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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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here she is. >> i saw a very distraught driver who was obviously appeared to be the driver of the accident, and just from talking to people, i understood that, you know, she clearly hit two people in the crosswalk, but she was a woman who is clearly, clearly upset. >> the reporter: so again, at this hour, we do know that one woman is in critical condition. as for that other woman that was hit, we're being told that she is also suffering from serious injuries. again, right now, still a lot of unanswered questions. we know that the woman was right there at that crosswalk and investigators are also going around to stores in the area, trying to see if there's any surveillance video that may have caught the accident. for now, we are live in the south end, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: we continue to oxford. route 20 westbound is still shut down, three hours after a multi car crash. information is very limited, but sky fox video shows at least two cars and a tractor-trailer may have been involved there.
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we saw at least one person being taken to the hospitality. only one lane of eastbound traffic is getting by. now, this afternoon's crash happening within a mile of last woke's crash -- week's crash on route 20 where a mother and baby died. locals call that stretch of road, dead man's cure. we're following more breaking news. investigators believe a bomb brought down the russian airliner that killed all 224 people on board. >> mark: isis might be behind it. let's get right to fox 25's heather hegedus in the control room. >> the reporter: metro jet flight 9268 went down on saturday. all 220 people on board were killed. well, today around 3:30 p.m., a shocking development. a u.s. official familiar with the investigation, says the crash was likely caused by a bomb on the plane, planted by isis, or one of its affiliates. the plane left the resort of sharm el-sheik and was heading to st. petersburg, when it dropped off the radar about 23 minutes into the flight. it wound up crashing in egypt's
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today, that u.s. intelligence official says the feeling now is that an explosive device was planted in luggage or somewhere else on that plane. intelligence reports gathered before and after the crash are now leading investigators to think this indeed is the work of isis. isis had already claimed responsibility for bringing the plane down. the u.s. official saying there was other activity in the sinai that had also caught they their attention and the world is responding. ireland suspending all flights to sharm el-sheik until further information and the uk taking the same action. forensic evidence from the site including the plane's black box, all still being analyzed. we'll stay on top of the breaking story and monitor any breaking developments and bring them to you. >> there is more breaking news tonight in bridgewater, where police discovered a woman's body set on fire. they also tell us her body had
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been tied up. >> elizabeth: that's right. the disturbing discovery has the community on edge now, as police are trying to track down a killer. fox 25's robert goulston is live at bridgewater police headquarters with more from one family member who believes they may have seen the car connected to this case. robert? >> the reporter: police got a call from someone in a home right here the train tracks. they say they saw a dark colored s.u.v. do a u-turn and back up near the tracks an someone got out, carried something down on to the tracks over their shoulder. when police got there, they found a woman's body that had been set on fire. >> nothing of this, like, magnitude. no one has been found dead or burnt or tied up, so it's just kind like overwhelming. >> the reporter: abbey reynolds who goes to bridgewater university was shaken up after learning that a woman's body was found on the tracks near the campus. >> she was bound and she had been burnt. >> the reporter: investigators believe the woman was killed somewhere else and brought here
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the family who lives nearby, who reported a suspicious vehicle, plitifact took this photo showing the area on the track en bancment that is still singed. she saw someone carry something down the tracks last night before midnight and another woman who lives nearby wanted to remain anonymous. >> it was unsettling and surprising to this neighborhood. >> i thought it was fake at first. you don't really hear about that, especially around here. >> the reporter: investigators worked on the tracks, in between commuter rail runs. they used metal detectors and closely examined the area, where the body was found. the d.a.'s office believes the person killed was specifically targeted and killed in another location, which doesn't make residents feel any better. town. you don't expect something like this to happen. >> the reporter: and a police source telling us that the victim's body does have a tatoo, so they are checking with a lot of local tatoo parlors and they're also trying to generate leads by asking anyone whether it's a home or a business, if they have any home surveillance video.
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we are live in bridgewater, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: now, when we learned about this disturbing discovery, we sent out an alert immediately, to stay in the know on breaking news throughout the day, download our fox 25 news app. it's free, and available for apple and android users. >> mark: happening right now, police are trying to find the man who pushed and then punched a female worker trying to stop a guy from stealing expensive eyeglasses. jim morelli is live in burlington after speaking to the store's owner. jim? >> the reporter: mark, bold robbery, bold response from those who work inside the eye shop. at this store, the office manager tried to prevent one of the suspects from leaving and she got punched hard in the face for thattest and then the store owner came outside, chased the suspect all the way across the parking lot in a vain attempt to get a license plate number. >> i was surprised, because this is supposed to be a very safe area. >> a spectacle in broad daylight
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>> he just would give a punch to my office manager, punch out her face. >> the reporter: burlington place say this surveillance video show two men in an eye care shop, stealing expensive frames and fighting off employees who tried to stop them. >> this man just grabbed a few. >> the reporter: it happened monday afternoon, at the eye care optics shop on middlesex turnpike. dr. wong owns the business and if stalled surveillance cameras to catch thieves, but -- >> i never thought about it. kind of like a robbery. >> the reporter: a robbery that she and an employee tried in vain to stop. dr. wong says her office manager tried to lock the last thief in detain him. that is when she punched her in the face. >> she gets a swollen face and gets bruises. >> the reporter: the doctor moved to the united states from beijing, china, some 20 years ago. she says running a small business has been a struggle, a struggle that just got worse.
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designer frames. money that will come out of her pocket. >> i hope somebody can help us, you know, to catch them, to prevent this incidents from happening again to other, you know, store owner or small business owner like me. >> the reporter: now, burlington police say that they believe these two suspects may be involved in similar robberies in surrounding communities. and dr. wong tells us this is actually the third time she's been robbed in the past couple of months, though the first two times, there was no violence involved and you might wonder, why would anybody wants to steal eyeglass frames? we went on e-bay and we found that these are telling for $150. live in burlington, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: south bridge middle and high school students are home safe after being in lockdown this afternoon. police tell us there was a weapon. dismissal and buses were delayed student. they didn't find a weapon and they cleared the building just
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>> mark: the trial of accused teen killer phillip chisholm is back on, charged with the shocking murder of high school teacher colleen ritzer. the judge ruled chisholm is competent to stand trial, and bob, you were there in the courtroom, where chisholm's lawyer pleaded for some new privileges. >> the reporter: yeah. that's right. you know, jury selection resumes tomorrow, it was put on hold a month ago, but jury selection starting up, and we heard from the judge today, that we could get to opening statements in just a couple of weeks, but chisholm's lawyer is saying that her client's mental condition is still very fragile, and she is asking for some special treatment. the state of phillip chisholm's mental health, front and center of his murder trial. the now 16-year-old is accused of the brutal rape and murder of popular danvers high school teacher, colleen ritzer, two years ago when chisholm was 14. last months, just as jury
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selection started, the trial ground to a halt when chisholm was seen banging his head against the floor of6$| his padded cell. chisholm's lawyer is using it to ask for special treatment during the trial, asking for breaks every two hours, for court to only run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and to minimize the mum of people who get close to chisholm in the courtroom. legal analyst brad bailey. >> it's clear that the doctor feels that there are triggers and real psychological pressure on this client, that could cause disruption, could cause a lack of focus and concentration, and could ultimately make him not able to participate in his own defense. >> chisholm's lawyer is asking for something else, that the court give permission to refer to chisholm, not as a defendant, but as the juvenile defendant. >> they're in adult court and they want to immediately draw contrast between adults who commit crimes and somebody who is at the time, 14 years old,
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to start to get some sympathy from the jury. >> the reporter: well, the judge here is really trying to get this trial back on track. i heard him say in court today, that he's hoping that this whole trial can be resolved before christmas, that's barring any more setbacks. live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: the 34-year-old suspect killer is now one of the state's most wanted men, accused of gunning down jose capsano in a lawrence bathroom. police began investigating the murder at bally's restaurant. he was living in methuen at the time, he is considered armed and >> elizabeth: the superintendent of schools in mashpee is now facing criminal charges over a controversial visit to a student's home. a falmouth magistrate making the decision to charge brian hyde, check that hyde did on a returning student in september.
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the student's mother told us back then that hyde arrived unannounced and entered her only uninvited. hyde contends he was invited in. he'll be arraigned at a later dade. >> mark: as tom brady and the patriots get ready to take on -- sports director tom leyden here to explain. >> you look at the numbers and the only thing you can say is wow, for the 25th time in his illustrious career, tom brady was named afc player of the week, first time he's earned the honor this year, though he was named player of the month in september. brady completed 26 of 38 passes for 356 yards, four touchdowns, and most important, not a single interception. it has been a fantastic season. and another fantastic episode. tom brady puts in his cap, but he's not the type of guy to rest game. >> there were a lot of things that we did in that game that,
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know, we talked about those things over the last -- over the time that we've had off. whether you win or lose in the nfl, you have to make improvements and we're trying to find ways to continue to improve. we have to attack all levels, you know, short, intermediate and deep. they make it tough on you. there's definitely room for improvement e. this is a good time to go out there and see if we can clean some of those things up. >> the reporter: bryan salmon's report from foxboroughs a the pats continue on what's ahead and not what they have accomplished already. that's been the key to the 7-0 start. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> mark: watch the game right here on sunday on fox 25 news and spend your sunday with us. our pregame coverage starts during the fox 25 news, running from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the pregame show is 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. followed by kickoff. after the game, join us for the post-game show. we'll get you all the post-game interviews and analysis, all sunday right here on fox 25 news. donald trump in new hampshire tonight. >> elizabeth: he's not holding
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>> do you have any concerns? >> i'm not concerned about him at all. he's an absolute lightweight. >> elizabeth: the competitor he's talking about and whose campaign he says is on life support. >> mark: plus, the mbta rolled out its new equipment in hopes it will prevent another disasterrous winter. what happened when we brought our viewers' concerns straight to them. >> elizabeth: a plan to cut down on law enforcement tracking personal cellphones. >> the for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my stop&shop. baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together.
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6:16 pm
we caught incompetent with up with him inside and talked to him about marco rubio surging in the polls. e. are you concerned about his rise? >> i'm not concerned about him at all. he's an absolute lightweight. >> i talked with trump outside the new hampshire secretary of state's office where he filed to get on the ballot and handed over the check for $1,000. he's still in the lead here. >> marco rubio appears to be on the rise here in new hampshire and numbers appear to be stagnant. >> he's way down. he's on the rise. when they check his credit cards and what he did to the republican party in florida, i think you'll see that he will be going down rapidly. >> trump says people are responding to his message. >> do you feel like you're riding a wave of anti-incouple ben suspected ebola exposure out there? -- anti-incumbency? >> no >> trump did not answer a question about a controversial retweet showing jeb bush's face next to a swastika or wear a sombrero. >> they don't want to be ripped
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off anymore by our politicians who are all talk and no action abandon don't get the job done. >> the reporter: what trump told me about jubert bush's campaign and why he doesn't think it will go the distance at 6:00 p.m. >> elizabeth: we received a statement from a trump spokeswoman about his retreat and said trump did not see the image and has since deleted that tweet. trump wasn't the only candidate in town. martin o'malley signed up. and on the republican side, jeb bush and marco rubio why in attendance. >> the reporter: we got a statement from trump on the retweet. he did not see the image and the retweet was deleted. trump is set to return to new hampshire for a town hall on veterans day. >> new poll numbers are not looking good for jeb bush. the republican is now trailing trump and ben carson by more than 20 points. push attended an education reform meeting today in manchester, new hampshire. >> elizabeth: republican candidate marco rubio in new hampshire. he spoke to young professionals at a college in manchester. rubio is ten points behind trump in the polls. democrat martin o'malley also primary. o'malley trailing hillary clinton by 45 points and
6:18 pm
new hampshire. >> the reporter: seeing coolers temperatures showing up. 40's the general rule and milder temperatures out there too. milford and men den, 59 degrees. men den was 60 moments ago, but these temperatures update live as we're looking at them and it already dropped a degree since i just looked at it. that's why i had it in the picture. holen at 50. northboro, 58 and the boston area, temperatures are generally in the 50's now as well. boston topped out at 60 and 58 cambridge at 59 degrees, but look at woburn, down to 49 degrees now. cooler spots to go along with the milder temperatures out there for sure and when your temperatures drop the most tonight, get patches of fog that start to develop underneath the clear skies, so what i'm watching is clouds to our south, not the clouds to our north, which by the way continue to keep it cooler in northern maine. it's actually places in quebec, canada, with already a snow cover of up to two feet. to the south, we're watching rainshowers creep up the coast, so they're cold, we're talking
6:19 pm
our way, so tomorrow, there are the patches of fog that i alluded to. they'll be around. i don't expect showers during the morning. future cast showing the risk of green blobs going by. i don't think that's going to be the case tomorrow morning. you'll be dry, there can be patches of fog, and there will be more clouds through the day as well. by the evening, some breaks in the clouds certainly through the afternoon and into the evening, it's tomorrow night into friday morning, i expect these green dots to actually be some showers that will start to show up. so high temperatures tomorrow will be warmer, than they were today, with winds turning around to the south and through the day tomorrow. 72 in arlington. 68 boston. 72 brookline, 70 in braintree. so not record territory, not for the date, but it is warmer. so the south shore, again with the winds switching to the south and southwest, warm to the upper 60's, be up to 71 for you in foxborough and worcester county temperatures near 70. 70 in air for high temperatures coming up tomorrow. it will get warmer, but to comes with a tradeoff. more clouds on friday and the
6:20 pm
higher risk of showers. does look like there will be showers around for friday morning's commute. not for everyone, but there will be some out there and some could be moderate to briefly heavy. these showers continue through lunchtime sporadically, some breaks in the clouds continue to warm us up along with the push of warm air that's actually coming in. all ahead of a cold front. it's typically warmest just before the cold front and that's what this is here. bringing some showers in to new england, northern worcester county and the north shore by 8:00 p.m. in the evening. then kind of fizzling out and cheering out behind that front. seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view, showing you the warmth that comes on friday. potential with the records, record for the date in boston stands at 73 degrees. i just think the records that stand for tomorrow are too high for us to reach them, but still, 70's not out of the question. but on sunday, 53 degrees for a high temperature and this is the day, of course, patriots are playing and i'm expecting kickoff to be on the cooler side. temperatures in the upper 40's at kickoff, with lots of sunshine and just winds that will be maybe 5 to 15 miles per hour blowing in to gillette
6:21 pm
stadium. >> the reporter: millions of dollars in new equipment to keep commuter tracks clear and trains running this winter. we're showing you the big game of catchup massachusetts is now playing to prevent another winter like last year's. >> elizabeth: and we're learning new information about the shocking video showing a pregnant woman, in a violent car crash. ahead at 6:00 p.m., the pictures of her newborn baby and why the drivers of the cars involved
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>> elizabeth: we've been following breaking news all afternoon out of the university of california, five students stabbed. the suspect shot and killed by police. at this hour, we are still waiting for the attacker to be identified. two of the victims were taken to the hospital by helicopter. their conditions are not disclosed at this hour. >> mark: an incredible turn of events in the shooting death of an illinois police officer. an extensive investigation now reveals his death was a suicide. stacy cohan shows us how the officer staged his own death and how investigators discovered his criminal blamer. >> it's stunning news for the small town of fox lake, illinois. police say revered lieutenant john glinowicz committed suicide. >> glinowicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. >> it's been two months since the 52-year-old officer was discovered dead, shot twice with his own gun. three people appeared on the
6:25 pm
crime scene, a manhunt for perpetrators ensued. investigators now say the scene was staged. but why? the 30-year veteran of the police department was stealing money from a police mentoring program for young people with an interest in law enforcement. >> thousands of dollars were used by glen wits for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult websites. >> officer glinowicz had experience staging crime scenes for the police mentoring program. in this case, they say he aimed his gun at himself, firing not once, but twice. the second shot ended his life. the results of the investigation are likely to change his legacy. i'm stacey cohan, reporting. >> elizabeth: a bill that promised to help millions of americans suffering from serious mental illness comes with a big cost to taxpayers. lawmakers met today to debate
6:26 pm
a new report puts a $66 billion price tag to implement the bill. congressman tim murphy is one of the responsors of -- sponsors of that bipartisan bill. he says the bill's cost does not compare to the loss of thousands of lives due to mental illness. >> currently, trying to pretend it's going to go away, the fear and loathing toward the mental illnesses say we're not going to help you is far more expensive. >> elizabeth: today, the mbta showed off the new equipment that it hopes will prevent history from repeating itself. >> mark: who could forget last winter. we reached out to viewers to get their concerns before the snow flies. what fox 25 news uncovered when we took those concerns straight to the mbta. plus -- >> the reporter: a new hampshire woman recovering from multiple injuries after a multicar crash yesterday morning. tonight, the latest in the police investigation, and what it will take to get her back on her feet. >> elizabeth: and a dangerously close call for a driver when a huge piece of wood slammed
6:27 pm
through her windshield. next at 6:00 p.m., what caused
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get out of the past. get fios. >> mark: we continue to follow our top story from boston's south end where two women have been runed down by a car near tremont and brookline. they were taken to boston medical center, but it is unclear how badly they are hurt. we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it. and u.s. intelligence now
6:30 pm
believes a bomb brought down a russian airliner over egypt killing all 224 people on board. the u.s. official familiar with the investigation say the crash was caused by a bomb planted by isis for one of its affiliates. forensic evidence from the site, including the plane's black box are being analyzed. >> elizabeth: last winter's crippled snowfall cripple ed the mbta. today the mbta rolled out -- we heard from our viewers on the facebook page who are not convinced that history won't repeat itself. viewer questions straight to the mbta. >> commuter rail tracks were used as conveyor belts wednesday to display the mbta's new gear to battle the winter. they say this is the result of tough lessons learned. >> there's not a day that goes snow. >> for the first time ever, the mbta set aside money in the budget for snow removal equipment. $87 million.
6:31 pm
one new addition, the snow fighter, the mbta says it purchased ten of these at roughly $900,000 a piece. the mbta and keolis the private company that operates the commuter rail trains says in addition to snow fighting gear, they have created snow response teams and centralized passenger communications. >> can you talk about your communications center, we visited it last year, has that been beefed up and if so, how? >> we added almost 30 plus people. >> fox 25 viewers say they hope better communication will avoid scenes like this, passengers stranded on platforms. our viewers also wanted us to ask if all of this isn't enough, is there a plan to make riders whole. >> if this plan doesn't work, what is the plan, or is there any thought ahead of time about year? >> well, our plan right now is that we intend to run throughout the winter, so we don't see that we're going to have a need to address lost value. >> elizabeth: the. >> the reporter: the mbta has a plan in place to keep workers on the job operating all of that new equipment.
6:32 pm
they will work with the unions and enact new discipline actions for those that don't show up when they're scheduled. they're also going to work to get people if place ahead of any major storms. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: this will be the equipment used to keep logan airport up and running. mass port given a look at their newest fleet of machines, one of which is a 70-foot long truck, equipped with a 27-foot plow. last winter, logan airport got more than 110 inches of snow. >> mark: i could use that in my driveway. let's get the storm tracker weather, chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz now, and kevin, the warm weather continues, we could even reach a record high temperature later this week. >> kevin: i'm expecting that likely by friday for the high temperature record. 73 is what i'm forecasting right now and it's likely going to be very close to it, that's the record for the date. tonight, it is still mild in boston. not 70's, but 55 degrees, not so bad under clear skies. that temperature will be falling just a couple more degrees overnight tonight. overall, a very mild night.
6:33 pm
clear skies and that temperature, just slowly jogging down to the upper 40's. mid 40's off to the north and west. plymouth, 54 degrees an you're under clear skies as well. everybody is under clear skies right now in new england. temperature dropping down to 51, except for northernmost new england. 54 in lawrence, to the north of boston, with the clear skies and temperatures dropping down into the upper 40's there. there will be some mid 40's for southern new hampshire and areas in middlesex county as well overnight. it is clear out there right now, but i'm watching clouds and a few sprinkles creeping up the coastline. when those could impact your planning and also, how close we'll get to the record this week. >> elizabeth: we have new information about the shocking video showing a person thrown from a car after it goes airborne during a crash. we first showed you that video last night on the niece fox 25 at 6 -- fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. crystal haynes shows us why two drivers may be facing charges, including the driver of the car that crashed. >> good evening. baby aden is holding his own at
6:34 pm
elliott hospital, according to his grandfather, so are his mother and father. the mother expected to go into surgery, we're told, but tonight, manchester police say their actively investigating this case, and questions still here. it was a chose call. is ok. >> brittany and her husband dennis are recovering at manchester's elliott hospital today, after they rejected from their 2001 saab in this three car crash late yesterday morning. brittany was eight months pregnant and had to have an >> yeah. it was due on christmas, but he's a big baby, he's almost five pounds. >> baby boy aden was born five weeks premature and brittany's father, eric turner, tells fox 25 news, the 23-year-old mom also suffered injuries to her ankle and hip that required surgery. 28-year-old dennis also suffered a dislocated hip. >> she's going to have a long road ahead of her.
6:35 pm
dennis is a strong kid. he'll jump right back soon. >> but as of the couple recovers, investigators say the cause of the crash is still unknown. >> charges may or may not be forthcoming for one, if not two drivers. >> witness joshua fishwick says he was just one car length behind the three car crash. >> no, it was road rage. >> he believes the saab, driven by bowden, refused to let another driver pass. >> when he tried to go in between the two, the saab sped per hour. >> do you have any preliminary evidence that indicates that? >> again, based on the fact that it's an active investigation, i really can't divulge too much information in the case. >> the reporter: eric turner tells us there's no way his son is at fault. >> he's a doting father. when you watch the surveillance video, you can see the cars zipping around him. >> we did reach out to brittany for comment and did not want to talk. a go fund me page has been set up to offset the medical costs.
6:36 pm
reporting in manchester, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> the reporter: a wooden post goes right through a windshield, nearly hits a woman in the head. this frightening photo, you can see the woman is still in the driver's seat on 91 north in springfield this morning. a tractor-trailer ran over the post in the road, causing it to go flying in the air. the woman is ok. no doubt shocked, but ok. troopers want to remind everyone to secure their loads properly. >> elizabeth: police are looking for a man and woman accused of vandalizing cars at a new hampshire high school. you can see the windows were smashed out, but nothing was taken from inside the cars at bedford high. police say the suspects are driving an older style white ford explorer that can be recognized by a damaged driver's side door handle. >> mark: motorists have given boston city council a major makeover. the two longest serving councilors have been ousted. yancy has been on the council
6:37 pm
campbell. murphy was ousted by an at large bid, he had been on the council for 17 years isis claimed responsibility, to brockton, where there is an 18-year-old jack councilor. jack lali elected to sever the city's 6th district and he must balance his position with his work at bridgewater state university. >> we have a fire station in ward 6, that, you know, it's in danger of being shut down when the budget gets too tight, and that's just something we -- it would be an unacceptable loss, so that's something that we need to keep. >> elizabeth: lali also would like to bring more businesses to brockton to help out with the tax burden on residents. another college student elected to public office tuesday, is 19-year-old james demesis. the suffolk university student is now serving on the quincy school committee. fall river has a new mayor for the third time in a calendar year. 23-year-old councilor correia is
6:38 pm
now getting ready to lead the city. >> did you ever think you would be in this position at 23 years old? >> not necessarily at 23. but when we dove in to this, we said we were going to make it happen and we did. >> elizabeth: gray defeated former district attorney sam sutter. sutter was elected after william flanagan was recalled. correia led that recall effort, which allegedly prompted flanagan to pull a gun on the new mayor-elect last year. no charges were filed. >> today, members of a local mosque that was vandalized over the weekend came together to stand in solidarity. two teens spray painted the letters, u.s.a. on the building, fox 25 news's heather hegedus here now to show us how members used those letters to get their message across. >> the reporter: leaders of all faiths gathered at that mosque today and covered right over the negative messages to show they won't be tolerated. what started as messages meant to intimidate, now replaced with signs of inclusion. community members say the act
6:39 pm
that took place at the islamic center of burlington was a dark moment but one used to shine a light on a problem that must be attacked head on. >> let us use the actions of a few misguided teenagers. >> graffiti was found in the early morning hours of sunday on the walls of mosque. it was egged and u.s.a. was spray painted several times. >> actions like this are predicated in the idea that muslims being muslim and being american, so you it's opposed to one another, but in reality, this gathering, has shown the extent to which being americans are joined together. >> the reporter: burlington's chamber of commerce president issuing an open invitation inviting members of the mosque to chamber and town events and be included. >> the burlington residents and this business community are ready to do what it takes to convince you that your worship services are welcome in burlington, and that you are welcome in burlington.
6:40 pm
the third time that their mosque had been targeted by taggers in recent years. two 18-year-old burlington men were arrested with the crime, charged with malicious destruction of property. however, one local organization is also calling for hate crime charges to be brought against them. i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a fourth suspect being held without bail tonight in connection to the vicious murder of a marshfield man. 40-year-old mark o'brian of south boston pleading not guilty at today's arraignment, facing murder and burglary charges. prosecutors say he drove the getaway carry. o'brian and three others are accused in the murder of robert mckenna. prosecutors say they plotted to steal african at facts and a gemstone from mckenna and stabbed him to death in his home. >> mark: detectives are still searching for the gunman who shot and killed the father of two outside his home in manchester, new hampshire. this story was breaking last night on the niece fox 25 at 10 -- fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. and the new hampshire attorney general released few details of the investigation and but did
6:41 pm
the victim, 37-year-old michael pittman was walking to his car to get diapers for his daughter when he was shot. >> elizabeth: governor charlie baker announces a new addition to how the state faces the opioid problem. baker points to studies that show stigmas can events people from getting into treatment and lead to relapses. >> when you're labeled as an addict, a low life, a junkie, it sticks. hard. >> elizabeth: the campaign drives home the point that addiction is an illness, not a moral failure. the $850,000 campaign is funded by a federal grant. right now, detectives can track your cellphone and get personal information from it. in a story you'll see only on fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m., the new plan to limit their use of cellphone tracking devices. >> mark: plus, is another casino heading to massachusetts?
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
>> mark: the new bill would force federal law enforcement agencies to get a warned before they power up a drone for surveillance. >> elizabeth: the congresswoman behind the plan talks talks exclusively with jacqueline feld and explains how the plan would limit law enforcement's use of drones and cellphone trackers. >> the reporter: the f.b.i. uses drones, equipped with high resolution cameras, or tracking
6:45 pm
in an exclusive interview, washington state congresswoman is writing legislation that would require the federal government first to get a warrants for conducting aerial surveillance. >> the privacy protections have not kept up-to-date with new technologies that have been able to be more intrusive into -- and change someone's reasonable expectation of privacy. >> the reporter: there is technology that can collect massive amounts of from your cellphone location, text, pictures, emails, and there's cameras that can take very high resolution photos. the problem with aerial surveillance, is to collect information on everyone, not just on a suspect. del benny says her bill protects the privacy of law abiding americans. the justice department already has some restrictions on aerial surveillance. a new policy requires federal agencies get a warrant before using cellphone tracking devices. >> there's been no national decision on that, no supreme court level decision on that, but thinking some courts are
6:46 pm
requiring it, we do it across the country. >> but that policy should be law he says. what, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: the bill would allow surveillance without a warrant for terrorist threats or border security and scanning disaster relief areas. she'll introduce it tomorrow. there is similar legislation pending in the senate. >> 15 people are without a home tonight, after a triple decker erupted in flames in new bedford. fire crews found smoke pouring out of the home on hallly street when they arrived before 7:00 a.m. this morning. they focused on making sure the flames didn't enter into neighboring homes. all the residents made it out safely. officials are searching for the cause. >> elizabeth: brockton's casino step. on thursday, developers will present plans to the gaming commission. brockton wants to build a 677 million-dollar facility at the fairgrounds, believing four million people would visit the site.
6:47 pm
would be a 30 minute drive from the plain ridge slot parlor. >> mark: police are giving you rare access to their vice unit to show you a problem they're seeing too often. >> we have a signal. >> would you step out. he may not waste time, come out, see a girl, pull up, have a conversation with a girl and ask for a service. >> mark: he's talking about increase in prostitution and sex crimes. blair miller goes under cover to show you how the high tech rules they are use to go rid our streets of section crimes. -- sex crimes. >> the reporter: fenway park getting ready for football. sky fox today giving us an inside peek at the field. notre dame and boston college will battle on november 21, also host high school football
6:48 pm
thanksgiving day action as well. what a thrill that would be. we talk with the red sox all yearlong about the weather conditions and they're already talking to us about getting that field all taken care of and keeping them posted. they must love what they're having right now. clear skies again out there tonight, but there is high pressure offshore and as it does, it slides this way, these arrows slide with it and that means we're going to end up getting this kind of motion of winds coming into our area over the next 24 hours. the clouds and the sprinkles to our south copy up the coastline. fog first thing in the morning after a coolish night, but still, mild for this time of year and a few clouds coming in tomorrow. futurecast showing some of the sprinkles hurrying up the coastline and working their way in here during the middle of the day. i don't think that's a big concern. i'm not too convinced that we'll see showers tomorrow afternoon. it's tomorrow night and into friday morning. i expect some showers to start to appear and especially during the morning commute on friday and beyond. so let's talk about some of the high temperatures. on the north shore, temperatures, 72, tops field and --over.
6:49 pm
71 beverly. 66 in rockport tomorrow afternoon. to the west of there, this takes us to middlesex counties, 72 in middleton. waltham getting to 69 degrees tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures to the west of there in worcester, 67 worcester. 68 auburn and 69 in douglas. nice looking afternoon for you there and finally, let's go off to southern new hampshire. manchester at 72. nashua atmqc afternoon. on the south shore of boston, down in this area, can you expect temperatures to jump up into the upper 60's to near 70 as well, so no matter where you go, it is a warm day for november and not the warmest day of the week. temperatures on cape cod and the island will be mild. falmouth, 71 degrees. here comes showers on friday, during the morning drive. spots of showers through the middle of the day and afternoon. it's not going to rain all day and there will be towns that won't see a raindrop at all for the entire length of this storm system coming on through. breaks of sun, warm temperatures, perhaps record touching warm temperatures on friday.
6:50 pm
that's all ahead of this cold front pushing our way. but watch how this sinks into southern new hampshire, northern massachusetts, the north shore, a couple of showers still back here in the southern flank of the front and coming through boston, mostly dry. there will just be scattered showers by the time that front gets here. we'll definitely clear out behind the front. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures spiking on friday. friday is the day that's most likely to see the record high temperatures coming our way. 63, so much cooler coming up on saturday and then sunday, 53 for a high temperature, but at gillette stadium at 1:00 p.m., 40 degrees at kickoff with lots gust to as high as 20 miles per hour during the course of that game. >> it has happened 24 times before, but getting named player of the week never gets old, even for tom brady and what effect did chris kelly's injury have. a devastating blow for one of
6:51 pm
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>> for the 25th time, tom brady has been named afc officer dougherty player of the week and -- offensive player of the week and the first time this year and the first time since 2013 he received the honor. we have seen better numbers from brady, but in a season with he's been posting big ones, it is nice to see him recognized by the nfl. he threw for more than 350 yards, four touchdowns, against miami, but most important the patriots got the seventh win of the season. bryan salmond in washington as the pats continue to gear up for washington. >> apparently, belicheck is specifically, their rushing attack, even though the redskins are ranked 23rd in the nfl at just 99 yards a game. >> they're going to run it and you have to stop them. they don't stop themselves, you have to stop them. you have to, you know, have a very good scheme, very good players and good backs, so sometimes you're in position and they still make yards.
6:55 pm
on fine tuning an offense that averages the most points in the nfl. >> whether you win or lose, you have to try to learn from the mistakes, because in tight games, you know, false start penalty can be the difference, i mean, it's not always, you know, a fumble or an interception, it could be, you know, a third down stop that they make, because we didn't necessarily make the right check or make the right call and that's why we meet for hours on end here, to try to figure out and be our best in every situation. there's definitely room for improvement. this is a good week to go out there and see if we can clean some of those things up. it's don't forget, folks, it's the redskins and patriots, 1:00 p.m. right here on fox 25 news and don't turn the channel afterwards, as we'll have a post-game show live ^ gillette stadium. bryan salmond, fox 25 news. >> bruins looked pretty bad last night as they lost to dallas, but you have to wonder if they were affected by what happened to chris kelly, he went down in a heap untouched by anyone on
6:56 pm
the stars, just three seconds into his first shift of the night. he broke his femur, the bone between your hip and knee. just a devastating injury. the silence was deafening at td garden and kelly will be out for six to eight months. he did undergo surgery to the at mass general. quick healing for him we hope. a similarly scary scene in new york as sandy alderson fainted while he was talking to the media shortly after the conclusion of a formal news conference. there are still images from the episode that have made the rounds on social media. alderson on the ground after collapsing and then he was lifted back up to his feet by a couple of reporters. when it was all done, he took his jacket off, had a seat and jokingly said, so, where were we? apparently got lightheaded and went down. one final note, celtics in indiana to face the pacers. marcus smart will not play, he is nurse ago toe injury that he apparently suffered yesterday in practice. the c's have lost two straight, looking to get back on the winning track.
6:57 pm
hopefully they get through that. >> mark: hopefully. thee bond they bond as a team, right? so let's talk about more warm weather. >> kevin: i want to talk about cool weather first, only because that gillette stadium forecast for the kickoff on sunday. 48 for kickoff, so where is the warm weather, the next couple of days. 70 tomorrow, 73 friday. both days will chase records in the 70's, friday, the more likely day, because the records happen to be lower. that's just luck of the draw,
6:58 pm
update on the jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids.
6:59 pm
if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible


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