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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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according to austin wire commissioner joseph sen it was the dentist whose office and home is at that building and the dentists son were told that the sun was the one was found in the back of the building and that he suffered serious smoke inhalation and according to the boston fire commissioner, was in cardiac arrest. the son of the dentist is in cardiac arrest when they're taking them out they were performing cpr and his condition right now is unknown. he was taken to the hospital. let's go ahead and show you some video of what this fire looked like just about a half an hour ago. it went to several alarms when firefighters arrived, this thing was absolutely cooking. they were initially inside the building but after a certain point, the commanders ordered that everybody get out. because the fire was just too intense too much smoke and they were worried about the structure of
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we now believe that most of the fire has been put out but i can still see some smoke coming from that building. obviously not just a cold night there was some typical circumstances about riding the wire in this building which housed a dentist office and some apartments . let's hear from the boston fire commissioner about some of the challenges the bipartisan base. >> very typical building to fight the byron elderly gentleman was kind of difficult trying to get around him concerns around dental office at this any gases or any flammables inside so extremely carefully. >> back to a live picture now you're looking at the building at 130 babson st. i can see some lash lights coming from inside the building so it looks like firefighters have been allowed back in and at this point they are most likely searching for any spots that they're worried about that
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once again, two people taken to the hospital. an elderly dentist who had minor smoke inhalation. and then the dentist son with a boston fire commissioner told us was in cardiac arrest and i'm very grave condition when he was transported we will work to continue to try to get update on him. that's let's live at this breaking news in mattapan i'm ted daniels. >> storm tracker whether meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here with what's expected and when. >> coming tomorrow later in the day temperatures out there certainly cold enough for snow tonight that's a first obstacle to get through this evening along with the gusty winds still blowing. 20 miles per hour in some spots were clearly coming down gust of over 30 miles per hour and nantucket not seeing that anymore but still chill out there feels like 10 and was there 15 embedded in 20
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tomorrow with the cold air in place mild as it comes in ahead of the system special on the shoreline you can see that happening as the system arrives. this is a snow were talking about. does it matter is coming in at a time it's going to make it slippery around especially during the evening commute a few showers in the afternoon and then rain and snow going over the top of us at 6 o'clock tuesday evening. evening commute will get slippery especially if you're worcester county and nor merrimack valley and southern new hampshire. we see massachusetts will get wet. then that boundary the rain chill boundary slides toward metro run 1:28 pm. there will be some accumulation from this not going to be a time computer models come in line light were expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow with a few oddball numbers of 3 inches coming in around where that boundary between the warmer air in the colder air sets up tomorrow evening. we'll talk more about that time on that was coming up . in a
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>> north xiamen now accused of hoping to crop puppies ears with scissors and tape leading to at least one public docket we've been reporting on the suspect was last summer when he's accused of killing dogs. six fox25 is learned of the man has been indicted on this new allegations. >> live outside the court where he will be arraigned again this week. >> these new allegations of the result of a grand jury investigation. we got our hands on the indictment. and found that this former salem dog trainer now faces a dozen animal cruelty charges and a charge of operating an unlicensed kennel. we also got hold of the jury who has a very different story to tell. >> household items used to crop puppies ears according to this grand jury indictment fox25 obtained 35-year-old jason gentry of salem held puppies while another man used scissors and duct tape to cut the dogs ears without anesthesia. one of the four puppies there accused of doing it to a
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the puppies are known as donovan pinchers a quick youtube search shows the dogs the breed is named after gentry's codependent dominic donovan a long island breeder . police said the donovan pinchers were bred to be aggressive guard dogs itself are much as $20,000 each. >> talk! i first told you about gentry the summer after he was charged in strangling puppies and leaving them in trash back behind repair gas station. >> in the summer police shut down get his kennel and lynn were police say kept several aggressive dogs in small cages. this is your one of the dogs police found in the kennel. the grand jury found the upper canine performance center was operating without a license. we visited the salem home were court documents say gentry lived. his name was peeled off the mailbox there was up aware of dog sign on the fence and no
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did track down his attorney who told us over the phone gentry's involvement with donovan was very brief and he believes gentry will be exonerated. >> jason did not the person who cropped the ears of the docks. we did play some sort of role? >> he was present is the one that reported that that happened. >> gentry's attorney also tells me some of the dogs trained at gentry kennel were estrous rescue dogs i also got a hold today i'm both salem and denver city and town officials i was able to confirm that gentry was once a civil constable here in salem he was also on the shortlist to become danvers animal control officer and because of that even temporarily at a town issued vehicle and a two-way radio however he did not pass the background check will now be in court friday 's codependent donovan will be in court on
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>> man accused of shooting outpost in court today. as we forced to join 5 o'clock investing is a great had the jammed. six fox25 kerry kavanaugh outside george's municipal court with a look at who came to the office is a when the shots were fired. >> reporter: prosecutor said it wasn't just fellow officers although there were several also civilian to help tie that shot on. meanwhile the suspect having his outburst today all while hiding his face in court. >> boston police officers lined the courtroom monday morning awaiting arraignment of the men accused of shooting one of their own. seen here in 2009 booking photo and headley at his feet corp. and its presence known was a judge held on two bills to totaling 1 and a half million dollars.
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one party began firing off this unprovoked one of the rounds struck officer and member of the bpd drug unit and the like. >> they apply to tourniquet to attempt to stop the bleeding. court records state headley 55 rounds before his gun to a case and caused it to jim. investing to say they were attempting to arrest headley was on probation after witnessing him selling crack at dorchester neighborhood of fenway street days earlier. fox25 investigated is reported friday headley's criminal record was back a decade with a offenses. despite that his defense try to argue for a lower bail. >> i suggest that mr. hadley is not a flight risk he has family in the area visits with his family he also is employed in the area.
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headley tossed and ran off. officers chased tackled and arrested him. >> the restate that the police department showed in this case is admirable. >> the restraint showed a level of professionalism expertise and training that we should be very very thankful for appreciative up pics anything once say about the bail?>> headley is expected back in court x month officers to conjure out of the hospital yesterday expected to make a full recovery. breaking news in iraq tonight were ices claiming responsibility for an attack that led 80 people dead to pick up and stormed out to walk shopping center in baghdad after a car bomb was set off the building's entrance at least 18 were killed about 50 were her. shortly after the attack ices posted a statement online warning of quote worse to come pick a two people arrested accused of having some
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being held at a high fox25 is live in lowell with why this drug is so dangerous. >> reporter: are actually here and to sperry tonight outside this area apartment were police tell us all of the started today in court we learned that one of those suspects in his alleged accomplice went to great lengths police say to hide bricks of drugs here in his apartment. police tell us it was a tip that led them here to the tewksbury apartment complex on friday afternoon. they say instead his apartment they found of white powder drug paraphernalia and more than $20,000 in cash. investigators say he had hidden other packets of drugs and cleverly concealed compartments in his bedroom furniture. dist. atty. says they believe that white powder is a powerful synthetic drug that know which drug dealer sometimes mixed with heroin before selling it. >> they particularly dangerous because it looks like
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100 times more potent. then heroin. >> dist. atty. blames at least some of the overdose deaths here in tewksbury and in goal this year on that powerful mixture of drug as for him is on jill on a $10 million bond so is his alleged a couple of they will be back in court before the judge next month. >> and vtk them under fire for straining passages in the snow. how the t's rating is up in the post no this is what wright is a saying about the rated picnics group of massachusetts which is due in colorado right now doing research on recreational marijuana. fox25 local tv station there vanessa welch looks at their mission. >> legendary musician david
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david bowie stunning the music world today. honorary doctorate berkeley college of music professor put on a concert featuring [bleep] says he was quote lucky enough to meet him during his visit to boston picnics my job was basically to pick the eight or nine david bowie song that i thought would best represent his career that our students could do the best just a stupid and just because his music is maybe a little bit different than what typical of
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try to come up with different ways to format it to present it it was fun. >> bowie always seemed one step ahead of other performance affect the lost expands and fellow musicians. >> legendary british singer david bowie influenced generations with his eclectic persona groundbreaking sound. data age 69. always publicist confirming the icon died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. his son tweeting very sorry and sad to say it's true. i'll be off-line for a while love to all. >> lustrous crisp any 40 years he was born south london is david jones.
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with a smashing space oddity. then later as a space alien alter ego ziggy stardust. always flamboyant theatrics fashion forts to becoming a signature hallmark of genre defying pop. in 1996 bowie was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in one grammy lifetime achievement award 10 years later. national guardsmen on it at the statehouse today for his heroism during the marathon bombing baker presenting curtis the soldiers medal for his actions. curtis was in civilian clothes at a standing at the finish line as a spectator with friends. he quickly jumped in
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>> curtis served in afghanistan because he never expected this training to gig in here at home. >> cold out there no question about it dropping below normal in the afternoon after starting out in the early morning hours will above normal especially at this after midnight when the high temperature was up in the 40s windsor continue to come down to cost on their when chills are still at 10 was to 13 keene new hampshire 17 for portsmouth new hampshire. it is clear out there is a wind to diminish temperature drop quite a bit tonight into the teens anyway 's place not to the west of boston stingray near 20 in the city and then we wait this clouds and some snow that's moving our way out of the midwest this is not a huge storm is not going to look very impressive but it will do is be bad for your timing right
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messed things up you drive home tomorrow evening. leave a little early might be a good idea look at the rain snow developing right over the top of us tuesday 6:40 p.m. is where it's going to be will be watching as the rain snow line and sing the system and wondering how quickly it's going to intensify and of course wincing storms the past identify more rapidly on the computer models are showings are going to have to hedge it just a little bit because if it doesn't pull the cold air down faster changes rain over more quickly into a little higher amounts. the rain still likes up to the west of boston collapsed with the city and the tail end of the storm system is the snow and rain sticking around longer to the north of the pike and west of boston that may be an area we get a couple of totals the preacher three from the system not time i get that heavy snow going to be northern new england continue to emphasize the timing of this
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be some snow showers lingering into the early morning hours of winzip in san computer chart showing the much here by san computer chart showing the much here by 7:00 p.m. that's when the rains go to be a snow stress is the package the west heading up over an inch in many locations out worcester hill seven new hampshire southern vermont little less but along the coastline this goes into wednesday morning but really done late tuesday night with 1 to 2 inch totals mostly here in the northern region really stretching all the way southward to norwood as well is her mouth in southeastern massachusetts want to go on with that lesser amounts going to an end along the coastline boston be about an inch north shore coding to an inch as well along the coastline. away from the shoreline down to 128 especially intro to wear that coastal boundary sets up really the dividing line between the warmer and colder air that's we're going to have
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into closer to 3 inches with the system pushing up to the northeast and intensifying that maybe the north shore merrimack valley we seen it happen many times before southern new hampshire we could see them 3 inch totals but father north and higher up you go in new england going to get more than 3 inches over 6 inches in places like bangor maine. here's what were expecting for travel difficulties next couple of days but to the morning hours not a problem except it's going to be called in the afternoon becomes a problem for travel conditions because of rain snow worse the further west and north ago from boston in the shoreline wednesday morning at her cold when chills around maybe a wind advisory something the national weather service developing that thought for wednesday. by wednesday evening things are looking better as well. problems tomorrow will be the temperatures warmer the coal seven-day forecast shows how chile will be much of the week storm track comes next weekend weekend always and you might be sloppy.
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for secret service agent searcy hurt new hampshire car crash. two weeks ago we told you how garrett fitzgerald suffered major spinal injuries from the crash paralyzed in the chest down. just release from mass general today is headed to rehab. but on sunday is gerald and his fiancie joan said i do. in his icu hospital room. france with their say it was a beautiful ceremony and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. >> will have to move on to rehab center in the next few
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heart stopping seated texas tonight scaffolding is the tallest building in houston at least two window washers one of them would happen officials in the water cut out just before the scaffolding gave way. vipers removed the window to pull those workers to safety no one was hurt though. italian police investigating the death of an american woman the city of florence. they say five-year-old artist ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment on saturday. italian news agency says that she was strangled officials say the still waiting for an autopsy to confirm how she died. >> i've never met anyone quite like ashley. she had a special spark. anyone that met her love to pick up investigates her
6:25 pm
found her body after she had been heard from for days. olson was from summer haven florida. >> present obama has every reason to be optimistic and his fatal date of the union address focus on progress made in time in office also encourage americans to step up to challenges facing our nation. >> no country in the world better position to capitalize on this kind of opportunity whether laser national security or relates to our economy. then the united states of america. thoughts 25 to carry the present address tomorrow night darting wednesday present obama's cabinet will travel nationwide to highlight what it considers progress. areas ranging from veteran healthcare to small business growth because nine-year-old searing revenue losses on the airstrike will be a guest at present obama's final state of the union address tomorrow told you about ahmed story back in november. the boys being treated at
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force injuries and is seeking asylum here he wrote a letter to the present asking for help congressman is hosting him as his guest. mbta thing it's new snow plan was a success last month. coming up right is way in about that and they are also weighing in about the t-zone passing marks. >> is powerball check could have your name on how much you could walk away with after taxes where those taxes and of.
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a big fire at home in mattapan sent two people to the hospital at one point flames were shooting through the roof firefighters had to be forced out of the building there that fire broke out after 4 o'clock this afternoon this home is on babson street it's not far from blue blue ave., ted down on the scene is telling us that by partisan still battling the flames. we learned one man was taken from the fire and is in cardiac arrest when that happened. is apparently the son of a dentist was in office not build up in we are going to stay on top of the store will update on the investigation tonight at 10 on fox 25. >> top story 1.4 billion reasons why powerball i google's most popular search term this week. the record-setting powerball jackpot numbers will be drawn wednesday. you can see the drawing live on
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odds of winning are one in 300 million if you do when you choose a lump sum payout, you're looking at a check worth more than $607 million after taxes. >> is cold out there this evening no doubt about that were watching tempered is dropping through the night already down to 30 boston 27 for you in bedford wind gust oval 20 mph makes it feel even colder. when chills other 16 bedford 10 worcester not so bad southeastern massachusetts wins are strong those winds will continue to slack and they will be back bitter cold when chills again behind the storm system heading our way. tomorrow afternoon the storm kind of a clipper pushing tortoise is going to produce rain and snow across the area. a lot of times these come in very cold air masses the trick is forecast funding row snow lives tracking the day tomorrow set up seems to be going be warming up the coast line for rain showers and really steady
6:29 pm
creeping toward boston the worcester hills a little snow for times tomorrow evening making its way into the boston area before ending.north shore especially aromatic valley into southern new hampshire stay with precipitation the longest stay was snow that we can see exceed 2 inches closer to 3 inches that's why this despite the numbers here not much by seven a little more at the end of the storm was still thinking one to 3 inches very possible in these locations. darker blue areas lesser in southeastern massachusetts right along the coastline was still hedging we could see a few high amounts nothing to be tracking very closely tonight as it would new information comes out . >> mbta is giving itself passing grades after the first snow of the year. that comes as a surprise though to some writers who say they set the recent delays. fox 25 explains from boston. >> reporter: mbta saying they pass that test back on december
6:30 pm
investigating a track that snapped just a few days after that. fox 25 told you back then that the morning and evening commute saw delays and other issues but still the mbta defending it snow plan saying that it passed that test with high marks. >> it was a success. that's mbta ceo telling the physical control board today the agency's new snow plan works and they proved it on december 29 mbta management plan so-called snow desk the results of a disastrous failure of the t last winter. we created the new situation and re-create the new storm desk. which essentially has changed the way we manage individual storms that's what i meant by being a success. some writers would disagree. that day a frozen switch in power issues on the green line be branch caused severe delays in the morning commute disabled train caused delays on the orange line in five commuter
6:31 pm
of mechanical and switch issues. then just days later a section of the track on the red line snapped an extreme cold. >> would you still call it a success? >> regular yes i would. it's definitely something that we take responsibility for. without being said we also many other issues that happened throughout the service day but frankly they were not weather related. >> the 29th was a holiday commute and had less than 2 inches of snow. what about this week's storm? >> we feel much better prepared than we have been the past winters. >> there ready with extra staff on hand track preparation and also continued take a train out of service all lessons learned from last time. >> hazmat situation bbd today sky fox flying over the scene on aberdeen street. a bicyclist saw what looked like a hand grenade in a garbage can on occur reported it bomb squad
6:32 pm
was a training grenade. not explosive device was taken by authorities to be disposed of properly. >> saugus man charge and the deadly hit and run being held on bill tonight 24-year-old amar miller tech was driving on pleasant street in malden last month when he killed a 71-year-old woman. he drove away but witnesses were able to get police a description of the car he is being held on $10,000 bail tonight and he is not allowed bail. >> search is on for the driver who crashed into two people and then just took off. happened on sunday night worcester. police were called to the 700 block of s. bridge st. and they found the two victims in the 20s.both in stable condition tonight but witnesses say the driver stopped at first and then saw people lying in the road and drove away. they contacted the sussex family but not have found the driver or his car. >> baby doe case shock new england last
6:33 pm
is charged in superior court with her murder. but 25 was there today when he faced the judge. >> reporter: michael mccarthy is at the center of one of the most closely watched cases in the state . a murder of ella bond the little girl four weeks simply is baby donor body wash ashore in a trash bag on deer island last june. prosecutors allege mccarthy beat bella bond to death which had trouble sleeping and that he and the girls mother michelle bond stored her body in a refrigerator before dumping it into a weighted duffel bag boston harbor horrific set of allegations allegations mccarthy denies. superior court arraignment his lawyer said bella's mom is a real killer. >> on the contrary all the evidence points to miss bonds of the perpetrator. shall bond gave a statement to police incriminating michael mccarthy. but there's no signs she will testify against him michelle bond is facing her own charges in this case.
6:34 pm
prosecutors are going to need rochelle's help to make a first-degree murder charge against mccarthy stick. >> there's no forensic evidence the snow dna there's no hair there is no nothing. >> it's all her statement. i don't think it's a slamdunk at all. >> austin attorney brad bailey tells me even if michelle bond cut the deal and testifies against mccarthy, this is not an easy case prosecutors. >> whether or not she testifies, she still going to factor prominently because the defense is going to say hey you know maybe it was her. how do you know it wasn't her? >> look at the facts here in terms of who had more of a motive. for now michael mccarthy sits in a jail cell a judge ordered him held on no bill. in boston fox 25 news. >> a new bill in massachusetts aims to do more to fight opiate abuse. the bill would reduce the
6:35 pm
certain painkiller prescriptions and also set up an evaluation process for overdose victims that come into emergency rooms. how speaker robert deleo held a news comment about that bill today and talked about why it's so important. >> the opioid epidemic drains vitality from our cities and towns. extinguishes lives and steal souls . but by bringing the light of this legislation we can defeat discourage. the new bill will be debated on the house and was a joint a pair of similar bills one of which is already been passed by the senate. >> group of massachusetts senators in colorado tonight doing research on marijuana. fox25 is the only local tv station traveling with the senators. a good vanessa welch spinning two days with them to see how could affect massachusetts if they become law. heard from colorado leaders doctors and law enforcement in total the senators are spending four days in colorado. >> is four days enough time to get prepared for this? >> this isn't the only work
6:36 pm
been working already for about eight months. we talked to dozens of different stakeholders so really this colorado trip is kind of a combination on a lot of work that are special communities have been doing pick senator lewis says they don't want to repeat the same mistakes for medical marijuana rollout there. coming up on the fox 25 is a 10 vanessa will have a live report from denver with some of the warnings that leaders give senators today. >> donald trump in new hampshire again today mary gets closer and closer fox 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti . >> i just walked in this nice gentleman handed me the holy bible. donald trump takes the stage of the wyndham for the next five straight minutes tells big crowd how much voters would choose him above all others. >> trump is leading in iowa. wow. 32-11. be a big run for the door. some of those zeros are going
6:37 pm
trump 47 clinton 44. trump resized everyone from hillary clinton to ted cruz and again lasted senator cruise on the birther issue. ted cruz is a problem because a question is is a natural born citizen? x i don't know. nobody knows. about an hour in a protester was tossed after he shouted trump was boring and urged him to tell some jokes. >> trump told the crowd he beat hillary clinton in a general election but that he but rather run against bernie sanders. >> that's my dream. perhaps the most surprising thing trump said especially in the wake of his remarks on illegal immigration and banning muslims is that he rings the country together. >> i'm a unifier people don't understand that bile me up before was a politician i got along with the democrats with republicans with the liberals with conservatives i got along
6:38 pm
says is resonating with people here. >> is not a politician. we talked with this woman who already cast an absentee ballot for him. >> on a person has voted. i want to make sure i got my vote in. >> trump did take presence from the artist but did not take any of our questions he has campaign stops this week in iowa in florida before returning to new hampshire. >> surveillance video of a jewelry thief in medford is new at six you can see a woman walking to the store and fells when she looks around a bit and start pocketing the jewelry. if you recognize or contact medford police. >> a better look at a suspect in norwood robbery of expensive air jordan sneakers. norwood police adding these photos to them asked most wanted website suspect and victim arranged on facebook to meet up on dean street for the sale of expensive shoes. the victim was robbed at knife
6:39 pm
person contact norwood police. >> massive drug bust in tewksbury ended up possibly millions of dollars with of drugs off the street. augusta ruiz of tewksbury were in court today to face those charges. district attorney says investigators down 30 kg of sentinel in the homes of the two suspects on friday. sentinel is a powerful said that the opioid is more potent than heroin.he is being held on $7.5 million bill and the other one is held on $10 million bill. prices keep dipping at the pump gas prices new at six average price of unleaded messages guess now down to a dollar 95 per gallon. that's $.30 lower than last year at this time. aaa says january typically has the lowest demand for gasoline.
6:40 pm
going on for days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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jackpot of $1.4 billion is now up for grabs in wednesday's powerball drawing. >> did you get your ticket? >> you should. >> part of that incredible jackpot actually goes back to the state in the form of taxes and take a look at this the numbers now so high $1.4 this electronic sign can't even handle that number and it's a number that has a lot of folks coming into the stores like
6:43 pm
>> pretty good. pretty excited about it. adam maroney showed up here at the massachusetts state lottery headquarters to pick up his $1000 winnings. >> on his mind on his mind $1.4 powerball jackpot. the number that's expected to grow before wednesday's drawing. >> is very energetic as you can imagine the sales were also at a historic pace. typically over the last five or six days. >> just last week from wednesday to saturday stores sold $23 million in tickets. record number that did sales across the board. >> bringing in extra business to the store so the saying sales beyond just the powerball tickets. as for how much the winner would get if the $1.4 billion jackpot stays the same, after taxes, about 30% and other fees and commissions you would walk away with a lump sum of $607 million in cash. swinney says even if you don't
6:44 pm
could benefit. >> 42% of every dollar spent on this particular type of jogging does go back to the 351 cities and towns unrestricted local a. the total amount right now stand at $22 million. but because the jackpot is expected to grow, swinney isn't sure how much each town or city will get. >> will do some final calculations once that when it was actually drawn. >> now one question that we got a lot of is what happens if the winner should ever pass away. this is a situation the state says that they dealt with several times before. they say they always want to make sure that the jackpot is paid in full bill then send all of those winnings to whoever is in the will so they always say that the jackpot is paid in full including the record-breaking 1.4+ billion dollar jackpot. in dedham. >> you're probably going to want to know pretty quickly who the winner is watch the drawing live on fox 25 point tonight at
6:45 pm
>> bb gun vandalism switching to the town of belmont. sharing these pictures some of the damage they said the vandals of cost thousands of dollars and am shooting a windows they're asking anyone who lives there to report any suspicious activity. >> first things first is talk about how cold it is outside temperatures dropping since midnight highest temperature 4090 0 was realized most locations down the 20s continue to drop of the night wears on windsor dying off still of gus over 20 miles per hour when chills are in the teens 100 worcester mostly teams 20 boston norwood and lesser when chills after the southeastern massachusetts meeting higher temperatures feels like temperatures anyway. he is a rain snow as it arrives tomorrow afternoon waking up to sunshine clouds to increase later afternoon we'll see
6:46 pm
as a system closes in on us will see the rain and snow grow over the top of us. during the evening commute a little later tore the tail end of the commute waffle back and forth until we get a good beat on how it's going to get here that is coming in later on tonight and i have it for you at 10 or 11 check back on the timing of this bottom line is during the later afternoon under rain and snow were going to appear here along the shoreline to one for rain for snow rather at the very start of it will be rain but there will be change mixing line makes its way toward boston that rain snow line snow off here at the worcester county southern new hampshire southern vermont spins out of here late tomorrow night last place to lose precipitation north shore merrimack valley and into southern new hampshire. father north to go storm intensifies significant storms going to be over 6 inches expected their northern western maine from the system. computer numbers coming into a
6:47 pm
inch in boston little more back here into worcester county. but we've seen this happen before storms intensify more quickly than expected fine-tune this as we get closer to it were going to broadbrush this with in land 1 to 3 inches of snow most places in the 1 to 2 inch range lesser amounts right at the immediate coastline even into the boston area city of boston maybe an inch of snow southeastern massachusetts according to an inch 1 to 3 up to the north and west much higher amounts father north go into new england. this is pretty interesting to look at because the snow and rain is coming on and will also follow with strong winds tuesday and wednesday we have weather threats these wind chills wednesday morning or to be bitter cold even if you don't see a play snow coming up from the storm system is still going to get that cold air and by the way if we don't get the snow and inch of snow will then be the fifth latest inch of snow on record in boston
6:48 pm
just under an inch of snow you can't roundup for records so that was on december 29 looks like we could get an inch of snow tomorrow watch that closely as well put this is a problem warmer temperatures near the coast colder temperatures farther west is weathering snow line status of clearly is appear that it would be snow. cold enough up above is for the atmosphere this to be snow so ground temperatures determine what you're going to get and how much you're going to get check okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi
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you passed julie and john on his way back while percent is a season to be on. my worst enemy when it comes to staff with me to keep me so we handle the meanwhile the chief 30-07 momentum interesting things this to captain say weighing analogies team riding the longest winning streak in the league. actual loss of the game could careless about is always good to go back and they this work didn't work with these things did maybe we need to contact
6:52 pm
have the counterattack think we do a great job of just playing to the guys a lot of effort a lot of times they just our teams. josh is pointed out even cruiser statistical categories in the top 10 only not needed of the team force you into mistake the team that can limit the amount of yards and points are going to score was of the real test will play out something to give red sox today for 26 king special ceremonies in may 19 shirt off my longtime captain jason varitek to world championship teams is like to manage and how reliable with tim going to championship their time rocksteady longways and so is tina driving force behind
6:53 pm
stepping down from his day-to-day role in the 2015 season will always be a part of boston is a big reason why the team was successful than your tonight the national championship is in alabama running may well know. snow headed our way. maybe some snow tomorrow afternoon fine-tuning anywhere between one and three just the new england anywhere between coding want to list is coming forecast to be called out to you for joining us.
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