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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we can see some significant coastal flooding right around 11:00. there is a coastal flood warning there. near white-out conditions at times that goes until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. a winter storm warning for boston as well as up through the sea coast of new hampshire down through providence. ' winter weather advisory for still some snow but lighter amounts. it's going to be tracking to our south. it's so large it's going to allow for some rain and snow to move on in. 4:00 in the morning we're starting to see the precipitation move in. it's quickly going to change over to snow by 7:00. into ts -- into the boston area. the south shore further north you are you're okay.
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10:00 hour. but we're still dealing with snow during the evening commute. steady show to taper off for some showers. where we have see some heavy banding we could see some higher tidals. but of course i'll bring more of the threats and show you a a little bit more about what to expect hour by hour coming up in just a few minutes. >> sarah is showing us that snow starting right at the beginning of the morning commute. malini basu is live. crews have not started to
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>> blair, not just yet. maybe in the next three or four hours. they aren't just shocked by the way the storm is moving. fox 25 meteorologists are expecting a significant amount during the monday morning commute. official words were for tuesday now with tomorrow's heavy snowfall school officials reasons taking any chances. >> reporter: kids plan to taking it on their advantage. >> i'm a schoolteacher and i really would love no school because i haven't graded ail
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tomorrow. they're afraid of downed power lines trees and power outages. it's going to be a very bad day for everybody stay home, don't drive. for who doesn't drive who depends on public transit. the listing is on our website. and you don't have to be out on the roads tomorrow don't. for now live in newton tonight, malini basu, fox 25
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i want to get right to fox 25 jackie who joins me live where some folks are still waiting for the lights to come back on there. >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth we're going on 60 hours now for some folks on this street. some are elderly others have small children so it's round two head straight for us. it's not for lack of trying. but ever source crews are as of sunday night still unable to restore power to some folks left in the dark after friday's storm. flash back to last year and the crazy winter we had. it's not just limited to norfolk. i was checking on-line for the latest stats and found
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twitter even my dog is shivering slivering when will we have power. >> this afternoon or around 1:00 we lost power. it was like we have a party what are we going to do. they dug up a generatedor to make it happen. >> almost going to cancel it we've been doing this since 1986. with that second round of snow headed straight for us if you haven't stocked up on the flashlight battery ies it's a good time to get them done. the shops will be pretty packed tomorrow or maybe even closed. as that second storm heads straight for us. just minutes ago sarah told us that coastal communities should expect white-out conditions tomorrow they should also watch out for flooding. fox 25's ted daniel is live
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wind snow and flooding is a combo that that region hears all too often. i know i said this in year's past but it holds true tonight's. plymouth county and the upper cape are expected to get the worst of this storm. a blizzard is coming and it's bringing white-out conditions. on the road and on alert. some advance of the storm. a wise decision in this sweet spot. in plymouth we found a number of people stocking up. i postponed it until wednesday. i was able to do that.
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it usually gets flooded. weighs 12 to 18 feet are possible along the eastern massachusetts coastline. that means shore roads and other areas broken to love likely will. we don't have flooding in our neighborhood the next neighborhood down we do. but in the wintertime you don't like it. not in a blizzard. it's already starting to blow out over the coast. all indications point to a heavy wet snow tomorrow so it's not only going to be a pain to shovel it could bring down some trees and power lines and that's something obviously you also have to consider. that's the latest reporting
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i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. during winter weather travel can be tricky. logan airport saying they have a crew ready to keep the runaways clear. if you are planning on flying tomorrow fox 25 will beed on the air when the first flakes start to fall. our coverage of the storm far from over here tonight's. just ahead we'll show what you crews are doing. we are just two days away from the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders is seeing his lead on hillary clinton shrinking marco rubio, john
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outside the top four. kasich has jumped cruz for third place. for more on how the candidates sprendsing those last precious few hours before the polls open we wants to turn to mike emanuel who is in manchester for us tonight. in new hampshire, the grandchildren of the woodstock generation are showing their support for a senior citizen democrat socialist from vermont. senator bernie sanders says strangers -- stranger things have happened. somebody sat up in this room and said i think by the year 2015, gay marriage will be legal in everybody state in this country somebody next to them could have said what are you smoking. >> reporter: while sanders spent sunday preaching to the choir hillary clinton went to church in flint, michigan she's condemning
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tainted water supply. on the republican side donald trump is leading his nearest by double digits. team trump is pounding the digital pave thement trump also took a jab at jeb bush for bringing barbara to help his campaign. >> more poor, poor jeb bush who brings out his mother because he needed help. movementy, please come, walk in the snow mom, i like his mother. but i don't like that stuff. >> reporter: snart marco rubio try -- senator marco rubio tried to shake off the body blows he received during the debate. >> i i think the was madeleine albright she said there's a special place knell for women that don't
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clinton. >> well, here's the good news ma'am, you don't have to you can vote against her and still find salvation. right now the biggest drama appears to be who's going to be the rock solid second place finisher on the g.o.p. side. in manchester, mike emanuel, fox news. a reminder to stay with fox 25 right through the new hampshire primary. then we will be with you straight through 11:30 bringing you live reports. the speeches as they happen. blizzard and winter storm warnings go into effect in less than five hours. my latest timeline on when the heaviest snow develops and i'll i'll show where you a foot of snow is possible.
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ers. all night we have been on that fox 25 weather alert. the storm now just a few hours away. when the snow starts it's not going to stop for quite sometime. during the height of the storm sarah was just telling us we could see two inches of snowfall each hour. she will be back here in just a few moments with her extended forecast. many communities spent
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and limbs that fell after friday's storm. and it was a race against time as if that other storm is now expected to hit us tomorrow. even though it looks fluffy last week's snow was dense and sticky adding a lot of weight to the trees and causing them to snap. >> the fibbers in the tree no longer want to hold on and flex. they literally become solid like the ice. so once they snap they literally break like an icicle would. and tree trimming companies tell us it's pretty hard to tell which branch will snap. as this storm heads our way one town is still reeling from two tragedies just like that during the last storm. a 6-year-old girl and a father of three both killed by falling branches in cantson on friday. the fox 25's christine mccarthy found out today both accidents happened just miles apart. >> reporter: anywhere you go in canton nearly everyone knows about these two tragic freak accidents happening just miles and hours apart
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devastating these two families. >> it's just so difficult that it could happen to two families in the same town. >> reporter: the town of canton in mourning and disbelief. >> i couldn't believe that a branch would fall down and kill somebody. >> first 6-year-old kayleigh kenyan the playful loving kindergarten struck and pinned in her own backyard by a limb that fell 30 feet above her head as she was about to make a snowman with her dad. nine hours after the accident and seven miles away, 48-year-old father of three tom gunning suffered a fatal head injury after being struck by another snow-laden branch while cleaning off the hockey rink at home. >> it's a tragedy. when i get up this morning i looked in the paper i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: family friends and referee ron pozo officiated for gunning who was a coach and president. >> he was a great kid. >> reporter: friends of the
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sessions on sunday at kayleigh's school. no still distraught but the community is coming togethermented canton high school hockey team dedicated their win to the families in a tweet saturday night. and nearly 30,000 dollars in donations poured in to a go fund me account that will cover kayleigh's funeral expenses. >> this is such a beautiful community with so much love and caring. each time i speak with canton police and fire chiefs they urge residents to stay inside if you can, especially if you have children. keep them out from under those snow-laden trees and of course the danger danger persists through tomorrow when we expect to have more snow. in canton, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> it's hard to imagine a
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warnings. as well. 15 to 30 miles per hour with some higher gusts. we do have a winter weather advisory with loo it to moderate snow expected. but down across the south shore and the cape and islands where we have that blizzard warning for heavy snow combined with northeasterly winds. that will be gusting a as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour. that is likely going to cause some near white-out conditions at time. san francisco where is our storm. here it is you can see it. pushing south of the region but already we're starting to see some of the northern edge of this system get closer to us. it has to overcome some dry air. i'm expecting to see the best chance of some showers
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but the clouds they're advancing. if you're travelling overnight but it's going to be the monday morning commute snow that we'll be talking about. so i'm expecting to see some rain and snow move on in quickly changing over to snow by 7:00 and advancing into the boston area for that morning commute. may be okay across parts of new hampshire but quickly we're going to see the snow push northward into the region by your lunch hour we're all dealing with some with snow as well as some heavier bands with perfects in the 60s. it so will be -- in the 20s. so it will be light light and fluffy. we're dealing with those winds gusting too. starting mid-morning on monday through the afternoon
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evening commute we're going to be tracking some of these showers pushing on through the snow steady and heavy at times with enhancement off of the ocean. we could be talking about snowfall rates of one to two inches an hour allowing for very low visibility. across the region from worster to the coast. i wouldn't even be surprised if some areas would see higher amounts. a little bit lower two to four inches but boy we're going to be dealing not just with the snow but the wind
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cape and islands. that's why we do have a coastal flood warning in effect for the south show and the cape and the islands. we could see pockets of moderate coastal flooding as well as some splashover. as well as for areas around boston and the north shore. windy and snower conditions we will before an arc tik cold front brings cold air in the weekend. of course we'll take another
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forecast and too often we're bringing you stories of gun violence across our region. now fox 25 investigates has learned a whopping 60% of the guns used in crimes are here illegally and from out of state. >> we can stop that america is a powerful country. we try to stop everything else but can we stop the guns? >> massachusetts says some of the toughest gun laws in the country yet there's a steady supply of illegal guns on our streets. and investigator bob ward talks with federal agents to find out why and where these guns are coming from monday night on the fox 25 news at 10:00. you will love this next story. new at 11:00 a fantastic story to end the newscast
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to the aid of a woman in distress. the officer discovered that she was homeless, and she was hungry. well, the officer brought her some -- bought her some groceries helped her get a hotel room so she can ride out this long storm in a warm place. that's officer perry who did the boys in blue proud. imagine all the people who saw that happen, too. going through very extreme weather here. then keep going as we head in through the afternoon and evening hours. travel will get difficult likely with higher amounts down across the south shore. i wouldn't be surprised if some spots tap even over a foot of snow. looking at some of the track seeing if it had shifted or not. while the brunt of the storm hits us on monday we have on and on snow showers in store
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even into friday and bitter cold by next weekend. >> thank you, sarah. >> thank you for making fox 25 your choice for news our next forecast is at 4:00 a.m. here's tom lieden. >> thank you very much. it's always fun on super bowl sunday. maybe a little bit tougher to swallow when the patriots were knocking on the door. as they did the pats a couple weeks ago. i don't know silver lining. right after the break we're hopping into the game and all the reaction from it. is it peyton's last ride? all signs tonight certainly point to yes. our sports produce had $500 to spend on prop bets. and a touching story an 11-year-old mary who basically inspires everybody. it is all seconds away on the "sportswrap". so stick around we will take a quick break. we'll be back to get it going. we're here until midnight. super bowl sunday right here on fox 25.
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