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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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wind is now at 6:00, a local van driver could face charges for forgetting to drop a child off at school. how long that 5-year-old was left alone and the interview with that driver you will see only on fox25 this morning. victory begins its first full day of deliberations in the trial of a danvers team accused of raping and killing his math teacher. how the timeline can play a major part in the verdict. if you don't have one, you may is have to get one. the new fine drivers could face if they don't have an e-zpass.
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coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> and good morning, everybody. 6:00 now on this tuesday morning, december 15. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. way. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is watching the radar for us. >> shiri: more on the way for about the next two hours. so we have rain from boston all the way back into worcester and all the way up to keene. this is the end of it though. once we get this splash of heavier rain out of the picture, the drying process begins. the rain is still yet to push across all of southeastern massachusetts. parts of the northern south shore seeing some downpours shore seeing some downpours.morning, but really plymouth, you are just start plymouth, you are just starting to get a taste of it right now. really, really mild with 50s and 60s. by 8 a.m., temperatures do take a hit, because we have got a cold front coming through. temperatures will drop as it does. so we go back down to about 50
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this will be the end of the rain. i can see a couple of showers still kind of close to the coast here. at 8:00, after that dry -- check out how we brighten up by noontime today. temperatures back in the mid- to upper 50s by noon. and then during the afternoon, we hang out in the 50s. so 54 to 58 this afternoon. turns partly sunny, but the winds will start gusting as high as 50 miles per hour. look at how long the windy conditions last coming up. right now julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, how are the drive times doing. manageable. tobacco tracking two accidents. shifting north, new accident on route 1 southbound near salem street. as you work your way through saugus and approach revere, you will see that accident, so part of your commute leave a few minutes early. your live drive times. 22 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin.
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495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes from 128 in peabody to the wesson tolls. gene and sara, back to you. mechanik problems delayed hour. a kingston line was stopped between braintree and south weymouth. they tweeted out that the line was delayed for 80 minutes. the train lost all power before south weymouth leaving passengers to sit in the park. the train got moving an hour later. no reports on any delays on that line. on fox25 this morning, we are hearing from the van driver who forget to drop a child off at day care. >> the 5-year-old fell asleep in the back and was left alone for nearly an hour before someone saw him. fox25 jessica reyes was live in lawrence for that driver admits that made a mistake. jess? >> hi, sara, good morning. that little boy is very young, just 5 years old and this morning, police are still
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that bus driver spoke only to fox25 last night. that boy was left all alone on the bus when he headed to day care yesterday morning. he was forgotten by that hired private bus drive and the driver never checked to make sure everyone got off safely. a woman driving by saw that little boy and called 911. our crews did speak to that bus driver yesterday and he says he is a single father of two and he feels all of about this entire thing. >> one mistake. the little boy fell down to sleep. and i looked back and i saw that he went to school and i went home and this happened. i feel so sorry about that. >> and little boy was on the bus for 45 minutes by himself. the charges that driver could face. jessica reyes, fox25 morning
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happening this morning, jury begins the first full day of deliberation in the trial of a danvers teen accused of raping and murdering his math teacher. the jury of eight men and four women are deciding the fate of 14-year-old phillip chism. deliberations resume at 9:00 this morning. catherine good morning, gene. deliberations and the jurors could go until 4:00 if they don't come back with a verdict before then. the fate of phillip chism rests in the hands of the jury. and the jury got it around 12 and the jury got it around 12:45 yesterday afternoon after they heard closing arguments from both sides. each painting a very different picture of 15-year-old phillip chrisam for murdering and rape chrisam for murdering and raping his math teacher cal lien ritzer in 2013. chism's defense making the case that he was mentally ill when he committed those crimes
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the prosecution reminding the jury that no evidence of mental illness was found playing the video from danvers high school again. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is deliberate premeditation. >> phillip chism a kind, smart 14-year-old commits -- committed these terrible acts when he was in the throes of a serious mental illness. you might be able to see the verdict form. it can find him not guilty by a lack of criminal responsibility which would be the insanity defense. hay lot to weigh from a couple of weeks of this case here and also need to weigh the different charges here too. we did speak with legal analyst brad bailey and he told us that the aggravated rape charge could take a lengthy deliberation than some of the other aspects of this case and we will explain that and hear from him about that coming up in the next half hour.
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parrotta, fox25 morning news. and when those jurors do reach a verdict, fox25 will alert to you it on our news app. also we will bring you live coverage right here on the air air. neighbors say a brother and sister who died in fire were very close. they were killed sunday in a home. fox25 was there as investigators returned to the scene yesterday. we are told both siblings had a hard time walking neighbors say it seemed like they stayed with each other until the very end. no word on the cause of the fire. a new hampshire man accused of trying to burn his mother's house down told a judge he has been suicidal. justin ca in dumped gasoline to the back porch of his mother's home after an argument. prosecutors argued for high bail saying cain is a marine vet atlanta suffers from ptsd and pose as danger to the community.
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$50,000. police were called to arrest this man. the man bought something and then police say when the clerk opened the door, he pulled out a handgun. the suspect is accused of reaching into the drawer, grabbing cash and taking off. police in westfield are warning people of counterfeit bills. the money looks like a real $1 the money looks like a real $100 bill and feels waxy and if you look closely it says "for motion picture use only." mather and teenaged son are he heading to court. both are accused of attacking their next-door neighbor as he looked at a christmas tree. jim cerafice was admiring his tree when his upstairs neighbor came and attacked him neighbor came and attacked him. with a pair of scissors. >> he opened the sis cores causing me to have defensive
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cuts to three of my fingers. >> the victim said on going dispute over i shall use cleaning up after a dog. he was charged with violating a protection order involving his neighbors. boston transit leaders want local cities to help chip in on a cost of the greenline expansion project. state rep bill south says cambridge, somerville and medford should help pay for the green line expansion. straws is the state chairman. as fox25 reported, the mbta's fiscal patrol board said that clapping the project would remain an option until an affordable version of the project is presented. meantime, more signs that the t will be ending late the t will be ending late-night weekend subway and bus service next year. the globe reports that the fiscal control board asked to begin the process of cancelling the service. we have been reported for months that the control board has been considering ending the service. the board said it costs too
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time to maintain the aging trains and buses. 6:09 this morning. tonight, the celtics get another shot at the king. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers will be at the garden to battle the celtics. the cavs have the best record in a ron rondo being suspended for directing a gay slur to a referee. kennedy ejected rondo for calling him an offensive term. he publicly revealed that he is gay. rondo apologized. kennedy said he chose to come out to show that no one can make you feel ashamed of who you are. baseball great pete rose will not be reinstated to the game but he may have a shot of getting into cooperstown. new commissioner rob manfred will not lift rose's lifetime ban because he believes that rose still bets on baseball; rose's hall of fame eligibility is a different issue. manfred says the hall of fame
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own if the all-time hits leader belongs on the ballot in the future. that has not been the case until now. if you were leaving the house we have fog, wind and 50 degrees. 55 at 7 a.m. 8 a.m. about 54 degrees. that is the last of 9 rain. i will tell you what time the winds really get cranking next next. the mbta driver who abandoned that red line train misses an important meeting with his bosses. the reason his lawyers say he stayed home, and what fox25 investigates has uncovered about his work history. and first, potentially dangerous process now under investigation. a car dealership accused of selling recalled car without fixing the problem. by the way in case you missed it, our special documentary on the historic needham-wellesley football game at fenway park can be watched on demand.
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find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. . welcome back, 6:14. meteorologist shiri spear with a healthy swalt of rain from into northeastern massachusetts and up into the seacoast of new hampshire. also bragging some heavier
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extending down to uxbridge and millville. new this morning, drivers who don't have an easy pass may face an extra charge once toll takers are eliminated next year. the transponders are free, but some drivers still won't get one. fox25's michael henrich live at the weston tolls with a closer look at the new plan. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning to you. this here -- this is a familiar sight for anyone who drives the pike. the toll takers here in weston and nose like them around the state. they are going away starting in october of next year and that has some people upset. now if you have an e-zpass, your commute should get a little smoother, but the herald reports some state represent trivs worry represent trivs worried about those to -- representatives are worried about those that don't have an e-zpass. those that do not have the device and use the pay by plate to receive a bill for the tolls.
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force them to get the e-zpass that they don't want and might believe is an invasion of privacy. the pay by pay fee also not be revenue generating and only to cover the cost. again the toll taker removal starts in october of next year. good news for drivers. gas prices are going down. how much? that is coming up in 30 minutes. ing live in weston. a consumer watchdog group say the biggest used car dealership in the country is putting people at risk. during a recent visit to a carmax lot in north attleboro, they found 17% of vehicles had open resource. the founder of safety institute said he was able to buy this 2012 jeep from the north attleboro location. it has three recalls on it. the carmax associate told him about the problems when he asked and said that carmax
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any vehicle is sold. >> these are not insignificant problems. these are real problems that have to be recalled under federal law. >> gene: carmax tells us it provides vehicle specific information about open recall to every retail customer prior to purchasing a new vehicle. mr. cain knew about the open recall prior to the sale and he purchased the vehicle nonetheless despite having the opportunity to walk away or return the vehicle. . a bill currently in congress could make it illegal to sell recalled used cars but right now it is completely legal. it is important to note that only manufacturer authorized facility can fix recalls, not independent used car dealers like carmax. the newest bay state location is in norwood. >> shiri: turn it over to the forecast and a lot of different things going on for the day. it is going to be wet. it is going to be foggy.
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it. the reason i am saving those checkmarks for lunchtime and the evening commute, we have a wind advisory and the winds will be strong now potentially do damage. not not widespread damage but it will get pretty sloppy around here. at least these morning showers will not last us all day and this goes through 6:00 this morning right now. i only think it will last us two more hours. after two hours we dry out and the windy takes over. but there are heifery downpours anywhere between worcester and boston, extending up to manchester, new hampshire. so it is going to be a little slower going this morning just because of that. these were the approximate end times in boston. gloucester at 7:57. it will be 8:00 for those showers coming to an end for good over areas like plymouth. right now 50 in boston. temperatures have dropped over 10 degrees in the last three hours. we have had a major cool down because the rains coming in. rain cools things down.
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coming through which is going to null that cooler air. 50 in boston winds at 23 miles per hour occasional gusts and in boston the potential for rain through 8:00. brighten out late morning and early afternoon. noontime, 57 degrees. we are pulling a couple of afternoon afternoon clouds and temperatures start to sag through the lower 50s as the kids coming home from school and folks are heading home from work. 51 in worcester right now. 47 in lawrence. 53 in norwood. we we still have 60s over southeastern massachusetts the front hasn't come through yet. futurecast by 7, 8:00. this is where the showers are going to sit that continue to push offshore that brighten up significantly by lunchtime. noontime and a couple more clouds filling across the
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a little brighter in southeastern massachusetts but all things considered, 56 in plymouth and norwood. 52 in worcester. 55 in nashua. and 56 in hyannis. just remember, it will be real windy out there. i know the temperatures sound real good but a wind advisory from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. that could knock down a few tree limbs and could have isolated power outages. 30s and 40s overnight and then for highs tomorrow, we are going to work our way only into the middle 40s. a much cooler day here tomorrow. warm-up comes back to town for for thursday and any highs back in the 50s and a little taste of reality the cold weather which should be here for december finally arrives. 58 and turning windy and brightening up on wednesday tomorrow, 48 degrees. thursday we have got developing rain during the afternoon and evening hours
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i just fear although it is going to be warm and wet, a little tough to enjoy. south eastern massachusetts as you can see expected to see some of the heavier showers. by the weekend 39 degrees saturday. breezy with flurries. 45 on sunday and a little bit brighter. >> gene: thank you, 6:21. big uber news on the west coast. what happened in seattle that could become reality here at home. a final gop debate before the primary takes place tonight.
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new in morning, the u.s. government has started testing new procedures for testing social media for those applying for visas. the wife involved in the mass shootings in california reportedly talked about supports isis on her facebook page. tashfeen malik sent two private messages to a group of friends saying she hoped to join the fight for isis. she sent the messages before ply plying for a visa to come to the united states. a new push to fight back against the terror groups using social media to radical using social media to radicalize people. the u.s. out of representatives will approve a
6:23 am
offline. the bill will require president obama to order an is used. the president will have six months to give a strategy of countering terrorism use in social media. an army sergeant held captive will face a court-martial. sergeant bowe bergdahl is charged with leaving his post. he admits to leaving on purpose. he was captured by the taliban and five years later freed in a controversial exchange. if convicted, he faces anything from dishonorable discharge to life in prison. tonight the republican candidate will have their final debate of 2015. nine candidates will be on the stage. donald trump will be flanked by ted cruz and ben carson. the first time that trump is questioned by his rivals about his plan to ban muslims from
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coming into the united states. nationally he holds a large lead over ted cruz and ben carson. happening today, former congressman gabrielle gifford will join new hampshire lawmakers to announce new coalition to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. giffords was shot in the head in arizona five years ago and she has been an advocate of gun control ever since. her husband mark kelly will be by her side. it will be announced tots at 11 a.m. if you have ordered a gift weeks ago and still haven't shown up, you are not alone. the reason for the delivery delay and the deadlines to get those gifts out by christmas. and i have got a pretty crazy range in temperatures from the 40s to the 50s to the 60s depending on where you are 60s depending on where you are. gusty showers and fog and plain wind at p.m. i am timing out all those changes next.
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shore love their roast beef. a popular sandwich shop may have trouble staying in
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jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. now at 6:30, it is warm, folks. downpours making for a slippery commute. shiri is tracking heavy rain that is moving through our area right now. and good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, december 15. thank you so much for joining us.
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>> i am gene lavanchy. while you were sleeping, we hit 60 degrees. 60 on the drive into work. car thermometer was like what is going on here. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear is tracking that forecast for us, shiri. >> you are shorting us a degree. it was 61 degrees at 3:08 this morning. that is so far the warmest temperature that we have seen in boston today. temperatures actually back down to 50 in the city itself, but you can see showers are moving on through along with it, and i want you to be prepared for fog. fog will be an issue simply because visibility will be a challenge whenever we have those showers out there visibility down to 6 miles. current conditions dropping into the lower 50s. worcester and leominster. hollis seeing a swath of heavy rain that extends down groton and stowe and the same band is moving across areas like marlborough, natick and dover.
6:29 am
north shore very wet. seacoast very wet. and boston down to 50 as we mentioned mentioned down from 61 earlier this morning. so we are still just in the early process of cooling down. 60 in acushnet. and those cooler temperatures coming for you guys as well. 50 with rain by noon. 57. 58 at 3 p.m. partly cloudy. now julie grauert with live drive time traffic, >> julie: julie we are going to start with this accident route 1 southbound at lynn street in revere. route 1 already a hevlly traveled spot for the morning commute and this accident will slow it down even more. you will see that reflected in our drive times. pike, a little bit slower as you head from the hopkinton area and 495 and make your way eastbound to the weston tolls. expressway jammed from furnace expressway jammed from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. live drive times, 36 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 46 minutes from 93 south to
6:30 am
29 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: mechanical problems delay a commuter rail train for over an hour. last night at 9:30 the wingston line was stuck between braintree and weymouth between braintree and weymouth. they tweeted out updates saying the line was delayed 70 to 80 minutes. the train was shorted out leaving passengers in the dark. the train got moving later about an hour later. jurors returned to the courthouse in salem weighing the future of phillip chism, the teenager accused of rape the teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher inside danvers high school. >> sara: catherine parrotta is live at court where the decision could be tough to reach even though both sides admit that he did it. >> reporter: that's correct, sara, but still a lot of evidence they are going to need to weigh and a lot of
6:31 am
resume deliberations at 9:00 and will continue until 4:00 if they don't reach a verdict before then. phillip chism's you fate is now in the hand of the jury. the jury got the case 12:45 after hearing closing arguments. each painting a different picture of 16-year-old phillip chism on trial for murdering and raping his math teacher colleen ritzer. the jury finds phillip chism guilty or not guilty and can find him not guilty for a lack of criminal responsibility which will be the insanity defense. legal analyst brad bailey says deliberations cannot be quick because of the aggravated rape charge. >> that is going to take a lot of time for jurors to sift through and look at the medical evidence even if they have gotton a quicker concensus consensus on the murder charge consensus on the murder
6:32 am
charge could keep them out for a while. >> and that's because the jury will need to determine if ritzer was still alive during the assault in the woods and they will weigh all the evidence to try to come to consensus on that. and chism's defense made the case that chism was mentally ill when committed the crime. no evidence of mental illness was found and that the acts were premeditated. both sides had one last chance to make their cases in the closing arguments yesterday. fox25 was in the court room for those closing arguments and you will hear excerpts frat arguments the next half hour. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: when jurors reach a verdict fox25 will let you know on our news app and live coverage on the air. a 5-year-old is left alone on a school van for nearly an hour. the driver telling fox25 that it was a huge mistake. our jessica reyes is live in lawrence with the interview you will see only on fox25.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, gene. police are looking into how exactly that happened and this driver could face child endangerment charges. that driver spoke only to fox25 last night. it the boy was left all alone on the bus. he was picked up from his house by a private hired bus driver and fell asleep. that driver never doubled checked to make sure everyone got off. a woman driving past the bus on prospect street sought little little boy and dialed 911. the driver feels terrible and the next half hour we will hear from him. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. an organization is under way in the way in the of a woman hit by a commuter rail train in ashland commuter rail train in ashland. it happened in the area cherry street and tilton avenue. a come in her 50s was trespassing and walking illegally on the tracks when she was hit. transit police and the da's office is investigating.
6:34 am
deadly hit-and-run in quincy. a 78-year-old woman was killed crossing be rgen parkway. a man in his 50s was the driver of the car that hit her. the driver was a black station wagon and possibly a volvo and had front end damage. the driver got out of the vehicle after the crash, looked at the victim and drove off. this morning the attorney for the driver who lost control of a red line train said that his client is sick because of all the stress surrounding the incident. david vasquez's lawyer said vasquez missed a disciplinary hearing because his doctor told him too. he was driving a train and went out to flip the switch stand not security brakes send stand not security brakes sending the train several miles down the tracks with no one at the controls. his attorney -- said that my
6:35 am
driving those trains. it is horrible. amount of stress. he cares about the people and passengers and the accusations have been very difficult for him. fox25 learned that vasquez's employment was not continuous. he worked from 1987 to 1991 and then again from 1994 to present leaving a three-year gap. the mbta told us they could not comment why he left and came back because personnel records are not subject to public disclosure laws. mass dot officials don't know if he had been fired before or if he faced any police palestinian nary issues in the past. questions are being raised how the mbta updated information about that run away train. >> no, we don't have anything on that. what's going on. >> faction receiving that video transmission between braintree and transit police where braintree police is tell transit police about the
6:36 am
they said it was protocol and learned about it a minute later. the other big question, why the public wasn't given information until three and a half hours after the incident. >> one of the issues we can look at in the investigation is should we have communicated with the broader pub flick a different way. -- public in a different way. >> gene: a full report is expected out in the next week or two and fox25 will stay on top of every new development. this morning leominster police is warning of a call scam. the caller says he is from isis and threatens the person that answers reminding people never to give out personal information on the phone. the owners of a landmark are facing federal charges. two owners of nick's famous roast beef with tax fraud. the wife and son of one owner has also been inindicted. the owners of the north beverly restaurant have been accused of losing $6 million of income to the irs.
6:37 am
the true cash register receipts from the store and filed false tax returns. this morning comedian bill cosby taking legal action against some of the women accused of raping him. his attorney said that cosby never drugged or sexual actually assaulted. the false opportune the false opportunistic accusations caused cosby to suffer loves nobody and mortification. and voted to revoke cosby's honorary degree saying in statement that his treatment of women brought significant and lasting disrespect to himself and inconsistent with the school's values. cosby has denied all of the allegations from dozens of women and have not been charged with a crime. this morning experts are predicting the bay state's first casino will make less money than expected. according to the globe, state budget analyst estimated that the painridge park casino
6:38 am
it was estimated to be $100 million more than that. the rival twin river casino in rhode island is believed to have generated more than expected. rhode island officials worry that the new massachusetts casino just 11 miles away would hurt their bottom line. 6:39. the mother of a fallen soldier is hope is hoping to preserve his memory with a local park. the down of drake ut has set aside the land for the water front park. the plan is for a dock, green space and seating area. now time for fund raising. the park is estimated to cost $500,000. the mother of army specialist matthew bulay says it is what her son deserves. >> for you and me and everybody in this country. and we should tell him that he meant something. >> gene: she has set up a go fund me account. we have a link to it on >> julie: traffic and weather
6:39 am
a 53-minute drive from 495 in landover down to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: the winds are chipping about worcester at 33-mile-per-hour gust there is 33-mile-per-hour gust there is. 29-mile-per-hour in plymouth. winds strengthen into the afternoon easily gusting 30 if not 40 miles per hour. a couple of gusts as high as 50. i will tell you how long the windy weather stays put next. well, we know it can get tense at the dmv, but this takes it to a whole another level. the disagreement that prompted this wrestling match. good news this holiday travel approaches, gas prices are going down. but one industry isn't passing the savings along. that is coming up. in case you missed it or our special documentary on the historic needham wellesley game at fenway park game at fenway park can be
6:40 am
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa for the content
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give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get 3 pounds for $19.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back at 6:45. steady rain through cambridge through lexington back to westford and natick. southern new hampshire getting in on it. nashua area and southeastern massachusetts. the rain has filled in. gas prices at their lowest level in six years. those prices at the pump are expected to drop even lower which mean in -- pays less than $2 a gallon can be the norm. michael henrich is live at the weston tolls with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. nice to have good news with holiday around the corner. around the corner from me is the weston tolls
6:44 am
this area surely will be crowded for the christmas week vacations, but a little good news for folks as gas prices according to aaa are shaping up to the lowest since the spring of 2009. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in massachusetts is $2.07 and even less this new hampshire. that equals a savings of $.64 less per gallon compared to filling up this time. and $1.50 less than at this point in 2013. >> it is an 8 cylinder and quite a bit to fill it. as the prices go down, it is easy to fill it and i travel more. michael henrich >> reporter: as far as air travel, say airlines are not passing along fuel savings to their customers. ahead coming up in a half hour, reason that changes to these tolls could add expenses
6:45 am
minutes. live in weston, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. seattle has become the first city in america to let uber and lyft drivers unionize unionize. drivers are considered independent contractors and a new ordinance allows all taxi drivers to bargain collectively and it applies to uber and lyft drivers too. the spokesman didn't comment on the ordinance but said uber supports its drivers. uber and lyft drivers in boston cannot unionized. good morning, 6:47. we are getting into the thick of that morning rush hour. you can see from the traffic flow os mine map, steady orange starting around i-95 in sandover working united states way southbound as you approach the clove leaf through medford the clove leaf through slowing into 495 and continuing into billerica. the expressway jammed from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. a little further south.
6:46 am
average speeds of about 22 miles per hour starting the brockton area continuing to randolph. 31 minutes from route 1 the tobin. 21 minutes from the expressway to braintree road. and 25 minutes from 123 to 128 and 25 minutes from 123 to 128. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us. i know, shir, that you are keeping an eye on some gusts that are coming into town as well as showers that with us >> absolutely. winds are gusting around 30 miles per hour with some of these rainshowers and still not the wind i am talking about when i say it will get real windy. showers are gusty and will be over by 8:00 this morning and then the winds increase and they will be gusting up to around 60 miles per hour at times this afternoon. that is much stronger that can take down a couple of tree limbs and more power outages. this is system as a whole. this front is further to the east zipping right along and
6:47 am
pretty fast movers. the latest timeline on when showers will come to an end. ending in providence rhode island around 7:09 this morning and cambridge at 7 :23. boston at 7:26. new bedford 7:48. preliminary nought at 7 preliminary nought at 7.58. right around 8 a.m. in falmouth. like i said 8 a.m., we have a totally different picture in place. we will still have lingering clouds, but the clouds break apart, by late morning, early afternoon. the sun is shine the sun is shining and will brighten up and will turn very breezy in here. a few more clouds that really fill back in during the afternoon away from the coastline. central western mass and that's where we turn partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees in boston. temperatures are already dropping because of the rain coming on through, the front coming on through. rains only at 10 miles per
6:48 am
through 8 a.m. and 57 and appear and will stay in the upper 50s through most of the afternoon as we add some clouds. go with 56 degrees in boston. 57 in norwood and plymouth. 55 in framingham. lower 50s out toward worcester and keene. manchester, new hampshire, 55 manchester, new hampshire, 55. hyannis 56 degrees. low temps back into the 30s and 40s. your wake-up temperatures tomorrow. 40 in boston. 30s in the burks, rbs and high of 45 degrees tomorrow. the warm-up will be on the lame side. more rain develops thursday afternoon and evening with a high of 52 degrees. still very mild. risk of a shower. 30s on saturday. breezy with flurries. warmer and brighter. my pick of the weekend with a high of 45. back to you, guys. >> all right, shiri. she captured our hearts request. thousands of christmas cards are arrive
6:49 am
little girl who lost her family in a fire and that's not all she is getting. coming up the generous prize she just won. and a new study shedding
6:50 am
coming up at 7:00, w anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built
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happening today, federal reserve will begin a highly anticipated meeting that could end with an have rate hike. the fed expected to raise rates for the first time in nearly a decade. board members have been hinting at the increase for most of the year. the decision will be announced tomorrow afternoon once that meeting is over. new at 6:00, popular social media site pinterest is cutting back on advertisement. they will be focused more on attracting money on retailers and companies that use their site. pinterest will no longer offer support for marketers outside of their core areas of retail and consumer goods. pinterest has more than 100 million monthly users who post everything from fashion to baking tips. delivery deliveries so far a bit delayed this holiday season. analysts say orders placed on cyber monday took 20% longer to arrive on door steps. an early sign that the holiday rush may be too much for
6:53 am
in 2013, a late surge on online orders cause dead lays and many packages did not make it in time for christmas. retailers hope this year will be a repeat. a deadline is fast approaching. fed ex -- you will need your packages for tomorrow for standard ground delivery. ups will need packages by friday and first-class mail has deline of this saturday. you can pay more at all three carriers to ship on the 23rd in time for christmas. and an unbelievable outpouring of support for a little girl in new york city who was badly burned in a house fire that killed her dad and brothers. safyre perry said all she wanted was christmas cards from people all over the world for christmas. get this, she received 195,000 cards in just one day. and she and her family will be going to disney world for a week all expenses paid. the organization behind the
6:54 am
raise money to help family raise money to help families like safyre's. check out this awkward christmas card that has gone viral. the guy in that turtleneck is away from home going to college and as a gag, he wanted to trick his family thinking he marry thinking he married a random woman. he sent out an ad on craigslist asking for people to pose with him for a fake christmas card. >> it was some kid wanting a weird, the strange and i am like, all right, i can do this like, all right, i can do this. >> sara: awesome. the two kids by the way are the women's real kids who wanted to join in. so now that the card has gone viral, all his family knows about this hoax except grandma who is not on social media. he is hoping to get at least one real action -- poor grandma. >> gene: christmas cards do tend to get predictable so a good move. >> sara: i wish i could get that creative. >> gene: i like the kids
6:55 am
>> sara: grandma with step >> sara: grandma with stepchildren. >> gene: making it a more elaborate hoax. a mother and her son arrested after going after a neighbor. the dangerous weapon a man was attacked with while he was looking at a christmas tree. shiri, good morning. >> shiri: good morning. the lowest weather threat will be fog. rain inconvenience putting in modern category. the biggest threat is the wind. we will show you how it increases when it is strongest next. and fighting back against
6:56 am
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