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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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have a team oreporters scattered across the state will tell you the hardest hit areas but we begin with talks 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz 's been here all morning all day and now all night for us and kevin you've gotten us through every step of the storm so far. it's still going out there mark if you're with us this morning myself and jason brewer forecasting the storm we actually put a video on facebook where you can check out see this for yourself but were talking about the storm being 400 miles out in the ocean possibly go heavy snow all the way back to areas west of boston. we were concerned us no totals might be a little too high back there and that maybe bearing out so the heavy places that get the jackpots know this heart is no-hit south shore cape cod that's only played out that with the blizzard conditions have been. however this been some heavy
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the ocean and back to the west. trying to add to the snow totals up to the west were going to watch this band is deeper blue band especially that stretches from boston just out of quincy now but milton look like it's about to dedham and canton through holbrook rockland pembroke kingston halifax stretches over to plymouth as well. it's just north of route 44 and that's going to continue to bruise some heavy snow on its path all appear to the north shore watching this one make its way up to the west towards past burlington now its way along 128 just to the west of your burlington this new into the heavy snow band as well continue on to the west toward wayland you going to get into that as well. this is going to produce an inch of snow as it comes on through for many of you. so added on top of what you have now just when you thought you were done and become lighter start to pick up intensity again. up to the west much lighter
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still snowing out in worcester at least a fine light snow the steadier and heavier and ups bridge right here from plainville northward to click around medway mill is getting some of the heavier snow bands there as well. so we're certainly not done with the storm. it's going to continue to lift out of here later on tonight but for now for a few more hours, steady snow across southeastern and really southern new england altogether. southeastern massachusetts may get hit with the snow bands of blow off the back of the storm system those ocean effect dance from the strong northerly winds and boy we've had some strong winds today even tropical storm force strength. you can imagine what the winds must've been. absolutely i mean 400 miles away and yet we still can call this official blizzard down across the cape and islands but we have confirmation on the national weather service that nantucket hyannis falmouth martha's vineyard plymouth and chatham all reached blizzard
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drifting snow along with wins or frequent gossip 35 miles per hour or more reduced visibility down to a quarter-mile less for at least three hours. so that has been confirmed. and we still have a blizzard warning until 7:00 p.m. for some more blowing and drifting snow with those wins still very gusty right now. out of the north. but the visibility has improved is not blizzard criteria but still low so if you're going to travel just be careful for all of the lower visibility that you will be running into with these wins still costing over 20 to 30 miles per hour. we will expect to see the winds died down but they will produce some effects for the coast later on tonight. i'm going to show you that coming up but kevin also going to help bring in colder air. >> everything is going to freeze back up tonight getting the snow totals updated from you really appreciate all your reports rockland at nine and half right now scituate standing at six but you had a
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that report love to get an updated report from you on that one. getting great reports from twitter like this one storms not so bad in dorchester. thank you for that report. other reports true eight inches of fluffy snow troy new hampshire not much snow at all not snowing now when everything is said and done we still expecting 5 to 8 and sharon. probably going to be more like 45 inches and she was still going to be slippery go of some of those area roadways this evening. >> it is still slippery out there kevin we want to go out to our driving kim on 128 going to milton right now. you can see steady volume and some of those flashing lights out there i bet those are plows who out the tried to make sure maybe the sanders dropping down salt to make sure those roads are safe as possible for you. you want to decrease your speed to stay safe but volume overall today starting earlier this morning has been much lighter than usual.
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closures are along the coast within last for five minutes those closures were taken off of my map so making a little bit of progress there. " on route three average speeds of 14 miles an hour as you head south bound have another look at your traffic coming up in half an hour. back to you. >> that right there is the punch this winter storm pack along the south shore today. >> reporter: vanessa is sure did right now i think wind is more of the issue here. as you see it took us about two hours to get here from our dedham studio we stopped off in marshfield all the way here to situate we bumped into a man who says there was a huge tree branch that came crashing down luckily no one got hurt. >> the four letter word snow it has been relentless throughout the day.justin stayed home from work today a small tree branch fell late this afternoon right next door to him. >> it happened on flagler drive in marshfield. the winds remain intense the oceanfront home field ema officials will be watching for
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over and scituate off central avenue some minor flooding in summer homes not a soul to be seen here. over at the camp household michelle camp was forced to use a snowblower. >> it didn't work first couple of times and i tried and i got it started. here i am. not only is her husband stuck but shall got stuck with a snowblower. you can see pretty much around me that wind is the issue pretty much light snow right now officials will be monitoring some areas for potential flooding.we will be here bring you another update at 7 o'clock. >> from the south show that kate fox 25 kerry kavanaugh is they are.
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awk especially the last hour the snow is picking back up again but if you live in this area you're used to this people came out here to ski today for had to offer. >> white knuckle called on route three s. late monday morning it was the beginning of the peak hours of the storm that packed a punch on the south shore. a lot of waves a lot of wind it. >> the effects of mother nature most potent right along the coast that town next each locals can't seem to get enough of it. >> we love it. in the storm is a good storm. like to see the ocean. it was angry earlier it was really good. i heard the waves were huge. it out. >> definitely if you best enjoyed from the comfort of a vehicle. >> these are steady constant
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standing here right now i'm having a hard time maintaining my balance. first big storm of the year for as much of sandwich to shut down downtown was in stillness is winter swirled through. >> it's pretty intense here right now but later on it's going to get more more snow so will have to deal with it. indeed it is february cape cod residents who stay here year-round gladly take whatever it offers up. >> it's nice wintertime. cape cod get all four seasons that's great. beautiful. possible county emergency management says they are winding down their emergency operations as of this hour. they'll keep monitoring the situation but they haven't had any major reports of outages flooding in the area, or trees down even we asked them throughout the day. so they are winding down their emergency procedures as of this point as you can see mother
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>> in less than an hour ago we brought you boston mayor marty walsh's news conference about how the city is handled the storm. he wants everyone to know this. >> currently our focus on maintaining safe road conditions we asked people to stay off the road is much as possible. so our crews get the work done. we also covered in the boston public schools will be open tomorrow. >> are bob ward is live in boston bob with everyone home from school work today the city was able to stay out of this one. >> reporter: yeah they did the crews were out working all day long we saw them all over the city. they were able to do that because for the most part people just stayed home. i want to show you live right behind here, mark street it is to you can see the roads here nice down to pavement as a snow continues to come down but it's not as slippery as it could be. sometimes we been out here for
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drive up this road because it is so slippery. that is definitely not the case today.there were people who minute to make it to work today. we spoke to them. and they're taking this whole thing in stride. went. >> downtown boston a constant day long. snow brushes snow plows regular shovels. all doing the thing keeping one step ahead of the snow. not always easy for the most part, winter is not getting the upper hand. so bad. most people downtown boston rely on the mbta to get in and out of the city. the morning commute were told not bad. of course, there is always a ride home to think about. concern about what might be like going home? no idea. i'll check twitter later just kind of wing it. >> today was fine no backups in the blue line. are you worried about the t going home? will see you never know. getting through this rigid
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but after last year's record snowfall, this is a challenge easily met. >> this is heavy but compared to last year i did leave the house spreading two weeks straight so i'm able to get out get food so this is a win. >> it sure is a win. look at live pictures beacon street in the park street here but it might be because it doesn't have an automatic transmission it might be just lighting back for the most part things are looking good in boston. but you are out tonight, just take it easy because it is getting colder again. it may still be slippery. so just take your time. >> if you see broadcast in years past actually helping push cars up that hill. looks pretty good out there tonight. >> let you know that we will be with you right through the 7 o'clock hour. good error half hour special that changing weather conditions.
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7:30 and then from 7:30 arrow has a primary hour special as a cold get ready to open tomorrow morning. but first the coast in nearly play spelling is winter storm ahead at six will take you west to worcester and framingham. the challenges the storm created their with more snow expended to falsely be sure to download the new fox25 whether app custom forecasts from our team of neurologist in your neighborhood. but first exit 6 bucks 25 goes
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was new live look at radar showing what the storm is doing right now conditions can change as the night moves on will be online with until 8 o'clock tonight team of neurologist updating the forecast the for you in three minutes. but first we want to get our special coverage first in the nation new hampshire primary. the first polls open just about six hours. fox 25's sharmann saccheti spoke one-on-one with hillary clinton today she live now from new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester with the story. sharman. >> sharmann: secretary clinton spending the day campaigning with a family in an effort to try to undercut bernie sanders support. today i talked with her
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contribution the email scandal and also why she hasn't been able to lend a support of senator elizabeth warren. but first she is hitting back on bernie sanders and took he's excepted. >> one day before the new hampshire primary, hillary clinton making campaign stops with a husband and daughter in the hopes she'll come back from a big deficit. i spoke with her one-on-one and asked her how it's possible she could be losing to bernie sanders. >> how is it that a socialist could even be within striking distance of you let alone be winning. well i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow i'm going to keep working as hard as i can. repeated what she's been saying that he lives close by but santos has also been landing lows as he questions how tough it will be on wall street that she's accepted campaign donations and speaking fees and financial giants. today she hits back at that. >> why should anyone believe
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of the money your campaign has accepted the receiving golden sacks. you know such a funny critique for him to make because every democrat just about including him, has taken money from financial interest in there is that which is disqualify everyone. with a federal investigation ongoing we want to know what voters as they head to the polls to dismiss the email scandal has been dotting her she told me is another example targeting her. and shall be vindicated. why should they vote for you when you have this cloud hanging over you. >> i think it's fair to say that ever since i emerged on the national political scene, i have been for some reason, the favorite political piqata of the republicans and the rights. just days ago secretary clinton appeared on stage appeared new hampshire with the mechanics female senators one conspicuously missing. endorsement.
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and i was very pleased when she signed a letter with all the other democratic women senators urging me to run. but she has a lot on her plate. she's got a lot of responsibilities and. why wasn't she there? >> while you have to ask her. >> i did ask senator warns office for a response but i never got one. i also asked secretary clinton if she thinks she's being treated unfairly on the campaign trail because she's a woman. she tells me yes there is a double standard doesn't complain. we will have much more that interview coming up donor to have your primary special at 7 o'clock. >> right now democrat ernie sanders has just stepped onto the stage at unh in durham. he speaking to supporters at a commit to vote concert. that's happening there tonight. earlier santos chose to not respond to the clinton campaign's allegations of sex is tax over the weekend. sticking instead with his message. >> in iowa we started off 40 or 50 points behind we ended up with virtually tied.
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points behind and i think we've done just fine tomorrow. >> early today santos talk to supporters in nashua as part of a get out to vote rally. we want to pass along the programming note our half hour new hampshire primary special will air tonight from 7: 30 until 8 o'clock immediately following the special edition of fox 25 news at 7 o'clock. we are dedicating that half hour to the changing weather conditions. so again our primary special eight. but first coming up in our next half-hour will focus on the republican race for president in new hampshire which with the kennett today hoping to win over any last-minute undecided voters. for now reporting from our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester, i am sharmann saccheti. >> storm blow out of here
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tomorrow so hopefully will be an impact for southern new hampshire voters are sure. in massachusetts since we're not voting is tomorrow we don't have to worry about it but we are contending with heaviest snow. still some of the snow bands out. focus a couple of those which are looking for deeper blues and purples to sing on your screen right now. pembroke halifax even stretches to the northern portions of harvard getting a heavy snow band right now also extends eastward to plymouth and right along the coastline toward cape cod along 3a this marshfield and scituate still not steady and heavy rain snow band as well modern snowstorm northward to westin lincoln in concord but extends along the mass pike in route 9 as well. all around 128 entry gets that northernmost branch would start to cut off a bit between the waltham and woburn areas the northward from woburn on 93 to
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wakefield and on 95 to wakefield southward to along with one as well to boston getting some of that city is no right now. bottom line is not snowing everywhere but where it is snowing is coming down hard in some spots its variable conditions out they could be driving along in his place with snowing heart of the way just came from the road snow-covered take it easy out there this evening. the snow will continue to lift off to the north to 2:00 a.m. that's because of those wins those northerly winds blowing across the water enhancing the snow white along the coastline you can see clearly here is a kind of fingers of snow that reached down to cape cod those ocean effect snow bands may persist into the morning hours before they relent. so it could add a little bit of south shore areas. this though is another ocean storm going by to our south
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toward nantucket outer cape ring the day tomorrow. something will be watching closely make sure it stays at bay but it's amazing how active pattern become the snow totals piling up in right now sarah the bands of going through make it on a 1 to 3 inches in many towns. were going to be still dealing with some really strong wind gusts at this hour as well not as strong as a 60 mile per hour when guess we saw earlier but yes it's over 30 down across parts of the cape and islands those winds really part of the water so looking at the wave heights as we approach the time of high tide later on tonight anywhere from 10 to even 20 feet offshore. so we do have a coastal flood advisory now issued for the south sure the cape as well as nantucket those north and east facing beaches may see someone a coastal flooding /over beach erosion what . if you think of going out there and getting things cleared off to the bus stop be aware it's
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locations a little warmer out there in southeastern massachusetts with the wind it
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it feels like seven as you take a live look now the conditions from worcester this is a city that usually sees higher snow totals we get these winter storms. we want to take the first to
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>> reporter: were in downtown framingham right now the roads really aren't that bad we certainly seen worse and that's because parking ban has been in effect since noon today. you can see behind me that crews have been out here they've been plowing and sanding. and they've also been out here city crews on the sidewalks with shovels and snowblowers as well. but no matter what you do this is wild new england winter weather of the roads are going to be a little bit slushy and a little bit messy. >> framingham resident head start on taking out monday afternoon before the storm has even ended. this is just the beginning. fresh powder blanket to west era beginning at 9:00 a.m. and wrapping up to create the slippery dangerous driving conditions that led to this semi- jackknifed on the mass pike in natick. >> despite the request from
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step the roads and give crews space to plow in sand, many braved the frigid elements. >> some braver than others. but perhaps the happiest people are those who are cashing in on the snow. many others simply indifferent as a wild winter weather is to be expected when you live here. >> and mass reports well over 3000 crews have been out on state roads plowing and sanding those roads throughout the late afternoon and well into the night so they can make the nighttime commute as safe as possible. we're live in framingham tonight. new video into our newsroom from just west of framingham now. we'll go further and show you
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areas were forced to deal with today. plus water fills the streets and hang them police department three this photo out this afternoon. south shore got hit hard with flooding next at 6a live report from the north shore. central coverage of the first in the nation pr hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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we continue to stand top
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linings no whipping winds made it dangerous for drivers today. tractor-trailer jackknifed in route 128 sub on woburn. mastic police tell us the lanes they were closed until the crash was cleared. >> similar scene mass pike in natick. slippery conditions too much for the driver this tractor-trailer. traffic slow and they are into cruise clear the seen. team of reporters scattered all over the area will check in with them in just a few minutes but first a team of meteorologist working nonstop thing on top of the ever-changing conditions. begin today with fox25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz been here all morning all day and all night for us kevin. the storm hits some in new england this is not anywhere near one of the biggest tones we've ever seen. but can you imagine if the storm was actually close to us? talking hundred miles out the
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tropical storm force winds is a conditions heavy snow in southern new england. and it wasn't even close if this came 200 miles closer to us, this would've been an all-out nightmare as far as feet of snow rather than inches. as it stands their place on the south shore closing in on a snow like rockland for instance 11 inches last check. halifax seeing some of that steadier heavy snow right in your diva pro bowl in blue scituate to marshfield same idea getting many reports via twitter i appreciate that. about how the snow is picked up in intensity once again in many locations. it's knowing all of these areas and the deeper propyl and blues dedham north canton still on that route 9 mass pike there's weston lincoln some of this of course that wraps around to the north shore as well into woburn and wait wilmington sing some of that and then over to cape and more roads off the ocean as well as into essex right now. this is going to continue
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the storm is not done we see the heaviest but it's not done quite yet. the going to be another one to three inches of snow in many locations from the storm but it's going to lift off to the north led his nose back in worcester county may not ever pick up intensity again.the same time it's pulling away but look at this snow hugging the coast line south of boston at the cape cod. kind of fingers of snow that are reaching down toward cape cod from the storm as it departs. that's a northerly winds blowing across the ocean and producing that ocean effect snow out that way. so snow totals from some places very impressive rockland i told you another report via twitter sing up to 11 inches now orleans at nine there is true at eight .3 in haverhill new and also at four inches of snow is still snowing in both those locations right now. several were going to see those totals go up to the little bit more. that we still have the winter
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winter weather advisory for the slippery conditions that snow. in the blizzard warnings still until 7:00 p.m. because going to be dealing with some blowing and drifting snow is the winds are still gusty but noticing the visibility has improved is not the blizzard criteria but it is officially a blizzard. the second one this year. for some areas. nantucket chatham rother vineyard ins tom all meeting that blizzard criteria. where you have those winds sustained a gust of five miles per hour a higher reducing visibility.a quarter-mile for at least three hours. noticing the wind gust still over 30 and spots across parts of the cape and islands the also going to be pushing the water toward the coast of the time of high tide were going to take a look at the coastal flood advisory is in effect tonight. as well as when these winds died down coming up kevin. >> really happy about the sarah all of it plow drivers
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know they're happy to be still out there making some money. so at least that's a positive side of getting a snowstorm some people out with their economics because it was a slow start to this winter no doubt about that. look at this heavy snow band in waltham now coming on through it's one of those bands snow resumed troy new hampshire also and when everything is said and done maybe 45 is still going to be close to that range and julie look at this i hope you guys get double duty pay i'm all for that. not my contract but i wonder if our boss is watching because if it's on twitter must be true. right guys but you go. not a ton to talk about because over all volume has been light throughout the day which we are very thankful for that helps everyone stay safer. expressway moving along average speed of 29 miles per hour on 128 northbound also spot right here on 93 s. as you work your way through medford. but otherwise 128 north and south look good. want to remind you i will be
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a.m. with more traffic for you and of course complete weather coverage with sherry and the rest of our storm tracking weather team. >> took this picture here sent to us from the mayor's office in quincy the seawall simply no match for today's nasty storm. violent waves out there washed onto the streets filling them with water. nausea bear any better than the south shore fox25 crystal haynes is live in revere now with a look at the conditions there. >> reporter: vanessa certainly at high tide was quite a sight to see. early this morning but i can tell you right now people are really watching this wall high tide. in the neighborhoods though, we are seeing that the snow is picked up a little bit and the roads are not quite as clear as we were seeing even in our ago you. i can tell you in this neighborhood, people are saying we can handle the snow it's the water that we are concerned about. let's take you inside. it comes right on up to the steps.
6:35 pm
right down that way. a big concern here in revere the ocean is at the bottom of the back of many homes. it's not as bad this year but i mean this morning it was really flooding out of the marsh into the backyard to never think it he's worried about me getting home. i would walk in the water i did it before. >> tina will be 93 next month and has seen her share of winters. she took today storm in stride. typical new england deck so the don who compared today's to that new england winter storm that will live on in infamy. i've been around for 35 years. in this neighborhood and blizzard of 78 was about the worst of ever seen. i can tell you that we did speak to people in the neighborhood and they were extremely happy again that they didn't have to pump out their basements. there are even some kids were glad that they didn't have school today. it looks like there is likely going to be school here in
6:36 pm
reporting in revere i am crystal haynes fox 25 news. >> we take you west to wooster now. elizabeth hopkins live in the city to show us what people had to deal there. >> reporter: this is it this is what people of had to deal with to be honest the last several hours the snow has been kind of light. little bit of the wind here but nothing that is insurmountable. crews say that not only were they ready for the storm, but they're already looking ahead to the next one. >> to see the roads in and around worcester you might not think it was a sort of work week. schools and daycare centers are closed. response. i had to take off due to the childcare was closed. light traffic made it easier work department of public works as has been a manageable storm. so far elizabeth, things are going pretty well. arriving at 430 something ascending went into effect early about the hundred to 350 east of dpw, and are able to plow through the storm and a
6:37 pm
>> most people and their cars are off the roads. and that's where this mom and her two-year-old will stay. certainly great to makes no way parking ban has been in effect in wooster and officials tell me look out for it potential of another parking ban any time there is weather whether it's this week on through the rest of the winter but live in wooster elizabeth hopkins fox25 news.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. six. we continue updated fox25 weather alert and strong winds of blinding snow made life difficult and dangerous for people along the cape and coast today. i love looking at the radar as you can see we're not out of the woods just yet. our team of meteorologist updating a forecast right now minutes. will be on for you until 8 o'clock tonight. what's a contrast special coverage of the new hampshire primary as we focus in on the republican field candidates have a little more than five hours left now to win over the hearts of voters. >> fox 25's heather hegedus
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>> heather: the other candidates are closing in on marco rubio in the polls but he didn't attack any of them at a town hall a defense contract baa in nashua today. when a baa employee asked rubio who he'd like on his dream team if elected listen to rubio's response. >> from this republican field i think this presidents potential vice president cabinet people huge future present are bust of a very talented field which is made of for very messy and competitive process in the short term. somewhat surprising considering rubio 's been bashed by several days. most notably chris christie. we caught up with christie in between campaign stop in manchester today still talk about rubio putting a lot of time during saturday's gop debate attacking rubio. new jersey governor says ashman senator doesn't have what it takes to take on hillary clinton down the road.
6:42 pm
you cannot put an amateur on that stage. she will eat him alive. i think we should on saturday night was that need someone who really i asked rubio how we felt at the debate but he brushed past but didn't take any media questions. thank you so much for coming to this is donald trump spent much of today criticizing jeb push. 20 pushes quote pathetic and saying this. i heard jeb bush is a total lightweight but in bushfire back. the gloves are off for many candidates in a final push before tomorrow night. >> texas senator ted cruz making an appearance at today barrington speaking to the owners across the southern region tonight hoping they will come out despite the snow clean up. but he did say that while he would like to win, none of the
6:43 pm
>> my approach was always that we never did any of the state's is a must when we were going to compete hard in each of the first four we believed we could do well off as a very gratified to win iowa. we are here in new hampshire competing for the boats and at this point it's a turnout game. the cruise also had a benson raymond in manchester today. governor john kasich traveling all across to have to take to lock up votes ahead of tomorrow's it started this morning and plus go to wyndham merrimack in manchester tonight at eight he has a spinal but upset. here we describe today schedule. >> it's sort of like that pink floyd song run like help. that's what were doing except will be in a box. [laughter] were going all over the state. casey added that once voters begin to head to the polls in new hampshire, this bus will
6:44 pm
which hold its republican primary every 25th.>> too often were bringing stories of gun violence across the region. now fox25 investigated learn a whopping 60 percent of the gun used in crime are here illegally and from out-of-state. america's a powerful country. we tried to stop everything but can we stop the guns. massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the country yet there was a steady supply of illegal guns on our streets. best bob ward talk with agents to find out why and where these guns are coming from. that's tonight on the fox 25 news at 10. >> tracking that snow out there still coming down almost all across the area. some places letter than others but still some moderate to heavy snow pants.
6:45 pm
to the provincetown some moderate snow through northeast along route six in the outer cape around the bend through harwich over dennis snowing pretty hard right now allow over sandwich east sandwich then on off cape to wear him northward covered marion rochester lakeville all getting in that moderate snow. looking at deeper purple for the montreux snow bands situate hanover marshfield kingston plymouth all that well shows more letting regulations before this all the fun out of your tonight for these areas manchester norfolk to norwood redfield westwood dover need him northward to newton. further north to belmont arlington burlington west carlow north tewksbury boxford peabody saugus and malden all in that band. all this materializing rotating backing off of the storm off the ocean this evening now it's all going to lift northward and out of here so it's a battle between the rotating pack like the same time the whole system moved to the north as well get
6:46 pm
out of worcester county said he snow like stuff right now. this slips by midnight or the boston north shore merrimack valley get last into new hampshire as well seacoast and main body of the snow last place really last will be selfish on cape cod winds blowing from the north across the water giving you some ocean effect enhanced no visitor areas during the early morning hours into the day tomorrow i do believe the going to relent during the the same time telling about the storms that are going to be offshore in the latest futurecast data looks a little father off so looks like less of a chance going hit and tech it outer cape additional snow tomorrow but storm system that will form and something will be watching carefully to the south of us.south orleans at nine inches a .80 new totals was where hammett 7.3 concord massachusetts at six inches spencer for in quincy now up to three and half sarasota still some snow piling up out there.
6:47 pm
to notice as we continue to track the periods of light to moderate snow in addition to inches so the wins out there going to be decreasing this evening but still blowing and drifting snow like that with those wins testing in the powdery snow. also going to be watching those wins pilot the water so high tide tonight between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. coastal flood advisory in effect for the south shore as the north and east facing beaches of cape cod for that minor coastal flooding that is possible. boy we have really enjoyed all of the storm photos and pictures and reports this one coming in from medford still coming down its gusty but nothing like it was this morning. and of course, some pictures just for fun. showing that yes you are wearing shorts yesterday when it was in the 40s now we got a lot of snow out there this one particularly coming in thing it's a tough commute on 120 northbound but snow sticking to the road and sure enough, we're
6:48 pm
tricky travel over the next couple of hours. as those winds will begin to die down but still gusting over 30 kevin at least they're going to be relaxing as we head through the overnight hours. >> is cold enough that snow can stick it comes down hard enough. be aware of that it worcester 18 degrees. factor in the wind that sarah was showing you feel like five and was eight boston going up this evening first of all is going be slippery.
6:49 pm
hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
6:50 pm
break. over half an hour away from the game of the 64th beanpot tournament boston college boston university take the square off again. the snow nor rain nor boom of night can stop the beanpot
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6:51 pm
64 year history this event will be bu versus bc for the beanpot championship. the bu terrace will be looking for the 31st championship overall. bc eagles looking for their 20th title. in both head coaches now this is a big deal. >> always talk about that. the majors you know the beanpot the brittania cup trophy the national championship i think you're going to get used to playing at the stage against good clubs. the beanpot to me is about the seniors because of the last chance at one of the championship the tournament that means so much to the college community in boston. i think the country boston is a college hockey backup. none of the last 10 bu bc b but games have been decided by one goal. this should be fun tonight but celebration from one of these teams coming up tonight at 10
6:52 pm
at the beanpot which stearns. northeastern did beat harvard 5-1 in the consolation game just finished a few mitts go. super bowl l in the books ever broncos world champions and they followed the exact same game plan that used to be the patriots two weeks ago in the afc championship game on miller's lead to a 15 broncos points and that effort he was presented the pit was l trophy 10th defensive mvp in super bowl history to have sex but doesn't get much better for that and if it's a play on the big estate he joined the elite club of super bowl mvps. possible return for more the most revered coaches and patriot history report and it discussions to return to the pats as offensive line coach. he was let go after the broncos game is going to was here for parts of four decades was to get back in the game it appears this field will likely get done sometime soon.look at this the whole crew.
6:53 pm
>> long day. it still snowing out there i don't go to sleep till the snow stops. please stop. it's coming down fairly hard in some locations i can see a live picture from the mass pike off in the distance it looks like it's coming down pretty hard along my spike. so 70 forecast includes morteza for snow were talking more about that as well.>> where staying with you right through the 7 o'clock hour from seven to 730 p.m. kevin and sarah stick around to and have updated forecast is all that new information comes into our newsroom. then from 7:30 until eight stay tuned for a 30 minute special from a fox25 primary headquarters.
6:54 pm
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