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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  October 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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khloe skips her sister's party as her new book makes headlines. >> plus, the new beyonce tell all scandal. we're first with the author addressing rumors jay z cheated. >> it's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight". >> they have a history. he has girls. >> alleged infidelity with rihanna, plastic surgery and what really happened in that elevator. >> i found out. she laid down the law. >> and did lamar swea drugs to stay married to khloe? inside her new book as celebrates.
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>> happy birthday to yo >> and rosie dodges cameras in what her ex-wife tells us about their war. >> plus dshgs paris jackson get secretly married at 17? why aunt janet is getting called out and susan lucci's heartbreak. her grandson's sec disorder. story to tell. >> and carrie underwood's dog fright ens fans frightens fans. now this sent taken. tonight. >> a new beyonce tell all is maki hello, everyone. >> a new biography promises to expose her secrets to the world and the beehive is buzzing. >> here's thedeal. author jay randy is known for digging u dirt and exposing secrets on some of the biggest stars in the world, michael jackson, ma done yashgs even the kennedys. now he set sights on beyonce. this time things might be a little different. all night
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>> to all the people throughout who believe that jay z cheats on beyonce that she allows it, that's not going to happen. beyonce is not that girl. jay z, if he's cheating o beyonce, she doesn't know about it. >> the relations rumors never die. jay isunfaithful. they have an open relationship. he had a fling with his protege. >> he is a hip hop star. he's got a history. he has girls. there big story that jay was having an affair with rihanna. and beyonce didn't know what to make of it. i found out in my research is that wasn't true. a publicist working for rihanna working for jay because rihanna was tied to jay's record label put forth the story in order to boost her career and get her first song the charts. and make it a hit. it was total fiction. >> other in the book, by the time beyonce shot "crazy in
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love" she had breast implants and she used duct tape to make her waist look smaller in this shot with "listen." i will come clean >> but about these shots? the infamous elevator brawl. that happened in 2014. >> people told me that there was a whispered argument that night having to do with jay wanting to go to a party that was going to be feeding rihanna. beyonce la down the law. this is very beyonce to say, you ain't goi end of story. and it was a whispered married couple's argument that would have gone completely unnoticed had not the sister overheard it. she's always been her biggest protector. >> even if you don't realize, there is someone always watching you. >> queen b didn't sit down for "becoming beyonce." her reps didn't res to our
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questions including this one that any one of blue ivy's three nannies must sign a contrac which includes she's not allowed to fall asleep to music. >> she is a control freak. so so if you're a nanny, you have to adhere to. this. interesting but heerdz what i know. beyonce is the real deal. she is a really nice person. i know some people out there want dirt and craziness, but i this case, why don't we just enjoy one of greatest talents of all time. >> now here's another book headlines, khloe kardashian spilled it all about her breakup with lamar odom out in just days. >> of course now she wrote this before his hospitalization and before she called off the divorce. but guess what? those books have been printed and shipped. >> can't take itback. but what does she say? our senior news editor knows. >> khloe looks beautiful on her book. it's no surprise that she mentioned lamar in it many time. "e.t." can confirm that h
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was printed wookz ago. well before the ins dwent lam happened last week. now khloe does open up about some interesting things about their relationship for rea the first time. she goes into detail about when they lived together in dallas after he was traded there from the lakers. she says that every time she went outside the paparazzi w hound her asking is it true that lamar cheated on you? and he is really doing drugs? she goes on to write,"every day felt like an attack. it was humiliating. it got to the point that leaving anxiety". >> lamar who was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel last week reportedly told khloe he has sworn off drugs for good. khloe remains at his side at the hospital. she broke her social media silence to her sister kim a happy 35th birthday posting this pic of them together and the caption, "i pray you know how loved and dope you are." khloe did not attend kim's surprise birthday bash thr by
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happy birthday to you >> production source tells "e.t." that reality show cameras were rolling at the party but l.a. hospital. >> he rented the theater to screen a new steve jobs movie. guests including a gorgeous caitlyn jenner were given fake kim. now brother rob wasn't anywhere in sight. he did post this really cute picture of him and kim and wrote "thanks for always feeding cheese fries." >> sounds good to mechlt i wonder if the kardashians have seen th there is the new shot of selma blare playing kris in the limited series of "the people versus sim p on" and we got a look at travolta as robert shah peer yoechlt. >> any time i take on a new criminal case, i always as the client a question.
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>> so, i was in when i heard the casting. but now that i've the visuals, i can't wait. >> i can't wait. i want know what we'll learn from watching this miniseries. >> a lot. >> i know you saw this. paris jackson made a one word change social media and boy did she get people talking. did paris jackson secretly married? michael's 17-year-old daughter added the name casta law on staingram sparking resume yordz tha married her soccer ceremony. a source close to the situation says the rumor is not true as a minor paris would need the consent from one of her guardians either grandma katherine or cousin tj. meantime, paris' aunt janet tried to control her fans instagram postings and it deleted accounts and angry fans. janet asked instagram to remove concert videos posted by claiming they were violating her
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they didn't justremost videos, they deleted some user accounts due to a bug. janet respo on facebook, inviting users to continue to post short concert clips only. my team is passionate about protecting the property that we are creating for the and possible future projects, she never intended accounts to be removed. instagram is working on restoring the deletedaccounts. after eight months, rosie o'donnell agreed to divorce terms. rosie told reporters, there is peace in the middle east. it's done. we've settled. >> and you're happy with the financial settlement? >> happy witheverything. it's over. >> michel rounds all smiles exiting court. the two agreed to joint custody of their 2-year-old daughter dakota. >> joint legal custody. >> feel great. thank you. >> glad they finally got it worked out. tonight on "scandal," like it or not, olivia pope has a new gladiator played by cornelius smith jr.
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got a start on "all my children" just like our cameron masterson. and they reunited on the "scandal" set. >> you're implying she's a home wrecker. >> that is how you handle a scandal. enter marcus walker. >> how do you fit in to all of this? >> you know, olivia is in crisis mode. she has a lot going on. she's seeking some help from gladiators. and they kind of came to my character to seek assistance. >> ton olivia prepares to face congress with marcus by her side about her affair with the president. >> i'm bringing in someone outside of opa. >> good. a man whose 's his own lawyer has a fool for a client. >> you'll have to testify. >> i have no idea what is going to be in s for marcus if, there's a love story, who that might be, where he ends up. i'm finding this out not the same time as you guys in this moment, i knownothing. >> okay. we gladiators don't just let
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anybody in the family. s marcus to prove a thing or two to me. i'm just saying. >> coming up, sarah silverman shows off what she told us about putting it all out there. >> plus - 007 daniel craig behind the scenes of the insane stunts. >> there swuven one of the major action sequences of the movie. >> that's ahead. but first, tonight on the nfl on cbs, seattle seahawks take on san francisco 49ers. we know sier will be watching. >> i'm a full on seahawks fan. >> the sexy singer never miss az chance to cheer on her boyfriend seahawks quarterback russell wilson. >> i always make sure that wherever i am when the game on, i'm there. >> her videos aresteamy. the religious russell says they're keeping their relationship sex free and on game day, cc just tries to stay chill. >> i try to get reallycalm.
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there you feel l look at you sarah silverman. >> there's a reason there's a ribbon over your video. >> can you get arrest philadelphia you flash any more cleench cleavage than she d. >> i'm wearing jeans and blouse as soon as i get to the other end of this carpet. >> sexy and sensible. i like it. >> i also think you'll like. this the new bond film "specter." check out this behind the scenes footage. daniel craig was injured on the set. you know, making bond magic ain't easy. >> here we go. action! >> action! >> it's just very exciting. there is so much hard work and effort. >> what makes a bond movie a
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bond mo first of all, the stunts. they don't fake this stuff. helicopters flying the square and down the street. it's a real helicopter doing the stunts. >> for day of the dead scene in mexico city which opens specter, over 1500 extras were in costume. onaustri mountain top, it was three cars and a pla and thent next bond film must, the cars. the night time streets rome were completely shut down as this bad guy's jaguar chased bonds' car. >> i haven't wrecked this one yet. i will. >> between two of the fastest cars in the world. >> sam is the first to back to back bond movies in years. >> he's the only guy for the job. >> who did sam cast as the all import bond girl? ballouchy became the oldest ever. and french actress place the
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>> i'm really excited. >> can't wait for this and the early word is this is vintage bond. >> that's what i want to hear. i can't wait. okay, up next, we have "dancing's" derrick huff's trance formation. plus, carrie underwood's halloween obsession. >> and we're with susan lucci and her daughter. why she kept her grand son's zortd r. disorder secret for seven years. >> one 1, 2, 3 inning that is very important is that she doesn't feel guilty. >> that's on the way. closed captioning
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derrick goes from dancing to down right cr >> pig man? >> yeah. >> derrick is one of 1,000 monsters roaming the theme park for the hallowe haunt. but scary as he it was
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derrick's reveal that got the bigger scream. >> oh, my god! >> yeah! >> that guy got to get back to rehearsals. derrick isn't the only star hyped up for halloween. it is one of carr underwood's favorite holidays and she's even more excited this year because she has a little trick or treater in her house. >> this is going to be our first halloween with isaiah. i think i'm going to have a lot for him. >> pretty sure 7 mold isaiah will be adorable matter what in. who knew she w such a thrill seeker. >> i'm a total movie buff. for halloween, our house is the fake head stones in the yard and there's like pumpkins and stuff on stoop. welcome to my cover shoot for "parade." happy halloween. >> carrie and her pups are getting halloween on early for the cover "parade magazine". >> ace is horrified thunder or fireworks. penny, i don't think she's
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>> and fifth album "storyteller" drops tomorrow. >> it has that really cool modern twang it. >> but the busy mom's biggest job right now -- >> i always buy candy for the trick or treaters. >> it must be weird when you knock on the door and get the treat of carrie underwood giving you ca last night taylor swift got back to her country roots bringing miranda lambert on stage in greensboro greensboro, north carolina. now you might remember miranda posted this fun clip last month, lip sinking with letter squad to bad blood. i see miranda. miranda and taylor clearly are big fans of each other. >> here's my question. am i in your squad? >> you know you're not. >> thanks, kevin. with friends like you know? here's a lady who sure does have a lot of friends andfans, day time tv legend suluch
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she is opening up about her grandson, he sufrdz from cerebral ballsy. have such a loving and caring mother and grandmother. >> he was always responsive. his eyes are like velvet. even as a littlebaby, when he would recognize you, he would be so happy to see you. face. >> this is the smile of an angel. a lofrg,bright, first grader. but when his mo susan's daughter was pregnant with him, she felt something was wron brendan was born nine weeks early, weighing just 4 pounds 10 ounces. >> we were in the nicu for six weeks. it was long road. and so when he came home, you know, we could feel his body was little tight. and it was a little bit cause for concern. i just said okay, severing fine. he's aly. he's alive. he's alive. >> brendan's crisis is while susan was competing on "dancing with the stars."
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she never shared how it was affecting her grandson. >> whether he was 10 months old and couldn't sit up on his own. i had to really start thinking about it and we sta talking to the doctors. but then at 19 months and he couldn't stand up, i mean, there was just no income denial being in denial anymore. let's face this head on. >> a former soap actress herself, she gave up her career for brendan. he has physical therapy every day and braces help him walk. >> when i watched a tremendous perseverance in brendan. okay, maybe he couldn't go on the trampoline as easily as his brother ands sister, but he whips his braces off and climbs up there and he's bouncing around on that trampoline just like they are. >> they'll tell their story in the new issue of "people." last night susan and liza attended the arthur ashe institute for urban health gal yachlt both are dedicate toimd
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>> liza has given brendan a monday tra montra and she will say to him, my legs are tight, so what? she's raising a full total human being. he is such a wonderful boy. >> brendan is doing really well. he is thriving in the cub scouts and his mom liza is the den mother. >> that is awesome. this is a big season entertainment tonight. we're celebrating our 3 anniversary. we're doing it with all the stars. it's a big story that made us number one for a these years. >> 35 years of breaking entertainment news. >> generations have grown up with this as their source of information. >> 35 years of making entertainment news. 35 years of making history. >> i'm mary ha >> "e.t." althere. and the exclusives keep on coming. >> only on "e.t." >> this is like a dream co true. >> we're celebrating the icons.
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>> never stop dreaming and ho wanting to be better. >> and the stars remember their very first time on "e.t." >> it's hot, sexy, pumpi >> is this a club promoter? >> i like the part where my mom swallows a bug. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have to see. this. >> it all next thursday on "entertainmenttonight." >> i grew watching "entertainment tonight" like everyone else. >> i was the one guy at espn that used to sit and watch "entertainment tonight." >> which back to the future star ancestor was a passe on the mayflower? it is michael j. fox, chris tow forelord or leah thompson? >> i got this one. i know. >> okay. we'll find out next in the find out next in the
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minority report watchers, you have noticed this? wilmer reveals the secret shoutout to his girlfriend lavato. >> i think she's on a path for mega starred star >> and there are plastic surgery rumors, what she had done and what's coming next. >> i'm seriously contemplating getting, like, a breast lift. >> it's all at "e.t.",
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welcome back. which "back to the future" star's ancestor was on the may flower. >> christopher lloyd. >> he is today. as a matter of fact, christopher and fellow cast mates got together last night to celebrate "back to the future" day. how was he going to celebrate his birthday today? >> i don't know. this it is. nothing is going to top this. >> you know what i think he could be right about. that. >> i hear you. >> join us tomorrow. we're talking with former "charlie'angel" star jacqueline smith. how she's fighting women fighting cancer just like she did beautiful. >> it's a great story. we'll see you then. [ duck quacking and wind whistling ]
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