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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> gene: local man waking up at home this morning after spending weeks in prison overseas. what brought him to iran and what we know about his release this morning. >> catherine: brady against manning once again with trip to super bowl on the line. incredible price fans have to shell out if they want to see the game in person. complete new england news coverage starts right now. >> gene: good morning, everybody, now 9:00 on monday morning, happy martin luther king day and appreciate you spending time with us this morning, i'm gene lavanchy.
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the week and freezing cold as snow leaves. >> jason: seeing winds gust up as snow moves out and rest of it around outer cape and chatham getting out in the snow and won't be around invent, 30 more minutes and lit snow still lingering, manchester, lowell to haverhill, few flakes in the air, no additional accumulation and everything drying up out to the west now as cold air moves in. right now currently 19 orange in worcester, 25 in boston, these are the 9:00 a.m. observations so actually dipped a little bit even though there's a little bit of sun coming out and look at the wind chill, three, right now in worcester, 12 boston and gets worse from here as winds continue to increase. 7:00 tonight in the lower 20s, feeling more like the single digits with sub-zero wind chills coming up overnight and more on that forecast coming up. right now time to check traffic. >> catherine: give you look at live drive time traffic right now.
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south, significantly south of the city, 495 southbound, accident near 195, this is in wareham and what it is is a five-car crash, state police tweeting about it and route 2 in wareham, closed temporarily for five-car crash and no injuries there and tweeting hashtag slowdown, so i want to zip up this way a little bit to show you north of the city, 128, 93, going south, and you could see there moving just fine, volume very light today and just west of the city, a little bit, talking about the pike moving well in both directions. here is look at traffic on the pike right now, again, we are talking about the light volume and see it right there as you're approaching brighton in that spot and here you are, drive times on 495 to mass ave, take you 23 minutes, 93 from the braintree split to the pike, nine minutes there and leverett connector 20 minute ride for you. catherine: live look from the fox25 drive camera from route 1 in dedham, great snow
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still slick so as you saw in state police tweet want to take it slow when out there today and look at live pictures in hingham right now, saw the roadways, those are looking good and tells the tale what a wintery morning it was, see the snow clinging to those tree branches right now, kind of pretty to look out and going to get very cold a little later on today. gene: indeed, catherining with storm moving out and bitter cold moving in and not before the south shore got clipped with half foot of snow. fox25 michael henrich is in rockland where people will be shoveling on their day off. >> michael: here in rockland big fluffy snowflakes and several hours and for safety reasons in a parking lot and cleared and type of snow that fell here again in rockland, we are right along hingham street by the on and off ramp at
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roadways right now, plow trucks through here and witness it several times the last several hours and as a result the roads are pretty good. they are definitely slick. want to be careful but all in all things are looking pretty good as long as you take your time. massdot sent out 1480 pieces of equipment to treat and clear the roadways. that's according to tweet that massdot sent out about two hours ago, totaling up the overall numbers. folks we spoke with here driving to work in rockland had their reports about their commute here this morning. >> i came from abington and roads in abington were okay, not as good of rockland. rockland was good right down to the pavement, i didn't slip at all in rockland or anything. >> michael: even as snow in most areas moving out, still want to be careful, all the common sense measures here every snowstorm in new england, drive safe, leave extra times, slow down, those all applied today. be careful out there.
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henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: right now might be the very best time to download the weather app, check the radar for snow where you live and 7-day forecast, it is free and you can download it to your smartphone. >> catherine: developing this morning the state department working with iraqi authorities to find three americans missing in iraq and contractors disappeared three days ago. iraqi security official tells cnn the men were grabbed by group of gunman by apartment in baghdad and two have dual citizenship and third is american national. catherine: matthew arrived late last night, this picture capturing the moment he reu92it with very relieved mother. 30-year-old boston firefighter graduate was taken into custody in november and his family hasn't heard from him until saturday morning when he came
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released. he was among five americans released over the weekend. catherine: search continues this morning for another native, marine lost at sea. crust for orlando one of dozen marines disappeared thursday night after the helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii and graduated from hingham high school in 2010 and coast guard official say search is for survivors this morning. >> searching 24 hours a day since the -- since we were notified and got on scene. so we are still searching for survivors, parent point to make. >> catherine: orlando family saying they are thankful for and keeping them in their thoughts. >> gene: waltham police not releasing details on murder-suicide investigation. on saturday officers were called for a welfare check and found two people dead in a home on forest street. fox25 was on the scene as police took a pair of rifles and several boxes of evidence from the home.
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victim's names but according to the boston globe the colonial style home is owned by kevin and janine o'connor and this is an open and active investigation. gene: middlesex district attorney marian ryan void to try dzhokhar tsamaev for murder of sean collier. this morning the globe says that ryan has not asked the federal government to transfer dzhokhar to state custody. last year he was sentenced to death and currently held in prison in colorado. the d.a. will monitor dzhokhar's ongoing appeal and assess the necessity of pursuing state charges. >> catherine: new england patriots will be heading to denver for afc championship game the broncos beat pittsburgh to set up a game between tom brady and peyton manning and as tom
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favorite for pats and this was the scene two years ago, same field, same teams and that time it was at broncos celebrating a trip to do the super bowl and tom brady left to shake his head it is a scene that patriots fans hope to turn around. this time the patriots face the broncos in colorado. last time they faced him was on november 29th, you remember c.j. anderson winning for game-winning touchdown, 30-24 and snapped the patriots unbeaten streak and reason they are playing the game in denver this week and don't think the revenge is not on the mind, sets stage for brady-manning 17 and fifth time they squared off in the post season and tom brady 2-2 in post season against peyton manning. i will be in denver for the 3:05 kickoff and all the post game reaction hopefully we will be covering afc championship celebration and after you watch the afc championship game, the
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arizona gets past green bay and that one had twists and turns galore and yesterday panthers 31-24 winners over the seahawks and held on to win and next sunday will be exciting match-up you will see live on fox25. luckily the focus, as it should be, only seems right, brady and manning, patriots and broncos, we will have it covered for you top to bottom. tom leyden, fox25 news. >> catherine: the quarterbacks will be focus of build-up to sunday's game but peyton manning yet. >> to quote bill belichick we will be on to new england and i will be talking about them on wednesday. >> catherine: if you want to see sunday's game in person, the trip to denver will cost at least $1,100. according to aaa flights under $400, hotel and rental cars another 300 and as of right now the cheapest ticket will run you about $385. of course, you could stay with fox25, and the fox25 mobile app for continuing coverage of the build-up to the afc championship game.
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developments from foxborough and denver and patriots and broncos battle. >> gene: 42 overdoses in four days and emergency rooms overwhelmed and brockton's mayor says addicts that need help can go to fire or police station in the city. >> there will be seven different locations in the city that will be safe haven for a person with substance abuse disorder to walk in and ask for help. >> gene: goal is to steer addicts toward recovery program and those not in immediate medical danger out of emergency room. gene: gloucester encouraging drug addicts to seek facebook for help. officers saved four lives in 24 hours using overdose reversing drug narcan. the chief says the department is there to support addicts writing, quote, we don't want to
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when you're ready we will be here and also wants lawmakers to speed up the cross-when it comes to opiate abuse bills writing thank you for moving fast to start introducing bills do more faster. camp nello ended post with harsh message to pharmacies to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. >> catherine: we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and pike 495 to mass ave, take you 22 minutes and 93 from the braintree split to the pike nine minutes there and 93 from 495 to leverett connector, that's going to be about 21 minute ride for you. jason? >> jason: already feels like single digits across western parts of the area and when rest of the area feels coldest air straight ahead. gene: it is 9:11. local woman attacked at work and suspects they are searching for this morning. >> he wants to be president but
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>> catherine: gloves came off last night at bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley went head-to-head. >> reporter: tightening race between hillary clinton and bernardston and sunday night the gloves came off and expected
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sanders hit out at clinton. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> reporter: while clinton doubled down. >> i'm pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed position on immunity and look forward to him joining with members of congress who have already introduced legislation. >> reporter: o'malley found opening for humor. >> they have both been inconsistent. >> reporter: moderator asks about sanders about minority. >> when african-american community becomes familiar with the congressional record and agenda and views on economy and criminal justice, just as the general population has become more supportive, so will the african-american community and
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>> reporter: dominated by medicare for all healthcare plan and clinton slammed proposal while reminding audience she pushed for healthcare reform since time as first lady. >> people may remember i took on the health insurance industry back in the '90s, and we have accomplished so much already and i do not want to see the republicans repeal it and i don't want to see us start over again with a contentious debate. i want us to defend and build on the affordable care act and improve it. >> reporter: discussed campaign finance reform and regulating wall street and learn from the iowa caucus which impressed the most. i'm kim richardson reporting. >> catherine: donald trump will spend second day in the granite state and gop front runner held a rally in portsmouth and happening at concord high school and fox25
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report both on tv and >> gene: trump losing support overseas and they are looking to ban donald trump from the united kingdom. it won't likely happen but parliament law any petition getsun to 100,000 decisions and banning donald trump got five times that more and he called for temporary ban to keep muslims out of the united states. gene: president obama appear on bill mauer and gathered signatures to go on program real-time with bill mauer. it could have signatures on we the people website. >> catherine: give you look at live drive time traffic and look at map right there, see not whole lot of trouble spots there but want to go down here south. this is 495 southbound, there's an accident there near 195 in
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tweeting about that accident, five-car crash. no injuries about you they included #slowdown. we know the roads are slick and become more slippery as things start to freeze over. look north of the city -- rather south of the city heading north, see 128129 fine in both directions and still a little sluggish and quincy and milton dorchester into the city there and then zooming out and pike moving well in both directions 495 in that stretch doing okay. here is look at live cameras. see traffic moving smoothly at pike heading through brighton and drive times, route 3 take you ten minutes, 24, 12 minutes, 95 to 128, 12 minute drive for you that you might want to take the speeds down a bit because, jason, you were saying the snow has ended, it will really get cold later today. >> jason: going nowhere any time soon and cold air making way from the west and going to
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night tonight and snow ending, see a little sun trying to come through but arctic chill moving in and sub-zero wind chills are in our forecast overnight into tomorrow morning. let's go ahead and recap some of the snow though real quickly here. got pictures in on twitter, this is bellingham, had about three inches of snow there, nice snowboard report as you could see there in gloucester, about five inches or a little bit north of that there as we wrap things up. rockland five and a half, that was most i have seen on the reports coming in, hanover five inches, wakefield four and a half, black stone four inches and three to five east boston to haverhill and still a couple light snow showers to get through, most of the state really drying out now as cold arctic air makes way in and couple light snow showers, mainly from the outer cape and also a few now have just popped back up just on the west side of barnstable so plymouth still
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move on out, manchester down to lowell, quick snow shower for gloucester still out there, winter weather advisory for those counties continue until 10:00 a.m., so monitoring no additional accumulation but something to keep tabs on. cold, windy conditions really taking over though because western mass and central parts of the state as well. look at winds, 35 worcester, current wind gusts, 32 plymouth now. so it is even taking over out to the east and wind chills when you factor in all the blustery conditions are in the single digits already worcester back to orange up to keene, three, five, nine, get the idea that's where it is headed into central and for the rest of the day. so temperatures are running in the middle 20s, we have a few 30s scattered about for the cape and islands but few teens out in the coldest locations and not going to warm up much, despite sun trying to breakthrough at times, going to keep it cold in the 20s with the wind factored in, those wind chills running in the single
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your afternoon drive time. so there are those highs today, pretty much what you see is what you get, not going to move whole lot, despite cold air pouring in not going to move much, wind chills, single digits out there all day long and spreading southward as we go into the late day and after sunset, single digit wind chills become more common and by sunrise tomorrow, here is what you're looking ating with negative two to negative six, beverly to fitchburg, feels like negative three in bedford out at the bus stops early tomorrow and back to school and back to work on your tuesday, just going to be bitter out there, lots of layers, cover the skin, still going to be rough on wednesday morning as well with breezy conditions continuing and then we quiet things down thursday and most of friday but new storm moving in toward the weekend. >> gene: 9:21 this morning, sending tons of aid to community in crisis. coming up music icon digging into own pocket to help
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>> catherine: next game set match, scandal rocking one of he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> gene: new scandal overturning the first major tennis match over the year. governing bodies ignored
9:24 am
they have been told they have intentionally thrown matches. no players are named but report says eight are currently playing in the australian open which just started. some of the fixed matches have happened at wimbledon. >> catherine: time to check this out, big stories, most people need to force friends and family to look at wedding album and particular bride photos and sal dimasi sal dimasi and -- south dakota and pictures from the special day. she has a few health issues and bella helps out with and in her tutu glory front and center and since went viral she had a lot of praise from the community. >> gene: lovely dog stealing the show. most brides wouldn't want to share with anybody. target cashier getting love online after staff showed him
9:25 am
behind the register, he is a bit of facebook celebrity thanks to the pick and another customer caught the moment as indiana teenager patiently ringing up elderly woman's purchases. she was paying for them one-by-one individually and with change. woman in line snapped the picture saying she was impressed of the kindness and the picture has been shared almost 200,000 times. been behind some of the folks before and this case maybe more patient because it is elderly woman but it is the couponners that could always take forever. next line, please. >> catherine: three pillow taken over the internet. it changes patterns when you swipe it with your hand. dubbed mermaid pillow and creating a design by shifting sequence. video testing out pillow was posted for fox affiliate and video viewed by more than
9:26 am
>> gene: i find that freaky. not throw pillow i would have at my place. >> catherine: i don't know how much i feel about that pillow. >> gene: we are checking out. what are you checking out? >> jason: snow trying to move out now and sun peeking through and cold replaced by the snow and coming up i will have idea about the single digit wind chills.
9:27 am
for family after he was trevisone >> gene: snow has moved out of here but arctic air making for a brutal monday. here is look at fox25 driving camera. this is on route 1 and this is in the norwood stretch, so if you're out on the roads right now, you're probably like what's the big deal. earlier a little mer treacherous, challenging on the roadways because there was snow and area roads and highways, much better situation right now and driveway cleared up and a lot easier this morning. >> catherine: a little sunny out there this morning. good morning to you. if you're heading out this morning might not have to contend with the snow but will
9:28 am
>> jason: we have sub-zero wind chills tomorrow morning and back to work and tracking snow sandwich down to barnstable, not going to be around much longer, make its way toward the outer cape and leave us alone, seen a little more developing north side of boston, malden, wakefield and nashua too and the sea coast of new hampshire, just a little leftover light to moderate snow, no additional accumulation and out to the west, really drying up, and temperatures in the upper teens worcester, 24 bedford, 25 boston, wind chills right now in the single digits to the west and really right around 12 is all we feel like in boston when we factor in the wind and keep snow and look at numbers tonight, down to the mid-teens by 9:00 this evening and means sub-zero wind chill on the way and i will have much more on how
9:29 am
forecast. >> catherine: 9:31 look at big map there, see very few slow spots on the map, so that's good news, zoom in on couple spots here, pike moving well in both directions and then zooming back out again so you can get look at north of the city, 12893 from the north moving south doing just fine, smooth sailing for you on this monday morning. taking look now at zakim bridge, leverett connector, we knew volume would be light this morning, and you could see that is the case, everything moving just fine at this time, and here is look at drive times, 495 to mass ave, take you 23 minutes on 93 from the brant split to the pike, nine minutes 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls, looking at 23 minute ride >> gene: storm moved out and clean-up underway and michael henrich in rockland where nearly six inches of snow fell overnight. >> michael: tremendous effort by the folks that get out of bed
9:30 am
of us. look at where we have been all morning here. 228. right off the on and off ramps from route 3 here in rockland. it is looking pretty good. obviously some slick spots around and the main roads are going to look better than the side streets, see that here at this particular intersection, but overall things are pretty good considering jason has been telling us about five and a half inches or more fell here in rockland. massdot big reason roads like these looking so good. massdot tweeting out two and a half, three hours ago put out 280 pieces of equipment to clear and treat the roadways. they really through everything at it throughout the commonwealth here, and that is why while a a lot of snow did end of falling, take it slowly,
9:31 am
should be okay and roadways on evening newscast here on fox25, so stake with us. reporting live i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: best time to download the new storm tracker weather app stay up-to-date on latest timeline on also get the seven day and free to download on smartphone. >> catherine: developing this morning state department working because three iraqis disappeared three days ago and men were grabbed by a group of gunman in baghdad and two of the contractors have dual iraqi american citizenship and third is american national. sara: >> catherine: this man woke up in america after spending 40 days in iranian jail. he was released with five other americans. stephanie coueignoux live and it was an emotional homecoming in
9:32 am
>> stephanie: it was. matthew trevethick was finally freed from prison, in prison for 40 days, but take a look, want to show you the photo of wonderful reunion. this is him and his mom and see mother. this was taken by the boston globe last night just after he landed at the international terminal, and it really was such an incredible moment, sense the emotion from that photo, but trevethick had been held for more than a month and landed here in boston yesterday and it is still unclear though exactly why he was imprisoned in the first place. we do know that back in september he went to iran in part of 4-month language program and we did speak with the family before that reunion, and as you could imagine, this has been days of uncertainty of fear and finally some incredible news.
9:33 am
that everybody has done to bring him home. >> great. very happy and appreciate everything everybody has done. >> stephanie: i can't imagine the enormous sense of relieve him and his family are having with him and his friends, haven't been able to speak with him and no doubt they are waking up and celebrating today. in hingham, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> catherine: four other americans are also free thanks to prisoner swap deal between the discuss iran. the news was breaking this time yesterday on fox25 as three of the men boarded a plane out of tehran. fourth man chose to stay in iran former u.s. marine and idaho native are being evaluated and resting at u.s. military facility in germany. seven iranians were pardoned by the u.s. as part of the deal.
9:34 am
23-year-old christopher orlando disappeared thursday night after helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. he graduated from hingham high school in 2010 and family released a statement on saturday saying they are thankful for everyone involved in the search and asking the public to keep christopher in their thoughts. >> catherine: three men involved in brutal attack of woman. chelsea police tell fox25 three men beat, kicked and slashed the woman and then they robbed her and took off. it happened on central ave near lynn street. residents in that area are concerned about the violent nature of the incident. >> just randomly attacking people. that's the scary part. if they didn't know her and she didn't know them, then why would they choose her. >> catherine: uniformed and undercover officers had been canvassing. the-down men are media height
9:35 am
and black masks over their faces. >> catherine: international fugitive taken into custody after car crash in dracut. the man nearly ran down officers while trying to get awayed yesterday and finally arrested at gunpoint in dracut. police say he has at least 17 aliases and multiple warranties for hisrity including felony assault in massachusetts. also an interpole warranty for murder of dominican officer, he is due in lowell district court tomorrow. gene: expected to learn the new trial date for aaron hernandez for shooting and death of daniel abreau and safiro furtado. one bumped into aaron hernandez at boston nightclub and hernandez is already serving life for murder of odin lloyd. >> catherine: eight-year-old dog brutely beaten outside her home in rutland.
9:36 am
jumped over a stonewall and ran up to dog and hit her with a stick and friend chased away but abby with severe injuries. >> i saw abby on the steps and beating and cheeks were puffed. >> catherine: abby taken to emergency animal hospital and recovering at home and drove off at black nissan hatchback. >> gene: derek farington has service dog and they need to stay in hotel next few weeks because home is undergoing mold clean-up but when they tried to book a room at day's inn in groton they were turned away. >> we said we don't allow pets, i said it is a service animal and she said no, we don't allow pets.
9:37 am
not properly trained and they apologized and offered a room but the family said no thank you and did not take them up on the offer. >> catherine: local church severely damaged by out of control jeep trying to continue with business as usual and first showed you pictures 1 week ago. police say drunk driver hit the community church of hudson, new hampshire. yesterday the church held the first service since the accident this week it plans to resume serving hot lunches to nearly two dozen people. >> gene: 9:40, expecting today labor protest expected to take place at logan airport. they want minimum wage for baggage handlers increased to $15 an hour and plan to march inside terminals at logan later this morning. some plan to be arrested. similar protests planned at eight airports in other cities, including in new york and washington d.c. >> catherine: track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and big map there, see things moving well for the most part, only sluggish spot on the
9:38 am
i will give you look at drive times in about ten minutes. >> jason: last of the snow moving out and time it straight ahead. >> gene: free service that is no longer free. why apple will soon be charging for people to listen to radio. >> my article failed. let me be clear.
9:39 am
>> big regrets for the hollywood >> catherine: federal government sending help to one city in michigan. volunteers flooded into flint michigan to filters, and fresh water. it is undrinkable from the water system because it is contaminated and there's ceremony but some say it is too little too late. >> i wondering if there's more. there's more that should be done. >> catherine: they switched city of detroit to flint system in 2014 and there was elevated level of lead in their blood. catherine: cher partnering with the water company to send more than 180,000 bottles to fresh water in the city and paying for half the shipment and water company match doing nation and bottles should arrive in
9:40 am
community centers and food banks and fire stations. >> gene: sean penn discussions el chapo guzman and what he hoped the meeting would be and april williams has the detail. >> article has failed. >> reporter: sean penn is addressing since capture of el chapo. >> i have terrible regrets, entire discussion about the article ignores its purpose. >> reporter: purpose according to pen about war on drugs and instead media outlets have focused on the meaning itself. >> put all of our focus, emergency, billions of dollars
9:41 am
you get another death the next day, same one. >> catherine: sentiment during the interview with penn and asked whether he feels responsible for high levels of drug addiction he responded. >> (inaudible). >> reporter: meeting brokered by mexican actress helped lead to el chapo's capture. the leader had been on the run since escaping the prison in joule, climbing down hole in his shower and ventilated underground tunnel and currently being held at same prison while he ewaits -- awaits extradition. >> catherine: accident popped up on 128 but elsewhere on 128 moving south doing okay and north and shift your attention
9:42 am
between quincy and as you're moving milton dorchester making way and problem spot all morning and looking okay and look at zakim bridge and 93 from 495 to leverett connector take you 20 minutes and 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls will be a 23 minute ride and, jason, we know people will be prepared later when they will be chilly. >> jason: few spots left to keep track of and turning now attention to the arthur t. demoulasic chill that's going to be taking over and, in fact,, sub-zero wind chills are going morning. so we still have a winter weather advisory for a little bit of leftover snow, anywhere north of boston a better chance
9:43 am
showers moving through and totaled five and a half inches in rockland, hanover five inches and wakefield four and a half and blackstone four and haverhill and east boston, three, three and a half inches of snow and very amount and dry snow and now even dryer air working in from the northwest to the southeast so we are just eroding steadier snow and leaving with one spoke and back side of the storm and lowell to peabody and redeveloping and going to take another hour so to move off the coast and have been watching another batch here moving in toward chatham by 10:00 and cold windy condition taking over and literally eaten up, dry air taking over the air starting to sink and not allow any more snow to develop except for maybe couple leftover
9:44 am
to the east and look at the wind gust that i'm tracking, 28 boston now and combining to see the cold arctic air come in with a blast and feeling the change and orange, worcester, mid-20s boston to norwood but when you factor in the wind it feels more like 12:13 and a lot of spots even single digit wind chills already here at the 9:00 hour, orange and worcester right now. so day planner, bundle up, that's the bottom line and seeing a little bit of sun and don't be fooled as cold air comes in and temperatures in the upper 20s at 2:00 holding their and straight down on into the teens with wind chills even worse and there are the highs today, pretty much steady, what you see what you get and mainland and down toward the cape and islands you will see temperatures in lower 30s at
9:45 am
single digits out there through the late-morning, into the afternoon, no improvement, gets a little worse into the overnight hours and negatives starting to pop out here, so that is going to be a very bitter start to our tuesday, back to work, back to school, everyone has got to get out and get back to it and keep the skin coveredab and lots of extra layers and dangerous weapons tuesday morning and stays fairly breezy wednesday morning as well and don't get much relief yet and by wednesday afternoon temperatures climb into the lower 30s, winds relax on thursday and friday but then new storm system in the making for the weekend and rain-snow line coming into us and big
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early to tell. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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done. i just registered. that was easy.
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>> catherine: starting
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apple will have to pay for itunes radio and beats one will be the only one friedman radio service provides and all other stations require a monthly subscription to apple music and itunes radio has been free since launched in 2013. catherine: helmets have gone high-tech. company hasin invent a mohawk for bicycle ride and her uses smart technology if there's a crash and device works like a black box to record the video and sounds leading up to crash and also tracks the location with gps and automatically calls loved ones and emergency responders to get the person help. >> gene: movie covering the church child abuse scandal sweeps and overpowered big
9:50 am
is the only category that movie was up for. gene: boston police commissioner has done another marathon. bill evans houston marathon in support of the martin richard foundation. tweeted out by the boston police department. you could see he is wearing mr8 shirt in honor of the youngest marathon victim. this is the forty-ninth marathon he has completed. >> catherine: today martin luther king junior has been honored but south carolina there will be a different honor this year. with flag officially removed over the summer marchers pushing for education funding instead and bernie sanders and martin o'malley and hillary clinton already in the state on the heels of the democratic debate will all attend. catherine: this morning boston cares hosting annual martin luther king event and 650 volunteers expected there to take part in the national day of
9:51 am
dr. king and vanessa welch seeing the event in sara underwood and daniel miller and michael henrich will be there too and, of course, been telling them all to bundle up because it is going to get chilly to go through date here. >> jason: winds are just beginning and urge everyone just to cover the skin, pale tomorrow morning and bus stop back to work and snow is moving out as we speak but look at winds, gusting anywhere from 28 to 30, 35 miles per hour so keep going into the day today and snow wrapping up and down to 11 tonight with mid-20s and tomorrow and stays breezy and cold even into wednesday morning we start to see less wind by the end of the week and then next weekend we will be watching carefully. >> gene: something percolating? >> jason: starting to get organized and coastal storm and question is how close we become
9:52 am
be watching carefully. >> catherine: we will be watching carefully. following pattern we had last year all of a sudden. a little bothered by it thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. watch fox25 at 5:00 this afternoon. >> catherine: see you tomorrow morning. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good
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