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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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stolen from her shop. >> updating brng news this hour out of logan with where an american spokesperson has told us their airline has been pulled. prior to boarding the wing of one of their planes, he took a selfie and left. >> the airline tells us he was a badged employee and okay to be in that area. the u.s. aircraft was taken out of service briefly to be checked but they tell us nothing was damaged. no word yet on charges. we're waiting for that. we've called out to mass port and state police and we'll keep following this breaking story and bring you more information just as soon as we get it. >> a former football coach is being investigated. a story you'll see only on fox 25. thanks for staying us with. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm joy lim nakrin. fox 25's john monahan is back out live in hanover with what he found out about this former coach tonight. john. >> well, we learned that his home computer was confiscated as part of this investigation.
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hacking into the league's web site and deleting his own team's roster. tonight we spoke exclusively to the team's new coach. >> reporter: a touchdown for the hanover midgets. but it's been a tough season since the former coach james wardwell was suspended last year. >> it started some type of altercation between the adults and coaches, to the point where there was -- it got physical. >> reporter: coaches, including ward welshing were brought before the youth football board. >> he was suspended. >> reporter: wardwell trying to get reinstated but was denied. now he's being investigated by
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team he used to coach. >> it goes against everything that we should be teaching these young boys. >> reporter: the alleged incident happened in september. a league weigh-in was underway but officials ran into a problem. >> all of the rosters for the whole league in hanover were missing. >> reporter: info for 117 players deleted. >> there was immediate suspicion that he may have been involved. >> reporter: we went to wardwell's home to hear his side of the story. >> can you talk about it at all? >> reporter: police told mike jones the it address used to delete the roster traced back to wardwell's home. >> it ended up coming back to, i believe the account was tara wardwell. >> reporter: fox 25 obtained this picture as police served a warrant onwardwell last week. we learned police confiscated his computer. now mike jones hopes justice is served. >> i hope they absolutely charge him because this was maliciously done. he needs to answer for this. >> hanover police can't say much because of the ongoing investigation. but they did tell fox 25 wardwell's computer is in a forensic lab searching for evidence that could bring about
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charges. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. ken lemanowicz is tracking much colder temperatures. tomorrow, mark. a chillier day. but tonight leading the way to the colder air are these showers. we've been tracking them all afternoon. we thought they may blow up massachusetts. that may be a little bit strong but the bottomline is they all massachusetts. out here in harwich, the yellow hiding behind there, and here it is. we'll go down to street level to see where this one is hitting the hardest... let back it back out and we'll show you that there are some showers that are actually getting a little more serious out of nantucket and martha's vineyard, as well. out over the water right now, but they are just moving toward cape cod getting off of the vineyard in nantucket. there's nan tut right there, and coming across the sobbed where the heavier downpour situation is. they clip both chatham and
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nantucket in the next 20 minutes. upper 30s, southern new hampshire and vermont tonight. the way. what the high temperatures will be like tomorrow and next shot for some rain coming up this weekend. >> john farrell is in remission after being treated for cancer. he says he is looking forward to getting back to work. me deny been diagnosed for stage 1 non-hodgkin's lymphoma august 14th. a teenager stabbed the jackson square t stop. we brought you this story on fox 25 news at 5:00 and 6:00 as breaking news. and new tonight fox 25's ted daniel takes a closer look at several recent incidents of violence on the orange line. >> reporter: at the jackson square t stop in jamaica plain this afternoon a police line kept passengerses from the orange line. transit police tell fox 25 a 17-year-old boy collapsed on the sidewalk right outside the station. >> he looked very critical. from what i heard he got stabbed at least three times, three or four times. >> reporter: police chief green
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video shows the teens were fighting and one took out a knife. >> so apparently the two knew each other. it was a fight. >> reporter: jackson square was closed for about two hours and the t was forced to bus orange line passengers around the station. last week, and a few stops down at the foresthill stop, that was put on lock-down because police say teens got into a gun battle on a bus. >> i believe they need to enforce some sort of rule or have more security because people want to get home safely, you know. it's so sad what happened today to see this young man get stabbed. many orange line passengers we spoke with express concerns about the recent violence. according to crime statistics posted on the mta's web site, there have been 26 serious crimes already this year at jackson square compared to 26 all of last year. that includes 13 cases of simple assault. >> the fact that it happened in broad daylight in front of the station, you know, it's pretty sad. >> the suspect in today's
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stabbing is described as a light-skinned hispanic male, likely around 17 years old. police have images of him from the multiple surveillance cameras inside the station. reporting from jamaica plain, ted daniel, fox 25 news. a loaded gun found in the backpack of a student at a boston school. boston police officers say they got a call from the dean of discipline at boston tech academy in matapan who told them a male student late to class tried to get around the metal detectors. when police got there, they looked inside the unzipped backpack and saw the gun. the suspect then took off, and according to police he resisted arrest. police caught up with the 15-year-old and recovered that loaded gun. tonight he's facing several charges. police arrest a breaking and entering suspect with the help of a k-9 officer. 29-year-old charles deross the third was arrested last night after police say he was heard breaking into a home on taylor road. deross was found in a crawl
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officer sesh to convince him to surrender. deross has since been charged with several crimes. 11 hours of testimony and the benghazi attacks talks wrapped up about 12:00 tonight. hillary clinton was secretary of state at the time and as andy larose reports today she spent hours testifying about her involvement. >> reporter: tensions were high as clinton entered her eighth hour of testimony. >> you said everybody else was responsible for everything else. what were you responsible for? >> i was responsible for sending chris stevens to benghazi for an envoy. i was responsible for supporting a temporary mission that we were constantly evaluating. i was responsible for quite a business, congressman. i was not responsible for the specific security requests and decisions. >> reporter: but arguably the most heated exchange did not even involve the former secretary of state. >> i don't care if he sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals... i'll be happy to but you need to
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make sure the entire record is correct. gonna do! >> clinton spent the day mounting a passionate defense of her response to the benghazi dead. >> you know, i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> reporter: republicans insist the hearing is not a partisan witch-hunt. >> we're gonna pursue the truth in a manner worthy of the memory of the four people who lost their lives. and worthy of the respect of our fellow citizens. >> reporter: during the testimony, clinton challenged the committee to look at the bigger picture. >> these are complex issues, mr. congressman. and i think it's important that we look at the totality of what was going on. >> reporter: i'm andy rose reporting. >> winchester native glen doherty died during the benghazi terror attack. new at 11:00, his sister quickly just spoke to cnn about the first time she met hillary clinton. >> i met her when we were at andrews air force base, and, you know, she spoke to my family
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the libyan people because they're uneducated and that breeds fear, which breeds violence and leads to a protest. and, you know, i remember thinking at the time, wow, you know, how selfish of me, i never really thought about the living people. i've been so consumed with my own grief and loss and concern and, you know, when i think back now to that day and what she knew, you know, it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue. >> quickly also says she felt clinton brushed off several questions today and did really give any firm answers about what happened the nate her brother died. congressman paul ryan says house. it's an election he is almost certain to win. if he does, the 25-year-old would become one of the youngest house speakers ever. current speaker of the house john boenher is stepping down from the pockets.
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pepperal is off the job. sergeant armando herrera resigned just weeks after being accused of using excessive force. neither the police department nor middlesex county's district attorney's office are detailing what the accusation is if but they say an internal affairs conducted an investigation and once it was completed, sergeant herrera volunteerlely resigned. two men arraigned today on road rage charges. guns reportedly pointed at the driver in sharon yesterday. the district attorney says the suspects will be back in court monday for a dangerousness hearing. a rodchester new hampshire teen died of an apparent drug overdose and a wake will be held. last saturday a 17-year-old was found in a motel a student at spaulding high school. a wake will be held in her honor tomorrow at the hd granden funeral home from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
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this sunday her classmates will hold a candlelight vigil to remember her. taking handguns and drugs off the streets after observing a man on an outstanding warrant. 19-year-old david felton face its drug and gun charges after police say he was found in possession of a loaded handgun and four ounces of marijuana. officers say they spotted him on north front street and then took him into custody. behind this front, cool dry air moving in. how much cooler it will be tomorrow and our next chance for showers this weekend. thousands of dollars worth of sports memorabilia were stowingen right off the walls this barbershop, and it was all caught on camera.
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the airline tells us he was a badged employee and was okay to in that area. the american aircraft was taken out of service briefly to be checked over but they tells nothing was damaged and there are no words on any charges right now. -- we have calls to mass port state police. the morning show will have any new develops for you starting at 4:00 a.m. >> also tonight, a family barbershop robbed in the middle of the night. new tonight, the that stole a
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fox 25's malini basu caught up with the owner of this family business now devastated. >> watch carefully, this bold man breaks into the backdoor of barber masters in saugus. >> they pried open this door, walked in the first thing they do is look up at the camera in the corner and rip it right off. >> reporter: with the hoody and face covered he walks into the barbershop and steals thousands of dollars of sport memorabilia. >> right here is tom brady autographed jersey, varitek's pitcher here, paul piers' autograph here. and a jersey. >> reporter: rebecca opened up the shop three years ago. >> i always said i wanted to open a barbershop that was boston sports oriented. you know, the tvs, all the football games, basketball games going. but it's not easy doing it, you
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running a business, running your dream. >> reporter: a dream partially shattered. her family helped her build this dream by giving her refresh momentos. >> we had an oil painting and jason vir technique's autograph. it's not the money value, though, it's the sentimentlal, what it meant to the shop. why did you do it? we take care of everybody. you know what i mean, if you need a free haircut or down in the dumps, we'll help you out. >> rebecca says well over $6,000 worth of stuff were stolen, items that her family collected over years, and of course rebecca is asking to you do right thing with any tips. you can remain anonymous and call saugus police. for now, we're in saugus tonight, malini basu, to be 25 news. education is now mandatory in lowell public schools. the city council passing the measure this week. fox 25 first told you about the increasing issues of heroin and and it's la weekend and had you
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dealers are giving kids free samples to get hooked. the city council believes this is the first of its kind in the state. 10 victims of former subway employees have received a total of $1 million in restitution getting $100,000 each. the payment comes as part of an agreement by fogle who pled guilty to child and pornography sex crime charges. the checks were happened delivered to the 10 victims or their parents. fogle is expected to be sentenced for the crimes in an month. and new tonight at 11:00, a unique search and rescue mission in minnesota all over a stuffed animal. freddie is a 5-year-old boy who lost his teddy in indiana while on a family trip. so his parents actually called police and asked them to go look for it on the side of the highway. well, at first the deputy thought this was kind of crazy. actually thought he was going to search for a needle in a
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lee with a spin move. and then 2 minutes to go, we're gonna see james young drive to
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with wherever #-z openings 12k3w450 eu6r7bgs win it 99-85. we're calling out to the rowdy fans of middleboro and hanover, you'll see it tomorrow, nights and early for the fox 25 game day of the week. brian salmon will be live for the fox 25 news at 6:00. highlights at 10:00 and 11:00 but most important, we want to see you there. let's see what you're made of, brian always wants me to get people fired up, get you out there early and have a good time. >> yeah, they're fired up. >> how will the weather be, kevin? >> it will be nice. this is the weather for the forecast for the sunday game but the rainshowers tonight will be gone.
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