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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> sara: police investigating deadly shooting of 21-year-old man in dorchester hours after the shooting. public's help. >> daniel: take a look at this uber animal goes on the -- passenger goes on the attack. >> julie: good tuesday morning, 9:00 on november 3rd, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. warming things up out there and
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>> shiri: 52 in bedford, as promised the low 50s now blossoming now that it is 9:00 a.m., 52 in beverly and plymouth, 54 in worcester and if that's not warm enough wait until you see the warm-up lunch time today that takes us middle 60s, bedford at 65, 64 beverly and lawrence and lunchtime today and 66 in norwood and it is going to be bright skies and sunshine all day long. we do start to go down by a couple degrees by the time you hop in the car to head home from work later today, so 64 to 72 range of highs, mostly sunny and mild and gust from time to time and take look at that and going to give you specifics on both your morning drive if you got anywhere to go this morning and minutes. back over to you, julie for check on the road. >> julie: 93 south there's a stalled car adamant value avenue and 128 southbound as you make
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your way down to the pike. a little bit includingish right now through brighton as you can see the volume remains heavy and steady. here are your live drive times, 17 minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street and 37 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and about an hour and ten minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the area of the weston tolls. >> daniel: standoff between siblings in canton sends one to the hospital and the other is in police custody. jessica reyes has been following morning. jess, you were there as police brought standoff to a quick end. >> jessica: that's right, daniel. washington street in canton early this morning and police took that person into custody 6:00 this morning and we have video from the scene. we shot this just a few short hours ago as police were wrapping up the scene here.
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chief in canton and the fight involves two brothers. one stabbed one brother and care caded himself and state police bomb squad called to the scene and victim we know made it out of the home and since taken to norwood hospital and there's also a third person inside who made it out with that victim. this all started around 2:00 this morning. police say the suspect threatened police when they first got on scene but police were able to get inside the home and make contact with him right around 6:00. now, he was taken from the scene in an ambulance. police are not identifying him right now. they say he will eventually face charges for this but right now he is being taken to a hospital where he is going to remain the next couple of hours and don't expect he will be arraigned at any point today. for now live here in canton, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: new information right now another crime we have been follow overnight. man shot six times in dorchester catherine parrotta is live on shepton street.
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details where the investigation goes now. >> catherine: what police have said actively investigating the circumstances and tightlipped about the victim and any possible suspect and what they are asking right now for the community to help them out with any information that anybody may have but the shooting happened right on this street here around 12:15 this morning and you could see that it is pretty quiet here right now. police are still on the scene around 4:00 this morning. that's when they left and medical examiner left and here is what we know about this. again, saying all unfolded around 12:15 this year and 15 shepton street in dorchester and officers responded after getting reports of a person shot when they arrived. they found a 21-year-old man who had been shot six time. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they did speak with one witness but they have a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle
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suspects and they have not identify the victim either. next building over from where we are right now and i have been speaking with neighbors here this morning off camera and they tell me this is a street where a lot of people know each other, where people are fairly friendly with each other, they tell me this is a hard working neighborhood and just watching people coming and going there have several parents with children in the area as well so some of the neighbors waking up this morning trying to figure out who, in fact, 21-year-old victim is. again, we will continue following the investigation as it unfolds and get the latest information today on the website at and also on the news tonight at five and six catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: fire reported at bj's and crews knocked down flames by 11 and it will not open dedham location this morning and unclear when they will be able to allow customers.
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>> daniel: everett police now looking at surveillance video from the area where high school football player was stabbed. 16-year-old marvens fedna was stabbed in the hand and back on sunday morning. family members say he was walking home from halloween party when heard someone screaming and attacked as helped that person and stabbing happened hours after teen scored touchdown in team's play game and expected to make a full recovery. daniel: federal animals now on case of new hampshire woman taking a walk and killed. someone shot denise robert on manchester street in august. fox25 has confirmed the fib is now assisting local police with the investigation. police have not named any suspects since the shooting. there's a $42,000 reward being offered in the case. >> julie: breaking now in the russian plane crash egypt aviation administrator adannounced in last ten minutes a joint committee planning to
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cockpit recordings heard strange sounds moments before the crash. >> reporter: new data on russian plane crash that killed 224 passengers saturday. mysterious heat flash desected by u.s. -- detected. plane dropped off radar and breaking up in midair cording to officials and former faa said key question is exactly where the flash happened. >> did the flash start on the ground or happen in the air? >> reporter: analysts say it possibilities and engine malfunction, fire on board, wreckage hitting the ground or explosion from a missile or bomb blast. those last two possibilities leading to renewed questions about terrorism. u.s. director of national intelligence james clapper not ruling it out.
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evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. tweet claims responsibility for it but we really don't know. >> reporter: casting doubt terror group isn't powerful enough to shoot down a plane and victims remains returned to country in mourn. 25 children perhe should in the crash, including youngest victim ten-month-old baby girl. i'm reed binnion reporting. >> julie: nine of the 224 victims have been identified this morning and that information has not been released to the public yet. 25 of those on board were children, youngest ten months old. >> daniel: new this morning federal animals joining search for comic book writer from weymouth. 47-year-old norman lee last seen while snorkeling with his wife. they became separated 250 feet offshore and fbi tells patriot ledger he is now cooperating
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with the royal cayman island police. ntsb has confirmed they have found the wreckage of the el faro cargo ship but there's still a lot of work to do this morning. u.s. navy continues to survey the area east of the bahamas and they are working to document the damage and recover the ship's data recorder and also planning to recover any human remains that may still be there. investigators say it will be difficult to get sonar equipment to the ship because it is about 3 miles underwater. the el faro sank during hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board including three massachusetts native. >> julie: chief told patriot ledger someone got into the town's account and took $30,000. it happened in july and they have given back. >> daniel: this morning corrections officer has pled not
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it happened at juniper beach in norton. jeffrey parillo confronted a group of teenagers that were being loud near his house and parillo is accused of telling the teens he was a cop and punching one when asked for proof. fox25 spoke with roommate who says parillo is the victim. one that should be pressing charge, not them, he was attacked, defended himself. >> daniel: parillo charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct and carrying a firearm while intoxicated. he is on administrative leave with the suffolk county sheriff's department. >> julie: members of burlington mask have closure after they arrested two teens vandalizing the building. they poured over the surveillance video as part of the investigation.
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a community leader at the mosque has message for them. >> learn about united states of america. >> julie: teens will return to court next month. >> julie: police trying to identify vandalism spree there and symbols hitchcock field at sturbridge road and officers also said someone vandalized trailer at nearby holland congregational church and surveillance captured three men getting out of car at the time it happened. >> daniel: midnight fireworks display for first night and mayor is thankful. >> great to see we will have fireworks here in the city for first night and i appreciate all their efforts here. >> daniel: credit union will donate $30,000 to continue the fireworks tradition.
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find his face on the cover of the new york post after the days of the boston marathon bombing. >> are you a terrorist? did you bomb the marathon? >> julie: lesson says headlines taught him. >> daniel: letting parents stay home longer. corporate shake-up that's spreading.
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after trying brookside chocolates, @pam cakes v tweeted: "leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt & lose it." you didn' t lose it. you saved it for later. brookside.
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>> daniel: violent took when a uber drivers tries to kick a drunk guy out of his car. >> get out of car or i will call the police. >> daniel: he may be changing his mind about driving for uber again. >> lately made me uncomfortable and that's why i stopped driving at night and scary part this happened at end of day shift at 8:00. >> daniel: the passenger in the video was a corporate manager for taco bell. he lost his job monday when the video surfaced. daniel: vw admitted
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rigging tests for four cylinder diesel engines and now the epa is six cylinder diesel engines also tampa period with and violation expands to porsche and audi models and epa threatening to fine volkswagen more than $30,000 per car. >> julie: new report shows passengers aren't satisfied with the surface they are getting. consumer reports survey 13 domestic airlines. most of the incompetent's biggest names like delta, american and united got the lowest score possible in multiple areas. most complaints were about leg space. smaller airlines like jetblue and virgin america scored better than the bigger ones. customers say they had an easy check in process and staff. >> daniel: birth mothers and
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primary caregivers can ease back to work on flexible schedule and goes into effect next year for amazon. >> julie: recipe hasn't changed since 1759 and this morning guinness adjusting the famous beer and making it vegan friendly and guinness has been using fish bladder and now the brewery will have alternative method and change will not impact the taste or texture of the beer. traffic. >> julie: taking you to the maps. 93 south moving along fine, we have a stalled car in medford but it is not going to impact your overall volume. a little bit slow right now on the pike still as you could see heavy volume through brighton and live drive times, 14 minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street, 37 minutes on the expressway from the
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hour on 128 as you head from peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with look at really nice day ahead. >> shiri: nice day start to finish and beautiful blue skies in the back drop here over boston and continues to run nice and bright today, mild and dry as well but today and tomorrow a little bit of breeze today and breeze tend the die out here into wednesday and then late week showers. timeline a little different on showers than it was yesterday at this time. 53 receipt now in boston and, of course, seeing that nice sunshine and the sunshine carries us all the way through, so 53 , 13 miles per hour winds and it will get a little bit breezy with gusts up around 20, 25 miles per hour this afternoon along the coast down to the cape but 11:00 a.m. 60 , 66 at both 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. and then we start to lose some heat here and we drift back into the 50s here during the evening hours. 54 right now in worcester already nice little warm-up
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underway, 13 miles per hour winds there as well and 58 by 11:00 a.m. by 3:00 this afternoon well be in the lower 60s, look good, feel good kind of day, temperaturewise going to get close to 70 in a couple spots and you can see the ongoing sunshine. you have to go pretty far north to bump into any of the clouds and most of the clouds did produce early morning showers, those are on way out though. no impact to us locally. just warm weather that we get to enjoy southwest winds which always help transport wind from the southern united states and a little treat for today other than a little bit of breeze that i mentioned. early tomorrow morning you're going to wake up at 7:00 a.m. here to more sunshine, quiet weather and 40s. during the afternoon a little bit of a change, not so much to what it looks like outside because we got another round of sunshine but more to how it feels. still going to be above average but sea breeze that develops and pulls in some of the marine air it is going to help cool things
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a little bit lower for the day tomorrow and this is today. today 66 in boston and in beverly and 63 in plymouth and upper 60s norwood to bedford to lawrence over to nashua, new hampshire down into fitchburg and 63 in worcester. tonight here is the 40s, folks as you go inland end up cooling down and due to get couple 30 degree readings in the usual spots like keene and orange and otherwise it is a cool, not cold morning and tomorrow i mince not as warp and this is result 59 in boston and beverly and 60 in plymouth and go away from the coastline and that's where we do bump temperatures into the low and mid-60s, for example, 66 in fitchburg and temperatures and hit thursday and friday we have couple showers and very
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late on thursday night and early friday morning and 62 on saturday with clearing skies, sunday sunshine and 51 and i will take you town by town into the weekend weather coming up. back to you guys. >> daniel: toilet cleaner found in kid's candy that has police investigating. >> julie: from pop star to pot farm.
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marijuana in one state could [ duck quacks, wolf howls and wind whistling ] [ electronic beeping ] but... the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in the pacific northwest.
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>> daniel: polls are open in 53 communities for local elections and people living in boston, worcester, somerville, cambridge in boston are among the casting ballots. most poles are open until 8:00. daniel: tighten regulations on short-term room rentals and cap the number of nights a unit can be rebated out each year. houston opponents of recently passed antidiscrimination bill regarding transgender people are putting the measure up for public referendum vote. they say the new protections could allow men to enter women's restrooms easily.
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ohio to decide on whether or not to legalize marijuana. and if ohio voters pass that law former boy band star may make big cash. today's vote would give farms monopoly. 98 singer, nick lachey, would profit $40 million a year if they get the okay. >> julie: kyla campbell is live in washington to break down new numbers of candidate. >> kyla: wall street journal poll shows ben carson got 29% support of republican primary voters polled and ben carson extending lead since last week and now ahead of donald trump by 6% and polls survey gop both before and after last week's debate. marco rubio is shouldering
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studio in 3rd place, ted cruz in fourth, jeb bush in fifth and four candidates tied each getting 3% support from republican voters. campaign strategists for the low poling candidates are not giving up just yet. during the 2012 and 2008 primaries the leader in november was not the leader who emerged in january ahead of primary voting. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: meanwhile donald trump hoping to convince people with a book crippled america talks about how he has used the media to help move the campaign forward. that's a different tune than he was just singing a week ago during an campaign rally. at the time fox25 reported trump blasted the media saying it is only -- it only reports poling numbers when he is losing. >> daniel: teens spend most of the waking hours staring at screen. no surprise there.
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>> julie: what exactly is it taking attention away from? >> shiri: 63 and lots of sunshine there and break up cool spots we have and who will be on the hotter side of the forecast. >> julie: little girl shows up at local elementary school and no one knows who she is. why a okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it. get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. this is your last chance. offer ends november 7th.
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>> julie: police are looking for clues after being called to shepton street after midnight and found 21-year-old man shot six time in the chest and he was pronounced dead at the scene and hoping neighbors and witnesses can help lead them to a suspect. good morning, everybody, i'm. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. >> shiri: 53 right now in boston and 47 in dedham and 51 in framingham and we still got a lot lower 50s in holden and maynard and pepperell and amherst, new hampshire so there are couple chilly spots and kind of knocking on door at 60
9:27 am
peeling off the extra layers and foggy spots are out and updated that graphic, it is mostly sunny now and winds gusting up around 20, 25 miles per hour into the afternoon and 64 at noon time today and sunshine all into the afternoon, very warm afternoon with upper 60s. i'm going to break downtown by town though where we get to near 70 this afternoon. back to you, julie. >> julie: accident 128 southbound and area and another issue on 128 northbound as you approach the pike. you can see expressway still heavy volume as you head past exit 13. here are live drive times, 24 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 36 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 34 minutes
9:28 am
leverett connector. >> daniel: in canton man in custody following early morning standoff and jessica reyes has been live on the scene for us all morning where tense situation ended around 6:00 this morning, jess. >> jessica: washington street was closed for several hours while it was going on and you can see it is back wide open right now, happened on stretch of washington. we understand a man stabbed his brother and then barricaded himself inside the home here just down washington street from where taken to norwood hospital and not life-threatening injuries and police also tell us there was a 30 person inside the home, female we understand and wouldn't comment on her relation to the two but did say she got out with that stabbing victim and both of them are expected to be okay. police got into the home and start around 2:00 this morning but police got into the home
9:29 am
about four hours later around six aim and found the suspect and he was also in need of some medical attention and he will eventually face charges and in the hospital and don't expect he will be arraigned today as he he will be in the hospital for quite sometime. jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: local bank robbery targeting banks inside grocery stores. recent was inside a stop & shop in stoneham. chemicals and reading police says he might be responsible for robberies in their town as well and looking for man suspiciously dressed for cold weather even when the weather has been mild. call police if you recognize him >> julie: robbery investigation after masked men threatened clerk with a knife and they madoff with money and cigarettes. >> daniel: more than two dozen
9:30 am
cats are checked over after rescued from a worcester apartment. a woman was being evicted from the building on everguard street when the cats were found and animal control found 28 animals in was just awful. we are told while the animals are dirt and he in shock overall they seem okay. >> cats look like they are in fair condition, there were some urine soaked and apartment just being deplorable with feces and trash and who knows. >> daniel: owner now getting mental check at the hospital and cats are being treated at worcester animal rescue league and should be ready for adoption in a few weeks. 9:34 right now local kennel owner relieved to have three stolen puppies back home this morning. puppies went missing on saturday and anonymous tip at home in plainville where the puppies were found and at least one person is facing charges and the owner is going to install
9:31 am
sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> julie: news communication leads boston school leaders rushing to identify a little girl that showed up at a local elementary school. kindergarten age girl ended up in mattapan yesterday and staff members didn't recognize her and child didn't know her full name and only spoke spanish. eventually official found out where she lived and relatives said she was a transfer student from another district and school says she has the wrong spelling of her name and expected her to arrive on another date. >> daniel: local college student wrongly accused of being a bomber and days after the terror attack new york post ran picture of him and another man under the caption bagmen. the paper said the fbi considered them suspects in the bombings, both were immediately cleared of any wrongdoing but lives were changed forever.
9:32 am
did you bomb the marathon. people are still judging others based on image what they hear and what they see. >> daniel: his grades suffered and many colleges with drew college acceptance offers and he was given a settlement which they are not allowed to disclose. >> julie: next tuesday the school superintendent asking students to thank a veteran and try to attend the town's veterans day ceremony. the move comes just days after town officials announced march field would not be holding its annual veterans day parade due to lack of interest. >> daniel: this morning new hampshire mom wants a local high school to change its mask on mascot. they go gired -- go by red raiders and some say it is sensitive and students say use is already limited. >> we are not allowed to use the word red raid or our clothing
9:33 am
face so kind of becoming a issue. >> daniel: district plans to review the request. meanwhile rochester's mayor says there's no plans to remove the logo from the floor of city owned gym even though the floor will be resurfaced this month. >> julie: massachusetts one step closer getting into the fantasy sports business. lottery request for information to learn more about starting own fantasy sports games and compete with draftkings and rival fan dual and provide with more chances to win. lotly leaders believe the games would draw new younger customers and additional sources of revenue. fox25 learned high paid nfl players now cashing in on fantasy football games. league tells us players and other insiders allowed to win $250 in any fantasy football contest and rule meant to avoid the perception players and insiders have unfair advantage. however, sports experts allow players to win any money in fantasy sports could be a
9:34 am
problem. >> fact is player will have access to information that a consumer would have and how much nfl players, coaches and staffs are winning and if they are enforcing the 250-dollar rule there could new this morning mbta does not have the money to pay for expensive project to complete. they have spent $400 million for positive train control technology on all commuter rail lines by 2020. the equipment slows down trains which are going too fast. "t" official tell the globe the agency will have to borrow money to pay for the project. congress forcing all rail operators to install the technology. positive train control can prevent disasters like the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia which killed eight people and injured 200 others in may. >> julie: more teenagers admit
9:35 am
multitasking while doing homework. average teen spends nine hours a day using devices with a screen. half admit watching tv and using social media a lot while doing homework. 76% say they listen to music but 6% believe distractions hurt academic performance. as for younger kids the average eight to 12-year-old spend six hours per day on media devices. >> daniel: photo shoot in louisiana woods of newborn baby was beautiful enough than a deer meg ryan able to capture a amazing photo of sleeping child. motor says -- mother says the deer is well-known to locals as maggie. beautiful photo. >> julie: memorable day. gronk can do a lot more than spike a football. coming up this morning advice he is giving out to help people manage finances.
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>> daniel: mothers apologizing apologizing -- apologized after seven-year-old boy putting in handcuffs. >> shiri: coast and cape winds will be strongest and time out how long the s this test paper represents proteins in your skin. watch it react to direct contact with ordinary soap. soap weakens the proteins. dove is different. with < moisturizing cream and mild cleansers rdove helps skin maintainr
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>> daniel: mother found a sealed white package with blue disk inside and turned out to be a industrial strength toilet cleaner and mom did not want to show the face but has a warning for other parents. >> staying closer to them. >> daniel: another boy found that in the candy stash and they were trick-or-treating in area around main street. daniel: razor blade found in candy and officers are urging parents to report anything suspicious to police. daniel: auburn girl who
9:38 am
razor blade in her candy will not face charges. she said it was in chocolate and admitted she made it up and put the razor in herself. >> julie: prosecutors in south africa convicted and panel of five judges will make decision on appeal in coming weeks. >> julie: police in michigan apologized for handcuffing a seven-year-old student. happened last month and details consittutional -- still unclear what the boy did and officers prevented the boy from hurting himself or other children. the boy's mother is angry about the whole situation. she says her son has adhd and told her they didn't hurt anybody. >> he said i was kicking the cart, i was kicking the cart. >> julie: actions of the officer don't reflect the
9:39 am
department's mission to create a trusting relationship with children. boxes had sell by date of november 3rd and establishment number 40420 and anyone with the product should return for a refund or throw it away. daniel: e. coli outbreak temporarily shut down dozens of chipolte restaurants likely caused by contaminated vegetables and they have received at least 100 calls and e-mails from people who recently ate at chipolte and state and became sick.
9:40 am
been confirmed as e. coli contamination. >> julie: people with less education hit hardest in dying and 45 to 54 could be committing suicide and abusing drugs and alcohol more frequently and blame that on more financial stress and easy access to powerful drugs. >> daniel: if you could know in 20s or 30s that you carried gene for fatal disease, would you want to know? >> started showing signs probably in his late 30s. things got slowly worst and tested at 8:46 and when we were told that he definitely had the
9:41 am
s. >> julie: graphic icon on the map and clearing up and not huge impact on the and 22 minutes pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 25 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 30 minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and mild day to start off with reasonable temperatures. >> shiri: we like the temperatures because going to be 10 above average today. you know, 6:20 this morning, sun goes down at 4:35. but i was looking at some of our sunrise sunset times here in the next two months. earliest sunset time that i could find and 4:11 in the afternoon at december 8th and by christmas here actually going to lose an additional 1 hour and ten minutes of daylight, so closing in on us, guys, losing two and a half minutes daylight
9:42 am
per day and at least soak it up right now sunshine in boston and 13 miles per hour breezy and notice breeze going to be outside, lots and lots of sunshine, 60 here at 11:00 this morning and 1:00, 3:00 ask winds will slip and gusting around 20 miles per hour from time to time today and although it is not going to do any kind of damage and really shouldn't hold you back from any outdoor plans it is something that you would notice if you're out there. dry weather continues today and much of the upcoming week future cast here though through noon time going with sunshine and into the afternoon really not much going on here because sunshine from start to finish here for our tuesday. high temperatures though do land close to 70 , not quite there but very close in areas like framingham, wayland, concord, natick, holliston, 67 norwood 68 and we will see a lot of those upper 60s from areas like lawrence at 67, manchester, new hampshire 67,
9:43 am
same in fitchburg, a little bit cooler in worcester at 63 and plymouth you hit 65 and 63 hyannis. further inland the cooler it gets and 30s in southwesten new hampshire, western massachusetts has as you wake up tomorrow morning but generally looking at a cool not a cold start to our wednesday and high temperatures climbing back into the 60s. exception going to be along the immediate coastline here, portsmouth, new hampshire at 59 , same in boston, plymouth gets to 60 but as soon as you start going you will see the temperatures going up by a couple degrees to fitchburg 66 tomorrow. i know you like the sound of that, another round of sunshine here for the wednesday and into the afternoon because the winds will be a lot weaker tomorrow versus what we see today, it allows the sea breeze to form and when we start pulling in the cooler marine air it capped our warm-up and tomorrow cooler and blip here in the temperature this week and back up to 68
9:44 am
on thursday and we do have a period of rain between thursday night and again on friday night. friday is hot day at 72 and weekend breakdown things continue to get cooler by almost 10 per day and saturday going to go up to 62 with slowly clearing skies and spots like boston now at 59 and drop you all the way back into the lower 50s for highs and monday dry stretch continues.
9:45 am
wisdom >> julie: boston bruins return to the ice ton. the black and gold have 16 of the last seven games and dallas in 1st place in the western conference. >> julie: besides catching touchdowns gronk is passing out financial advice. he is teaming up with capital one with program called gronkanomics and last contract extension was for $54 million.
9:46 am
all from his endorsement deals. >> julie: study found infound crash test dummies had serious crash injuries and more severe when car seat attached with latch anchors instead of seat belts and child safety experts say infants and young children still safest in rear facing car seats. experts are calling for car seats to be made safer based on findings. >> julie: new company on push for drones to make home deliveries. google has projected called projects wing and amazon was first company to use drones and federal government has blocked commercial use of devices until they have decided how they should be regulated. >> daniel: r&b artist says taylor swift ripped off lyrics
9:47 am
for 2014 hit shake it off. >> daniel: those words are too similar to song that came out a year before. take listen to what he is talking about. >> daniel: graham filed lawsuit after swift refused to take picture with him. he is asking for $42 million. >> julie: while not ask for a billion while we are at it. >> julie: victoria has bra with a hefty price tag. 18-carat gold pieces of clothing cost $2 million and chosen as lucky model who gets the chance to sport this year's fantasy bra down the runway. this is it. impressive. the piece is studied with real diamonds and rare gem stones. it is beautiful.
9:48 am
how about this engagement ring? no diamonds to be found. this is a wisdom tooth in the center the ring. lucas proposed to girlfriend carlie this weekend and posted on facebook she couldn't be more excited about the personalized ring. one of a kind. >> julie: they have never been a traditional couple and didn't want to start now. overrated. >> shiri: no girl that wouldn't be disappointed. rather have a plastic diamond than a tooth. a little incriminating. that. >> shiri: no. forecast is great. forecast is very good. more pleasant than the ring. today tomorrow mostly sunny,
9:49 am
and what you might notice outside today, it will be a little bit breezy from time to time next round of rain thursday night and friday night, mostly dry week and warm weekend cooldown. >> daniel: loving it. >> julie: do you think that's what beyonce meant when she said put a ring on it? >> daniel: probably not. thank you so much for joining us this morning and don't forget the fox25 morning news at 5:00.
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