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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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. now at, flipping on the run-way... crash upside down. >> what we've been able to learn about the pilot hurt in that crash. >> i'm tracking warmer weather but also the risk of some showers this week. my latest timeline ahead. >> and four men break into a home, why their arrest may have stopped even more break-ins. break tonight, one person is dead after a car jumped the median on 495 and crashed head-on into another car. good evening, i'm elizabeth hopkins. this is the video we shot of the scene on 495 south in norten just after 7:00 tonight. state police tell us a pickup truck crossed the median and hit
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the driver of the yaris died at the scene. the driver of the pickup truck was also hurt. been identified and the investigation into that crash is ongoing. well, now to a scary day in the skies. two small planes crash in massachusetts. plymouth. fox 25's jackie heinrich is live for us tonight where the pilot in plymouth is in the hospital. got a report of a plane
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>> reporter: the multi-engine aircraft, sometimes conditions, winds saturday were gusting just enough to be a problem. over 22 miles per hour the nose pitched at take-off, banked to the left side and cartwheeled, leaving the pilot with a few broken ribs ribs and head trauma. it kept the runway blocked for hours affecting incoming planes had to be diverted. >> the airport is going to be closed. i was just wondering if you could pass on the message where else. >> right now it's about 20 miles northeast. you want me to let him know that you can't land at plymouth and go to taunton? affirmative, yeah. >> reporter: and it wasn't just limited to plymouth. in chatham, police responding to an aircraft all the runway, its landing gear still retracted after a belly landing caused
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the 71-year-old pilot jonathan finch was uninjured as well as >> preliminary reports indicate the chatham crash was from pilot error. in plymouth investigators haven't said what the cause was yet. that pilot confirmed to fox 25 by friends of the family is john young. he's in his 60s. he is expected to be okay. reporting live tonight, jackie heinrich, fox 25 news. sarah we'll we'll, the wind gusts today were nothing like thursday but certainly strong enough to flip the plane today. >> yeah, a lot of gusts over 20 miles per hour and still have some gusts throughout right now, in fact, closing in at 30 in parts of the cape and island. so we'll continue to man tort winds. they're out of the southwest now. they're adding a chill. feels like the teens and 20s in boston right now. but temperatures won't as cold
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the clouds are moving on in. our north. it's a backdoor cold front that will sink southward. for us, just bring us some clouds and we'll have temperatures, as i mentioned, staying a little milder. in the 30s. i'll show you what to expect during the afternoon when we warm up and also when our next chance of rain arrives. over to you. race to the white house. hillary clinton running away with the democratic primary in south carolina. the race was called the second the polls closed at 7:00 tonight. former secretary of state addressed her supporters just under two hours ago. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america's never stopped being great. >> both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in massachusetts on monday, and clinton will hold events in springfield and boston. sanders will hold an event in boston as well. new at 10:00, an alert
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john monahan is live for us tonight in bedford where this all unfolded. police found a very interesting item inside the suv. >> that's right, they did, elizabeth. it was a notebook and inside the notebook with the addresss and homes and the area around new england, homes already apparently broke into and tonight police believe they may have disrespected a crime ring. >> it's very alarming. >> reporter: hal and his wife susan live on fletcher road. they had no idea these four men had broken into a neighbor's home. >> kind of a surprise, so close to the police station. very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: police say an alert neighbor saw the break-in happen and called 911. >> the vehicle pulled new front of the house, one gentleman got out, made entry through the window, opened the front door. two other gentlemen got out of the car and entered the home. >> reporter: the suspects were in this black jeep. the driver went to park, but a
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and he kept going. >> a lot of people walk their dogs because there's sidewalks on both sides of the street there, and it's pretty active. >> reporter: police responding stop that driver and then they caught the others. >> the actual residents were found inside. >> inside the jeep, a black notebook with a list of addresses. police now believe these four men may be part of a crime ring. >> during the initial investigation, a notebook was found in the vehicle tying these gentlemen to several other break-ins in other communities. >> reporter: that means palo, susan and their family will be more cautious. >> when the kids get home from school, they leave doors open and stuff. so we're probably going to tell them to shut the doors and the garage door after they get in. >> and the four men are face several charges including breaking and entering. all four will be arraigned monday at concord district court.
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appears that john brady/peyton manning match-ups are done. for more on the news, let's get over to courtney fallon. >> yeah, it seems inevitable, the 39-year-old quarterback led the broncos a super bowl victory. that he would just ride off into the sunset as the world champion. well, we're getting closer to finding out. two insider sources have reportedly told the denver post that peyton manning is set to retire next week. this report just came out about an hour ago and a broncos executive has since denied the claim. what we do know, a decision on manny's future must come before march ninth. already the oldest quarterback to win the super bowl turns 40 in late march. his health has declined drastically over the recent years undergoing four very serious neck injuries and benched by the broncos in mid-november. manning gave everything he had to one final play-off run and, well, he took denver to super bowl glory.
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interested in hearing from is john elway, the broncos' executive vp of operations, he will have the final say whether or not manning is back in denver next season or let him ride off in the sunset and retire. much more in sports wrap. new at 10:00 now, a local town alerting residents that elevated levels of a character found in their drinking water. tri halo methane was found in one of maynard's wells, a byproduct in the disinfecting process. the water is stilt safe to drink and cook with but several precautions will be taken. >> the town will be flushing the waterlines in an attempts to get rid of organic matter that might be in lines, slow flowing in the tanks. >> the water will be tested again monday instead of waiting for the next quarterly test.
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with the dep for a long-term plan. a hockey game has been postponed tonight over mumps confirmed. there are two confirmed cases of the mumps on the hockey team. st. elm's director telling fox 25 tonight, quote, we have verified the immunization status of all students and our students have all been notified to report any symptoms of low grade fever, jaw pain or swelling or headache and muscle aches. we now know the names of two people killed when their suv slammed into a dunkin' donuts. 26-year-old salvador of boston and 25-year-old silvia died in this morning crash on route 1 in lynn. police say the suv they were driving in went off the road and slammed into the building with such force, the two were thrown. investigators are looking into whether speed or alcohol were factors there. several boston civil rights groups are calling for a federal investigation into racial discrimination and bias at boston latin schools.
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obtained the letter sent to the u.s. attorney's office calling for that civil rights probe. >> we have jointly agreed that forward. >> reporter: the head of the urban league of eastern massachusetts was in the meeting today with the mayor and a handful of other civil rights groups, including the new democracy coalition. >> the mayor i think for the first time is listening and listening carefully to leaders in the community and listening carefully to former students and parents in the community. >> reporter: while boston latin school is under fire after several claims of racism including one incident claiming a teacher greeted a black student by using the "n" word. the urban league and several other civil rights groups wrote bps's decision not to make further inquiry into the investigation gives us run for concern and are concerned the incidents are part of a broader
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indiscrimination that has been visible for years. at today's meeting with the mayor they called for boston latin school headmaster to be fired. she has publically apologized and said she does not plan to step down. >> is the apology and sincerity and the hearing now, little too late, given the seriousness of the issues that were brought forth to her directly. >> reporter: in a written statement school officials write, boston public schools has not received an official course from the u.s. department of justice -- correspondence from the u.s. department of justice. the district will cooperate with any investigation if one is initiated. >> i'm looking how do we move forward here and make sure that we allow the young people in that school to have a good positive education. >> the urban league and other groups on this letter plan to sit down with the mayor again in the next couple of weeks to talk about more detailed ways to address the situation. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. hillary clinton was winning
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republican candidates focused on march 1st. >> super tuesday, i believe, gonna be the most important day in this entire election. >> in the next 30 minutes, we'll check in on the race for the g.o.p. nomination. but first more atm skimming devices have found with at local gas stations. next at the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. new at 10:00, a teenager was stabbed during a house party overnight in dunstable.
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beacon medical center where they underwent surgery. police say the victim and the suspect appear to have known each other. new at 10:00 now, several credit card skimming devices have been found at two local gas stations. they found the device at a shell gas station on long hill road and a shell gas station on several app. it's not clear how long they've been there. people in the area are asked to can check their credit card statements. all eyes are on apple and the fbi as the battle town lock the terrorist's iphone rages on. both will be able to argue their cases face to face when they testify at an encryption hearing in front of congress next week. garrett tenney has the latest. >> reporter: neither side is backing down in this case and the debate over privacy and security is expanding from the courts to silicon valley and now potentially to congress. it was all cheers, though, for apple's ceo tim cook yesterday at the company's stockholder meeting where he received a standing ovation and reiterated
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in a court filing on thursday, asking the judge to throw out her order, which would force the tech giant to create software to hack into its phone. in its filing, apple accused the government of seeking dangerous power through the courts and trampling its constitutional rights. fbi director james comby pushed back on some of that during a hearing before the house intelligence committee on thursday, though, where he called on congress to settle the debate, something apple has asked for, as well. >> to make sure folks understand that this world some people imagine where nobody can look at your stuff is a world that will have public safety costs, and we may decide, okay, it's worth it. but we shouldn't go there without people understanding it. >> reporter: back in silicon valley, though, some of the tech industry's biggest names are rally behind apple, facebook, google, twitter and microsoft are all planning to file friend of the court brief supporting apple's stance.
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weeks until the next court hearing we're sure to see a lot more happening on both sides of the case. in washington, fox news. a tractor/trailer driver has been cited after police say he caused this crash. according to the brockton enterprise, police say that eric two cars. both of the drivers are hurt but are expected to be okay. the area had to be shut down for several hours so crews could clean up a fuel spill from the truck there. an event was medical at islamic society of boston's sculpture center to call for an end to anti-muslim hate speech. organizers say it was amazing to see our country's veterans standing up for this cause. >> as people who are so categorically standing for the american values and who have fought and sacrificed for our of unity. it was a powerful display for them to come together to say you
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community. >> among those who attended were boston commissioner william evans and the adjunct commander of the massachusetts dfw. a fight in a local today. it happened this afternoon outside the golden greek restaurant in new bedford. the fight spilled outside and a ribs. police say the victim is known condition at the hospital tonight. new at 10:00, the chattanooga shoot something this weekend. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan has been posthumously chosen as the marshall for the springfield st. patrick's day parade. the public is invited to a reception tomorrow to honor sullivan and his family. sullivan was one of five service members killed during an attack on military facilities in tennessee. sharon police arrested 24-year-old daniel nunes yesterday at a south main street home. nunes has been charged with drug
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he's due in court on monday. fox 25 viewers have been able to help police track down local criminals. in fact, the mass most wanted tip program even rewards viewers who help in identifying certain suspects. so watch closely and see if you recognize any of these criminals. now, for this week's mass most wanted, last wednesday at about 4:30 in the afternoon, this man was seen robbing the salem 5 bank in mopped even. he entered the bank wearing a face mask and clubs. the suspect jumped over counter and stole money from the drawer and quickly left the bank. anyone with information is asked to contact the fbi bank robbery task force. to quincy where these two suspects, a man and a woman, are wanted for armed robbery in the area of nine woodbine street in wollaston. the woman held a knife to a victim's throat while both suspects proceeded to steal the victim's iphone 6s and $200 in
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police tell us the male suspect has facial hair that might be photos. contact quincy police if you know either of them. and the target in kingston, this guy stole a female's wallet from a shopper who was trying to report it lost. the suspect lied and said he knew who the wallet belonged to before taking it and all of the cash and debt cards inside. kingston police. these all cases come to us on the law enforcement web site mass most wanted and we have them up on our web site i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. good news, it's gonna be 50 dressed on sunday and if you need to fill up your car we've got some great news about a present. but first the irs now says more than 750,000 people were breach. the government plans to notify potential victims, next at
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the number of victims of a data breach is seven times larger than what they thought. in august, the irs revised the number to 330,000, but this week the agency says the number is now closer to 720,000. starting next week the agency will warn potential taxpayers
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and free credit protection. today guardsmen were sent off by family and friends for he deployment overseas. 92 national guardsmen were honored at today's ceremony. 61 of them had been deployed before but all of them say it's still a difficult process for themselves and for their families. >> i miss my wife and my kids and, you know, being able to spend time with them. >> puts a lot of strain on the immediate family and extended family tries to help out as much >> officials say the soldiers will be working in the middle east to provide fire support in the fight against isis and they will also be conducting training sessions with military partners. name for his initials and sports number team mr8 is the legacy of the boston marathon bombings' victims. as team mra gets ready to run the marathon they trained together today running from
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>> reporter: through the crowd they emerge. superheros not only in dress but to the charities they support. this is the superhero 17. s. >> it's as much a training run as an opportunity to raise money for the organization these runners support. superman, for example, ran today on behalf of bay state games. >> it helps keep them off the streets and keeps them in shape. >> reporter: the money raised here supports the mission of the martin richard foundation, which is to bring together people helping, not hurting, each other. >> mark is supporting the heather abbot foundation which helps cover the cost of pilot prosthetics for those who need them. >> i think about the people that i'm helping and when i'm out here and cold and my legs are a little tired it's nothing like what they go through and anything i can do to help them out can go a long way. >> reporter: already long before patriots' day, the spirit of the marathon and what it's come to mean is in the air.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: these runners say they are one or two or 17-miles worth of steps closer to the the marathon finish line. if you want to learn more about this mission, you can head to a glamorous night in a local town. celebrating with talented women and girls with disabilities. this amazing pageant was head at medfield high school tonight. participates are encouraged to dream big and learn valuable life skills to help them reach their goals. volunteers say it's an incredible opportunity to watch these participates go on to such an incredible journey. >> their faces light up and they love being in front of a crowd and you all the applause that they get, it's really empowering for them where they can feel like they accomplished something really big in their life because a lot of times these girls don't get the chance to get the applause or attention that they get here. >> the pageant is open to all girls and women ages 5 and up. >> we saw the 30s today, but
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tomorrow. i'm gonna show you how long this mild stretch lasts and also when in. and we'll head back down to south carolina where hillary clinton is enjoying a big victory in the how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums...
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mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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we continue to follow breaking news in south carolina. here's the report from columbia,
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>> voters from south carolina handed hillary clinton a solid victory as the first in the south democratic primaries wraps up tonight. >> thank you so much, south carolina! s. >> reporter: all polls had hillary clinton projected to do well in the palmetto states and welcome news for her campaign after losing this primary to barack obama in 2008. >> we stand together. there is no barrier too big to break and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is now looking to handwrittenness this momentum that started with her win in the nevada caucuses last saturday. senator bernie sanders meanwhile didn't hold any rallies in south carolina today focusing instead on key states ahead of super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and coworkers we are going to win here in texas. >> up until tonight, the campaign focused on individual
10:31 pm
just three days from now, this campaign truly goes national. in columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shively, fox news. now, the were candidates are already looking ahead to super tuesday and frontrunner donald trump this afternoon continued to attack florida senator marco rubio. >> but i will address, you know, little rubio this the guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy and i actually thought ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. he's a lightweight, rubio, total lightweight, little mouth on him, binge, binge, binge. >> joining trump at his rally in arkansas today new jersey governor chris christie. christie officially endorsed trump on friday. florida senator marco rubio not backing down from the verbal attack to donald trump. here's what he had to say during a rally in georgia.
10:32 pm
and tweeting, so here's the win tweet he put out, he put out a picture of me having make-up put on me at the debate, which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make-up. donald trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> all right, tell us how you really feel. he also went on to say donald trump has no chance of being the republican nominee. ted cruz needs a huge day on tuesday if he hopes to win the republican nomination. during a rally if atlanta cruz passionately urged people to go out and vote. >> you've got friends and family and other super tuesday states call and say come out and vote, say this is my future, this is my grandkid, this is my country, damn it. my country! stand up and fight for it together!
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super tuesday. officials say a local hiker had to be rescued. he was hiking alone yesterday in new hampshire on mount cardigan when he hurt his leg. crews reached him several hours later and he was taken to the hospital for a leg injury and hyperthermia. officials say they're lucky they got to him quickly. >> a cold start out there this morning but we saw temperatures slowly improve but did the not get to what we normally are. 39, it was cool and cooler than we've been experiencing lately, too. so something a little bit different out there. i want to point out mild weather, it is coming back, and boy has it been a mild winter. january, and february, and so
10:34 pm
as the second warmest winter in boston history since records have been recorded. we have a couple more days of february before we get the final tally. but with the trend that's heading our way, look at this, temperatures into the 50s the next several days. we've actually fall 52 where we should be by later in the week. with the warmth comes the risk of some showers. i'm gonna break that down for you. but right now it's dry out there. temperatures in the 30s. the clouds have thickened up. we knew that we were gonna see some clouds as we have a cold front to our north, sinking southward. so. >> high pressure to the south wouldn't let it a far too far south. southern new england you're gonna stay dry. the area of high pressure too to the south, southwesterly winds that are pretty active out there right now. it is adding a chill, although, temperatures are in the 30s with that wind, 17 miles per hour out of the southwest it feels like it's 23.
10:35 pm
temperatures fall back into the upper 20s low 30s. not as cold as it was this morning but still near the freezing mark and if you're waking up to clouds out there in the morning, we have good news, the clouds retreat to the north and we're gonna see that sunshine as we head into the afternoon. look at the temperature trend, by your lunch hour, we're flirting with near 50 degrees and into the 50s is where i'm expecting to go away from the soft coast and cape and islands. i think you may get stuck in the upper 40s if you're traveling northward, more clouds will be running in, the chance of scattered snow. there's the cold front sinking southward, noticing the cloud cover by the time you waning tomorrow morning the melting away as we head into the afternoon winds pick up out of the southwest. right now it looks as though when you wake up, head to work and school, looks as though it will be dry but notice the
10:36 pm
that band of clouds along with a few scattered showers will move on in during the a late morning, midday hours. this is right around your lunch hour. scattered showers possible across the region they're gonna be hit or miss and fairly light. by the evening the front is offshore. the chance of showers does continue as we head through the week. so dry tomorrow. dry again tuesday. before wednesday, a more potent storm could be headed our way and this one is still a little uncertain. could be cold enough, dealing with snow north and west of boston but it looks as though it's gonna be more wet than white in the city. this is on wednesday. as it pulls away, if it pushes a little further to the southeast, we could be dealing with mixing as we head in late on wednesday. so something we'll be watching carefully. the seven-day forecast does show that temperature trend into the 50s. we do cool off as we head into next week and watching another system that could get close
10:37 pm
could see late snow. by enjoy the mild conditions. >> oh, we will. dozens of people waited in long lines to get their hands on -- through friday hot dogs are 95-cents each story a large portion of local v.a. hospitals still closed tonight after some pipes burst. i first showed you the video of the flooding at a jamaica plaines v.a. hospital last week. officials there say the campus is now open with limited services and loading shuttles for any services that they can't provide. new at 10:00, boston and portland maine police teaming up with the dea to make a major drug bust. on friday christopher hernandez was arrested in haverhill. police say he was trafficking 300-grams of heroin valued at $20 million. he's be arraigned on monday. this picture of a police
10:38 pm
going viral. just ahead what the officer has to say about his new found fame.
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continue to go do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman...
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same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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prices at the pump continue to hold well below $2.00 a gallon this weekend and according to gas the average price for a gallon of regular is $1.64 today, down 9-cents for this time last month. the average price here in massachusetts is $1.75. a partially paralyzed woman rushed out of a burning building and tonight neighbors are questioning why firefighters across the street couldn't put out the flames. the flames broke out at a home in san jose california friday. there is a fire station across the street but officials say the truck they have is not equipped with the water to put out a fire. the fire spread so quickly that residents were forced to take matters into their own hands. >> he goes, mom, the house's on fire, i said, no, rubin the house is not on fire so he
10:42 pm
his shoulder and took me outside. >> fire captain says budget cuts removed engines with water capabilities from the fire station across from the fire. however, another truck was there in about 5 minutes no one was hurt. the police team behind a viral photo is speaking out tonight. at least one of them anyway. ricky mitchell is in arizona with the heartwarming story. >> reporter: it's pretty of course than manson loves his partner deputy chase garrett, that love perfectly captured in a single selfie. >> he likes to give hugs. he's a hugging dog. most of the time if we're just sitting there, he'll pop his head on my shoulder and sit there like that. >> reporter: deputy garrett says he took the photo a couple of months ago during a narcotics investigation. manson is a 5-year-old chocolate lab trained as a specialized detection k-9. he is used to find evidence specific to narcotics
10:43 pm
the past three years. >> we went from, you know, in the car where he didn't know who i was, i didn't know who he was really, and he and listen too much, and now he's a great dog. he's a great partner. he is just fun to have in the car. it makes the hours go by. >> reporter: manson even goes home with deputy garrett after their shift. >> he's very playful, very active. even at home, he just wants to be part of the family. >> reporter: garrett says he never imagined the response this photo would get, but he likes seeing his faithful partner get so much recognition. >> they don't get the recognition because people don't think of them as cops or anything else, but i mean it's good that the community actually likes police k-9s and care that much about them. >> that dog thinks it's a parrot sitting on that guy's shoulder. >> i love it. >> so cute and no surprise that it went viral there. >> absolutely. hey, tomorrow will be a pretty good day to get outside with your dog and run around a little while. >> yeah. you know, clouds to start and
10:44 pm
mild stretch continues for the next couple of days. next chance of showers on monday. >> sarah, thank you.
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