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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 30, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, we are off to a freezing start and waking up to the coldest day in months. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is timing out a very slow warm-up. >> michael: weather across the country is miking it tougher for people to get back home. the deplays piling up at logan airport. a discovery in the woods leads back to a missing persons case. the grisly find that could lead to murder charges. new england coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> michael: good morning, we survived the first taste of winter. i am michael henrich in for daniel. >> julie: i am julie grauert. start that car.
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windshields, the front ones, the back ones, the back ones. if there is any moisture in your doors, it will be frozen up this morning. >> shake sure you have a lot of the windshield wiper fluid because driving in with the moisture, it will freeze on the windshield. kind of lucky. 25 in boston. 26 in norwood. 23 in beverly. 23 in worcester. so it is cold out there. it is even freeze it is even freezing in plymouth and new bedford. 40s on the cape and that is my one spot this morning where you won't have to watch out for icy spots. look at this, 6 a.m., a little drizzle and a couple of flurries popping up. not a lot of moisture, but, again, i can tell you it will be slippery on untreated roadways, sidewalks and steps today. and at noontime, temperatures crawling to or just above freezing. we will have loads of clouds around and could be a sprinkle at the coastline. but that drive home from work is looking chilly with mid upper 30s. in eastern massachusetts,
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further inland which is a big concern as we start talking the overnight forecast and some more freezing rain across the interior. 36 to 42 36 to 42. not a lot of wet weather today, but i have the latest on that freezing rain tonight coming up freezing rain tonight coming up. julie, send it back to you for a check of the roads. shiri, those roads will be tricky because of any thighs may be frozen so be very came especially on side roads, on matches and off-ramps. route 1, 93 south are green in our traffic flows because volume is light. pike looks fine from framingham through the weston tolls. look at that on our camera lens look at that on our camera lens, the ice crystallizing on left-hand side what you will encounter on the road. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the weston tunnel. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree expressway to the exit to the pike. we begin with breaking news in hamilton after we are learning of a car that crashed
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look at that video on c hepako road after 2:00. the drive was able to get out of the car and was not hurt. the large response on the scene the large response on the scene. we have dmuls police to see if this crash was weather-related or caused by something else. we will bring you an update as soon as we get it. as julie said the roads were sleek and caused numerous accidents and close calls last night. state police posted these pictures of a trooper's cruiser that was hit by a piece of ice. it slammed into the windshield and cracked it. the ice came off another driver the ice came off another driver's roof. you may find ice tough to chip away on your car. state police said you need to make sure it is cleared off before you hit the road. in ashland, police tweeting out this photo of a car that slammed into a pole around 6:00 on howe street. no word on that driver's condition. several days of strong
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at airports including logan. over the last three days, more than 10,000 flights have been delayed or cancelled across the country. at logan 126 flights were cancelled and more than 300 delayed just yesterday. fox25 spoke with a couple from texas who have been told they won't get home any time soon. >> the first is the soonest we can get to texas at all. >> reporter: the first? are you serious? >> houston, austin, dallas, the 1st. >> julie: the backlog should begin today blue take days to get all planes back into position and the stranded passengers back home. be concern from riders as the t runs into trouble. blue line passengers had to wait for shuttle buses during the evening rush hour. the trains couldn't run between madden and bowden because of a broken grid in a tunnel. a frozen switch yesterday slow a frozen switch yesterday slowed trains on the red line during part of that morning rush.
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on slick streets in the back bay. a few route 39 buses weren't able to get past this section of clarendon street. it took about an hour to remove going. it is cold during your commute. stay up to date with our fox25 weather app. free to download on the apple store or google play. now 4:05. two people are recovering after a plow hit them in kingsboro. the privately contracted plow hit the man and woman in a parking lot at the pheasant lane road. they are both 29 years old. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. the driver has not been charged the driver has not been charged. a car and a plow crashed into each other with into each other with the man pulling the gun on the plow drivers. police say he and the plow driver got out of their vehicles and started arguing after they almost collided near an apartment building. that when mccollum flashed a
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the attorneys are arking that the plow driver should not have been on road. >> his license have been suspended and driving with a suspended license. >> reporter: police say mccollum told officers that the weapon was a bb gun but later said it was a 9 millimeter. he said he shouldn't have lied but mccollum punched him first. he is a married father of two and his hearing is set for tomorrow. the suspects of a kidnapping of an avon man if they will face murder charge. a hunter in upton found the remains of james robertson over the weekend. robertson was kidnapped on new year's day in 2014. two men posing as constables asked him to come for a drug test. a third man is charged with ordering the kidnapping and former dedham police officer is accused providing a badge, uniform and empty gun holster used by the kidnapers. police are searching for a
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of a murder in mattapan. breaking in our 9 a.m. newscast breaking in our 9 a.m. newscast. the two young men were shot near blue hill avenue. the victims died a few hours later. witnesses saw a black acura speeding away. searching for a second suspect in a doubled murder earlier this month. 36-year-old is wanted for murder. a man and woman were shot to death on the way street. a third person was injured. er in suspect michael deleon was arrested the day after the shooting and is being held without bail. a salisbury man is offering a reward for the return of his plow stolen from the front yard. richard hughes said someone stole the 700-pound plow outside his pheasant street home. every winter he use the plow to make extra cash clearing driveways and parking lots. he is offering $1 he is offering $100 whoever returns it to him. mbta police hope these
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indecent assault suspect. a man in the picture assaulted her after following her from the red line to the green line at the park street station. he is 5'7"and between 20 to 25 years old. the search in new hampshire for a man that robbed a store with a gun. surveillance image from that store of the suspect. police say it happened monday night at goslin market in manchester. the clerk told police that a man wearing a surgical mask walked into the store, flashed a gun and demanded cash. a pretty clear surveillance photo of a woman wanted in a shoplifting case in milton. she went into the nuttshell store and dumped children's clothesing into her bag until it was full. when she was finished she left and came back for more. police are hoping someone will recognize her from this picture recognize her from this picture. s it now 4:08. new this morning, relatives of a massachusetts teenager killed in a terror attack in israel visit the site of that tragedy. the parents of ezra schwartz
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the 18-year-old from sharon was killed when gunmen open fired on cars stuck in a traffic jam. he graduated from the monomy school in brookline. on sunday his parent went to the scene where he was killed. a deadly crash on christmas eve have many asking for safer intersections. karen evist was leaving and an out-of-state driver struck and killed her. many say these crosswalks on washington street are not cutting it especially at night. her family believes lit crossing signs or crosswalks. >> they need to look at the crosswalk and make definite changes. it could be a kid or another mother. >> michael: they will discuss the crosswalk safety at their next meeting in january. police are investigating whether that driver will face charges. a massachusetts family who
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iraq is dealing with a devastating fire. flames damaged the o'hare family home in rockland yesterday morning. marine lance corporal walter o'hare was killed in action. his moth very nearly a dozen children, some of them adopted. they were all asleep when the fire started. >> and another person. and -- and thinking, people will help me. i guess i will get by. >> a go fund me account has been set up to help the family recover from the fire. two mattapoisett police officers are being called hero for saving an entire family. the two officers were working the overnight shift on christmas morning when they responded to a home on mechanic noise. they heard what sounded like an the officers pounded on the door and woke up the homeowners. once inside they realized the house was full of carbon monoxide. >> that were my family in the
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officer to go through every avenue to make sure they are safe. en. >> michael: the family of five just moved into the house and they believe it came from a gas fireplace they use for the first time last night. the pike through bright on. you can see a little bit of frost gather on the left-hand side of the camera lens. that is what you are going to encounter on the roads as well. be careful out there in the morning. expect slippery spots, shiri. >> just to reiterate that, julie, temperature-wise, boston at 25 degrees. we are only going up to 27 by 5 a.m., by 6 a.m. i am going to time out a very slow warm-up when we come back. the star of the show "glee" arrested at his own house. the federal charges that the emmy award-winning actor is facing and how police to smash their way into his house.
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the safety reca this morning another republican presidential candidate is pulling out of the race for his party's nomination race for his party's nomination. former new york governor george pataki is ending his white house bid. pataki received little or no support in polls in new hampshire. hillary clinton is heading back to the trail as her husband hit the campaign trail on her behalf. clinton hemmed town hall events in portsmouth and berlin and she talked about her $2 billion
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clinton didn't take any questions from reporters during the event and will be back on sunday. bill will visit new hampshire on monday in the first campaign event of the year. will hit events in nashua and exeter. bad kept jeb bush out of new hampshire. he had to cancel his town hall in peterborough, but his open ohio governor john kasich was able to make it to that state despite that weather and held events in nashua and keene. a friend of convicted killer aaron hernandez lose as bid to dismiss a murder charge against him. a judge ruled against dismissing of carlos orti sfwlshtion accused in the shooting death of odin lloyd. another man has been charged another man has been charged.lloyd's murder. the former patriot is also awaiting trial for a 2012 double murder in boston. a recall on popular cookware this morning. macy's is recalling more than 1 macy's is recalling more than
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pans. covers on the 8 and 10-inch pans company pop off and fly across the kitchen. that will ruin a meal. customers can return them for store credit. >> julie: maybe throw a pizza in the oven. >> michael: safer and delicious. looking at the map, the green means volume is light. don't be deceived. i will remind you all morning. it is slippery and patches of ice will sneak up on you. take it slow and leave early and a lot of space between those cars. pike moving along fine and through brighton, the roads are wide open but ice on our lens and our road. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 22 minutes on 39 south from 495 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and shiri i am not
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god on people, but it can sneak up on you when no precipitation falling. >> shiri: the roads are damp from all the moisture yesterday, and that is what is freezing up. so snow totals finally getting our first snow of the season, just under an inch in boston and about an inch and a half in worcester. i don't have much snow in the forecast for today other than a couple of flurries to the north and west of boston but drizzle and fog will keep roads a little bit slick this morning because temperatures are in the 20s as you wake up. mostly dry during the course of our wednesday here. a lot of cloud cover around and overnight with more rain in the forecast, we have got more ice in the forecast across the interior. so, again, we will be slipping and sliding into your thursday morning commute. hey, 25 degrees right now in boston. this is the coldest morning that we had since march earlier this year. wind chill will make it feel worse because the wind chill is down to 16 degrees because it has a lot of breeze. still in the 20s at 6 a.m.
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that 31 at 8 a.m. is probably a little bit hopeful. wouldn't be be surprised if still in the upper 20s and about freezing of lunchtime and highs only make it into the upper 30s there. a little milder as we turn our attention to plymouth at 30 degrees and mostly cloudy right now. your wind chill is 23. we do have some fog on the roads this morning at 6 a.m. 32 degrees. and we actually get all the way up to 40 degrees there. the areas like fitchburg are going to stay much cooler during the course of the afternoon and here you can see temperature-wise, mid-30s if you are lucky. 36 is the warmest that we will speak of in central massachusetts. 35 in worcester. 35 in nashua, new hampshire. upper 30s bedford and beverly. boston at 38. plymouth, 31 plymouth, 31. and middle 30s for the cape and islands. futurecast doesn't have a lot going on but a couple of flurries north of boston and a couple of sprinkles from boston southward. not going to amount to very
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to 10:00 tonight and we have rain moving in. heavier steadiest rain over southeastern massachusetts, but with a little bit of drizzle here. points north and west of boston where temperatures will be freezing, we have got a concern for more freezing rain overnight tonight. that threat is going to start around 7:00 this evening, extend into that early thursday commute. i wouldn't be surprised if it lasted a little longer than 3:00 this morning. the freezing rain north of worcester. but even a couple of slippery spots i suspect nearing the boston area wouldn't be surprised to see that freezing rain advisory actually expand closer to the overnight hours because lows in bedford down to 32 degrees. beverly, 32. so clearly if it is going to be freezing overnight and we have got rain, we could see icy conditions develop. highs tomorrow make it into the middle 40s, we will end up clearing out. although thursday starts with some showers, we end with some sunshine. your seven-day forecast up with the weekend always in view. even for friday -- i am not
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thursday or friday for this, but your new year's eve forecast, thursday night or rather very early on friday. temperature-wise at midnight, about 35 to 40 degrees. it is going to be quiet with only a couple of clouds around. on friday itself, high 41. there will be a couple of flurries around, but, again, not much in the way of wet weather. we will see partly cloudy skies into the weekend. highs both days up around 40 degrees. i see a breeze on both days as well, but you can see a couple of spots, even boston struggling to get up to that 40 struggling to get up to that 40-degree mark with those on and off clouds. by monday and tuesday, we are looking nice and bright but looking awful chilly. on monday, for example, high temperature only 30 degrees. back to you, guys. >> michael: all right, thanks, shiri. hoverboards continue to cause problems and now it is hitting home. the warning from two local moms who ended up in the er after christmas. a man arrested for drunk
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came did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . at least 13 people are dead in missouri and you can see why from this video. an entire town submerged. the mississippi river is flooding at levels never seen before.
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of emergency and activated the national guard. the rain has ended but the governor says the threat remains high. >> water levels in some locations are expected to exceed the historic crest during the great flood of 1993 that caused significant and widespread devastation julie many of the 13 deaths occurred when rising weather swept away cars. missouri will be dealing with the historic river flooding through early next week. >> the chicago officer accused of killing a black teenager has pled not guilty. the lawyer for officer van dyke wants to tell his side of the story so he is not seen as a cold-blooded killer. they have ruled out a request of a change of venue. camera was rolling as van dyke shot laquan mcdonald 16 times. it led to the firing of the police lieutenant.
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"glee" was accused possessing child porn. mark salling. they used a battering ram to get into the home and salling and to be shocked. they found 1,000 images of child sexual exploitation. he played noah puck puckerman on "glee" in 2009 until the show ended earlier this year. happening today, the so happening today, the so-called affluenza teen will be returning home to texas in cuffs. he was convicted in a drunk driving crash that left four people dead. he got ten years' probation that his attorneys said his affluent upbringing made it hard for him to know right from wrong. he fled with his moth pore mexico and they planned to leave. couch held a going-away party before they high-tailed it to puerta vallarta.
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an ohio man is wanted on charges after he posted a picture of himself drinking and driving on facebook. he started message he started messaging friends on facebook about that video while driving. police tracked him down and using that video he posted as evidence. friends and family says he is just going through a rough time just going through a rough time. >> he is really smart. he is just going through a lot. it is too much for him to handle. >> michael: his girlfriend haven't said what he was going through but he faced vehicle impaired charges two times before in 2007 and 2011. a boy attacks a boy scout leader inside a cave. we shared this story last week. we are hearing the 911 call that the scouts made. one of the three boys that watched in horror as a bear grabbed his scout leader's leg and pulled him into a cave. the scouts were told to make a signal fire so emergency crews could get there.
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leader called 911 too. >> what's that? >> i am sorry about all this. >> listen, there is nothing to be sorry about. let's just get you taken care of, where are you bleeding your leg, your arm. >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. he got me good. >> julie: the scout leader's friend posted on social media he is recovering. a kidnapping case from two years ago is cracked wide open. how a new discovery could bring murder charges in that case. and almost time to ring in
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style lets you stand out from the herd. what's inside sets you apart.
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now at 4:30. bundle up. waking up to the coldest day in months. stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is timing out a very slow warm-up. >> julie: strong storms are travelers. airport.
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