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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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band which is now coming into the south. let's take a look at all of it is a lot of snow this come through already just a benefit that's pushed on through ahead of the main body of precipitation provincetown wells fleet east him sing some of that oblong route 3a along the coast norwell especially to the coastline there such as well seeing some of that steady snow snow to the north and west burlington northeast rubble had danvers and bob fox berg gloucester next batch of steady snow will stay with us is the one coming out of marion right now already snowing out at martha's vineyard and nantucket changeover line is on out there in the hamptons right now with the snow ice and rain all transitioning all going to push north across the island about 8:30 about 10 o'clock newscast right at the braintree split making its way into boston. changeover that's going to occur will have some snow
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heavy rain on top of that and don't forget about the ice at timeline throughout the rest of the storm but he wants to talk about a few minutes. >> live look at the roads right now you're looking at the drive over the sagamore bridge. quite a site conditions not too bad right now. they are expected as kevin said to get worse. >> liquor store on causeway street dealing with water pouring from the ceiling is just one instance of the troubles facing businesses and homeowners across the region. this was due to a spelling ecosystem lake there have been many problems today related to frozen pipes sending water everywhere. cold temperatures nightmare for many people who systems are just beginning to thought out. sunday mornings temperatures were below us since 1957. in wooster it was 16 below the wind chill of 44 below. in boston it was nine below with a windchill of 36 below. in essence temperatures
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warning everyone that the warm-up can actually lead to more water pipes bursting put fox 25's stephanie coueignoux now. >> stephanie: she said she didn't know what else to do she was radically trying to call all of those plumbers. the problem is the problems aren't even over of course we've been talking about how this cold weather has caused a lot of pipes to freeze and burst including some of these homes behind me. but the problem is this, you may have an issue and still not even realize it because until you frozen pipes start to thaw, those leaks. and this is an issue that a lot of people are now dealing with. >> my son came running upstairs and said mom this is an emergency. debbie cox says this mess took her by surprise. rows of water pipes in her basement first causing the ceiling to collapse. >> went on my stereo set.
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and right on all the pictures. debbie says the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of frantic phone calls to plumbers most of whom were so busy she said it took until this morning to finally find someone. >> some plumbers we spoke with said they responded to dozens of calls since sunday. mac who fixed debbie's water pipe says the biggest concern a lot of people may not even realize they have an issue until tonight when temperatures warm up and frozen pipes start to thaw. >> max says he's expecting more emergency calls late tonight. it's been a busy two days full of winter weather and many people including mac looking forward to leaving it all behind. >> mac told us he actually noticed a trend as he was going from home to home. he said when it comes to all of these frozen pipes these burst pipes he said most of them did not have any insulation on them and he said that really is the one key to making sure you don't have any more issues in
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>> a broken pipe later for this mess in the lobby of a local hotel sure to need among cabot street suffered damage from the break needham our department says no one was hurt and only the main lobby was affected. >> revere residents high tide blood in their neighborhood left it looking more like an ice fox25 first to bring you the home and struggle this weekend new at six bucks 25 kerry kavanaugh live in revere with equipment failure the city now investigate. >> kerry: high tide flooded this enabled early sunday morning left behind this the glare of isa homeowners still trying to clean up. investigating a couple of things now why the floodgates was frozen open how that happened and then secondly, white alarm on it never triggered any notification. >> you're on the sink and it comes up through here. sherry says water seeped into her home after ocean water flowed under it and froze. fox25 first told you sunday
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that left arcadia street in ice rink. revere city officials that floodgate is supposed to control the tide rose open. saltwater came up over the ramp the bank over here. >> that combined with subzero temperatures left the neighborhood encased in several inches of ice. >> longtime resident said happens often.this time though, it was this cold. >> today fox 25 learned residents should have at least received a warning. when the gate froze open a city official said that should've triggered vacations to the city that never happened. >> what you think about the alarm not working? >> it's bizarre. on monday we we saw city crews out assessing the damage a member of the revere city council john was also visiting with homeowners. >> power says the gate has since been closed and the now
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this from happening again. >> we spent over million dollars on it several years ago. is still not watching properly. >> something that revere officials will be looking at this week city official told me over the phone today will start tomorrow after the holiday seeking a copy of look at the problem that affect this neighborhood. >> for the dentist call tempted local hospital seeing some weather related issues as well. today we spoke with an er doctor at leahy hospital medical center in burlington he tells us they have seen a few must fight hypothermia cases during this cold snap. also explained how easy it is to run his trouble in this extreme coal. >> frostbite. very quickly even in five minutes. typically takes longer. but short durations that's why
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>> also tells us your hands be in phase of the most susceptible to frostbite. make sure you keep them covered when you go outside extreme temperatures. >> taking a look at the current outage numbers right now if you are than 50 customers reported without power tonight throughout the state. overnight workers crews worked to restore power to a number of residents in east boston power has been restored to most residents in the city. >> t working to give its trains warm nbt a subway trains restored and tunnels around the city all night long to protect the system. there were no reports of major problems today. we will continue to monitor all the potential issues cold-weather causing on fox 25 morning news. shiri spear will have your ups to the forecast for your bus stop and beyond. in 10 minutes archie neurologist kevin the mentalist will have the complete look at what he's expecting tonight and into the morning. >> backward this afternoon
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from the building. hundreds of people outside the cold at the amc boston common theater this afternoon around 2:30 working to learn what happened but we can tell you both police and fire crews did not respond. >> large plumes of smoke billing into the sky is a spell this house fire newberry. sky fox over the scene at this home on the road. working to find out if anyone was hurt and if a cause has been determined. >> would be robber on the loose tonight his target fought back the know would shop owner talking with fox25 about the incident caught on camera. a bob ward at the norwood police department and bob he used a very odd item defend on this guy.>> reporter: yes he sure did vanessa we do often that a milk crate could be used to protect ourselves against somebody armed with a knife that's exactly what happened to a store owner right here in norwood. tonight here at police headquarters, detectives are pouring over that surveillance
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you can help them get this guy off the streets. >> ages market is a small family-owned business the kind you can find in every new england town. on super sunday a big city problem came to aj's was all caught on video surveillance. at about 9:00 p.m. this hooded person armed with a knife charged at the owner. the video clearly shows the suspect holding the knife within inches of the owners face before trying to get at him the counter. the owner did not just hand over the money instead he fought back reaching for unlikely weapon a milk crate. you and i put your face and you only defense was that milk crate. >> in november ages found itself on the news when a man's dola cash filled jimmy fund canister that man turned himself in his only belly recognized him as a heartless the graft cash and for cancer ages video
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aj said the suspect were a mask disguise. but one thing not hidden from the chemist view, and it should be apparent to any other want to be robber, aj is not someone you want to tangle with. >> aj is originally from india he has owned that store for 13 years and let me tell you, he is very angry that somebody came into a store and try to rip him off at knife point rather than just simply go out and get a job. if you know anything about this case, your urge to contact norwood police. >> local couple and their dog escape the house fire in dedham this afternoon sky fox over the scene of bridge street you can see the flames shooting out of the roof of the home.
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were home at the time but they were able to get out safely. sky fox about this fire roxbury firefighters called to the home on woodford street just before two this afternoon. they found flames coming out of the top of the three family home one child and nine adults were forced out into the 22 degree weather. red cross is helping them find shelter tonight. damage estimated at a quarter of $1 million fire investigator said the fire was caused a ceiling fan that short-circuited on the third floor. >> north shore family returning to home to serious damage after the home went up in flames. call came in this morning for a fire here on nashua avenue in gloucester. people who live there were away at the time and say no one was hurt. now that the fire has been knocked down investigator working to figure out how and where it started. >> this kind of weather we always looking at what was the
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towards heating devices inside. people long pipe so we don't really know what the situation was until we talk to the homeowner find it what they had going on at the house prior to leaving. >> officials at the fire may have started in a storage area under the home but the
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this is south of boston you can see a little bit of snow coming down and where him. the snow is not the problem in downtown boston right now. this is dealing with a number busted pipes next to this weekend frigid temps. >> reporter: dennis and mark i spoke to a city employee off-camera and just moments ago he tells me that he saw several firetrucks here that latest pipe burst at one of the business here in downtown crossing right here at this macy's. we shot video just a short time ago here is the closer look at the macy's pipe burst. you can see the gaping hole in the ceiling and the pipe on the floor. now all of this happened this afternoon at the downtown crossing macy's. waxy just awesome crews mopping up the area. over at the citizens bank on tremont and beacon street, a
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forced to shut the bank down and also the entire building speaker system has been shut down. the only business at that bank but also right next door it affected suffolk university which is attached to the school. speaker system itself is up and running once it is up and running they will be able to go back into the building so as of right now we can tell you that no one is allowed back in and strings in employees are also being asked to write now avoid 73 tremont street. now back out here live i also spoke to a security guard that works downtown crossing area he tells me that the cbs also had a type issue yesterday he tells me that parts of this area here in washington street more or less like sheet of ice but the good news in all of this clear that there are no reported injuries. >> patients back to it from a busy north shore hospital boiler caused water damage kindred hospital king street peabody. intensive care unit was hardest
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decision to evacuate five patients on ventilators. they also light up ambulances just as a precaution. >> the area that they were located in just wasn't habitable anymore all hospitals. for the safety. >> as you heard those icu patients safely take it to other hospitals 28 other patients were allowed to stay. >> too fast moving virus and include scribbling weymouth. crews respond to this fire last night but needed help from nearby departments cause of the fire unknown. this fire commercial street also needed quick action4 firefighters it started with flames smoke from a chimney spread into the building. firefighters say it's important to check your chimneys to make sure they are working properly fire. >> police want you to help them identify the suspect in the surveillance photos from a local home improvement store theft.
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toolkit worth more than $500 from the lows in rochester new hampshire. if you recognize them give police a call. >> so many alerts to talk about with the storm system the first part of the storm is snow not much wind out there is still cold that the brutal cold we saw over the weekend snow is coming down someplace police subtly focus on those areas right now. first north shore that's where some of the snow is been lighter but there is some moderate snow coming down around hamilton stretches at the cape and in gloucester southward to peabody foxwood haverhill seeing some of this west newbury along interstate 95 heading to and from southeastern new hampshire. to the south of boston around quincy raintree split randolph over canton i-95 to 93 split right along 128 and i-95 know what stretches into dedham as well snow happening outside a windows here in the weymouth route 3 southward went to the hanover to plymouth and
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snow as well. gets a little heavier out here though check this out with his vineyard. seeing some of that in wants to county seeing it right in the center of cape cod some heavier snow over here to mattapoisett marion seeing some snow coming down as well along buzzards bay deeper blue to mattapoisett little lighter toward area rochester along the stretch of 195 sinks of snow as well. going to transition take a little while that rain is its way to the hamptons on long island after stretches back to the twin forks such a part of long island that's coming toward us. timeline for you. getting to the islands to it o'clock hour by 9 o'clock just into falmouth at that changeover with the plymouth doing a 10 o'clock newscast. and then stretching into boston during the 11 o'clock newscast but there is back in and away from boston 128 westward there's a pink coloration that's because the rains falling into the frozen air.
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temperatures it's going to turn into a glaze of ice so we get some sleet and freezing rain on top of that. that becomes a very slippery situation late tonight into the morning. it all pushes northward gradually as it comes to an end it will end at some regular rain during the morning drive in those locations just rain showers too. doesn't take much of a glaze across to be very slippery be very aware of that tonight into the morning. second part of the storm will come later tomorrow chose around will talk about that next but here's what you can expect the snow and sleep is not much. most of it's going to get washed away if not tomorrow morning, certainly tomorrow night. with the weather advisory is in place through tuesday morning for snow sleet and ice coming on through. but the threats don't end with snow and ice heavy rain on the way strong winds fog as well with any snow out there it's melting away those at highest
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snow gets all the publicity this time of year but look at this heavy rain coming across during the 5 o'clock hour through western massachusetts and worcester county into the boston area north shore to south shore during 6 o'clock hour this cold front could exit produce thunderstorms comes on by as well and then makes its way offshore between seven and 9 o'clock and gone clearing out around midnight. as that front comes on through, winds will because the though because the all day long
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be but the battle over his successors already in a fever pitch. presidential candidates are all voicing their opinions on whether the seat should be filled by president obama or the next president to take office. at least one candidate saying it's too soon to be battling about this. >> look scalia dies and one second after his dad, the starting fighting about politics. folks, this is not helping our country. battle also dividing senators or new england massachusetts senator elizabeth worn what the senate to fill the vacancy while new hampshire senator kelly believes it should wait
6:25 pm
>> will the talk of whether or not is enough time to confirm a new supreme court justice let's take a look note some numbers crunched by the new york times. in its history the senate has never taken more than 125 days to vote on a supreme court sussex her. justice celena kagan was eight by president obama took 87 days to be confirmed. justice samuel alito eight by president bush he took 82 days to be confirmed. justice stephen breyer not to buy president lyndon took 73 days to become firm. let your nominations are very rare happening only five times in the last 100 years. one of them was justice anthony kennedy was eight by president ronald reagan doing a presidential election year. 's confirmation took 65 days. >> knew it six before a new estes can even make it to the bench the high court already faces a defining case in this current term that could and unions of victory. we took her to the steps of the
6:26 pm
justices are deciding whether workers who choose not to join unions should be forced to pay for contract negotiation. without scalia of observers believe it could ended a 4-4 type that would mean the lower court decision labor unions would win. >> in our society typically people think if you get a service in a benefit you should pay for. you shouldn't get things other people private for free without paying for.the courts ruling could impact public employee unions across the nation unions reps and nurses school teachers and firefighters lose tens of millions of dollars a drop in membership and negotiating power. while the race for the white house latest poll shows donald trump is holding a sleet in south carolina just five days before that primary. new numbers from cbs news with 42 percent trump while ahead of both senators ted cruz and marco rubio. john kasich he got a little bout of the strong showing in new hampshire but he still
6:27 pm
where the democrats hillary clinton she is way ahead of ernie sanders. >> something didn't seem right could tell what until he stepped inside. coming up in the next half-hour postal worker being held the hero having a man in the clues that lead to investigation.
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snow falling right now across southern new england coming up for the coldest weekends in recent history. subfreezing temperatures not giving everyone does today we caught up with a number of people well ended up walking on the common and other spots in downtown boston. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch let's check in with a chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. we are not the problems going to be in house of it's going to be because of the cold temperatures mark was talk about the snow that you're referring to combining to cause a rose to get coated very quickly. it is going to take according to make a slippery in some places coming down moderately especially in southeastern massachusetts b is for blue what you look for lighter hear the north shore right along the
6:31 pm
beach southward to cape and sing some of that let us know and then here visited braintree weymouth along the southeast especially onto route three pics of a bit around rockland through hanover marshfield duxbury kingston westwood hampton pembroke seeing some of the over to middleboro as well then falling to the south heavy snow here around buzzards bay cape cod basing some light to moderate snow heavy snows around the the vineyard over to weston nantucket as well. the mixing line is they are it's raining along the island at least the southern half of long island northern have still on the snow went along the boundary between the rain and snow often get some of your heaviest snow that's where the deeper blue been showing up right in here just the change of licensing bear. north across the island by 9 o'clock up to the boston area by the time we're talking at 11 o'clock. probably bb the temperatures below freezing that's west of
6:32 pm
situation there we still need to talk about a timeline on the strong winds that will be blowing through and likely causing damage during the day tomorrow. >> taking a live look out your drive this is a look at the roads in south boston 28 and wareham is pretty good right now little snow out there but definitely still passable tonight. >> temperatures this week it glows wincing in about 60 years that's before the wind chill factored in. imagine all weekend with no heat your home. it happened to a number of people. tonight fox 25 catherine burch and his live in roxbury. >> reporter: those inspectors documented a laundry list of violations inside this two-family home. saying that it was unsafe and dangerous. now the water was just turned back on inside the home after the pipes in the basement froze and burst this morning in the frigid temperatures. city officials said the landlord failed to insulate those pipes and that the heat in the first floor unit also
6:33 pm
city inspectors also found broken kitchen appliances including the oven and microwave. lights dangling from wires and smoke detectors not properly installed.>> the 10 experiencing the hardship through no fault of their own. decent tenant pay the rent they should be of the expect to have decent service. >> the landlord is denying the city's claim that she hasn't taken care of her tenants she told me that she is in compliance despite the list of violations she says she has no knowledge of any broken appliances or exposed wires. and says that she has been responsive to her tenants concerns. >> imagine being stuck in a ski lift doing this cold tonight more than 40 people say tonight after that very scary and freezing situation unfolding in franconia new hampshire. she spoke with one family affected and 10 they're happy to be on the ground tonight. >> reporter: they certainly are the lewis family they live in trumbull connecticut but the father george he is from
6:34 pm
spoke with them a short time ago at george's parents home. the family is in good health and good spirits following quite an adventure george his wife sabrina and their eight-month-old daughter remi a total cutie by the way among the 40 people rescued at cannon mountain franconia new hampshire as a reporter last night ariel tramway abruptly stopped when a mechanical glitch caused the brakes to lock up. sabrina was lowered down from the tram first in a harness and then george followed in a rescue bag with remi in his arms sleeping. >> as you know it's been freezing and it was one degree yesterday in cannon when this
6:35 pm
the lewis family they were wearing ski gear because they were there to sightsee they were just going for one ride to the top of the mountain to look at the view. they were a little cold but other than that, we're just fine remi was taken to an ambulance where she was given full check over and she checked out okay. they are feeling a little bit relieved today and certainly happy that that whole ordeal is over. new at 10, they shared neat video with me of what it was like during that rescue and inside that tram. we will have that for you later on tonight. >> quite a story. you want to download a new 25 weather hap stay on top of the storms. you can get the app google play or the app store and it is free. >> young man celebrating a birthday in boston disappears without a coat on a bitter cold weekend.
6:36 pm
with his family. >> crystal: zack morris family says that he just stepped outside for a moment to smoke a cigarette and we try to get back in to the dell and hamp he was actually denied access. well tonight, the tavern says it simply did not happen that way. and they had the video to prove it. >> poster by poster, block by block friends and family of zach campus boston today for any information that will bring him home. >> the 22 a dispute early saturday morning after stepping out for a cigarette in front of the bell and hand tavern in faneuil hall where he was
6:37 pm
by the time his cousins got back outside within 10 minutes he was gone. family members say zach tried to get back into the bar and was denied. but in a statement the bell and hand says that never tried to reenter." he would not have been denied access.other video has shown he was last seen in front of the garage heading towards surface artery. we know he did not make it to work. so we know is not going to his particular pattern as far as a place of work. private investigator james is working with zacks brother on his case. >> were looking for any of the video any video cameras outside of the building number one. number two picked up by a friend or whether it be uber or taxi.another thing would be any phone calls. boston police released surveillance images of zach and the area around the time of his disappearance of the weekend. detectives tell me today they are looking at a additional footage from the area. the bell and hand also says they have shared their video with zacks family.
6:38 pm
because he was expecting to go back in. we just hope that he found a warm place. >> zacks description again is about five foot nine dark hair and blue eyes. if you have any information, you asked to contact boston harvard massachusetts police. >> one person is dead and another is hospitalized after a crash on the cape. mashpee police said they got the call to step midnight the car hit a telephone pole and ended up on its side. it happened on great neck road. just north of lowell road the driver died down with hospital passenger take a bite helicopter police still investigating what caused the crash. pfeiffer still looking for the cause tonight of a fast moving fire in wooster this frozen shell is all that's left after the early morning fire on preston street. fire a tough one the frigid overnight temperatures especially after two floors partially collapsed a neighbor
6:39 pm
>> the roof collapsed and everything fell. fire trucks firefighter were running you know pretty bad. >> one for the building was occupied everyone got out safe. no word on what caused those fires other pickers north shore family coming home to serious damage after their home went up in flames the call came in this morning for a fire on national avenue in gloucester. the people who live there were away at the time so no one was hurt. and now that the fire has been knocked down investigators are working to figure out how and where it started. >> this kind of weather, we always are looking at what was the cause and we kind of leaned towards heating devices in such a people on pipe so we don't really know what the situation situation was to we talked to the homeowner find out what had going on at the house prior to leaving. >> official said the fire may have started a storage area under the house but
6:40 pm
>> power lines down across new hips a row tonight laconia lycie truck driver was the blame the utility pole fell across route 17 at the laconia belmont townline. police found 48-year-old stephen nearby and said he was driving a jeep that slammed into the pole he will be arraigned on dwi charges later this month. >> teenage driver facing charges after crashing into this garage in seekonk. police say there were two cars speeding in the area when an officer proves crucial lights on one car took off and swerved before hitting a truck a fence and then finally the house. 17-year-old driver from seekonk and two teenage passages were all hospitalized with minor injuries. >> congressman getting ready to seek a second term salem democrat lodges reelection campaign tomorrow night. iraq war veteran upset 2014 than the republican widget to say the general election. raised more than $1.4 million last year. >> state fifth medical marijuana dispensary opening this week patriot care set to
6:41 pm
avenue east old tomorrow afternoon. the dispensary open seven days a week for qualifying patients and caregivers. later this year the company will be opening dispensaries in greenfield and boston. >> knew it six your tax dollars are being used to subsidize nearly empty flights to small airports and tiny towns. it's called the essential air service program and it's designed to help the nation smallest airports tax dollars help subsidize every seat filled or one case making to atlanta georgia flight got a nearly $1000 per seat subsidy for flight that's only 80 miles long. >> that's crazy. it's a giant waste of money. airports to provide the subsidize flights just a short drive away from a larger airport last week the house transportation committee voted to keep the program going.
6:42 pm
summer something about it.
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6:44 pm
comi snowstorm moving into southern new england. let's take a live look at the roads now the snow coming down a pretty good clip. born but traffic still not a lot of traffic out there but be careful if you have to hit the roads tonight.
6:45 pm
but they didn't go unnoticed and alert mail carrier who came to the rescue of a resident on his route. >> elizabeth hopkin spoke with the mailmen who went to visit with the sink sticks. our department tells me they encourage people to check on their elderly neighbors especially in extreme weather. it seems in one neighborhood that was no one more neighborly than the post man. >> on his delivery route last week something was bothering the carrier tomball sono. >> just in sema. lozano usually sees the resident of his home about once a month. this month he hadn't but the mill piling up was on a new something wasn't right. >> something's not right. >> so also got the attention of a police office nearby and before long the braintree fire department had arrived at the home of 67-year-old richard aker.
6:46 pm
gain access. baker was in need of help. >> he had general body weakness and set off his couch and landed on the floor. >> it's not known how long he had been there and it could have been up to a few days. boz arnold shrugs off any recognition though.>> you notice things and if things don't seem right, i mean i'm not the first guy that's plenty of mailmen who have saved people like this. >> richard baker was taken to south shore hospital and at last check, his condition was listed as poor. >> windchill still frigid summer rental marker on the cape and islands apparently red-hot. real estate agents report a surge of bookings for summer vacation of the show and get god off his finger and nantucket 10 percent over last year. researchers credit lower gas prices and a level economy the bad news for renters is some property owners are jacking up
6:47 pm
>> fox25 investigated uncovered hundreds of laptops tablets high tech gadgets lost or stolen and you paid for them. part of a long list they owned property that's disappeared. >> computers and laptops that could be very sensitive information. >> these group of people in danger. >> the missing and stolen items disappeared from colleges court and other state agencies fox25 investigates spent weeks going over hundreds of reports from 2012 or recently $2 million coming up tonight at 10 the items disappearing the most who's losing them and what's being done now to stop it. >> tracking snow across the area this afternoon into the evening hours mixing very close to some in new england showing up so let's talk about the progression here snow coming down steady location south of austin especially but even in the city seeing steady snow and the mixing is starting to show up lawrence tracker radar southern new england basically boston area that bans slightly
6:48 pm
steady snow cambridge chelsea boston winthrop seeing that right now to the south bands of snow pick up intensity deeper purple showing appear situate marshfield duxbury kingston plymouth westwood halifax bridgewater middleborough 40 forcing some of that handsome pembrook steady snow as well stretches across the bridges on to cape cod sandwich and are still area yarmouth west dennis is well out here through martha's vineyard western edge of nantucket. on the steady snow but there's a mixing line steady mixing line to mixing line here long long island pushing north of it starting to see some snow and sleet mixing together as far north as groton connecticut through southern rhode island south county there most of us going to see snow as evening hours but by 9 o'clock already north of the island that rain falling on the islands now washing away any snow you getting right now.
6:49 pm
o'clock hour after 10 will be passed plymouth inland although be mixing happening perhaps freezing rain something will have to watch closely the most dangerous of all. northward to boston during our little o'clock news classed inland look at the mixing that continues to happen during the overnight hours in the lower elevations here in the connecticut river valley cold air will settle colder likes to think that's way still be getting icing out here as elevations go up either side of the connecticut river changes over terrain because warmer temperatures coming in above us first and then getting down to ground level as the night progresses. when you wake up tomorrow it's above freezing everywhere and through the morning into the afternoon, scattered showers around, that's what you'll be dealing with just ray not snow or ice any longer. this is what to expect for snow and sleet tonight it's going to
6:50 pm
measure at all by tomorrow afternoon some heavy rain is on the way and that's a met part of the storm system we need to talk about. sure there is no when i snipe at than heavy rain strong winds and some during the day tomorrow. look at this right along the cold front heavy rain making it way to worcester county by 5 o'clock into boston by 6 o'clock so your evening commute will have the heaviest limitation of all tomorrow is going to come in the form of rain potentially some of the storms rolling through as a front goes offshore but it o'clock and then we clear out tomorrow night. that's going to be the meat of the storm as far as i am concerned. snow and ice can be slippery one problem with this is going to be a whole other issue with the rain look at the wind gust 50 even 60 miles per hour potentially this computer model
6:51 pm
get that high but i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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around. good news for one of the take a day off in columbus before the cut back on ice tomato basil blue jackets rat marsh and said of getting fined or suspended by the nhl honored by the nhl and deservedly so he has been red-hot for more than just the last week but he was named third start the week for what he did over the last four games. 13 goals last 13 game scored seven points unless four. scorch is eight seconds and the answer is lost to detroit. also recognized for the nhl this afternoon as first and second starts the numbers from our jump out at you start his career high with 28 goals for the season 17 points in the last 13 games. a+ nine rating three of those goals by the way game winners but not a bad stretch. celtics off until friday so we can focus on the red sox a little bit. would like to see take that
6:55 pm
very impressive group of lawyers who already in fort myers for spring training. >> it feels good. couple more guys trickling in. i think we'll have some more team bonding things are busy be here to play baseball but i think everybody will be ready. >> apparently had a little mishap on the golf course yesterday. see that object in the water that the golf cart. that was being operated by him soggy demise and untimely manner nobody was hurt that was a good news but look he had some explaining to do. i left my club on the last hole went back to get it parked on a hill but i could push the break it didn't break obviously. i did push it all the way in iran to get my club and when i turned around it was going in the pond. >> sue has given up driving he's a passenger from now on. wrap it up a little did you know presence have a history
6:56 pm
this list, if you know any of these. did you know that teddy roosevelt used a box hand-to-hand combat gerald ford in the center of michigan football early 30s. george bush played baseball and yale he made babe ruth in 1948. bush was the captain of the guilt baseball team that year. get back to the bush family shortly but how about brock obama? he played hoops in honolulu. all for those pretty good right now going records in the best resident a moment athletically right there 2001 george w. bush throughout the first pitch before the game world series. did it with confidence. >> good stuff. >> i like that trivia. it's very good. you learn something new. >> will snow falling out their
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
tonight and tonight the grammy countdown is >> the awards just minutes away. we are the rehearsal. >> it's like more real and it's obviously the real thing. >> and what we uncovered from this weekend's prepart. >> how long have you been friends? >> forever. >> we're breaking down performers, predicting the winners and what you'll see on stage with adele. >> you'll see songs from her new album. taylor and calvin show up together. >> i don't understand how you


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