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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  December 14, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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give the gift of dunkin' coffee. only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. lady gaga and her fiance get con fronted by haters. now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> why prot swarmed her as fiance. >> she just got nominated for a golden globe. >> and did bieber dis kourtney's ex? >> she left justin's hotel at 4:00 a.m. >> and christmas eve birthday weekend with calvin. as dancing's new fiancee get candid.
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>> i want to see your sweet little up there. >> our weekend with j-law talking schumer and t globes. >> i could ride her down the carpet. >> and new cindy crawford area nd her minute me daughter. >> and dick van dyke's 90 rnlg birthday. >> the big "star wars" premier tonight. it is going to be the biggest ever? cameron is here. >> i was down at the location this morning. i have never seen anything like it. fans camped out, security intense. i'll take through in a f minutes. >> first swreshgs , we have chart topping couples dish with taylor swift and what about the rumor justin beeber is hooking up with the kardashian 15 years his senior? >> you are dating justin beeb sfler. >> justin and kourtney for real? on friday, 21-year-old justin
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moments after 36-year-old kourtney. her mom's boyfriend ushered them both into the same suv. kourtney was later seen lefrg his hotel at 4:00 a.m. while justin added a lot of fuel to the fire on sunday, there is this creepy photo. lord knows which seemed to be a reference to kourtney's ex-who called himself, of course, lord. a lot of people thought that was kourtney in the picture. we have an image from another angle angle. you can clearly see it is not her. justin bieber. they're just gfriends. and they're actually neighbors. so who knows if this is just a way of them joking around with attention. >> and taylor cozies up to calvin. she wrapped up the world tour and time to celebrate turning 26. the couple posed with santa at a holiday/birthday party in malibu. the first public outing since november.
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the 1989 world tour documentary. weekend. the fillsome available on sunday. >> more couples news, lady gaga and her fiance con fronted by anti-fur protesters. >> sh oun, laid n you, lady gaga. shame on you! >> activists yelled at the couple and tried to block their suv. moments earlier, it was all smiles when they showed off outfit. >> taylor stars in "theforest." he told 2015 has been good to them. she just got nominate ford a golden globe. >> you screamed down the phone at her. >> i heard. yeah. year. but all good things. all good things. >> all right. taylor, gaga we're still waiting for to announce a wedding date. i'm thinking holidays, new year's eve.
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speaking of big dates, to night is the big "star wars" premier. the excitement has been building for mont i had to go to hollywood boulevard and check it out for mysel we've got a star size ten, a mile of hollywood boulevard is shut down. security is everywhere. this could be the biggest premier inhistory. but let me tell you something, it's also one of the most secretive. >> we know they're asking celebrities to wear "star wars" chic attire. we have t theaters here. all the films stars will be there including mark hamil, carrie fisher and harrison ford. >> we hear everybody is just getting two tickets. >> i have more than two tickets. truth be >> the force was with our spies as they snapped the pictures of secret press ofrt weekend. and the filmmakers are asking everyone at tonight's premier refrain from revealing spoilers
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>> you have selected your dress? >> yeah. maybe. > secrecy. i'm going to be there tonight. i literally cannot wait. whatever she wears, you know she'll bring it on the red carpet. >> no about. that and so does jennifer lawrence. we were with her in new york for the premier of "joy." she is nominated for a golden globe against her bff amy schumer. i spoke to amy right after the nomination was announced. she told me she w already drunk and we found out well amy and jennifer really do have a lot in >> no, i was drunk, too. i actually sent her selfie of me in bed with wine before we knew about it. >> of cou jennifer is up for joy while amy now j-law's collaborator on a new movie is up for "train wreck." >> amy said your friendship is now over. >> the friendship is completely over. i just lost her number. it's over. it's do >> yeah. >> no, no. we both agree. we want her up there.
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that i can say. th i want to see her sweet little ass up there on tha stage. it will be good for our movie if she won. it will be really cool. we're trying to see if can sit next to each other. >> you have. to. >> very civilized and fun. >> i love that idea. >> wouldn't than civilized. >> who you are rooting for? they're battling out on the set. >> i think we all want amy to win. >> that is j-law's co-star bradley at last night's premier for "joy." his date was his mother gloria. >> she is gorgeous. >> oh, thank you. yeah. gloria is also one of my favorite names. >> it's a great name. no one names their kid gloria anymore. >> bradley cooper couldn't get any better, we couldn't love you more. i love the picture of you your mom with the matching shirts. >> i was on the way to the dentist, actually. they got us. i looked at her shirt. i went oh, mom. we look like we coordinated our ed d outfits. >> "joy" is inspired by a wom
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started with a simple drawing. >> i have real ambitions and real ideas. >> so what kind of inventions could the cast come up with? >> these are glasses to give to teenagers that have eyes on them so you can't see their eyes rolling when talk to them. >> from robert de niro, a special bike for his kids. virginia madson invented a flying car. >> i should have it out this spring. >> isabella came up with a ring that translates animal sounds. >> i think all pet lovers would want to talk to their animal. i think we are do. but it will be nice to have them answer. >> my favorite, j-law's dish washing cabinet. >> this is water. that is a drier. and you can -- dishes get washed in the cabinets so you don't have to put dishes >> it is a great idea. and jennifer just scored three
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when the critics choice awards nominations were announced. so talented. >> great act >> i ment for the dishwasher >> nice. will smit not nominated for a critic's choice. he is up for golden globe for "concussion." our reporter covered football for years but first topic is that globe nomination and how will found out. >> i'm asleep. i was rath aggressively awakened by a clean >> a good smack? area. on my glute. >> jada him good. but will's role as dr. bennett who discovered deadly brain trauma in nfl players who field is a very serious one. and to play the pathologist y meant going into the lab. >> i spent time with them and
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>> what was that like? >> it is complete dismantling of a human bod yifrment the way he performs an autopsy is this beautifully paradoxical spirituality. >> he is going to war with a corporation that has 20 million people on a weekly basis craving their product. >> how did it make you feel when you heard, firsall, he was going to portray you? >> i excited for him. when i met will, i discovered he was such a good guy. >> tell me the truth. >> how do you think this fillsome going to r with people? >> when people go to the theater, i hope they come out with that truth and with that reality. i captured it in a way in the that will inspire people to the heights of what it means to be america. >> and everybody is talking about his performance in the movie.
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michelle joins us now. you report for espn, what are people inside the nfl sayin about this movie? >> hey, nancy. it's tough for me to speak, obviously, for the nfl. i can tell that you i'm -- i have a chance to talk to a handful of former and current playe and it's pretty split. some are cautious about seeing the film and others really want to seat e thefilm. i saw it. it is an important film to see. >> i can't wait. >> thank you very much. >> it's good. >> thank you. >> well, coming up, we have dick van dyke's 90th birthday and dancing's new fiances. >> and will farrell aft his snl surprise. >> you decided to phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh...
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i turned out to be the smart one. >> oh, my. will farrell there making a surprise appearance "saturday night live" returning as g.w. bush. skewered all the republican frontrunners and will told us it was a real no-brainer. that tops tonight's quick hits. >> they wanted us to see if we can think of something to make an appea on the show. >> then you have this knucklehead. >>yep. will roasted trump. >> the extreme that's are expressed in the republican campaign right now dawned on me, wow, this could be good. >> it makes you miss me, doesn't sflit. >> will and co-star mark wahlberg in new york premiering the holiday comedy "daddy's home". >> he has a lot of heart. >> also in new york, selena gomez, demi, the week, and joe jonas leading his group.
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ball sty >> and the i-heart radio event, we zeroed in on charlie who earned three grammy nominations and a nod for "see you again," his tribute to paul walker. it's been long day >> i never met paul. and he's the reason why i have a music career right now. we're so of you. >> thank you so much. >> and rhonda's marine corps date report. >> he is a real gen >> the ultimate fighting champ arrived at lax after attending the marine corps ball in south carolina with a lance corporal who invited her on facebook. one thing she didn't do that night? >> i don't dance in public. >> and one more quick hit, "mike & molly" will come to an after this season. melissa mccarthy will this to say. i was shocked and heart broken when cbs canceled "mike &
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50 more years. i'll miss my second >> only we're talking to dancing's max and pita about their engagement. >> how did you know this was foreever? >> then cindy and her model daughter, ice cube's son playing him, the lookalike celebrity kids following in their parents' footsteps. and dick van dyke at 90. his disneyland birthday bash is ahead.
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how sweet is dwayne johnson getting cozy with liz girlfriend's baby bump. their expecting a baby girl. i love this. she joked, let's big daddy doesn't equal 20 poundbaby. >> congratulations. and ouch. he already has a 14-year-old daughter withex-wife. can you see the resemblance of his dad. hollywood has a lot of kids that
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check it out. >> my daughter sent me a really sweet text about how proud she is of me. that means everything. >> it's a mother-daughter relationship to env reese and eva are so close, they created a fragrance together. >> we went through all of them and tested each one. she definitely knew what she didn't like, what she liked. it was fun. it was a mother-daughter project. >> i have followers. i have 52. >> david beckh making some brooklyn remember who is the boss. the 16-year-old already has a couple of modelling gigs under his david admits he keeps his boys in check but he's not so tough on his daughter har >> i have no power with that little girl number power what whatsoever. i'm definitely stricter with the boys than i am with harper. that gets me in trouble with my wife. >> cindy crawford was at a best buddies event. her daughter looks just like mom.
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>> and jackman junior looks so much like his famous dad ice cube he got to play him in the bio pick "straight out of compton." >> i have something to say. >> what do you people learn about your father after seeing the movie? >> his courage. at a young age, he displays incredible courage and confidence in himself. that's why he is the man he is today. >> gigi and their sister get their looks their momma. >> she is our favorite person in the whole world. she always supports us. every day on set she is texting us. it's really fun. prince george not only looks like his dad, they even dress alike. and finally, rob lowe's son at 20 so much like his father that he's getting in the family business. scoring a reoccurring roll on dad's series "the grinder." >> he was one of the leading interns in stem cell research. look, the world doesn't need that. >> no, they don't need t >> what the world needs are more
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>> well, he will be on the show again in january. and rob and hii wife know how to make smart kids. the oldest son matthew is gearing up for school. >> listen, there is still time to shift over to acting. don't do it matthew. don't do it. speaking of gearing up, the "dancing with the stars" ga working hard on their tour. it is lookingfantastic. it launches tomorrow in salt lake city. also in the works, max and pita's wedding. we got them gushing over their engagement. can we see the sparkler? hold it up to the camera. how did you know this was forever? >> it was that i couldn't see myself with anybody else. so he's like literal lit love of the love of my life. >> you wou say no when i was proposing? would you say, let me think abo >> no, i wouldn't. >> i don't know about love at first sight.
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tl it is, it grew and it grew and we had to work some things. bbut tend of the day at the end of the day, we love each i'm not planning anything else. i'm done. >> the wedding is all on me. >> you want no planning of the wedding? zero. >> max and pita were raising funds at the ball benefiting children's miracle network hospitals. >> any child can come in their parents and get treated for free. no child is going to be turned away. no expensive costs. >> meantime, pita dancing up a storm with brother val. they're prepping for the "dancing with tstars" live tour that starts tomorrow. val is crazy excited to have pita in thefamily. >> if he wouldn't have done it, i would have done it for him. you know, we wanted her to be -- i wanted her to be my sister-in-law. >> now that max soft market, val is feeling the heat. >> my mom has been like, well?
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>> row plans is in the >> row mance is in the air. >> we get to see plenty of the guys. >> you have shirts off or open. and you're still wearing a shirt. are you saving it? >> by the end of the show, like end of the tour he'll have shirt off and wearing short shorts. >> it's good thing they don't have to haul a lot of wardrobe around. they'll be cities across america. >> a lot of dancing and singing going on celebrate a big birthday this weekend. playery mary poppins dick van dyke turned 90 years old. happy birthday to you >> there just no slowing him down. dick, his wife and thousands of fans celebrated at the most practically perfect place for a party, disney land. >> this is the cherry often of my entire life. i said when i was a little kid, i wanted to be in a disney movie. but this tops that. >> check this out. >> oh, my god! >> a flash mob broke out for
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organized by his wife. >> whoo! >> happy birthday, dick. he was recently asked how stays so full of life. he said, "don't anything that isn't fun." >> i think he makes everything fun. >> he do >> he sure seems. to in our birthdays, which high school musical star never actually went to high school? is it zach efron, ashley tisdale or vanessa hutchins? the answer is coming up
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on, a "real housewife" scammed. watch our exclusive intervi how she got duped and the big reward she offering for information that can help her case. and the health scare a mob wife star. how she discovered letter cancer is back. plus, seven revealing we learned from tlc's duggar special. it's all on
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intonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "high s musical" star never twoebt high school? >> i was home scho >> that is vanessa hutchins. the awards will in april on cbs. but blake shelton and luke bryant will be hosting together like they've done the last years. so luke is on the hunt for a replacement. >> somebody that loves country music. somebody tha little better looking than. kind of like last year. >> who will be? we'll make the big announcement tomorrow at 8. 306789 a.m. pacific time on you don't want to miss that.
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