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tv   Election Coverage  FOX  November 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:59pm EST

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>> very good. coverage on fox 25 news starts now. and we are staying local with you, and you can see results at the bottom of the screen. don't go anywhere, we are coming right back! realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning.
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>> well, the time has come to count the votes and see who becomes the next president. our special political coverage starts tonight in new york city. >> both buildings were full of supporters who are expecting very big things here on election night. these are less than a mile apart from each other. incredible to think. our complete team 6 reporters is covering every element locally and nationally until a winner has been welcome again, i'm mark ockergloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. joining us will be our political analysts. steve and jennifer are here. we'll get to you in a moment. first we have elizabeth hopkins standing by with a look at the big board. >> right now, we are just starting to see the first of fox's employee predictions
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vermont for clinton. this is just the kickoff for the reports coming in. we'll monitor this throughout the evening and bring you the latest. guys. >> thank you. let's go now to kerry with the hillary clinton campaign in new york. kerry. >> reporter: vanessa, we showed you the crowds here around 6:00. this center is packed. we're on the main media riser. it's house here, and they're a racous crowd as they watch the results come in. we'll give you a tighter shot here. the stage, we finally noticed, is in the shape of the united states. the campaign talking a lot about the need to unify this country after a very frustrating campaign unfolded in front of voters throughout the course of the year. we can give you a closer look of that crowd from the floor. you can see it's a going to be a
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eventually hillary clinton will take the stage, the 15-story high glass building. everyone in this crowd hoping this will be a victory speech tonight. many states are coming in with some predictions, but none of them surprises just yet. this campaign closely watching the big bell weather states, florida, north carolina, ohio. a lot of them too close to call right now. but those are going tbe continue watching this race unfold. we have a crazy crowd here erupting in cheer frequently tonight as they watch their results. back to you. >> early going, kerry, we you sai the wins piling up for donald trump. but now we have another punch coming the other way from clinton. cnn reporting ohio, massachusetts, maryland, new jersey, rhode island, delaware, and washington, d.c. all wins for clinton. >> speaking of trump -- >> not one surprise in the
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>> illinois is her home state. big senate race there which duckworth is going to win in a walk and will be a big piece to democrats taking back the control of the senate. these are all stanch democratic states. we're glad to get them in their column, no doubt. but no big surprises. >> we're hearing mississippi, missouri, oklahoma, and tennessee all going for donald trump. [laughter] >> again, no surprises. >> i mean, think if you would donald trump i would be shocked. no surprise there. we would be in some serious trouble if they started the voting for clinton. >> but you think florida is the one that will -- >> florida will keep us late. you have all those electoral college votes. it's a big state, and it was a state that we paid attention to back in 2000, and that's going to be an issue. >> you mentioned florida. what about ohio? we're hearing late night, early morning. >> i think ohio is too.
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ohio. she lives in the suburb of columbus. she said there why. w no signs whatsoever, white, middle upper class educated area. but the rural areas have lots of trump signs. it's a very split state. i think it will be interesting to see where they end up. >> which voting group should we be watching most closely as the polls close? >> across country? the latino vote is going to play a huge factor? >> mostly in florida, and other pockets of the country. there's a grown latino vote in colorado and other parts. we've got to make sure we win. it has been particular will florida with i i-4 corridor a lot of folks moving from puerto ric those tend to be breaking our way nor hillary. the big thing democrats must not do is a come that the latino community voting for democrats this election means that we're
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a lot of them could vote constituency somebody and not necessarily for a party. we have to pay attention to that starting tomorrow. >> thingses are going according to script where might it deviate from that track? are you talking about independent voters, perhaps, getting into the mix here? >> no. look, i think in this election? >> yeah. >> i think independent voters are also independent. that's why today, even, we were talking about this earlier there are folks in showing up at the polling place unenrolled and not having made a decision until today. my point on latino voter we have to court them, show there's a place in the democratic party and not just an antitrump place. >> let's check in now with blaire miller. he's live in new york with the trump campaign. >> reporter: vannessa, you were talking about the states
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those have been expected. they're watching very closely what's happening in florida, north carolina, and ohio. watching those numbers as they come across the screen here. we talk about the venue and the amount of people here. this is an invitation only event. if you're watching during the earlier newscasts you saw it was an empty room. this is a very small venue event compared to the major rallies we've seen from donald trump, especially here recently. this is invitation only with today in mid-town donald trump did vote, not too far from where he are. he and his wife melania calling it a fantastic day. as he was done voting and walking out, he was talking with reporters and he was asked would he concede here tonight in the network calls the race for hillary clinton he said we will see. also earlier today, i spoke with thief start gist for the rnc shawn spicer asking which states
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>> i think we'll win michigan and colorado. >> then what? >> then we'll plan the inaguration. >> i spoke with him here moments ago. he says it remains to be seen and he's watching michigan and colorado closely because those are states that have leaned clinton here. donald trump is expected here later tonight. i'm told now he's over at trump tower which is about he's watching the reports come in. his family members will be showing up in the next hour or so. >> all right. we'll be czeching in with you throughout the night. massachusetts voting until 8:00 tonight. the polls have closed. let's go to jason law who is live in framingham. at the time before 8:00, you got to come in and cast injure vote. pretty much, wrapping it up down
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the state at 8:00. it wasn't maybe a minute after that everybody's cell phone starting about off. as expected, hillary clinton did carry the state of massachusetts. if you are stuck in line, you can get in there. you just had to be in line at 8:00 when everything enclosinged down so your vote will count. lines have not been an issue at all. no lines since the polling place opened up at 7:00 this morning. things have been running smoothly. a lot of that has early voting. there are 4.5 million registered voters in massachusetts, and more than 1 million took advantage of early voting and cast their ballots before today. that helped keep the traffic down at polling places all across the state. we talked were a lot of undecided voters today. but some voters told us they made up their minds months ago starting with this man month voted for donald trump. >> when it was mrs. clinton i made my decision a long time ago. we had enough of the clintons
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mr. trump -- i think he can do the job. >> i voted for hillary. just the insults against women and immigrants. i felt like he was just so disrespectful to human beings, and i can't even think about voting for a president like that >> reporter: there's questions about voter enthusiasm here in 2016. as far as voter turnout across the state, state says he expects to see numbers at least rivalling or close to what we saw in 2012 and 2008 which would be close to around 3 million voters taking part in election 2016. we'll keep an eye on it all night here. for now we're live, jason law, fox 25. >> the senate race in new hampshire is being watched closely. control of the senate on the line. so maggie hassan, the governor of new hampshire making a run.
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over the constituent kelly -- incumbent kelly ayotte. let's go to bob now. >> reporter: here in the last hour or so. kelly ayotte's supporters started filling into the ballroom. this is the election nate headquarters not only for senator kelly ayotte but for the governor. but this race, just like the presidential race at the top of the ticket, it very, very as they watch these returns come in. earlier today we caught up with senator kelly ayotte as she was casting her ballot down in new hampshire with her family. she is running for reelection but there's more to this race. national democrats have chartered this race as one they might be able to win, so millions have been spent on the race. polls say it's very close. a short time ago i spoke with a
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returns. here's what they're saying. >> very optimistic about kelly. i know the woman personally. she's done a tremendous job and deserve today's win. >> a lost anxiety coming in, because i think it's an important election. it's important kelly sable to hold the seat not only for new hampshire but for the con tri. there's a lost anxiety with that. it's exciting. it's going to be a tense night. >> reporter: most the polls here closed at 7:00. the rest close at we'll be getting some real numbers soon. as i said people here are filing in. but the very anxious. been a close race. all the way through, there was a una poll that came out not long ago that showed coal coal losing by five points. cope cope's people -- kelly ayotte's people said they felt that was an outlier.
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these candidates are well liked in that area. this is, as you said, going to be extremely tight. what is the mood there as memorandum are approaching you while you're there? >> reporter: you know, i just think people are anxious. it's not release or celebration or anything like that. i think everyone is just sort of, like, paying close attention to the returns as they come in. they're watching the presidential race. they have a lot vested in that. and they're watching the returns as hampshire. they're very nervous about what might be happening here. i don't see a lot of confidence in the room, but i do -- i'm cautiously optimistic. it's an overused phrase. it's the best way to put it right now. >> still have some time to go up there. we'll be checking in in a bit. let's go to maggie hassan's campaign. she's at manchester, new hampshire with her headquarters.
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the mood there is a bit difference than what bob is experienced at kelly ayotte's headquarters? >> reporter: the crowd that's filling the restaurant here behind me erupting in cheers as they're watching the returns come in here. the mood here is very optimistic despite the tight polls. a a two-term governor cast her vote early this morning in newfield and spent the day covering polling site as cross the state meeting with voters. maggie hassan is touting her colleagues across the aisle. as her watch party, a local high school teacher brought half of his civics class here tonight, the other half are with maggie hassan's rival senator kelly ayotte. >> you don't want to say pick one or the other, go where you want to be. literally half the class is up in concord and the other is down here. >> reporter: do you think that shows just how razor thin the margin is in this race?
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you know, that the kids have opinions on their own, and they can be passionate for their own candidate. >> reporter: he said he thinks even if governor maggie hassan wins the seat, it dunted mean that clinton will take new hampshire, noting that stub born granite staters often split the ticket. we're awaiting governor maggie hassan's arrival. her team said she'd be here a little bit afterno we're live, fox 25 news. >> thank you. this contest is set to be the most costly political race in new hampshire, upwards of $100 million spent on this race. steve, talk to me about that. is it bas the balance of power is at stake here? >> absolutely. kelly ayotte is a very popular senator. maggie hassan is a very popular governor. she was recruited heavily by the democrats to run because we wanted to make sure we knew, even back then, the balance of
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we have, as a result, a lot of money has been put in to that small state and around boston. >> she's been with clinton and several democratic heavy hitters several times throughout the campaigns. >> absolutely. we've had a lot of folks focused on making sure maggie hassan wins this race at the end of the night because she could be the 50th democratic senator hold some of that power for us in the democratic party. >> we're talking about a senate seat here at stake. again, the power that could be demonstrated there, should she take over the senate as far as the democrats are concerned. let's talk about that for a moment. with relation to donald trump, when you look at it it's that ballot down theory we're looking at. her relationship to donald trump initially was i'm with him. and after the groping allegations she was away from him. that whole thing, how did that work? >> look, i think that there's a
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him or she was voting for him. >> she running side by side in the state with him? >> she is. but originally -- her original position was i am not supporting him. i will vote for him. i'm not endorsing him, but i'm going to vote for him. when your choice is, as a united states senator, as a republican, whether you're going to pick hillary clinton or your going to pick donald trump or the republican takes donald trump out of it as the nominee. once the comments came out, as a him based on miz comments. -- his comments. she played that well. >> prior to that, can it be interrorist attempted by the voter that it's not all in for donald trump with her and that's a problem? that cast doubt? >> i don't think so. she was there first. she was a united states senator first. she's been there for six years and working for the people of new hampshire. donald trump is running to be president of the states. he's running to be the united states senator from new hampshire. >> let's talk about the polls. you and i talked several times
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it's coat -- kelly ayotte. it's wildly swinging. >> the questions the polls. everyone thinks they're a political analyst. at the end of the day the only poll that counts is the one on election day. if you look at these numbers, still, they're own 3,000 votes apart. >> it's still early. >> it's still early early. >> and she was an extremely trying to talk to and make contact with the voters. do you think that had an impact? >> i think she's done amazing things. on halloween, she took a picture of her kids and hashtagged her community and kids and halloween. >> family was important. >> very much family. that's one of the things that is a really redeeming quality about her. she's not a super star. she's just like everyone else
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>> if she wins, what does this mean for her political future? you mentioned she was heavily recruited by the democrats. >> chuck schumer is the hopefully leader of the democratic -- >> wrong. >> they recruited heavily, i bar ran fee you. when conversations like that take place it's talking about committee assignment, how much money there will be to make sure she gets we needed her to make sure we could get the majority of the senate. i'm very excited about it. i think that kelly ayotte is sort of -- she's a nice person and probably loved by a lot of people. but her moving back on forth on trump i think gave a lot of trump supporter reason to request her, and a lot of wishy-washy democratic supporters reason enough to really drill down and get engaged in this campaign. i think that will make the difference and make maggie
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now. >> it's incredible. that is something to keep an eye on. as people have said if trump does not win florida, he does not win this election. i want to go back to new hampshire. having live there had and worked there, they take this seriously. this is a sport for them up there. >> talk about that when they look at the commercials and hear it over and over again. you cross that exactly where you are. >> they are a good indication of support. >> what i find interesting -- this senate race might have been middle of the road, normal race with a big, you know, majority impact at stake. the fact that it's in a presidential year has amped up the enthusiasm. the new hampshire voters have probably talked to every candidate for president.
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folks. >> i think that in a race where they've spent nearly $130 million -- and you've had super stars, yes, go up there. i don't know. i do question how much the voters of new hampshire appreciate having elizabeth warren go into new hampshire and tell them who to vote for. i think that pulls people back for. they know they're voting for two very distinct positions, their united states senator and president of the united hang any of trumpisms around her neck or blame her for not supporting him, because they know her. it's not that she's a first-time elected official. she's been doing this. they know. she has a proven record that she's running on. it would be very different if she was trying to defeat an incumbent or run for an open position. >> let's go back to florida. as wear hering 48.5 percent for both candidates right now. it is still early.
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latinos. what other voting group is going to be extremely poshtd in -- important in this florida race >> college aged white women and men. folks in the 40s to 60s demographic. we want to keep a very close eye on those who are not college educated to see what their turnout levels are. those are trump supporters, in large measure. that's who we want to keep a close eye on. you have to look at where this 48.5 is womb coming from. what counties aren't in. is dade in? is the i-4 corridor accounted for? where will the balance come from? that can reflect what's going o happen there. i think we'll win by a couple points. >> right. >> the early voting was supposed to favor hillary clinton. >> i think about 6 million latinos had voted through that early voting process.
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interestingly, not new as in the college age voters, the new voter just turned 18. but older voters month are voting for the very first time. i think that that is definitely having an effect on clinton's numbers. opposite of what steve is looking at, i don't know that there's a big college population in florida but the bigger block are the retirees. and that's an interesting block to look at for trump. because those are the voters who not getting everything they thought they were going to get, they worked their buts off for a long period of time. they're in retirement. whether they're snowflakes or snow birds they're out there and voting. that's their state now. >> all right. let's check in with kerry back live in new york city. what's the mood there tonight? [cheering] >> reporter: a racous crowd here. they've fired up and have been
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>> we have videos playing as the results are pouring in. of course, all eyes are on some of those key states we're talking about, ohio, north carolina, new hampshire, a battleground this year, and of course, as all elections do, it seems like this is hinging on florida. >> that's fox 25's kerry kavanaugh for us. blaire trump. we have the numbers scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we're staying local with you
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>> welcome back. we're covering all the local races for you, because we know those are so important to you. many of you following those four ballot questions as well as our local congressional races. we want to head out >> reporter: by the time the doors closed just about 20 minutes ago, there had been more than 4,500 people who had cast their ballots here at this ward 3 today. that includes 622 new registered voters today, and it does also include some of the absentee ballots that were sent in. there were hundreds of them, and the rest of them are sitting right there on this table to be
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though the folks are taking a break. they've been at it all day long here. overall, what we're talking about a 75 percent voter turnout here. those are astounding numbers. you would never know it, though, because there were no long lines or crowds with the exception of this morning when the polls opened at 6:00 a.m. the line, we're told, was round the -- around the building. more than 50 percent of the vote came in between then and 1:00 in the afternoon. after that, it was a steady re that's when the late voter came in and cast the ballot. we caught up with that last voter, and believe it or not, it was actually her first time. >> last minute. each vote counts, right? you have to come out. >> reporter: how were you so late today? >> i have my work and my son. but i got here. >> reporter: how does it feel for the first time? >> i feel good.
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>> reporter: she came earlier in the evening and decided before she cast her ballot, she'd get her friend and they came back together. they were the last two to cast their ballots here. we'll monitor throughout the night. we'll be bringing you more live updates as it continues. >> erica, thank you. let's go to lilly. she's standing by with more on the electoral map. tell us what's going on here. we see a lot of red and not a lot of blue at the moment. >> you don't. but it's interesting, smaller. it's interesting because we're seeing a flurry of information coming in between fox and cnn we're in prediction mode here. and trump predicted to win indiana, kentucky, west virginia, south carolina, oklahoma, missouri, tennessee, and mississippi. while in the clinton camp she's predicted to win vermont, rhode island, massachusetts, new jersey, maryland, delaware, and illinois. if that is the case, then the number of electoral votes would be 67 right now for trump and 68
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of course 270 is that magic number. 207 electoral votes needed to wint race. >> guys, over to you. >> thank you. now let's go out to blaire miller who is with the trump campaign in new york city. blair, i understand have you a live interview for us? >> reporter: yeah. a lot of information, as you all are digesting coming in, and so is the trump campaign as we speak. joining me now is the seen yore advisor for the trump campaign. you were checking your >> we're up in florida. it's razor then. we're outperforming mitt romney in 2012. feeling optimistic about the state of florida. >> reporter: as they're calling it here in alabama -- every electoral vote counts joo.king about back to florida, if you don't take florida, what happens?
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we we're confident. >> reporter: you can win without florida? >> yes. as this has unfolded you were talking about the confidence and saying we're going to win. still have that confidence? >> absolutely confident. florida, there it is right now. we're up 48.9 to 48.1. very close. but we're winning florida right now. which is obviously a vital, and we'll watch that through the night. >> reporter: i know mr. trump is eager to see the results and the exit polling. afternoon into the evening? >> just like the rest of are. he remains confident and determined. we're very excited for him to be the next president. >> reporter: how late of a night is this going to be? >>s that the one thing i don't know. >> reporter: appreciate your time. thank you so much. campaign getting information there. looking forward to saying
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>> i love his assessment there. trump can win without florida. we'll get colonel colorado and michigan. i'm not sure that there's been a republican in modern time that has won without florida. you need florida to win. >> he said they're doing well in panhandle. how important is the panhandle in this race? >> well, florida is in 2000 came down to 537 votes. every part of florida is port important because of that magic number of 29. every democrat for the last seven elections democrats can basically depend on 242 electoral votes going their way.
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if that's his firewall, he can stop her in florida. it makes it harder -- it will be later in the night when she wins. but he can't win without it. right? >> i love your positivity. it will be later in the night when she wins. >> it might be early in the morning, but we'll take it whenever it happens. >> and the road to the white house goes to that i-4. >> but go to any state and they'll tell you the road is through their state. >> well, new hampsre happen in 2004. >> but that was a 2,500 vote margin in new hampshire. it was further away than the 537. >> let's go back local and talk more with ted ban yell who is live in boston with the yes on 4 folks. this is the referendum that would legalize marijuana for recreation use. ted? >> reporter: vannessa, we have a party now in the back bay. the prolegalization efforts rented out the entire bottom
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marijuana legal, like it is in colorado, where someone could go in, pick their strain, bring it home, smoke it, and they wouldn't be in trouble. now one of the people behind the campaign is will luzier. you're the campaign chairman. will, one of the things i think a lot of people will have a question about, what happens if the town says i don't want these pot shops in my egyptair? >> a city or town can pass a bylaw or ordinance that must be voted on by the people of that city or. >> reporter: so they'll have the final say? >> the voter wills have the final say on banning commerce in their particular city or town. >> reporter: in 2018, january 2018, that is the target when the first marijuana store could open. i mean, will the state be ready for that? >> look, colorado elected to do this in november of 2012.
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january of 2014. so if the same time line -- we're not going to have to reinvent the wheel, you know. we can look at those other states that have done it right and make sure we do it right. >> reporter: will luke here. thank you very much for joining us. will and everyone else here are watching, waiting to get numbers in. but we already heard what was sort of a victory speech a short time ago by one of the organizers. are predicting a positive outcome. the question will pass in massachusetts and that marijuana will become legal? we'll have to wait and see over the next hour or so when the numbers come in. that's the latest. reporting live in boston, i'm ted daniel. >> the congress mang today said it would probably pass. we'll see what happens there. and there's refinement goes on, if it ever does pass. and that's something to talk about once we find out tonight's
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talk about the kerncongressional balance of power. justin? >> reporter: we judge just at democrat headquarters and talked to nancy pelosi she's conceding that democrats will have a hard time in the senate. that's coming down to the same key races we've been talking about. one of them in new hampshire, another one we're still keeping an eye on is pennsylvania. some of the numbers starting to come instance marco rubio winning in florida. that's a hold for the republicans. and tammy duckworth running in i will illinois i will. that's a pickup for the democrats. so too close to call at this hour. >> there we go. now can you hear us. having some issues there with justin's live shot. >> i want to pass along to folks, we're staying with you here locally. we appreciate you stopping boy and joining us. hope you'll stick around as well. we have the results going along the bottom of your screen right
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steve,feer, democrat and republican representatives tonight. and we've been talking about a lot of things early on here. but let's talk more about florida and because it just brings out the best in the both of you. [laughter] >> florida is a key for us. if trump does not win florida, it becomes incredibly difficult to win. not that he can't. with florida, it's not saying he does but it makes the path easier. there are 2-9d electoral college votes in florida. that is an enormous amount of votes. that's not the new hampshire four or massachusetts. and you need that.
8:38 pm
if you look at the southern part of florida, that's, like, being in new york. where do they go? yes, it's compromised like new york, however there are people who are retiring and are really mad that the system is not working for them. >> let's check in with lilly now. she's going to breakdown florida for us. >> we're looking at florida closely right now. what we're seeing is although it's in the red, just a few moment as go, blaire miller was talking to one of the top advisor yos, and he was saying this is a razor thin margin. what you're seeing here is a predictor buts that a dance between red and blue that's so close. i want want to show you this. right now we're looking at 49.1 percent leaning towards trump in florida, 48 percent leaning towards clinton in florida, and can you just see that it's a margin of just about 40,000 votes or so. this is going to be a dance that
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pushed and pulled in both directions. again, as you heard just a little while ago this is a razor thin margin. at the moment it's tending towards trump. but we have to wait and see. this is a long night ahead. we don't yet have a full picture of which way florida will go. one other thing, since we updated you on the overall picture throughout the country, we learned that alabama has gone trump's way. of course that was expected. florida, though, is still in play here, and we'll have to continue to look at this. the night. buys. >> thank you very much. i want to go out to chris cal haynes now in the south bend. this is a yes on question 2 party. crystal, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they have about 650 volunteers in the field. they're at election place as cross the state and right here in boston. i'm going to step out of the camara frame just so you can see how many people have packed the area at this hour.
8:40 pm
vested interest in the results of this ballot question. the district has the largest number of charters in the state at eight. and they have struggled to get reimbursed by the state for students who take the federal dollars allotted to them through a charter school. >> the legislature hasn't fully funded the reimbursement so they're in a terrible mix. all of that means it's skirting the throughout massachusetts. >> reporter: di speak to one mom who said her daughter is struggling in boston schoolings compared to her other children who were? charter schools. here's what she had to say. >> i can speak for myself when i say my daughter is weeing left behind right now. she's struggling.
8:41 pm
levels behind ake deem cally. her brother is in the second grade and she's in the fourth. and he's reading on the same level as her. >> reporter: with just a few precincts recording, about 1 percent, we're saying it's too close to call exactly what's happening on question 2 right now. we're going to get you all the results as soon as we get them. for now, i'm crystal hanes, fox 25 news. >> we're
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>> welcome back. we're going to go over the ballot questions now. nothing final just yet. you can look here. question 1. this is to add another slot gaming facility. this is more revere area. you can say no is prevailing in this vote over yes. 62 to 38 percent. >> ballot question 2 regarding charter schools. this would lift the cap and allow more charter schools. yes, 36 percent. no, 64 percent right now. >> wow. question 3. apparently we don't have number ons that just yet. that's cage free. we'll get back to that.
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50/50 right now. this is vote to legalize recreation marijuana. let's bring our guest back in now and get their thoughts on that. we'll start off with question 1 which is the slots. most pe people have their opinions. but the polls are two and four. >> the lots is one i don't think a lot of folks were following, and i don't -- >> but the charter schools. >> more than 60 percent say no on charter schools >> 2 and 4 will make this a bad night as he goes into next year he's lost a lot of political capital trying to burn through and push the charter school, in particular. when and i firmly believe no on two will prevail, and it should. >> but they're not necessarily
8:46 pm
but in some sense, he is. >> he put all of his influential. he was in the ads for yes on 2. and put a lot of himself out there i think a siewmg his wonderful approval ratings would translate. but the people of massachusetts were organized, they talked about what mattered in terms of the 96 you saw on your piece earlier. talking about the 96 percent of kids in public education who need a governor and legislature who will fund education overall and we can focus on improving schools across the commonwealth >> we'll let you react to that. but we need to go to new hampshire senate race. we're going to kelly ayotte's headquarters. bob ward has a special guest. bob. >> reporter: that's right. i'm with jennifer warren. she is the state g.o.p. chairman here in new hampshire. jennifer, thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. >> reporter: how do you feel so far? i sense a little bit of anxiety here in this room right now >> we're a little tense, you know. >> reporter: it's a close race. >> well, it's election night. that's normal.
8:47 pm
i think it's going to be quite a while before we know where we stand here. kelly ayotte has run an outstanding race. she had done an outstanding job as senator, being a strong voice for our state in the u.s. senate. but we expected if this was a tight year and that's what we're seeing. >> taking time to get results in. i understand salem could be very late tonight. i want to ask you about dough veer. what happened in dough veer? there was an extra hour there. what took place? >> the an e-mail notifying voters the polls would be open until 8:00 but they close at 7:00. they spent two corrections after that. but the democrats didn't feel -- we were satisfied with that as a correction. the democrats were not. ultimately it went before a judge and the ruled that the polls should stay open until 8:00. we respected the decision of the judge. now we're waiting for the votes to be countedded. >> reporter: do you think that will give an unfair advantage to
8:48 pm
to lean democrat. so if there's an advantage, that's the way it ent. that's of course our concern and why we questioned it to begin with. but in the end, again, we do feel -- we had the opportunity, and the judge has ruled. >> reporter: let me ask you about going back to the senate race here. there was a lot of controversy here. one of the debates, kelly ayotte talked about the top of the ticket, donald trump and was asked if he was a role model for her children. and she she tried to walk that back afterwards but it came back to haunt her in various campaign ads. do you think that is going to be making a difference tonight? >> well, a couple of things that i think will make a difference. one is that on the democrat side of this, you know, senator kelly ayotte was outspent by about $15 million in some of those negative attack ads. i think that has the potential to have an impact. but i would say that i think that senator kelly ayotte has always been a have i independent
8:49 pm
she has stood up to her party and called out donald trump and others when she felt is was in the best interest of our state. she stood up to donors and special interests and that independence is valued here in new hampshire. hopefully tonight it be will rewarded. >> all eyes are on this race because it could change the balance of power in washington. if maggie hassan wins the democrats prevail. you have a lot riding tonight. right now you're just watching the exactly the reasons you just talked about. the balance of power in the u.s. senate has a significant impact on national security issues, on supreme dort justice nomination. on education on budgets. it's an incredibly important seat, and that's why most of the nation is kind of watching this race tonight. like i said, we expected it was going to be a tight finish. we've seen that's how it's turning out. we're watching it very closely.
8:50 pm
optimistic we'll be sending kelly ayotte back to the senate. >> reporter: how late do you think this will go? >> salem told us it will be midnight before they get their votes counted. salem is a republican stronghold. >> reporter: thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> reporter: guys, you hear it there. very anxious night here at kelly ayotte headquarters in concord, new hampshire. this is the headquarters for the republican running for governor. his father served a few tirmz and was the white house chief of staff. i talked to him a few moments ago. we're hoping to bring that to you as well. sounds like a nile biter up here. i have coffee. i hope you do too. we'll be here late, i think. >> perked up a little bit right there. last time we saw you, it was getting anxious. feeling better about things in
8:51 pm
that's what this is all about. moment to moment could go on hours. want to go back to you because of the charter schools. we know how it could be defeated tonight. charlie banker put his support behind it. a lot of people said it's charlie going out there and putting himself behind one view viewpoint that tonight is not resonating with voters. >> i don't think this has nog anything 20 do with the governor and it's not a referendum on the governor. he's one of the 340e69 popula with over a 70 percent approval rating. what it has more to do with is school choice and the fact that the teachers unions came out -- >> passionately. >> against this. and school choice. and what the parents' will is. the facts is that massachusetts suffers, and we need to look at this. if we're going to say that the teachers unions, who are taking
8:52 pm
>> hold on. there are millions coming from wall street and on the other side supporting the fund 2 movement. the teachers go to the phone bank or knock on doors. we're not exactly apples and apples here. there's a lot of money pushing across the country to push an increase charter schools. you have to ask yourself why that. teachers union do what they always do which is stood up for parents, students, and public education. >> i totally disea. a gree. i think at that time was showing their political strength and were going out here and defeating what the did you have and the speaker had said would be good for massachusetts and our kids in inner-cities. these kids have no other choice except to go to failing public schools. if these teachers that are in these unions would work to fix these schools, we wouldn't have the need for charter schools. i think that's the biggest problem. >> what about the governor being
8:53 pm
for everyone and the suburbs. >> he needs the help of the teachers unions. but if they're going to say our day is only six hours long. we're going to send kids back home to the gangs and the violence and cut things like gym, art. >> they cut those things but in denhah alone you move 12 kids to charter schools in boston they cut $140,000. there are not resourcing coming education. that's what we need to say. >> go back, like any other good manager, and manage your budgets and you won't have those lags. >> you should ask charley, he'sed the manager-in-chief. he managed to lose this vote. >> this 45z been going on for a long time. >> he was hired -- it was an issue put in place when charlie was bill well's cabinet 23 years ago. >> speaking of money because there's a lot involved here.
8:54 pm
>> not evenly. not evenly spent. there was a lot of money on the yes on no side. we had a lot of boots on the ground on the no on 2 movement it was driven yes by the teachers unions because they stand up the kids. it was driven by naacp. juan coffield has been a leader in that community for a long time. it's not just about the city of boston. there are 350 other cities and towns who need every kid an opportunity to thrive and get the education they deserve here in the bay state. i hope, i hope, with this law, that the governor and the speaker and the senate president, everybody will get together and find a way to fully fund public education at a level that puts back arts and gym and invests in stem education and early childhood education which is the best use of our public dollars and we get leadership rather than folks trying to use
8:55 pm
most popular goff to sway voters. it dunted. e didn't work. >> your missing -- >> that's very cute. >> you're missing the point. the point was not taking kids out of public school and putting them into the charter schools. it's a choice issue. it'sed the choice of the parent not the education system. it's not the choice of public school teachers or principle paps or supervisors. it's a choice of a parent. i don't want that choice take ean way from me. here's what i find interesting. all the democrats that against this question, you in addition to that, everyone calls for income equality, and this and that to be equal. how is it going to be equal when our kids in inner-city schools are in failing school districts and kids who are in weston and welsey -- >> we invest money in public education. >> but you're -- what's the difference with the teacher in the double uu towns and the
8:56 pm
>> and that's what supporters said all along. this was making it more equal. >> they would have that same opportunity if we fully invested in public education. >> you think about the students and the kids and what those kids -- if you don't get the lottery ticket and don't get out, are you left behind. >> every person -- the adults could fight the rule but think about the kids. >> that's what it comes down to if we had a funding mechanism that didn't pit parents and kids against each other. we have passionate views on this. i don't question her reasons. and i don't think she questions mine. if we, as leaders in our commonwealth, set up a system that didn't pit funding mechanism and people against each other, the parents just want their kids to get a about he had dation. we want to make sure all kids do get that.
8:57 pm
will be moved off the table. by the way the governor vastly over reached with question 2. now you're not going to be able to go back and ask them to be courage on that because the people have said no. and it's time to get to work. >> the fact that the teachers unions were so outspoken about against it. >> 110,000 member as lone. they understand what's at stake when we focus as a governor's office only on 4 john adams wrote our constitution and guaranteed a public education to all the kids . >> we have so top you there. >> but we're here all night.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>> we continue on here on fox 25. so good to have you with us. we've been bringing you numberses in the local and national races. got it covered here today. the ballot questions which have en cited heated debate to our panelists. >> we want to update you on numbers in the presidential race. we are hearing now that trump
9:01 pm
north dakota, and south dakota, and hillary clinton has won new york. really, no surprises here again. >> that's right. we want to put up other numbers as well, if we have these on the national race. we're going to take a look at that in just a bit. we'll be doing that shortly. let's talk while we can about what we've seen here. no surprise hillary clinton, native new yorker. wins. >> not a be noisy.
9:02 pm
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
9:04 pm
>> welcome back. we apologize for the technical difficulties as we went to brake prior. it's live and local. you have the numbers a cr's the bottom of your screen. we talked about ballot question 2 at length. we may not be done with which is. o to legalize recreation marijuana use. >> this is a fascinating question, right? you have the pro side saying let's legalize it and tax it. however, i think it's more of an issue that should have gone to the legislature. at the end of the day we don't have regulations on using and driving, using and then driving. and i think, you know, s tax -- how are we going to tax it?
9:05 pm
legislature. the fear is how do you then you go back in and redo something that has already been done? >> lawmakers are saying if it does pass, they're going to have to make tweaks to this on the sales tax and possibly regarding home grows, maybe delaying those home grows. they talked about delaying the edibles as well. that's been a concern in colorado. >> with kids and what they look like and their shapes and that stuff. look, i am not a legislating by ballot initiative. i do think that there are a lot of fixs that need to get done. i think the legislature is smart, although a little late, to saying what changes they may make. this would not be any way i would go about doing it. withabout charlie baker went out heavy on not allowing this. if this goes to allow it, it will be another ding.
9:06 pm
but it will be a ding on his effectiveness and his, frankly, clout to win this election. >> and the mayor, as well. >> and the chief of police who got behind this to make sure it didn't come in. >> and the speaker of the house, as well. >> i understand that. i'm not here to talk about your guys, i'm here to talk about your guys. >> you have more than i do. >> thanks be to god. >> looks like our systems are back up and running. let's check in clinton campaign. kerry. >> reporter: well, vaunessa, a program of sorts has got not underway. we heard from new york city mayor bill deblasoio. several mothers who lost their children to gun violence got on stage here and spoke in favor of hillary clinton.
9:07 pm
remarks here tonight. we're watching the numbers so closely in this room. a short time ago when they called the state of new york. h not surprising but this being the home town crowd, they erupted. very close races in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania. big states at this campaign here hoping they can eek out a win in. back to you. >> for those who may not have the seen the broadcast talk about where you are and the significant of the glass around you and above you, more importantly there. >> reporter: 15 stories of it. it's an all glass building. strategically chosen by the clinton campaign to ultimately crack the glass ceiling above us here. this was something they have planned for months to have this location for this evening. the ultimate glass ceiling will
9:08 pm
hillary clinton being the first. it's a beautiful space, i really will say. it's packed. we're on the main media raise riser here. we're surrounded by media from around the globe. there's a crowd behind me. a stage in the shape of united states map. there's a separate stage outside. a giant crowd assembled out there so far the program i've been talking about all those speakers they're outside. we haven't had any speakers inside the building yet >> kerry, are you hearing from the clinton campaign as far as ix et polls come in? is there a certain voting block they're really focused on? >> reporter: well, we did talk a lot about new hampshire and the college students that were turning out at unh in durham. i spoke with someone on the ground. they're confident in the results they're seeing there. the latino vote they're looking at in several states, arizona, nevada, florida, trying to turn
9:09 pm
president obama was able to do in the last two elections. >>er cere joining us tonight from hillary clinton's headquarters in new york. just down the road we have trump headquarters as well. >> let's cheek in with blaire miller. blair. >> reporter: we're about a mile from where kerry is reporting from. the scene here. different. much smaller venue. you don't have as many people as what is happening at kerry's celebration. if you look behind me, things picking up. to give you a numbers here, not a lot of media has been allowed in. you may see a lot of camaras and lights but only about 700 media allowed in. i'm told 5,000 medias requested credentials but not a lot let in. a much smaller venue. a lot of people have been watching the returns come this >> you heard kerry talk about how the clinton people responded when new york was called. there were a lot of boos here. not a surprise but you're talking about a local crowd.
9:10 pm
come in and not happy. but not a big surprise. many people here focused on florida and want stege how this -- to see how that turns out. >> what are you hearing from the trump campaign as it relates to the silent majority, those that have haven't voted in many years that trump is counting on him to come out t earl have i voting. some of them saying the early voting numbers are stronger than even they anes patedded and they believe that will go their way. it may be part of what they've been calling a surprise tonight. they are saying that may play in as the results start coming in around 9:30, 10:00 tonight. >> what was the talk in new york today -- purely from a sport fan's point of view.
9:11 pm
bilichek sent a letter saying congratulations to trump. were they talking about that? >> they were not. hillary clinton's hotel was less than a block from trump tower. walking around there, nobody could go anywhere. you talk to the people month live around here, a lot of them roll their eyes saying i want to get down fifth avenue. it's more the celebrity status ever these two real estate world and many people are so mp focused on that. anything beyond that doesn't get a lot of traction here in new york city. >> we want to brings up the latest numbers in the presidential race. we have the graphics here. donald trump with 50 percent of
9:12 pm
popular vote. donald trump adding arkansas to his list. and maggie hassan continues to maintain a decent lead over kelly ayotte. we talked to bob warted, and-- ward, and getting less nervous. >> well, donald trump has been making waves with boston hade yo hosts this afternoon. >> that's right. >> and heath certificate following that for us. trump was on howie's show this afternoon talking about a former president. tell us more. >> reporter: he was talking about george w bush and bush's decision ton vote for president at all. trump told howie karred radio show even though he was critical of bush for getting into the iraq war, he called it "sad that bush didn't make any sort of
9:13 pm
believe bush will have any impact in the end on the results. another politician who we've been telling you about who has admitted he didn't vote for president today is none other than our own governor charlie baker. he admitted today when he went to vote the left the president's spot blank but voted on the ballot questions. he also urged massachusetts voters to vote despite his actions as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> we want to chk lilly. >> reporter: we're looking at the latest numbers and going back and forth and trying to get you the latest here. i want to take a look at some of how the counties in both massachusetts and new hampshire are voting. here's the thing. new hampshire, of course, is still too close to call. this is a battleground state and a hotly contested race there in new hampshire. you can signed of -- kind of see
9:14 pm
berkshire is predicted clinton, middlesex and norfolk. but you have plymouth that seems to be predicted for trump. we'll continue to look at these numbers and bring you the latest in just a bit. back over to you guys. >> all right. we mentioned the new hampshire senate race and kelly ayotte. bob ward is up there. let's go to catherine now at the maggie hassan's campaign i know there are a lot of people there with you tonight. they have to be pap harpy to this point in the evening. >> reporter: she does have a lead. can you tell it by the mood in the room. there have been plenty of cheers as the early returns have started to come in. the crowd watching them. right now we'ring the that maggie hassan is at 51 percent to kelly ayotte's 45. that's a at what . that actually
9:15 pm
before election day that showed the disparity between the two among undecided voters. as the crowd has grown here inside the restaurant in manthefter so has the -- manchester so has the sense of optimism. many cheering for hillary clinton. over the last few weeks, the two-term governor has tried to strike a positive tone, similar to clinton, saying that she is worked with republicans and independents across the aisle and that business if she's elected. >> they both have a lot of experience. they both have done good things for their constituents, i believe. whether i a free with them or not, but i believe they're good for their supporters and that has been the reason why it's been so close is that they have such strong ties to new hampshire and the people. >> reporter: right now there's only 14 percent of the precincts reporting. still certainly a long ways to go yet.
9:16 pm
mean the governor maggie hassan is watching the returns come in with her family in manchester. no word yet on when she will join the party. reporting live for fox 25 news. >> thank you. now let's go to bob ward, who is at senator kelly ayotte's headquarters. hey, bob. >> reporter: well, you know, the party is getting started here in concord, new hampshire. more and more supp senator kelly ayotte are flowing into the ballroom. as we've been reporting they're cautiously optimistic as theyw the returns come this >> the news is that it's tough for supporters of kelly ayotte. i'm looking at our website at fox 25. and 14 percent of the vote in and maggie hassan holds about a 5 percent lead over kelly ayotte according to these early returns. i asked the kelly ayotte
9:17 pm
what they signify, and they said those results coming from democrat strongholds that the cities and towns they're waiting for have not reported yet. they expect the numbers are going to tighten up quite a bit. now this is eye lex night headquarters for senator kelly ayotte. but it's election night headquarters for chris sununu who is running for governor of new hampshire and this is the seat that was held back in the 80s and 90s by his father john become chief of staff for president george bush. i caught up with john sunun just a short time ago to ask him about his son's race and what it's like to watch the numbers come in. >> it's so much harder being the father of a candidate than the candidate. the nerves are really all the way out. but i'm so proud of the campaign he ran. and i'm sure i'll be proud when he's governor. he ran a very positive campaign.
9:18 pm
of dirt being thrown at him, but i'm proud of what he did. >> reporter: there's former governor johnson talking about his son who right now is running for governor of new hampshire. back now here live senator kelly ayotte, that's why we're here tonight. all eyes are on this race because of what it means the national implications of this race. and right now, the early results are coming in showing maggie new hampshire with the lead. but the kelly ayotte campaign is expecting that's going to tighten up as more republican cities and towns come in. they expect this will be a very late night because the city of sal lem which is historically a republican community is going to be reporting late. so they're thinking this could go well past midnight. guys, we may not have an answer here earlier tonight when the presidential race may be settled, the new hampshire
9:19 pm
>> bob, grab your coffee. going to be a late night. >> getting word obviously that donald trump is narrow lead in there are there-- florida. the dow futures we understand now with this development have started to dive, along with his a -- rise. we saw a rebound from the e-mails, we found out the f.b.i. was not going to pursue anything with hillary you saw a 300-point fwain in the mar -- gain in the margin. >> goes to show you what the folks on wall street and others think will be good for our economy and they believe hillary clinton will -- >> you can speak to this, jennifer. is he clear with his policies? if he clearly makes his policies known that number would go back up >> absolutely. that's been dogging donald trump the entire campaign is that it's
9:20 pm
instead of telling us what his policies are. i think that's a reflection of that. also in the market the evil you know versus the evil you don't. they know what they're getting with hillary clinton. they don't know what they would get with donald trump. i think that definitely has something to do with it. probably donald trump is elected, everything simmers down but it will have an effect. >> they also know what came with >> 22 million new jobs. largest private job growth in sen rations. he was an amaze president for the economy. it was not -- they're not direct corelaries with the tech boom. >> he was there at the right place at the right time. and republicans will say barack obama came in at just the right place. there was no place else to go but up. >> talking about trump with the
9:21 pm
times tweeting out trump has a 61 percent chance of winning north carolina again. not official there but a tweet that caught my attention. if he wins florida and north carolina, what do you think? >> he's in play. >> i think he's in play. you still need to look at what happens. look the numbers are the numbers, right? he still needs pennsylvania or ohio or mitch mitch and wisconsin. wisconsin. i i don't know if that's possible. it would take him out in he lost florida. >> we're going to stop on that and go to the ballot questions. let's bring in new numbers as they're coming in. we want to keep you updated. question 1, you can see the thought of bringing in another slot machine gaming parlor right now looks as though it's going down to a defeat. again, if you're looking at it 9 percent of the precincts
9:22 pm
they're not in favor. >> question 2, charter school it would lift the cap. no 62 percent. and the yes is 38 percent. >> free range. we don't have that for the animals. the yes vote would move that out of the cages that revictims them. and animal rights animals restrict them. this way 5 you're seeing a 51-4-9d advantage for the yes vote on recreational marijuana. >> it's still at 8 percent
9:23 pm
>> i think the legislature has to go really fast and do something they're not used to doing. they're going to have to work and fast. they're going to have to legislate on this ballot question. i don't feel like everyone really jobbed -- understood what a question vote would be. it's not just makeing it legal and you do it in your home. it's now what do we do about the 18-year-old who is smoking pot and driving? i think there were a lot of unanswered questions on this one. >> we saw the difficulties that came with the roll out of medical marijuana. >> yeah. we did. now you're going to do this? you think that's going to go better? >> well, den goldberg says if this passes, the treasurer's office is in charge of the control commission. she's been working very hard at making sure they have system set
9:24 pm
running that commission and getting that in place. there are legislateing that needs to be done. the taxpayers will have to front the money for running this commission without any resources coming in. that's never a good place to be which is why, again, i'm not a big fan by legislating by ballot issue. bu to administer this in probably a better way with the medical marijuana experience very much in the foreof hr minds >> clinton was won connecticut. is that what we're hearing? >> yes. that's coming in from fox. a victory on hillary clinton. as we continue to move on throughout the night tonight. speaking of this ballot question number 4. let's go out to ted daniel. we're with the pro-marijuana
9:25 pm
>> reporter: fox 25 is on one the big screens. we showed the numbers in question. we heard a lot of applause in this room. we're in the back bay in the packed house here. jim, you're the communications director for the yes on 4. i know boston hasn't come in yet or at least it's starting to trickle in. that is the area that you really hope to push you ahead? >> yh. well in boston. we knew it was going to be close. the fact that less than 1 percent of boston is in and we're up slightly. that's encouraging to us. anything can happen. >> earlier polling should shown, at least over the last couple of months is the majority of massachusetts voters at least polled appear to be in favor?
9:26 pm
we have polls that had us down a little bit. you know, we worked very hard. we got calls happening up until 8:00 tonight to get out the vote and convince people to come our way. these numbers, between, we're not surprised. we knew it was going to be very close. we have tough competition. we're looking to see how these urban areas come in. right now we're optimistic. >> thank you. >> we're watching, not only what from. a lot of numbers to come this >> the folks here have been talking all night they're prepared and ready for this to happen. and to make hiss you tri here in massachusetts, essentially the state would become what has
9:27 pm
buy marijuana, bring it home and smoke it. you have to be 21 and older and there are a number of other stipulations but it essentially makes marijuana legal in massachusetts. there are a number of other states that have the same ballot initiative and they'll be voting on this tonight. tomorrow could be a new day in america with so many states deciding this issue. that's the latest report in boston. back to you. >> we're going to continue on this theme for a where a lot of people wanted to go on a fact finding mission. >> some of the senators here spent a year studying this issue and travelled to colorado to see how it was working for them. i went with them. they had big concerns. they were concerned about, first of all, the funding. they don't think it's accurate. that it's going to bring enough moundy that would fund the regulation and all the training that's needed for law enforcement. they were extremely concerned about those edibles and about
9:28 pm
edibles for candy. they were very concerned, as you mentioned, about the lack of a system to test people for driving while high. unlike the breatholizer we have for alcohol. and they wrote a scathing report and they indicated if it passes they will make changes. and they do have the ability to do so. >> and jason lewis, the senator that led that group, a great guy who has worked hard and taken seriously and went into it with an open mind. i take a lot of what he did very seriously. i thought the report was very complete and in-depth about what needed to happen, if this were to happen. this is the problem with ballot initiate tiff legislating is that the question is written and reviewed by the attorney general's office to make sure is didn't violate the law, but how much was written. >> right. >> several chapters.
9:29 pm
complicates these things. >> they would be able to do some home grows. and that's been very concerning. six potts per person. if you have a lot of people renting their a house they're concern dod we have a mini farm? >> go into alston and braden and the college kids can grow. what really is concerning to me, parent. looking at my kids going to a party and someone saying here's a gummy bear or lolipop and how does that child noesi gummy bear is real or it contains marijuana? or how much do you have of it? and so i think there's so many thigs that really need to be learned about this subject. it's going to take a long time. >> we want to tell folks where
9:30 pm
it's 9:30 in the east. we're following races throughout the country. more so here in massachusetts and new hampshire, certainly up the road where the senate race is hotly contested. along with the presidential race, the four electoral votes are hanging in the balance up here. can you see the latest numbers as we have there with 16 percent of the precincts reporting. 49 to 46 percent in favor of secretary clinton. >> new hampshire is a state that both sides are watching let's go to blaire miller withed the trump campaign in new york city. blair, new hampshire still too close to call. >> reporter: yeah. it's really interesting. because both campaigns were saying before we came here to new york city they were telling me new hampshire, specifically, would be something to watch. it will be interesting to look at the numbers specifically there to see how close this race is. both campaign has said new hampshire is going to be key for them. not just because of the four electoral votes but because this is a state that closes early
9:31 pm
as were you saying this race still too close to call. and we're seeing how close it is in florida, north carolina, and ohio. so their gut on how important new hampshire was, they were right. it's playing out across some of the swing states that we've been talking about more much of the night. here at trump headquarters. the trump family not here yet, i'm told. for much of today he was spending time with his family. visiting five states yesterday alone and not getting back to new york city until 3:00 this morning. as you look behind me, things picking up here and a lot more people showing up in this really isn't that big of a room, but they are quite excited by some of the stuff they're seeing. there's a lot of optimism. and if you've been seeing the interviews i had early on here
9:32 pm
the rnc was saying we will win this. and we look at the early voting numbers and the turnout there, it will be interesting to see how that falls. but the trump campaign feels like it's on their side. we're expecting trump later tonight. but as the numbers come in, we're wondering how long will we be here tonight >> thank you, blair. we'll getting an updane on the electoral college. trump with 129 votes. and clinton with 104. >> keep an eye on that as we move towards 270. another number that's big tonight. question 2 on the ballot would lift a cap on charter schools. crystal haynes has more for us. >> reporter: this is a packed
9:33 pm
or the no votes have an early lead with about 15 percent of the pry sints rorting at that -- precincts reporting. the campaign will not comment at this point. we were at the polls earlier today with a city divided over this issue. this is a controversial debate. we do know that teachers unions are on one side. some parents and private groups on the other. lawmakers divided on this issue as well. before the -- boston has the most charter schools in the state. the mayor lifting the cap. charlie baker supporting lifting the cap. >> it hurts my heart that people would spend $25 million calling young people and the teachers failure. it's our job to lift people up.
9:34 pm
watch party, people again are very optimistic. a lot of parents here really speaking out in what they say is the only way that their children get choice. here's an interview i did with one of the parents. why is it important for you to be out here supporting this tonight? >> it's very important as a parent to make sure my kids get an excellent education. i've been lucky enough to have my kids attend a charter school that's been an excellent school for them. i think that opportunity. for me it's important that my nay neighbors, family members, and my friends have that some opportunity to send their kids to an excellent school. >> reporter: what about the argument that all kids key serve the same opportunities and that charter schools siphon money from the boston public school system? >> i think all kids deserve an excellent education. but we have to start somewhere. we have excellent traditional public schools but not all of
9:35 pm
needs they need. and a lot of them are failing. and charter schools have proven results as to how kids succeed. they're outperforming kids from the suburbs. that's saying something. if it's working why not give the kids the opportunity when we know their families, you know, most of the schools are in the cities where the families are low income and can't afford to move or send their kids to private school? this has given the kids that to attend an excellent school that is a public school. woo we'll continue to watch those results. for now live here in the south evened i'm crystal haynes, fox 25. >> thank you very much. >> just a few moment as go, we spoke with the attorney general. let's check in with john. >> reporter: we're live at the fairmont property in boston tonight. this is the watch party for the democratic committee here in the state of massachusetts.
9:36 pm
massachusetts, thank you for coming with us tonight and speaking to us. >> great to be with you. >> reporter: what are you thinking with -- about tonight? >> it's an exciting night. it's election night in america and we're going to elect the next president of the united states. i am so hopeful, i am so optimistic that hillary clinton will be our next president. i've been working hard in new hampshire with a ton of folks. i see the energy and the momentum and the optimism. it's an there's anxiety as we await the returns. but it's exciting and this is what makes this country freight. this is what democracy is all about. >> let me ask you about the ballot questions for massachusetts charter schools. what are your thoughts on that and how things are going? >> well, i oppose the charter schools. it looks like no on 2 has it. i'm happy about that. because i believe that we need to invest in public education
9:37 pm
charter schools, they're great for innovation. they're a supplement but not a substitute. we need to figure out what we need to do to make the investment and do the work so that kids across the state, especially those that in our lowest performing schools have the opportunity that they need and have the funding to back them. >> reporter: the other question 4 on recreation marijuana in massachusetts. it looks like it's going to pass. what do you think about that? >> it's unfortunate if it passes. i strongly legalize commercial marijuana. i'm somebody who supports decriminalization. i support medical marijuana. let's work with that. i'm concerned about edibles. i'm concerned that if this pass there's are no limited on thc. there will be work to do and serious work to do and serious consideration will need to be given by the legislature about how to address this if this goes through.
9:38 pm
we appreciate your time. that's the latest right now live at the fairmont. we'll bring you the latest as results continue to pour in tonight. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> also a local trump watch party tonight. christine mccarthy is live for us tonight. >> reporter: we do have a crowd forming here behind me. we're hearing cheers and at other times we hearing boos. just like everybody including new hampshire and florida. we're told that this room can hold about 1,000 people. a coordinator for the event tells me they're prepared for as many as 600 but we're not seeing that number now. we do have volunteer who's are coming down from new hampshire at that hour. trump supporters here, of course, hoping this will be a victory party tonight. a lot of energy. ot mystic about a trump win despite the fact that we're in massachusetts and we know
9:39 pm
execked. volunteer as rifing here after working the fon banks today. our republican state knit me woman who helped to co-ordinate this party says she's confident a republican will be back in the white house. >> i remember four y when romney didn't make it and that was tough. but i have a different feeling this time. >> reporter: another live look back here in braintree. we had a number of speakers taking the stage. we heard from howie karr. we're hearing that curt schilling should be here any time soon. he's been making stops throughout the day. for now we're live in braintree. >> thank you very much.
9:40 pm
the dow futures as trump has emerged and continued to move ahead here. we are finding that the market is falling by going down. 50 points on the dow futures. the market is not liking the fact that donald trump has an early lead tonight. >> we're continue to follow the presidential races and the races that are so important to all of you and those important ballot questions with our team of experts here on the desk with
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
>> welcome back. here are some updated numbers. this 116 precincts reporting. donald trump with 50 percent. and hillary clinton, 46 percent. this is close. >> donald trump just picking up louisiana reported by fox news and confirmed. there you have it. now let's go over -- now we understand hillary clinton has that according to fox news. let's go up to new hampshire right now this >> is senate race that we've been talking about all night. again, the balance in the senate right now hinges in large part on this race here. the governor maggie hassan with a 50 percent lead right now -- or 50 percent i should say of the vote. 45 with the incumbent kelly ayotte. >> a lot of folks watching the
9:44 pm
>> we want to get to those resultses. the associated press reporting on question 1, the slot gate machine which would be in revere, 62 percent no. 38 percent yes. this is with 9 percent of pry sints reporting. -- precincts reporting. question 2, expanding charter schools allowing 12 charter schools annually to be approved in a 62 voting no with 8 percent of precincts reporting. 38 percent saying yes. again, 8 percent reporting. to question 4 a big request about weather to legalize marijuana. 51 percent saying yes so far with 8 percent voting. 49 percent saying no. too close to call. and a very small amount of pry sints reporting. i -- precincts. reporting. we're at city hall and we've
9:45 pm
numbers coming in as well. he is getting more accurate numbers coming in. he's getting 25 percent of precincts reporting. and these are the numbers that the mayor is being told by his team. what he's hearing is with 25 percent reporting, right now question 1 the gaming question is a no. question 2, the charter school expansion at this point with 25 percent of precincts reporting, farm animals, whether they can -- whether confinement would be changed so they can move around and spread their wings, he's hearing yes on that. and question 4 the legalization question of marijuana that would tax it, regulate it right now mayor walsh says with 25 percent of precincts reporting what his advisors are briefing him on is that it a yes. in boston there's a fifth ballot question, too, that's not on the
9:46 pm
it's the a community preservation act which would raise property taxes to help pay for properties. what the mayor is hearing there is that is a yes. we're standing by a city hall. we're told the mayor will come back in an hour to preif reporters. we'll keep you updated as we stay in touch with the mayor as well. tossing it back now. >> thank you so much. we look forward to hearing from the mayor. let's check in with kerry kavanaugh at the hillary clinton headquarters in new york. kerry, about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. what's the mood there tonight? >> reporter: well, i think it's safe to say that the fever pitch here has cooled a little bit as we're watching the battleground grow ever so close. the crowd here watching the results with baited breath. we told you at 5:00 that hillary clinton campaign says she was
9:47 pm
speech and a concession speech. everyone here hoping that the latter is what they -- rather the form certificate what they hear here this evening in this center. the big key state florida is oh, so tight. virginia surprisingly lose close this evening. ohio, pennsylvania, and new hampshire. these states are too close for comfort for some of the supporters in the crowd right now. >> that's kerry kavanaugh with clinton audience there. this is interesting to see. because we have been talking about how donald trump each time we go, he continues to lead in the electoral college. and as she said things are starting to cool a bit. >> the mood is changing. >> much to go tonight. but we're seeing trump maintain the lead at least to this point. >> let's see if things are different with the trump campaign. blaire miller is live in new york city. blair, are they excited there
9:48 pm
>> reporter: it was interesting listening to kerry's report. it's the opposite here, as you might imagine as the results have been coming in. people here were calm at first and had a lot of optimism. now i see people saying we're going to win this thing. they believe it now. it's interesting to see how things have changed a little bit. they were looking at the ohio returns coming in. this crowd erupted looking at ohio seeing some of the ear but, again, still a long ways to go in that state and in north carolina and florida. but the mood here as change aid little bit. a lot of people curious when the trump family will arrive over here. we don't have any information on that yet as far as we know, he's still at trump tower with the family where he's been for much of the day. you know tox -- you know, the clinton campaign has the program laid out. we don't know if there will be a
9:49 pm
>> thank you. we continue to monitor social media as well. now some places are putting out odds of trump winning at this point. there's a bit of a beat starting to drone on here. if you're a republican stratigist and you look at this. it's not a foregone conclusion by any means. >> right. i had seen something on the new york times that had said that trump would win 51 saying that, as a republican you start thinking, wow, that's something you might want to perk up and listen to. i think a lot of states that we were thinking could go blue are looking a little bit pink right now. so ohio is looking pink. new hampshire is looking pink. those go to trump, then, you know, the game changes. >> he's off to a stronger start than most people expected. >> definitely. i think there was a lot of
9:50 pm
territory. and now we're seeing that change a little bit. >> steve, over to you. dow down 464 points now. >> the market clearly thinks this could be a possibility. >> this is not the election evening i was anticipating. >> but there's pennsylvania, new hampshire, michigan, virginia, all of the west coast, ohio. but those four states in particular that i mentione for him whatsoever. it's a lot tighter than i wanted it to be, than i'm certain she wanted it to be but nobody expected anybody to give this away. it's been a tight race. it will be interesting, if he ends up winning florida or there's a tie in florida, and she ends up win win electoral college wise and florida ends up not having a big impact. he remember, the weise coast including nef naif -- nef they
9:51 pm
which she's expected to get. if you put them in her pile now she's ahead. >> hold that thought, steve. we're going back out to bob who is with the kelly ayotte campaign. i'm hering your breaking breaking information out there. >> reporter: well, it's interesting what's going on right now. as the early returns are coming in they're showing donald trump up by one. kelly ayotte up by one. the governor up by one. what's interesting is at this stage, i just spoke to the g.o.p. chair and about two of the democratic strongholds in new hampshire have already reported in. the two that are yet to report in are durham and hanover, two of the big college communities. they're waiting for those. a lot of republican strongholds have yet to report in. if we look at this with 27 percent of the vote in, it appears that these numbers hold
9:52 pm
it would be a big night, not only in the senate race because millions of dollars have been spent by both sides in trying to keep that senate seat in republican hands so that the u.s. senate stays in the republican column but also on the presidential side, new hampshire was thought to be solidly in hillary clinton's side, but now this is a horse race and if what we're hearing from these people on the ground in new hampshire shows donald trump may be pulling off
9:53 pm
here with are a couple of hours later the polls are closed. real numbers are coming in. more and more are starting to come into the ballroom and feeling better. you can get a sense here that they're feeling a lot more optimistic than 24e were a couple of hours ago. the thought here is that the big three candidates for governor, senate, republican side of it up by one with most of the democratic precincts in. still waiting for those numbers to come in, though, from those other communities in durham and hanover. we have to wait and see what happens there. but it's sort of the way the tea leaves are being read up here at this point. >> jennifer, you had early word
9:54 pm
hampshire >> yes. and you could see her lead inching up. >> steve, we're waiting on turham and hanover. what does clinton do there, do you think? >> openfully, and i know folks doing ground game up there hopefully have gone through unh and dartmoth and every other college and worked to register those turned out their vote there. i'm pretty sure they it the president was up there. hillary was up in that region. they paid a lot of attention to the durham area. hope ferrelly it can pay off. whether or not there's enough votes there to push it over the top, i don't know. >> the college kids strongly supported bernie sanders. we saw that. >> yeah. >> do you think she was able to tip them over? >> i think he did it too. keep in mind she's been talking about the college affordability and a bunch of things that
9:55 pm
but bernie sanders did a lot to talk to them as well right after they sort of unified after the primary season was over. he's been back to new hampshire a new times. and the president was very passionate at unh the other day. >> i want to be clear here. maybe we can find out from bob. i believe he said dover and durham which are next to each other. dover got their polls extended to 8:00. stronghold for the democrats. >> the sea coast and new hampshire are a huge piece for democrats. >> when you hear donald trump up 1 percent there, what's your reaction? >> i think it's a little too early to tell. that seems coincidental. new hampshire folks don't necessarily just vote party up and down. i would believe kelly up one over what trump would do.
9:56 pm
the college towns will have a huge impacts on this hopefully in the next hour or two. >> we have 90 seconds until break. but i wanted to go to something that rhode island approved a new casino. we talked about question 1 tonight adding another slots parlor. we know there are casinos coming to massachusetts. but it's over the state line. we used to go to connecticut. now it's become a free for all in new england. >> it's going to be something to each other. >> where everyone used to be connecticut as a destination and whether it was a concert or you're just trying to do a one-night get away. now you have one in rhode island, very close to new port. then you have one outside of the boston and so -- >> already open. >> and so now, you know, what are you -- are people actually that many gamblers and people
9:57 pm
connecticut? and where does it leave? it that as successful as he hoped >> and sustainable with the other venues >> it's a lot. >> there's only so much money to go around. twin river as well very close. >> that's something to watch. continue to watch all the numbers come in, whether it's national, local, the state, the ballot questions. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> it all comes down to tonight. >> from the battleground state of new hampshire, two key ballot questions in massachusetts and the presidential campaign headquarters here in new york. >> only fox 25 is live and local


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