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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 23, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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thanks testing this is a box 25 storm tracker report >> i fox 24 sarah wroblewski, continuing to watch the snow pants rotating into southeastern parts of the state. some heavy, steady snow where we are seeing the darker shades of blue and a sharp cut out for the temperatures are in the 20s and teens. you are seeing steady snow out towards chatham, ritz going to see treacherous conditions. up along the south shore, to into southeastern parts of the state you are looking at those darker shades of blue indicating some of that heavy snow that is coming down and sticking to the roadways. up in boston a few flurries
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some slick roadways, on i-75 up towards the new hampshire seacoast.some light shower and then you headed to new two. not much happening. this storm is to our south, really bringing southern parts of new england some of that steadier, heavier snow as well as some very strong wind gust. we have guests over 30, 40 miles per hour. in nantucket over 40 miles per hour. blowing and drifting snow reducing visibility through the evening hours. we will continue to see the snow pants across her northeastern area, heaviest through the evening and overnight. we will have that sharp cut off to the north and west and by early tomorrow we will see most of the activity exit the
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but highest totals absolutely somewhere in the western united states because of the absence of the people and because of the cactus you see on the ground and it's not the cactus this white tail deer has to worry about. it's not the barbed wire and as you can see as the deer is caught you can see she's hanging over right on her haufrnes. >> one of the worst we've seen. that looks so painful. >> if you notice it's not that she's stuck in between and she's laundry, so she definitely needs human help. >> i know. i know. this guy quickly handles it like a boss. >> holds her up like a prize and then he does the right thing. >> video of the of the world, they're just out there to keep people honest even when they try hard not to be. >> in the first video we see
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we are on a train station. this guy walking toward him right here. that's his buddy. >> oh, mate, come on! >> this guy knocked his own friend out and left him there while he walked back to his child that is on this stroller that he just left unattended way back there on the platform. >> who leaves their child alone unattended at a train station like that? >> i would knock the guy out as well. >> not father of the year. >> i would question the definition of friends here. >> police go back to review the video and we see what actually happened and the attacker was arrested and charged with child endangerment and is expected to face jail time. >> it was a big punch and he hit his head on the rail on the way down and face down on the concrete, as well. >> you see that there is blood under his face and he's unconscious throughout his
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injuries from this incident for that man. >> hold on. whose wallet is that? >> his friend also looks through his buddy's wallet. no word on whether he took anything, but he did look through it. >> the perfect example of the saying with friends like these who needs enemies? >> from that dangerous situation to this other one. this is in russia and these guys decided that it would be cool to just spend the day out surfing and that's what you see this shot in the beginning freaked me out because you see that they start approaching another train on the other side and fortunately, there's enough space and it was a scary situation. >> it's a stupid thing and so dangerous for everybody involved, as well. >> the crowns finish the junior challenge championship.
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are sliding all over this icy, snowy track. >> i would imagine at a winter rally they would have some kind of attraction. >> as the camera moves to this sweeping right hand, we get into the middle of some crazy action. >> and this car comes out and rolls and rolls and rolls before it even comes to a stop. the crowds all get around and eventually rolling it back on to its wheels and getting everybody safe. >> let's just hope it doesn't happen again. >> this guy comes off free and manages to stay on his wheel and back on to the track. >> the snow banks provide additional protect and you can see just how much the snow slowed it down and you look here and you can see someone is
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>> he ends up on the front and cart wheels are ending up next to the one in the beginning and then it's becoming -- >> don't you think word got back to the paddock and by the way, turn 67 is really catching people. >> you'll want to slow down. >> hey, enough. >> and that same spot! i mean, come on! >> this guy ends up on his side with steam pouring out of his engine and i don't think anyone told him there was a corner there as he takes a long drive before flipping over and ending up on his slide and they than that. >> and he bangs into a tree before finally coming to a rest with one more to go. >> did anybody finish this? >> how about one five-minute video and half a million views so far and i'll let you guys know, nobody was hurt in any way. two officers were in the ice
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>> well, the ice bucket challenge has nothing on this and we are here and it's around 25 degrees. below zero and 14 degrees fahrenheit. he is a norwegian guy that's about to -- well, i'll let him tell you. he's going to strip down to his undies and tie a rope around his legs because you want to come back. >> and get pulled out. >> this is scary when you think about it. >> be careful. he's doing it slowly, too. are you doing it, you crazy fool? >> that's a nice temperature. >> oh, my gosh. >> nice temperature, my foot. >> wait, where the heck is he going? >> he's going for the other
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>> that's good. okay, get out, dude. you're done. >> just racing to get out. he's, like, okay. that feels good. >> that's something that's different and imagine the windchill and the windchill will be brutal. >> and you get used to it. >> i'm not sure that's something i'll ever get used to. >> that's not one challenge i'm willing to accept. >> how a one of a kind proposal. >> he has pulled out all of the stops. >> the elaborate plan mastered to perfection. >> it's something out of a movie. >> and -- yet dog is the scaredy cat in this video. >> he tries to approach, but he's, like, i can't! two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza
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i mean, whoo. if you look up the world smooth in the dictionary one of the definitions you'll get is suavely charming in a way considered to be a function, and and it would be easier if you put a picture of luka there. he has pulled out all of the stops for him and anna and her best mate flew to san francisco to attend an event, a very swanky event, as well and he's dressed to the nines and he heads to this building and she's on her way up tot the elevator, she's thinking if only luka could be here. luka is not in rome anymore because this guy has put together a plan that just makes me swoon. all right, luka. let's do it. on top of this building, luka is waiting and luka is not by himself and there is a small
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singer and they're hearing in this video, and i believe this is the one by andrea bocelli and is going. >> it's perfect. >> check out that rock. >> oh, yeah. bling, bling. >> oh, my goodness. look at that view. >> it's beautiful and for that moment, you feel the emotion welling up inside her and he pulls out the gigantic rock. >> it's like something out of a movie. ? but he's not done yet. he's talking to her whispering small nothingss in her ear. oh, by the way, turn around and watch her reaction when she sees all her friends and family. >> and ugly cry. >> there's no ugly anything going on right here. this is perfect. >> luka, smooth. >> the debate is going to rage on for years as we continue to
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this could be a solution for some drone problem. >> no! it's amazing and and it's put together by folks at the michigan technological university and specifically, dr. mo rascar. although you find this entertaining, these guys are working on this concept and a concept to try and take out unand we see drones flying over the white house lawn and going over sports complexes when they're not supposed to. what's the solution? shooting them out of the sky? no. the fwas have developed this technique which they say not only debilitates the drone almost instantly, but can transport it away from the crowd of people. >> it's a fantastic solution to
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up in the headlines for months. we like to say don't be a scaredy cat, but it's the dogs that are scared in these two videos. we start with storm. she apparently is afraid of seth the cat. >> accord ing to ing to they don't know why she's afraid. >> the cat is doing it when the humans aren't around because that's how cats work! >> and she tries to approach, but she's, like i -- i can't. >> the cowardly lion right there. >> exactly. she does look like the cowardly lion. eventually she's, lie, you know what? i've got to do it. another scaredy cat dog. her name's crystal and she's in the cart at pets part and along comes a little girl with stuffed
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not afraid of that. look what it is. >> yes, and it's like the giant dog poster is just a little bit chilly. >> why do they have to make the darn posters so realistic. >> just get it out. >> a guy's excited to get his new hoverboard. he tests it and see the smirk and that leads to something much bigger. >> plus this little cuty is making a confession. [ laughter ] >> you bit somebody. let's get to the bottom of that. >> why things get adorable when she tries to keep her story straight. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. hey mom. yeah?
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standing by for fun. here, guys, i have my hoverboard. >> a guy is opening one of the hoverboards he bought on ebay. >> haven't those all been sent back. >> here i am, packing it all up. >> after he's dfter he's done unpacking it and showing it, he fast forwards to the next day where he had it charging all night. >> he's trying to lean and he leans forward and it's not really doing anything and no lights on the front and it >> turn it on. >> oh, it's on, it just decides different way. >> see a little bit of a smirk starts coming out and that doesn't look quite right. abort mission. >> it's not even charging and it caught fire.
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and it seems to burst out in flames and he jumps back and quickly runs off and runs back in and pours water on the kelth ttle to put it out. >> seeing it makes you understand how dangerous these things can be. however, this is very easy to fake. >> a lot of people have said that and he has an entire rebuttal saying no, no, i'm not smart enough to figure out how to make that thing blow up. it just happened the way it was. the reason we're hearing about it is there are no safety standards and it's made in a thousand factories in shenzhen china alone and they're getting sent out which is why things like this are happening and the lithium ion battery was overcharge or it was pierced. i'm not calling fake on that and it's turned up in a couple of news stories and this guy is saying no, no, no. it just blew. i'm not trying to be famous for it.
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floor. >> are you ready? and -- [ indiscernible ] >> i can relate to expletives. >> that's pretty funny. >> her vocabulary is on point here, but it's the context that she's having a bit of a problem with. >> back up, back up. you bit andrew, but it was an accident and on purpose? >> okay. we've got that much. let's get to the bottom of that. >> i bit andrew, and i didn't notice and i just did that, and i didn't even look at the tv and i was already over it. >> she's mastered dropping the bomb and walking away at the redirect because she knew biting somebody, that's not good so let's talk about something else.
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because you don't even like miles. >> i lost you like six minutes ago. >> she rolls her eyes and her head back. >> i love that, too. the hugest eye roll you've ever seen. >> what time of day do you thinkk it was? >> sunday. >>. >> there are 24 hours. >> right. we're getting there. >> what time, though? what hour? >> 1:00. >> so that means it was morning time. >> wow! was it at a rager? and 3:00 and then it was evening. >> i don't think we really get the complete story here from josie, but it doesn't matter, does it? because the whole thing is just cute. >> when the show was on i just accidentally bit him, like -- but i didn't even swallow it. >> a body builder with a unique strategy.
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on his face. >> come on now. check out bradley's idea of picking up chicks. >> he's so cute.
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he can to build that hearty muscle of his. >> where do we sign up? >> you could do so on his instagram account which has many followers, i think in part because of his workout videos that he's shares like this one here where he actually has a couple of girls sitting on him while he's pressing some pounds.
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guys want to help. no? >> let's be clear, who are you asking here? >> you. >> i knew it. >> he does a bunch of crazy videos and on this one the girl is on his shoulder. >> that is a whole new dimension with body weight exercise. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> body weight is the thing these days, right? >> he's doing a few bench press wes these girls. >> is this bradley's idea of picking up chicks? >> these two girls are actually on the rod while he has it on his back and then he starts doing squats. >> see, bradley, this is cute. these chicks are cute. >> he also does have a good sense of humor, no, no, no.
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until next time, catch us on the
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