held on november 30 it will be held on november -- october 30 and november 3, 7 and. they will enforce all hunting restrictions. that time, ski season beginning. sunday river in maine is planning to open for the next season next monday -- for the season next monday, that is. the ski resort will be open on weekends until mid-november and regular hours for rest of the season. this will be the earliest it has been opened since 2009. popular high school ski jump in plymouth, new hampshire has been demolished after an engineer deemed it unsafe. the jump was built by the plymouth high school ski team in 1979. the state jump will be held at the plymouth jump in february, so organizers hope to have a
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a passenger plane lands in los angeles with one more passenger on board then it took off with. a woman gave birth right in row 49. the china airlines flight took off from taiwan headed to los angeles, and six hours into the flight, a woman went into labor two months early. you can see someone started filming it. fortunately there was a doctor on board on her way back from her honeymoon. >> it was very difficult. we had to work under very constraining circumstances. >> tried to cover the whole row of blankets. >> both mom and baby were taken to the hospital once they landed and both are in good shape. >> they can name her air >> they can name her airistatia. >>julie: i like that. >>daniel: i like it too. let's move on. ebola concerns surfacing. the group at risk of spreading the disease even after recovery the disease even after recovery. plus, they are a sweet treat that could give you more than just a cavity.
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