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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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time for great viral videos right this minute. >> a raft ride is rapidly going south. >> something is about to go down. >> why it's more like someone. >> wow! >> a woman makes it her mission to get older dogs adopted. >> so she started muttville. >> how she is building the program one forever home at a there is no chance the driver could even see it coming. why the clue is in the bounce. >> holy -- and the big difference. >> between a man-cold and a mom-cold. >> i understand that you're achy. i'm achy too. i am doing laundry. >> see who's got no sympathy for the sniffles. >> i know you feel like you're going to die. you are not going to die. i will dig a hole and kick you into the hole and cover you up. you just have a cold.
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you don't need to know much about swift-water rescue to realize something is about to go down. that's what david thought when he saw this guy standing there with one of those throw bags. david recognized the situation because he works with the salt lake county search and rescue. here comes the raft with four people in it. the fourth person is hunkered down. looks nervous about what's coming up. >> for good reason. >> the guy in the back there goes the throw bag. >> wow! >> what would have happened if they didn't plan properly. >> you're right. had that line not been there he would have been sucked under. >> dangerous situation but these guys got everything in place and handled this the right way. another rafting situation. again, a raft full of people. the guide barking out orders. i don't know if i've heard it this loud and clear what to do. >> hard.
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keep going, keep going. stop. all right! >> all clear directions coming from the river side. in this raft. maybe not so for the raft behind. >> we got a swimmer guys. left turn. left turn. left turn. >> everybody out of the raft, paddles floating. these guys in this raft spring into rescue mode now. >> stop. grab onto my boat. >> a bunch of swimmers. a couple quickly rescued. the guide with the overturned they pulled as many in as they could, go et to the shore. all the people who were in that raft were reunited safely with the raft that they were in. that's what you pay for. >> great job working as a team. >> grab onto my boat! it's a wide open highway. nice and clear. weather is good. keeping an eye out. >> oh! >> out of nowhere. did you see it coming? >> you saw the first bounce. there was nowhere to go.
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can see is the brake lights from the van up ahead. it jerks to the left. >> totally out of the -- you just hear a crunch and then you see the entire window fog up. >> i can't see! >> because of the air bags which were deployed. the people inside manage to get the car to the side of the road. everybody appears to be fine. he is opening up the hood to try to disconnect the horn. it won't stop literally jumped back from the street. this video tells the story of sherry franklin. she was volunteering at animal shelters. >> i would see the older dogs come in. they weren't even put up for adoption. >> people want a younger dog. a dog without health issues. she decided to start taking the dogs home one by one. that gave her an idea so she
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what muttville does is rescue senior dogs from the entire state of california that are scheduled for euthanazation. she takes them in to get them a forever home. it has their own center, so once she takes them in they get a full checkup. sonograms. spayed and neutered. makes sure the teeth are okay. and hopefully finds them a forever home. they have the fancy vests on that say "you can >> they might be old dogs but you can certainly teach them new tricks. >> they even have a fos pice program. it's hospice for dogs who are older and maybe have a terminal illness but still need the care of a home. >> she is really full of life too. >> i'm pretty sure you're taking her home. >> yes, we are taking her home. >> what i love is the number of dogs that they're able to help. >> in 2016 we will have saved
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>> wow! >> that's an absolute incredible number. all from a woman who started volunteering at an animal shelter who felt bad for the older dogs. >> i am really, really proud of that. who cares if this looks like a summer sport. get yourself the humongous line and play human bowling on it. a chances of devin super trend. he is the first down the ramp. then there are >> oh! this is not what i thought it was at all. >> no. >> man! this is a visit to the traction department. >> right? busted knees. >> look out! >> oh. >> the ramp they're on is obviously super cushy. so they're not going to necessarily injure themselves. >> whatever! >> every square minute of this video is like, ow! >> a fun afternoon the way only devin super tramp can make.
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>> oli and i would play the game if the pins were inflatable. >> your back would go. my knee would go. honestly. we're picturing all the ways that we would injure ourselves doing this. >> i am glad team super tramp did it and put it together for us to watch. >> i watched the behind the scenes video. it didn't look like anybody was crazily injured. one guy had a little boo-boo. >> it hurts so bad. >> he said it was so much fun, it was worth it. >> it was he's got a car issue. so he's going to repair it really the only way he knows how. >> louisville slugger. >> no! >> yes. >> see why his smashing plan ain't all it's cracked up to be. these two youtubers are in a bit of a pickle. >> we're going to do a face plant and become eggs. >> this challenge is a tough one
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owning an exotic car can be kind of expensive. rob knows that. that's his nice red ferrari. he has had an the vents up front underneath the windshield, sometimes they break loose because the leather stretches. it's expensive to fix. so he's going to repair it really the only way he knows how. >> louisville slugger. because removing the windshield seems like the best bet here. >> ooh! >> this area right here. >> i guess the best way to do it. >> batter up. >> bingo. he smashes the heck out of the
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windshield. >> why? >> did he break up with the car? >> i told you he had to fix the vents. >> $75 part. >> take it to the shop. >> he's going to. and he's purchased himself a brand-new windshield anyway. this is his way of killing two birds with one stone. here comes the brand-new windshield. by the way, rob's price on this thing, $3200. goes for even more list price. he's taking it apart so he doesn't have to pay for them to basically go in the interior way. take down the dash, break everything down. this is an easier way to get at it and save money. >> exactly. while he's in there, fix the vents. annoying. >> he doesn't have to drop the windshield because somebody already did it for him. >> that backfired. >> the windshield is cracked in
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part before he smashed his own windshield. >> oh! >> i don't know in his came from italy and people here can't read the frajile. a bit of a pickle. >> we're going to do a taste test. >> everybody makes to be disgusting? >> i think it could be good. >> the biggest challenge, opening the jar. >> one hand. >> i can do it. >> can you imagine how that smells? >> sniff first. >> oh! >> suddenly i think, this isn't such a great idea. >> i think we should take a shot. a shot of vinegar. >> come on. you've done more than this. you can do it. >> oh!
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that was a sip. >> that's so bad. >> bad idea. >> yeah, that was a bad idea. it's about to get worse. >> pete once again finds his nemesis, the jar. >> feel like there should have been a hack for this. >> come on. do you need a fork? i was thinking the initial sip of the vinegar put he them on the back foot. >> should i put the whole thing in my mouth? >> a little bite. >> this is the most you've ever seen him. >> it's the egg face. >> you have to bite deeper and get the yolk in there. >> the whole thing. >> that's so bad. [ mumbling ] >> you can see it. they're just struggling to even swallow it. >> it's like a challenge. it's not a taste test.
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jar. >> eat the whole jar. >> pete's immediate reaction. >> not happening. >> that's so bad! this is a kangaroo dance class. ?? ?? >> oh, no, no, no. these ladies put those kangaroos on their feet and hop up and down >> it looks like something from "back to the future 2." >> i have done this before while conducting an interview. i cannot do it in dance. when they speed it up i'm off. i need to be in the beginner class forever.
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exercise. >> everything is okay. >> seems like a very well thought-out, well planned out exercise routine. it looks weird but -- >> they all probably have great legs. >> they do have great legs. i tried it once. i should keep doing it. >> it's one of the things that you look ridiculous doing by yourself. but since you have 30 other people doing it with you, it's a thing. >> it's a thing. >> who has a bone to pick it leggings. >> this is real. >> find out what's got her feeling uptight. another day. another insane climb. >> this is one of the more dangerous ones we've had on the
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we're family, right? >> mm-hmm. >> okay. >> as family, we've got to support each other. there was a struggle that only i at this table know about. she is about to break it down for us. >> hello, everybody. listen. i just experienced something. this is the only way that i can explain it.
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i went to walking. and i went all this commotion. you see what i'm saying. i looked down. my legs in those leggings looked like somebody had put them inside a blender. they were spinning. whoosh whoosh whoosh. >> what does she mean? >> the struggle is real, folks. >> lik blender. i said, you is a liar. you is a liar. ain't nobody going to call me no ninja pro today. and i took them things off, and i put me on some brichs, where my thighs can slosh around and don't nobody know nothing about it. i thank the lord for
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many people. they're a privilege. if you can wear them and stuff doesn't slosh around, good for you. the rest of us you have to say good-bye or get some with support so movement is reduced. >> ain't nobody going to call me no ninja pro today. i thank the lord for bigger britches. some of you all need to do what i did. meet the tack. ?? this beautiful metropolis of
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where gajillions of people live on top of each other. it's full of super tall buildings that are fun to climb. >> this time he sets his sights on something pretty special. this crane. the king's hill crane. the building underneath is still under construction. i'm going to say this is one of the more dangerous ones we've had on the show. they're making their way through the building. the building is nowhere completed. then they head up the crane and head up the outside. >> is it really that scary? it looks scary for us because we're not doing it. >> different human beings have different thresholds. >> i get that rush every day when i sit next to gayle. >> okay. >> then he does this by standing on top of the thing. there's safety, gloves,
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>> how do we feel about that? >> he does have the dslr and gets pictures before he makes his way gingerly down and run down the street before anybody can catch up to them. there's only about 200,000 more buildings for him to climb in hong kong. stay tuned. there will be more. ?? meredith is keeping it real. >> you're not going to i will dig a hole, kick you into the hole, and cover you up. you just have a cold. >> brilliant video. >> the difference between a
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from
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and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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that is the fact that you didn't go. >> birds need grooming too.
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a cold. we've all had it. it happens. there is a big difference between a man cold and a mom cold. >> i can't lay down in bed and pet your back. i have things i have to do. let me get you some juice. >> brilliant video put together by meredith from "that's inappropriate." you need tylenol? i felt your head. you don't have a fever. >> it's on point. you can't argue against it. >> moms all over the world always say men and dads fall down and die. >> you feel like you're going to die but you're not going to die. >> she is also sick but she doesn't have a choice to get in bed. >> who is she talking to? a child or her husband? >> her husband. >> you obviously need more rest due to the fact that you're a
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>> hey, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. >> i got your back. that's why i am such a baby when i get sick. >> i have your soup. yes. it's chicken noodle. >> oh, oh, ooh! this part. and he brings out -- my mom didn't make it that way. >> your mom makes chicken soup with star noodles? >> better call your momma. >> you have lost your has this cold been straight to your brain. >> i think we're enabling. if you're sick, get your butt in that bed and do not get up. complain and ask for a foot rub every ten minutes. >> if she hops in bed and the kids are in bed and he's in bed. >> you know what's not funny? you in the fetal position like you are a child and you're a grown man. >> i'm going to stand up for the man here.
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generalizations going on. painting with a big broad brush. we aren't all like that. >> enjoy the rest of your man-cold. >> you will be like i'm a man and i do my work. but pass me the tissues. >> you were. you were a big baby. >> no, he wasn't. thanks for hanging out with us. lots more great content at we'll see you guys on the next
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