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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it will be hard to make up for time and he will focus on no mistakes tonight. >> in the end, coming to light. ami amisol spider cam for this fiechbl event. a battle for the $100,000 monster energy cup check here. >> they have not heard much out of reed and talking to his manager today earlier, he doesn't know what officially he anaheim. they're also talking to joe gibbs racing. it will be interesting to see what happens to him. >> just about ready to go. can anderson win the truck? who will win the $100,000.
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drop time! >> anderson wins the toyota. >> the race is on for the monster energy cup energy cup here. can he get the $100,000. here comes roczen right up to second place. dungey is right there. the top three riders with the best shot at that $100,000 check. he is into the lead. >> anderson makes a massive mental mistake and allows roczen buy. by. he remains in second. >> what a huge mistake. dungey on the outside, he loses momentum in that whole section. he is about to be passed by trey canard here. what a huge mistake -- >> contact! and down goes trey canard.
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right into the manager's tower there. that was frightening. >> that is a great way to put it as roczen is out front. the race is on between roczen and dungey. we're going to get a replay on trey canard. he is trying to get that honda going again. another tough race for trey canard. tuncy runs in second. anderson, holding on to third. >> roczen needs to check out right here. >> watch the left side of your screen here as we watch the toyota replay. >> trey canard comes out, does a cut down move. he goes off of the left-hand side. the team manager, spotters tower, check this out.
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>> i think that anderson was pretty clean right there. i didn't think that trey anticipating anderson fading to the riders left, but canard goes down hard. and he -- he came over that finish line and he was eyeball to eyeball with the managers in the tower there and right into the tower he went there. a scarey moment there. you see roczen, 2.1 seconds in front of dungey. >> roczen looking really good here, the track is starting to get greasy. and when we say greasy, the moisture is starting to rise. you can show them, traction is a premium right now. you have to have a lot of throttle control. look at anderson, he is not letting dungey get away here.
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battle here, we have zuzuki, ktm, and then a husqvarna. what do you think has the best traction? >> i think the steel chassis is good on these hard tracks. but any more these days, i have to say they're all pretty good. >> and the steel chassis bike is the ktn and the husqvarna. >> those manufactured in japan all have aluminum chassis. he made that aggressive pass right there. takinged lead. you see a few riders have gone through the joker lane,
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approaching the halfway point, how would you approach the joker lane? >> you have to take it last lap. i think you will see anderson take it in the same lap that dungey does. >> anderson will be driving out of here in style in the toyota truck. >> the white husqvarna, a rider that says he is not even good the hole shots nails all three here. anderson will have to drive that new toyota tundra home. the first time we had someone win the truck, before.
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>> yeah. we had one person win the million dollars and that was last year. i think this is a huge night for ken roczen. he was the man to beat before having some problems and he never really got going again. >> he needs to pick up before he really -- where i think it went sizeways for him was oakland last year. this is the ken roczen we saw before that. slowing really, really good. putting himself in good position. the corners looked good. he needs to keep his momentum going before the end of the season.
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it all went away in atlanta. dungey right there can see him. ralph, by craig. >> yeah, it is awesome to see him riding well. it wasn't that long ago that he contemplated retirement and hanging it up. put a big charge on, got a good ride here. >> justin marshall right behind him. fourth tonight for this event. he makes a run at him, moves him up to fourth. >> impressive move. you ski he really whips the bike sideways for the triple. >> dungey going over the joker lane right here. >> nice, well that is a big plus
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he is right there on him now. >> it is all on roczen now, isn't it. they have to get as much of a gab as they possibly can. look at marshall. triple quads. he is right on dungey. >> that is the first time i have seen that. >> look at this. they will go for it. now, could he put the same pass on ryan dungey that he just put on craig. let's see what happens here. how aggressive will he be? >> he is going for it. a little close. barcia looks like he is going joker lane.
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how about barcia. >> when i talked to him this morning, i said have you taken any time off? an he said time off? absolutely not. this is the best i have been feeling. the last thing i want to do is take a break. what i have u i have going is working. he said he always has a good feel in vegas. a triple single out right there. you notice now that he is eight seconds behind our leader. anderson there in front of him, and a couple seconds up to dungey. time for him to get through the scoring lane.
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how smooth will he get through here. >> he has it, he has a huge gap right here. he is up and over that arch again. >> he put in some really strong laps, picture perfect. i think he picked up really good lines in the second main event. going through the insides better, really going through there. >> and tuncy there getting second place. >> he will need a little help by a mistake from roczen if he will come away as a winner here. but roczen looks pretty good. >> ak we look towards the final
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let's quickly assess what every event. >> i think they know where they need to be, where they need to work on. you know -- >> you think they're close to where they need be? i think some guys are and some are not. roczen is going to make a lot of progress with the bike and himself. he has not scratched the surface yet. some other guys have put in a little more time. >> and it should be noted here that our own ricky carmichael is co-owner of this suzuki team. he will be very happy with the outcome of this race. >> i'm happy for ken and the crew and everybody working hard.
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certainly the best in the business. >> ken roczen to the final corner, he has done it, he won the $100,000 check. and the 2015 monster energy cup
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ken roczen pulls off of the track ready to celebrate. the gloves and goggles into the stand. >> awesome. >> he didn't run in 2011 or 2012. looks like tissue in 2013 he finished in third. he is now a winner of the monster energy cup. here is heart right here. anderson celebrating with him. you can see the sportsmanship. >> those two are practice buddies. >> a rider out of germany has won it right here in las vegas.
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you she loves her kids. he loves them. her are her world. they are her world. and there nothing that she wouldn't do for them. now at 6:00 break their silence the family of tiffany kerry opens up about her two son the one that she lost and thing her oldest child does now that she in jail. >> colder temperature on tap. i will tell you how low it will go. plus season of change. unplanting seeds for the future survivors of the boston marathon bombing nl reflect. all that's begin with breaking news out of boston. where police have investigating a sex assault on boston university campus. fox 25 ted daniel live in boston tonight. where ted you have learned this happened inside of school building? >> be that's according to boston
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we learned of the alert this afternoon and as soon as we heard of it we contacted the spokesperson for boston university. he tells me, yes, the information we have is correct. and an investigation is underway right now. according to boston university police, it happened on campus in one of the towers that overlooks the mass pike. female student reported that a stranger entered her room sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. and sexually assaulted her. suspect fled on foot and is now been caught. senior we spoke with says it is first time in her four years she can remember a situation like this happening. >> kind of terrified by that. and kind of made me realize i want to not leave my door open that often. you don't know what kind of person they may be. >> we have limited description of suspect he believed to be a
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and 510 with a medium build and brown hair he last seen wearing a dark-colored long-sleeved button-down shirt and down vest there one other piece of information that we have learned from the boston university spokesperson that was not contained in the alert. he told us that he was not believe at this point there is anybody general threat to campus, but of course is the investigation continues at this hour. reporting in boston ted daniel fox 25 news. and we breaking story shortly after it happened. on our improved fox 25 news app as you heard ted mention there there is free download from i tunes or google play. any snow. but tonight the snow is back. flake falling many parts of our state tonight even though it is only october. take look at this video our mark
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awker bloom shot. you see the snow we also obtained picture from fitchburg where halloween decoration are being covered in snow. our meterologist colder weather tonight as well. correct >> yes. getting even colder tonight than last night. april 2, '49 by the way we saw any flakes flying in boston but most part the snow flakes are north and west of the pike but we did get some few reports of some flakes flying stoughton. did you wash the radar green would be rain and white would be snow and both are on downtrend. skies will be clear for the moment just a few flurries and on that track these are moving to southeast. so should cross turn pike here next half an hour or so but bigger story than snow showers nl we do have freeze warning up remainder of areaer to tonight if you can't freeze this morning you will by tomorrow morning temperatures eventually falling below feeing just a bvr where --
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nantucket we finally see warm up coming up next half an hour. sounds good rob new site remember the lives lost in boston marathon bombings. crystal campbell was one three people killed at the finish line in april of 2013. along lyn saw lui and martin richard tonight we live at the site where they have memorial garden honoring victims. jim? >> well crystal campbell peace garden may not look like much now. but it will be transformed. strrj one will be larger fountian that will there memberialize could be stand quest for world peace. >> on brick after noorngs snow literally in the air, they came. some on two human feet some on none. >> coming to these things and
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being with my new extended family helps. >> that extended family survivors of the boston marathon bomb hog came to med ford today to honor victim who did not make it crystal campbell. today celebration of life the celebration the ground breaking and dedication for the crystal campbell peace garden to be constructed in front of med ford senior see center. originally were going put single park bench on the spot in hon for crystal. until we started thinking about how -- hundreds came to the ground breaking. clutching sun flowers that made of plastic never die. they were crystal campbell's first flower. >> it be -- it really people remember. they were all just think didn't sear thv no one deer is ofs this. it could have happened to any
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peace is a word. a nourngs it is white birds set free to soar. peace can be hard to find. but more than two years after the bombings, brave people are determined to find it. best revenge we can have against the terrorist and haters of this world is live our lives to the fullest and the best stems can i take snl tomorrow live my life to fullest. >> nl here one of those sun flowers they were pag out at today's dedication. wlbl snow started fly and she said oh boy, crystal absolutely loved the snow. she took some kind of sign well i did ask crystal's moment about that she loved all of the seasons provide she was wearing right clothing. live in medal ford. wrnl our family of mom in jail
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your motorol investigating a sexual assault on boston university campus. fox 25 life tonight boston where ted you learned this actually happened inside of school building there, correct? >> yes. this happened in one of the student village residents those typically house sophomores on up in the undergrad years. we learned alert that went out today from boston university and spokesperson confirmed for us this afternoon that an investigation is underway. and that involved hours of the morning between 2 and 3 this morning female student reported that stranger entered her room and sexually assaulted her.
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the suspect then fled on foot and has not been caught. talk several stew debt out here they all seen alert and they been speaking about it with each other one told us definitely her
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investigation continues, hopefully we will learn more. boston ted daniel fox 25 news. >> we first alerted you to this breaking story shortly after it happened. on our improved fox 25 news app. it is free to download from i tunisias or google play. and turning back to forecast we made five months, 24 days without any snow but it is back once again. flakes falling in many places around our state in october. here some video that we shot u mass. you can see snow blowing around the wind we also obtained photo from fitchburg where halloween decoration are being covered in snow and there going colder weather tonight as well. yes. everybody expected get down below freezing later tonight. >> if watch satellite radar notice with ex shuven outer
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cape, rain and snow showers spotty rain snow showers kind of downward trend in fact just a few seconds ago few minutes ago. i was showing you $few flakes heading north brookfield those have already fizzled out again expecting case could become clear next hour or two. freeze warnings posted tonight for the areas that did not see freeze last night you only get one freeze warning as soon a you get growing season comes teendz signal weather service no longer issues freeze warning so bottom line even if you didn't get freeze last night probably will tonight. exception will be nantucket. 36 degrees there but yet further inland and we will see temperature well down to 20s in even some low 20s tonight coming up we will talking about when we will finally see is some more october-like weather >> as we prepare to head into winter season be sure download our weather app you can track any storms you also see latest forecast this is free. and available in app story the now. just search fox 25 weather tonight infant in boston children's hospital. his mother is in jail.
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after an amber alert stretching two states. we first brought this story as breaking news be yesterday new tonight we learned brand me information about 36 year old testify knife terry. picture is our if i can two children. four year old son and a two month old son. today her family spoke to fox 25. as is our stephanie reports they say terry could do anything for her kids. >> this family of tiffany ter she told mother about those loss all too well having suffered two tragedies already and this time she was doing everything she could to save the life of her baby son. she loves her kids. she loves them. and they are her world. they are world. world shaped by loss. kathleen brown says about four mother. and year before that just two weeks from giving birth, she
6:28 pm
>> a mother, never really gets over losing a child. >> which why brown says when tiffany terry two and half month old son fell sick last week she panicked. living in pennsylvania terry drove here to boston to children's hospital. where he was born >> if she had other plans as far as not getting help for her baby, then she would not never ended in massachutes at children's hospital to same day. pennsylvania officials contacted mass state police who then issued amber alert that night terry was arrested children's hospital. the baby admitted. fox 25 has also learned terry a four year old son was also with them. he is now staying with family in boston. he is asking for his mother. looking for her sxrnl crying for. report the last has cripple that
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sxrin including charges for prostitution. brown says every one makes mistakes. >> she gone on to do better in her life. and right now her children are her life. >> and of course, i asked how he is doing such an important question. so many of you have asked. they told me he is still boston children's hospital. but he is eating and he is finally taking a bottle. so some small stems but stems in right direction. in boston. fox 25 news. >> and terry expected appear in court in boston tomorrow at we will bring her appearance live. we also reported the dcf involved saying quote, the department is investigating the unaccident with loop enforcement. as dcf officials look into this matter custody of the child has been transferred to dcf. want see more from family of tiffany ter he head to there you can hear the message
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that terry's own cousin has for her. >> there. >> soon new public place remember the lives lost in boston marathon boom beings. crystal come bell was one of three people killed at the finish line in april of 2013 along with twornl others. tonight we are live where memorial garden honoring those victims will soon stand. jim? >> tlrnl start along swaublg where we are going invery various symbols of the place along mar an an on this route finish line will call i will at any inside park which will be behind be large fountian. which will symbolize the constant quest for world peace. >> on brings after noob, snow literally in the air, they came. some human feet. some on none >> coming to these things is being with my be new extended family helps.
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>> that's tend family survivors the boston marathon bombing who came to med ford today to honor victim who didn't make it. crystal campbell. today celebration of life. celebration the ground break and dedication for crystal campbell peace garden to be con strublgd in front med ford senior center. originally we were going to put a sign will park bench on the spot in hon for crystal. until we started thinking about how everybody else life was affected. >> be hundreds came to the grounds break. clutching sun flowers that made of plastic never die. they were crystal campbell's favorites flower >> just a nl people didn't remember. you could haven't happened any one of us. you know? they didn't deserve this no one deserves this.
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a noun, it is white birds set free to soar. peace can be hard to find. but more than two years after the bombings, brave people are determined to find it. best revenge we can have against the terrorists and haters of this world is to live our lives to fullest and be bent we respect can pay to those who lost their lives to live my life to the fullest. >> brook be one cost will be about 1.3 paid federal and state grants. but they also very large number of the private contributions as well. live in med ford. fox 25 news runners hit streets today benefit the crystal campbell scholarship. massachutes bay community college hosted its third annual five k in honor of campbell who graduated from college with a business agree in 2005. scholarship supports young women interested in pursuing careers in business just like campbell
6:33 pm
did. charity set up survivor will donate its very first art facial limb tomorrow. heather abbott lost her leg bombing which which gives custom to am tomorrow the heather abbott foundation will give custom made limb to 26 year hillary cohen of walpole allowing her to run wear women's heels and do so many other things that she longed to do again. tonight new questions surrounding murder trial of the teen as his mental come pen see set to be evaluated judge in case against phillip says he want the trial to keep moving and that he could continue jury selection without defendant. the teen accused murdering his high school math teacher colleen rich or in 2013 just last week that trial paused over concerns for his mental state. after he was seen banging his head on the floor of his jail cell. >> his mental health is in play and maybe it has deteriorated
6:34 pm
and we have to be sure he understands what's going on and can effect live participate in thinks defence. and an independent psychological review of chism could take 20 days and even longer found incompetent even longer period of time possibly delaying trial for years. >> be in rochester, new hampshire police high school girl died in a hotel room. 17 year old was found dead at the rivera hotel yesterday. police say that her mother and her mother's mail friend were also inside room man claims to be girl's father has little to say when asked about what happened. >> my daughter died. >> yes? >> yes. >> be authorities are still awaiting results of an autopsy tonight. that girl was student at sol advantage high school and counselors will be there for student tomorrow. >> right now we are expecting tomorrow to be that much warmer than this afternoon but coming
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up we he will tell you when to expect warm up. plus, staying warm despite that snow today. how you can heat your home this winter without burning so much cash. but next, a cause for paws dozens b if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. they want to go
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the super wealthy they don't stand up for they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support we've got to get this economy americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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need. would home. more cause for pww experience on the cold october day. hundreds turned out for the calls for paw is walk to benefit the quincy animal shelter. this licky she was pregnant when i fostered her. human for brick breeze while kay costumes. >> she didn't realize stories of changing lives to safe lives. >> he was able be like grandma. others shared stories of shelters bringing injured species >> it is great thing they do. be funds to keep furry friends alive.
6:39 pm
and with -- to our lives. sheller. we finds homes for every adoptable animal very story take them to this year but also goal for today raise $30,000 and you can learn more about how to help on >> tonight the framingham public library remains closed after two electricians suffered serious burns on job there. they are still looking into what caused the flash explosion and fire at those men were repairing elick achal panel. one has second and third degree burns to more 1-third of his body the other worker has burns cover is his arms. both were working on library renovation and with this chilly weather. time start thinking about heating costs. if you oil your bill will probably be sleep they are year than last year due to falling prices. u.s. energy information
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and warmer winter forecast, could add up to 25% savings for oil customers. so, that's i guess good thing is it? best part long range forecast does call for warmer than average winter. we had out there during afternoon are coming to an ends in fact boston skyline a lot clearer than it was just an even an hour or two ago. bad news is tonight we even colder than it was last night so that means just about everybody gets freeze exception would be nantucket. we are expecting much more mild weather as we head into tuesday wednesday middle part of the week currently got 44 in nantucket. still a little bit light rainfall around chatham we do expect that continue on and off not just through the either but maybe through the overnight hours. would be ex-shun to rule moment rest of the us will see skies clearing as we head through evening. 42 current temperature in boston look worcester already down to 35 degrees.
6:41 pm
not that far from freezing narcotic already. here satellite and radar over last couple hours again watch the downward trend in those snow flakes those light rain showers exception though again, is the cape. outer cape where we are going to see that kind of continuing. through moment night big area high pressure that's our main weather marker on get those brisk, note west winds. but it is high moves into tonight, and then out into atlantic tomorrow wind will come calm later on tonight. then gradually start shift around and as that happens, weather will finally start to warm up. so look for winds and that cool breeds over the prrm for outer moment us those will see later winds tomorrow morning it will better cold but at least there won't be much wind really kind
6:42 pm
of be sunshine tomorrow. than we will out there today. expecting wall to wall sunshine even though the temperature really only going degree two warmer tomorrow afternoon than what had out there today, we light winds and wall to wall sunshine should at least feel a little bit more comfortable if you are standing outside. we do have weak frontal boundary headed our way as need not know records low for 28 in boston. set back in 1922 wouldn't quite that cold but stig below freezing boston. still expecting to get below freezing vinyard only exception really to freezing rule nantucket where again that breeze over water should keep things warmer get further inland. we are talking about temperatures in low to mid 20s so hard freeze likely and many areas for tonight. high temperature tomorrow, again we got up to 27 this afternoon. should be about 49 tomorrow afternoon.
6:43 pm
fan it was today but with lighter are independent and sunshine should at least feel like more comfortable. 63 though by tuesday. slight chance of rain on tuesday best chance of rain though this week will be on thursday. with another cold front behind that cold front, the of tap for cool weekend next weekend. >> well week six nfl we are eagerly waiting main course pats cold square off just pats fans come to indianapolis bryan caught up with a few you will hear some bold pre particulars
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sports. rule four game suspension has
6:46 pm
land slide win for tom brady place ear eye seeing addition brady free and so is patriot nation. >> stwhafrj stage set for one moment highly anticipated regular season games patriots history october 189 has been circled for months and tonight pats fans hope null super bowl champs exact some revenge. that's where find bryan salomen who on roads with pats talked bill tom brady or patriots players tonight match up is not deflate gate revenge game. so if that is the case, why are there so many fans here in indianapolis. doe no caught bunch them get their take on tonight's big game in be i decided back super bowl week
6:47 pm
to independenty all deflate gate. >> don't talk trash or hear tomorrow brady say we are going beat crap out of them. i like he just like talk his trash by playing. so. that's bent way to do. >> be it is too good to be true his number one -- we wall is ourselves tom brady singers. we think god is he is alive. he just too good to be true. his offer -- -- 49-7 pats. 57-6. >> 97-3 and independenty gets first field goal and all downhill from patriots alegend
6:48 pm
listen to bryan patriots will win at least 20 points we shall see curtain drops at 8:30 colds and the patriots. in indianapolis. fox 25 sports. 97-3. fun compare years 2007 and 2015 so keep going and look at tom brady more yards less interception this year but he god pick up pays touch down passes. let's see how looks at the ends tonight's game. all right jets and redskins today. down in east rut they are ford and jarrell schemes doing it. six forced turnover today inception got jets just outside of the red zone and reason yeah fitzgerald has been incredible job he has fantastic day today. two touchdown passes and this one final thatted zone jets win it 3-20 they will be four and win. coming to foxboro next week and patriots lose, which unlikely tonight.
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>> be expect temperature at or bloezing free even be all right well thank you for joining tonight ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. man: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. man: here because everyone
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