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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: cold is coming and already here and shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with windy change right in time for the weekend. >> shiri: 41 in fitchburg and lower 40s in beverly and down to plymouth and down to boston at 43?. 40s ruling along with mostly sunny skies just a few more outer cape clouds.
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we got winds anywhere five to almost 15 miles per hour and new since you and wind chill coming up in meantime melrose hour-by-hour forecast here and this goes and 1:00 p.m. lower 50s, few more clouds moving off for the afternoon and still keeping things partly to mostly sunny for some of you. i will take you town by town and show you temperatures to plan around when i'm back with you in traffic. >> julie: accident several cars two lanes closed before 285 in mildford. as we shift slightly and northeast and saw the accident on expressway southbound at furnace brook parkway and so we have the normal northbound commuters and then we have massive backups southbound because of that accident. here are live drive times, seeing improvement on the expressway southbound and 16
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improvement on 495. now down to 46 minutes northbound from 95 to 109. i will have another update on traffic in ten minutes. >> daniel: manhunt continues right now for the suspect that shot two police officers in pennsylvania overnight, killing one of them. happened around 4:00 this morning in cannonsburg 20 miles outside pittsburg, responding to domestic dispute when ambushed and officers have not been identified. no information has been released about the second officer's condition. daniel: happening today president-elect donald trump heads to new home the white house and one of the most ugly elections in decades. >> the two went after each other numerous times on campaign trail
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states. >> meanwhile there are big names that supported trump's campaign who could end up with cabinet positions. one familiar one scott brown who tells herald he would be interested in a job in the department of veteran affairs if he is offered one but he says he is not anticipating an offer and other big names being floated, rudy giuliani, newt gingrich and chris christie. >> julie: as for trump's plan congressional leaders are hopefully prom tis to repeal and replace obamacare and wants the wall on border of mexico and u.s. and he will also have a supreme court seat to fill. despite the differences president obama is promising a smooth transition of power over the next couple of months. >> daniel: remember eight years ago president bush and i had differences. >> the team could not have been more professional and gracious in making sure we had a smooth
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>> great again dot gov with transition team's information. blair miller heading to washington d.c. for premium outlets's meeting with trump. look for blair's live report starting anti-trump demonstrators took to the streets last night with anger with new president-elect. michael henrich continues the team coverage boston and huge protest, michael wide range of issues and causes. >> michael: 4,000 people came out last night voicing displeasure with the
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states. not my president, rallying cry of anti-trumpers. >> he is racist, sexist, says whatever he wants and gets away with it. it should not be right. >> michael: anti-trumpers held signs. climate change and income and equality and immigrant rights and woman's reproductive rights all trump. >> i feel like we are at brink of so much destruction and decisiveness. >> michael: in oregon people marched on and shut down major highways. the same in los angeles where a large paper mache donald trump head earned an effigy. in chicago protesters blocked the entrance to trump tower just as others did in new york
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the billionaire businessman turned leader of the free world elect lives. antitrump demonstration at the common caused boston police to shut down beacon street to the steps of the statehouse for a time but this one remains peaceful. >> not like anything we can do to change the election results but we can work from the ground up. >> michael: police arrested some of the protestors in other cities. however, no arrest were made here in boston wher remained peaceful. it is unclear at this point whether this anti-trump protest will be one up or becomes a sustained series of demonstrations and we will stay on it. live in beacon hill, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: futures are up this morning as investors began to embrace the election of donald trump. dow closed up more than 250 points yesterday which is a big turn around compared when got
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in less than 30 minutes. >> julie: hotly contested battle in senate seat is over. senator kelly ayotte conceded to maggie hassan. the margin between hassan and ayotte was over 1,000 votes which would have been well within state guidelines for recount. both candidates are calling for unit nedecisive election. >> it will be my job in united states senate to make the best decisions when it is in the best interest of new hampshire and the country and to stand up to him when it isn't. >> julie: kelly ayotte called hasan to concede. it is a time for new hampshire and the country and now more than ever we need to address the challenges and senate race is set presidential race is still undecided in new hampshire.
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been awarded. michigan and arizona are also still too close to call. >> daniel: happening today status hearing set for the case against baby bella's mom. rochelle bond charged with being accessory after the fact to her daughter's killing. it is not clear if she will be there. bella's body was found at bag on deer island in june of last year. no one knew who she was for months until police say bond told a friend her boyfriend killed the two-year-old. he july off-duty state trooper will spend 120 days in jail for killing a mother and daughter. jury acquitted of motor vehicle manslaughter and motor vehicle homicide. he was found guilty on the lesser charge of drunk driving and reckless operation. slammed head on with car in 2013 killing susan macchi and her
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we are told nothing has changed. in statement spokesperson told fox25 the internal case is pending and address his duty status in the very near future in light of his conviction. >> daniel: city of salem taking steps to fire veteran police officer who's the husband of police chief now that he is facing charge he raped man in protective custodydy investigators brian butler sexually assaulted the man held in the book lined up with what the victim told police a week later and butler told officers he, quote, gave in to temptation. after court appearance wednesday butler's wife briefly spoke to the media. >> reflection of, you know, alleged actions of one person shouldn't reflect badly upon the department in the officers that are working very diligently everyday to do their job. >> daniel: chief says she's taking personal time away from the department to deal with the
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will work. salem's mayor kim driscoll says she expects the officer to be off the payroll sooner than later. >> daniel: hooksett police said 85-year-old dick marple turned himself in after spotted in polling place on tuesday. he was wanted on a bench warrant for not showing up to court in may. according to the union leader marple owes $18,000 in back taxes. this is marple's fifth term as a state rep. together every ten minutes. major progress on the expressway and 495 northbound, both of those drive times have been significantly reduced. we are now 35 minutes on 495 north from 95 to 109. shiri? >> shiri: we got a little bit of breeze and that means the temperatures in the 40s right now really feel like they are in the 30s. wind chill down to 38 in boston, 30 in worcester been i'm timing out today's warm-up and breaking down a much cooler weekend when
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>> julie: a lot more coming your way and special treat for local vets. coming up why the veterans
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>> daniel: man was shot in easton and police in small town
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teen boys found victim catherine and called 911. >> catherine: the public isn't in any danger and keeping eye out for mazda and there's a lot of questions. a regular in this wooded area between pond street and long water pond but among brightly colored leaves sinister discovery. >> i was shocked. shocked. >> catherine: around 1:00 tuesday afternoon when two 13-year-old boys riding bikes in wooded area found a man on the ground and he had been shot. >> he was alive and he was suffering some type of head injury. >> catherine: man 35-year-old daniel smith, former easton resident who now lives in florida. he was taken to boston police where he was last listed in critical condition president vladimir putin police don't know
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>>un heard of around here and have something like this happen. >> catherine: police were back on the scene yesterday searching for clues. they are also asking for the public's help in tracking down red 2016 mazda three sedan with florida plates 372qqk and police not the only one searching for answers. >> a little concerning and we live in a small town so hearing something like this, you know, kind of puts everyone are asking for help and if you have information about the case in general call easton or state police. live in easton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: police in reading searching for string of burglaries. at least three homes were broken into all over town. they happened the last two weeks and suspect has been getting in through unlocked windows and doors. one homeowner whose house was hit agreed to talk off camera
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box. >> my kids had hard time sleeping for two days and back to normal now and pretty upsetting knowing that someone was in your house. >> police say you'llry also -- jewelry was taken during break-in. they believe thief is in 30s or 40s and carrying a clipboard and dark-colored satchel. julie: caught two men with thousands of dollars in cash and running a credit card skimming ring in burlington and bedford and one is from italy and other romania and facing more than 40 fraud charges and authorities say there may be others involved in the ring as well. julie: 9:17 and we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. feel like we can finally take a breath. a little bit of relief out on the roads after several accidents to back things up.
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93 south moving along fine and stop and go through the medford area. south of the pike expressway southbound finally moving along and northbound seeing pretty typical volume but there's a little bit of space between the cars as you head past the gas tank. here are live drive times, 20 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 50 minutes on 93 south and 46 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: been like forecasting. >> yesterday we were back in the 60s so like dressing for completely different season even today, you know, it is not going to be 62 but it is going to be in the mid-upper 50s for some of you, so it is still going to be really warm. going to be above average. temperatures now rolling into the 40s and fitchburg, lawrence, margin, new hampshire
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right now and 41? right now and we got clear skies, winds running almost 10 miles per hour and with any little wind on top of chilly temperatures, you know, gives us wind chills and does for many of you still feel like it is in the 30s. so your forecast as we travel through the day here has 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny at 47?, highs in the low and mid-50s today but we do add extra afternoon clouds there. i expect tend to stay a little bit brighter somewhere like norwood and now got the sunshine and 43?. stay mostly sunny into the afternoon and partly cloudy and overcast and don't get rain drops from the crowds mid-50s plymouth, new bedford, norwood, up to framingham and lawrence and fitchburg to 50 in worcester, 53 in boston and lower 50s for the cape and
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until we hit really the afternoon so evening commute home north and west of boston cloud cover really no big deal and clouds end up passing through the rest of the region overnight tonight. lows tonight back in the 40s, partly cloudy, tomorrow we got temperatures mid and upper 50s. there will be a period of cloud cover coming through along cold front. it looks too dry for any kind of rain attached to those clouds right now. i'm going to go ahead and keep the forecast dry. i'm going for sprinkle and flurry here in particular during the morning and early afternoon. but most of that activity is really going to fall up across northern new england, wind and bigger headache here in southern new england and winds start cranking and 35 miles per hour here tomorrow afternoon and across the cape into the weekend still going to be very windy on saturday morning with high of 48? and temperatures in the morning and 20s so real chill
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chill into the weekend and feel ten? cooler. sunday 58 your high, we got mostly sunny skies in time for the pats game right now and 42? and perfect for new england football. 37? on monday and a lot of next week waking up to the 30s and highs in 50s which is pretty typical this time of year and slight risk for a wednesday shower we could use the rain and has latest drought monitor next half hour. >> catherine: julie: recent price hike of epi pen got one mom wandered about pens and expired and effectiveness. >> this one expired 2015 and solution is perfectly clear.
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year past expiration date? >> julie: what they say about the effectiveness coming up at 10:00. >> daniel: missing boaters off cape cod and coast guard is
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>> daniel: many people still screened for vitamin d deficiency and told to take supplements every year. taking too much though has caused nausea, kidney stone and try to stick to the daily recommended amount. more likely to pick up real thing. revenuers tell the l.a. times vaporizerring gets kids hooked on nicotine. 90% of adult smokers picked up habit during the teens and doctors blame e-cigarette by gummy bears and bubble gum for drawing in kids. daniel: phone may be keeping you from catching z's. using phone around bedtime could
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revenuers -- researchers say people that looked at phone before closing eyes took longer to get to sleep and lower quality of sleep than those that put the phones down. >> julie: when went to check on dog she was gone and explains the playful pup decided to go on own advente, sea wall and swimming more than 2 miles. >> go up here, make a left, go all the way to the main tributary and literally traveled 2 miles. >> julie: article about the rescue later that day and called the captain who reunited him with his dog. >> sara: >> daniel: tomorrow is
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life a dime. 15 vets most from the area will enjoy european crews, stops at some places in france including normandy. we caught up with them at logan yesterday evening. the group includes two army vets who served together in iraq and afghanistan. this is free trip that travel put on every year to give back to vets. needless to say they are ecstatic. >> when i gotle e-mail i didn't really believe it but it was something that i wanted to do since i was a kid. >> this is fifth year advantage has done the hero tours and idea started with vellets but -- vets but expanded people impacted by marathon bombings and gold star families. >> shiri: looking at a lot of ups and downs continuing into the weekend and warm days today and tomorrow and heading into the weekend, highs only in the upper 40s here on saturday. wait until you see how cold the
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>> julie: 9:29 and looking at blue skies over the common and back bay. you're going to need a coat,
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>> have someone special to make banana bread and coffee, have that one too. >> >> thankful to share that with. >> shiri: warming up this time of year and nice and warm and this is way to do that. 38? in worcester, 41 in leominster, 36 in swansea, new hampshire right now, 30s, 40s on the map, lots of lower 40s here just this hour across eastern m reading and lynn. all in the lower 40s now. 43 in boston and 41 in brockton and still looking nice and bright in those spots and even mosquito down south shore with middle 40s and the cape with 48? in harwhich, some thin clouds now, those are actually going to be passing out to sea and forecast in the boston area looking pretty good today, 48? at 11:00 a.m., by noon time closer to 50. we got mostly sunny skies in there and then some extra clouds
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53? is what i'm thinking kids coming home from school at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 this evening and drop down to 46?. we got temperatures pretty similar, pretty mild here for friday but big cooldown for that weekend closer look take you town by town coming up in a couple minutes. julie back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: expressway still a little bit slow right through neponset and we have a new accident on 128 southbound as you approach 93. re minutes on pike eastbound about half hour on the expressway and hovering around 53495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: update to breaking news we have been following since 6:00. coroner says one of the two police officers shot in pennsylvania overnight has died. it happened around 4:00 this morning in cannonsburg, about 20 miles outside of pittsburgh. officers were responding to domestic dispute when investigators say they were
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identified and second officer's condition and still on the hunt for the suspect and schools in that area are closed today. >> shooting in fitchburg has similarities to two boston police officers last month. officers richardson tollo and matt morris responding to domestic call by curt figueroa. he had a criminal past in other states and officers october 12th shooting. >> julie: peaceful transition of power and president obama says he will put aside differences to assure smooth handover. the movement questioned the president's citizenship in 2008 and void to overturn the president's key policies. while campaigning for clinton president obama said trump was unfit for the presidency. fox25 blair miller is heading to
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anybody d.c. now for president obama's meeting with the president-elect trump. look for blair's live report starting at 4:00 p.m. >> daniel: video crowds you could see last night in southern california where demonstrators set fire in the street. similar sentiment was also felt here in boston and angry voters marched through the city. fox25 michael henrich live at boston common this morning. michael, protest here state peaceful though. >> they did say peaceful, 4,000 people came out here to the common to basically come out and unify in protest against the president-elect of the united states, donald trump. now, while protesting and chanting things like not my president they held a variety of signs supporting a variety of causes including black lives matter, immigration rights, woman's productive rights and other types of causes. again, 4,000 people came out. that organization was primarily
9:34 am
the anti-trump demonstration did cause boston police to shut down beacon street to the steps of the statehouse for a time. the vote -- person you're about to hear from says she wanted to have her voice heard but did not actually vote on tuesday. >> all the people need to come and express the opinion and that's the only thing that's going to >> michael: most of the people at the protest that spoke with fox25 did cast ballots on tuesday. again, this protest remained peaceful. some protest in other cities did not and arrests were made in certain cases where police believe the people were breaking law, shutting down highways by marching on them and one image you might have seen on your screen there of a paper mache donald trump head being burned in effigy. all that said, it is unclear at
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one off and lead to series of demonstrations. we of course will stay on it. live in beacon hill, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: we are keeping an eye on stock market this morning and trading began five minutes and dow surge to all time high as post election rally continues and up 112, 113 points. we will continue to follow this for you throughout the day. >> julie: recreational marijuana will it will likely be more than a year before any retail shops open up because there's a lengthy to do list on beacon hill. first governor baker must appoint a cannabis control commission and make recommendations and ordinances and bylaws to regulate the pot shop within the borders. >> coast guard working around
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tuesday and haven't been seen since. jessica reyes live in sandwich this morning and, jess, the coast guard just confirmed to you that they are back out searching right now. >> jessica: they are back out in the water and focusing near p town couple mile away from across cape cod bay and that's where they believe they were fishing on t all three of them we know they are commercial fisherman but came down here to sandwich on tuesday to fish for mackerel for fun. coast guard contacted coast guard after three of them stopped answering phones and just never came home when they said they were going to. they were last seen leaving the marina here in sandwich early tuesday morning at dawn in this 23-foot boat and we actually
9:37 am
actually passed them as he was on his way out and later learned that they were, in fact, the ones that were missing. >> three people on the boat. we saw the boat leave, boat actually passed us on way out and, you know, like i said, i assume they were going out day of mack rin fishing. it is really s morning and as left marina here in sandwich one issue the coast guard has been having with the search is massive area that they have to look through and give them area what they are up against and sagamore bridge and gateway, cape cod, if you will, and search area start because this is where the sandwich marina is. goes all the way from here up
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and p down and quite a lot of ground to cover and coast guard did say yesterday they are hopefully these guys do have some things working for them and they say they are very experienced fisherman and years out on the water and weather has been pretty nice the last couple of days. it has been warm and clear so thankfully they are still optimistic that they could be found okay. live in sandwich, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> jessica: >> julie: meanwhile the coast guard has called missing person in gloucester harbor. the man was fishing for the rocks at causum park before three tuesday when a wave swept him out to sea and another man with him but managed to get back on shore. the coast guard searched more than 100 miles and didn't find anything. >> daniel: federal judge
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douglas was fined $55,000 and sentenced to two years probation. two admitted to illegally withdrawing money from fungal meningitis outbreak and tied to the new england compounding center. they were not charged in connection to the dozens of deaths tied to the center but two others are still facing second-degree murder and conspiracy charging. >> daniel: statement made by woman that encountered her boyfriend to suicide can be used in her trial. michelle carter's lawyers argued what she told police before being read her right could not be brought up in the courtroom. the 20-year-old facing manslaughter charge in death of boyfriend conrad roy iii and sent text messages encouraging him to kill himself. carter's trial date has not been set. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten
9:40 am
on 93 south, things improving slightly we are at 48 minutes from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. >> shiri: starts in the 40s, mix of sun and scattered clouds and how long it is mild before the real cold air moves in. >> daniel: a local olympian and message for all of her bullies. aly raismain says she is thankful for the nasty words. >> julie: it was supposed to be a headache but actually going on pike just in time for busy holiday travel. here is live look at donald trump's plane on the runway. getting ready to leave new york and head to washington d.c. to
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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>> daniel: good news as holiday travel seas quickly approaches. nearly week and a half after the electronic toll system went live on mass pike, state leaders say there have been no bumps in the road. >> this has gone as well as you could expect it to go. >> daniel: >> michael: wednesday charlie
9:44 am
>> two jobs are to keep them safe and keep them moving in reliable way. >> daniel: she can already start to see the benefits too of the new electronic tolling system. >> customers now stay in one lane all the way through what used to be the tollbooth. there's no longer that process
9:45 am
out. >> there have been transactions since it went live and 80% were on ez pass which is shy of the goal. boston city council considering plan to let of coursers ride the "t" for free. right now only students in grades seven through 12 who have to walk more than 2 miles get free mbta passes. others can be discounted once. last night counselor tito jackson held a hearing on proposal to for all of those high school students. >> daniel: some knew about the yahoo breach before it happened. >> julie: they announce it had after investigation claim to steal personal information to 500 mill users and could hurt the company's multibillion dollar deal with verizon and it is possible the wireless carrier could back out because of information.
9:46 am
might not survive. sears heading toward bankruptcy. they are starting to limit what they ship including things like tv's and clothing and one cut ties altogether. the worry sears might not have enough money to last nextior. >> daniel: across the nation we saw the biggest month-to-month increase in foreclosures since august of 2007. what is worse is that in massachusetts bank repossessions increased 104% from this time last year. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. route 1 moving along fine. things really opened up there but we have an accident on 93 south that is right after you make it in cloverleaf and heading there you woburn and stoneham. as we shift slightly southbound -- south of the pike and expressway still slow going braintree split to columbia road. over to those live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1, 42 minutes on 93 south and 27
9:47 am
from 495 to mass ave. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at all morning, pretty typical november day which is unusual because we have had such varying temperatures. >> a lot of ups and downs and sunshine now and you know what, we are golden. we will have a little sun and dry weather. that's a good thing. usually it is. i mean i just want to remind you that we are in a drought right now, although last month we have had above average rainfall. this month so have had in both boston and worcester. drought monitor was just updated at 8:30 this morning. only get once a week update with this and last week we had improvement over southeastern massachusetts. this week everything stays as is. even though we haven't had a lot of rain it is no the as hot, angle of sun not as high and not sun evaporation over the summer and for now keeping conditions as they are and hoping they can get significant rain and
9:48 am
don't have very much in this week's forecast. so high pressure today we got clearer skies, some of these clouds and northern new england end up sagging toward us during the day so got future cast here at noon time where we are basically knocking on the door of 50? and we got the nice mostly sunny skies across the board into the afternoon and you will see some scattered clouds pop up and mix in especially north and west of boston, southeastern mass and mostly sunny but all of us are still going to be mostly should say. i got low temperatures tonight back into the 40s. it is partly cloudy but stays dry as you see and tomorrow temperatures mid and upper 50s, a little bit mild for
9:49 am
we got some thicker clouds that will come through along the cold front. cold front coming through dry. air so dry, just don't think we will really be able to pop out of any showers or flurries attached to that. so veterans day parade here in boston at 1:00 p.m., temperatures should be sitting around 55?. starts boylston and charles street partly sunny and it is going to be brisk, check out wind, start gusting 30 miles per hour here during the afternoon and those wind gusts will let's talk more about the 7-day forecast in particular the weekend portion of it. i will give you low of 26 when wake up and feel ten? cooler, so really going to feel like teens, even afternoon highs at 49,
9:50 am
48 in beverly, 45 in worcester, probably going to feel ten? cooler because of the breeze. mostly sunny skies and chilly start and monday and tuesday partial sun, highs in the 50s and wake up to 30s here on wednesday with next slight risk of shower. in drought and so little rain on
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>> julie: company alleges using somewhere six models of car and early as 2013 and previously thought the devices were only found in diesel models. $14.7 million buy back deal approved by the judge last month. julie: government agency
9:54 am
mylan classified as generic drug and not name brand like it should have been. under medicaid rules companies pay 10% lower rebate for generic. agency says it told mylan about problem in 2009 and caused overpayments in taxpayer money. >> daniel: brad pitt h abuse charges dropped. she was awarded custody of their six children earlier this week. >> julie: allie raismain has thank you for anyone being too strong and bullying forced her to love herself for who she is and says the strength made her one of the best gymnast in the world. raismain part of be more human
9:55 am
world series and unlike in years past they won't help the less fortunate. major league baseball has donated all the championship gear for the losing team to charity. the charity gives the gear people in the third world country that can't avoid clothing. this year major league baseball canceled partnership and demand it be returned and destroyed. one spokesman says the league made the change to ensure the gear isn't sold back into the states. early. the coffee giant starting rolling out this year and holiday cups. this is 13 skies that will be available on cups around the world images like snowflakes, santa claus and reindeer. signs uploaded to instagram and faced backlash and holiday
9:56 am
cup design. >> julie: pictures of twins with mom and may be able to move to rehab center in weeks. julie: picture of seth and emily peterson of west barnstable. isn't morning emily gave birth to two twin boys, samuel and ronan. samuel born at 1:39 a.m. and on ronan listed as older brother on birth certificate because time fallen back an hour and cape cod hospital says this is the first time they have ever seen this happen. >> daniel: nickname is dst. >> julie: daylight savings time?
9:57 am
in the 50s again tomorrow and we got a few more cloud that move through and turns wind and he then we clear out for the weekend. really cold on saturday. i have highs in the 40s. it is probably going to feel like the 30s because of the wind. i know, going to be a little bit and her raw and welcome. >> daniel: samuel and ronan
9:58 am
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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it's november 10th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." a toddler wanders away from her distracted grandmother and gets trapped on an escalator. see the moment her panic sets in as the little girl frantically tries to free herself. a cat fights against the current in a reservoir. >> it needs a rescue. help kitty help itself. >> come on, buddy. don't let go. a dad toughs it out as he pounds the pavement. >> he's training for the dublin marathon. >> the touching story of why his pain could be his young daughter's gain. plus, it's bonus giveaway day, which means your chance to win a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. we break down the best on the


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