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tv   FOX 25 News at 630  FOX  February 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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dean now of the pac 12, he has the young spirit, the vitality, the playfulness, brings a joy to his work and team feeds off of that. >> tim: by the way, that was noah dickerson. he did foul out of the game. three-second violation called against ryan anderson of arizona. >> steve: don't see those very often. maybe a quota call. the end microsoft when meter maids start giving out more tickets or highway patrol pulls people over. >> tim: 11 lead occasion, see the field goal shooting story. arizona combating really tough day from the floor. >> steve: the high post. nice little rub. marquese chriss gives washington the 12th lead change of the
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>> steve: a trap. jackson-cartwright navigating. [ crowd noise ] york, nice. with an answer. >> steve: york and anderson, the upper classmen. beautiful pass. and the foul. dime takes it right at anderson, tarczewski also coming over. andrews penetration forces arizona to help uphill. and that exposes the baseline. >> tim: caleb tarczewski gets his third.
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time at indian hills community college in iowa. he speaks eight languages. spanish, arabic. he had it all. they asked him to tell something true about hip self, something about one of his teammates then tell a lie. he told the team, i no lie. i cannot lie. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: tied at 70-70. york. get the feeling we may have an extra session today? >> steve: it's a donny brooke from start to finish. >> tim: it has o.t. written all over it.
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so many lead changes. arizona's size and strength always keeps them in it. washington's athletic. >> steve: punch and counterpunch. game of runs. >> tim: two minutes left. veteran takes it to the rack. tarczewski and anderson both tough down there when you bring the ball down low. [ crowd noise ] rejected and fouled by chriss. >> steve: baseline official didn't see it. but opposite of sean miller. the call was made. fourth foul. >> tim: that's four on chriss. anderson gets to the line.
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miller. what a luxury to have ryan anderson, security blanket for sean miller. a great pick up. like a free agent. [ crowd noise ] there's the draft, free agent. nice high-low. >> tim: chriss, rejected by tarczewski. anderson, by the way, the human double-double that he is comes in averaging a double-double. 20-13 today. >> steve: four game tear, best any front line player in the country. >> tim: nearly 30 point blow out
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center three weeks ago, though. teams have evolved in the college basketball, are washington has. at the shot clock fuzzer. -- buzzer. >> steve: good find by gabe york. dials one up. >> tim: andrews, fouled. york off the bounce there, tim, gathers, draws the defense. nice little reverse pivot and kick out. >> tim: 84% at the line. he came into today's game with 214 freethrows taken. 180 made. he gets to the line just shy of ten times a game. you see the poison display by the upper less men. andrew andrews for washington and on the other end of the floor, gabe york and ryan anderson. they have stepped up made the plays.
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grizzled veterans. >> tim: one-possession game. 51.3 left. full court pressure. got to get it over the line. almost double dribbled. quick time out taken as a result by sean miller. the moment he saw that lorenzo romar going to play them straight up. >> steve: wants to make sure he gets a good look on this possession where they're either able to get a point blank shot, a wide open jumper or draw a foul. need to come away in productive manner.
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your time out depending upon whether you score or don't score, talk to your team about the defensive side of the ball. reset. the possession arrow is with washington. that's critical particularly if you're talking about a low post pass to one of the bigs. >> steve: i would imagine two-man game here with anderson and york. whether it's high ball screen or an iso, but those two will be involved on weak side to try to get your bigs to clean up the garbage. >> tim: if you get the stop, lav, and you're washington, do you look for the three or do you try to get the quick two extend the game? >> steve: you opportunistic knock down 3s if you can score directly and set your defense there's still time in the backcourt, i would imagine if washington pushes and scores, whether it's a two or a three there will be quick time out. >> tim: lot of times coaches
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because they're concerned about the inbounds pass. >> steve: absolutely. a lot of bad thing can happen out of the time out. it's a philosophy or an approach of feel for your particular team in that situation in a game. >> tim: sean miller has a veteran team. he's got allen and jackson-cartwright, two good handlers out there with york. then tarczewski and anderson have been erasers in the middle. allen will trigger in the inbounds defended by andrew andrews. >> steve: working out of a stack. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: high pick from tarczewski. york. anderson the rebound. anderson goes back up and is fouled. second and third chance opportunities that have been catalyst all day rear its ugly head for the washington fans
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>> steve: not a better front line player in america at finding a way to carve out space, to come up with those second and third efforts. that's why the karl ma lobe power forward candidate. he's numbers i think as good as any front line player in the country. >> tim: 9.8 now left on the clock. i think they're taking a long look at that. chriss picked up a foul. his fifth. he's done for the game. 18 points and seven rebounds. we have a clock issue and they are going to work on how much time really does actually remain. >> steve: sean miller instructing his wildcat team, he has wisely played through his seniors as officials review the clock situation.
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anderson again, finds a way to secure the ball then goes strong to the cup to draw that foul. >> tim: right. clearly just a little under 16 seconds should be remaining not the 9.8 as you see up on the board right now. that is what the officials are working on. tony along with eric and sean. they're going to give 16.1 which may be arizona thinks is a little generous, it could be 15.9 if you want to -- >> steve: sean miller clearly instructed his team, depending whether anderson makes one or two freethrows. whether it's three-quarter court press. if he misses both freethrows potentially foul they don't get game-tying three-pointer at the rim. anderson the story for the
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15 rebounds and eight of them on the offense. >> tim: unbelievable. that's difference in the game, really. if this score holds up. >> steve: we talked about it at the outset. on a tear the past four games. all aspects of his game. watch this set up like good ball at the freethrow line. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: gets the shooter's touch as a result. that reserve time was almost picked off by kadeem allen. here is murray all the way to the rack. that ball was deflected. a drone draws, the foul with the three. will not get the whistle from the officials. that should effectively put it away. two-possession game.
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you do then -- 77-7. allen's got it. trying to play keep away. and he does. arizona survives, i do mean survives washington this afternoon. >> steve: this is indicative of pac 12 play this year and why as many as nine teams are under tournament. high level basketball out west, tim. >> tim: enjoyed it lav. >> steve: i loved it. like gangsters. tim brando. >> tim: and for steve lavin and molly mcgrath, tim brando, so long where we were not sleepless in seattle. what an exciting environment. huskies go down 77-72. arizona looks to be getting ready to march in march.
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no another snow storm tragedy tonight while family members young girl killeded by falling tree branch another family also received bad news from the hospital. link between both accidents. plus picking up after the storm, thousands still without power.
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lights back on, the hardest hit communities still hoping for heat. and i am tracking drop temperature eyes on next chance of snow i where we have winter storm watch already issued >> and putting little girl would work. is a lack good judge plent on parents part. nine year old throne in ask they are daughter to do before they were arrested. >> now with break regular flaws, this is fox 25 new at 6:00. complete new england. >> breaking news tonight. two families in mourning tributes pouring for six year old tailly kenyan. beautiful little give lost after freak accidents in the snow in canton. but tonight we. after branch fell on him. late last night. >> robert joins live canton more
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spoke to daily avenues family. >> robert. >> first young child now a father three. both losing their lives after heavy wet snow brought down huge branchs in their own yards. >> that smile is what she was she lit up the sky. she would run to you she would tackle you with lure his. >> entire family is using the memorieses stay strong. after the six year old died when tree limb covered heavy wet snow broke move hit her. every time she would leave, she would say, you can't leave until hugs and kisses she grab you by the legs and she would hug you and kiss you. hours later on friday another huge limb broke off another canton neighborhood. hitting 48 year old father of three. >> did not hear it had no time to react. struck him on the hit. say the man was clearing off the backyard hockey rank when branch above. >> canton town officials went
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clearing limbs and trees that didn't look safe in some cases, closing roads until draws arrived. it was beautiful 12346r789. but absolutely dangerous people need to be aware. take care. says, they are unimaginable. but they know she is going to be okay 12346r789. she didn't feel any pain she was smiling happy. >> that's all we can say is best thing. >> and caylee family be plaque fine service they have set up a page to help fundraise some money to help offset those cost ez would have >> robert. fox 25 news. >> today brighter day roads. most clear after frequent plowing meantime marshfield some sidewalks still need clearing as people state a. >> some help today temperature rose above freezing so certainly helped for my driveway but turning to our meterologist, and storm tracker weather center i
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just yet. i understands you are tracking some freezing temperature again tonight and winter storm watch for monday? >> yes we got chance of snow back forecast. you know and enjoy dry conditions while you can this weekend because. >> that shower head monday and also extending it through the middle part of week. as we do have winter storm watch now issued for parts of south shore and cape. starting on monday. high temperature today, allowed for some melting of course, we back below freezing some locations right now. so, expectations to see some icy spots overnot hours. >> out southwest. it is adding chill so feels like it is in 20s. >> you are temperature trends through next 12 take back towards freezing mark close boston. around midnight. by time you wake up.
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more meanting heading our way tomorrow. mild conditions, but that risk snow does return on monday. coming up i am going show you the latest track as well as poe tension shaem snow fall totals in just a little bit. over to you. oh boy. okay well more than day after snow flakes stopped falling crews in towns just beginning dick out. >> towns some customer in are still without power tonight. fox 25 is live. they making progress there. >> yes. certainly. you know 95,000 customer were without power when storm began yesterdays. 367. this what 11,000 are left now for some perspective that's left >> one percent of ever source. >> take look at outage map here. on the ever source app you can see the harvest hit areas is right about would in any damage and sherburn. where we are here. holiday.
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harvest hit one of the problems here the biggest problem here. in uprooted tree on ash lands street. right near winter street. so weight of snow i am told on the branchs yesterday, lifted right out of the grounds and on to wires across the street. bringing them down and causing several small explosions, even small fire. of course, that knock the out power to residents on that street in that neighborhood that was around 9:00 yesterday morning. now ever source have been working there in that area ever since then they are still at this hour. they also been in places like where you are seeing naduk where this tree fell down on those wires. they understands that the sooner they can get power back on, the sooner the residents can begin assessing the damage. . >> >> some of the are actually. >> burned and night out acrossroad.
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>> so, i think i have got lot of damage down to. >> oh, my goosh. >> i like in the in it is >> important keeper perspective the reason that restore igs i can so long according to ever source because when crews arrived on scene, they first have to clear those don't trees and then any damage to equipment, before they can begin their repair work though have ask for your patients but they are honeful, that most power shut be back on by around 8:00. all of it hopefully by around midnight tonight. >> live. fox 25 news. >> >> next storm headed our way download new fox 25 weather app our mooechlt meet. >> customer. for our app specifically for people across new england. that app available on the app store and on google play. >> well turning race for white mouse new hampshire primary just three short days away. tonight republican presidential
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hoping secure key votes in granite state. >> candidates are working it. trying to turn out the vote. hoping convince some unundesupport them neither the granite state. one candidate who wouldn't on carly fiorina. she took this swipe at abc which is televising the debate of course, at hillary clinton. i am going to beat her. you know i am best debater on stage in you know i have been fearless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton she a liar she lacks track records of accomplishments she been wrong on every major northern policy challenge and maybe that's the reason any one but adon't have me on stage tonight. >> in needs strong showing in new hampshire. predict debate will provide contrast for voters. >> i am you are questioning difference. >> we will make sure you see a difference. between knows who prepared for leading and those who are just
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>> after senator ted cruze campaign spread me mores that did dr. ben canadian sore will dropping out iowa. carson talked to his sol lawn tears man chester about the campaign future >> do not let any one, i don't care who it is, convince you that i am going anywhere. >> all right. . news we will on air from a -- pm right through to 11:30. live at the major campaign headquarters throughout state. with kin auntil will your political. and experts. >> only see. right here on fox 25. >> work hard figure you what the sparked house fire. that left one woman dead. flames earlier this morning at this mull to family home on park street in north and over.
6:55 pm
second floor was found dead in room the fire started in. residents who lived first floor were able to get safely. 4r6. >> my brother got them out. so, your brother. they smoke alarl went off in hallway upstairs and got them out. he couldn't get upstairs though. >> moment are releasing victim's name. >> crews work today to right freight train went off the track and happened today near in frame >> how happened. and, so far there no word on any injuries. >> under april rest after police say he stole a car woman inside. >> got into car. and started driving. >> police there were able to top the car and arrest saul i will be was not hurt. >> police are on hunt tonight for driver involved hit and run crash that sent two people to
6:56 pm
it happened earlier this morning. >> man woman were hit from behind in car near morton street. impact throwing about 25 feet. bolt people suffered serious injuries. and woman was flown boston hospital. >> well evacuated from their homes. on the bolten place. fire say burned undergrounds cable caused build up carbon moon oxide in base plent. >> so, would >> check the out for. but were fine. and actual. >> issue lie in crash. shut down part of mile hill road west minister earlier this if. >> >> lost power.
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open. >> and transit with man tonight in case of the credit card fraud they say suspect used someone else credit card buy mbta pass. on monday night. if you recognize him, contact transit police. >> we got mierld temperature on way but eyes on next chance of watch. and when to expectations snow to arrive ahead. plus, >> and may not have been tall enough to see the road. coming up the unqualified taxi service police say a ways get two drunk adult home. but next fight air and good cause.
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