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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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not believe this was a random crime. the sky fox was over the scene earlier this morning, police say sometime between 9:00-10, three masked men broke into a home at 13 stephanie anne lane. that is a quiet cul-de-sac, of very expensive homes. police say the men found the victim, a 70 year-old woman, in her bedroom, they tied her up at knife point and demanded to know the location of the safe but there is no safe, instd stole about $1,000 in cash, and then they took off in in the victim's cadillac. here is the sterling police chief telling us they believe this house was not picked out at random. >> it is still under investigation. we don't think it was at random, the house wasn't picked off the street. we know you are there, it is a dead end, a cull besack in the center of town. we don't think it was a random
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black cadillac deville, a four door vehicle, massachusetts registration 641 w. k. m. that car was last seen speeding away from the house, which is in a cul-de-sac, so that means it is a dead end street. but, which way that car went after it left the cul-de-sac, no one knows. if you have seen that car, contact police here in sterling. coming up at 5:00, i will have more are telling us about this troubling investigation. bob ward, fox 25 news. >> we are following breaking news out of the brockton where dive teams have been called in after a car went into a lake, sky fox overd. w. field park, the brockton enterprises reporting the car sunk to the bottom of walldo lake, but it's not clear right now how it got in the water or if anyone there
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will bring you the information later tonight. >> the federal judge who can decide if the speaker of the house can leave prison early is not convinced sal demay say warrants compassionate relief, he m what mined the medical records today. republican is in court where supporters are fighting for dimasi ice release, kathryn? >> even though to both the u.s. attorney and the demacy attorneys agree he should be given early release they have a tough opponent in make sure dimasi is treated like any other inmate, not better and not worse. dimasi, the former speaker of the house, has been in prison in north carolina since 2011, after his conviction on federal corruption charges. after his imprisonment, dimasi was diagnosed with throat cancer and later pancreatic cancer. he is now cancer free but the medical treatment caused major damage to his esophagus and medical experts from the bureau of prisons told the judge dimasi now needs a special
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is always at a major risk for choking. today judge wolf expressed concern that if he allows demacy to leave prison, before his sentence is served, it could appear he is getting preferential treatment. >> he is not going to get prefer reasonable treatment because he was a former speaker, i think there are people that will say it cuts the other way, they will take a harder look at sal's case because of his political >> both the u.s. attorney and the judge said this is the first case they have seen for compassality relief in massachusetts in about three decades. coming up at 6:00, there is another option for demacy's future that the judge is weighing as well, hear from his wife about how she thinks he is doing in prison. for now we are live in boston, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> police have now cited a driver who hit a 4 year-old boy while he was trick or treating last night. it happened on marshal avenue in lowell, and we were on the scene
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10:00 news. the street of course was packed with trick or treaters when the accident rapid. police say the suspect, 27 year-old car lynn arroyo hit the boy and fled the scene. police were able to track her down and arrest her. >> he had bleeding and then in the head, on the side,. >> the woman was cited for leaving the scene of the accident, the boy had a bad cut on his head and ended up in tufts in boston for treatment. >> over the week ago, a brand race to win. the washington post abc news poll shows donald trump has 46% of the vote to clinton's 45%. scott mcclane reports from the campaign trail. >> one week ago, hillary clinton looked like she was running away with the election. now, new national polling shows that outcome is no longer seems as certain. >> changes coming, the choice is yours. i do believe we are stronger together.
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dc is that they are looking out only for themselves. >> donald trump is campaigning in democratic-leaning pennsylvania and wisconsin. buy yessed by news that the the fbi will examine another batch of e-mails (^) particularly related to e-mail's use of a private server as secretary of state. >> we just want fairness. >> the clinton campaign is complaining of a double standard at the clinton reaches impeachment if elected. >> unquestionably this is going to be the nation's agenda for the entire time she is in office and it may well end up an impeachment. >> the:poll of poll showed clinton with a 4 point lead, the latest poll shows trump leading first first time since may n. response clinton is hitting trump with it hurts. >> when i come home and dinner is not ready i go through the roof. >> the clinton campaign is
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clinton herself is campaigning with alicia my shadow, the former miss universe trump reportedly called miss buggy, trying to change the e-mails from e-mails to trump's treatment of women. in washington, i'm scott mcclain. >> here we are. one week until election day. fox 25 has you covered with everything you need to know up to and including election day. join us at 4 p.m. and stick with us through the night. we have results on both the presidential and local races as they roll in. >> more cars on the mass pike today, but still mass dot said there were nearly 6% more vehicles on the road for this morning's commute than yesterday. but that still fewer than a normal morning. there were no major backups at the 43 former toll plazas. at westoton crews tore down the center lane toll booths and repaved but a lot of work remains to be done in central massachusetts. >> just because you see some significant progress at one location, we don't want people to think that's the same type of
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reminded to slow down to 15 miles per hour in those work zones and pay attention to new traffic patterns. >> no additional charges so far for the teenager accuse of slamming a 15 yearly's head into concrete during an underage party in lowell. ethan ka sellla got into a fight with joseph zangarella in a fight in lowell. zangarella was in court where he said he attacked the boy after he bumped into him. the she was by his side while he was on life support. >> as soon as i saw him, i couldn't control how i felt. i just couldn't explain, like, i just didn't know why it was him. >> the suspect pleaded not guilty to saudi arabia with a dangerous weapon and is being held on bail. >> a devastating scene on the street in baltimore. a school bus slammed into the side of a commuter bus, ripping a giant hole into the side of it. right now, six people are dead
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hurt. fox 25's mark ockerbloom is live in the news room and any children on the school bus? >> player, there were no children on the bus, only a driver and the aide and the driver was killed along with five people on the commuter bus, from aerials of the scene it is amazing anyone survived. you can see the side of that maryland transit administration bus is gone, all the metal ripped away by the force of the impact. at this point the police say the school buzz was involved in an accident with a sports car, the bus then hit a concrete pillar, and traffic. that's when it slammed bight right into the driver's side of the commuter bus. first responders rushed to the scene say it is one of the worst things they have ever witnessed. >> it literally looked like a bomb exploded in the bus. and it's catastrophic damage. obviously, folks who were on a bus at this time in the morning are working folks. and they are on their way to make a living. they are on their way to the job. and they are on their way to, on the way to support their family. >> just heart breaking.
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take part in an investigation and baltimore police say they plan to give an update on the crash in about 20 minutes time. we will bring you that new information on fox 25 news at 5:00. in the in the news room, mark ockerbloom, fox 25 news. >> quite a site in sterling today. sky fox capturing all this beautiful foliage. i mean it's really coming in here. it is, of course, november and fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is forecasting temperatures that could reach 60 degrees tomorrow. kevin that, is a shock after we had frost on the cars this morning. start to the day. and not only will it be 60 but in the 60s tomorrow. that is an estimate, so the leaf drop has been 80% in some area, looking amount the video you showed us from sterling today, clearly the leaves are still on the tree in some spots, quite a degree. 51 degrees in boston for a high temperature today, bed foaferred was 53. here are the temperatures right now, down to 50 in boston. still 56 in fitchburg. all of these cooler than what you will see tomorrow with those 60s coming on in. it's actually a couple warm days
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of rain arrives. for the evening it is clear out there, with those temperatures around 50. of course, those temperatures will drop into the 40s, for your dinnertime plans f. you are look for the rain, this is how we are talking about, it is rain, not moving toward us. to find our weather maker, you have go all the way back here to the rocky mountains and desert southwest, that is where it is going to form and make a move toward us in a few minutes i will show how it will move in here and when to expect the rain to arrive. >> a disturbing find in a bag of halloween candy and local police alert. police in wall pole say a 6 year-old child was guardianship a bottle of apple flavored vodka trick or treating. the parent's found it while investigating the bag of candy and called the police. they say they are lucky they didn't try to open the bottle. >> when you look at it. it is a nip bottle of vodka but it has the, you know, symbol of an apple on it. it almost resembles something that would be like a fruit drink or something like that. >> now, police in walpole posted
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they also made reverse 911 calls urging other parents to check their candy and report anything suspicious. >> another member of the new big 3 for the boston celtics is stepping away from the nba for good. today, ray allen announced his retirement. allen has not played since 2014 but he did consider making a comeback this year. the former youcon star holds the record for hitting the most 3-point shots in nba history. he joined the celtics in 2007 to form the big 3 with paul pierce they won the world championship in 2008. garnet retired over the summer and pierce will retire attend of the season. >> trying to protect historic neighbors, while giving people a chance at affordable housing. coming up we dig deeper into boston's flight before election day. >> a woman uneck edly went into labor and her husband had to snap into action. >> i grabbed my phone, no time for clothiers or emergency room and as i was dial, she is
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joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
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>> a marlborough map is saying thank you after he had to deliver his son born at 26 weeks he said it is a miracle the baby survived. >> my wife, she is a warrior. >> you saw the baby, okay. >> junior desilva was not expecting to meet his son saturday night, it was too
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pregnant. when she went into labor in the early hours, it caught everyone off guard. >> no time for clothe, no time for emergency room, nothing. >> junior called 911 and he knows just about everyone at the marlborough police department, he teaches marshall law to law enforcement, when the law enforcement nick angelis picked up he recognized his voice. junior said his son came so quickly he caught the bay i with bare hands but was born seemed lifeless. he demonstrated how small the 2-pound 12-ounce baby was. -this long, here is his body and head. so i grab him, and i didn't know what to do. it wasn't -- he said on the speaker, do what i'm on, turn him on the side and rub him back. so i turn him nice and easy and he move his head so fast, i couldn't believe it. >> it was a victory. >> oh my god, i felt like i won
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the hospital for special care. his information card is now a treasured family album. >> they say deliver by, dad. that made me feel so good. >> but junior knows he couldn't have done it without help. >> i lift my head and thank god for everything. and then i thank the whole crew for everything. >> mom is now out of the hospital. jonah will remain through the holidays. >> if everything works out, by january, i will be taking my son to the fire department and to the police department to shake everyone's hands, say thank issued a statement praising the dispatcher nick evan yes list saying his performance is in the highest standards of public safety communication than of the marlborough police department. jonah was apparently tain an off oxygen yesterday. his wife is completely in love and blair i thought this was interesting, she already said she wants another child. >> oh my gosh. >> after all that. >> of course she did. was he nervous at all with what was happening? >> he was so nervous an just so grateful to the police and the fire and dispatcher with
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and just reacting through that. >> i bet he was. best wishes to the baby. >> yeah, absolutely. >> the governor of massachusetts and arch bishop are fight up to fight the legalization of marijuana use. a large group of local political and religious leaders urged voters to reject ballot no. 4, the governor, mayor and cardinal o'malley spoke against the measure. >> this legalization is not about decriminalization it is about the commercialization, bringing billions of dollars worth of dangerous drugs into the commonwealth. >> question 4, if approved will make it legal for adults to buy marijuana for recreational use at state-sanctioned stores. a crucial pretrial hearing in the sexual assault case against t.v. legend bill cosby. the coneedian claims he is nearly blind and needed help walking into a courthouse in pennsylvania today. cosby's lawyers claim a deposition he gave in a civil
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allowed at his criminal trial. in that deposition cosby admitted giving drugs to women he wanted to have sex with. a judge has not yet made a ruling on the issue and it will resume tomorrow. cosby faces threedowns of aggravated assault against a woman he met at temple university in 2004. >> now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the storm tracker weather team. >> beautiful afternoon, on the cooler side. temperatures in the low 50s, we expected that. 50 in too, fitchburg at 56 and on the cape in the 50s. hour-by-hour this evening in boston, actually going down for a few hours into the 40s, then as the winds shift toward morning the temperature stops to jog back up before the sun gets up, some clouds roll in tonight, too, a mixture of cloud and clear sky out there. worcester same idea, steady to slowly rising temperatures during the early morning hours. it will set us up for a mild day tomorrow. there are the clear skies, the clouds are back here to the
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get some clouds that will roll toward us overnight tonight. it is sortf a warm front coming on through. however, our weather is really coming from way back here. i want to go back one, too, so you can see this. it is clear around cleveland as well. we will talk about that forecast since we have a game tonight. this is where our weather is going to form and come at us. let's standard with cleveland, first all, where i just checked in, it is 77 degrees in cleveland right now. game time, 8:00 forecasting 68 degrees and a southerly wind, between 6-10 miles per hour. not very windy, but beautiful night out there for baseball for sure. there are the clouds that will start to roll in here tonight. now it will take over the sky from time to time you be it won't rain out there and the clouds will break back up as the front goes by tomorrow. that is when the temperatures are really starting to spike. let's fast forward go all the way to thursday morning and you will see another batch of clouds from the west moving in and these have some rain showers attached to them that will affect our weather. let's take us to 2:00 and start to see some showers taking us to southern new hampshire, most of
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we will get back to that, too. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, ahead of that rain shower activity, well into the 60, plymouth 6 6v tomorrow afternoon, foxboro, you will be 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. boston, getting all the way the 65. quincy to 66. and newton to 67 degrees. and here in the north shore, into the 60s here as well, just about every where you look, 60s tomorrow afternoon. now let's take the front right through worcester and boston tomorrow evening. this picks it up at 5:00 with the showers going to the northwest, getting into herself part of the shower activity, by 8:30. then the boston area during the 10:00 news cast tomorrow night. then this front skirts on through the south shore and cape cod. bringing in some cooler air. you can tell, because there is snowfall in the mountains. but also drying us out and setting us up for a sunny, but much cooler friday coming up. you will see that in the seven-day forecast as well. here is how it is looking. we get the showers to come through on thursday, i push that up to an 80% chance for getting showers. likely going to make that 100 before the night is over. and on friday, there is the
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sun, but 51 for a high temperature. quite a difference coming up. so we are going up and down like a roller coaster the next few days. on saturday you are waking up to below freezing temperatures and we fall back on sunday and another chance of rain showers and i want you to note there are a couple pet lets of ice in there, perhaps even snakes in the elevations that can nix in because we have cool air here and the timing of this storm that comes in when the cold air, coldest part of the day is here, wind up getting some mixings. since the timing is tricky this far out, want you to note that and put it in th mind. we will keep an eye on the latest information and update the timeline on the showers m cog our way. >> have you seen this forecast? a little something for everyone, right? cleveland indians are hoping to celebrate their first world series title since 1948, but they will be popping the champagne if they take care of business against the cubs tonight. you can catch the action on fox 25 starting a 8:00, followed by a late edition of fox 25 news at 10:00. >> we have all heard of good cholesterol and bed cholesterol,
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cholesterol may not live up to its name. first, here is vanessa welch with what we are working on at 5:00, vanessa? >> a cape cod foundation helping military families loses thousands of donated items in a fire. new at 5:00, how they are try to get back on their feet in time for christmas. yesterday, a fire truck and several cars were involved in a
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se challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan
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the highway patrol said the vehicle in newton rear end a trailer which was taking a few dozen people on the hey reid. at least three people are dead, several others hurt. the crash happened on a highway in a small town near jackson. >> it is a small community. i mean, this is -- this is a bad thing to happen anywhere, but when it's local it hits home. these are good people and our hearts go out to them. >> the county core news conference said two poem are among those who tied, investigators crash. >> volkswagon is buying back nearly 500,000 cars that had wrong emissions information. owners of diesel volkswagon and how dis can sell their cars back to the automaker or receive up to 10,000 in cash. that money is coming from a $15 billion settlement between volkswagon and the u.s. government. now, as present of the dale, the the company admitted cheating on auto manyee emissions tests. open enrollment for obama-care
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concerns. there are sharp increases in plans and in many cases a change in doctors and carrier, it is as a result of underenrollment by young healthy conum seer, many people opted to pay the fee for being uninsured rather than enroll in health care. >> you may not need a cord to charge your next cellphone. apple will have wireless charging on the next iphone. the company is rumored to release a new model next year. the 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of the original the new model will likely be called the iphone 8 and may have a new type of screen. >> apple able facebook may find themselves with a royal problem. britain's prince women wants to meet face-to-face with top executives of the both companies an get them to fight cyber bullying. the prince launch add task force on the issue earlier this year. it's writing recommendations on how tech companies can fight cyber bullies. prince women hopes to meet with the ceo of apple and facebook by next summer. >> a police officer's run over by a dirt biker he was trying to
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said heroes had a bad feeling before any of this happen. question snrin. >> 50 degrees in boston to, blair, but that is nothing compared to where we will be tomorrow. we are about the warm up dramatically before our next batch of rain arrived. >> and raising property taxes to pay for affordable house,
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right now we cop tin you to follow breaking news in sterling
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three masked men responsible for brutal home invasion. police briefed us on the the case just about an hor ago. they tell us a woman was tied up in her home on stephanie ann lane and threatened her with a knife. she was not hurt, but the three men stole her car and took off. police say this was not a random crime and the home was likely targeted. >> it is very troubling to me, the town of sterling this doesn't happen. you live right next door to princeton, they are undergoing something much worse than this. but crime is communities in central massachusetts. >> police are looking for a el doen 2004 black cadillac seville. that car has a massachusetts license plate that reads 641wkm if you happen to see it call police in sterling. >> we have some breaking news in middleboro where there's been a car crash around the area of route 44 that is impacting traffic. apparently it is ae propagandaty severe scene. >> ted daniels live in sky fox right now over the scene. ted, what can you add right now? >> well, this is route 44
4:31 pm
this one is still very active. it just happened about 25 minutes ago. let's go ahead and show you what we are looking at. you have multiple vehicles involved, including what looks like a truck, you also have a car that looks like it is completely torched. this initially came in as a four-car accident with injuries and roll over, and right now, route 44 is backed up for about 5 miles westbound. everyone behind this crash right now, you have fire and no word on the extent of injuries, as you can see there, this one looks really bad and you have what looks like firefighters who are working at least in the front of the car right now, popping the hood. and people have been taken to the hospital. we don't know how many at this point or the extent of the injuries. we will be working to get more information on this really bad crash here. 44 westbound in middleboro, near the carver line. that is the latest from sky fox, ted daniel
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traffic on both side of the interstate. >> of course we have ted out for a different issue, the toll issue and when we saw the severity of the accident we wanted to get on top of it and bring you the latest as we get it. >> in the meantime, 4:30, a week from today, more than a dozen communities including boston will have a choice at the boll lot box between higher taxes and the plan for affordable housing and open space. >> question 5 asks people to generate roughly $20 million, crystal hanes sat down with both sides of the >> that's right. 16 communities across massachusetts will actually have this on their ballot. it is for the community preservation act. and it would take the money raised from a 1-3% property tax. that would increase for homeowners and for commercial property owners and redirect it toward affordable housing, green space, and the preservation of historic buildings.
4:33 pm
>> these are young professionals, there's mom, young families, who work very hard in the city every day and just want a peace of their american dream. >> the property ownser, you know, don't want tax increases. and they are just an additional upward pressure on rents. so, you know it's kind of at a cross purposes. >> now, coming up in our 6:00 hour, i do sit down with both sides of this issue. be nearly enough to address the affordable housing crisis in boston and other cities. i'm crystal hanes, fox 25 news. >> all right. i will admit kevin teases me because i get the space heater pumping at any time of year. but today it was important because it was frost on the cars and then it turned out to be this gorgeous sunny start to november. >> you need it in the morning but it sounds like it will get warmer, right?
4:34 pm
in the car. >> it is intense, isn't cincinnati. >> tell me about my commute. >> wow, that is intense. i will stand next to your car and hopefully it is nice. here is the the deal. the temperatures you were talking about liz yet, yeah, cold. 23 in norwood, how about 25 in bedford and if you think is that below average, yes. 41 is the average low temperature for boston on this date. 34 is what you have this morning. so it with us a cold start. we rebounded fairly well, got into the mid 50s, which is pretty close to average. and way tomorrow, going above average for us in the afternoon tomorrow. but, 56 in fitchburg, not so bad. portsmouth, down to 49 already. and so temperatures will continue to fall through the 40s, under these clear skies tonight. we have wind to contend with, it's still fairly perez sant out there. however, things changing tomorrow ahead of our next system. and this is the warm front we are talk about. you see the the clouds that are striping this region, from new york state through pennsylvania and into the mid atlantic? thousand close are moving in here tonight.
4:35 pm
and, yes, that is snow in quebec canada staying tar far north at least for now. our weather is going to come from way out here. you can see the cloud and everything starting to gather together around the mountains. this will give birth to a storm that will push toward us and bring us some rain. meanwhile, tonight, 8:00 on fox 25, you know, the station you are watching right now, going to be 68 degrees under partly cloudy skies out there in cleveland ohio where it's 77 right now. we are not going to hit 77 tomorrow but a piece of the warm air is coming or way. i will show you how warm we will be and when t too. >> a new bedford police officer is now recovering at home after being run over by a dirt biker he was trying to arrest. in all, 9 bikers were arrest and arraigned in court today. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke to a witness who who said he had a bad feeling even before that happened. >> the man i spoke with said he saw a group of dirt bikers here at washington square park yesterday. and he also talked about this tire track that you can see going through the grass. he said one of the bikers did
4:36 pm
>> i had a bad feeling. i really had a bad feeling. >> daniel richards said he felt something wasn't right after he saw a group of riders on alternatives and dirt bikes outside his home last night. >> they blocked traffic. they stopped all traffic on dartmouth street and they just proceeded however they were dr. they felt like they were going to do. so, the rest of the city didn't matter. >> new bedford police say about 30-40 bikers were driving recklessly through the city as children were trick or treating. police say the riders stopped a elm street before some of them ran a red light. >> one resident told me, dirt bikers have been a menace for months. >> i have seen them a zillion time, it is not a new thing. >> police eventually stopped the riders at the old flagship cinema on kings highway when one of the riders, 24 year-old carlos gonzalez ran sar dent candido over, seriously injuring him, he is now charged with a number of cawnts including
4:37 pm
were also arrested. >> i'm glad the officers finally nabbed a bunch of them and i hope they are heavy on the penalties. >> and again sergeant trinidad is back home recovering after being released from the hospital this morning. in new bedford, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> police in arlington are working to track down a man who held up a bank at mass avenue. we will show you the surveillance video. police say this man walked into the t.d. bank and demanded money. no weapon was actually shown. but apparently he took off toward bailey road with >> a true survivor story, still ahead at 4:00, the back packer found alive after disappearing into the jungle for ten days. >> children love technology but coming up why kids should put their cell phones and other devices away long before bedtime. >> right now we are staying on the scene of breaking news happening az yo you see live picture from sky fox after major accident in route 44 in middleboro, a devastating scene involving several vehicles, causing massive backups on both side.
4:38 pm
injuries and making a number of ca joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to
4:39 pm
big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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a pipeline explosion inpallal killed a worker and injured several others. the blast sent flames an thick black smoke as you can see in the sky yesterday. a machine used to remove dirt struck the pipeline, the the gas company said the the gasoline was then ignite and caused the fire. the blast happened a mile away from where another pipeline
4:41 pm
people in the area have been evacuated. >> it looked like there was like a plane crash, really. i have never seen anything like this. >> all the neighbors said they heard and felt tex ploation. >> now there is a concern the explosion could affect gas pumps for weeks to come. the gasoline futures rose as much as 13%. some incredible new perspective of the damage left behind from the 6.6 magnitude quake in italy. this is drone footage of the town in central italy. the town suffered the aftermath of saturday's quake. so far, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported mainly because the most fragile areas remain evacuated since an august quake that killed more than 300 people. >> it is interesting and sad to see it from that perspective, you know. it turns out, good cholesterol may not actually be that good for you. raising your hdl level has long been thought to protect against heart attacks and strokes but a recent study found having extremely high levels of good cholesterol actually increases
4:42 pm
companies struggled to create a drug that helps patients by increasing good cholesterol. >> kids are choosing cell phones over sleep. a study of 125,000 children around the world found a strong connection between media device use at bedtime and poor sleep. they found the light from the devices delays the release of mel toe anyone, a hormone that contributed to tiredness. >> one woman thought she hit it big, winning millions at the casino but it turns out the machine, quote, unquote, malfunio offered as consolation prize and how she is responding to what exactly happened there. >> temperatures in the 50s, after morning low temperatures that were clearly so low you could even see them on the map. i will show you how warm we will get tomorrow before the rain arrives. >> disturbing allegations
4:43 pm
my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..."
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a violent crash along route 44 west in middleboro. here in the past 10 minutes we learned one person was taken to the hospital, but looking at the scene, we counted four vehicles. it appears one car fought fire because we spotted firefighters pouring water on it a few minutes ago. you can see it is still a active situation. this happened on the westbound side but this is impacting traffic on the eastbound side. we also noticed another car on its side, while two more smashed in the median, just an awful situation to see the white caused the accident but again as you can see the westbound side is just shout down, it will be like this, it looks like for a while. now they have the eastbound side traffic is barely moving there. we are trying to get an update on the accident, what the cause is and the the conditions of the drivers and the people involved and a as we get more information we will bring it to you here on fox 25 news. >> a study found a troubling trend of racial discrimination for drivers for ride sharing companies in boston. as daniel miller reports, the research found the focus of the
4:46 pm
>> the study published by the national bureau of economic research with the help of mitt found racial discrimination by uber drivers, the study looked at some 1500 rides on uber, and it its competitor lift in boston. and seattle to see whether customers with african-american-sounding napes experienced discrimination. the study also looked at a longer wait time for pickup and more rejections or cancellations of the request. it showed drivers in boston canceled pickups with an african-american sounding name at double the rate than other names. for rides that were not canceled, there was no difference in the wait time based toen a person's name. in boston researchers sent a single student out with two uber profiles. so they could compare the experiences of one name to another using both a male and a female name. the university of washington transportation of engineering professor said there is no concrete evidence the companies themselves discriminate.
4:47 pm
the platforms. and we have no reason to think it's every driver. >> the researchers also booked rides with lift using the same expert but did not find the same cancellation rate but researchers said that can be depending upon how they find out about the riders. up ooher driver don't learn the the names of the passengers until after they accept the fare. lift drivers receive the name of the rider and the photograph before accepting ride. uber said it will use the study to continue its work to transportation inequalities. >> >> freezing cold, we warmed up with the sun into the 50s and this evening as you step out of work, we are going out to dinner it is 50 degrees in boston to, 56 back here in fitchburg. some warmer temperatures inland there and on the south coast, saw some in the mid 50s as well still at this hour. tonight, the trajectory of the temperatures every where is the
4:48 pm
with a warm front, and the warmer air starts to come on in with southerly winds, temperatures will start to be steady and jog back up, by 4 a.m. we are going from midnight in foxboro up to 45 degrees. that is how it will play out every where tonight. and for every where it will be dry, too. we are sunny right now. the clouds are starting to warm. in. the warm front, the most active part of the warm front is going to the north but some clouds will also move in as wind are shifting to the south and bringing mild air. we are checking back in cleveland for the game, 77 near 80 degrees meteorologist jason brewer is with me, notice due points are in the 60s out there. that the sticky air even in the summertime sit considered sticky, but in the autumn it's unheard of in every cloo. that is the kind of air trying to push our way. we will get a piece of that mild air in the next couple days. our next storm system is way back here. it's not much of a storm system yet. it is just getting its act together and will push through the middle of the country and
4:49 pm
let's start with tonight, cloud drifting through with the warm front and milder air starts to come in. you will notice increasing humidity and it will be quite a bit milder than today as well, at least 10 degrees in most towns, that is with sunshine through the day. tomorrow night, we will clear it back out again and testifies will fall, and here comes more cloud. the the front is now here. that is the system that is working its way out of the are ki mountains, dragging a cold front on through, it will bring some heavy showers off to the north and west, through the middle part of the day. not yet into central and southern new hampshire. we can't always have a cup showers that outrun the front and come in a little bit sooner. it may be widely scattered. but the real meat of this will come during the evening commute and beyond. so your high temperatures tomorrow, you will like this, even in worcester county and tefllations getting wheel in the 60, fitchburg, 6, ux bridge to 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon. here in the immediate boston area, you will see to the north shore 65 in malden, 67 back here in brookline and quincy at 66 degrees as well. and now here on cape cod, same idea.
4:50 pm
through water temperatures pretty close to that right now. the water tends to cool down more slowly than the air during the later seasons of the year. now let's fast forward this. into the evening commute and beyond, so by 9:00 coming through worcester and boston through the 10:00 news cast tomorrow night, not to nighttime this is thursday night into the i a wand out of here. your seven-day forecast shows we have the showers to come on through, and then we really cool down behind the front on friday. the sun returns, but it's back to cooler temperatures. your weekend is always in view includes falling back or pushing saturday night or early sunday morning when you go to bed, notice the high temperature, both day, back below average. >> >> the president and fist lady celebrated their final white house halloween with a dance party. >> they are having a good time. here it is. >> ? thriller? >> oh yeah, they are getting into it. >> this is a flash mob that got them dancing. visitors were treated to goodies and a tour through a storybook
4:51 pm
dole out halloween advice. >> on this day at least, you don't have to pay attention to michelle and healthy eating. >> and, in fact, the more candy, the later you eat the candy, the better. >> a little more than 4,000 people were expected to visit the white house yesterday. >> i'm glad michelle was not handing out brockly flow rhetts a. famous book company is going digital in time for thanksgiving and i'm glad because i always have a lot of questions. >> we will blow it up. >> for the firs will let customers text questions about how to buy and cook a turkey. the the company will start accepting text questions on november 17th. butterball said its most expected question remains probably how long does it take to thaw a turkey. if you don't know that ahead of time it's some bald news by thanksgiving. it means you are ordering chinese. a woman thought that she hit it big at a slot machine but she didn't exactly get a big payout. >> this is wild. the woman is from new york and thought she won $43 million this
4:52 pm
when she went to claim the prize, she was told the machine fall functioned. >> they made a mistake. >> they win and now the house doesn't want the pay out. to me, that's unfair. >> uh-huh. especially if that's what happened, right? >> surf and turf? >> that close, huh? the woman said she plans to sue but the gaming commission said they can't give her the max payout. the commission said the only winnings she collects >> you are kidding me? >> that's awful. >> it is awful. huh. a driver gets into a crash and he is trapped inside his car. coming up we will tell you how he was finally saved by two highway workers of the here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> elizabeth we can continue stay on to top of news at sterling, a police are k log for three masked men who tied up a woman inside her home and they say it is not random.
4:53 pm
schools help some of the states most vulnerable students. but investigative reporter kerry cavanaugh found, 1/4 of the state's charter schools shut down or neve interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting.
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william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote.
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>> elizabeth: a backpacker missing for at reese ten days in a rain forest is found alive. >> i. >> i this 25-year-old from australia went hiking by himself if a national park in malaysia about two rescuers started searching for him when he did not return. medics say he was weak. they believe he went without food for more than a week. he is recovering in a hospital. >> elizabeth: a 12-year-old boy is recovering after leading police on a car chase in austin, texas. police say the boy may have been intoxicated, swerving in and out of traffic. he reportedly crashed head on into another car and kept going, eventually hitting a pole. the boy suffered minor injuries in the crash.
4:57 pm
his car for two days. >> blair: the two highway, woulders saved his life when they found his car crashed in the woods if ohio. >> out here along the roads and stuff, you're always worried about something like that, finding something you just don't want to find. >> the reporter: for nearly two days, nobody saw corey came bersen crashed inside his car off state route 133, but a dead deer let two construction workers to the car in the wood. as we were approaching carcass, we looked over to the ride in the weed in the honeysuckle bushes, we saw a car and that's when i told him to call 911. >> the reporter: saturday night, neighbors heard what sounded like a car thumping. >> it just shakes me up really bad. i've seen some bad stuff on this road. >> the reporter: when she went outside and looked around, she didn't find anything. >> i actually walked down through here yesterday, fairly late yesterday. >> the reporter: investigators
4:58 pm
landed in a ditch. >> just kind of shocked at first, and kind of eerie feeling. you're not real for sure, you know, what you're walking up to. >> we went down to the car and i could see a foot out of the back window, and finally we got him to respond and he said he had been down there for a couple of days. >> the reporter: investigators say came bersen was alert when air care flew limb to the hospital and troopers commended the d.o.t. workers before finding the victim before more time passed. >> his life and we don't know how long he would have laid out there. >> blair: in the right place at the right time. breaking news right now, we are updating the situation, a busy highway shut down after a violent crash. >> elizabeth: we are live over the scene. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> vanessa: we begin tonight with several breaking news stories at 5:00 p.m. first, rescue crews are on the
4:59 pm
involved if a serious rollover crash. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. right now, we know part of route 44 west, that is shut down, this happening late this afternoon on the carver town line. fox 25's's ted daniel live in sky fox with the breaking details. >> >> the reporter: this is all happening on route 44 westbound. since our last report about a half an hour ago, we have been able to determine that it is four vehicles involved. let's go ahead and take a look down below. three cars and what appears to be a large boom t on its side, lying perpendicular to the road. it looks like it was towing one of the l.e.d. highway signs. there was another car in the road next to it, that was towed out of here a short time ago. you move the camera back just a bit, you can see some sort of vehicle there. it's completely torched. the white stuff on the ground, that's the foam that the firefighters use to extinguish the fire. firefighters tell us that they can confirm one person has been transported to the hospital.
5:00 pm
incredible when you look at how bad this looks down there especially with that car, this just completely engulfed, it was engulfed in flames. we sauve the smoke coming down here. route 44 west, right now, that is backed up all the way into plymouth. you have about a 10-mile backup, because no traffic is getting by on route 44 right now westbound. there is one lane getting by on the eastbound side, but you have obviously, everybody looking at this crash, as they pass by, and just one lane of certainly slow going, so if you're waiting for someone who takes route 44, it is certainly going to be a while. that's the latest reporting from sky fox, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: ted, thank you. also breaking, a frightening home invasion rattling a quiet massachusetts town tonight. right now, police are looking for three masked men, they say tied up a woman and robbed her with a knife. police say the suspects asked about a safe, but the woman said she didn't have one. this happened on stephanie ann lane, just after 10:00 a.m. this


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