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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 19, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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you on at 10:00 a college student sexually assaulted. >> kind of terrified by that. >> where the suspect attacked. snow showers fell across parts of the area today tonight even colder than last night. we'll talk about how low it will go in your neighborhood. plus, speaking up for families. >> she loved her family. they are her world. >> the exclusive information fox 25 learned about the night a pennsylvania mother sparked an amber alert. and putting the boy scout motto into action. >> no matter what the situation you're always helping out somebody that is in need. >> only on fox the skills this local troop used to rescue a woman from a
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>> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 10:00. all that's ahead. but first tonight boston university police continue to investigate an overnight sexual assault. good evening everyone i'm joy lim nakrin. >> and i'm blair miller. this is a story fox 25 first reported on our news app. >> ted daniel is live at boston university where students are very, very concerned. ted? >> reporter: and a specific detail of the reported assault is only adding to that concern. police say the attacker was unknown to the victim and this happened in her dorm the morning. this also happened to be parents weekend. >> reporter: what happened in a high-rise behind the arena has some on high alert. fox 25 has obtained a copy of the e-mail b.u. police used to notify faculty and students sunday afternoon. it's says a college age white guy entered the room of female student and sexually assaulted her.
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little nervous bought honestly sometimes me and my roommates we don't always lock our door. >> reporter: it happened sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning in a residence known as student village 2. >> we were terrified by that and kind of made me realize i want to be more safe in my dorm and not leave that my door open that often. >> reporter: isabelle davis a freshman from new york city says a student i.d. is required to enter all campus house. >> reporter: police say the attacker was unknown to the victim. before police arrest him they will first need to identify him. >> it's just like a little bit concerning but now we have all discussed where we're going to have to start locking our doors because we don't want that to happen. >> reporter: and this is the description that we have. the suspect is believed to be a white guy college age between 5'8" and 5'10" with a medium build and brown
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hair last seen wearing dark colored long sleeve button down shirts and a down vest. we've been looking at the statistics for boston university and some of the other campuses in terms of sexual assaults that have been reported. we'll have more on that all new at 11:00. reporting in boston, ted daniel, fox 25 news. tonight's other big story this bone-chilling forecast. the temps are dropping into the mid-20s tonight. earlier today though it was all about this, the snow. across the region people saw the first few flakes of the season. meteorologist rob eicher joins us now it feels like the end of november out there really? >> these temperatures would be typical for lake november but almost record-breaking for the middle part of october. i'll show you the satellite and radar. green would indicate rain and white being snow. six hours ago we had a little bit of each. watch how most of that has disappeared even the cloud cover has disappeared so that should be it for the rest of the night. the exception out at the
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cape where a cold breeze relatively warm water off cape cod bay creating some owe shen effect snow showers and that's likely to continue in the outer cape for most of the night. but of course the big story is the temperatures. we've already got a freeze warning up for all of the areas that have not already seen a freeze due to the freeze this morning the growing season has come to an end for most of the area so the weather service just doesn't issue freeze warnings if the growing season has already come to an end. don't expect it will be warm in western mass. everyone will dip below freezing but freeze warnings tonight even for areas this have not seen a freeze. record low in boston is 28 tonight record low in worcester is 24. it will be disclose to those records and or below freezing just about everywhere except the outer cape and nantucket. we'll talk about when it finally warm up. now to fox 25's crystal haynes live in west uxbridge where the snow was falling. >> reporter: blair, it certainly wasn't enough to shovel or certainly not
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enough to plow but it was enough to cause a social media up-roar and a lot of folks are upset after seeing the white stuff frankly too early. >> it's october 18th and that's pretty incredible this early. >> reporter: winter officially starts on december 21st but parts of the state saw a dusting of snow today, october 18th. >> it's a sign of some time to come possibly, you know, if it's october now it will happen in january. many like parent connolly who was hiking in the blue hills with friends today were taken by surprise. >> when we got off blue hills in the parking lot there were dark clouds and all of a sudden you could see flurries. everyone didn't know whether to laugh or cry. >> reporter: it caused a social media outroar. fox 25 pulling this video from the u-mass amherst campus. this clip from auburn and several pictures from
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viewers, including this shot from j.p. in vermont. >> oh, man it's too early for this depression. >> reporter: most of russ still recovering from all that shoveling and lost work and school time and still repairing damaged homes from last winter. mother nature dumped more than a hundred inches on the northeast. >> i don't think about it. phil said. >> hey, this is if you can't get snow in october you better move out this is new england. >> reporter: if you can move out you might want to remember that last year we didn't get the white stuff till about november. if you want to see more images of that little bit of a snowy day today go on our website at now reporting in west roxbury, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. as crystal just mentioned you can see those images on our website you will find a slide show right on our home page and remember we always appreciate your photos or
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videos of the weather. just e-mail them to share @fox wlv the weather you can track the forecast. there you can check the radar or seven day or customize the forecast for your own town. it's free and available in the app store just search fox 25 weather. right now we're following some breaking news out of newton where a house fire is happening right now on bishop gate road. the good news here just in the past 15 minutes the fire department there tweeted out they're initially certain the building came up negative which means no one was found inside. we do have a photographer on the way to the scene at the breaking news. as soon as we can bring some images from the scene we will do that four. a plymouth man is due in court tomorrow on drunk driving charges. police say 26-year-old kevin palmer was driving the wrong way on route 3 for about 20 miles yesterday. cape cod times reporting palmer hit a car but thankfully no one was hurt. the trooners had to use spike strips to get palmer to stop.
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police believe a new hampshire teen was the hit-and-run. the driver is being held on 10,000 cash bail. a flight headed to worcester regional airport had to be diverted to logan today. that jetblue plane took off from fort lauderdale but it had a mechanical problem when it tried to land in worcester. well, tonight we have learned did it land safely in boston and passengers were bused back to worcester instead. framingham public library will. reopen tomorrow. as we told you last night on our fox 25 news at 10:00, two electrical workers were severely burned while working on the building. one of the victims suffered second and third degree burns to more than a third of his body during a flash explosion. now at last check that worker is still at a local hospital tonight.
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according to library's website the building has been undergoing renovation, including new lighting. the mem -- memory of krystle campbell being honored in medford that's where a memorial garden is in her name being built. jim morelli there was for the emotional ground breaking ceremony. >> reporter: on a brisk afternoon snow literally in the air, they came, some on two human feet, some on none. >> coming to thighs things and being with my new extended family helped. >> reporter: that extended family survivors of the boston marathon bombing who came to medford today to honor a victim who didn't make it krystle campbell. >> today is a celebration of life. >> reporter: the celebration the ground breaking and dedication for the krystle campbell peace garden to be constructed in front of the medford senior senior center. >> originally we were going to put a single park bench
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on this spot until we started thinking about how everyone else's life was affected. >> reporter: hundreds came to the groundbreaking, clutching sunflowers, bats made of plastic never die they were krystle campbell's favorite nower. >> it just lifted me up a lot it really did that people do remember. >> they were all victims it could have happened to any one of us, you know. they didn't deserve this, no one deserved this. >> reporter: peace is the word, a noun it is white birds set free to soar. peace can be hard to find but more than two years after the bombings brave people are determined to find it. >> the best revenge we can have against the terrorist and haters of this world is to live our lives to the fullest and the best respect i can pay for those who lost their living is to live my life to the fullest.
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campbell peace garden about $1.3 million. state and federal grants will pay for some of it, but they also received a large number of private donations as well. in medford, jim morelli, fox 25 news. on monday boston marathon survivor heather abbott's foundation will leg. the recipi ents is a woman from walpole. ahead here she reveals the one thing she can't wait to do once she gets that leg. developing at this hour tonight a deadly typhoon bat irg the northern philippines. will carr is tracking the flash floods. a powerful and deadly supertyphoon is pouring through the philippines. an estimated 16,000 people are displaced as a result of the flash floods and landslides millions more without power after several feet of rain fell. at one point the too 15 the
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four hurricane carried sustained winds of 109 miles per hour. >> we'll get everything we can salvage and we'll have to discard the things that can no longer be used. >> reporter: rescue efforts are underway. howling winds knocking down trees and electric posts. the cleanup will be long and difficult especially for those who have very little to begin with. typhoons are far from an unusual occurrence in the philippines. they get an average of 20 typhoons per year but that doesn't make it any easier to lose your home. >> we did not expect i was outside speaking to someone when that happened. i saw how the tree just flattened my house. >> reporter: satellite images shows the too too typhoon appears to be losing its eye. the typhoon should leave the area by wednesday. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. a mother arrested in amber alert.
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>> you're not alone. >> in the next 30 minutes the new information we have learned about the suspect's ride from pennsylvania to boston. plus, a 6-year-old shoots his 3-year-old brother. the new information released tonight about the gun involved. but first, the medical professional giving these boy scouts some high props tonight after a rescue on a mountain. and as we go to the break a quick check of the patriots score a very close
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top right now of new england >> announcer: you're watching fox 25 news at 10:00. >> two people have died after a house fire in chicopee. that fire happened around 7:45 this morning. by the time firefighters got there that house was fully engulfed in flames as you can. >> these pictures. officials say three people were able to get out but two got trapped inside. police are not releasing their names yet. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. also tonight, donald trump addressing another
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batch of controversial comments, this time he suggested that 9/11 would not have happened if he was president. melissa rainy has the fallout from those comments tonight. >> we lost 3,000 people, it was one probably the greatest catastrophe ever in this country. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump and jeb bush continue to take jabs at each other following trump's comments on friday that implied former president george w. bush shared some blame in the 9/11 attacks except social media trump has been silent until sunday. he told fox news the attacks wouldn't have happened on his watch. >> i am extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe that if i were running things i doubt those families would -- i doubt that those people would have been in the country. in the blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. >> reporter: jeb bush defending his brother on cnn's state of the union.
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>> unthd the country, he organized our country and he kept us safe there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. it just calls into question mr. trump's credibility as a commander in chief and an architect of the next generation of foreign policy. >> reporter: bush went on to say he doesn't think trump will win the g.o.p. nomination a viewpoint shared by other prominent republicans. >> i would vote for the nominee of the republican party and i don't believe that's going to be donald trump. >> reporter: but not by trump himself. >> look, i'm leading in everything. >> reporter: i'm melissa rainy reporting. in rochester, new hampshire, police there investigating how a high school girl died in the motel room. that 17-year-old girl was motel saturday. police say her mother and her mother's male friend were also in that room. a man who claims to be the girl's father had little to say when asked about what happened. >> my daughter died. >> authorities are still
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police said the girl was a student at spalding high school and counsellors will students. more details now on opioid use in new hampshire. according to the union leader new reports reveal more than 16 million prescriptions for painkillers were filled in april, may and june. the majority of those prescriptions were for powerful drugs like fentanyl, oxycodone. new tonight at 10:00, a tip leading carver police to a huge stash of marijuana. officers got warrant for a home on crystal lake drive after someone called in saying a resident there was growing pot. inside police found two pounds of it. the homeowner was not home at the time but will be charged. meanwhile some new hampshire residents will soon weigh in on whether to have a medical marijuana dispensary in their area. the health department is holding a public for automatic the 26th about a dispensary that would serve
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the nonprofit has been chosen to operate the center. a rescue on the mountain has a group of local boy scouts being called heroes tonight. only on fox, we talk with those well trained scouts and the woman who got rescued. christine mccarthy joins us now. these young men prove to be very resourceful. >> reporter: they sure did, blair. this injured hiker tells us she was in a lot of pain unable to walk without help. we sat down with six of her seven young rescuers and they showed us some of their techniques and explained how they carried her to safety. >> i guess you can say we're brothers figuratively. >> reporter: these six boy scouts proud members of way mouth's troop 9 with their first aid merit badges to good use on saturday. >> it's nothing really big we just tried to help out. >> reporter: the boys age 12 to 17 were descendsing during a troop campout when they discovered a hiker who had fallen and sprained her
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>> we made her a makeshift sprint. then the grueling part. we linked arms she sat down and we maneuvered around certain rocks. five hours nearly two hours of tougher are tain -- tough terrain later. >> i was so proud of them. the split was perfect. >> reporter: injured hiker linda was taken to the hospital sound she spoke to us by phone while recovering at home. >> i said you guys are my little angels i swear because i just felt really safe with her. >> reporter: her e.r. doctor says she could have suffered a fracture had it not been for her rescue -- rescuers and impressive troop. said who did your split? number 9. >> no matter what the situation you are always helping out someone in need. >> reporter: linda tells us she and her friends had no signal without these boys
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her plan would have been to wait for her friends to hike back down the mountain then get help which would have of course taken several more hours. i'm christine mccarthy for fox 25 news. troop number 9 good for them. it is truly amazing a 2-year-old boy being hailed a hero tonight. >> it's not every day do we hear of a 2-year-old or 2.50 2.50-year-old who we can credit with saving a life. >> ahead the emergency situation he did not hesitate to react to. but first, the long time girlfriend of james "whitey" bulger about to enter the same courthouse where he got two life sentences. what authorities want with catherine greig next on your fox 25 news at 10:00. dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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keep her behind bars for even longer term at 5:00. >> announcer: you're watching fox 25 news at 10:00. welcome back to fox 25 news at 10:00. the long time girlfriend of convicted boston mobster james "whitey" bulger back in court tomorrow to face new charges. catherine greig will be arraigned tomorrow on charges of criminal contempt. she refused to testify before a grand jury about whether anyone else had helped bulger while on the run for 16 years. bulger is currently serving two life sentences for his role in 11 murders. >> also in court tomorrow the suspect in the murder of a scamp scott woman. 37-year-old -- scamp scott woman. -- swampscott woman. flurry has pleaded not guilty. now we want to get back
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to that breaking news because we have an update out of newton. we can now bring you live pictures from the ground. this started just before we went on the air here at 10:00. as you can see firefighters working on the roof right now of that home. it appears the heavy fire has been knocked down but they're still on scene. at one point they needed additional crews and you can see the home we're talking about right there. we'll stay on the scene and give you updates. also today is massachusetts vietnam veterans appreciation day. dozens honored our local vets with a parade. this year marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. bittersweet moment acknowledged in a parade from the west roxbury v.a. hospital to billings field. local vets we talked to were so grateful. parade. the brings back fun memories, however, i'm just thrilled that people care enough to
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hold a parade for us. >> so sweet. after the parade there was a cookout and a concert for the community is but also booths filled with information to help local vets get the support they need. >> and as the mother at the center of an amber alert prepares for her day in court fox 25 is now gathering new information about her son's condition. what we've learned is happening inside boston children's hospital. bitter cold night on tap for tonight right now we're not expecting tomorrow to be that much warmer than today. but coming up we'll tell you not getting your best sleep? the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing and home delivery.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing and home delivery. only at a sleep number store. all day all night the show is pretty much what everyone was talking about and sweeting about this is a photo out of worcester where as you can see the flakes were enough to stick to this viewer's hand.
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let's get back to meteorologist rob eicher because it will not below freezing tonight is there even more snow in the days to come? >> no, absolutely not no. no snow nothing even close for the next week and probably even longer than that. in case you're curious, joy the first flakes usually flight right around november 4th. the earliest july 10th 1955 but the few fleur questions we have today -- flurries we have today by no means a record. boston logan did not see the flurries so as far as the record books go for official boston concerns this would not count. today did not count. with redone with the flurries and sprinkles for tonight again for the next couple days. except out at the cape where we could see some showers. the big story will be the temperatures late tonight by tomorrow morning. hard freeze just about everywhere. milder weather finally returns by the time we get to the middle part of the week. take you through some of the temperatures here. again if you look at the radar a little bit of rain falling on the outer cape
1:27 am
right now with the cold wind blowing across a relatively warm cape cod bay. that will create some ocean effect showers. water temperatures are rather air temperatures in the low 40s out there so mostly liquid but again not out of the question you can see a flake mixed in did get a twitter report that there were a few flakes out there will not accumulate though. 35 the current temperature. winds at 37 right now in boston. look at worcester already 30 degrees really won't get above freeze until about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. talking almost 12 hours solidly below freezing again hard freeze likely by tomorrow morning. there's the radar and again, few showers likely out at the cape for the next couple of hours. i zoom on out big area of high pressure in control of the weather there it is actually way over here centered over the midwest. it's clockwise winds around the high that's generating that northwesterly wind that we had out there today. as the high moves in tonight then eventually out into the atlantic our winds will become calm later tonight then gradually over the next couple days start to shift from the northwest to the
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southwest that means the warmup is. on but look for the twoinds really kind of lighten up through the overnight hours. the exception will be out of the cape where again a little bit of a breeze remains that's enough to generate some clouds maybe a few showers. by tomorrow morning it's just plain bitter cold. again the winds will be light so not much of a windchill factor but still awfully chilly. good that it's sunshine tomorrow. unfortunately, the high temperatures really not that much warmer than today. but at least with plenty of sunshine and lighter winds should feel a little bit more comfortable tomorrow afternoon out in the sun than it did out there this afternoon. weak front arrives as we head into tuesday. that may take off a very, very isolated shower. the green areas indicate areas likely to see rain. not a whole lot of that but can't rule out an isolated spotty shower tuesday afternoon. by then again winds will have shifted around and temperature also be very, very mild so no concerns about any winter weather. down to about 31 tonight in boston.
1:29 am
out at the outer cape 36 in ptown and 36 in nantucket those are the really two areas not expected to be below freezing. brockton down to about 24. so low to mid-20s in some spots later on tonight. high temperatures tomorrow upper 40s maybe one or two low 50s really not that much warmer than today. but again with sun line should feel a little more comfortable. then you can feel comfortable to 63 on tuesday. next cold front due to arrive on thursday behind that lightly cooler it does not look like a repeat of this past weekend. the pennsylvania mother at the center of a multistate amber alert will be in boston courtroom in the morning. >> tonight her family is breaking their silence. they tell fox 25 stephanie that mom did nothing wrong and just wanted to save her son. >> reporter: this family of tiffany told me this mother knows loss all too well having suffered two
1:30 am
tragedies already and this time she was doing everything she could to save the life of her baby son. >> she loves her kids. she loves them. they are her world. they are her world. >> reporter: a world shaped by loss. screen brown says about four years ago her niece lost her mother and a year before that just two weeks from giving birth she lost her baby. >> a mother never really gets over losing a child. >> reporter: which is why brown says when tiffany's 2.50 month-old son fell sick last week she panicked. living in pennsylvania she drove here it to boston to children's hospital where he was born. >> if she had other plans as far as not getting help for her baby then she would have never ended in massachusetts at children's hospital the same day. >> reporter: pennsylvania
1:31 am
state police who then issue an amber alert that night. sherry was arrested at children's hospital. the boy admitted to the hospital. fox 25 has also learned her 4-year-old son juju was also with him. he's now staying with family in boston. >> he is asking for his mother. he's looking for her through the windows and has been crying for her. >> reporter: as fox 25 reported last night, she has a criminal history, including charges for prostitution. brown says everyone makes mistakes. >> she's going on to do better in her life and right now her children are her life. >> reporter: and of course i asked how the boy is doing such an important question so many of you have asked. they told me he is still at boston children's hospital but he is eating and he is finally taking a bottle. so some small steps. but steps in the right direction. in boston, i'm stephanie,
1:32 am
involved. the department is investigating the incident with law enforcement and as d.c.f. officials look into the matter custody of the child has been transferred to d.c.f. >> you can see more of our interview with the family of tiffany cherry at there you can also hear the message that cherry's cousin has for her. in the next 15 minutes an 11-year-old pulls out a gun threatening to shoot. the person police say was by his side when it all went down. first tonight some new questions over security at one of boston's biggest hospitals months after a doctor was attacked and killed. why there's new concern tonight. we want to give you a quick update on the patriots game down in indianapolis. the pats have just grabbed
1:33 am
score right now25 will be there as catherine greig is back in the court. tomorrow at 5:00. >> announcer: you're watching fox 25 news at 10:00. tonight new questions over security at brigham & women's hospital. nurses say there have not been sufficient safety improvements since a doctor was killed last january. a security expert hired by the massachusetts nurses association agrees. boston's former police chief dan lin 63 tells the globe that certain parts can be accessed too easily but the hospital says the real issue is employment contracts they claim the nurses union is using the january incident as a bargaining chip in contract talks. tonight an update on the rail work on the fitchburg commuter rail line. they worked through the weekend to replace tracks.
1:34 am
that work will continue through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. brighton street will be closed in an area until the construction is finished. as part of this reconstruction project all weekend trips on the fitchburg line are suspended through november 22nd. a long time worker with the boston library no longer working there over the disappearance of two valuable pieces of artwork. susan glover was terminated from her position as the keeper of special art collections. two works of art worth more than $600,000 were missing and later found misfiled at the library. at shooting rampage at zombie con in florida has left one person dead and five others injured. more than 20,000 people were roaming around the zombie-themed street festival in fort myers saturday night when shots suddenly rang out. the four who were injured are expected to be okay. but tonight police are still looking for the suspect. witnesses there were horrified. >> the guy pulled it out right here.
1:35 am
>> we started running because we saw a hoard of people running and we heard two really loud bangs. >> in a statement organizers of zombie con say they're deeply saddened by what happened and they take the safety of their patrons very seriously. a toddler in indiana in an unlikely hero after helping to save an injured woman. police say that woman was walking with her dog when she fell was seriously hurt. 2-year-old lee mcfarland saw it happened and immediately ran to get his mom to call for help. >> she fall down on the road. >> she fell in the road. >> i love her. he's 2 and he knew somebody need help. >> the woman is doing okay and back at home now recovering. a boston marathon survivor about to give a local woman a priceless gift. >> it means the world to me. words can't even describe how much this means to me. >> hear what an amputee cannot wait to do once she gets her new leg.
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but first, more shark attacks in hawaii. how these two attacks are affecting many more people than just the victims. dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. horror in hawaii. two people teaked by sharks this weekend and both instances happened within an hour of each other. will carr details a scary situation off the shows of an american paradise which has some wondering if the beaches should be shut down.
1:38 am
hawaii saw its sixth and seventh shark attacks of the year it happened on oahu a 44-year-old man was about 100 yards from the shore when a shark jumped up and bit both of his legs and two help. a witness say the man's injuries were extreme. his feet just hanging off. critical condition. the second attack happened saturday night in the water off waikiki beach in the southeast part of oahu a man in his early 30s had his foot bitten he's now in critical condition. it comes one week after colin cook lost most of his left leg when he he was surfing on north shore of oahu. cook says he's lucky to be alive. >> pretty much out of nowhere i felt like a truck ran into me and kind of took me a second to realize what was going on. i was dragging me under water. >> reporter: a lot of shark attacks across the united states this year. the two on saturday bring the total number to 53. that's high for the highest number of attacks in the last five years but we're
1:39 am
only october this is only the beginning of shark season in hawaii. witnesses say at least one of the sharks on saturday was a tiger shark which are known as the garbage cans of the sea because they're liable to attack just about anything in the water so it comes as no surprise that they're considered to be one of the most dangerous sharks in the world when it comes to attacking humans. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. tonight a chicago father is under arrest after his 6-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his 3-year-old brother in their home. that gun belongs to the father and he obtained the gun illegally. police say the boys were playing cops and robbers when the 6-year-old saw the gun on the top of the refrigerator and accidentally shot his younger brother in the head. the boy's grandfather of course devastated and now warning parents to keep guns away from kids. >> they don't know the danger especially when they're little like that. >> incredibly sad. the father has now been
1:40 am
charged with child endangerment causing death. to louisiana now, where a 6 and 11-year-old have both been picked up by police for pulling a gun on a manch police say the kids were rifling through the bed of a parked truck in new orleans on friday when a passerby tried to stop them. that is when the kids allegedly started screaming obscenities at the man and the 11-year-old pulled a gun from his waistband threatening to shoot. the allegations have neighbors on edge since experts say there's not much that can be done. >> these kids are not going to face any real consequences. you don't think they know that? you don't think the 16-year-old can put them up to it and the 18-year-old can put them up to that know that. the 6-year-old was released to his parents and a legal expert predicts the 11-year-old suspects could face probation. on monday a walpole woman would be the first person to receive a prosthetic leg from the heather abbott foundation. tonight we hear from the woman who feels very honored. >> reporter: 26-year-old
1:41 am
hillary cohen smiles as she shows off the very first hair of heels she'll ever get to wear. the walpole woman who had her leg amputated two years ago will be receiving a heeled prosthetic on monday. >> words can't even begin to describe how much this means to me. >> reporter: abbott a marathon survivor and amputee created the foundation to help provide customized prosthetics to those who have lost limbs through trauma. cohen ended up meeting abbott after she chose to have her leg amputated at the age of 24. >> i had mentioned to her that i had never been able to wear heels before because of this condition i had that causes tumors to grow on my nerve endings so i never got to experience that that was never part of my life. when i told her she said i can't not live without my heels. >> reporter: the 26-year-old says the donation from the abbott foundation is life changing. she says she's counting down
1:42 am
new leg. >> i was able to try on a version of this and i i looked in mirror that's what it looks like to have two normal looking feet. >> amazing. cohen is working at beth israel hospital. she's hoping to be able to help others just like her. she wants to pay forward the kindness that abbott has shown her. >> that's awesome. also big congratulations to one of the survivors of the boston marathon bombings. j.p. norton and his long time girlfriend kelly ann tied the knot last night at the newly rebuilt pavilion in foxborough. both j.p. and brother paul lost legs in the bombings. several other marathon survivors came out this weekend to join in the wedding celebration. congratulations to them. snow and freezing temperatures today. not exactly a very comfortable day meteorologist rob eicher, social media certainly abuzz with a lot of people asking why can't we have just a few more weeks of wild weather. >> hang in there give me about 36 hours i can get you back into the 60s. to give you an idea of just
1:43 am
how unusually cold it was today. actual high temperature in boston 47. all time record for the coldest ever high temperature on this day. 45 set back in 1898. so we were this close to a record that has stood for well over 100 years. with redone with the rain and snow except out at the cape where a breeze blowing across the ocean temperatures there in the low 40s but these are rainshowers for most part. but there are maybe a flake or two could be maybe a flake or two mixed in on my facebook page. i explained through is possible. coldest air of the season so far coming early tomorrow morning. that gives us a couple of hours right at the freezing mark. usually the coldest time of the morning is right around sunrise. sunrise is at 7:00 a.m. i'm expecting boston to bottom out at about 31 right at 7:00 a.m. in worcester we're looking at several hours below freeze probably won't get above freezing until about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow
1:44 am
morning that makes it awfully chilly at the bus tots. as police continue to investigate a sexual assault in the boston university campus, fox 25 has been digging the past cases of violence at the school. what we've uncovered tonight at the top of the hour. we also continue gathering more information on that house fire in newton which we've been following all while during this newscast. the latest from the scene at 11:00. i have an update from indy it's the pats trying to knock off the colts to remain undefeated. plus, why it's critical they beat indianapolis tonight. the jets come to town next week both teams could be hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. hundreds spent a brisk october day walking alongside their four legged companions raising money for sick animals without homes. >> our own heather hegedus was proud to emcee this event sponsored by fox 25. here's the seventh annual cause for paws. >> reporter: it was a heartwarming experience on a
1:46 am
cold october day hundreds turned out for the seventh annual cause for paws walk sheller. >> this is lexi she was her. >> reporter: humans bundled up for a brisk breeze while their k-9 companions sported creative costumes. >> she's a reindeer she didn't realize it was halloween. >> reporter: some had stories of changing life to save life. >> the puppy grandma was amazing. >> reporter: others shared stories of shelters bringing interspecies bond. >> the great thing that they do. >> reporter: the event raises funds to keep furry friends alive. >> the money goes directly towards the daily care. their medical needs whether it's dental or other medical >> reporter: and celebrates the special charm they bring to our lives.
1:47 am
>> the no kill shelter. we find homes for every adoptable an nal we can. >> the event raised $30,000 today. its so fun i'm really sad i missed it. people. >> we are. >> it's really funny when you see owners get into it and really dress up their dogs. >> i'm one of those owners. you can learn more about this event and also how you can help the shelter on pats and colts in indy tonight a little closer than pats fans may have not wad third quarter winding down it's 27-21 patriots. this has been a pretty good game so far. it's a game the pats have to win to remain alone in first place in the was a east. the jets won again today. i think there will somebody attention to rivas when he returns to gillette stadium he has been nothing short of spectacular all season. another interception today this time setting up a score for the jets that's the sixth turnover that he has forced this year. ryan fitzpatrick continues
1:48 am
to play well at quarterback. calls his own number the qb keeper shooting like a dart up the middle of the field into the endzone that broke a 13-13 tie. this one to brandon marshall. jets keep cruising along they're now 4-1 after a 34-20 win today over washington. so fan campbell the new head coach for the dolphins much better results. early on look at ryan tannehill hands-off to jarvis on the reverse. probably should have been stopped right there at the 10 but somehow sneaks through 3 help 0 dolphins. after a nice return he does his best into the endzone. miami wins large today 38-10 to get back on track in a big way. bengals remain undefeated with a resounding win over the bills in orchard park. the cincy offense can score. andy dalton this is something. up over and in. give it to him. 7-67. touchdown of the day though came from marvin jones hauls
1:49 am
it in from andy dalton watch the finish. how does that even happen? 6-0 to start. 6-0 to start the season. 34-21 is your final this afternoon. earlier tonight revolution forward charlie davies visited the fox 25 studios. the revs on the verge of clenching a postseason -- >> i guess we wanted to take the toughest and longest route to that but we're confident. i think you know this sunday in new york is perfect time to get back in the win column. winning cures everything. so if we score you know a bunch of goals on sunday i think we'll be in the right mind-set similar to last year. we'll get back to it. >> you can watch the of the our conversation tonight on the "sportswrap" at 11:30. also feeling a little better about the bruins? butch stearns and i will get back into that. plus, some thoughts about whether david price's
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