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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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helping out somebody that's in need. >> only on fox, the skills this local troop used to rescue a woman from a mountain. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 11:00. first on your fox 25 news at 11:00, boston university police continue to investigate an overnight sexual assault. good evening everyone, i'm joy lim nakrin. >> and i'm blair miller. this is a story that fox 25 first reported on our news app and fox 25's ted daniel spoke with concerned students tonight. >> boston university police have not said whether or not they believe this was a random attack. however, they do say the attacker was unknown to the victim. on campus tonight that has a lot of people concerned. >> security may not have been top of mind for b.u. students sunday afternoon until they checked their phones. this is a copy of the emergency alert campus police sent to all 30,000. according to the notification, obtained by fox 25, a female student
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reported that she was sexually assaulted by an unknown man in her dorm room. >> i mean that kind of makes me a little nervous because honestly sometimes me and my roommates we don't always lock our doors. >> reporter: it happened sometime between 2:00 and three o'clock in the morning in a residence known as student village 2. >> we were terrified by that kind of made me realize that i want to be more safe in my dorm and not leave my door open that often. you don't know what kind of person they can be. >> reporter: isabel davis says a student i.d. is required to enter all on campus housing. >> if you're with a parent they are fine but if you're with a guest they need to be signed in with your i.d. number. >> reporter: the most recent crimes we found for boston university on-line are from 2012. according to the data, 14 forcible on campus and on campus residential sex offenses were reported. in the four years prior, b.u. averaged seven.
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yo for a campus of its size. >> we all have to start to locking our door. >> reporter: in the alert that went out police are asking students to keep their doors locked and to keep an eye on their surroundings. they also want anyone with information to come forward. reporting in boston tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. happening right now account newton firefighters trying to figure out what started a fire on bishop gate's road. we first told you about this story during the fox 25 news at 10:00. we brought you live images. since then the fire has been knocked down and within just the past 20 minutes our crew on the scene has seen firefighters going inside the house to inspect it. thankfully it does like anyone was hurt in this fire. we'll down follow this story. >> tonight a other big story the bone-chilling forecast. temperatures dropping into the mid-20s tonight. earlier today, it was all about the snow. across the region people saw the first few flakes of the
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season. meteorologist rob eicher joins us now. snow in october does happen but that doesn't make it any easier to take in, deduct it? >> as i mentioned last hour snow in july does happen, at least that was the case in 1955. take you back on the satellite and radar here green of course being rain, white indicating snow. go back six hours we see a little bit of each dotting the entire landscape on my facebook page i went into detail about how all this happened. but for now just know that its done. notice how everything has kind of come to an end. the exception is the cape. for most part these are rainshowers temperatures in the low 40s not out of the question could be a flake or two mixed in but that would be it. the rest of us will see clear skies. the other story obviously the temperatures freeze warning issued for the remainder of the area. if you haven't already seen a freeze you have a freeze warning we're expecting just about everyone to dip below freezing the exception would be nantucket and the outer cape. now that's 37 now to dip back around 31
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in boston by tomorrow morning. record low is 28 in boston, 24 in worcester, it will be close to those record numbers either way well below normal for this time of year. we'll talk about when it will warm up coming up later in the half hour. fox 25's crystal haynes caught up with several people today who all had pretty much the same idea. this early snow not good. >> reporter: certainly not enough to shovel or to plow but this snowy day caused a social media up-roar and had a lot of folks upset. >> it's october 18th and that's pretty incredible. i mean, this early never seen it happen before. >> reporter: winter officially starts on december 21st, but parts of this state saw a dusting of snow today, october 18th. >> it's a sign of tough times to come, possibly if it's october now what will happen in january. >> reporter: many like karen connolly who was hiking in the blue hills with friends
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today were taken by surprise. >> when we got off blue hills in the parking lot there were dark clouds and all of a sudden we could see flurries. we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. >> reporter: it caused a social media up-roar. fox 25 pulling this video from the u-amherst campus this clip from auburn and several pictures from viewers including this shot from j.p. in vermont. >> oh, man, it's too early for. this it's depressing. most of russ still recovering from all that shoveling and lost work and school time, and still repairing damaged homes from last winter. mother nature dumped more than 100 inches on the northeast. >> i don't think about it. >> reporter: but it's like phil says. >> hey, this is new england so, if you can't get snow in october you better move out. >> if you do remember we didn't start seeing the white stuff last year till about november. now if you want to check out the images from this snowy
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sunday go on our website at we're reporting in west roxbury, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. in any weather situation remember you can always track the forecast 24 hours a day with the fox 25 weather app. it is free and available in the app store right now. you can pick the radar view the seven day and customize the forecast for your town weather. the pennsylvania mother at the center of a multistate amber alert will be in a boston courtroom tomorrow morning. tonight her family is breaking their silence. they tell fox 25 that mom did nothing wrong and really just wanted to save her son. >> reporter: the family of tiffany cherry told me this mother knows loss all too well having suffered two tragedies already. at this time she was doing everything she could to save the life of her baby son. >> she loves her kids. she loves them. they are her world. they are her world. >> reporter: a world shaped by loss.
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screen brown says about four years ago her kathleen brown says about four years ago she lost her mother then about a month before giving birth she lost her baby. >> a mother never really gets over losing a child. >> reporter: which is why brown says when tiffany cherry's 2.50 month-old son fell sick last week she panicked living in pennsylvania cherry drove here to boston to children's hospital where the baby was born. >> if she had other plans as far as not getting help for her baby then she would have never ended in massachusetts at children's hospital the same day. >> reporter: pennsylvania officials contacted plas state police who then issued a amber alert that night. cherry was arrested at children's hospital. the boy admitted to the hospital. fox 25 has already learned cherry's 4-year-old son juju was also with him -- them he
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is now staying with family in boston. >> he is asking for her mother. he looking at her through the windows and has been crying for her. >> reporter: as fox 25 reported last night cherry has a criminal history, including charges for prostitution. brown says everyone makes mistakes. >> she's gone on to do better in her life and right now her children are her life. >> reporter: and of course i asked how the boy is doing such an important question, sonl of you have asked. they told me he is still at boston children's hospital but he is eating and he is finally taking a bottle. so some small steps but steps in the right direction. in boston, i'm stephanie, fox 25 news. and tonight d.c.f. is now getting involved. they sent us this statement reading in part "the department is investigating this incident with law enforcement and as d.c.f. officials look into the matter custody of the child has been transfered to d.c.f. a plymouth man is due in court tomorrow on drunk
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driving charges. police say 56-year-old kevin palmer was driving the wrong way on route 3 for about 20 miles yesterday. cape cod times is reporting palmer hit a car but thankfully no one was hurt. troopers had to use spike strips to get palmer stopped. he was released on bail. police believe a new hampshire a 10 is the victim of hit and rain in maine. police arrested 45-year-old richard marion of bethel, maine. marin hit the teen while riding a bike. according to a tv station in maine the 14-year-old remains in critical condition. he is from goss tounch and studies at gould academy in maine. framingham public library will not reopen tomorrow. as we told you last night on our fox 25 news at 10:00 it works electrical workers were severely burned while working on the building. one of those victims suffered second and third degree burns to more than a third of his body during a flash explosion. at last check that worker is still at a local hospital tonight. according to the library's
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website that building has been undergoing renovationings, including new lighting. the memory of marathon bombing victim krystle campbell is being honored forever in medford. a memorial garden is being built in her name. there our jim morelli has more on the emotional groundbreaking ceremony. >> reporter: on a brisk afternoon snow literally in the air, they came, some on two human feet some on none. >> coming to these things and being with my new extended family helped. >> reporter: that extended family survivors of the boston marathon bombing who came to medford today to honor a victim who didn't make it krystle campbell. >> today is a celebration of life. >> reporter: the celebration the ground breaking and dedication for the krystle campbell peace garden to be constructed in front of the medford senior center. >> originally we were going to put a single park bone this spot in honor of
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thinking about how we're going to honor her. >> reporter: hundreds came to the groundbreaking, clutching sunflowers, that made of plastic never die. they were krystle campbell's favorite flower. >> it just lifted me up a lot. it really did that people do remember. they were all just victims. it could have happened to any one of us, you know. they didn't deserve this. no one deserves this. . >> reporter: peace is a word, a noun, it is white birds set free to soar. peace can be hard to find, but more than two years after the bombings brave people are determined to find it. >> the best revenge we can have against the terrorist and haters of this world is to live our lives to the fullest and the best respect i can pay to those who lost their lives is to live my life to the fullest. >> reporter: cost of the krystle campbell peace garden about $1.3 million.
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state and federal grants will pay for some of it but they also received a large number of private donations as well. in medford, jim morelli, fox 25 news. coldest air of the season coming tonight and tomorrow really not much better. coming up i'll tell you when to expect a warmup. but first, several local boy scouts rescued a woman from a mountain this weekend. next at 11:00, they
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charges as prosecutors try to keep her behind bars even longer. tomorrow at 5:00. >> announcer: you're watching fox 25 news at
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11:00. welcome back to your fox 25 news at 11:00. a rescue on a mountain has a group of local boy scouts being called heroes tonight and only on fox 25 we talk with those well trained scouts and also the woman who they helped rescue. our kristine mccarthy has zport these little guys proved to be very, very resourceful. >> reporter: they did, joy. these boys used everything they learned in training to help this woman who was in a lot of pain and unable to walk without help. we sat down with six of the seven young rescuers who showed us their technique. >> you can say we're brothers figuratively. >> reporter: these brothers put their first aid merit badges to good use on saturday. >> it's nothing really big we decided to help out. >> reporter: the boys aged 12 to 17 were defending -- when they discovered a hiker who had fallen and sprained her ankle. >> grabbed some sticks from the woods and used an ace bandage and made like a
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makeshift splint. >> then the grueling part called the fireman's carry. >> we linked arms together she then sat down then we maneuvered around certain rocks. >> reporter: five hours and nearly two miles of tough terrain later they arrived at the bottom. their adult leader and dr. mike says training paid off. >> i was so proud of them. the splint was perfect. >> reporter: injured hiker linda was taken to the hospital on sunday she spoke to us by phone while recovering at home. >> i said you guys are my little angels because i just felt really safe with her. >> reporter: her e.r. doctor a fracture. >> he couldn't believe it who did your splint i'm like boy scouts. weymouth. >> reporter: but these boys aren't phased by the praise after all a good deed is all in a day's work. >> no matter what the situation you're always helping out somebody that's in need. >> now that hiker linda tells us there was no cell service there on the mountain without these boys her plan would have been to
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have her friends that she had been hiking with go back down the mountain then get help which of course would hours. i'm christine mccarthil for fox 25 news. two people died after a house fire in chicopee that happened about 7:45 this morning. by the time firefighters got here the house was fully engulfed in flames. officials say three people were able to get out. but two got trapped inside. police right now are not releasing their names. but the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. in rochester, new hampshire, police investigating how a motel room. the 17-year-old girl was found dead at the rivera motel on saturday. her's male friend were also in that room. a man who claimed to be the girl's father has little to happened. >> my daughter died. i don't want to talk to you. >> tonight authorities are still waiting on the results of an autopsy. but according to local media reports police say heroin is
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a big problem in the area and they are investigating the possibility of an overdose. the girl attended spalding high school and counsellors will be there tomorrow for students. a tip led carver police to this huge stash of pot. officers got warrant for a home on crystal lake drive after someone called in saying rasht was growing marijuana there. once inside police found two pounds of it. the homeowner was not there at the time but will be charged. some new hampshire residents will soon weigh in on whether to have a medical marijuana dispensary in their area. the health department is holding a meeting. the nonprofit has chosen to operate the center. after a few flurries this afternoon in the chill in the area you're probably thinking this seems unusual for october. no doubt it is on average the first time the temperatures dipped to the freezing mark in boston is
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november 8th . so we're a few weeks ahead of schedule. in fact we could see the earliest freeze assuming my forecast is on track monday morning will be the earliest freeze in boston since october 10th, 1979. now that's based on the data at boston logan the thermometer there which obviously doesn't represent everyone but either way that is the average november 8th. right now we have 39 in ptown on the radar a little bit of light rain and it is just that light rain can't rule out maybe a snow flake or two. but for the most part the outer cape and nantucket temperatures there will not dip below freezing tonight. those are the only areas that will not dip below freezing. we have 34 in bourne, and 32 in brockton. 36 the current temperature in boston. already below freezinging in some spots. 28 the current temperature in fitchburg there. temperatures not likely to
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until about 9:00 or 10:00. we have a cold northwesterly breeze blowing across the warm waters of the cape. water temperatures still in the upper 50s so that cold air blowing across the cape creating some ocean effect snow showers or rainshowers rather and that's likely to continue through most of the night. our main weather maker is way over here in the midwest. that's what's control the weather the high moves out into the atlantic. winds start blowing out of the south that means the warmup is much on the the winds are calming down that will be the case for just about everyone except the cape through the overnight hours. but that's part of the problem. the coldest nights are usually the nights where you get crystal clear skies and dead calm winds.
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now one bit of good news is with the lighter winds throil no wild tomorrow morning. no wind chill factor but it will still be chilly early tomorrow morning. good bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. with wall to wall sunshine and much lighter winds should at least feel a little bit more comfortable than what was out there this afternoon. weak frontal boundary heads our way as we head into tuesday with that maybe a spotty shower. green areas indicate areas likely to see rain that would likely be mainly north and west of worcester. not a great chance of rain on tuesday. but can't rule it out. either way by then winds out of the south so very, very mild temperatures. but in the meantime, down to about 31 tonight in boston, 25 in worcester and again even some of the usual warmer spots like central cape even the vineyard down below freezing the only
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freezing likely nantucket. highs tomorrow couple degrees warmer than it was today upper 40s but it should at least feel a little bit more comfortable than what it was today. look at that 63 on tuesday, 60 on wednesday. mid-60s on thursday. another front though arrives late in the day on thursday bringing us a chance of rain and some slightly cooler weather for next weekend right now does not like -- look like next weekend will be as cold as next weekend. a long time girlfriend of james "whitey" bulger
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courthouse where he got the one thing about soccer is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, all over again. my name is andrew,
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a long time girlfriend of convicted boston mobster james "whitey" bulger back new charges. catherine greig will be arraigned tomorrow in charges of criminal contempt chags. greig refused to testify before a grand jury about whether anyone helped him years. bulger is serving two life murders. taos it's massachusetts appreciation day. 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. acknowledging a parade from the west roxbury v.a. hospital to billings field. local vets we talked to were so grateful for the support. >> i'm very happy to have a parade. it brings back some memories, however, i'm just thrilled that people care enough to
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hold a parade for all the vietnam veterans. >> reporter: after the parade there was a cookout and concert for the vets. there were others booths filled with information to help local vets get all the support they need. >> great thing they're doing. >> and a great turnout despite how chilly it was. >> i know. tomorrow afternoon not a whole lot better. got to get through tomorrow morning first. i'm expecting boston downtown to bottom out right at about 31 between about six and 7:00 a.m. with several hours where temperatures will be at or below freezing even downtown. 48 tomorrow afternoon, mid-60s mid-week. >> thanks for joining us tonight. seconds from now we'll kick off the fox 25 "sportswrap" and update you on what's happening in indianapolis. also my conversation with revolution forward charlie davies who was with me in studio earlier tonight. butch stearns shares some thoughts on the bruins also keying off on joe madden for his game one decision. we're going to debut our candidate for the high school game day game of the week and much more.
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