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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new at 6:00, breaking news on the south shore. a cycle a cyclist seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident. what we learned from the scene as police search for the driver. tragedy overnight for the nypd. an officer gunned down on the job. what we learned this morning about the shooter. new concern over the health of the pope. what the vatican is saying about reports that he has a brain tumor. >> this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this wednesday morning, october 21. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: and i am sara underwood. a wide range of temperatures
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today. some people will see 60s. others 50s. here is meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri toyota break it all down. >>sarah: good morning. yeah, with he a weather boundary right over our region. that means to the north, it is going to be cool. to the south, it is going to be a little bit mild. but where it sets up, that is something we will be track approximating appear band of clouds across the region. a couple of sprinkles, raindrops out there. don't be surprised if you will be traveling south of the city, the south coast, cape and islands, we have wet weather out there. north we are looking just fine. but the temperatures well above average to start. 60 in boston route now. we have the 50s down across the southeast. 40s to the north and west and futurecast, you will see with the morning hours the clouds stay with us and may be a few breaks and tracking sprinkles and raindrops to. notice the difference in temperatures, 50s for the north shore into parts of new hampshire to the upper 60s to near 70s through western parts
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of the state into connecticut. we will take a close irlook at the big turn around in temperatures for tomorrow and -- closer look at the big turn around in temperatures for way. julie grauert with traffic. >>julie: we are waiting for this accident near south shore plaza to clear near. plaza to clear near. le of troubles in braintree a little bit of slow conditions on 93 south right in the andover area. a live look at route 1 in saugus where that volume is starting to build as the morning commute progresses. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 27 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peapod route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene, back to you. >>gene: thank you. we follow breaking news plymouth. police searching for a driver that struck a cyclist and took off.
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live in plymouth where officers spent the early morning hours trying to reconstruct that scene. good morning, catherine. >>reporter: good morning, sarah. police are -- good morning, sara. we have e-mails and calls out to state and local police. we are awaiting for more information, because at this time, we don't know if they located the vehicle involved in this crash. start with some videos. it gives you a sense of the scene. carver road in plymouth. investigators were on the street overnight. it has a lot of bends to it and it is a main road and investigators spent some time reconstructing the scene there. and during that, the road was closed. that crash happened near 325 carver road along 10:30 last night. what we know that a vehicle struck a bicyclist and and apparently left. medflight was called to the scene. we did drive by that road this morning and the road was reopened. the scene was cleared and we are still awaiting more word from police about what exactly happened here. but as we get more information, we will certainly pass it along
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for you. we are live in plymouth, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. also breaking this morning, new york city police officer there shot and killed. 33-year-old housing officer chasing down a suspect when there was an exchange of gun there was an exchange of gunfire. daniel miller is here to explain what happened. >>daniel: we know that police officer was shot in the head during a chase in east harlem. this morning we are learning more about what really happened. 33-year-old randolph holder and his partner were chase his partner were chasing a robbery suspect when holder was shot. officer holder was a five-year veteran on the nypd force and a third generation officer who emigrated from africa. it overnight an emotional turnout outside the hospital where the officer died. new york city's police commissioner said officer holder, quote, did what every officer in the nypd does, he extended his condolences to the officer's family.
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brave enough to go in and address them as they tried to comfort him. he, in fact, was comfortable them. extraordinary individual. i can understand his son and the bravery his son exhibited tonight rushing toward danger and giving his life to the citizens of new york city. >> holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. this was breaking news last night at 10:00. so there is still a lot more information they are getting this morning. we will keep you posted. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. we are following developing news on pope francis this morning. the vatican has denied an italian media report that the pontiff has a benign brain tumor. the italian paper said pope francis was diagnosed with a small dark spot on the brain but it was curable. the report says that the pope traveled to cuss can knee to
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see a specialist some time ago. the spokesman for the pope said this is not true and the pope is in good health. the pope was in the united states for a week in september. police are on the lookout for a missing mother and son who disappeared from their home in maine. investigators said they were seen driving on a road right here in massachusetts. live in westford where that last sight was. good morning, jess. >>reporter: good morning. that last sighting was around 9:30 last night and police are westwood are asking for everyone to keep their eyes open for the car that this woman is driving. this is sara meade. s they 34 years old from brunswick, maine and is travelling with her 5-year-old son. police say she has been missing since tuesday morning and may have disappeared against her will. here is what we know so far. we are told that meade is driving a 1999 volvo with maine registration 1637 sz.
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in westward around 9:30 last night. this morning we will have -- police around the country have been notified to be on the lookout for this blue suv and police posted on their facebook page that anyone who thinks they may have spotted this vehicle to call their local police department. live in westwood, jessica reyes live in westwood, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. one more time here is a look at the missing mother. sara meade and her license plate. she is driving a 1999 volvo with a maine plate. the numbers that you vis right there, 1637sg. we have the information up on the front page of our web site at searching for the suspects in the shooting of a teenager in new hampshire. the 18-year-old was shot around 8:00 last night near gil stadium in manchester. he was rushed to the local hospital. no word on his condition this morning. police tell us they don't shooting. a group of armed men accused of terrorizing a worcester family remain on the
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loose this morning loose this morning. police say seven men with guns forced their way into a home on circuit avenue east. once inside two men in the house were pepper sprayed and tie up. a woman and i don't young girls were locked in a bedroom while the suspects ransacked the house. the robbers stole cash and other valuables. this morning a local doctor is accused of trying to take pictures of a woman in a bathroom and umass medical school. the springfield republican reports that dr. marcus cooper is on administrative leave. the alleged incident happened last month. the woman said she saw a shadow and a camera phone lens over the bathroom stall. chase the man who later surrendered to police. the doctor is scheduled to be arraigned in december. 6:08. new this morning the top prosecutor in massachusetts will not take action against daily fantasy sports site. attorney general maura healy said she will not shut down boston-based draft kings and rival fan dual. several other states including
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nevada have blocked the sites florida operating cash games. no, sir there state law banning fanlt see sports games 37 her office will make sure that the games are fair and customers are protected. from beacon hill, to make health companies pay for treatment for chronic lyme disease. considering bills that would require health insurers to cover lyme disease for more than 30 days. currently the federal government recommends a month's worth of antibiotics. health companies say the move will force small businesses to pay more for coverage and people with the disease say something has to change. >> delay this traement because insurance companies were denying the coverage. you know, it really cost my daughter to become disabled. >>gene: cdc says massachusetts has the second highest rates of lyme disease in the nation second only to pennsylvania. lawmakers believe they have enough votes to pass the bill. a new program in gloucester
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to help get people off drugs is helping addicts and the city's budget. the angel program began in june. allowsed a pickets that turned allowsed a pickets that turned themself in. it is saving the sfwi $300 for every person who gets -- -- saving the city saving the city with $300 for every person who gets treatment every person who gets treatment. save saving money is secondary. >> people are surprised with the help they are given here at the police station which is something which were going for to be that kind of safe haven the report shows a 23% drop in crime related to addiction and larceny and shoplifting. giving riders a chance to design new trains. the agency launched an online campaign asking people to pick paint schemes for the new red, orange and green line trains. voters can cast votes through a survey on the mbta web site. last day to do so is on november 3. still to come on the fox25
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morning news, an arrest on nantucket for a rape dating back nearly a decade. why police say it is possible that this man may responsible for other crimes on the island and the questionable evidence police are using to assist in this investigation. looks like paul ryan willing to become the next speaker 69 speaker of the house, he has a list of demands. what he wants before taking over the role. we are checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now up to a 30-minute ride time from andover down to the zakim bridge. sara. >> we are tracking a few sprinkles, raindrops across the south coast, cape and islands, but temperatures in the 50s and thats a what he we can expect for the next couple of hours. a big range in temperatures headed this way this afternoon. i will show you where we will
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well as another we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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this morning republicans in congress are now on a deadline to elect a new speaker of the house. wisconsin representative paul ryan says he will run for speaker but only if different factions of the republican party unite behind him. ryan wants the endorsement of the mayor house caucuses by friday. the congressman says his party and the country are in desperate need of leadership. because we think the nation is on the wrong path, we have a duty to show the right one. our next peaker has to be a visionary one -- our next
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speaker has to be a visionary one. >> congressman ryan was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential election. a democrat has dropped out of the race for the presidential nomination. former virginia senator jim webb trailed behind in recent polls and may still run as an independent. joe biden is still deciding whether he will enter the race. sources close to biden say the decision on his political future is imminent. toyota has issued a recall on millions of vehicles. that recall effects 6.5 million cars globally and 2.7 million in north america. toyota says the power window master switch may short circuit and potentially cause a fire. models include a corolla, camry and yaris made between 2005 and december 2010. tesla shares have plunged after consumer reports pulled their recommendation of the tesla model s. it was the best car ever tested by the magazine and its annual
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survey or reliable cars found that owners were struggling with a litany of problems. owners complained about frequent repairs, misaligned doors and harrowing driving experiences. the news sent tesla shares plunge plunging 15%. and new at 6:00, espn reportedly plans to cut as many as 350 jobs. that is according to bloomberg news. the connecticut-based network has seen a drop in sales as viewers continue to choose live stream options over cable. disney, which owns the network, reduced growth expectations for espn last month. espn has not commented on this report. deadly police shootings are an emotionally charged topic. one company designed a leslie that will weapon that will reduce type of force. >> what kind of wound do you get if shot by one of these things? >> a big bruise, 2, 3 inches across, but no lasting injuries, not to the body.
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>>gene: the ammunition is designed to cause debilitating pain without killing. today, fox25 gives a closer look at the alternative to bullets and we talk to the local police units who have begun using them and testing them tonight on the fox25 news at 10:00. good wednesday morning. it is 6:16. i want to start in west bridgewater where we still have a restricted flow. two lanes are closed right before 106. this is on 24 northbound this is on 24 southbound. as we shift north, new accident to tell you about on the expressway southbound. so it is kind of out of the way so it is kind of out of the way, but just wanted to puts it on your radar as traffic starts to build in the northbound lanes past freeport street to columbia road. here are those live drive times to help you plan your day. 24 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 36 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now with a look at today's forecast.
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pretty wide range of temperatures today, sarah. >>sarah: yeah, with he been going up and down, julie. we started the week cool in the 40s. got to the 60s -- mid-60s yesterday and a little bit cooler today and a big jump headed our way. cooler because we are going to be dealing with a lot more clouds out there, even a few sprinkles possible. some showers, but what we'll in temperatures. the coolest for the north and west, we are going to be talking about temperatures once again on the mild side. that is because we have a weather boundary right through the region. that boundary will lift northward as we head 234509 northward as we head the day tomorrow and that means that everyone will have a shot at the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. here is that weather boundary i was just talking about. north side of it cool. south a little bit milder and draped across our area and that means we will be stuck underneath the clouds with a risk of a few sprinkles or some light showers throughout morning. currently, though, mild in boston. it is 60 degrees outside with those winds light out of the west.
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a little bit cooler to the north and west in the 40s. 50s pretty much everywhere else and you can see we are tracking a few rain showers down across the south coast as well as the cape and islands paint with to take a look down across the south shore places like plymouth. you will notice those winds turning onshore. temperatures will be climbing into the 50s. but as you travel in places like boston, again, that wind out of the west right now. turning onshore and getting stuck in the 50s. and the further north and east you go, you will be dealing with those 50-degree temperatures. now once you get away from the coast through the interior, the winds will be a lot lighter and a southerly flow and that means temperatures will be climbing into the low 60s, if not upper 60s as you head toward the connecticut river valley. so big range in temperatures. a lot of clouds hang with us overnight tonight with areas of fog, so we will fall back mainly into the 40s. 50s in boston along the coast and south shore, and tomorrow
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northward, clouds, breaks of sunshine, and look at that, temperatures into the upper 50s to near 70 degrees. but it does come with a risk of heavier showers. let me show you what happened. future cast showing that weather boundary for that reason. the -- the region. the risk of sprinkles. when you wake up tomorrow clouds and a little bit of sunshine. the wind bringing the milder air but by the afternoon that line of showers, perhaps even embedded thunderstorm. we will have to watch for that. moves on out of here quickly, by friday as we look at the seven-day forecast, you can see brighter skies ahead, but we get a drop in temperatures. we will bring the risk of showers later in the weekend. a closer look at the weekend forecast coming up in the next half hour. reportedly on her short list, but malia obama's privacy compromisedwhat happened during a house party that sparked an apology this morning.
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it looks pretty, but a
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may be mes new this morning, japan
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nuclear plant following the 20 nuclear plant following the 2011 disaster has developed cancer. in march of that year a massive earthquake and tsunami destroyed the plant. the man in s in his 40s and worked from the plant from october 2012 to december 2013. and he was exposed to radiation. he has received government approval for funds to cover the treatment. :24 this morning. there are new -- 6 :24 this morning. new guidelines for women when it comes to mammograms and some local breast cancer survivors are questioning the changes. the new guidelines to wait until 45 to get the screening and one every two years once they turn 55. survivor lindsay mclaughlin said doctors told her to wait when she discovered a lump at age 28. she pushed for an early mammogram and that saved her life. >> they said it was lucky that i found it early. if i had waited or -- they said you are too young, just wait, then things would have been different and probably would have had more aggressive treatment >> the american cancer society
6:24 am
said the guidelines should only apply to women at average risk for breast cancer. a potentially toxic chemical found in nail polish is ending up in women's bodies. a new study by duke university and the environmental working group found that many nail polishes contain trifenyl phosphate or tphp. in animal testing it was shown to interfere with hormone function, cause obesity and develop mental problems. nail polish manufacturers began using tphp as a replacement for other chemicals that scientific study studies found were harmful. >> we can't block out ingredients that have health concerns and the public has growing concerns over ingredients that have either no safety information or very little information on their toxicity. >> tphp is currently used to make furniture less flammable. the group said that congress should do a better job of regulating nail polish and
6:25 am
>> officials are -- ands could metics. officials have seized cases of crabs. they were held at warehouses in lakeville and manufactured by rome packing company which was formally located in east providence, rhode island. the products were prepared and packed in a facility contaminated with listeria. cambridge scientists have dessert. these are perfectly free nondairy frozen bites and they don't contain any common allergens and don't contain dairy, gluten, wheat, soy and tree nuts. substitute with coconut cream. >> sarah wroblewski was giving that a big giant thumbs up. >> looks good. we need to try. this morning the fbi is searching for a south shore couple wanted in a string of robberies up and down the east coast. coming up, what police say is motivating this couple to steal and the live animals authorities say are riding along in the getaway car.
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tracking another big warm-up. >>sarah: mild conditions to start today, and tracking a few showers and better risk tomorrow as temperatures will be nearing 70. i will show you the cool spots that people can expect for the day tomorrow coming up. and the mother and boyfriend of baby doe back in court for the first time since their arrest. the special request from both
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we are following breaking news this morning on the south shore. police in plymouth are searching for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that left a mangled bike in the middle of the road. fox25 cameras were there on the scene as police reconstructed the crash. and the investigation continues at this hour. the very latest on the condition in just a couple of minutes. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, october 21. thank you so much for joining us. >>gene: we know what day this is. we have been talking about it. i want to ask. >>julie: julie hump day. >>gene: any de, who ianss -- any delorians in traffic julie julie parked outside. i will keep an eye on it. >>sarah: warmer days. >>gene: nice day to fly. >>sarah: predicting forecast instead of the future -- well,
6:30 am
it is kind of the future. we will go with that. some clouds out there. cold front will be pushing across our region. we know this is a back-door cold front, which means cooler conditions expected as you travel north, but right now we are dealing with a few raindrops for the cape down across the southeast and in the upper 50s. 60 in boston. out to the north and west, a few upper 40s in manchester, new hampshire and fitchburg. the clouds that hang with us through the day today as we will have that weather boundary draped across the area along with this boundary. we could see a few sprinkles, light showers during your lunch hour into the early afternoon. for the clouds, we will break apart at some point. to see a few breaks of sunshine the temperatures to the 50s in the southwest and 50s along the coast as well as the further north you travel. we warm up though for everyone tomorrow. also have a better chance of rain showers. more coming up. a check of your traffic with julie. how is it going out there.
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cruise into the sunset or the sunrise for your morning commute. things looking manageable. low from randolph to avon into the brockton area. this elbow of 95 is always problematic as you work your way to 128. shifting north, i want you to let you know stalled car right by cambridge street. we do have an alert at a hazard at beacon street. a burst water main near riley way and may be causing some delays in the portion of the city. live look at the zakim bridge where we are really seeing high volume now. the live drive times. 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 38 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 1 minutes on 128 south from -- 31 minutes on 128 south from the peabody. back to you. we continue with breaking news after police are looking for a driver that struck a cycle cyclist and took off. >> live in plymouth with
6:32 am
officers who are investigating the crash this morning. catherine. >>reporter: good morning, sara. i went into the plymouth police department and i keep checking my e-mail and i have not gotten a update from police just yet. something we are staying on top of. a lot of missing pieces. we don't know the condition of found. we want to show you video of the scene. take a look at it because it gives you a sense of what police were doing overnight. carver road here in plymouth. it is a main road and dark and has bends to it. police are on the scene reconstructing the accident scene and as this was happening, the road was closed. this crash happened near 325 carver road around 10:30 last night and what we know right now that a vehicle struck a bicyclist and apparent will he left. medflight was called to that scene. we we believe we went by that scene and the road had been reopened. the scene had been cleared and again police are still investigating this right now and we want to fill in some of the missing pieces as well and we will continue to check in with police.
6:33 am
if we get more information we will pass it along to you. live in plymouth, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. happening today, a massachusetts man accused in a string of sexual assaults are due in court. the attacks happened in nantucket over a period of seven years. fox25's daniel miller joins us with a look at the controversial way police say they identified the suspect. >> police say the man was a relegitimate threat to the women on the island. he is being held on $bail. david masterson was arrested at a construction site where he worked. he is due in court in nantucket in just a few hours. right now he is charged in connection with two sexual assaults. one allegedly happened in 2008 on bartlett road. the other took place last year on roberts lane; however, investigators tell the "cape cod times" they have five or six open cases that masterson may be connected to. victims in some of the cases
6:34 am
said the man had a jamaican accent and a key chain from an unnamed unstore on the island. using customer, looked at 100 men on the island with jamaican heritage to submit to dna samples. police were inspired into the investigation into the murder of writer krista worthington in truro in 2002. detectives on the cape requested dna samples from men in the area which led to an arrest in that case. to avoid concerns about privacy to avoid concerns about privacy, nantucket police say dna samples provided in their investigation will be destroyed and not saved in any database. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. 6:35 this morning. police continue to search this morning for a man they say sexually assaulted a bridgewater state freshman. a sketch of the suspect. the 18-year-old female victim met him on the social media app kick and arranged to meet him near the campus center monday night. attack happened on the other side of campus near a parking
6:35 am
they were suspicious of social media apps like the one the victim used. >> i think that exposes the dangers in social media. you don't really know who you are talking to or who you are meeting up with. it is too late >> the app itself is kind of scary to me. a little sketchy. i personally would not use anything like that. >> here is a sketch of the suspect once again. anyone who recognizes him should call bridgewater state police. just last month, bridgewater state released statistics on sexual assaults on campus. the report showed there were five forcible sex offenses on the bridgewater campus last year up from three in 2013. there was one assault in 2012. a judge -- the case of the little girl once known as baby doe has allowed the defense to conduct a second autopsy. fox25 in court as bella bond's moth era she willle and michael mccarthy went before that judge.
6:36 am
a conclusive cause of death. the new autopsy will be performed by a third party. rachel le pond is held on $1 million bail. mccarthy is not eligible for bail. they will be back in court next month. a new hampshire prep school graduate found guilty of sexually assaulting a klounger classmate faces lifetime registration as a sex offender. a judge convicted him of various charges including using a computer to arrange a meeting with a younger student. his lawyers want that one dropped because that is the charge that requires him to register. sentence something scheduled for tomorrow. happening today, the man accused of driving accused of trying to sell guns to an undercover officer in tewksbury will appear in court. police arrested john builter from new hampshire for allege hood he trying sell an assault rifle, a shotgun and three rounds of ammunition to an undercover officer. mill officer not have a license
6:37 am
a symbol of hate found in a school in sudbury is under investigation this morning. sudbury police are investigating a swastika drawn in a boy's bathroom at curtis middle school. a custodian found a symbol late last week and since then school leaders and police have met with groups to discuss the seriousness of the event. police do not believe a specific student was targeted. a brookline teacher fired for swearing in front of students is heading back to work. this morning, we know that larry chen will return to the school system in november. earlier this month, we reported that the middle school students school committee meeting. those students insisted they were not offended by what the social study social studies teach her said. a loose tire leads to a nasty wreck on both sides in lawyer reigns lawyer residence. the road is back open. the tractor-trailer hit a wheel wheel. the wheel hit a car in the southbound lane, skipped over
6:38 am
the median and hit more cars on the northbound side. during the mess the truck pulling a camper swerved to avoid the wheel and the camper rolled over on its side. we spoke with the drive of one of the cars that was hit. >> and then the tire hit the front of my car, flew across the front of my car, and then after that, i looked behind me and saw there was nobody behind me because they had all witness me because they had all witnessed it and i was able to slowly pull over to the right slowly pull over to the right-hand lane. >> no one was hurt right now. unclear how the truck lost the wheel. new this hour, bike new this hour, biking to boston. according to the globe. census data show the number of people who regularly commute on a bike has more than tripled in the past decade. the data shows more men ride to work than women. also an increase in the number of people walking or using public transportation in order to get to work. this morning, massachusetts liquor stores are pushing the state closed on thanksgiving. a bill before the statehouse will allow those stores to stay open. some owners argued that the
6:39 am
loss of family time. thanksgiving, memorial day and christmas are the three holidays at lick -- that liquor stores are currently banned from opening under state law. a big historical fine in yarmouth part. archaeologists discovered a rare north american stone point at. it is estimated to be 9,000 years old. similar artifacts are found in eastern massachusetts but this is the first one found on the cape. volunteers also found a tool estimated to be 3500 years old. new details this morning on what happened to that missing cargo ship that sailed into the eye of the hurricane, the problem on board the el faro before all the communication was lost. >> a massachusetts man was living large in a mansion for months before police caught on. how he was pulling in a six how he was pulling in a six-figure salary without hold six-figure salary without holding a job. skyfox over an accident on
6:40 am
affecting your drive times in a moment. first here is sara. tracking a few sprinkles down across the the cape, the southeast. we will continue to see the risk of light showers as we head into the day today. lots of clouds and a milder start. temperatures in the 50s. in fact this afternoon we are going to be talking about temperatures in the 50s to the north. 60s to the south. really depending on where you live. we will see cool spots, but all of us warming up. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can'
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they are being compared to bonnie and clyde this bonnie and clyde bonnie and clyde. this morning the fbi is searching for a south shore couple accused in a string of bank robbery bank robberies up and down the east coast. police say drugs are motivation their crime spree. fox25's michael henrich is live in quincy, the couple's lost known address. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, sara. the people at that last-known address at quincy did not want to comment when fox25 went to that home late yesterday evening.
6:44 am
with all that said, police are looking for this couple from quincy because they think these bank robbers could be headed back to massachusetts. 37-year-old joseph carrier and his wife, jennifer. police say the couple from quincy is wanted after three bank robbery bank robberies in three states. >> i have >> i have never seen it to this degree with two people -- almost like bonnie and clyde. that's what we are calling them in the office. >>reporter: police detective tells fox25 by phone that joseph gives the teller a note and implies he is armed while jennifer drives the getaway car. the first one happened on september 28 in western mass in ludlow. two weeks later, a bank in palm coast, florida. and then two weeks after that another bank that aberdeen maryland. the couple with connections in western mass and quincy are fueling a dangerous drug addiction. >> these two are so desperate that once they run out of money, they become so sick that they will do whatever means to
6:45 am
heroin which seems to be bank robbery. their method of doing that. >>reporter: the couple was last seen driving a stolen suv. a 2015 buick encore chocolate in color. it may still have a massachusetts dealer plate that reads 265 s. police say the couple also have seven dogs travelling in that stolen suv with them. if you know where this couple is, you are encouraged to call police. live in quincy, michael henrich live in quincy, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a massachusetts man in trouble out west where police say he broke into a san francisco mansion and stole $3 francisco mansion and stole $300,000 worth of art. the new york daily news reports jeremiah calor is from chicopee and spent years home unless new hampshire and vermont. he was squating in a giant san francisco home on sale for $25 million. he had been stealing paintings from the home and selling them
6:46 am
on social media for pawn shops for far less than they were worth. the chicago cubs find them session on the brink of elimination. game three lat nice at wrigley and no one playing better than daniel murphy. is this guy hot or what? the shot in the third gave the mets a 2-1 leads. murphy now has home runs in five straight post-season games and a home run hitter he is not and a home run hitter he is not. a wild pitch allows the mets sespedis to score breaking the 2-2 tie. the mets win it 5-2 and lead the series 3-0. game four is tonight. the royals have the blue jays facing elimination. kc crushed toronto. royals scored four runs in the first winning and took it from there gave game five is this afternoon in toronto. kate middleton wore the same thing twice, and this morning all of mid sunshine talking about it.
6:47 am
dinner as the queen hosted the president of china and his wife president of china and his wife. protocol require women at the royal family to wear tiaras in such events. the duchess only wore a tiara three times. the first was the wedding day and last night wore the same tiara worn at a diplomatic selection. a tiara worn for decades by the queen's late sister. >> sarah, good morning. accident on wellesley 128 northbound at route 9. you can see the far right lane is blocked. caused a bit of a bottleneck situation as you head 128 north to the pike. as we shift north of town, slow spots in medford and on route 1 in saugus. here are drive frims earlier this morning. and i wanted to show you this is from 648. right now. we have gone up to 33 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 45 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
6:48 am
and 39 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston toll. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today and we are seeing a cooldown in some places but we are seeing warmer weather on the way. >>sarah: a roller coaster ride, julie. started the week off sub freezing and yesterday mid-60s in boston. right now 50 degrees. on the mild side. the wind out of the west and will be changing directions, as it turns often it turns on shore temperatures will fall back into the 60s. with a good amount of clouds, mid-50s is where we will stay. usually 60 is our high for this time of year, but away from that onshore wind to the interior, i'm anticipating to see temperatures get into the 60s. that also because we have boundary drape through the region and a little bit milder. places like the merrimack valley anticipate valley anticipating to see cooler conditions. take a look at this. temperatures mainly in the 50s. even into parts of new hampshire. again, mostly cloudy skies.
6:49 am
also we will be tracking the risk of spot shower or sprinkle during the afternoon. mainly through the morning into the afternoon. and then we should dry out. down across the southeast, highs today above average in the low to middle 60s. so where are we seeing some raindrops right now well, radar is picking up on some precipitation across the region precipitation across the region, especially across our southeastern areas. all of this active is moving from west to east along this boundary that is right over our area and this is going to be the culprit of the clouds today and cooler air to the north an milder air to the south and that is going to happen. the cool air trapped across the northeastern areas as well new hampshire and this is good news hampshire and this is good news. although the weather boundary will be stuck over us today will lift northward, by the day tomorrow we will have clouds still around but temperatures are really going to warm up ahead of this cold front that is going to bring the risk of these showers as you head into the afternoon hours. in fact i want to take look at the seven-day forecast for you
6:50 am
exactly what we are expecting for precipitation for precipitation. during the morning start off dry and during the afternoon, that's when we will see the risk of showers moving on through and clearing out. as we get to near 70 in some spots on thursday. once the front clears by friday once the front clears by friday, whoo, we have a cooldown. back to sunshine and temperatures only in the 50s. as for that weekend forecast starting off cool are temperatures in the 50s with sunshine. then we will bring back the clouds. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s and the chance of showers across the area. over to you. sara underwood >>sara: all right, sara. a game show legentd is recovering after a serious fall recovering after a serious fall. what we know of bob barker's condition and what happened minutes after he slipped. a new addition to the jfk museum at the scene of his death in texas.
6:51 am
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. >> employees at sony's pictures are about to receive a multimillion dollar settlement. the movie studio has agreed to pay $8 million to end a class pay $8 million to end a class-action lawsuit by employees.
6:54 am
workers were compromised during hack attack on sony computers last year. they believe north korea was responsible for that attack. this morning, president obama's oldest daughter is getting an apology from student up into at brown university. brown daily herald says it is apologizing for the entire student population at the ivy leave campus. brown students posted pictures of social media of marley i can't obama attending a party while visiting the school. the 17-year-old was seen standing near a beer pong table in some of the pictures. those photos were published by several online news sites. the 14-year-old boy who took a homemade clock to school but got suspended when a teacher thought it was a bomb is moving to the middle east. ahmed muhammed accepted a scholarship to go to school in qatar. qatar will not only pay for him to go to a private high school but his undergraduate degree
6:55 am
will be paid for. he accepted it after meeting the president at the white house. the former host of thes with price is right" is recovering from a fall. he tripped and hit his head on a sidewalk outside his hollywood home. he suffered a deep cut to his forehead. nearby police saw him go down and responded immediately. baker was treated at the hospital yesterday and is reportedly back at home this morning. this morning "back to the future" is now the present. october 21, 2015 is the day marty mcfly and doc brown set as their destination. most of the movie's predictions from 26 years ago did not come true. no flying cars, no self-tying sneakers and self-hydrating pizza. but they did come close to one thing. >> cubs win the world series. >> cubs are in the playoffs and down 3-0 and still possible. we will have to wait and see how they do tonight. theatres showing the theatre. if iant didn't have to go to
6:56 am
>>sara: still waiting for flying cars. indy cars were supposed to race next labor day, but apparently a lot has to be done before that happens. coming up at 7:00, the numerous concerns that still need to be addressed. mild conditions to start and i am tracking a few showers and i am tracking a few showers. when to expect even warmer conditions ahead. and we are following developing news on the health of the pope. what the vatican is saying this morning about reports --
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