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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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our oncern. what is our can concern there is no storm really to talk about. define our storm you swroul to go off the coast of alaska right now it's barely a baby storm. all computer models showing a pretty big storm becoming a strong nor'easter that would produce heavy snow inland and mixing along the coastline that would keep snow totals down. this is not set in stone. the newest information coming in the next few hours. i'll have whatever is coming in and to show new just a few minutes. plus, keep in mind this will change as the week goes on. on the fox 25 ted daniel now in boston. ted, the t is working right now to make sure there's no cold weather-related trouble for riders in the morning? >> reporter: things did not go as well as hoped during our first cold snap a couple weeks ago, vanessa, so tomorrow will be another big test for the t. a spokesperson tells fox 25
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going to begin rolling out without passengers to make sure they're fully operational when it's time for the first ones to board. >> reporter: just a couple weeks ago riders were reminded that the city's aging transportation system is just as susceptible to subfreezing temperatures as it is to snow. cracked rails and other cold weather problems brought cancellations and delays on the commuter rail. green, orange, and red lines. >> there was a delay and nothing was different from last year. >> there was tons of difference. >> reporter: speaking to fox 25 this afternoon, governor charlie baker says a lot is different. we've told you about the ts $83 million winter resiliency program. new plows, rails, de-icing protocols and inspections. >> we're going on continue to work our way through it. make sure we do all we can to give people a reliable predictable service they will need this winter. >> reporter: until reliable and predictable becomes the norm for this man's commute
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home early whenever the forecast includes snow or bitter cold. >> if i hear there's going to be bad weather i start like waking up like like two hours ahead. winter. >> how important is it for you to get to where you need to be? >> it's making my bread and birth. i have to be to work on time or else you lose your job. >> so the governor is optimistic. he's also hyperaware of all the planning and preparation that gone into this winter. the one thing he says that no one can guarantee is the possibility of a piece of rail cracking. rail is being replaced every day but so much of it is old and he says it's the problem that happens in cold weather climates all across the country. reporting live in boston tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. meteorologist jason brewer will be following the cold temps all morning and
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following the morning commute. the pats are in the playoffs. they're now denver bound and butch stearns one of football's biggest rivalries will be on display once again. >> certainly will, blair. here's what brady, manning is not it's not ali fraser nor russell chamberlain or bird and magic. these two have never been able to play against each other when a title has been on the line because they can't, they play in the same conference. definitely the best individual sports rivalry that sports have had to offer for the last decade and a half. for the fourth time in their careers here we go again. a one game winner take all situation to get to the super bowl. manning has won two of the previous games. the patriots are favored to win this time. on his weekly weei radio interview this morning brady would connect with manning this week but he is sure about their friendship. >> i think we have just known each other for a long time.
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for all these years being at event we have developed a good friendship. he's pretty remarkable for him what he's accomplished this season. to lead the team to a great win. the stylers that was a huge win for them. it will be play another peyton manning-led team. rivalry with manning. he has been twice as many afc title games, twice as many super bowls and of course he has won four championship manning has won just one. for this 17th meeting brady will be looking for his 12th overall win and second afc championship game win against peyton manning. pats are three to three and a half point road favorites this sunday. coming up in sports more on the patriots including a clever facebook battle between brady and july ien -- julian edelman. >> since the road to the super bowl goes through denver that is where many pats fans are also headed. but it won't be cheap. ticket prices that range from a few hundred all the
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stay with fox 25 all week long as we countdown. join sports director tom lieden and butch live from denver beginning thursday right here on fox 25. a woman who claims she was brutally teaked this weekend is now facing charges after police saying she made the story up. fox 25 reported last night that a woman was attacked and robbed in chelsea on saturday by three men with a knife. today police say 25-year-old denise perez made the story up. officers say she actually intervened in a fight between several men was cut by a broken bottle. she has been charged with misleading police. a 12 boy hospitalized after falling off a ski lift. the owner of the ski area said the boy did he he was messing around on that chairlift. he is expected to be okay. the ski area is asking the boy to possibly comment on a safety video about lift safety when he does recover. parents of high school students in melrose being
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man being hit and killed by a commuter rail train. it happens on the tracks. the message from the melrose high principal posted on mayor's blog tonight addressed speculation on social media but did not identify the victim. foul play is not suspected. developing news now iraqi security forces are going house-to-house in a baghdad neighborhood. they're looking for three americans be a ducked over the weekend. the kidnapping happened after the americans were invited into their home. of their interpreter in the southern baghdad neighborhood. this is the latest in a series of brazen high-profile kidnappings undermining confidence in the iraqi gough's ability to control militias. >> a hingham man is back home after being held captive for 40 days in iran. last night matthew returned. on saturday he released along with four other hostages. he there was for a language program and here in just the last hour his family released a statement.
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happy to be back in massachusetts after his ordeal in tehran's evan prison. he's doing well spending time with his family and catching up on boston the search also continues for another hingham native lost at sea. 23-year-old christopher orlando is one of a dozen marines who disappeared on thursday night after their helicopters crashed off the coast of what happen. he graduated from hingeham high school in 2011. -- in 2010. a teen hit by a stray bullet is no longer in critical condition tonight. fox 25 reported last week that 17-year-old zach sidelinger was inside his brockton apartment on pine grove drive when heff hit straight through the wall. his family tells us he will be having another procedure recovery. no arrests have been made in that shooting. haz-mat crews rushed in to emerson hospital in
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observe substance that was road salt. when the substance turned out to be salt the e.r. was roped. six people are under arrest tonight after taking part in what began as a peaceful protest. the service employees international union held this rally in honor of martin luther king, jr. at logan airport today. state troopers allowed the group to gather for a short time but six protestors refused to leach they were arrested and charged with trespassing. gas is dropping well under $2 a gallon and new tonight fox 25's malini basu catches up with an expert about why this is happening. >> temperatures across massachusetts are dipping and so are the gas prices. >> when is the last time we saw gas for $1.67 a gallon? >> it's amazing. i like cheap gas. >> i love it, hey.
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a mother of two kids working long hours as a registered nurse is always looking for cheap gas. >> i'm a visiting nurse so i drive around a lot. so i do anywhere from 300 to 500 miles a week. does it make a huge difference. >> reporter: last year around this time she says it costs her about $40 to fill up now nearly half that. >> no, you can't beat it. >> reporter: the worker at the gas station says they're the lowest around here. >> we're the lowest price. >> reporter: why is that? >> that's my decision. you got deep it low. >> reporter: aaa officials tell fox 25 gas prices were 28 cents higher last year. today alone it dropped eight cents. >> the price of oil is down dramatically just since the start of the year really. but we actually saw the price of crude oil close at the lowest this point 12 years. >> reporter: matt who owns a landscaping company using his truck for everything.
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filling up just in case the prices jump up again. >> right now it's $45, $50. compared to a year ago you are looking at double. i sleep in it and drive it and everything here. >> aaa officials tell fox 25 we can expect to see gas price goes even lower. but then once april comes around that's when gas price also start going up again because folks are out and about. for now in stoughton, malini basu, fox 25 news. the mbta will hold a series of public meeting on proposed fare hikes and late night service. the fare hikes are one way the t is trying to cut down its $242 million deficit for 2017. the first meeting on late night service is tomorrow from 10:00 until noon. it will happen at the state transportation building. at 10 park plaza in boston. we have posted the rest of the meetings on the website. donald trump making another appearance in new hampshire. he spoke to a crowd at concord high today. trump saying he's confident he would win the election if
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and that he will finish even stronger than the polls are suggest. and this morning republican ted cruz visited with voters at a diner in keen, new hampshire. the texas senator is on a five day tour of the grand state which kicked off yesterday in londonderry. bitter cold throughout right now subzero wind chills being felt across southern new england. you know it will be worst first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. the latest on a potential for a nor'easter. and the potential for a lot of snow this week is giving people flashbacks to last winter. up next how the mere mention of snow is putting a lot of us into a tizzy. this picture of a target cashier is all over the internet.
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america runs on dunkin'. legendary singer glenn frey founder member of the eagles has died. he had been battling intestinal issues and pneumonia. he wrote take it scpeaz heartache tonight. his illness pulled -- forced the eagles to pull out of their appearance at the kennedy center. city, state and local leaders honoring dr. king. governor charlie baker saying dr. king may be disappointing at scblost lingering racial tension in america's society but there are achievements as well. >> and on so many legal,
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barriers have been blown away and changes that would have seemed impossible 50 years ago have been with us for most of my adult life. >> the mayor and senators wallsh and markey also addressed the crowd. today can dozens of volunteers helped to box clothing. organizers say it was inspired by king's heart and his spirit. take a look at this heartwarming photo here from foxborough. it's new at 11:00. officer gordon proving it's not all about crime-fighting for local police. he spread some ice melt on an elderly man's drive after that man slipped and fempt good work officer gordon. >> target cashier also getting a lot of praise on-line after a customer snapped a picture of him careful helping an elderly woman. that's gilbert behind the register. there he's become a bit of a
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thanks to this picture. she was paying for each item individually and in change. the woman who snapped the picture says she was impressed by his kindness. kevin has been forecasting the penal for an awful lot of snow this weekend. as fox 25's jim morelli tells us it's giving a lot of people flashbacks of this last winter. >> reporter: getting ready for the here we go again. >> a little snow is always nice. >> reporter: one year after a record-setting winter that powerful word is in the week forecast. >> we're possibly going to have a snowstorm on saturday what do you think about that? >> reporter: it is still five days away a mere lifetime in meteorological terms but the mere idea we could have shoveling had the mayor reminiscing. >> the summer went by so quickly it seems like we didn't have a breast. >> reporter: we were told
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again. but the timing downright eerie. >> let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. >> i love the snow, i do. it's a boston thing. >> reporter: they're equally thrilled that the blue hills ski area where the dry winter has hit them in the wall -- wallet. you are looking at $90,000 worth of man made snow. a possible batch on saturday on the house. >> a flip-flop that would likely bring them into norwood true value where there's hot stuff to melt the ice away and every other winter unmentionable in between. >> the panic hasn't sunk in yet. >> reporter: what do you think will happen when the panic does set in? >> we'll be very busy. >> reporter: andrew fisher at the hardware store tells us they were very busy back in september when they sold a lot of snowblowers to people who had a very good memory of last winter. so the big question is will you be hailing these early snowblower buyers for their brilliant foresight.
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in copley square, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> only the forecasters know. last year we had snow starting about the same time after a very slow winter. and now we just get started this winter we had our first inch snowstorm that happened sunday sure we had more monday but january 17th will be the day we had the latest this winter. february 14th account 2007 still ranks as number bun. last year this coming week we had six inches of snow in some spots a little more in others then the blizzard on the 26th . then we just didn't stop worcester 13 right now. feels like -6 with winds blowing steadily from the west at 23 miles per hour and some higher gusts. your temperature bottoming out right around 10. boston stubbornly holding on
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it feels like 4 either way with that strong westerly wind and going down through the teens overnight tonight. check out back here keene, new hampshire is 14 fitchburg is 16 always feels like one degree right now into the low teens overnight for. gusty winds out there right now. you saw that with the different towns i. just pointing out to you. but the wind advisory all that means is another blustery cold day. that's all because of that departing storm system out of here and high pressure trying to build in when they sandwich up against each other you get some strong winds. snow blowing off there tonight. not so much reaching western new england any more outside of a stray flurry into the berkshires. where is this billing old storm we're talking about for the weekend. you won't find it in the continental u.s. you have to go into the pacific ocean.
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an issue. 51 hudson and shirley. to the north shore rockport 24 . and back here into worcester county. worcester 19 can and douglas you will hit 21 tomorrow afternoon. the latest information coming in the american g.f.s. computer model still showing a major nor'easter coming off the coastline. that would cause some mixing. way too soon to talk amounts here. if this were to happen we would be dealing with a substantial amount of snow and mixed precipitation. the european model one people like to see on social media okay i'll oblige shows a similar situation. if the storm takes a track that our best models are showing heavy snow, heavy mixing strong winds and expected. here's a look at that seven-day forecast with your weekend in view. cold weather and tracking the potential storm. up next the latest on the patriots, including tom brady's latest jab at his
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>> it's going to be the broncos and the patriots. we will enjoy this for the night. i think you knew that was coming. to quote belichick we'll be on the new england. >> peyton manning quoting bill belichick after steelers. bring on the broncos.
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brady will play for the right to go to the super bowl. manning has won two of the previous three afc title battles two years ago manning kept brady and the pats from the super bowl by winning at mile high. this game is being played in denver instead of foxborough. of course, meanly because the patriots lost their last two -- mainly because the patriots lost their last two season games. on his weekly weei radio interview this morning brady wasn't even aware of that record. >> i didn't realize we were 2- just like this year a great team. just play our best that's what it comes down. to we have had a lot of close games there. it always comes down to something intend. they're a great opponent it will take our max effort. >> stay with fox 25 all week long as we countdown to kickoff the sunday's game. thursday night tom lieden will be live with reports from denver and i will be joining him on friday. right after that, right here on fox 25. tonight is the one year
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afc championship and of the deflategate. a story may rear its ugly head again soon. all year long the nfl has been gathering p.s.i. data from randomly testing certain footballs in various games throughout this season. while they have yet to make the this data public they tell mike florieo that the league may release a summary leading up to the super bowl. you're kidding, right? celtics and jay crowder play. dallas dominated early and led this game by as much as 17. but dirk hits the three and crowder followed shooting the three and he would hit three send it to overtime. 109-105. do we have the wrong wror highlights mavericks beat the celtics in overtime. tom brady second quarter run to the endzone against the chiefs last sunday not a
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of beauty as brady points out on facebook tonight nobody enjoyed watching it as much as julian edelman. brady posting this picture look at edelman in the background saying on facebook brady, hey, julian how about a little less flexing and a little more blocking next time? well, edelman posting back this picture from tweak in buffalo says my bad tom brady it's just that usually when i dive for the pile on it counts as a touchdown. love you bud. love the bromanc nerks that. >> it's cold. wind chills are below zero in many places. so yes it's going to be a cold ride home if you don't have one of those car starters. i don't have one. >> i don't either, kev. >> so the snowstorm for the weekend still on the latest computer model data coming in. but again four days worth before that storm plaques --
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