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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the decisi comes after backlash by investigators and regulators over the sites which has grown in popularity in the past couple of years. there are also pending lawsuits and state investigations against some sites including an alleged insider trading scandal. the sites insist they are all chance-based wagers. and within the last 10 minutes, as i mentioned, we received this statement from draft kings. it reads in part, we strongly disagree with the decision and will work diligently to ensuring nevadans that the right to participate in what we strongly believe is legal entertainment enjoy. and fortunately we now have to temporarily disable our product for our thousands of customers in nevada in order to be compliant in all jurisdictions. so we could tell you regulators say the site can apply for licenses to begin operations again. malini basu, fox 25 news. breaking news right now in groton. crews are on the scene of a fire on prescott street.
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this video just into our newsroom just moments ago, in fact. that fire happening at a building at the groton wood camp and conference center. years. no one was hurt. no word on how it started. the morning show will have any 4:00 a.m. severe mudslides in southern california completely burying cars along i-5 north of los angeles tonight. several cars with mud flowing into it and sometimes over the cars on the freeway. most of this is happening in the mountains between bakersfield and los angeles. >> the firefighter accused of driving drunk and hitting another car. new tonight the victim is talking about what happened for the first time. fox 25 ted daniel is live with an interview you'll see only on fox 25. ted. >> we spoke with reggie akins at one of his relatives' homes tonight. he is still hurting from the crash, and he says he still has six weeks of physical therapy to look forward to.
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he says he didn't even know a firefighter was involved until we reported on it yesterday. >> reporter: reggie aikens works at a movie theater complex in chestnut hill. he says needs every paycheck. reggie suffered injuries to his face, neck and back in a bad crash early saturday morning. >> i didn't think that this was going to happen. you can't predict the future or what not. >> reporter: it happened on a la grain street. reggie says he was driving home from work when an suv traveling the opposite direction crossed the center line and hit him nearly head-on. his airbags went off and he became trapped. police say 34-year-old jeremy joseph was behind the wheel. joseph is a brookline firefighter. >> i turn and i see him and i'm like, can you help me? i did even know this was the guy that hit me. and he just walked away. >> reporter: with reggie and another witness looking on, police say joseph got back into his heavily damaged suv and
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drove away. >> even if you're intoxicated, you know a person is messed up, like you got out of your vehicle. you looked at me, you saw me, help me. please help me. >> police located jeremy joseph a short time later and say he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. reggie hopes joseph realizes just how much pain he is in. >> and knowing that he's a firefighter and you're not helping? i'm like, come on, dude, like, seriously. the brookline fire department has placed jeremy joseph on administrative leave. he entered a not guilty plea to charges of oui and leaving the scene of an accident when he appeared in court earlier this week. reggie says he is hoping to get back to work as soon as possible, even if it's just light duty.
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more details now that oui arrest coming just days after another brookline firefighter was channeled in a fight. joseph ward appeared in court this week and he is now on administrative leave from the fire department. prosecutors say that he attacked a man at a taqueria on saturday night for allegedly taking too long to order his food. the weekend is almost here. kevin lemanowicz is track cold temps. >> we are gonna freeze this weekend, quite literally in most places. it's clear out there tonight. before we can get to the code, gotta go through the front. the front is bringing the cold with it, on the front there are showers. that's the first thing we'll have to skip through before we get to the the weekend and that's gonna happen in the early-morning hours. so through the night tonight, we'll see the showers getting into western mass, southern vermont 1:45. the a main line will come through worcester county and same for southern new hampshire and more showers for southern vermont into the boston area and northshore into the then hour. southshore focused on the 10:00 hour and beyond. look at heavy downpours,
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potentially cape cod and the islands being shown by our high resolution model futurecast, that will all push off. temperatures tonight are certainly going to drop into the 40s, mostly, but some 50s, as well, out on cape cod, it'll stay warmest. your showers come later as the front gets to you last in the morning. the cold air arrives behind the front this weekend. i'll even show you where there will be some snow in new england. the president's announcing some 5500 troops will stay in afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017. president barak obama says that situation there is still just too fragile. the news is being met with mixed reaction.
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>> few of these engagements go as quickly as we want them to. it always looks easy at the beginning but it's kind of like a football game. it goes into overtime, double overtime, triple overtime and so forth. >> 's original plan was to leave 1,000 u.s. troops at the end of next year to protect embassy and now he says 5500 troops willed into to stay atmosphere leaves office. >> it will continue to ray tate through and so forth. >> reporter: their mission includes counter-terrorism efforts as the taliban and al-qaeda try to gain ground. >> right now there's a threat and that's where we've chosen to go and address that threat. >> reporter: meanwhile, local exhausted military families are forced to ban together until
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their loved ones can could home. >> it was difficult for us. we had three kids, a five week old son and two older ones, so it was difficult on my wife and kids. >> the community will really take care of their families while soldiers are deployed and the soldiers will do the mission as best they can. >> reporter: in boston, malini basu, fox 25 news. state police looking for a suspect wanted in connection with several local rapes. the man has been seen in downtown area and could also have ties to easton. the suspect is described as a man in his 20s, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. he's possibly driving a dark blue or black sports car. >> according to investigators in new hampshire, the victim of a manchester homicide was strangled to death. 57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing a month ago. on conged her body was found her manchester apartment stuffed in a crawl space. the investigation into
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focus on her roommate who was found dead of an apparent suicide inside a massachusetts hotel earlier this month. accused teen killer phillip chism's trial is on hold. chism is accused of killing popular danvers high school teacher colleen richard two years ago. the judge made the decision in light of chism's odd behavior during the jury selection phase of this trial which included chism banging his head. prosecutors are concerned chism trial. the new evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial could take up to 20 days. the search is on to find missing in the white mountains of new hampshire. last week the avid hiker went on her annual hike but as crystal haynes reports, she hasn't been seen since. >> reporter: mary louise callahan hasn't seen her friend days.
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>> i thought that she just moved out. >> reporter: described as an avid hiker, the 64-year-old westwood woman took her annual trip in the white mountains of new hampshire last week but hasn't been heard from since. her brother alerted new hampshire fish and game when she failed to show up for work on monday and tuesday. the lieutenant spoke me via phone from the search area. >> we have a black hawk helicopter >> friday, we have a heavy cold
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rain. with a little bit of show this in elevations up there saturday. nothing really to fill up the ground or it was in the trees, so that's the only thing left that -- you know, temperature-wise, that really concerns me. friends and family hoping for the best. >> i'm really shocked that she's missing and i prayed to god that they find her. >> there's a very active search ongoing and if you have any information, contact new hampshire fish and game. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. two home invasions are under investigation in quincy. both happened last night. the first around 10:15 at a home on willard street. the victim toad police three men came to the stairs and put him in a head lock. they demanded money and told him to keep quiet. the victim says the iphone, ipad and money were all taken. about a half-hour later police were called to a home on enwin street, police say they burst into their home, one had a gun
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and the victim's hands were zip tied. one was forced to the floor at gunpoint and hit in the head with a weapon. police do not believe these are connected and so far there have been no arrests. in newton police say a bear was found dead. environmental police say the bear is believed to be the same one running around newton last week. investigators say the bear died after being hit by a car around 1:00 this afternoon. officials are not saying much about any car involved in that crash, but traffic was delayed as crews worked to get the bear off the side of the highway. training in the case of an emergency in foxboro. new at 11:00 police teamed up with the mbta at the commuter rail station, all about training officials on how to react during a mass casualty situation. about 80 public volunteers helped conduct the deal playing the role of train passengers. moving toward us. i've got a timeline of when you
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s. people in medway are worried tonight that a power plant there could be growing. as joy lim nakrin reports, the plans to expand have some people thinking about their health. >> reporter: here in medway, town administrator michael boyton knows the issues well. >> doing a benefit analysis, if you will, as to is this something that would be good for
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the town. >> plans to double the capacity of this 45-year-old power plant are creating major concerns. >> i'm worried about sound and what -- whatever comes out of there. i don't know. it's a fossil fuel. it can't be made 100% safe. >> reporter: it's why residents launched this web site trying to stop the product set to start in 2017. >> we have a baby on the way, so having that huge power plant in the back, something that's not sustainable to live here. >> reporter: it comes as the nuclear power plant in plymouth closes its doors. natural gas. >> we had an air quality analyst who came through and reviewed all the modeling and sampling. >> reporter: town officials are still assessing the risk. >> our analysts took a look at it.
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the epa's data which are baselines that were calculated again to our understanding based upon clearly at risk population. >> reporter: they know the benefits include 3.8 million dollars in annual tax revenue but residents say they're a cost they just can't afford. >> a health ken. i want to make sure they're healthy. i have one on the way. it's worrisome to have something like that in your backyard. >> the power company released a statement to us saying in part we are committed to working closely with medway town officials and residents to foster a better understanding of the overall benefits of its project and compliance with massachusetts environmental and energy policy. a public forum on this issue is set for next week. for now, we're live in medway, joy lim nakrin, fox 25 news. councilman is calling for mandatory drug abuse education in public schools and plans to bring up at the next city council meeting. lowell parent told fox 25 they want their kids to know about
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the dangers of opiates but there were differences on when kids should learn. randy quaid has been released from custody. police arrested the couple overnight weekend for allegedly trying to cross the border from canada into the united states. the couple has outstanding warrants in california for felony vandalism. after reviewing the paperwork from the california case, the judge dismissed the charges all together, saying there was no legal basis for the couple to be charged in vermont. police officers say it's the life of a man who suffered a heart attack. this is officer hogan. last night he was off-duty skating in a men's league game at the ed burns arena skating rink. 76-year-old teammate suffered the attack and officer hogan gave him cpr before paramedics brought him to the hospital. arlington police chief frederick ryan saying, quote, without his quick actions this man may not have survived. in the city tonight, it's starting to get colder. project blanket boston handing
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out blanket to those battling the cold on the streets. the group taking in donations of fleece blankets for the past few weeks and handing them out to those in need tonight. nice job. >> wonderful work, just in time, too. temperatures dropping into the 40s right now. many places already in the 40s. even found a couple towns in the upper 30s. those temperatures will start to go up at night. ahead of a cold front as the clouds begin to move, in winds shift to the south, they will stop the temperature from free-falling anymore. a cold rain is likely. these come across first thing in the morning. futurecast shows them getting into western new england during the 1:00, 2:00 hour and then lighter showers out ahead of the main body of rain will come into the worcester area through the 8:00 hour and southshore with heavier downpours between 10:00 and 11:00 and just getting offshore around noontime leaving us with some sunshine. that sun can actually fire up a couple of clouds and more showers in new england, especially farther to the north and west. it's something we'll watch tomorrow for you as well. but high temperatures tomorrow
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average this time of year... a mixture of 16 and clouds. clearly there's a risk of a shower in the morning that we talked about and in the afternoon a few isolated showers to be dotting the area. through the evening tomorrow, the clouds will start to melt away and we'll get into clearing skies. but i wanted to show you the wire futurecast tonight. snow, new hampshire, maine and into northeast vermont. continuing into saturday late morning and into the early afternoon and then watch this. snowshowers can actually bleed southward into southern portions of vermont, but only in the highest elevations. only the high elevations. don't think it'll be snowing in the valleys but if you're headed north and looking at mountains. be aware of this. by saturday night and this takes you through sunday, through the weekend.
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fall on some of these mountains. jefferson, santa's village, franchione notch over to maine, there's sunday river, .3 of an inch. not a lot but still some know in october in the mountainous locations. this on the heels of noaa telling us today they're expecting above average and warmer-than-normal-temperatures in new england coupled with above average precipitation. so it doesn't say there won't be a lot of snow this winter. it just tends it toward a really aware solution. we'll see where this goes. el nino playing a big part. look at the temperatures, only in the 40s for highs by sunday. we have cold air moving on especially sunday into monday. expect frosty temperatures at least on saturday after a windy chill on saturday afternoon and sunday morning and monday morning when you have the frost and freeze likely, this is most likely going to end the growing season for all of southern new england. gardeners be aware that have and shiri has an update first thing in the morning with the showers
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coming on through and potential for the frost and freeze happening. the weekend in view shows the temperatures, in the 50s on saturday, with the twin cities will feel colder and on sunday, highs only in the 40s. all right, thanks. i got an update from l.a. where the mets and dodgers both
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loyalty and dedicat dionne louis limited in practice today as the pats continue their preparation for sunday's game against the colts. rob gronkowski licking his chops. he has torn up the colts in five career games, more than 300 yards receiving six touchdowns. maybe some extra motivation for this game? >> you drop 50 points for these guys? >> how many point we ever put up, we put up. we're trying to score every time we touch the ball. we don't like punting. we have to go out there and put up points as offense. >> what's been an outstanding divisional round for major league baseball wrapped up tonight as the dodgers and mets played to the bitter end. game 5 in dodger stadium.
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put the mets up, nailed it down from there. the mets headed to the nlcs, they will face the chicago cubs hosting them starting on saturday. tomorrow you can watch game 1 right here on fox 25. play-offs. much kansas city played in the world series last year and toronto hasn't been back since '92 and '93. hanging championship banners, that is the goal for the bu hockey program. that motivation to carry the torch for the winning program is what keeps this team focused. you know, we're excited. wisconsin always has a great
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team so they're -- we're excited. >> a reminder our game of the week is in randolph tomorrow. brian salmon wants rowdy fans for the fox 25 news at 6:00 report. wrap it up with this. by now, unless you've been in hiding you've seen jose bass batise da's play. that's some incredible artwork and dedication to the cause. you know what, you really better hope that the team wins a world series championship because that's like owning the afc champion hat when your team loses the super bowl. you don't want to be that guy. >> or at least that gravity doesn't one day take affect. >> i'd say that's inestible. >> showers we'll be tracking in
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the morning drive.
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freeze, and in the 20 by monday andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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