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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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incredible when you look at how bad this looks down there especially with that car, this just completely engulfed, it was engulfed in flames. we sauve the smoke coming down here. route 44 west, right now, that is backed up all the way into plymouth. you have about a 10-mile backup, because no traffic is getting by on route 44 right now westbound. there is one lane getting by on the eastbound side, but you have obviously, everybody looking at this crash, as they pass by, and just one lane of certainly slow going, so if you're waiting for someone who takes route 44, it is certainly going to be a while. that's the latest reporting from sky fox, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: ted, thank you. also breaking, a frightening home invasion rattling a quiet massachusetts town tonight. right now, police are looking for three masked men, they say tied up a woman and robbed her with a knife. police say the suspects asked about a safe, but the woman said she didn't have one. this happened on stephanie ann lane, just after 10:00 a.m. this
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scene, where bob, police say there is no reason for the public to be worried here. >> the reporter: yeah, that's right, and police are telling us that the victim is ok, she was not harmed in this incident and they have been talking to her, getting a statement from her. i want to show you some live pictures of the scene. this is where it all happened this morning, right there, in that house. it is a large home here in sterling, and a neighbor told us it's 5600 square feet. now, all afternoon long, police have been combin evidence, but just a short time ago, the police chief told us, he does not think that this was a random crime. 13 stephanie ann lane is a large house that sits at the end of a pretty cul-de-sac in sterling, but police say this was the scene of a troubling home invasion. police say some time before 10:00 a.m., three masked men walked it to home and tied up a 70-year-old woman with duct tape in her bedroom and stole about
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off in her cadillac. police tell us the entire attack did not take long and it was not hard nor the intruders to break in. >> there was no sign of forced entrifecta. there is no -- entry. we believe the doors were unlocked. the victim was in her bedroom, when the intruders came into the how many. they told her they didn't want to hurt her, they wanted to know the location of where the safe was. there was no safe and she said they were not assaultive to her expensive homes with remarkable views. for neighbors, this home invasion is a complete shock. >> unnerving. any unnerving. supposed to be a safe neighborhood. things like that not supposed to happen. >> the reporter: police say the three masked men fled the scene in the victim's car. it is a 2004, four-door cadillac derim, it has a black landau roof and massachusetts
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now, this crime has shaken people here in sterling. more about what they're thinking coming up at 6:00 p.m. for now, reporting live from sterling, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: and we now know what was behind this search at waldo lake in brockton. sky fox flew over dw field park where the car, you see right here, was pulled from the water. our crews tell us, low water levels in that lake revealed the roof of the car today. divers say it appears to be an old car and there's no sign that anyone was hurt. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., a fire destroyed thousands gifts, meant for military families this christmas. the presents were ruined here during a fire on joint base cape cod. fox 25's robert goulston live in bourne now where the foundation's organizers is working hard to replace them all. robert. >> the reporter: amy, fire investigators say it started on this side and quickly went through the whole building, destroying everything inside. the mission now is to replace what was lost and there's a quick-approaching deadline
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>> the reporter: the flames seen here consume the building. >> i was devastated. >> the reporter: don cox got the call over the weekend. he was thankful nobody was hurt, but he also knew what was inside was going to impact christmas for a lot of children. >> it was like the biggest punch in the gut you could ever take. >> the reporter: most of the destroyed building was used by cape cod military support foundation. they collect donated toys an other gifts to help military families on joint base cape cod, focus on enjoying the holiday especially since many are servinha >> when it comes to christmastime, the heating bills are going up, the gas bills are going up, and kids are looking for everything under sun for christmas. don says typically there's enough gifts for 800 children. they also help children find presents for their parents. the fire destroyed about 1200 toys, 5,000 stocking stuffers, and 200 backpacks filled with supplies. >> we got wiped out completely on friday night. >> the reporter: right now, the chris past party is scheduled for december 11th, and the
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already helping don replace what was lost. >> 41 days from today, we have a party for 800 kids. >> the reporter: if you want to leprechaun in any way, we have all the information on how to do that on our web site, and straight ahead at 6:00 p.m., a little bit more on what fire investigators say may have happened here that caused this fire. we'll have that part of the story straight ahead at 6:00 p.m. live on cape, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: traffic trouble during the morning commute in quincy. sky fox flew over this crash on the expressway north just after the entrance all lanes were closed for a short time, so crews could clean up the members. we're still work to find out if anyone was hurt or cited. >> mark: frosty start to your tuesday, but we are warming up for tomorrow. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz surhere now and kevin, we're also tracking rain for later in the week. >> kevin: a lot of leaves still on the trees, surprisingly. i've had reports of much more leaf dropping in other parts of new england. we're doing well in southern new england. a lot of color to receive. now rain coming our way, that
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bedford, 52. boston, 50 at the airport. however, on closer inspection, downtown, it is down to 49 in boston. winthrop is a 49. look at marblehead, you're 47 as well, so we're finding cooler temperatures already. north shore 40's, hampton is 49. ipswich, you're 49. this surprised me though. on the south coast of new england, south shore coastline, 49 marshfield to duxbury. much warmer tomorrow. i'll show you that and the rain on the way. >> vanessa: we'll see you shortly kevin. police cited a driver who hit trick-or-treating last night on marshal avenue in lowell. we were on the scene as this was breaking during our news at 10:00 p.m. the street was packed with trick-or-treaters when the accident happened. police say suspect, 27-year-old carlin arroyo hit the boy and took off. police were able to track her down and arrest her. >> he had bleeding in the head, on his side. >> vanessa: the woman was cited for leaving the scene of an accident.
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boston for treatment. new at 5:00 p.m., row hoe bic lies are looking for the masked men who robbed a gas station. you request see of the clerk on the ground with his arms in up into the airplane. the masked men walked into the exxon late friday night and threatened to stab the clerk. they took money and cigarettes we have running offensively. if you have any information on the robbery, contact row hoe bus police. >> mark: a judge who will decide is early is not sick enough to warrant compassionate release. he has served eight years, the is it 1-year-old battled throat cancer twice while behind bars. he's cancer free now, but treatment left him with difficulty eating and drinking. the u.s. bureaus of prison recommended a passionate release. the judge said if he allows demassey to leave early, it might appear as if he's getting preferential treatment. breaking news from baltimore. investigators are asking for
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they invite them to come forward. six people died, ten others were hurt when the bus slammed into a commuter bus. baltimore police just finished up a news briefing in the last 15 minutes. they say three men and three women were killed, it includes the driver of the school bus and five passengers from the transit bus. there were no children on board the school bus at the time. police are checking to see if the school bus driver may have suffered a medical emergency before the crash. >> there aren't any skid marks, place and it's something that we're continuing to investigate. >> mark: members of the national transportation safety board just arrived if baltimore, and will be helping local police with the investigation. >> vanessa: with just a week now to go new mexico election day, a brand new poll shows this is anyone's race to win. the "washington post"-abc news poll shows donald trump with 46% of the vote, to clinton's 45%. scott mclean reports now from the campaign trail.
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with the election. now, new national polling shows that outcome, no longer seems as certain. >> change is coming, the choice is yours, and i do believe we are stronger together. >> the guiding rule of the political class in washington, d.c., somewhere that they are looking out only for themselves. >> the reporter: donald trump is campaigning in democratic-leaning pennsylvania and wisconsin. are examine another batch of emails, potentially related to hillary clinton's use of a private email server, as secretary of state. >> we have just want fairness. >> the reporter: the clinton campaign is now complaining of a double standard at the bureau. doppler radar john songs the lib tear grand -- gary johnson, the libertarian, says hillary clinton risks impeachment if elected. >> this is going to be the nation's agenda for the entire time she is in office and may well end up in impeachment.
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shows clinton with a four point lead. the latest abc news-"washington post" tracking poll shows trump leading for the first time since may. in response, clinton is hitting trump where it hurts. >> when i come home and dinner is not ready, i go truly the roof. >> the reporter: the clinton campaign is rolling out this new ad. while clinton herself is campaigning with a former miss universe trump reportedly called miss piggy, trying to change the subject from her emails to trump's treatment of women. in washington, i'm scott mclean. >> mark: some of the mo high-profile religious and political leaders in massachusetts are making it clear, they want residents to vote against legalizing marijuana use. this afternoon, governor charlie baker, cardinal sean o'malley all spoke out against ballot question four. the measure would make it legal for adults to buy marijuana at state sanctioned stores. >> best case, this is a mixed bag. best case. in worst case, it's created all kinds of issues and problems
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>> the reporter: today, governor baker also made a big announcement about his presidential vote. at 6:00 p.m., why he plans to do something he's never done before. fox 25 has you covered with everything you need to know, up to and including election day on november 8th, one week from today. join us starting at for p.m. and and -- 4:00 p.m. and stick with us through the night. we'll have the results on the local and presidential race as they roll in. >> vanessa: a local grandmother is badly bruised. a dog attacked her as she walked her school. >> mark: police make a public plea for helping find this dangerous dog. >> kevin: and i'm tracking temperatures that will be warming up tomorrow, at least 10 degrees more than what you had today, plus some rain on way too. i'll show you when that's going to arrive. >> vanessa: and next, only fox 25 gets a behind-the-scenes look at how rescuers saved people trapped in unique situations. the training that can make a difference between life and death. >> mark: and we are staying on top of the breaking news this evening in middleboro, a
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44 west. there's also another new crash now on route 44 east. we are over the scene with sky fox, and our ted daniel as well. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. h hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate.
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joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests.
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$1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> mark: sky fox uncovering a second accidents now in middleboro, on the eastbound side, just a few minutes up from the scene of that violent
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the vehicle is on its roof and traffic stopped in that area. we are working to learn if anyone inside was hurt. route 44 eastbound at plympton street, it is closed. we'll let you know when things start to clear up on route 44 during the newscast. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., a police report is shed nothing light on the cause of a boston fire truck crash in the back bay. the driver of the jeep involved told police he heard sirens and thought emergency vehicles were coming up behind him, so he pulled in to the intersection to let them go through. truck's path, at the corner of commonwealth avenue and dartmouth street. no word tonight if he will face charges. all of the firefighters who were hurt in the crash are expected to be ok. and it's situations like that where rescuers have to use special skills to save the people who are trapped inside. >> mark: today, fox 25's blair miller was given an exclusive look at the unique training that's used. blair joining us now with more on the life or death difference it can make. >> the reporter: the rescuers showed us how any situation that
5:16 pm
but today it was about getting it right, no matter how long it took. in a kind of grave yard for old trucks, the rush to save someone comes to life. >> one side is going to set up. >> the reporter: these first responders today, digging, lifting and stretching their skills to save someone potentially trapped, under something like this. >> today, we're lifting cement truck, using stress and chains. for cambridge firefighter james kennedy, it's invaluable, and a career he's seen change in >> it's changing a lot from when, you know, my father and grandfather were on, you know, they seemed like they were just fighting fires, and now, we get called up, any time there's a situation. >> the reporter: even a situation like yesterday, where firefighters ended up needing their own help after crashing into a car that they say didn't stop. >> we want to make sure we get it part right. >> the reporter: lieutenant lasa with the boston fire department says it's situations like that the city must prepare for, because of all of the bigger
5:17 pm
projects. >> when you start dealing with something that weighs 80,000 pounds, this is where all of these hydraulic lifts come into play. >> the reporter: into play, piece by piece. and what happens here, could be the keys to surviving the real thing. >> this is just like any professional team, if one guy can't do his job or fails to do his job, the team fails. when the team fails, we're not meeting the objective, meaning we're not getting the victims out safely. >> the reporter: now, this is part of a larger training exercise where they learn about even with this kind of scenario, they go over and over it, but it's really the unknown they can't prepare for. reporting live, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: commuters using the redline should have no problem getting home after a fire caused problems this morning. take a look. these are pictures, park street station, where firefighters were on the platform, you can see there were a lot of people waiting for trains, and there was some smoke, but any delays have been cleared up.
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bottle of vodka with his halloween candy. police in walpole say this 6-year-old was given apple flavored vodka while trick-or-treating near hanes and vein street. the parents found the bottle when searching the bag of candy. police say they were lucky they didn't open the bottle. >> kevin: pretty disturbing story right there. we'll get back to it i'm sure no doubt about it, with the warnings the lowell police posted on line. let's talk more about the weather. temperature around 50 degrees in boston right now. it is cool, but when you go in closely, you'll find cooler temperatures out there, including downtown boston, 49. that 50, east boston at logan airport. so the north, lynn and swampscott, 50. marblehead and beverly, dipped mr. to the 40's and carlisle tends to run cooler than the
5:19 pm
the city of lowell hanging in at 53 degrees. duxbury and marshfield 49, last time i talked tough. orleans, also 49 on the national sea shore. it's pretty cool, i wouldn't have expected a reading to be that cool at this hour, especially with the water temperatures around 60 degrees. clear skies, waiting for clouds to arrive, ahead of a warm front. really a warm front bringing the precipitation with it into canada and northern new england, not for southern new england. not our area,o clouds but the crowds will some the temperature from dropping, but as of the winds shift, the temperature starts to go back up. i'll show you that more in a moment. i bring you out to this part of the country not often, but this time i do because this is the beginnings of our storm system that will push toward us. by the time it gets here most of the activity goes up north and drags through our area. we get the clouds overnight tonight, stopping the temperature drop and as winds shift around to the so you want, actually go up a few degrees by
5:20 pm
generally across the area tonight, nowhere near as cold as what you had when you woke up this morning. notice no precipitation. any rainshowers on the northern fringe of new england here and the snow staying if quebec, canada, at least it time. we'll get sun during the day tomorrow, mixing with the clouds. no rain tomorrow. tomorrow may be the pick of the week. it is going to be the warmest day of the week or at least tied with thursday, if not beating it and no rain to contend with. thursday, mile ahead of the cold front, here comes the rain along the front. most of the activity first goes to our north and gets dragged through southern new england later in the day. this stops at 3:00 p.m. we'll fast forward it again in just a few minutes, but let's first stop here and talk about this. there are a couple of showers out ahead of the main body of rain, back here, that can get in here before the evening drive. but most of it comes through during the drive time and beyond. high temperatures ahead of that front, look at this, framingham, 68 degrees. norwood, 68. is the it possible a couple of your towns could hit 70 tomorrow?
5:21 pm
possibility, but that would be amazing, considering the average high temperature, only 56. so 66 tomorrow in your town, you're already 10 degrees above average. now let's go forward as promised from 3:00 p.m. to the evening drive. 5:00 p.m. worcester, boston, through 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and then the south shore and out of here, clearing out for friday, and the weekend, so the highest risk of rain comes during the late afternoon and evening drive thursday, not tomorrow, tomorrow is looking real niles. we'll talk about how much rain you can expectro crocks back and get an extra hour of sleep sunday morning. >> vanessa: a local police officer run over by a dirt bike. at 5:30 p.m., we talked to a witness, what he saw that gave limb a bad feeling in his gut. >> mark: premature births are on
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> mark: bill cosby by arrived at a pretrial hearing. the comedian claims he is nearly blind and needed help walking cosby's lawyers claim a deposition he gave in a civil suit years ago should not be allowed at his criminal trial. in that deposition, cosby admitted getting drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. a judge has not made a ruling on its issue, and the hearing will resume tomorrow. cosby faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault against a woman he met at temple university in 2004. >> vanessa: the prepa tour birth rate in the u.s. is up. for the first time in nearly a decade.
5:25 pm
rate rose nationwide to nearly 9.7% last year. the report found 2,000 babies were found before their lungs and brains were fully developed. the national uptick led the u.s. to get a c rating on the march of dimes scale. massachusetts scored a b for its preterm birth rate of 8.4%. >> we need to understand those issues more deeply, so that we can figure out how we can support those women and ensure those babies aren't born too soon. >> vanessa: the report also found the rise was highest in groups. in massachusetts, the preterm birth rate among black women is 22% higher than the rate among all other women. a personal trainer who made headlines for her abs while she was pregnant is now saying it caused some complications. duncan shared a message on line about the c-section delivery of her son. she said her abs were so site and doctors had to use a for
5:26 pm
duncan calls it a side to a strong core. >> mark: ed indians will be popping the champagne if they take care of business against the cubs tonight. followed by a late edition of the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. former celtic, ray allen, calling it quits. that's it. allen hasn't played in the nba for two years, but said he needed that time to decide on his future. he wrote in the players tribune, himself. ray allen has made more three-pointers than any player in nba history and of course, helped the c's win the;?n' 2008 larry o'brien trophy, one of the game's greats for sure and one of the kids who played ball at connecticut. ray allen is someone near and dear to people in the area. >> vanessa: a new englander. local parents say a carter school will help their children excel. >> it's a good option for kids that don't necessarily fit in
5:27 pm
to the polls, fox 25 investigates is examining the number of charter schools that have shut down in massachusetts. coming up, how closings here compare to the rest of the country. >> mark: more and more children are overdosing on prescription painkillers. at 5:55 p.m. upon the, we'll break down the numbers and the bigger problem it calls attention to. joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to ll street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
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information on two breaking stories we are following if middleboro. in the last few minutes, route 44 west has reopened to traffic following a violent crash. sky fox live showing us that crews are still cleaning up the wreckage from a multivehicle crash. we have counted as many as four vehicles, including one that count fire, really was left a wreck. at least one person was taken to the hospital and also, route 44, but this time, eastbound, a second accidents, this is near plympton street, you can see a car on its roof there. we now know that traffic is gettin lane, but again, route 44, slow going both directions because of these two separate crashes. >> vanessa: and we have some new details from sterling, where police have just found a black cadillac stolen during a home invasion this afternoon. police are looking for three masked men who tied up a woman an threatened her at knife point. the victim was not hurt. police say this home invasion was not a random crime. and the home was likely targeted. ups moments ago, fox 25's john monahan tweeted out this picture
5:31 pm
the crime scene. the three suspects are still missing tonight. we'll have a live report for you ahead at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: at 5:00 p.m., a 2-year-old girl and her grandmother are undergoing treatment for rabies. a dog attacked them at a local park. >> vanessa: tonight, police are searching for that dog before it hurts anyone else. fox 25's malini basu live for us in lowell, where malini, you spoke with that grandmother who is still badly bruised, days after the attack. >> the reporter: vanessa, we did, just about an hour ago, we spoke to the grandmother. she tells us that she is lucky to be alive at 24 stitches, that pit bull, they think it's a pit bull mix, attacked her and her 2-year-old granddaughter right there at a playground. i want you to take a look at this. she showed us the stitches just a short time ago. she of course is still scared knowing that pit bull is still out there. here's what we can tell you. the 61-year-old grandmother has 21 stitches on her head.
5:32 pm
october 21. bin is her name, she and her 2-year-old granddaughter were playing at the park when the pit bull came from nowhere and bit them. the good samaritans saw what happened and he helped them out. that man grabbed the baseball bat and hit that dog, beat that dog, and then, that man took the grandmother and the 2-year-old in the car, an they were taken to the hospital. bin just a short time ago explained to us what happened next. >> the dog biting, bite, bite, come by, take care of it, he come, he hit the dog. he hit the dog, the dog come. >> hit him in the head. >> the reporter: and late this afternoon, we spoke with lowell police, who tell us, they are still looking for that pit bull, as well as the owner. we do know that a pit bull, they think it's a pit bull mix i
5:33 pm
they are looking for the owner of the pit bull before it attacks someone else. much more on this at 6:30 p.m., live in lowell, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> mark: nice day today, after a frosty start in boston this morning. it will be dry, but then some rain moves in to our area for thursday, but i'm going to let us enjoy this for just a moment. how about that? love the fall. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now, with a timeline of when the showers will move in. >> kevin: the reason you're g to our west starting to move that way. sunlight coming through the clouds to our west, making for a pretty scene. there are clouds coming, but not with rain, not tonight. 25 in bedford this morning. 23 in norwood. 34 in boston, so with mark was saying it was frosty this morning, no doubt about it. most of you had frost on your cars when you went out this morning. rebounded into the 50's in worcester and the airport. downtown, dropped to 49. now the centers are reading 50 degrees, so there it is.
5:34 pm
off to the north and west of there around lowell, temperatures in the 50's, except for carlisle, 46 degrees, you tends to run cooler. much warmer tomorrow. i'll show you have the high temperatures and with the rain are get here. >> vanessa: new bedford police officers were covering -- recovering at home after being return over by a dirt biker he was trying to arrest. in all, nine bikers were taken into cuss dim. dim -- custody. today, some of them were arraigned if court. stephanie coueignoux spoke to a witness who said he had a feeling even before this happened. >> the reporter: the man i spoke with said he saw a group of dirt bikers at washington square park yesterday and he also talked about this tire track that you can see going through the grass. he says one of the bikers did that before speeding offer. >> i had a bad feel. i really had a bad feel. >> the reporter: daniel richard says he felt something wasn't right after he saw a group of riders on a.t.v.'s and dirt bikes outside his home last night. >> they stopped all traffic on dartmouth street, and they just
5:35 pm
so the rest of the city didn't matter. >> the reporter: new bedford police say about 30 to 40 bikers were driving recklessly through the city as children were trick-or-treating. police say the rider stopped at the intersection of route 18 and elm street before some of them ran a red light. one resident told me, dirt bikers have been a menace for months. >> they speeded a zillion times. >> the reporter: police stopped the one of the riders, carlos gonzalez, ran one of the sergeants over with his dirt bike, seriously injuring him. and now charged with a number of counts, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. eight other men were also arrested. >> so i'm glad the officers finally arrested a bunch of them and i hope they're heavy on the penalties. >> the reporter: sergeant trinidad is back home after being released from the hospital this morning. in new bedford, stephanie
5:36 pm
middleton. part of the first floor of the house on forest street collapsed, no one was hurt and we are still working to learn the calls. >> vanessa: a dorchester elementary school student faces charges after officials found an unloaded gun in his locker. police arrested the students yesterday morning at william monroe trottier school. in a phone message sent out to parents, administrators said that the boy will be disciplined through the school. bpd has charged the child with unlawful possession of a gun on school property. >> mark: two 19-year-old hyannis. two men and a juvenile went into a store on charles street on saturday and demanded cash. martin is accused of pointing a gun at an employee and even firing off a round. no one was hurt. all three were arraigned yesterday. arlington police are looking to track down a man who held up a bank on mass avenue. take a look at this surveillance picture right here. police say this man walked in to the td bank yesterday and demanded money. no weapon was shown. he took off toward bailey road with some cash and no one was
5:37 pm
lawrence is apparently ready to run for office again, according to the "eagle-tribune," william lynntigua is sending texts and phone calls to his fellow councilors about running formerly. his administration was caught up in a number of scandals, allegations, and some staffers were even charged with bribery and larceny. >> mark: an innocent bystander shot and killed in the >> vanessa: fox 25's exclusively sits down with the victim's family. the tragedy they survived in haiti only to deal with another one in dorchester. >> mark: and hospitals are failing to report patient deaths and injuries from medical devices. coming up at 5:55 p.m., the three local hospitals included
5:38 pm
kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything.
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>> vanessa: iraqi forces and isis militants are battling it out on streets of mosul. pro-government forces entered city limits early this morning. mosul is last major isis strong hold in the country. iraqi troops are still miles away from the city center and the battle to fully liberate plenty of excitement sulphuric is expected to take weeks, if not months -- liberate mosul is
5:41 pm
months. harsh words in the hot car murder trial in georgia. taylor wrapped up her second day on the witness stand. she says her husband, ross harris destroyed her life and couldn't care less if she ever sees him again. harris is accused of leaving their 22-month-old son to die if a hot s.u.v. two years ago. ago. >> mark: an update on the massive pipeline explosion in alabama. we first told you about last night. we've learned at least one person is dead and five colonial pipeline says a crew was working along a gas line in shelby county when a piece of machinery hit the line. people within a three mile radius were evacuated and there is the same area of the pipeline that burst in september, leading to gasoline shortages across the stout. more details, days before last night's explosion, the agency in charge of pipeline safety missed repeated deadlines to put tougher standards in place. since 2005, the pipeline and
5:42 pm
deadlines for issuing new regulations. president obama signed a new bipartisan bill into law this summer, giving federal regulators more money and more power to oversee pipelines. >> vanessa: a mom and her two daughters are dead, after a hayride crash in mississippi. police say a pickup truck rear-ended a trailer with several people on board last night. this happened on the small highway -- or on a highway in the small town near jackson, mississippi. several others were hurt, including at least four children. so far, no filed. >> kevin: temperature 50 in boston, but sliding in to 40's in many of the suburbs. another cool night ahead. we are warming up tomorrow, show you that warmth and the rain that's going to come right after it. >> vanessa: since massachusetts granted its first charter, one
5:43 pm
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>> vanessa: a breaking development in a home invasion in sterling. in just the last 15 minutes, police have located the victim's car that was stolen during the crime. the three suspects are still on run tonight. police say they tied up a woman and threatened her at knife point. >> mark: fox 25's john monahan tweeted this picture of the recovered cadillac. it was found several miles from the crime scene. it is now at the police department. and we have a team of reporters uncovering new information and we'll have a live report in 15 minutes. >> vanessa: now fox 25 investigates taking a closer look at charter schools. advocates say they're helping some of our state's most vulnerable students. whether to expand the number of charter schools in mrs. is a hot button issue this election. >> mark: investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh found some char charter schools don't help anyone when they suddenly shut down or never get off the ground. >> the reporter: since 1994, massachusetts has granted charters to 108 schools. of those, 28 of them closed, or
5:46 pm
that's 25%. from lynn, to dorchester, to brockton, to gloucester, we found charter schools have come and gone from these communities, for a variety of reasons. for example, under financial strain, and poor academic performance, the gloucester community arts charter school closed during winter break 2012. gina's child was a student there when it suddenly closed. >> we were on christmas break and the date started getting closer and closer and never reopened after christmas. >> the reporter: fox 25 investigates dignified deep in to how many charters opened their doors since opening in massachusetts or never got off the ground and why some parents say, it's still the bells option for their family. >> plus, as you head to polls, we'll examine how the number of closings here in the commonwealth compares to the rest of the country tonight on fox 25 news at game six of the world series. for fox 25 investigates, i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> mark: more trouble for wells fargo. the banking giant has agreed to pay more than $50 million in a new settlement over appraisal
5:47 pm
those fees typically cost about $30, but wells fargo reportedly charged three times that amount, and labeled those fees as other charges. spokesperson for the bank says the company did nothing wrong and says they are settling to avoid a long legal dispute. open enrollment for obama kerrigan today, but not without some concerns. customers face sharp increases in premiums and many plan to change insurers or doctors. experts say the challenge is facing obama care are a result of under enrollment by young, the program found many young are people opted to pay a penalty fee for being uninsured rather than enroll in health care. >> vanessa: new at 5:30 p.m., air pollution kills 600,000 children under the age of five every year, according to an international children's rights group. tonight, unicef is calling on world leaders to do something about it. the agency released the report ahead of next week's view and climate change conference if morocco. it seems kids are choosing
5:48 pm
strong connection between media device use at bedtime, and poor sleep, and found light from the devices delays the release of melatonin. that's the hormone that contributes to tiredness. put the phone down before you go to bed. >> mark: i believe that. i do a crossword puzzle every night. i admit it. it's a little tougher to get to sleep at that point. >> kevin: have to talk to the wife, because what we do with our son, we take phone out, keep it in our room all night long. you have to do that too, bathroom. charge is in the bathroom or the kitchen down stairs. one of the two. >> kevin: vance had a -- vance had a problem, she fixed it. let's talk about what the temperatures have been like today. it was a cold start, frosty out there, 20's and 30's. 29 in plymouth this morning on the coast to our south. dinnertime temperatures, quite a bit warmer than that, 50 in boston and 50 in worcester, but beverly and worcester, sensors
5:49 pm
49 maldin, 49 watertown this afternoon. getting into evening now as the sun goes down, the temperatures will drop a little more, but they're going to balance out. hollis forks 8 in new hampshire. pelham, too. tux burery, 49 and a carlisle, a chilly 49. 49 in orleans earlier. let's check with the sensor, down to 48. harwich is joining them at 49. yarmouth port, 49. surprisingly chilly on cape cod. satellite-radar shows us clear right now. clear skies dry. those things will change tonight. the air is going to start to get wetter, more humidity rolling on in here as the winds shift around to the south, also some clouds, as the clouds roll in, and the increase in humidity, it's going to stop your temperature from dropping very quickly and actually start to push it back up a bit during the morning. the same contrary in cleveland is trying to make a run atoms. this evening at 8:00 p.m. if cleveland, 68 degrees, november 1. it's in the upper 70's right now, dewpoints near 60 degrees. so that's the kind of humidity we're talking about, getting
5:50 pm
anyway as this air comes our way. hour-by-hour on cape cod, you'll see what i mean, dropping there to the 40's, already has done that in some spots. this takes you to hyannis specifically, into mid 40's, by by the morning with the shift to the south with the winds, start to push that temperature back up a couple of degrees, even before the sun comes up. in fact, when the sun comes up, there will be a lot of clouds out there. these are the clouds drifting in here tonight ahead of the milder air moving on in. those will push by us tomorrow, we'll get into sunshine. it's when the sun takes full force middle of the day and afternoon that we really warm up. 60's tomorrow, easily 10 degrees warmer than what you saw today in most towns. we cleared out tomorrow night, but more clouds on the way during thursday morning, you see these back here. i noticed a couple of showers on the futurecast data popping up in western new england, ahead of the system coming our way, which just now is developing way out in the rocky mountains, so it has some time to get here. that's why we're not seeing rain tomorrow. this is for thursday. the showers start to develop out ahead of the main system and here comes the main event, during thursday, late afternoon
5:51 pm
expected this to be mainly a thursday evening drive problem for us and that's panning out in the futurecast data. showers at 5:00 p.m. in worcester and boston and across the area. high temperatures will be well into the 60's, bridgewater, 67, taunton, 68. north and west of boston, metro west, 68 in framingham. gardner in the low 60's. showers coming through boston by 8:00 p.m. and pushing on out of here. cooler air, can you tell by the snow falling in the mountains, will be movi look at the rain total in october. finished 1.52 inches above normal, but we are still in a drought and we can still use some more and we'll get some on thursday, just won't be an awful lot. we'll talk about the rain amounts coming our way, but notice the cool air that comes in behind the rain, we're falling back an extra hour this weekend. >> vanessa: no complaints about that. singer adele is talking openly about her battle with post par temperature depression. adele give birth to her son in
5:52 pm
in the early stages of motherhood, she felt inadequate and frightened. she's recovered from the post par temperature depression but finding a work-life balance is still a big challenge. boston band new kids are making a guest appearance in season two to the delight of kimy gibler. the series debuts in december. >> mark: here's a look at what we're working on for fox 25 at 6:00 p.m. out what happened in the fiery crash in middleboro on route 44 near the carver town line. live in sterling where there was a frightening home invasion earlier today. a 70-year-old woman tied up, robbed by three men in masks, why police do not believe this was random. plus -- >> the reporter: an in sent bystander gunned down in broad daylight. >> i'm not feeling good. i'm not feeling good, because my mother is -- [indiscernible] i'm very sad. >> the reporter: tonight, we
5:53 pm
boston, when they left haiti three months ago.
5:54 pm
with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain?
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stronger or longer what pain? advil. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
5:56 pm
>> mark: new at 5:30 p.m., the f.d.a. is taking new steps to get better information from hospitals about deaths and injuries linked to medical devices, like implants, stents and ekg's. >> vanessa: the f.d.a. cited three hospitals in the area for reporting problems with mass general failed to properly report a case of one device potentially contributing to the death of a patient. a spokesman for the hospital told fox 25 the f.d.a.'s findings were valuable and all medical reporting issues have since been addresseddism. the vast majority of medical devices we use are search and effective, but whether there are problems with medical device, the results can really be tragic. >> vanessa: next month the f.d.a. will hold a public workshop to brainstorm about how to improve communication with
5:57 pm
extremely rare. >> mark: more children are being poisoned by powerful prescription painkillers. jacqueline feld is in washington with a growing number of kidso s overdosing and ending up in the hospital. >> the reporter: opioids prescriptions have soared in the past two decades. along with it, the number of teens and children hospitalized for drug poisoning. a study from the yale school of medicine examined more than 13,000 hospital records from 1997 poisonings. 2012 is the last year available. the rate of toddlers hospitalized, more than doubled. the study says it's likely that these very young patients take the drugs, because they think they are candy or a treat. in older kids and teens, there were marked increases in poisonings linked to attempted suicide. they climbed 140% among 15 to 19-year-olds. prescription poisonings were up
5:58 pm
the incidents involving cases of overdose in oxycodone and percocet were dramatic. the study's numbers suggest too many people don't realize the risk these drugs present. the study suggests that parents limit access to these drugs, and throw out any extra pills. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: it turns out, good cholesterol may not be all that good for you after all raising your hdl level has long been thought to protect against heart attack and stroke, but study found having extremely high levels of good cholesterol actually increases heart attack risk. they stay this could explain why companies have struggled to create a drug that helps patients by increasing the good cholesterol. >> mark: now at 6:00 p.m., a terrifying attack rallying a small town. a woman tied up and robbed by three men in masks who held a knife to her throat. >> the clues that lead police to believe that this attack on a 70-year-old woman in her own home was not random.
5:59 pm
haiti, only to lose their mother, gunned down randomly in boston. tonight, only fox 25 talks to her children about their unimaginable heartbreak. >> mark: plus, fighting for his freedom. the former speak of the house says he's too sick to stay behind bars. >> the reporter: how sal demassey's attorneys are fighting concerns about preferential treatment for that powerful man. >> the reporter: a local man goes into la baby. >> the reporter: the quick action that helped a dad bring his son safely into the world. >> mark: first at 6:00 p.m., a fiery crash on route 44 on the middleboro line near carver. several cars were involved and is tying up traffic in that area. good evening everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. rescue crews have been on the
6:00 pm
who is live on the scene. >> the reporter: job well done by police, fire and tow crews at this scene, they have 44 west back open again, the cleanup continues down there and it is certainly slow going. let's go ahead and take a life look at sky fox. emergency crews and flat beds, things certainly look a rot better than they did compared to just about an hour ago. let's go to some video, at least three cars and what appears to be some kind of boom truck that flashing highway signs involved in this one, the white truck ended up on its side, person dick regard to the road, and what looked like piles of paperwork spilled out all over the place. behind that in the road, there was a car that had caught fire and part of the roof had been torn off. a viewer sent us cellphone videos of the car as it was burning and we could see the smoke from the chopper for miles away. all signs appear to indicate that the driver of the torched car about make it out. the last word we got is only one


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