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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:45pm EST

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loss, louisville has a loss. coach >> joel: coach peterss going to bring them back into the mix. michigan still in a bit of a dogfight. >> gus: and that should do it. the usc trojans when it 26-13. and for the record, pat hayden was right. clay helton is the coach of usc! >> joel: as complete a win as the usc has had in the number of years. >> gus: lane kiffin, steve sarkisian, none of those guys 16 straight games. downstairs is shannon spake. >> coach helton, i think you may
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forth. i see you shaking your head, what is undermined? >> college football not the greatest thing in the free world? unbelievable, pretty great atmosphere, what a great game between these two teams. >> shannon: you told sam darnold was a cool customer, how did he surprise you tonight? >> his maturity each and every game keeps growing. with himself and offensive line and defensive line putting pressure on the great quarterback we were able to put a great victory up t straight, including one against the fourth-ranked team, what should the headline say tomorrow? >> this was a team that those players won this game and i'm very proud of them. >> shannon: thank you so much, coach. because thank you. >> gus: led by their redshirt freshman quarterback, swaggy d, sam darnold, usc bounce off the fourth-ranked team in the nation 26-13. we'll be back to wrap it up
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> gus: welcome back. for the taste of winning,
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washington huskies, the fourth-ranked team in the nation, 26-13, handing washington their first loss of the season. gus johnson along with joel klatt, six straight games now for sc, but they did it in every facet of the game tonight. >> joel: listen, i was so impressed with what i saw out of usc, because, like you said, every facet was able to answer the bell. this is the most balanced team this game, speaking of washington, so they had to play great everywhere and they did. the defensive line, i thought, was going to be the most thin spot of the team coming into the air. stevie tu'ikolovatu comes in as a transfer and solidifies the defensive front. clancy pendergast puts a great scheme, and adoree jackson goes out and gets a couple of interceptions. this team is a really good football team, this is the most talented team in the pac-12 on the west coast right now.
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championship game they will make some noise. >> gus: but i think the key for usc, which turned around their season, you know we have seen carson palmer. we have seen matt leinart. at some great ones have played the position of quarterback at sc. they went with the redshirt freshman, and he is certainly delivering. >> joel: i tell you what, he has changed the mindset. you call him swagger, i think he has changed the swagger of the entire team, because now they believe in themselves, not just offense away, but defense of side as well. the defense plays harder when they know that the offense is going to answer the bell and vice versa, that is what you are seeing. a lot of credit to clay helton. this guy has done a remarkable job. everybody, including me, thought that he might not be the guy for the job at the time he got it. he has proved all of us wrong. this guy is an exceptional head coach. >> gus: all right, so sc with a traditional win tonight.
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washington question mike we will answer that momentarily, let's go downstairs to shannon spake. >> shannon: down here with sam darnold. adoree jackson. lets her with you, sam. you said coming into this game this would be her biggest learning curve, this environment. what did you learn? >> it was similar to the, it was a great learning experience. i threw an interception, had a couple of plays that i wish i could have back, but i thought our whole team did a great job in this environment, especially. and it really is a testament to how well we practiced this last week. we made a couple big plays and we were able to pull it out. >> shannon: how many times did you let yourself look around and take in the atmosphere? >> a couple of times, you want to remember these moments because they don't come that often. when you do you want to take it all in, look around and enjoy the moment. >> shannon: let's go over here to adoree jackson. first i will ask you about the big matchup with john ross, you did let one get away, what did you say to your guys after that
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i knew i made a mistake, i slipped and fell, and with guys like that they will capitalize. a credit to him. but my teammates basically do the pickup for me. they tell me not to be too serious, put a smile on her face, do this. because they know every day i am out there with a smile on my face and staying positive. so it is great by them. we know there are going to be ups and downs in the game, you just to have more ups than downs, i'm a thankful for that. >> shannon: where you guys started the season and the win tonight, why is it so important? >> just a testament to how you start in how you finish. we know things weren't going the way they wanted to be, but we have faith in ourselves, that is our motto. faith, family, football. you have to have faith and family, football comes last. it started clicking and i am thankful for that. >> shannon: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gus: at usc prevails, and
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>> joel: they have a lot to play for. remember this is just one loss. we are seeing chaos around college football, clemson lost today. you don't know about michigan and iowa right now. gus, they could still find themselves in the play off with a one loss and a conference you have a gym. >> gus: 26-13 the final, essie makes it six in a row, handing washington their first loss of the season. next saturday, see these washington huskies again as eastern on fox. that wraps it up from the emerald city. for joel klatt and shannon spake, i'm gus johnson saying so
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we begin month easton wh suspicious after he was found in the woods with a gunshot wound to the head. he died friday three days after police found him. hello, everybody. i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm chris flanagan. christine mccarthy is live where police are looking for a car with out-of-state of plates in connection with this crime. >> they sure are, chris. in fact, they're looking for a red mazda 3 sedan with the florida license plate 372qqk. they believe that this car may
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far there have been no arrests. >> it's a beautiful area. >> reporter: visitors at the lang water pond area of easton surprised by the investigation into a suspicious death in the woods here among walking paths and close to many homes. >> scary. the peoples that live right across from the pond. >> reporter: daniel smith, a 35-year-old florida resident, who had previously lived in easton, died in the hospital friday night. the brto saturday. eaton police told fox tuesday three teens discovered him 25 yards into the woods off pine street that afternoon. he been shot in the head and in critical condition. >> two 13-year-old boys were riding their bicycles down here and went into the woods and found this gentleman. they in turn called their mother, who came down to the scene and confirmed that there was a person here, and then called us. >> reporter: the easton fire
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remained unconscious. >> he was breathing. but he was not able to communicate with any person on scene. >> reporter: local officers and state police assigned to the district attorney's office are investigating what led up to smith's death, asking anyone with information to come forward. neighbors and visitors of this typically quiet area still in disbelief. >> sleepy town. you don't really hear this thing kind of happening around here. >> so again, the florida l is 372qqk. easton police and the district attorney's office are working this right now. they ask if you have any information, you contact them immediately. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. new tonight the new hampshire supreme court has ruled in favor of protecting the privacy of a 19-year-old murder victim for the third time. seth was convicted of killing a university of new hampshire student in 2012 and he's been
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evidence about marriott's sexual past for his appeal. the court has rejected it several times. the latest appeal will be heard on wednesday. >> michael el fono was hit thursday night while he was in a crosswalk. the 36-year-old fell in the roadway but a car dragged the bike down the street. police have not made any arrests. the car is registered to a bridgewater address. for tomorrow. sarah wroblewski here now tracking temps. >> okay it's cold out, there that's for sure. 43 in boston, but we're seeing temperatures in the 30s places like bedford and norwood right now. back into the 20s in places like orange, and we have some high-thin clouds moving on in, and we're gonna continue to see some scattered clouds, going to continue to shift from the north to the south through the overnight hours. burl it's not gonna get as cold as it was last night.
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notice in the winds, quite active. despite temperatures in the 40s right now in boston, this is what it feels like. the 20s and 30s out there, very cold conditions in is what you need to be dressing for. and we'll continue to have conditions like that through the overnight hours as temperatures do fall back mostly into the 30s overnight, with that wind out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. if you're getting up early, getting out for the cambridge half marathon tomorrow, expect that race start temperature 44 degrees, and then as you go on through the morning night and some clouds to sunshine by midday as temperatures will be climbing into the 50s. i'll show you what to expect in your town during the afternoon, plus i'm also track our next chance of rain. i'll have that timeline coming up in just a few minutes. >> allall right, sarah, we'll se you then. the thump team gets ready to move to the white house. >> and the transition comes as people around the country take to the streets. >> two months until president-elect trump takes over the oval office and the focus now turns to his transition team
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three the trump children are along with his team along with former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> all of my work on behalf of him has been out of great loyalty and friendship to him. >> reporter: one of the first shake-ups is the announcement that mike pence will lead the transition team replacing governor chris christie. still no word on who will serve as chief of staff but told that announcement will be coming soon. trump campaigned heavily on his outsider status with many people on his team long-time washington insiders. >> we' federal government and it's up to choose his advisers that he wants around him, key positions, cabinet. it's a very big tasks but one that's been worked on for many months away from the campaign. >> reporter: this comes as protests after the election hit their fourth day across the country. specifically some of the protestors are calling for the electoral college to be abolished after hillary clinton won the popular vote of the country. >> there needs to be a mass uprising in the electoral college. he's an illegitimate president and does not have the vote of
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donors on a call today and critical of fbi director james comey saying that his announcement to congress ultimately cost her the white house. in new york, doug mcelway, fox news. here at home a few hundred people showed up to protest in worcester. robert ghoulston met a donald trump supporter and clinton supporter willing to sit down and talk it out. the common ground they found coming up in about 8 minutes. ke mentioned for a spot in donald trump's cabinet. she lost by maggie hassen for her u.s. senate seat by a small margin. she may be looking at two big roles in d.c., in the trump administration. one as secretary of defense or the other ambassador to the united nations. ayotte is a member of the senate armed forces committee. a college student is apologizing after a video showed him waving a trump flag at wellesey college.
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hillary clinton's alma mater, the day after the election. he and one of his frat brothers posted it on social media showing them taunting and spitting on students. he denied using any profanity or spitting on the students but did make an apology on facebook. the college's vice-president says they are investigating the incident and the two have been expelled from their fraternity. a walpole man who posted a picture in front of a restaurant with a trump flag is apologizing. he posted himself on a facebook page in front of the restaurant with the trump flag with a caption "they're paying for the wall." he took out a full page ad to apologize calling it, quote, an awful attempt at making a joke. he has since taken down the original post. and developing tonight, four americans are killed in afghanistan after an explosion in a u.s. airfield. it happened saturday morning.
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contractors. 16 american troops were also injured in the blast. the taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. a judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a white former police officer accused of killing an unarmed black driver. ray tensing, who was an officer for the university of cincinnati, is accused of murdering sam debows during a traffic stop in 2015. the shooting was recorded on tensing's body cam, debosses family received nearly $5 million settlement from the university. no word on when or if this case will be retried. police in albany new york are searching for one suspect after reports of gunfire at a mall. crossgates mall was on lock-down this afternoon when several shoppers heard gun shots. officers say no one was injured. the albany times union says officers have narrowed their search down to a man seen on mall surveillance but have not yet released that video. they turned tragedy into a tribute. dozens of family members and
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saturday. their team was team gentleman because that's the neck make they say best suited the husband and father of three. >> reporter: as they ran through fenway park, they padded the patches that paid tribute to a beloved charlietown man who died as he lived, trying to help someone else. brian hinkston tried to break up a fight he was punched in the face causing him to fall back and hit his head on the pavement. but saturday it was about turning heartbreak into hope. >> knowing that he's a runner and his spirit is here. >> reporter: brian's song said more than 100 people showed up to race in his dad's name. >> i'm really happy we got to see so many people here to support us. >> they also laced up for the wife and three children hinkston left behind. >> it's a feeling you can't
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gear as a fundraiser and it continued after the race. >> i'm sure he'd be speeches to know that this many people turned out and actually went and did this. >> reporter: alexis says her uncle would gift shirt off his back and today the community did what they could in his honor. >> we thought we should come together and remember him and what he loved to do. >> the family says he never got to run the spartan race but one do. we have more information on our web site, well, marijuana will be legal here in massachusetts. >> that means big business for the bay state. >> there's so many other people that can benefit from this industry. >> ahead on fox 25, the industry's poised to take off
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protestors filled the streets saturday rallying against their new president. >> we were there and there were those who showed up to defend the president-elect. >> it was clear from the chanting signs along main street in worcester that some americans are not happy with trump winning
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denouncing his vais on women, immigration and other rights. >> i think these rallies are a pure expression of people's consciousness and conscious seasons where we start with political. >> i voted for trump. >> reporter: roberto showed up wearing his trump camp. he and a hillary supporter agreed to talk to each other rather than getting into a heated arm. >> i want to protect him and i also want to figure out how he could have voted who hate. >> i can't stand obamacare. >> reporter: police commissioned themselves around the rally in case things that did get heated, the rally that had no major issues until after 3:00. moleen did not vote for trump but rallied in support of his commitment to infrastructure. >> something that trump actually campaigned on, something that would actually do something for the working americans and make a
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and while there is a lot of anger after tuesday's election, there was at least one sign of progress. >> we're good. i total look disagree with what you just said but we're good. >> yeah. >> during the protests, a lot of people were driving by voicing and yelling their support for and against trump. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. well, new video from the coast guard shows how they pulled two men from their boat stuck in boston harbor. the boat ran aground near levels island friday afternoon. crews had to use a get two men off the sailboat. the coast guard says the high winds were making difficult to get out to the boat. both boaters, we're told, are okay. meanwhile, the coast guard has suspended its search for three missing boaters from new medford. the group left marina in cape cod tuesday and never returned. the coast guard covered nearly 4,000 nautical models in cape cod bay but never found the
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fence in dorchester it happened friday afternoon on handen street. you can see a crew cutting through the rod iron fence to help rescue the 16-year-old girl, she was impaled through her thigh. investigate remembers still trying to figure out how it happened. designs of a nguyen 1 boston harbor casino have been approved by the mass gaming can go. some of the improvements will increase the number of rooms but officials say this is in response to how busy another change includes eliminating an indoor swimming pool and adding exercise equipment. the official opening day for the casino is also decided june 3rd, 2019. third bird horse race something returning to suffolk down and east boston for another year. the globe reports the state gaming commission approved six days of live racing next year, the same number of races seen at the track this year. horse owners and trainers have
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races. dunkin' donuts cut ties with splenda earlier this year and now offer as chinese-made product which comes in yellow packets like splenda. splenda says the dunking dough news falsely indicated it was used in their products. officials investigating the death of a marlborough baby earlier this week are being tight-lipped about what may have happened. thursday alongside his parents. two adults were treated for a possible drug overdose. neighbors and classmates identified the parents as 19-year-old gracea gallegos and 23-year-old servais cravits. the district attorney has not officially identified the people in this case. according to neighbors, the baby was only two months old. we are told the department of church and families is involved. a woman caught in the middle
11:30 pm
idea as she recovers from stab wounds. bobbi mccoy and her mother were driving in taunton when they spotted a crash. the man and woman involved were wanted by police for stealing the car. when she slowed down at the scene she says the man reached into her car and attacked. now, barbie's a martial arts instructor and says her training likely savedded her life. >> i had these instincts taught to me. it just took over she punched andicked the man but ultimately he got away with the car. the man and woman were cut in worcester and due in court monday. bob by's mother was also hurt and scheduled for thursday monday. >> traffic troubles along route 101a. strong gas odor in a daycare
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crews were able to fix the line. nobody was hurt. commuter rail service has been shut down until next week on the busy needham line. crews will replace trucks going over the will brain street bridge in west roxbury. trains will not start running again until monday morning. an alternate service will not be provided. a young father gunned down in the middle of the day in dorchester and right now his family is fighting for closure. >> he was one of two people shot in dorchester today. no suspects have been named. fox with his family desperately trying to begin the healing process tonight. jaqui. >> cari and chris, family members spent hours trying to review 23-year-old lenart's body but because the man is an organ donor they won't be able to view his body until their offices re-open. it's adding a layer of grief for the more than 15 family members who showed up to say their
11:32 pm
>> we told you tonight that your brother had passed away. >> yes, he was only able to tell me -- he look at the idea and told me that, yes, it is your brother. >> reporter: danley leonard and dancely leonard's twin brother. born just 8 minutes apart on valentine's day, his twin is his best friend. tonight as police work to investigate the shooting that family members say left him dead, they have more questions than answers. around 4:46:00 p.m. on aims street in dorchester, >> all we heard is pop, pop, pop, a whole bunch of times and out of nowhere you hear police sirens and people telling you to go inside if you're outside. >> reporter: boston police say two men in their late 20s were shot. one suffering non-life-threatening injuries. the other wounded can critically, taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. danley leonard's family say police confirmed the 28-year-old father was dead and gathered to see him, but were not allowed to
11:33 pm
>> they gave us a number to call, and now they're saying we can't even really see -- identify my brother. >> reporter: now the family is trying to come to grips with what happened as police investigate who's responsible. >> that's the closest person to me, is my twin brother. tonight we followed that family from the hospital to the morg where various officials told them they could find answers that they're still waiting for at this hour. that shooting, we're told by police, has survived. for now we're live in boston, i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> thank you, jaqui. beefing up the border, still ahead the plan to send extra agents into texas and the children showing up at our southern border. and hund be noisy. be silent. be near. be far.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. shall hard-working detectives, police departments around the state need your help cracking some tough cases. maybe you can help. here is mass most wanted, we begin in rentham where this duo is wanted for shoplifting. police say they stole $4500 worth of merchandise from the toy birch store at the outlets, wearing dark clothes. the meat suspect has facial hair. the two took off in a dark dodge
11:37 pm
rentham police. now to another theft at the outlets, this man stole $600 worth of jewelry and according to police it is not his first time. they say he's stolen from other suropski's stores in the area. he was caught on surveillance camera. if you recognize him contact arlington police. this man is wanted for robbing the td bank on mass ave on halloween. he was wearing a and sunglasss with a gray sweat shirt, he's 6'2" with a skinny build. make sure you mention the mass most wanted tip program because there could be a cash reward if there's an arrest. these cases all come to us on the law enforcement web site mass most wanted and we have them up on our web site for mass most wanted, i'm bob ward, fox 25 news.
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fox 25 new england redowntown some of the most gruesome and heart-breakingle murders where the victims families have no justice. it's sunday night at 10:30. new tonight more than 1400 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean sea. the charity doctors without borders tweeted this picture of one of their boats calling it an insanely busy saturday saturday and say it's a miracle so many people on the boat survived. with more than 4,000 dead or missing crossing the mediterranean to try to get to europe. a suicide bomb attack killed 52 people in pakistan during a religious ceremony. more than 100 people were injured. pakistan's prime minister has ordered federal authorities to find those attackers. the concert hall in paris is back open almost one year after the terror attacks. 90 people were killed inside the
11:39 pm
concert with a headliner, sting. tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes. more than 100 officers will be sent to south texas to deal with the immigrants. agents from arizona and california among other states will be transferred to texas. they will assistant with screening and processing immigrants taken into custody along the border. many are unaccompanied children and fames. >> we've got temperatures dropping ton weather moves in this weekend.
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>> i hope that somebody wakes up in the morning with a needle in their arm. >> that's manchester new hampshire mayor ted speaking out against the legalization of marijuana saying it's linked to the opioid crisis. he calls it a gateway drug. voters in massachusetts and maine chose marijuana tuesday. the law goes into affect for the bay state on december 15th. once marijuana becomes legal in massachusetts the mad dash will be on to join the already multibillion dollar industry. >> some curious got a firsthand glimpse during a workshop in boston today. >> reporter: a handful of people listening and learning about the does and don'ts of getting
11:43 pm
>> most are very compassionate about this. >> reporter: doug porter travels the country teaching would-be entrepreneurs how to navigate the often murky waters of starting up a cannabis business. >> do it right the first time, and that's what we stress, we stress that, you know, cross your teeth, dot your is, do this the legitimate way, follow all the criteria. >> reporter: today's seminar addressed a range of topics from basic grow techniques to legal requirements and regulations. requirement here in mass so you're gonna have to hire a security specialist to make sure your dispensary is safe and sound. >> reporter: the statewide referendum passed despite opposition. governor baker and walsh. porter's message today was a simple one. >> if you're doing all the right things and following good lines as written in -- as voted in by the people of massachusetts, how can anybody fault you for that. >> recreational marijuana use
11:44 pm
>> the vote over recreational marijuana was close than any of the five ballot measures decided last week in massachusetts. a list of towns have been put on our web sight. well, gracing the night sky coming up this monday. the full moon on the 14th will be the biggest since 1948. the moon is normally 238,000 miles from earth and mda closer. the next time the moon will be this big and this close the year 2034. >> that's why it's gonna look much bright and about 14%le larger. the best viewing, all the the moon is gonna be full early on monday, the best view something gonna be sunday night because when it does actually get full early monday morning, the moon
11:45 pm
so shortly after 6:00 tomorrow, be prepared to see that big super moon and what we'll also watch is for the potential of some of of our high tides being affected especially on tuesday. a lot to talk about with this super moon that's gonna be up in the sky couple of days. temperatures only climbed into the 40s today. average high this time of year into the lower 50s and we started off cold but it was still beautiful throughout with sunshine. take a look at our boston 25 picture of the day. hey jude 31, thank you very much. you can always instagram your picture. it was a dry day and we had more dry conditions heading our way, at least for tomorrow and into monday. but i mentioned by tuesday,


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