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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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who is live on the scene. >> the reporter: job well done by police, fire and tow crews at this scene, they have 44 west back open again, the cleanup continues down there and it is certainly slow going. let's go ahead and take a life look at sky fox. emergency crews and flat beds, things certainly look a rot better than they did compared to just about an hour ago. let's go to some video, at least three cars and what appears to be some kind of boom truck that flashing highway signs involved in this one, the white truck ended up on its side, person dick regard to the road, and what looked like piles of paperwork spilled out all over the place. behind that in the road, there was a car that had caught fire and part of the roof had been torn off. a viewer sent us cellphone videos of the car as it was burning and we could see the smoke from the chopper for miles away. all signs appear to indicate that the driver of the torched car about make it out. the last word we got is only one
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we have several miles of visibility up here, and we can see 44 westbound is backed up as far as we can see from up here, and eastbound is also slow going. you're backed from essentially middleboro to new bedford, so expect, it's possible, delays reaching into about a half an hour to an hour if you're waiting for anybody on route 44, you can see it is certainly slow going especially in those westbound lanes. that's the latest reporting from sky fox. ted back down to you. >> vanessa: also breaking tonight, another rollover crash, just a few miles from the scene if middleboro. this is route 44 ace, right on the -- east, right on the middleboro-carver line and earlier, you could see that vehicle in middle of the street on its roof right now in the left travel lane, the road was closed for a short time. we have no word on any injuries related to the crash. >> mark: more breaking news involving a frightening home
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woman's home, held her at knife point, and robbed her. >> vanessa: police are searching for the three men, but within the past hour, we learned they have found the stolen car they were looking for. fox 25's bob ward live for us in sterling where the crime has shaken up a lot of people in this small town. bob. >> the reporter: it sure has, vanessa, and the recovery of that car is potentially a major break in it case. it was found about six miles away from where i am right now, at the scene of the crime. and right parked behind the sterling police headquarters, it does look like it was dusted for prints. right now, i want to show you as best i can, as the sun goes down, that is the house that is the scene of the crime. police left here about 15 or 20 minutes ago, they've been here all day long. now, they spoke to the victim, they spoke to her relatives, and this afternoon, the police chief here in town told us he does not believe that this home invasion
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sky fox over 13 stephanie ann lane sterling, investigating a troubling report of a home invasion. some time before 10:00 a.m., a 70-year-old woman called 911, telling police, three masked men held a knife to her throat in her bedroom and tied her up with duct tape, asking her the location of the house's safe. then they ransacked the house, stealing $1,000 cash and the woman's cadillac. sterling's police chief thinks the house was targeted. >> we dot was just picked off the side of the street. we know you've been there, it's a dead end street, a cul-de-sac in the center of town. >> the reporter: of the home invasion leaves mangy in sterling unnerved, coming so soon after a high profile, unsolved murder, just a town away. >> let's thinking back about a good month ago, there was a murder in princeton too. you think it's not going to happen here. it hits way too close to home. >> the reporter: hitting way too close to home. this crime clearly unnerving
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breaking news, car that police were looking for, the car that was stolen from the victim who was tied up in this house, has been recovered. police have that car, now they are searching for those three masked men, but the police chief does not believe that this was ra random act of violence. they're looking into the possibility that those masked men were familiar with the people who live in this house. reporting now live from sterling, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: all right, bob. a local family fox 25, just a few days after their beloved mom and wife was gunned down in broad daylight. just a horrific situation. this family had moved to the u.s. from haiti, just a few months ago in hopes of starting a new life. >> vanessa: they survived the deadly earthquake, only to lose their loved one to gun violence here. tonight her children and husband spoke with our kerry kavanaugh. this is just heartbreaking. >> the reporter: this family, vanessa and ock, only arrived here together in the united
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to this community center, for an english as a second language class. tonight, we did speak with her husband, and her children about their loss, and the financial struggles they're now facing. andre broke down if tears, with i asked him to describe his wife, andre came to u.s. from haiti for work. three months ago, he was finally able to move his family to boston to be with him a family reunited until gun violence forever tore them apart. his wife was walking on washington street in dorchester saturday afternoon when gunshots rang out and she was shot and kim. the gunman was aiming at a teenager. his wife was an if sent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. andre told me through a translator that he tried calling his wife for several hours saturday afternoon. his pastor called police to file a report, and that's when they
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>> i'm not feeling good, because my mother is dead. i'm very sad. >> the reporter: melissa, 13, and her 12-year-old brother are still in shock. >> not good. because my mother is dead. >> the reporter: they survived haiti's devastating earthquake in 2010, they came to the united states for a better life, more opportunities when his wife was shot saturday, she was heading nicole albert runs the gilbert albert community center where his wife had recently enrolled to learn english. >> now what we need to know is, how to help this man and these two kids, and then who did it. police are still searching for the shooter and asking the community to step up with information. as a husband and children grapple with unimaginable grief. >> i loved my mother. the family lives if a small
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resources. right now, they're not even sure how they're going to pay for the funeral. live in dorchester, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: former speaker of the house sal demassey says his health is so bad, he should be released early from prison and the federal government agrees, but a judge isn't buying the argument just yet. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in boston where both sides fought over demassey's freedom. freedom. >> the reporter: this motion for compassionate release is so rare in this state, the judge told attorneys for both sides has very grave concerns. he says he's worried that if he let's demassey go free because of a severe condition in his throat, that he could be duped and instead, wake up to photos of dive macy eating pasta with friends in the north end. >> his family wants nothing more than to have sal back with them. >> the reporter: a plea for compassion, for the former speaker of the house sal demeals. in new court filings, lawyers for demassey agree the 71-year-old has serious health concerns and should be released from prison.
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court that he's quite sick. >> the reporter: after fighting throat and pancreatic cancer, demassey developed an issue with his esophagus, that leaves him limited to a liquid diet in prisons and at constant risk for choking and pneumonia. he has lost nearly 50 pounds since being sentenced to prison. the judge expressed concern that allowing demassey's preferential treatment. something demassey's attorneys were quick to deny. >> i think there are people who say that it cut the other way, that they're going to take a harder look at sal's case, because of his political status. >> the reporter: after court, demassey's wife debbie told reporters, her husband isn't doing well, but declined to discuss the case. >> i don't have any comment, i really don't. >> the reporter: possibly fearful of another outcome for
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from prison, where he would serve the rest of his time restricted to his home. and the judge did say in court that perhaps the best alternative would be a modified release like that. each side now has until the end of tomorrow to submit their stipulation, that demassey would agree to in order to be released from prison to serve the rest of his sentence at home. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: opening statements in the death penalty try for gary lee samps morning. sampson admitted that he killed three people in an interstate crime spree. sampson's lawyers are trying to spare his life. statements begin at 9:00 a.m. in boston federal court and we'll have a crew there. >> vanessa: the governor of massachusetts and the archbishop of boston are weighing in on the heated debate over legal marijuana. this afternoon, governor charlie baker and carl sean o'malley led a large group of political and religious leaders, urging voters
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purchase marijuana for recreational use at state sanctioned stores. the legalization we're facing is not about decriminalization, it's about of the commercialization, bringing billions of dollars worth of dangerous drugs into the commonwealth. >> vanessa: the governor says passing the ballot question will create a long list of problems for the commonwealth. >> mark: there are four cars in the mass pike today, but still, no major signs of traffic trouble. massdot 6% more vehicles on the road for this morning's commute than yesterday, but that's still fewer than a normal morning. there were no major babkeups at the work zones near the 23 former toll plazas on the highway. at weston, crews have torn down the center lane toll booths and repaved the lanes. a lot of work remains to be done at toll plazas in central massachusetts. >> the reporter: just. >> just because you see significant progress at one location, we don't want people to think that's the same type of
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reminded to slow down to 15 miles per hour in work zones and pay attention to the new traffic patterns. >> vanessa: let turn to the weather. a clear and cool night in the city of boston, but we're about to turn up the heat a bit. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz talking about unseasonably warm temperatures coming our way tomorrow. >> kevin: unlike this morning, vanessa, you don't need to turn up the heat in your home to survive this. we're actually going to get warm outside. tonight, it is getting cooler, temperatures dropping interest to the 40's, at least out there in the suburbs. some of the cooler spots on the northeastern, massachusetts, 42 at newton, new hampshire, massachusetts, new hampshire, it's 42 degrees out that way, and then over into worcester county, we're seeing 40's as well. fitchburg and lempster have dropped into the tournaments. carlisle, 43. cape cod, you also are in the 40's, but tomorrow, we are going the other way, very mild, well above average, just before our next rain arrives a timeline on that just ahead. >> mark: a dog attacks a 2-year-old girl and her
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bite, bite. >> mark: what it took to get that dog to stop biting, and the search to find it before it can hurt anyone else. >> vanessa: it's only november, but christmas is already ruined for hundreds of veterans families. how you can help replace the items destroyed by fire at a charity on the cape. >> mark: but first, a local mom, goes into labor in 26 weeks. and her husband jumped right into action. >> i grabbed my phone, there's no time for emergency, nothing, i grabbed my dialing, she is screaming. >> mark: really dangerous for premature babies born that early outside a hospital, but kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her.
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vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> mark: rehoboth police are looking for a masked man who walked this to the exxon on winthrop street late last night and threatened to they took money from register and cigarettes before running off. if you have any information on robbery, contact rehoboth police. what a little boy found in his halloween candy is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of police and parents if walpole. this apple flavored nip bottle was found in the boy's bag of candy. it was given to the boy while he
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>> you when look at it, it's a nip bottle of vodka, but it has, you know, the symbol of an apple on the front of it. it also resembles something that would be like a fruit drink or willing like that. >> mark: walpole police posted a warning on line and made a reverse 911 call urging other parents to check their children's candy. >> vanessa: oh, boy. one little guy just couldn't wait to make his big entrance into the world, but he gave his parents quite the scare. take a look. jonah decided he was ready to come out at just 26 weeks. elizabeth hopkins caught up wit dispatcher for saving the little boy's rife. >> the reporter: that marlboro dad is saying thank you to police and fire after his wife went into labor and he delivered his own son. born unexpectedly almost three months early, it was a miracle that the baby survived. >> my wife is a warrior. you saw the baby. >> junior desilva was not expecting to meet his son saturday night. it was too early. his wife was just over six
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hours of the morning, it caught everyone offguard. >> no time for emergency. >> the reporter: junior called 911. he knows just about everyone at the marlboro police department. he teaches martial arts to law enforcement. when dispatcher pick up, he instantly recognized his friend's voice. >> i said you to save my son. >> the reporter: junior says his son arrived so quickly, he caught the baby with bare hands, but the preemie was blue and seemed lifeless. we used a piece of our gear to 2-pound 12-ounce baby was. >> that's his body and that's his head, so i grab him, and i didn't know what to do, i completely froze and he said just do what i said. turn him on the side and rub his back, so i kind of put him in way, nice and easy. when i did that, he moved his head so fast, i couldn't believe it. >> the reporter: it was a victory. >> oh my god. i felt like i won the lottery. >> the reporter: little jonah was rushed to the hospital for special care.
6:18 pm
treasured family heirloom. >> on the bottom say, delivery by dad. that made me feel so good. >> the reporter: but junior knows he couldn't have done it without help. >> i lifted my head, i thank god for everything and then i thank the whole crew for everything. >> the reporter: mom is now out of the hospital, jonah are remain through the holidays. >> if everything works out, my january, i'll be taking my son to the fire department and to the police department to shake everyone's hands, say thank you for. >> the reporter: so here's the good news. yesterday. junior says his wife is completely in love and get this, already wants another child. >> mark: whoa, slow down. >> vanessa: what a story. >> mark: junior saved the dave there. that was fantastic. >> vanessa: and the dad is so animated. delivered by dad. >> mark: passion there, boy. incredible. >> kevin: mark was just asking me about the baseball games. >> mark: tonight and tomorrow. >> well tonight is not a problem. i was looking at the data for
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>> mark: excellent. >> kevin: i say let's play too. as ernie banks would say. >> mark: extra game seven would be awesome. >> kevin: slow down. 68 for first pitch in cleveland. going to be a great one, game six of the world series, 49 boston, right now, 47 bedford, temperatures are falling through the 40's, i said the suburbs earlier, it was that way, but now in the city too, boston and worcester, lawrence is 49, lowell area in the upper 40's and that's the evening, going down through the mid and even low 40's before they start to jog back up. back up at night, they will. that's because these clear skies will get replaced by these clouds that are moving toward us. these clouds don't have any rain for our area. the rain goes to the north you see it in the adirondacks and the northern green mountains and white mountains of vermont and new hampshire and quebec, canada, where it's been snowing in areas. chestnut hill for instance this evening, temperature drops a few degrees, but steadies out
6:20 pm
start to trend back up before sunday vice, with -- sunrise with a southerly wind. you have the clouds and southerly wind and that combination will give you milder temperatures at night, or rising temperatures anyway. that will be the case. sure, it's going to be cool out there, no doubt, but not the freezing cold you had out interest this morning. in fact, we get sun middle of the day tomorrow, that's when we warm up. vanessa mentioned earlier how the heat is going to be on, no doubt in the 60's tomorrow. 65 on average. some will be even warmer than that. that's all ahead of the next front. showers, 8:30 a.m. in western new england. it's an increase in humidity, so it's a possibility, but the main event, the front, is still way back here. that system is going to drag that front on through here during the evening drive on thursday. worcester to 495 at 5:30 p.m., to the boston area, just after that. we'll go farther up in time if just a moment, but stop there and talk about the high temperatures through that late afternoon, as the showers arrive. it's going to be well it to the 60's tomorrow. 67 bridgewater. 65 in hull and off to the north, 68 in framingham. no threat of rain tomorrow.
6:21 pm
place ahead of this front, on thursday as well. but them the showers come through during the evening, through boston, through the south shore, and then out of here. behind though, notice the air is. coming from the northwest, the winds are blowing from the northwest, cooler air, shown by snow falling in mountains and that's what's going to settle in here for friday around the weekend. see that in the seven-day forecast. we get the rain to come through thursday evening, 65 ahead of it, the rain comes through, then we are sunny, but cool on friday. this weekend too, only 30 on saturday morning. 33 sunday morning. remember, we get an extra hour of sleep. at least we have that to look forward to. as far as rain totals, we're not talking about drought busting rain. the front can have ra few heavier showers along it, but generally about a quarter of an inch on rain in average across the area. some places a little less and some places more than that and your weekend always it view, shows not only do we have ra rainshower threat on sunday, but dipping on when that gets here with the cooler temperatures in place, could have to talk about picking in some of the hill
6:22 pm
we get closer to it. >> mark: just yesterday a fire truck and several cars were involved in a bad crash if boston's back bay. at 6:45 p.m., we get a behind-the-scenes look at a special training exercise that prepares responders like this, where people are trapped and in trouble.
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>> mark: with just one week to go before the election, the race for president is looking like it could come down to the wire. the latest abc news-"washington post" tracking poll shows donald trump leading for the first time since may. however, it's only about one point. it appears the latest investigation into hillary clinton's emails hurting her campaign. just last week, she led the same poll by six points. the governor much massachusetts is making a candid confession about his presidential pick. >> vanessa: it is a choice that may anger many people in his own party. fox control room with the governor's controversial decision. >> the reporter: for the first time in his life, massachusetts governor charlie baker plans to leave his presidential ballot blank when he casts his vote. today at an event if springfield, baker confirmed he will not support donald trump or hillary clinton. the republican has not endorsed trump or campaigned for his party's nominee. instead, the governor has been working to pass ballot question two, which would expand the number of charter schools if this state. he has also been active in the fight against ballot question
6:26 pm
recreational use of marijuana and today, the governor said he voted for a president in every election since 1980, when he voted for ronald reagan, but it year, he has been discouraged by both nominees. >> i said a long time ago, months and months ago, that i didn't think donald trump had the temperament to be president and i thought hillary clinton had believability issues. there's nothing happened between now and then to change my mind. >> the reporter: yesterday, another republican governor, john kasich of ohio, confirmed he wrote in the name bloat. kasich sought the republican nomination it year and pledged to not vote for donald trump. reporting live, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., harvard's team of lawyers will conduct an immediate revie of sexually explicit report shared amongst the 2012 men's soccer team according to a statement from university's president today which was obtained by the harvard crimson. we reported the document rated the fresh pen on the women's soccer team that year, based on
6:27 pm
question five, appearing on many ballots next tuesday. >> vanessa: why some states will help create affordable housing, but others say it comes at a great cost to taxpayers. plus -- >> >> the reporter: -- will be impacted by what happened here in this fire. michaela: but first, the search is on to find a dog that attacked a 2-year-old little girl and her grandmother at every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system... so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. ??
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>> vanessa: first at 6:30 p.m., we're following a fiery car crash, affecting rush hour traffic in middleboro. rescue crews have been on its scene on route 44 near carver for several hours. several cars were involved in this crash, and within the last hour, 44 east did reopen to traffic. the westbound breakdown lane is still closed making it a very slow evening commute in this of injuries. >> mark: they found the stolen car, but police are still looking for three men responsible for a frightening home invasion in sterling. we've been following this breaking news all afternoon for you. in the last 15 minutes, we learned someone called in a tip that led police to victim's stolen car if a baseball field seven miles away. he asked the -- the masked men, i should say, broke into the 70-year-old woman's home, tiled her up, held a knife to her
6:31 pm
act. we have a crew in sterling. >> vanessa: a vicious dog attack at a popular park. the dog latched on to a grandmother and 2-year-old granddaughter and wouldn't let go. the two were playing at the playground when that dog came out of nowhere. >> mark: fox 25's malini basu is live in lowell where she just talked to the grandmother. >> the reporter: doctors told the grandmother, she is lucky to be alive, that grandmother was protecting her 2-year-old granddaughter, when that dog attack happened. that dog's owner. take a look at this. the grandmother showed us, she has 24 stitches on her head. she still tells us, she is in so much pain. it happened at the playground near the bartlett middle school on october 21. bin and her 2-year-old granddaughter were playing at the park when the pit bull came out of nowhere and attacked them. luckily, a good samaritan saw what happened and helped them. that man grabbed the baseball bat and beat the dog.
6:32 pm
in his car. they were taken to a nearby hospital. now bin tells us and shows us what happened next. >> my granddaughter, and the dog, bite. bite her face, and then her ear. i give the grandmother a the -- alot of credit, because she surrounded the child to protect her from the dog and dog attacked the grandmother. >> the reporter: tonight, police describe the dog as a pit bull or pit bull mix. if you have any information, police are asking for the public's help before that dog april tax again. for now, we are live if low yes, ma'am. malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police have cited a driver who hit a 4-year-old boy, who was out trick-or-treating, it happened on marshal avenue in lowell last night when the street was packed with trick-or-treaters. police say the suspect, 27-year-old arroyo hit the boy andreoff away. police were able to track her
6:33 pm
the scene of an accident. the boy had a bad cut on his head and ended up at tufts in boston for treatment. drivers if brockton are trying to figure out how an old car ended up at the bottom of waldo lake. dw park, a car was being pulled from the water. a fisherman noticed the car when water levels were really low but wasn't visible again until today. here you see it's covered in muck and had obviously been there for quite a divers were looking to see if there were any victims in the car. >> thousands of gifts meant for hundreds of military families this christmas go up in flames when a building catches fire on joint base cape cod. now as fox 25's robert goulston reports, this charity is race to go reappraisal of the gifts before the holiday season. >> this is tough. >> the reporter: the flames seen here consume the building. >> i was devastated. >> the reporter: don cox got the call over the weekend.
6:34 pm
was going to impact christmas for a lot of children. >> it was like the biggest punch in the gut you could ever take. >> the reporter: most of the destroyed building was used by the cape cod military support foundation, they collect donated toys an other gifts who help military families on joint base cape cod, focus on enjoying the holiday especially since many are serving as enlisted officers. >> when it comes christmastime, the heating bills are going up, the gas bills are going up and kids are looking for everything under the sun for enough gifts for about 800 children. they also help children find presents for their parents. the fire destroyed about 1200 toys, 5,000 stocking stuffers and 200 backpacks filled with supplies. >> we got wiped out completely on friday night. >> the reporter: right now, the christmas party is scheduled for december 11th and the good spirit of strange strangers is already helping don replace what was lost. >> 41 days from today, we have a party for 800 kids.
6:35 pm
have been a factor, but they have not been able to pinpoint an exact cause. we have all the information on our web site, in borne, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: firefighters had their hands full with a house fire in middleton. part of the first floor of the home collapsed and we are still working to learn a cause. >> vanessa: turning to the weather, another clear and cool night here in boston. looks pretty out there, but kevin says we're going to >> kevin: we're going to get above average tomorrow, we were not there today and this evening. it's down in the 50's in the bigger reporting stations. 53 if bedford. 51 in boston. now the current temperatures you'll see have fall henniker woman to the 40's. like in bedford, even boston at 49 now. 49 in plymouth and chatham at 47 degrees this afternoon as well. clear skies for now, you about look to the west, there are some crowds here and those are pushing our way, so we'll see clouds roll in tonight. the clouds in conjunction with a wind shrift to the south brings
6:36 pm
mild are air will start to blow in here. before sunrise, you actually see the temperatures go back up. we'll talk about how warm it will be tomorrow. it's the pick of the week. when rain will arrive to mess things up later on it week. >> mark: two men are in jail and another is still on run tonight after a wild police chase in springfield. police tried to pull a car over early this morning, but it took off, hitting one officer and running over another. the officers suffered minor injuries, they cased the car, which crashed, half an hour later, the suspects were wanted for in connecticut late last night. >> vanessa: dragged on duty, a new bedford police officer is now recovering at home, after being run over by a dirt biker he was trying to arrest. nine bikers in all were taken into custody and faced a judge today. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke with a witness who says, he had a very bad feeling about this, even before the crash happened. >> the reporter: the man that i spoke with, says he saw a group of dirt bikers here at washington square park yesterday, and he also talked
6:37 pm
he says, one of the bikers did that before speeding off. >> i had a bad feeling. i really had a bad feeling. >> the reporter: daniel richards says he felt something wasn't right after he saw a group of riders on a.t.v.'s and dirt bikes outside his home. >> they blocked traffic. they stopped all traffic on dartmouth street and they just proceeded however they felt like they were going to, so the rest of the city didn't patter. >> the reporter: new bedford police 30 to 40 bikers city as concern were trick-or-treating. police say, the rider stopped at the intersection of route 18 and elm street, before some of them ran a red light. one resident told me, dirt bikers have been a menace for months. police eventually stopped the riders at the flagship cinema on kings highway, but that's when police say one of the riders, 24-year-old carlos gonzalez, ran sergeant trinidad over with his
6:38 pm
of counts, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. eight other men were also arrested. >> so i'm glad the officers nabbed a bunch of them and they're heavy on the penalties. >> the reporter: sergeant trinidad is back home recovering after being released from the hospital this morning. >> mark: portable housing will be on the ballot in more than a dozen communities next tuesday. question five asks voters to approve the passage of the community preservation act. so what does that mean? supporters say $20 million for affordable housing and it would preserve historic buildings. but as fox 25's crystal haynes found out, opponents say it will come at a great cost, that's just not worth it. >> the reporter: after losing her dad, i knew buying a home was absolutely something that i needed to do. >> the reporter: seven years ago, young single mom and recent graduate, sandy brown, knew buying a home wouldn't be easy, but she made it happen, using a first time home buyers program.
6:39 pm
boston, is frustrating. boston's cost of living is about 40% above the u.s. average, and incomes remain stagnant. >> there are young professional seniors, moms, young families, who work very hard in the city every day and just want a piece of the american dream. >> brown says that's why she's voting yes on question five, or the passage of the community preservation act. communities across massachusetts have it on the ballot. it would take the from a 1% to 3% property tax increase, and redirect it toward affordable housing, and the tax revenue will be used to preserve greenspace and historic buildings like it one. the fire house built in 1859. >> property owners, you know, don't want tax increases, and tier just an additional upward pressure on rents, kind of at cross purposes. >> the reporter: the small
6:40 pm
spokesperson says they don't need new taxes. and the money the cpa would generate would never be enough to address the affordable housing crisis properly. >> the future of boston is looking really good, but there are also residents who are struggling. who are struggling to pay rent, who your struggling to buy a home, and it should be fair for everyone across-the-board. >> the reporter: i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: while the average homeowner might see a $20 of the money raised will come from commercial property owners, who will see an increase of roughly $100 to $200 a year. >> kevin: temperatures have dropped there to the 40's, but with these clouds about to roll on in, that drop will stop and we are warming up tomorrow. the heat is on. i'll show you how hot we get if afternoon. >> vanessa: but first, it was a frightening scene if boston's back bay. a fire truck turned into mangled
6:41 pm
kate: my mom and i love shooting hoop what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate.
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erit takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
6:44 pm
>> mark: a president promising report is shedding new light on the cause of a boston fire truck crash in back bay. the driver of the jeep involved told police, he heard sirens and thought emergency vehicles were coming up behind him, so he pulled in to the intersection to let them through, and instead, he drove right in to the truck's path, at the corner of commonwealth avenue and dartmouth street. that driver has been cited for failing to stop for an emergency vehicle. all of the firefighters hurt in and it's situations like yesterday's crash where rescues and rescuers have to use special skills to save the people trapped inside. >> vanessa: today, rescuers gave fox 25's blair miller an exclusive look at the unique training that's used and this training can be the difference between life or death. >> the reporter: in a kind of grave yard for old trucks, the rush to save someone comes to life. >> one side is going to set up. >> the reporter: the first responders today digging,
6:45 pm
something like this. >> today, we're lift cement truck, using struts and chains. >> the reporter: for cambridge firefighter james kennedy, it's invaluable, and a career he's seen change in his own family number of rescuers. >> it's -- full of rescuers. >> it's changing a lot from when my father and grandfather were on. it seemed like they were just fighting fires and now we get called up, any time there's a situation. >> the reporter: even a situation reich yesterday, where firefighters ended up needing their into a car they say didn't stop. >> we want to make sure we get this part right. the lieutenant lasa with the boston fire department says it's situations like that they have to prepare for because of all the bigger trucks on the road, mostly because of newer construction projects. >> when you have something that weighs 80,000 pounds, this is where the hydraulic lift would come into play. >> the reporter: into play, piece by piece and what happens here, could be the keys to surviving the real thing.
6:46 pm
if one guy can't do his job, the team fails and when the team fails, we're not meeting the objective, meaning we're not getting victims out safely. this is part of a larger training exercise where they learn about ways they learn how people can get trapped in an environment. they go over and over it, but it's the unknown they can't prepare for. >> mark: new at 6:30 p.m., another crime fighting fool for the weymouth police department. officers are trained to use tasers. the department bought 65 of the less than lethal public safety. the massachusetts state legislature first started allowing police to carry tasers in 2004. >> vanessa: a dad found a way to treat his daughter on halloween, even though they were stuck on a flight from boston to san francisco. the 3-year-old was very sad, they missed trick-or-treating, so the dad passed out candy to all the other passengers, along with a note explaining the situation. then the little girl, dressed up as a doughnut, happily trick-or-treated up and down the aisle. one passenger tweeted out the
6:47 pm
can imagine, gone viral. kudos to that dad for coming up with that. >> mark: where there's a will, there's a way, even at 35,000 feet. >> mark: apparently. how did the great pumpkin get up there. once had the easter bunny visit a hotel room when think children were small. that bunny will find you no matter where you are. >> mark: intelligence you have on the easter bunny. >> kevin: let's talk about the weather out there. >> vanessa: warming up right. >> kevin: we're going to be warming up. dinnertime temperatures in the 40's. 49 in boston. 47 in bedford and 46 hour-by-hour tonight, wachusett mountain, dropping down to 42 and holding steady and the reason the temperatures hold steady because of a change we have coming our way. it's clear now but clouds to our west starting to move on in. that's into eastern pennsylvania and new york state, but they're already starting to show up in the hudson valley. these will move over us this evening. none of them have rain with them. the rain is with these clouds to our north, that's where most of the energy with the front went, with rain and snow into quebec,
6:48 pm
going to get cloud and that's it. the clouds will curtail the temperature drop and at the same time, winds will be shifting behind the clouds to the south. this takes you to 5:30 a.m., you'll see how the clouds break apart as the initial push of mild air pushes on through. like a warm front an leaves us with some sunshine, right through the afternoon, an by 7:30 p.m., just a few clouds lying around. but up until that point, we will have been warming. fast forward into overnight tomorrow night and thursday morning, still some clouds around, me had when the sun went down and we'll watch for a couple of showers to pop up in western new england. that's what futurecast is showing us, the possibility. not likely, but it's possible, ahead of a front you always have to watch for a couple of rogue showers to get going. the main events back here, that's of the system going to our north, but dragging a cold front through our area. so you see the rain and even some heavier rainshowers, by 6:00 p.m. in western massachusetts, some lighter to moderate rainshowers into central massachusetts. we'll pick it up there in just a moment. high temperatures tomorrow, in
6:49 pm
it is possible, look at framingham and norwood, for instance, and providence, it is possible to get a temperature that hits 70 degrees tomorrow. going to feel like it any ways especially after the cool weather we had today, it will feel very warm for you tomorrow with the warm southerly wind kicking on in. the showers continue on by 7:00 p.m., get off of cape cod by midnight, late thursday night and early friday morning. winds will shift to the northwest, bringing in cooler and drier air, plenty of sunshine on friday, but it's going to be we had today and perhaps even a bit cooler. here's the seven-day forecast. a couple of warm days before the rain arrives thursday. sunshine but cooler on friday, and by this weekend, some cool air arriving once again. the good part of this weekend is this. we want to push the clocks back an hour. sun gets up at 6:24 a.m., although sunset sunday afternoon, 4:31 p.m. in the afternoon. i guess that's not all good news, but that is going to be happening. we're going to stay cool in the start of next week before we get milder and as far as rainfall
6:50 pm
we've done a good job it year. let's go to the weekend forecast. then it pops up. about a quarter an inch on average for us from this rainfall during the day on thursday or evening hours really on thursday. here's that weekend always if view and look how much cooler it's going to be this weekend, 51 and 49 on sunday. we do average 1.3 inches of snow on average in november. >> mark: with that theme in mind, kevin, we know it's just a we aren't trying to rush everything here, but before you know it, it will soon look a lot like christmas in boston and this 47-foot white spruce will arrive from canada in a few weeks. the tree is an annual gift from the people of nova scotia. it will be decked with thousands of light that shine bright on the boston common. nova scotia is also donating smaller trees to rosy's play and the pine street inn.
6:51 pm
another of boston's big three of 2008 officially calling it quits this morning. plus, who is that masked man this morning. plus, who is that masked man running around the patri massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too.
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and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps!
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woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote. learn more at >> >> mark: decision was made and we're still talking about it 24 hours later.
6:54 pm
these happen, a lot of big names going out-of-town, but the latest is jamie collins and reaction from the trade of jamie collins poured in from the locker room this afternoon, one day after one of the top players on the team was shipped out-of-town for allowing a power-play conditional draft choice. today, the browns were getting collins' jersey ready. he's apparently now going with a senior on the nameplate. didn't have that here in new england. no matter what he wears or how he plays, his former teammates were left a little stunned at jamie's departure. >> jamie is a great a great person and stories obviously, close relationship with him. ism change is part of the. >> change is part of the league, what happens. we focus on what's next. >> i'm not trying to make this a big thing. he's not here anymore, next man up, got to keep moving forward. >> bruins in florida to pay the panthers tonight. patrice bergeron is a gametime decision, he was injured yesterday after practice, not during practice.
6:55 pm
injury is. clearly, it's significant enough that it could keep him out of tonight's lineup against florida. that one starts at 7:30 p.m. we are keep an eye on it for you. ray allen has retired after 18 nba seasons. he last played with the heat in 2014. the last of three years he spent if miami. he's a ten-time nba all-star, most appreciated in boston for his role in leading the green to the 2008 championship. he also played in the 2010 finals, won another championship with the heat in 2013. just over an hour see it right here on fox 25. terry francona is pushing all the right buttons, but it was the cubs who won game five at wrigley field. should be fun. moment of the day came from the patriots locker room. very familiar with the look of julian edelman, wearing the cap combination of staying warm and looking smooth at the same time. well, here he was in the locker room today. or was it?
6:56 pm
headset to boot and if you think the impersonation was ending there, oh, no, he answered a up could of questions too. -- a couple of questions too. >> we've been friends a long time. >> who are you? >> keep it here. >> it's getting through the streets of boston with my best friend danny. i thought tom was your best friend. >> i have a couple best friends. >> they jus they lose jamie collin balester lips, but still having a pretty good time. that's pretty good. >> vanessa: that was good stuff. >> mark: i can see julian edelman and brady together. that would be fun. maybe they did that for halloween and we just didn't know. >> kevin: now i have a craving for beans for dinner. >> vanessa: oh, kevin. >> kevin: you get that. i'm calling it, cleveland, you're going to be 70 degrees at gametime. none of every time a new charter opens,
6:57 pm
mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
6:58 pm
i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat e. i'm hillary clinton
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?? ?? was mariah's rrlationship ruined by a no sex before marriage rule? >> mimi time. >> yeah. >> they were living separate lives so why was mimi's fiance writing love letters just weeks -pago. >> that was easy. then as jennifer aniston's husband justin brad pitt? plus "dancing with the stars" making grown men cry. we have backstage stories we never heard. >> i didn't realize i had such an impact on him. >> heidi klum's clone. >> i wish there were more of me. >> how she pulled off her mostenec halloween costume ever. >> she was toddlers and tiara's biggest star ever. >> only we are with little eden all grown up and sleeping in a


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