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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 17, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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when he rose the >> julie: following breaking news after child trying to get on school bus and hit. >> sara: neighbors on edge after man follows her home and
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>> he wanted to get inside my house. >> sara: only on fox25 the teen is called what's the scariest night of her life. >> julie: rollover wreck we have been following that brought to stand still for part of the commute. complete new england news complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good thursday morning, everyone, now 9:00 on december 17th, christmas eve is just 1 week away, hard to believe that it felt more like winner this morning. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is here. good morning. >> shiri: hey, good morning, you guys. 30s and 40s on the map and thankfully got temperatures all above freezing, so it is plain rain, no snow, no ice and a little bit of green you could see in and around the norwood area, kind of misty this morning so far, don't have any real heavy showers in place but you could see by noon time the drizzle picks up a little bit
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afternoon will range from the mid-and upper 40s north and west of boston to about 50 in the city itself at 3:00 p.m. and middle 50s over southeastern massachusetts, but a steady rain by 3:00 p.m. and then by the evening commute we got pockets of heavy rain that are coming on through. so temperatures today from 44 to 54, boston landing in the middle and patchy drizzle this morning get ready for the heavier afternoon and evening rain and show you how long it sticks around coming up but right now over to you, julie, for check on roads. >> julie: good news as far as accident we have been follow. live look at rutherford avenue inbound and emergency vehicles on scene. however, in this shot looks like they have actually moved that box truck out of the way and so things should start to open up within the next i would say 15 or 20 minutes and still slow on 93 south from medford into somerville and expressway slow from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road.
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minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connect and her 32 minutes on 99 because of that accident from route 60 to rutherford ave. >> julie: new details we are following in whitman. 15-year-old girl hit by a car on the way to school. take a look. this is picture of the car that struck her, see the impact knock the passenger side mirror off the car. good news is girl only has minor injuries on arm and knee and she is being checked out at south shore hospital and driver did stop and being interviewed by police right now. >> sara: police in littleton are searching for a man they claim chased a teen home while she was walking her dog and harassed her banging on her front door. the woman is sharing her story only on fox25. description of suspect this morning. jess? >> jessica: sara, the teenager says the suspect here with light
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accident and thankful to be okay and this has taken away the whole sense of security. she says it all started on this stretch of king street in littleton on monday night and walking her dog when the man first came up to her to ask for directions and when she tried to run home, she says he followed her. >> i was going to throw up. i was going to throw up. it was probably the scariest thing that i have gone through so far at this point. >> jessica: what started as routine walk with her doing lucky what is the most terrifying night of her life and passing by badger funeral home on king street and strange man in white rav4 drove up and asked for directions. >> i was like sorry, no, i don't continue to ask where i'm from, how old i am. >> jessica: she tried to get him to go away telling him lucky would bite but he kept circling. >> i was walking my dog and
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of his car and trying to talk to me. >> jessica: she ran home at that point and that's when things took more terrifying turn. >> he was banging on my window and calling me all sorts of names and he wanted to get inside my house. >> jessica: she fears he probably would have if it hasn't have been for lucky who kept charging at the door. casandra called her mom who then called 911. >> i looked out my window and he turned on high beams so i couldn't see his license plate. >> jessica: police combed the area but this morning the man is still out there, and casandra says it wasn't much but lost all sense of security. >> i can't go out to my car by myself, i have to have somebody watch me. >> jessica: once again she describes the man as light-skinned man about 5'9" wearing glasses and spoke with a bit of an accident and
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look at the suspect. live in littleton, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: new this morning ten dcf workers off the job. the state agency fired ten employees failing to get social workers required by new state law. they required licensing after death of six-year-old boy. five-year-old jeremiah oliver went missing after social worker skipped numerous visits to his home. julie: shooting rampage spans 50 miles. police say man fired randomly from pickup truck on major highway as they drove through three counties and rampage started around midnight and shooter fired on multiple cars and suspect has turned himself in. officers believed this is a road rage incident and we will bring you more details as we get them. >> sara: police arrested riand rough of west barnstable
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right now being held at barnstable correctional facility police just arrested rough over the weekend and charged him with oui. we now know why a local principal is no longer on the job. fox25 first told you last week swampscott high school principal ed rozmiarek was placed on leave yesterday he resigned and 62 officials said it was because it was inappropriate use of high school commuters. in letter to parents the strict says none of the allegations involved any swampscott students parents we spoke with are disappointed in what happened. >> it is just upsetting when it is hard enough raising teenagers today and you want them to have good role models and it is upsetting that the principal wasn't. >> sara: fox25 confirmed state and local police have been to ed rozmiarekose home and troopers would not say if there's a criminal investigation. >> julie: operator of the runaway train will challenge
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his attorney says it is a rush to judgment. last week vazquez stepped out of the train to troubleshoot a problem and did not secure the brake and went self miles without a driver. his lawyer says he denies wrapping a cord around the controls before stepping out. >> he has been clear, absolutely categorically denies wrapping a cord or rope around the braking system or acset railer. >> julie: his attorney says he shouldn't have been fired without a union investigation. they are challenging the dismissal. >> sara: gabriel and marco bitran were sentenced yesterday in federal court. prosecutors said they made false false statements about a hedge fund. fund lost millions of dollars and they received millions of fees. gabrielle was prestigious professor at m.i.t. at sloan
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>> julie: 37-year-old kevin white died after what his family says was illness and with his patriots when the bombs went off and light hit with shrapnel. >> julie: lead are of france underfire. this morning they refused photos of james foley at the request of his family. she told french news service she did not know and accused her being like islamic state militants and tweeted the picture saying this is isis. >> sara: today the body of u.s. army ranger will be flown. new hampshire native andrew amesbury died last week during a training exercise in georgia. amesbury was from strafford and graduated from dover high school tomorrow the dover baptist church will hold a public
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funeral. >> julie: new antipolice protest on streets in mistrial in case of police officer charged with manslaughter. officer william porter one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old man died in the back of police officer car this year. it sparked riots across the country. gray's family is calling for calm through the process. >> the family is not angry, no one else should be angry. >> julie: jurors could not agree on charges disagreeing look at live -- >> julie: 36 minutes right now from route 60 to rutherford ave and otherwise route 113 minutes 128 to the tobin and 37 minutes on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures right
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what you're doctoring for 10:00 a.m. 45 and 47 here at 11:00 this morning, see what time the 50s and downpours are back next. >> sara: new questions this president's cabinet. what the defense secretary regrets doing during his first month on the job. >> julie: plus four years and still no break in the case of missing new england child. what the girl is you used to sleep like a champ. then boom. what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids. now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. enter the slemp number bed with sleepiq technology. you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleepiq tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep.
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is is >> sara: syed farook's friend could be charged today. enrique marquez has admitted to planning a different attack with farook back in 2012 but that attack was called off because police arrested another terror group in california just around that time. sara: infamous drug company ceo who jacked up the price of live saving pill has been arrested at his home. he is facing fraud charges for illegally taking stock from biotech he started in 2011 and accused of using it to pay off
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he is the ceo of the pharmaceutical company and raised the price of drug to fight hiv and cancer from $13 to $750 a pill. >> julie: another top obama administration figure admits to using personal e-mail. justin, this time secretary of defense. >> reached out to the pentagon this morning and just received this response. defense department spokesman admitting that secretary of defense ash carter used personal e-mail for personal guys and considers that a mistake. secretary carter just arrived this morning in the kurdish region of iraq and meeting with u.s. forces helping in the fight against isis and told cbs news for iraq it was mistake to use personal e-mail and as soon as it became clear to him it was against policy he says he stopped. new york times report finds that
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carter used personal e-mail for government business and then continued the practice for at least two months after it was publicly revealed in march that hillary clinton was using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. 2012 the defense department adopted a policy that bars all employees regardless of rank or position for relying on personal e-mail for government business. now, carter says in the statement we just received that he never used that personal e-mail to use -- send classified information. he said only discussed administrative issues with senior staff but he says since then cutting back on personal e-mail he is cut back on using e-mail at all for the most part in his government functions. reporting live in washington, justin gray, fox25 news. >> julie: four years ago today in maine a little girl disappeared but police say the case has not gone old.
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the police say it is still active. she was 20 months old. no arrest has been made in the case but tips continue to come in. this is the largest criminal investigation in maine state history. ayla's mother asked people to light a pink light in memory of her daughter. >> sara: gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan of springfield was one of five service members killed during the july attack on military recruiting centers in chattanooga, tennessee. yesterday the fbi confirmed that gunman mohammed abdul aziz was motivated by terrorist propaganda and as a result the military will classify the action. >> julie: 9:17 and look outside at how rutherford avenue is faring. blocked. you're getting by on far right-hand breakdown lane so we are going to see backups about a half hour to route 60 as you head -- from route 60 to
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that box truck accident that happened at 6:45 this morning. a little bit slug nish medford as you approach somerville, expressway jammed from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. here are live drive times, 13 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 30 minutes on 99 as you head from route 60 to rutherford avenue. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and grab that umbrella as heading out the door you will see rain out there. >> shiri: absolutely. this morning it is in the form of drizzle and fog developed and really expanded especially into central and western massachusetts but this even the biggest weather threat heavy rain and that very same fog, even more areas impacted and even worse visibility. you don't see much green on the map but especially south of boston we got a couple spots for the south shore, over to providence, rhode island, southcoast, we are picking up drizzle. 44 from portsmouth to lawrence to boston and plymouth and
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this and boston terror with clouds right now a little bit misty and damp out there, but by 1:00 p.m. we got a more widespread drizzle, 49 , lower 50s will do it for highs this afternoon, versus somewhere worcester like 47 where it is going to be very foggy, check out visibility near zero right massachusetts. it stays foggy and damp all day and stays cooler. we have only got 40s on tap this afternoon, so north and west of boston staying cooler, south and east of the city stays a little warmer and future cast hour-by-hour here does have more of these patchy showers developing into early afternoon between one and four going to turn widespread but it is still going to be on the light to moderate side. after 4:00 p.m. future cast on your screen here tends to turn heavier, we get pockets of heavy rain through the evening commute, some of the heaviest rain of all expected over southeastern massachusetts straight through dinner time tonight and into the evening, but by 10:00 this evening it is out of here and by midnight we are dry again.
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fog will lighten up in time for the morning commute tomorrow, 50 boston, 49 bedford and lawrence, middle 40s from nashua down through worcester and then we got the middle 50s over southeastern massachusetts where the rain isn't going to have quite that same chill. tonight fog, showers and 40s and check out tomorrow's of 50 but for the day tomorrow going with mostly dry weather. the exception to that mostly dry rule ends up being again southeastern massachusetts. keeping close eye on the cape for the chance, not the guarantee but the chance of shower because that disturbance front today is going is the sit pretty close by offshore and latest model forecast that i just showed you involves a little more rain than we were seeing earlier this morning and then for saturday i got flurries all day 30s, but check it out, not much in the way of any of that snow sticking, just a little too warm and sunday 40s and brighter. back to you guys.
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turned tragedy into beautiful music to help others heal. >> there's a humongous void in our life and our home. >> julie: high honor for sandy hook honor for the album he
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>> michael: spencer is praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader.
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> sara: happening now hundreds have been up all night to watch the star wars series before the new film debuts at 7:00. these folks went to the movies while most were still sleeping this morning, except us. fox25 michael henrich is in revere where the excitement is only growing with each passing hour. >> michael: whole lot of excitement here to capture the experience and build-up to star wars the force awakens. >> ayla reynolds -- >> michael: force awakens very early in the morning. >> couldn't think of better way to spend thursday instead of
9:25 am
movies, highly anticipating the new one. >> michael: showing up at movie theater at 3:30 a.m. >> perfect way to skip school. >> michael: do teachers agree? >> yeah. >> i'm a sith. >> michael: six earlier star wars movies leading up to the new release episode seven. >> guup watching all the movies and first thing i wanted to be was r2-d2 and then changed to dolphin. >> michael: across the country star wars awakens brought in $100 million in presale tickets. >> nothing will stand in our way finish what started. >> michael: thursday's marathon cost these fans $60
9:26 am
day. all fueling their new hope that the force awakens the movie they have been looking for. >> i'm excited, i think it is going to be great, i'm optimistic, huge fan since i was a little kid. feels like being a little kid again embezzle will they smash? they will try. >> julie: theaters across the country are stepping up security ahead of tonight's premier with shows sold out and record setting crowds expected like michael mentioned, movie complexes have hired extra guards. others are bringing in performers to entertain the crowds waiting in line. theaters are also making sure they have plenty of popcorn, conde and other concessions like what, red bull?
9:27 am
out on may 25th, 1977. back then sir duke was the number one song. gallon of gas cost 65 cents. don zimmer was managing the red sox and little thing called the apple computer went on sale for the very first time. >> julie: now we have this, apple computer in our hands. >> may the force be with you, my friend. >> julie: and you. >> shiri: expect quarter to half inch of rain, most of it coming into town tonight latest timelines next. >> sara: lights are on and displays are moving and one critical piece of holiday display is gone. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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is is >> sara: breaking news child was struck about 6:45 this morning. the brockton enterprise is reporting 15-year-old girl is crossing the street to get to her school bus. that girl is now in the hospital luckily with just minor injuries the driver of the crash stopped after the crash. good morning, everybody, it is thursday, 8:45 this morning, i'm sara underwood in for daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert,
9:29 am
unless you're already at the movies and doing marathon, star wars marathon. >> shiri: it is a bit damp out there and seems to get under your skin a little bit and visibility now and does not look good. not in worcester where visibility is near zero because of fog and we have serious fog in nashua, fitchburg, westfield, down into parts of the south shore and southcoast this morning and foggy situation will go as we go through the day, 44 in boston, 41 in framingham, 40 in acton, 45 in ipswich and 43 in west bridgewater. temperatures a couple degrees warmer, southeastern mass where we have pockets of rain, see another blast of drizzle moving toward bridgewater now and some newly developed drizzle out toward spencer and auburn and expect to go to steadier drizzle likely within the next
9:30 am
day planner goes like this, temperature upper 30s to 40s, 45 in boston, mostly dry though. we got patchy drizzle that continues on and off through the morning by noon time still in place at 48 . 50 here at 3:00 p.m. with a more widespread drizzle and then by 7:00 this evening it has turned heavier, we got dense fog, we got rain in place, i will tell you how long it stays that sloppy coming up and now over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. what's happening out there, julie. >> julie: accident we have been following all morning and three lanes closed on rutherford avenue inbound and creeping around the side, far right-hand lane and breakdown lane caused us trouble all morning long and delays on to 99 into everett. here is look at 93 south where little bit of slowing as you approach somerville, otherwise pike looking pretty good. slow spots are in the allston-brighton area. here are live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to
9:31 am
split to the pike and 27 minutes on 99 from route 60 to rutherford ave. >> sara: impressive display outside of fall river home once again lit up and moving this morning, but there's still one big thing missing. this week thieves made off with a critical piece of this display catherine parrotta live outside the home with look at why it will be so hard to replace this item. good morning, catherine. >> catherine: good morning, sara. 1 week away from christmas eve and this is the display we are talking about behind me and homeowner came out a little bit earlier this morning and got all of this set up for us, inflated for us, sense of this display here, this is how it looks every night, turns on around 5:00 and listen carefully you won't hear anything and that's the key piece of display missing after it was stolen. >> too often just myself, so i started this with the kids in the neighborhood. >> catherine: it is a winter
9:32 am
paul grant's fall river yard. >> first year lights on the porch and that was it and every year i keep adding and adding. >> catherine: 18 years ago one was a control box singing 20 christmas songs to grant's light display and bringing join to the neighborhood at the end of anthony street. >> to see the kids out there dancing and come all over the neighborhood, it is really nice and see the kids have fun like that, you know, and now it is gone. >> catherine: christmas caper discovered by grant 5:00 p.m. and plugged in the display and didn't hear the music. >> my heart i feel like they stole from the kids. >> catherine: he will replace the box if not returned and displaying still shining even without the music and 1 week before christmas eve grant hopes this holiday grinch might have a change of heart. >> bring it back. no harm, no foul. don't have to see me, just put it in my yard. >> catherine: the musical
9:33 am
right behind the green and red dinosaur that you see there and it is still missing today and asked the homeowner about that. a little bit of good news. did say the story has gotten some attention and also brought him an offer in somebody from tiverton, rhode island and provide him with replacement box and going for the rest of the holiday season and still hoping whoever took the box will put it back in his yard and no questions asked. for now live here in fall river, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: terrifying night for littleton ton as man harasses her on the street and show spoke only with fox25 about what happened. jessica reyes is live in littleton where police hope they will catch the man. >> jessica: light-skinned man with stocky build and wearing glasses and spoke with bit of an accent and describes this whole encounter as something out of nightmare. she says it started on king
9:34 am
monday night and walking her dog when the man first came up to her to ask for directions and she said eventually was uncomfortable and man followed her. the girl is 19 and out for usual nighttime walk with dog lucky when man drove up to her on king street and asked her for directions and september circling around her and her dog and she got nervous and it took more terrifying turn. >> all of a sudden i hear banging on my door and i looked out my window and his high beam were on so i couldn't see the license plate. i was going to throw up. probably the scariest thing that i have gone through so far at this point.
9:35 am
on front door her dog lucky was barking and she thinks that's the only reason he didn't come in. police are still searching for the suspect. we know they are going around to local businesses hoping to get their hands on surveillance video and maybe get out to public and we will let you know about that if we could hear back from them. jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> sara: former umass medical school doctor accused of taking picture of women in woman's bathroom plans to fight the charges. dr. marcus cooper pled not guilty to secret sexual intimidation and disorderly conduct and in october student on worcester campus says she heard someone take a photo while she was in the bathroom and she says she chased cooper outside and due back in court in february. sara: new hampshire high school says rape trial of elite private school pushed them to cancel all school dances except for prom. former st. paul school student
9:36 am
sexual assault charges of 15-year-old female student. exeter high school has been trying to stop inappropriate behavior at dances for years and say labrie's conviction pushed them to cancel the events altogether. >> julie: quincy police now identified a second man broke into a home and tied up a pregnant woman. police say william macken of revere should be considered armed and dangerous. he may be driving a 2004 green ford pickup truck. nearly two weeks ago fox25 brought you live breaking news coverage of the home invasion on president's lane. a pregnant woman was tied up and more than $40,000 in cash was stolen. a second suspect was arrested near the scene. julie: people still -- looking for man riding four-wheeler on golf course. you can see the tracks from the four-wheeler. damage will cost the course $30,000. >> sara: explosive find in
9:37 am
several boxes of dynamite were found in a warehouse once used by construction company. explosives exerts were called in to handle the situation. that's just how they did it. the dynamite put on dumptruck full of sand and boxes driven to this construction site and destroyed by a controlled explosion. >> julie: it is now 9:39. a new hampshire town rallies around a family who lost everything in a weekend fire. the ward family's home was destroyed. friends of the family have already raised more than $60,000 the victims are touched by the support. >> people want the love of the people and we don't do enough for that. we wait for tragedy. >> julie: the fire department is collecting donations too.
9:38 am
he tweeted out the go fund me site to thousands of followers. >> sara: high honors for the person that started the ice bucket challenge. ground was broken at new building on endicott college and named after pete fratas who grew up in beverly. the ice bucket challenge raised millions to fight als. the whole family is honored by the dedication. >> for pete it has always been about not him but what it stands for for those that have come before him and those that are soon to be diagnosed with als. >> sara: there was a surprise as well for pete's daughter, lucy. look at how cute she is. she was offered a full four year scholarship that includes tuition, room and board in the dorm named after her dad. >> julie: we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. here is look at live drive times starting to see drive time on 99 creep down very slowly, at 22 minutes from route 60 to rutherford avenue.
9:39 am
because of that accident on rutherford. shiri? >> shiri: slight risk of showers through the morning and going to be real spotty stuff and going to be out there. once we hit 5:00 p.m. today, solid 80% chance of rain, 100% chance at 8:00 p.m. and all out of here by tomorrow morning and get out all of those changes coming up. >> sara: change is coming to chipolte. what the fast food company is
9:40 am
getting sick rating at the [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no!
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that. epic! [ bark ] praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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blank punk. >> julie: newton teen is still smiling after meeting lebron james. fox25 spoke with him about the gift lebron gave him. >> reporter: from his driveway at home aaron miller has impressive shot but he tells us about the game at the boston garden. >> it is amazing. >> reporter: lebron james at special moment with aaron who was at the game being recognized as hero among us. >> he said congratulations, buddy. >> reporter: aaron had a stroke when he was a baby and now has severe damage and beat all odds and learned to do anything he wants.
9:43 am
sports with only one hand. >> reporter: lebron didn't stop with a quick hello. he told him he wanted to talk to him after win over the celtics. >> i saw him taking his shoes off. and i was like no, no. and it happened. >> reporter: it sure did. here is photo catching look on aaron's face. >> when he walked over, ran over, he touched my heart and was like my role model, i have a lot but he is my sports role model. >> when i saw the story, i felt like i was a part him. >> reporter: aaron says he is not letting size 15 shoes out of his site and never forget the moment.
9:44 am
model too. he will put the signed shoes in locked case so his older brother doesn't get ideas to take off with them. >> sara: beautiful story. i love that. sara: father of sandy hook victim has been nominated for a grammy but it is for a album he never wanted to write. saxophonist jimmy green wrote the album beautiful life to help him grief with the death of his daughter anna. she loved his music and knowing she would be proud of him from the award nominations makes it that much more special. >> anything she embodied was love. she loved to sing and she loved a lot of the songs that were on the recording like maybe from the musical annie and prior i recorded something was i prayed with my kids every night before bid or many nights before bed.
9:45 am
the sandy hook shooting and wants to follow in his father's footsteps to make music. >> julie: massachusetts homeowners will not have to worry about a ice dam insurance deductible. company was trying to add the deductible but state insurance regulators said no. they can damage interior walls and ceilings and plan to offer the deductible who had multiple claims in recent years and in danger of having policies canceled. >> sara: new hampshire taxi owner threatening to have his cabs off new year's eve. the owner of great bay taxi is taking a stand against uber. he says uber drivers are violating the transportation ordinance in portsmouth and city officials are not enforcing it. the taxi owner says other cabbies are considering joining him and driving in dover on new year's eve. >> julie: all morning
9:46 am
three lanes blocked because of box truck rollover, happened at 6:45 and dealing with delays ever since then and going on three hours now and can see just the far right lane is open. backups on to 99 and on 93. you can see a little bit of slowing on 93 northbound actually as you head toward the cloverleaf. pipe moving along fine and 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 20s minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 30 minutes on 99 as you head from route 60 to rutherford ave. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us and what do we have to look forward to, shiri? >> shiri: more rain, more fog, julie, and things going a lot downhill as make way through the day. spreading rain today so goez from drizzle and mist by commute and expect dense fog to expand. right now only spots where it is truly against, only spot is worcester but we are seeing the fog grow now and get worse by
9:47 am
cape showers possible but rest of us dry out. 45 right now in boston. we got clouds around, might be a little bit misty or damp but don't have any significant showers, through the morning see spot sprinkles continue into early afternoon, temperature up to 51 here by 3:00 p.m. and that's around the time the rain is turning much steadier here and on the heels of that it is going to turn heavier by four, five, 6:00 this evening. heaviest steadiest stuff off to the west and southwest but by noon time today we have got more patches of drizzle out there and then into the evening hours. rather as kids coming home from school, check that out, we have widespread light to moderate rain. still a lot of green on the map here. see the yellows and oranges roll in during the evening commute favoring southeastern massachusetts, in particular for some of the heavier downpours, up into boston, through dinner time tonight. by 10:00 this evening, it is winding down, i expect it to be
9:48 am
will take a little bit longer to lift but should be gone by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. so friday morning commute with future cast involves clouds, that front right there gets a bit stuck which means it is closest to the cape, that's where well have the thickest clouds and chance for shower. rest of the area further inland you go, brighter it will be so go with partly cloudy forecast for your friday. today 50 in boston. we got low and mid-50s over southeastern massachusetts but northern mass, central mass, southern new hampshire, temperatures getting stuck mostly mid to upper 40s, so going to be quite a cooler rain there. 40s overnight as showers and fog go until about midnight as i mentioned and for tomorrow still on both sides of 50s but tomorrow the rain is going to be limited just to the cape. chance of a shower to the cape. rest of the area partly sunny. saturday flurries, breezy, all day 30s. check out temperatures though on sunday. going a little bit warmer with temperatures in the middle 40s you can see it is the warmer of
9:49 am
it will also be the brighter day but both days will be blustery and temperatures next week staying very mild in the 50s for highs, best chance of rain is going to be on wednesday. back to you guys. >> julie: mother pulls off the incredible for her family. don't want to miss this. reaction that is going viral this morning. >> sara: there she goes. we are giving away a prize everyday until christmas. today's winner is heidi of ashland. congratulations heidi, you just
9:50 am
>> sara: chipolte vowing to
9:51 am
norovirus and they will do norto guard against bacteria in central prep kitchens before going to locations. 150 boston college students caught norovirus after heat eating at the cleveland circle chipolte. chipolte is apologizing by taking out full page ad in the herald saying they are deeply sorry. it continues to read we are continued to be known as food safety just as we are known for using very best ingredients in fast food setting. >> julie: information on pet small is on the screen. we circled the lot code. the four others are on other side of the screen. return the treats to pet smart for a refund.
9:52 am
to pay people to get hitched, but there's a hitch here. swanlove offers $10,000 to couples who want to get married, but only so long as they stay married. couples who get divorced have to pay it back with interest and you get penalized more the longer you're together. the interest rate will be higher for couples who throw in the towel closer to twenty-fifth anniversary. the site expected to go live in february. >> julie: minnesota mom gets a chance to take half court shot. take a look. did you see that? she threw it, missed by a mile so kind of doesn't pay attention then it bounces and goes in and has a complete meltdown. so cute. very unconventional but it all matters as it went in and even
9:53 am
the shot and got the chance to shoot from half court because her family raised most money from school fundraiser. >> sara: i could watch her expression over and over. it is so awesome. >> julie: good for them. half off tuition. granny shot what we call it. how is the weather? >> shiri: not looking fantastic. 50 this afternoon and developing rain. >> sara: have a great day,
9:54 am
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