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tv   FOX News Special You Decide 2016 Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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it's 4:00 on the west coast, 7:00 on the east coast and it's election night in america. i'm shepard smith. after more than a year and a halff comes down to this. tonight, we've heard from the candidates. now the voters get their say. and the polls have just closed in six states across america. and of the six that have just closed, virginia is the one we're watching most closely. it's a battleground state no doubt. the fox news decision desk cannot tell us right now and we're not sure when they'll be
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democratic. there's the possible that this could go hillary clinton's way, but the voters will decide when we have an update. of course hillary clinton's running mate is the virginia senator and former governor for that matter, tim kaine. now, to georgia. that's a traditionally red state where the race was closer this year. technically we have this as a battleground state, but it is not a toss-up. georgia leans right. but no numbers in at all from th indiana, though, a different story. in the state of indiana, if we roll forward, we have 6% of the vote already coming in. and the reason that we have this much is because of early voting, mail-in ballots and the rest. we already have a call here. the fox news decision desk projects donald trump will win the state of indiana. absolutely no surprise. solid republican and has been. so 11 electoral votes go to donald trump. that's the beginning.
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call yet in south carolina a traditionally red state without any question. fox news does project that donald trump will win the bluegrass state of kentucky. we've just called this from the decision team. 8% of all the votes in. but it's clear based on the statistical analysis of the different counties and districts throughout the state of kentucky, donald trump will win this. he's winning by close to 35 points. that giv kentucky. that's eight electoral votes for him from this state. fox news projects hillary clinton be win the state of vermont. always reliably democratic. we've just called it. our decision team is confident vermont goes tonight to hillary clinton. vermont and its, i believe, three electoral votes. all three tonight. yes, three, going into hillary clinton. so here's a look at the electoral vote count as it
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hillary clinton with three, donald trump with 19. you need 270 to win. that's the magic number throughout the night. you will not hear us make a projection overall for the winner of the presidency until that candidate has 270 electoral votes. is it a guarantee that we'll get there tonight? a week ago, i would have said no because there's a possibility of a steal by an outsider in the state of utah. but it looks like t the belief is that someone will get 270 votes tonight or early in the morning. control of the senate also at stake tonight. and this is proving to be closer than many had believed. the senate is very much in play tonight. we're watching one race in particular and that's the state of indiana. where a republican seat is up for grabs. that republican seat, the decision desk tells us, is too early to call.
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there evan bayh facing off against todd young. it has been a difficult ride for evan bayh to say the at least. they thought they might win just off his name recognition. it's been much closer than people have thought. now we'll look at the balance of power in the united states senate. this is going to be crucial for whoever wins the white house. you need at least one house to try to get some things done. looks like the house is going to stay reliably red republican tonight. the senate is another matter entirely. democrats need to flip five seats. take away five seats now controlled by republicans to win the thing, and it's possible. here's another interesting part. the democrats only need four seats if clinton wins because the vice president is the tie breaker, the president pro tem of the senate is the vice
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half hour away from the next polls closing, including two critical battleground states. at 7:30 eastern time, 4:30 pacific, ohio and north carolina close. from ohio and north carolina we'll begin to learn a lot. the thinking among democrats is that if she can win north carolina, that -- that would pretty much do it no matter what happened with florida already. donald trump needs to sweep the table on these up for flip a couple they hadn't expected, flip a couple blue states to really have a chance at a road to 270. is it possible? it's possible. our panel includes john busse, and josh letterman, white house reporter for the associated press. they'll be with us into the wee hours of the morning. the first big important thing is the state of florida. as goes florida, if donald trump
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into the night without much question. if hillary clinton gets florida, that's a different story. because without florida, donald trump himself and everyone on his team has said we can't win it without florida. so what is it in florida? well, it's hispanics. john bussi, it looks to me like ft. lauderdale is going to be extremely important. and maybe the polls might have missed some things. >> they're the hispanic voter turnout has surprised us this election. i'm kind of wondering how it surprised us. surprised us in nevada friday night when people were lined up. they had to process people for two additional hours after the polls closed. >> harry reid get out the vote machine. >> it apparently worked, right? so how much did the hispanic
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unexpectedly, in favor of hillary clinton. a lot of those people voted early. we'll sue that really fairly soon, i think. >> what are democrats thinking now past the closing point. what are they thinking now for florida? >> well, they -- they've been very confident about the early vote and the latino vote there, but not as confident as they've been in nevada. nevada turned really beyond donald trump's control after this surge of early overcome. that was a state he was polling better than clinton in until just a day or two ago. in florida, they have a african-american vote. more early voters are latino than all of latino vote in 2012 in florida, but they don't know if it will be able to overcome the deficit they have with african-americans not turning out. >> how do you see florida?
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african-american vote in florida, which is smaller than the hispanic vote. but still important in places like miami-dade county. we'll want to look at whether hillary underperforms obama significantly among those voters. that will tell us a lot about how she may do in other parts of the country where the african-american vote is even more important. obama only won florida by 75,000 votes. that's less point. it's a state that's always neck and neck. >> we mentioned the states that closed at 7:00 eastern time. virginia of the most interest to us with ten election cycles in a row that republicans won virginia. along came barack obama in '08 and '12, virginia itself had changed. it was getting bluer and bluer. but can they do it again? >> you don't know. you know, what josh points out
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polling, has not turned out quite as strongly for hillary clinton as it did for barack obama. there's been a lot of action on the road, all of these rallies meant to motivate that part of the electorate. right up the eastern seaboard you see those rallies begin to try to tap into those people who might have needed a surge of excitement to go to the polls. >> virginia. >> virginia republicans don't really love donald trump. kasich and marco rubio got, very close behind him, combined they overwhelmed his support. they're hoping that they're going to get non-white vote and run up a good share and hold it like obama could. but they're also really relying on the fact that republicans in virginia, at least in the northern part of the state are never trump for the most part. >> one of trump's goals, almost
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the country. virginia would certainly be on that list. we don't know yet how effect active that has been. but the early urm ins suggest some of the biggest turnout we've seen. >> that's right. virginia is a big test case for this big question mark in just the past week or so about the new fbi look into clinton's e-mails. the race seemed to tighten. virginia was a state that hillary clinton was basically counting as in her category. i think most people looking at the leaning democratic if not safely democratic. we've seen it tighten significantly in the last eight days or so, leaning more towards a toss-up leaning democratic territory. that may tell us other states have tightened. >> polls are closed in six states. fox news projects that hillary clinton wins in the state of vermont. the ones that will close, we don't have those yet.
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minutes. jennifer griffin has been following hillary clinton's campaign for months now. she's been on the road with hillary clinton. she's live at the javits center on the lower west side of manhattan right along the river across from new jersey. there's a glass ceiling there tonight. the question is, will it break. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, there's a glass ceiling. it's clear they've the backdrop. hillary clinton for her part is at the peninsula hotel. she was brought into manhattan about 4:00 today. she's working, i'm told, on two speeches for tonight. she is not taking anything for granted. her campaign is feeling very confident. they in fact talk about the latino vote, it is something we have been reporting on for some time. the campaign strategy all along
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in fact, there was an addition of 700,000 puerto rico in florida in the last five years. they managed to register a number of those latinos and it seems now based on early returns that they are coming out in florida, north carolina, as well as in nevada. >> jennifer, thanks very much. carl cameron with the trump team now at the new york hilton, just a couple fox news world headquarters and not far from where hillary clinton will be tonight. what's the word there? >> reporter: just a couple blocks away. the trump campaign is trying to remain, in its words, cautiously, hopefully optimistic for what happens tonight. kellyanne conway essentially said that they are concerned that they didn't get the full help of the republican national committee. that its infrastructure was not
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frustration in the campaign as they look at the incoming results. and she specifically complained that the likes of mitt romney and others, republican never trumpers, establishment types, did not come to his aid, did not unite, and therefore committed a political sin of disloyalty. a little premature. what trump needs to do really is get enough white american electorate out tonight to match that hispanic and african-american voters in the clinton campaign. he made a number of speeches specifically aimed at african-americans and latinos and modified his position in a couple of ways, his politics in order to try to court them. it doesn't look like he's getting those numbers.
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handful of battleground states. more often than not, he went to rule parts of those states. not so much looking for the moderate independent swing vote or disaffected democrats. although that was very much part of his rhetoric, remains to be seen whether or not he was able to rouse them. >> carl cameron live in new york. an alert now. we're expecting there to be irregularities throughout the night and the first has just happened. north carolina, where the polls are scheduled to close across the state at they will not. they will almost everywhere. but at eight precincts in durham county and one in columbus, the election board just made the decision that they'll keep the polls open for an extra hour. meaning if you're online or inline as they would say in north carolina, by 9:00 eastern time you can vote. why? there were irregularities early in the day at precincts there after problems with electronic voting.
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eight different precincts in durham county. north carolina will not completely close its polls until 9:00 eastern instead of 8:00 eastern. that means north carolina, this state that hillary clinton believes if she wins it, she moves to 1600 pennsylvania, it's going to take an extra hour. we all of us have watched the race unfold. sean spicer he's been immersed in this election in a way few others will ever experience. and we'll speak with him live right after this on fox broadcasting's all night coverage of election night in
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america runs on dunkin'. polls are closed in six states across america. donald trump got two of them. hillary clinton got one of them. we're just getting started. more polls close in just about 12 minutes. three different states. and we'll he when it happens. first, let's bring in sean spicer, chief strategist and communications director at the republican national committee. sean, good evening, how are you? >> doing great. how are you? >> i wonder -- we're very focused on florida. i wonder what are you hearing, expecting hoping? >> we're looking at key counties so far that republicans have done well in the past. and we're seeing our performance
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we've seen deterioration on some of the areas that the democrats have to do. >> what areas that you see in florida do you like specifically? >> i like -- well, right now, we're seeing an underperformance in places the democrats have to do well in miami-dade. >> among african-americans? >> the panhandle is coming in strong and the i-4 corridor. >> how does orlando look? that's think about 7,000. the early numbers there look like right now the democrat is up by about 60,000, 70,000. again, it's very early. >> one of the things that's important to note, we had 84 staffers there in 2012. we now have 1,800. we've been able to get the early vote out. romney lost florida by 74,000 votes in large part because the
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we cut that by 81,000. so we feel really good about where we are in florida right now. >> how much concern do you have in the autopsy from the last election, the word was, you got to do more outreach to african-americans and latinos. the decision was apparently made by the campaign to go in a different direction. florida is now filled with a whole new population of puerto ricans, venezuelans and others. has that hurt you and if so badly? >> i don't think so. i think we're doing really well. we've held our own in the i-4 corridor where the puerto ricans community is. we've been monitoring the hispanic vote for a while. donald trump's done a bunch of outreach to the cuban community and other hispanic communities in florida. we feel really good. >> the main man at the rnc,
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later. >> you bet. kevin kate is with us, a man who knows florida and well. he's the co-founder of a public relations firm based in florida. he's worked with president obama's campaign in 2008, worked with chary chris. as you look at numbers tonight, without being specific because the polls haven't closed, democrats have said that i-4 corridor with orange county, orlando in the middle of it is very important this >> a lot of them are puerto ricans. i know you had some numbers -- i don't see clinton doing as well as she needs to be doing right now in miami-dade where we have tons and tons of votes in our state. >> are those african-american votes? >> it's hard to tell right now. the area that i mention the earlier is duval county. >> jacksonville area.
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clinton. panellas county, that's trending good for secretary clinton. >> as we look at the state of florida, in general over the years, the panhandle, top left of the state, walton, bay counties, that whole area heavily military, very republican. how would the turnout be there? the early model suggests the panhandle has close to record torrent of donald trump votes when we get into the panhandle. they are largely responsible for how massive his win was in the primary against senator rubio. >> much of the panhandle is in the central time zone. florida polls close at 8:00 eastern and 7:00 central. we won't have any numbers from there until 8:00. also important down in florida,
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african-american. but ft. lauderdale is an area where the population really has changed with an influx of latinos. >> absolutely. from a democratic standpoint, you want to look right there. from a republican standpoint, i've heard some of them mention it, they're looking more towards naples. >> on the southwest coast. naples, ft. myers. all through lee county and just north of there. that whole area is heavily republican. >> absolutely. >> more w you go inland a little bit, more immigrant communities. but the long and short of it is, florida is very much in play tonight. the trump camp said if we don't win florida we're out of this thing. the polls are minutes away from closing in some of the biggest
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>> more than million early votes cast in the commonwealth, secretary of state expects more than 2 million by the time the polls close, an hour and a half now. as long as you are in line by 8:00, you will be able to vote. four states have been projected by fox news and cnn, indiana, kentucky, and west virginia for donald trump. vermont for hillary clinton. michael j. fox has crews fox has crews for local and national races. heather? >> the campaign against the referendum questions, have spent more money than any other ballot
7:27 pm
to give you an idea perform question two, quarter school expansion and question 4, marijuana legalization have.contentious. if the charter school question is passed it would allow more than a dozen this you charter schools a year, and take effect this january. and legalization of marijuana, it would allow people 21 year or older to have an ounce outside their home and up to ten and it would be taxed. if passed that would take effect this december. we will watch the return on these questions and i'm in touch with our reporters in the field, ted daniel at ballot question watch parties and they say they are starting to fill up and are expecting hundreds, i will keep you posted on what they are hearing and update you throughout the night. the states where ballots are being counted.
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florida and georgia and western half of kentucky and south carolina, virginia, university and most of new hampshire closed down polling places. i said most, a look gr the granite state and nashua, people are strolling in and workers there as well. 50 miles north in dover, a judge has agreed to keep polls open until 8 pm after the city sent an e mail with incorrect times. democrats filed a motion to extend the polls sided with the democrats. four electoral votes up for grabs in new hampshire and both presidential campaigns spent a lot of time here. >> in a minute west virginia and two big swaing states, north carolina and ohio will counts their ballots. at the top of the hour, is when the fun begins. 21 states, will close the polls and joinings and throughout the along on fox 25, steve, thank you for being with us.
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democratic side. which state are they watching tonight? >> probably north carolina and to make sure all of pennsylvania, the trump folks thinks they can make inroads in pennsylvania. and the per rential florida, florida. we are looking at that. >> you still think clinton has it locked up? >> we never have anything locked up and who knows how long it will take but everybody is feeling good in republicans and the state you are watching tonight? >> i think we've eastern sea board that will be important, and ohio, that starting from florida, north carolina, and pennsylvania, is huge, to new hampshire and over to ohio and then if one of those states couldn't come through i think we need to get michigan and a little wisconsin in there. >> jennifer, awesome to watch. we have watched this for months
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elect a president. it may pass to the morning. but we will get it done in the next 24 hours. >> our election coverage begins at 8:00. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. the decision desk tells us too early to make a call in the state of ohio. the numbers are not in. ohio of course, the rule with ohio is, if you're a republican, you cannot win the white house without ohio. that's what history tells us. history has been thrown out the window largely this year, but that one may hold. the state has voted for the winner in the past 13 presidential elections. in north carolina, the polls were supposed to close at 7:30
7:31 pm
except in eight precincts in durham county and one in columbus county where they'll get an extra hour. we don't believe that will be so close that we won't be able to make a call in the next hour. we shall see. the fox news decision desk tells us hillary clinton does have a lead, but it is too early to declare a winner in the bell weather state of north carolina. fox news projects donald trump will win the state of west virginia. this is just in. and in no way a surprise. it's a solid republican state and has been. mitt romney won it with 62.3% of the vote to obama's 35%. that was back in '12 -- 2012. it's solid republican. the five electoral votes from the state of west virginia officially according to the fox news decision team now go to donald trump. polls closed a half hour ago in the state of virginia. not west virginia. this is virginia.
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reporting. donald trump with a lead, but it's still too close to call. this is georgia. in georgia, it is still too close to call, but you can see, we have less than 1% in. though you see a 50-point spread there, that is not at all how this night is going to be. less than 1%, the numbers mean almost nothing. georgia is a very different city in midtown atlanta that it is in the rural areas of the peach state. depending on where they're coming for just a little while. the state of south carolina, still too close to call. less than 1% in in the state of south carolina. big picture now. four states are called. let's look at the electoral count for the night. you have to have 270 votes in the electoral college to win this night or any night in presidential elections. right now, donald trump has 24. secretary clinton has three. it's a long way toward 270. another big thing we'll be
7:33 pm
for the united states senate. watching two races in states that have already closed. fox news projects the ohio republican rob portman will hang onto his seat against the democratic former governor ted strickland. this has been a closely contested contest in the state of ohio, a state that leans right in the presidential pick. a state where rob portman has been against ted strickland throughout this. fox news has just called that rob portman will win the senate race in the state of ohio. no call to be made right now in north carolina where the republican senator richard burr is in a very tight race with deborah ross. balance of power in the senate, all republican. you need 51% for a majority if you're republican. the vice president would be the president pro tem of the senate. that would give them the tie breaker. so the republicans would need to pick up five to maintain
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the exit polling suggests to us what we've known for a long time, the six or seven toss-up states in the race for the senate are very much toss-up tonight. based on the races we've already called so far, balance of power in the senate, democrats with 37, republicans with 33. there are 100 in there. it will be a while. obviously a long way to go. we'll keep filling in these seats throughout the night as they're called. we're less away now from the next poll closings at 8:00 eastern, including the biggest battleground, the state of florida, just 25 minutes away. a slew of closings coming here on fox broadcast network just 25 minutes from now. to our panel now, we have the democratic strategist, tom bevin, publisher of real clear politics, averages of the polls that we rely on.
7:35 pm
strategist. florida, florida, florida as tim russert used to say. as florida goes, the election will go. >> well, the interesting thing about florida is whether donald trump will have lost florida because the empire strikes back, the latinos which have traditionally not come out to vote are suddenly coming out this time around. if the latinos make the difference in this margin in florida, one can make the argument he lost that election the day gold-plated elevator 15 months ago and started talking about a wall and doubling down on rhetoric that a lot of latinos found offensive to them. early voting shows they may have come out. they are disproportionately latino this year. >> tom, is that how your polls have looked? >> it's close. it's a toss-up. sean spicer was just saying
7:36 pm
it's still very early going there. i expect it's going to be really close in florida. >> morgan, from the republican side, sean spicer talking about a heavy turnout in the panhandle. >> which is still voting, by the way. >> sure. but a huge turnout from the exit polling and just from the lines they're seeing has been very good for republicans. >> it is good for republicans. what i'm looking at is what's going on with marco rubio. there's a report that marco rubio absentee voting in miami-dade county. we're talking about the presidential race. i think it's still very early. what a lot of us are watching for is a balance of power in the senate. calling indiana. good for todd young. states like indiana, florida, nevada we're going to be watching tonight for the balance of power. good numbers for rubio so far. >> there was a time republicans were very concerned about that race, when it looked as if the
7:37 pm
the democrats -- he had a very wealthy challenger who really could have, from all that i see, written checks for $30 million -- i mean, noticed it, but could have done it. looked like the democrats decided this is not a place where we feel like the dollars make sense. >> very expensive state. patrick murphy was not well-known statewide. they had better opportunities in other states. >> the democrats, as they put it, is not florida, but this year north carolina. largely because of the changing -- partially because of the changing demographics in north carolina and local issues north carolina's been dealing with. >> north carolina's not necessary. if she wins florida -- >> correct. >> north carolina is interesting because of what you said. very competitive governors race going on. >> where can i go to the bathroom in north carolina?
7:38 pm
moved into the research triangle. that demographic -- you saw the demographic where that went from really being a -- >> suburbs of the city. >> right. and now they're trending south and they're going south. a lot of people feel that georgia maybe and north carolina by 2020 or 2024. we're seeing the deep south start to suddenly go ever so purple and north carolina may tell the tale this year. north carolina, not crucial to fact wins florida. >> which doesn't mean it's not the checkmate state. you know where it's happening, it's happening in and around charlotte. it's happening in and around the raleigh durham area where you have all of those universities and clean tech industry. and the people who would populate that from the northeast, from the pacific northwest, all moving in this traditionally very, very red
7:39 pm
of north carolina are still very red. but the cities in north carolina are changing and has been changing. >> that's right. you have to look at mecklenburg county, charlotte's the seat there. obama took 100,000 votes out of mecklenburg county in 2012. with the concerns that hillary's campaign has had with early vote in north carolina, be interesting to keep an eye on those two counties to whether hillary is falling short. >> republicans have said from the beginning, we don't believe african-americans are going to be there for hillary clinton in the way they were there for barack obama. for many reasons that are obvious. if the turnout is suppressed in north carolina, the stuff we're talking about in the big cities will be negated and north carolina is very much up for grabs. >> that's exactly what robby mook said tonight. the interesting thing about
7:40 pm
exit polling, clinton was winning by 51%, trump around 34%. we're talking about -- which is worse than obama. we're talking about how the deep south is changing, but we're also forgetting that ohio is trending well for trump in early voting. michigan could be an upset tonight. it's not just the deep south that's changing. it's the entire map that's changing. >> you know what it seems like, the way our divide i is what's so fascinating to me. it seems to be beginning just about with trickle down economics, those who have benefited from that, the 1% and others who have benefited are voting in one way, and those who have the feeling at least that they've been left behind are voting another. that seems to be the new divide. that and black/white, rich/poor. the divide's different. >> it's such a unique election. we have two unique candidates
7:41 pm
both unfavorable. regardless of who wins, this is a realigning election. we now have donald trump representing the working class republican party. he's running as an anti-trade candidate. 180 degrees from republican orthodox over the last 40 years. and hillary clinton is trying to replicate obama's coalition but missing that middle piece. we're going to look back on this tomorr see it really was a realigning election. >> we talk about north carolina closing, virginia closing. normally at this point in an election night, this is my fifth of these, by now we'd be talking about evangelicals. what they're doing, where they're going. i mean evangelicals are not a way that we are categorizing things this time. they are not voting as
7:42 pm
-- categorizing, obama was -- hillary was leading them by about over 27% last week. that's a huge realignment. that's not a race based. that is an education. that's what you said earlier. who's left behind. more and more, this is an economy that's benefiting people who are college educated or higher and leaving behind those who don't have a college education. that's the realignment i think you see in this election. school, you get get out of high school, make a very good living. in the northeast, you could work in factories just as your parents had done. make a great up to middle class living for the rest of your life. those jobs are gone. one of the candidates has said we're going to bring back those jobs. those jobs are not coming back because the economy has shifted. the idea is to raise the minimum wage and make people who build
7:43 pm
money, that's not happening in the rest of the world. that is the next thing on which this nation must ffocus. stand by, getting a good idea of what issues push people to come out and vote. what brought people to the polls and what pushed them away and what americans are looking for in their next president. our first round of fox news exit polls are out and they're coming to you now on fox broadcast network, continuing coverage of election night in america. if rs be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
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espressos, and donuts.
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l polls stations across america this afternoon and now into the evening. martha is following exit polls from across the country. she's here in new york with us. >> so interesting to hear what people are saying when they walk out of those polls. one of the big questions in this election has been does donald trump have the right temperament to be president. hillary clinton has gone after him very hard on this. 64% say no, he does not have the right temperament to be resonated with voters. however, one in four characterize themselves as being very angry as they went into the polls tonight. they like donald trump. no big surprise there. he has definitely spoken to that element in the populous. 75% of those who say they're angry with federal government voted for donald trump. this one i find really interesting, shepard. we know there's been a lot of talk from the trump campaign
7:47 pm
people saying i never vote the before or haven't voted in 25 years, i'm coming out for donald trump. the first-time voter, 55% go for hillary clinton and 37% went for donald trump. so even those first-time voters, white voter that a lot of people thought was going to come out that hadn't come out in a long time, they appear to be siding with hillary clinton tonight, at least according to the numbers we got so far. >> any surprises from your have been compelling in the news lately. the e-mail issue for example. about 62% of voters say, i was very bothered by the e-mail scandal. then you look at the one that is clearly donald trump's biggest problem with women, also bothered a lot of voters. about 72% say that they were bothered by those stories. the "america's news hq"
7:48 pm
the rest. >> overall, they're the at least popular candidates we've ever had. >> what a lovely accolade. >> not what they were hoping for. >> exactly. >> martha will be in with us all night here on fox. let's look at the electoral board as it's come in for the two candidates tonight. only a handful of states have closed. we closed six polls at 7:00 eastern time. closed three more at 7:30 eastern able to call a view. west virginia, kentucky, and indiana won by donald trump. and the state of vermont won so far by hillary clinton. we're still watching for florida. the things we've been able to learn so far about florida are this, ft. lauderdale, very high latino turnout in that area. which benefits the democrat. the panhandle, maybe record turnout from walton, bay
7:49 pm
big turnout there. that benefits the republican. naples and collier county, ft. myers, cape coral and up the coast to fort charlotte and the rest, that's the lower western side, the left side of the state of republican coming in with big numbers tonight. then you hear all the time about the i-4 corridor, that area from the tampa bay area coming across into which is orange county, a huge influx of latino voters, go up and around to the bedroom communities of longwood. then over on the coast on the right-hand side of the state in daytona beach and all of the rest, big turnout there as well. first, a fox news election alert. in the state of south carolina, brand-new numbers are just in and the fox news decision team tells us south carolina will
7:50 pm
this is traditionally of course a red state. not a huge -- huge surprise this one. but south carolina had been one that when it first closed, we were not able to call it. the state of south carolina, solid republican with its nine electoral votes. mitt romney won it back in 2012. won it by about 10 points over now president obama. we're not sure what the spread is going to be tonight in south carolina. but the fox news decision team now proclaimed goes to hillary clinton. so an update of the big board and states won so far tonight. states won, south carolina, west virginia, kentucky and indiana.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
approaching seven minutes before 8:00 here on the east coast of the united states. and 8:00 is a big hour. at 8:00, polls close in the state of florida and in the state of pennsylvania. we hope to have race calls coming up just minutes from now. for republican donald trump, south carolina, west virginia, kentucky and indiana. those all go into the trump category. vermont. we're still waiting for the calls from the big states that have already closed on the east coast. those states including north carolina and virginia. both toss-up -- well, not
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
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just in the latest presidential election results,fuls have closed in a number of key states. donald trump leads 3 electoral votes to hillary clinton's three. he is t kentucky, south carolina, virginia according to fox news. and hillary clinton is the projected winner in vermont. from the key headline in dover new hampshire, closing at 8 pm tonight a judge allowed voting to end later due to an incorrect e-mail sent out. that is the only new hampshire location open and let's get to tracking the state by state result. >> at the time getting exciting
7:57 pm
this area in green, these are the states in new england that have either closed or will close in the next five minutes. another swat of states in green. and you can see how the evening will go, in the middle of the country, 9 pm and you can see farther wet, 10 and 11 pm at height. and the states that are reporting, fox is projecting several winners here, indiana, kentucky, south carolina, also west virginia going to and vermont being taken by clinton. also what you see here are a number of key states that have about the been called. florida, ohio, and north carolina being some of the big ones. updating this throughout the night and bring it to you as information comes in. >> and let's look at what the state victories mean for the race to 270 electoral votes. a breakdown, each candidate has as of right now. donald trump with vickers in
7:58 pm
kentucky and south carolina has a total 33. and he needs of course more than that to get to 270. he know the math. hillary clinton up to this point is three, and it is early in night as we know. 267 to win the white house for her. and here are the states undecided and how many each state is worth. the key here, ohio with its 18 votes and florida with and votes are being determined in the states that had their polls closed. in the race for the white house, two key ballot questions, two that stood out. question two would lift the cap on charter schools and question four legalizing marijuana for recreational use. it found that 48% of voters did not want to raids the cap on
7:59 pm
who did and that found half the state approved legalizing marijuana while 45% were opposed to it. we will watch the results closely tonight. >> when we talk about this, the stakes that are coming in, tuck about what and what it means and who are we seeing in early going, what is a surprise? >> i think this is what we thought would happen with, we in south carolina, and we were going to have west virginia and kentucky and i would be shock good we didn't and for hillary clinton, vermont is a given. and i think what is interesting, though is to see where florida goes. where does north carolina go, what happens in pennsylvania, new hampshire. >> you could have called those states yesterday for donald trump and hillary clinton, and we have to focus on florida and these counties there.
8:00 pm
>> very good. coverage on fox 25 news starts now. and we are staying local with you, and you can see results at the bottom of the screen. don't go anywhere, we are coming right back! realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning.


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