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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 18, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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police swarm a quiet paris suburb. a search for terrorist suspects ends with explosions and gunfire. the new information of the people arrested. a security scare diverts two u.s. planes bound for europe. the threats called in it that force the plane to land long before their destination. new this morning shattered glass in quincy. how a bullet fired in boston made it to another city. complete new england news coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. good wednesday morning tampa it is now 4:30 on november 18, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. we have the coldest afternoon so far this fall on tuesday, and it is bitter cold again this morning. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is here as we wait for warm-up. good morning. >> shiri: you know what you said is interesting because it is a little warmer this afternoon and a little colder as you get started this morning. you know visibility checking in a-objection and i will have a real close eye on spots like
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plymouth, bedford, lawrence, portsmouth, new hampshire. those are spots that you can see developing a little before 8:00 this morning. and now boston at 34, and go just outside the city. the 20s are back this morning with peabody at 26. same in watertown. 23 in sharon. 22 in burlington. 21 in wellesley and acton. worcester at 33. next hour we will be at freezing. 28 in holden. 21 in peopleer rill, and we drop it down to 19 degrees in temple and in jaffrey, new hampshire. 28 in marshfield. even chilly there. 20s in plymouth. 23 degrees right now. 31 in sandwich. and 20s on the cape with brewster at 27. falmouth at 27 degrees. big-time brr factor this morning. cold out there. at noontime, we warm you up to 48 degrees. the warm-up starts around 7:00 this morning, and going to be pretty slow at first. sunshine into the afternoon. 49 degrees. and late in the day we are slowly going to see clouds increase. at first high and thin and clouds and showers are back in
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the picture by tomorrow. we will have the timeline on that coming up. now back over to you, julie morning. >> julie: shiri, thanks. things looking good as head out the door. on the map, lots of green. longfellow bridge and storrow drive with overnight work being done. expect lane closures by 5 a.m. pike moving along fine from framingham to the weston tolls. 91 south and route 1 look good and zakim bridge live open. mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. and we are following france. this is a live look from paris right now. explosions and gunfire rocking a suburb outside the city as police move in on the apparent mastermind behind those at this hour, police say at least five people have been arrested, two suspected terrorists are dead.
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following the violent clash between police and the suspect. gene? >> gene: julie and daniel, this morning a neighborhood near parvis under siege as police hunt for the man who led the terror cell responsible for friday's deadly attacks. [explosions] >>reporter: there was the scene in san dine. capital. one suspect remains barricade in an apartment building. five others have been arrested and two suspected terrorists are dead. four police officers have also been hurt. this happening not far from the soccer stadium where the terrorists attacked on friday. during this morning's raid officials say a woman wearing a bomb vest blew herself up in front of police. this man is the target of the raid. abuaoud is the leader of attacks that left 129 people dead and over 300 people injured.
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was on the cover of a isis propaganda magazine. he is believed to have planned other incidents in europe. we continue to follow developments out of paris. gene lavanchy, fox25 news. federal agents are trying to find the source of two bomb threats against flights from the u.s. to paris. an anonymous tip caused a plane to be diverted to salt lake city. a second flight was forced to land in halifax, nova scotia. worth were headed to charles degaulle airplanes degaulle newark airport paris. this is video of passengers in los angeles being taken off the plane to salt lake. they were sent to the terminal by the flights were searched. no explosives were found. happening today in boston, we will get our first look at a polish woman who was charged with causing a scare on a boston-bound plane. police say 32-year-old camilla dalenack was drunk when she
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tried to open an exit door from a plane coming from heathrow and london. fox25 was on the air as this was breaking. she allegedly tried to smoke a cigarette in a bathroom before trying open that exit door. the crew was able to restrain her and requested a police escort when the plane landed. >> he was right in front of us and she tried to especially open the door from the back of the plane >> the crew had her pretty much subdued with very little problem. she wasn't shouting. she wasn't thrashing. it seemed more like a panic attack. >> daniel: many passengers told us they had no idea something was wrong until they saw officers meet the plane on the tarmac. police say this does not appear to be terrorism related. here in massachusetts, governor charlie baker does not want syrian refugee notice states for now. president obama has committed to reset ling at least 10,000 refugees here in the united states. but in the wake of the paris attacks, baker says he is opposed to opening up the state until he has more information
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>> syria is a very complicated place, and what i am looking for is some guidance from the feds about how they plan to incorporate that into the decision-making process that they pursue. >> julie: boston mayor marty walsh wants to know more of how the refugees are screened and he is willing to work with the federal government. and manchester, new hampshire. aldermen vote to allow syrian refugees into the state. according to the union leader, members of the board voted against governor maggie hassan's position. the governor said she will not accept refugees until they can ensure that the veting process is secure. tell the paper that 500 syrian refugees could head to new hampshire. 4:36. new this morning a bullet flies through an apartment window in quincy. witnesses say that bullet came from across the water from boston before it shattered the glass. fox25's michael henrich is live in quincy with what we learned overnight. good morning, michael.
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>>reporter: good morning, daniel. we are working to find out more about this report of shots fired into this apartment building here on hancock street in quincy. one witness who spoke with -- who lives at this building, excuse me, spoke to fox25 and says he called 911 and was connected to not only quincy police but boston as well because he saw a second set of shots fired across the water. >> heard what sounded like two gunshots go off. went to the balcony to take a quick look, and saw a guy with a head lamp. heard more shots. saw some people running from underneath the bridge on the boston side, and i heard some shots underneath the bridge. a lot louder and kind of echoy. >>reporter: we are working to learn more if anyone was hurt and who police might be looking for. a witness tell us he saw three or four people running away and he describes that scene coming
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up in our next report at 5:30 up in our next report at 5:30. michael henrich, fox25 news. worcester police are planning extra patrols ahead of donald trump's arrival. they will increase the security detail for the republican presidential candidate's event at the youth center. no threat in the city but the paris attack and recent theft of weapons from an armory factored into their planning. investigators are still on the hunt for the suspect that stole more than a dozen guns from that armory. police say the suspect took high-powered assault rifles from the u.s. army reserve on lake avenue saturday. the burglary happened between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. surveillance images obtained show a male suspect at the scene with a dark colored bmw with sports rims. the second time a local teen's murder trial has been interrupted by odd behavior. phillip chism is accused of killing his danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer. her mother took the stand to talk about the day her daughter went
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the jury saw pictures the bloodstains on the door of the bathroom where ritzer was killed. after recess, the 16-year-old chism refused to come out of his cell and said to a court officer he was, quote, ready to explode. >> the defendant who did not respond to the court or counsel counsel's questions and was lying on the -- on the floor mumbling with his eyes closed. >> julie: the judge sent the jury home early and called in a mental health expert. we expect to learn more of chism's condition and how it will affect the remainder of the trial when court ends at 8 the trial when court ends at 8:30. a situation in waltham. investigators are on the scene last night on brown street. still no word this morning on what's going on or if anyone was hurt. we will keep you updated as we get more information from police. a beverly man is being held without bail for brutally attacking his estranged wife. police say axle shearer told them he did it. when officers arrived on the
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swing tied around her neck. she remains in critical condition this morning. yesterday. will be held pending a dangerousness hearing next week. it is now 4:39. the department of children and families is making major changes to keep kids safer. governor charlie baker announced a slew of new policies including mandated background checks and monthly reviews of all cases. the changes will help social workers identify which cases should be sent up for higher level of review. training will begin in february. the focus on dcf intensified bella bond. the department has been criticized how to handled complaints against bella's mother in 2012 and 2013. a proposed contest by a south shore police department chief. fox25 investigates obtained this internal memo here that went out to abington officers back in september. the memo said in part, quote, in the spirit of friendly competition, whomever has the most arrests and criminal
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october will be able to take a weekend off. the competition was 1 -- was voluntarily but defense attorneys say the competition creates the wrong motivation for making arrests. still the police chief tells fox25 he only had one intention fox25 he only had one intention. >> i still think the concept was good. i thought the thought pattern was good to reward the officers. >> daniel: the abington police chief said he immediately cancelled the competition after hearing of concerns from the police union. let's take a look at those live drive times as we check your weather and traffic every ten minutes together. you can see an easy 12 minutes right now on 95 from 495 to 128 right now on 95 from 495 to 128. major headaches there yesterday major headaches there yesterday. today, new day, new start. and we will have more relative drive times. fingers crossed. check in with shiri with a look at a very cold forecast. >> shiri: that's right, new day, new temperatures. you know who is joining the party in the 20s, plymouth, hyannis, the vineyard. now 16 to 20 degrees cooler
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than it was yesterday at this time. so yesterday you might have had 40s in those spots. this morning it is in the 20s there. even have teens in southwestern new hampshire. i will show what you time we crawl out of freezing territory coming up next. it is a dangerous problem that comes up every winter, fire hydrants bury fire hydrants buried under the snow. new at 5:00, the lessoned learn new at 5:00, the lessoned learned last year that have fire fighters asking for help. protecting passwords and profiles.
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. happening today, vote on a new law that could protect your privacy online. the privacy pro tech act can war employers and educators from asking for your social media profile. and stop school staff from asking for students' passwords or user names. will help stop breaches. >> social media is far more prolific in our eyes. it has become far more important and we have seen a number cases where the access to this information has been preached. >> julie: the law does allow schools and employers to intervene if they believe a user is proposing a criminal or safety threat. fandual won't be in the state of new york at least for now. fandual decided to stop temporarily allowing new yorkers to play their games. they will wait for a decision
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emergency court hearing. the attorney general asked courts to shut down fantasy sports site like fandual and draftkings calling it illegal gambling. the companies argue they offer of skill, not chance. red sox fans knew it was coming sooner rather than later. next season will be the final season for red sox slugger david ortiz. big papi have announced he will retire by the end 2016. fox sports was the first to report the news. ortiz is the most feared and clutch sluggers. as a hitter a sure-fire hall of famer but no designated hitter ever made the hall of fame. plus his name was linked with other big leaguers who tested positive for steroids in 2003. none of that matters to red sox fans though who will still feel the love on ortiz next season as he is bid farewell. by decide by deciding to retire, he will forgo a $16 million contract
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option for 2016. the boston bruins have played nine games at home this year, and they still have just two wins in front of the garden faithful. the sharks are in town last night and it was a feeding frenzy. goals for everyone. louie erickson put the bs up on top 3-2 in the second and then the sharks attack. carlson gets credit for this goal and ties the game at 3. former bruin joe thornton putting san jose up by 2. bruins defense not good enough. sharks win 5-4. you can expect to see extra security at the garden for the near future, boston police have additional officers on duty last night. this is in response to the attacks in paris. the increased security are expected to continue as the celtics host dallas. there have been no credible threats against the garden. taking a look at our roads. things moving along at a decent clip. the expressway not slowing you down too much as you head from
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93 south and route 1 look good and zakim bridge wide open. here are those live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. let's check in with fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri her. shir? >> hey, good morning, julie. hi, everybody at home. a lot going on or i should say a lot changing in the next 24 hours. today we still have high pressure keeping us dry, starting off our day bright, but chilly as we get into tomorrow. initially we start with the clouds and then we start pulling in all that moisture that is going to boil down to night. so for today, we have got nice, quiet start. 34 in boston doesn't seem too bad, right. boston city centers always a little bit warmer. i have the suburbs back into the 20s this morning and a warm-up that doesn't even start until about 7 a.m. boston. 37 degrees by 8 a.m. 10:00, 44. and how about upper 40s by
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lunchtime today and highs close to 50 in boston. future cast has a couple of passing clouds likely in the form of a little patchy fog through 8:00 this morning. then high, thin clouds that will be creeping in during the course of the afternoon. still going to make for mostly sunny skies. we are still going to get the sunshine penetrating those clouds pretty easily later on today. the rule will be lower 50s with boston at about 50 degrees. 51 in framingham. 50 in plymouth and 51 in lawrence. there are a couple of cooler spots like central massachusetts where worcester only gets up to about 48. northborough, 48. garner, 48 degrees. and include southern new hampshire in the chilly zone later today especially southwestern new hampshire with orange, jaffrey and keene in the upper 40s and last batch of upper 40s come from the outer cape where we will have chatham and eastham only at 49 later today. right around 50 degrees later on. no, it will not be as cold when you wake up tomorrow. 30s and 40s, but the clouds have moved in.
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a spot shower, something that we will be watching for during the morning hours, but the bulk of the rain is still out west. even here at noontime. so no more than a spot shower tomorrow. at lunchtime and for the evening commute, this is where we start seeing batches of rain push on in epicentral, western mass into new hampshire. the heaviest of rain will move in around 10 p.m. this is when it turns very rainy and breezy straight into your friday morning commute. so expect some slowdowns here on friday morning. because of the showers that are coming through. and some indications that they will even last a little longer than that. be ready for rain on friday through 10:00 in the morning. on top of that with a high of 56 degrees. morning rain. we have wind as well. and winds will likely be gust being 25 to 35 miles per hour. strongest friday morning, and as you can see, beginning to ease up friday afternoon but still staying a little breezy. 49 and partly sunny saturday, sunday you will wake up to freezing temperatures. high 46 with some early
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flurries and some early sprinkles. and monday into tuesday, keep us dry and highs in the low 40s us dry and highs in the low 40s. back to you. an earthquake shakes a large part of our region. still ahead, what we learned of how often new england have those earthquakes those quakes. next, a jilted bride takes out her heartbreak on her dress
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massport wants to add parking spaces to logan airport
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to keep up with the growing number of passengers flying in and out of boston. they want to add another 5,000 parking spaces but they have to get the state to lift the parking cap. the cap dates back to 1970 and sets the limit at just over 18,000 vehicles. massport also hopes to build a covered walkway to the blue line. a connection between new bedford and nantucket has received the final stamp of approval from the steamship authority. the officer le provide seasonal trips to passengers and the trip will take less than two hours. the whaling city express will begin in the spring. a popular brand of frozen chicken wings is being the recall include tyson hot wings with a sell by date of october 2016. you can see the establishment number right there on your screen. the product is recalled over concerns of an off-odor scent. after months and months of controversy, the board of education adopted a new test
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for students statewide. 8-3 the mcas-parcc hybrid test. it will take the current statewide assessment and add parts of the new controversial common core alternative. mcas 2.0 will be a graduation requirement for the class of 20 requirement for the class of 2019. >> it is time for next generation. we have been sitting on our mcas assessment for 18 years now, and so this clears the path. >> daniel: commissioner tester does not believe the timeline will be the problem. if you were driving through lawrence, a traffic alert. the central bridge will be closed for periods of time between noon and 9 p.m. police say it is for a movie production. while they won't specify which one, fox25 has reported that the new ben affleck movie the new ben affleck movie "light by night" is being filmed in town. a popular country artist is adding a second show in massachusetts. kenny chesney is adding a second show saturday august 27 at gillette stadium. plays at gillette the friday
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miranda lambert, sam hunt will also be performing. tickets go on sale on friday. the force will be with auctiongoers next month. southerby's a auctioning off the star wars toy collection owned by a japanese deejay and clothing entrepreneur. action figures from 1977 in the original packaging. southerby's say some of the figurines are incredibly rare. the auction is scheduled for december 11, one week before the latest "star wars" movie "the force awakens" premieres. a woman is dumped through a text message. they found a colorful way to cope. she and her bridesmaids don their. runners are sprayed with different color of paint as they complete their 5 k. the woman said this became her source of strength. >> it was pretty degrading. i wanted to have fun with it. i wanted to keep my dress. i wanted to maybe alter it or do something new with it, but i
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definitely didn't want to destroy it. >> the woman says she is grateful that her ex-fiancee dumped her and she wishes him the best. it is 4:56 right now. there is a new scam circulating on line this morning. the very real-looking e-mail from a cable company that investigators say is just a ploy to steal information. and we continue to follow breaking news in paris. a violent standoff in a hunt for terrorists. the arrests made overnight amid
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it is all paris authorities target terrorists. explosion and gunfire shatter overnight as police make arrests in new raids. a scare in the air for two u.s. flights bound for france. the threat that forced both planes off course. and a polish woman will teen a boston judge this morning for her unruly behavior on an airplane.
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