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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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badly gronk got hurt in the hardest hit of his career. the fight reportedly going behind bars between donald trump's most trusted advisor. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 5:00 in the morning on this tuesday morning, november 15. thank you for being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. rain in the forecast today. shiri spear says the morning commute won't be perfect but day, shiri. >> shiri: right now we are watching very, very light and patchy rain. we had one batch that passed over the cape and islands. another little batch shifting into central massachusetts right now. air is dry and a lot of it will dry up on the way down. what we are left with is increasing clouds across the region. still dry 49 in boston. worcester, 46. one or two raindrops out there and not expecting it to have much of an impact at all.
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light showers. the hour-by-hour forecast in brockton, 7 a.m. 44 degrees. and a couple of showers possibly around the area. nothing widespread until we hit late morning into the afternoon. you can see the rain is falling. at times it is going to be heavy more than just a rain as we mentioned and watches items like the coast today. minor coastal flooding for the rest of the day. heavier rain by the evening commute and very little take you step by step through all of these. julie grauert is live with drive-time traffic. take it away. >> julie: things along on the expressway. shift north of the pike, route 1, 93 south is clear and i expect these conditions to linger until 6:30 when things pick up. drive times, 11 minutes on route 1 from from 128 to the tobin. 9 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from
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back to you. new this morning, a state police cruiser has been involved in a crash on commonwealth avenue in boston right near berkeley street. our photographer at the scene says cruiser only had minor damage but the crash did take out a light box in the area and caused problems at the traffic light there. we are working to find out more about the car that hit the cruiser and whether anyone suffered any injuries. a play that made just about every patriots fan cringe. during sunday night's game. a new report says the tight end has a punctured lung but overnight a conflicting report says it may not be that serious. michael henrich live with the questions surrounding gronkowski's health. good morning, michael. >> reporter: what is the diagnosis. the big question there. another one is will it cause gronk to miss an actual game. look at the play from sunday night football.
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at the end of the play. espn ian rappaport said gronk punctured his lung and will not play this weekend. espn insider said he bruised his chest and the injury is not overly serious. either way, gronk said it was the hardest hit he ever taken in his career, and his teammates tell fox25 they admire gronk's toughness. >> i don't even want to imagine. he is one of our toughest football players. 's leader and guys try follow him and be more like him. >> a tough game. the adrenaline is rolling and you don't feel it. >> reporter: either way, the patriots are playing the 49ers this weekend. even f if gronk sits, at least the pats fans can take comfort in the fact that the 49ers are not very good. one they can probably pull out
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injury and a little injury he picked up himself. we will talk about that and we will hear from the quarterback in the next half hour. live, michael henrich, fox25 news. windows shatter ready all that is left behind of a school ravaged by fire. >> sara: this morning students at that school will not be in the classroom because of that fire and could be next week before they return. our jessica reyes is live in lawrence this morning and, jess, there were students in the class when the fire broke out. >> yes, the fire moved through this building very quickly. just started the day and contained to one classroom. if you look up here, you can actually see some the windows are still boarded up. as you said school is closed today and may be closed through the end of the week. fire fighters were called here to the bruce elementary school just after 8:30 yesterday morning after that fire was reported on the second floor. at this point, there is no word on an official cause, but the eagle tribune is reporting that it may have been electrical in nature. more than 500 students were
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the superintendent of schools here in lawrence say the fire damage was contained to that one classroom and smoke and water damage throughout the building. this morning we are working to learn more about what exactly is next for the kids who go to this school, including when they may be allowed back in this building. we are working to get in touch with the mayor and the superintendent as soon as we have more information on that, we will pass it along to you here on the fox25 morning news. live in lawrence, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. the state is now offering a reward belmont. at this time yesterday morning, fire fighters were still dousing the flames shooting from the abandoned pwlz building at the mcclain hospital campus. the cause of the fire is still unclear, they are urging people to call the arson hotline if they know what sparked the fire. the hotline offers a reward of up to $5,000 if a tip leads to an arrest. and happening today, president-elect donald trump will meet with his vice president to talk about their
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a meeting that comes after several reported arguments behind closed doors about positions in the west wing and key national security post. daniel miller joins us now and the environment sounds extremely hostile. >> sara, cnn says they have a source describing the transition as a knife fight. the big challenge is the clarity of the division of power between trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, his chief strategist steve bannon and his son-in kirschner who has a key rolled. they will be at trump tower discuss possible nominees with trump. the "washington post" reporting rudy giuliani and ambassador john bolton are the top two, that is, for a running in the secretary of state position. so far one of his appointments have come under fire. chief strategist steve bannon.
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racist. many denounce the appointment including massachusetts elizabeth warren. tweeted the president of the united states should condemn bigots not give them a west wing office to decide the country's future. trump's campaign manager depended been aen. >> people should look at his full resume. he has a harvard business degree, a naval officer. he has success in entertainment and a goldman sachs -- >> daniel: meanwhile, that president-elect is trying to get three of his children and on-in-law permission to receive top security clearance. all have been advisors on the trump campaign and on the transition committee. if given secret clearance, the four may have access to secure communication, travel schedules and secret service procedures. they will likely not get operational or analytical intelligence reports unless
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reports. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. 5:07 this morning. it took close to a week, but hillary clinton has been officially named the winner of new hampshire's four electoral votes. clinton took by 2700 votes overall that leaves only michigan still to be called. it won't make a difference as donald trump is well over the number of electoral votes needed to be president of the united states. a billerica man is being held without bail accused of beating a woman into a coma. jessie filler and charged with attempted murder. we were on rogers street as emergency crews responded to the scene. a victim was taken from the house with severe head injuries. she is still in the icu. police say they were unable to answer questions about the crime because of state's domestic violence law. will be back in court monday for a dangerousness hearing. a man arrested in connection with a murder in easton is being held without bail in south carolina. officers say michael arthur
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days before police found him over the weekend. investigators are not saying if he is the person who pulled the trigger killing daniel smith. smith was found in the woods in east on last week. right now nougera is charged with an accessory as murder. refused to waive extradition and authorities will have to force his return which will turn into a lengthy court battle. a taunton couple facing charges in connection with a hit-and-run accident that killed a taunton faster. of hitting michael alfono last week as he rode his bicycle in taunton. after hitting alfono, she kept driving dragging him with her car. eventually she pulled over for a moment so remember boyfriend and co-defendant o'day. alfono's girlfriend spoke of her loss outside of court. >> we have been an amazing dad.
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>> gene: his girlfriend is five months pregnant and he leaves behind two other children. residents in sudbury are concerned over a level 3 sex offender working at a local farm stand. police posted this information on their facebook page to notify the public. 39-year-old shawn barren has been convicted of four counts of child rape. and parents we say that is concerning. one mother who didn't want to show her face s shopping there anymore. >> i know i won't be shopping there or bring my kid there. >> always a concern but everybody needs a second chance. >> sara: the owner at bartlett farm refused to talk to us but worked with shawn baron at another farm in concord. we track weather and traffic every ten minutes. 93 southbound. things are moving along nicely. 17 minutes from the zakim
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>> shiri: for breakfast, the easiest part of the day. drizzle, rain reason wind and coastal flooding. how long the rain and wind stick with us and when we get another batch of coastal flooding coming up. 5:10. a father found guilty of killing his son by leaving anymore a hot car. why prosecutors say he intentionally put his son in danger. startling new informa my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis.
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back at 5:14. an update on that lawrence football field ruined during a brazilian football field. dan rivera posted this to his facebook page of progress at veterans memorial stadium. the high school team should be able to play there on thanksgiving day. trash was left on the field costing $12,000 to replace. insurance kovrld most of the
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collapse in boston. mayor marty walsh is pushing for leaders to be safe to reject construction permits based on the company's safety history. in the aftermath of the south end collapse, fox25 investigates learned that the company that the men worked for atlantic drain had a long history of federal safety violations. the new bill will force companies applying for construction permits to inform the city of any and all violations. the city would then have the right to deny, revoke or history. three con trunks workers are hospitalized after a wall collapsed on top of them. it happened at a house on christmas tree lane in kingston. skyfox is over the scene. one work her serious injury and was flown to the hospital. the other two are expected to be okay. we are working to get an update on the condition of all three this morning. the death toll from the mosquito-borne west nile may be greater than once thought. new research show the health of
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contracting the virus. most of the deaths happened three years after infection but some happened a decade later. the group with the highest risk to die was anyone under 60 years old. the new numbers make the overall death rate from the virus jump from 4 to 13%. the heroin epidemic is creating another public health crisis here in massachusetts. one man we spoke with was able to beat his addiction only to face a life-changing >> the heroin was more important to me at that time than anything. just you get clean doesn't mean everything gets back to the way it is. not all rainbows and puppy dogs. >> sara: he is diagnosed with hepatitis c. hep-c rates have been increasing especially in young people. public health officials believe the correlation of rise in injection drug use and the rise in hep-c. tonight on fox25 news at 10,
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that the heroin crisis is causing in massachusetts and what the state is doing to try to curb the crisis. good morning, 5:16. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a lot of green on my map on route 1, 93 south. nothing is slowing you down on 128 northbound and southbound. as we shift south, the expressway, one those rare times at the expressway and actually makes it to the speed limit. the live drive times. single digits on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 from westwood to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, tracking increasing clouds but steady rain is making its way into town a little bit later. >> shiri: later on this morning from south to north. minor coastal flooding will be my biggest concern today. folks along the coastline will be pretty widespread for east-facing beaches from new hampshire down to the cape. beach erosion sometimes go hand in hand not the case today.
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not worried about beach erosion. heavy rain something that all of us, not just the coast will be impacted by later on today. just to break down a cup of communities that we will see the potential for coastal flooding from hampton new hampshire from revere, scituate and provincetown from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. high tide, it has got to come in and go back out. the astro nominal high tide. east winds pushing that extra water into the coastline today that gives us an additional half foot to a foot storm surge and that's see like i said pretty widespread across the east-facing beaches taking on extra water, covering shore roads and leaking into a cup of basements. 42 in norwood. 49 in boston. 46 in worcester. i know it looks like rain over worcester right now, but it is really, really dry out there. so it is drying up on the way down. i have got mostly cloudy skies. i really don't have any rain totals out of worcester to report to you yet, but by late morning, between 9 and 10, expecting some more of that steady rain to move in and you
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anywhere. neither are temperatures. temperatures get stuck in the middle 40s to the worcester area. if you were closer to boston close to 50 degrees. temperatures getting stuck around 50 degrees. dressing now for what you have almost all day temperature-wise. just plan on it getting wetter and wetter. so future cast here by 9, 10:00 this morning, we will start to see some of that steady rain move on in. by noontime, pretty wet picture across new england and we are incorporating pockets of heavier, steadie into 3:00 for the kids coming home from school, for folks heading into work, dinnertime tonight, a wet forecast. and this can bring a lot of rain in a short amount of time and urban areas where water is a little slow to drain away, we could end up with road flooding, street floating. rain totals will range from an half an inch of rain to inch of rain. one or two communities could end up with 2 inches of rain. we are going to get healthy
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temperatures because of the clouds and the rain, like i said not moving. it will be 40s in spots like worcester and fitchburg and nashua, new hampshire this afternoon. lower 50s for northeastern mass into the boston area. upper 50s over southeastern massachusetts. but at least tomorrow, it is looking quite a bit warmer. upper 50s and lower 60s for most of us going for a dry forecast tomorrow. keep in mind, similar time frame in the middle. day. coastal flooding likely here. minor coastal flooding that is for the day tomorrow. 58 degrees for your high on thursday, 58. going mostly sunny skies here for thursday, friday, and even saturday morning when you wake up. we will find some increasing clouds during the day on saturday and by sunday, we have a chance of rain back in the forecast. monday, you could be waking up to a couple of flurries and sprinkles. back over to you. an am bearssing loss losing to new orleans, the worst team in the u.s. game tied at 105 in the final
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pump fake from tim frazier with two and a half seconds. he commits a foul. frazier makes one of two from the line as they beat the celtics 106-105, the last attempt off the mark. cs back home to play the maverick. the mayor of brockton is under fire for some missing building material. coming up, why the city is trying to track down an expensive slab of granite.
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g lactose. mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. 5 :24, after days of deliberation the high-profile murder case of a georgia father accused of keeping his toddler in a harris showed no emotion as the jury found him guilty of all charges. harris is accused intentionally leaving his little boy in his car back in 2014. his 22-month-old son died. harris faces life in prison. his defense claims that he left his son in the car by accident and prosecutors claim he was having an affair and wanted out of his marriage. what you say on the internet can have long-term
5:25 am
director of a nonprofit wrote on facebook, it will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady. i am tired of seeing an ape in heels. the city's mayor responded saying just made my day. now residents are circulating a petition to have the women fired for being racist. >> this is not the way i want our town to pro vade. michelle obama is a beautiful talented woman. to refer to her as a heels is a racial slur. taylor claims she did not mean for it to come off as latest, she was referring to the first lady's attractiveness. apple may be getting into the digital eyewear business. people who have been involved in the discussion say the company may use augmented reality if they continue to develop the glasses that will allow users to see images and digital information overlayed
5:26 am
world. >> shiri: will be helpful to find things there are radar. rain moving in and will pick up for late among. hour by hour with future cast next. and the islamic state calling for attack in one of the biggest holidays. coming up, why the big group say a thanksgiving tradition will be a good target. gronk took a brutal hit that knocked him ou ?? (laughs..) here it is. ?? ?? hey dad! ?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> shiri: a weather alert at 5:30, hunt down your umbrella this morning. we are getting ready for a soaker of a forecast. put the timeline on rain, wind and coastal flooding. >> brady throwing the
5:30 am
popped. >> reporter: gronk called it the hardest hit he has ever taken in his career. now the questions swirled, does rob gronkowski really from a punctured lung? it was passed a week ago but already some towns are pushing back against recreational marijuana. how they are trying to keep pot shops from ever opening up. good morning, everybody. and thank you for joining us on this tuesday, november 15. it it is shaping up to less-than-perfect morning, but also the nicest part of the day. >> gene: not raining and a lot of rain on the way. meteorologist -- easy for him to say, shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center. >> we are allowed to have a lot of fog on the brain today. and we have just about everything. grab bag forecast. rain, wind and coastal concerns. right now a little bit of patchy drizzle from nantucket to the outer cape. temperatures in the 50s.
5:31 am
lower 40s in millis and natick and lowell at 42. green on the map. and even into the worcester area, but the air is so dry. not much of that will get down to the ground. you may find a stray raindrop. that's okay. 45 degrees in leominster. 39 in nashua, new hampshire. clouds really filling in those locations. in the boston area, 7 a.m., temperatures still in the upper 40s. i am going to keep it mostly dry and mostly hit late morning and lunchtime, all things rain. we have rain at lunchtime, heavy rain into the afternoon, even your evening plans today. temperatures barely moving because of all the clouds. and the showers around. i will show you how much rain to plan around and the impact of that midday coastal flooding when i am back with you in 10 minutes. julie grauert is live with
5:32 am
of the pike. >> julie: things looking good an hour before they slow down. average speed 70 miles per hour as you head eastbound and approach the weston tolls. no issues on the expressway. 31 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south approaching the zakim bridge. back to you. well, no cool this morning for one lawrence elementary school after an electrical fire on the second floor. take a look at the damage to the bruce school. you can see some of the win toes were blown out by the fire. more than 500 students and staff were safely evacuated before 8:30 yesterday morning. fire fighters say an electrical short on the porch is to blame for this fire in bellingham. the flames quickly spread eventually burning through the roof of the home on fourth yesterday. the fire chief told the herald it took crews over an hour to put out the fire because so many of the families longing -- belongings were so stacked up
5:33 am
one person living in the house. a pet bird was killed in the fire and a cat was also missing. fire fighters tell the mill supervised daily news that the shows a total loss. a hard hit have rob gronkowski nursing a serious pain in his chest. it was initially reported that he suffered a punctured lung and that diagnosis is being called into question and not the only patriot sore after sunday night's game. michael henrich is live with what tom brady is dealing with. good morning, >> reporter: he took a low hit, brady did, and a slight quad injury and you will hear from him in just a second. he is expected to play this coming weekend, but i want to show you the hit once again to gronk that has a lot of people -- pardon the pun -- holding their collective breath over his future in the near term. this is what gronkowski referred to on sunday as the hardest hit he has ever taken in his career, and the nfl
5:34 am
gronk punctured his lung and will not play against the niners. espn has a report rerefuteding that report saying that gronk bruised his chest and the injury is not overly serious. tom brady spoke on the radio ahead of monday night football saying he had not heard about gronk's injury and he did talk of nursing some soreness after taking that low hit himself. >> but i will be ready to go next week. so just alex, and i will be good to go. it was -- it is part of football. everybody is playing with bumps and bruises this time of year. i am no different. i will get my treatment this week, and gear up for practice, and be ready to go. >> again, brady expects to play with that quad soreness. gronk could be another story with conflicting injury reports. one thing that all pats'
5:35 am
players can agree with is gronk's toughness. we will hear from them as fox25 catches up with the teammates. police in new hampshire are hoping that joggers and bikers on a popular trail can help track down a man wanted for assault. a 22-year-old woman is recovering after being attacked on the loop trail in lebanon on sunday. police say the woman was grabbed from behind, pushed to the ground and then assaulted. the suspect ran away when the woman fought back. >> there is no connection between the victim and the suspect. cause for concern. >> reporter: police say the woman was not seriously hurt. they are looking for a white man between 18 and 25 years old with shaggy dark pwlonld hair. he may be driving a dark colored four-door sedan. 5:5. no answers in brockton how the mayor is spending taxpayer money. mayor carpenter never showed up for a meeting.
5:36 am
pay for a language class. s a they want to know what happened to a slab of granite. the city paid for the peace. >> who signed for the granite, where was it stored, why is it so hard to locate it. who know what is about the granite. >> gene: in june of 2015, his license was suspended for failure he face questions why he has his police detail drive him around. a finance committee meeting will be scheduled for next monday to further discuss the course and the granite issue. gwen ifil has died. the news anchor lost her long battle with breast cancer while under hospice care in washington. he started her career as a newspaper reporter in the late '70s and briefly worked at the boston herald. graduated from simmons college
5:37 am
the school treated the simmons college community mourns the loss of proud alumna gwen ifil. she was a powerful leader and outstanding journalist. ifil was 61. racist newspapers left on front lawns across one local town, and coming up, why police say there was nothing they could do about the messages of hate. but first, there is a new
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5:39 and we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> sara: yes, we do, traffic looking good on the zakim bridge. >> julie: traffic moving fine on the zakim and leverett connector. a 10-minute drive from the cloverleaf down to the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and we are watching some sprinkles out there across town. >> shiri: y sprinkles right now. mostly over the cape. the deal is 40 to 50 degrees. most of you pouncing on the clouds at this moment. home from work and school this afternoon will be soaking wet. 46 to 54. grab the umbrella before you go. timing out the heavy rain and timing of coastal flooding when i am back with new 10. a former shirley police department is fighting to get her job back. the board of selectmen firedal fray da cromwell last week.
5:41 am
her attorney says she is discriminated against because she is a woman, african-american and a lesbian. they say she had serious infractions including a case of failure to report child endangerment. >> i have concern of how she conducted police work and how she did her job and that is the reason sergeant cromwell no longer works here. >> being the target of discriminal far in tory conduct. >> gene: she fired grievance charges through her union and he a complaint of the massachusetts commission against discrimination. patriots day filmmakers are looking to give back to those impacted by the boston bombing. yesterday they released this new trailer and a patriots day charity campaign. the goal is to raise money for first responders, medical professionals and bombing survivors. filmmakers will match up to $100,000 in donations. patriots day is set to premiere
5:42 am
of prince's music.
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5:44 am
5:44. meteorologist shiri spear. a cup of sprinkles over nantucket and the cape. perhaps damp roadways out there. areas like worcester, northbridge, framingham. a lot of it is drying up before it hits the ground. we will talk about that in five minutes. questions are swirling around rob gronkowski and his ability to play this weekend. conflicting reports of the injury he sustained during this
5:45 am
that gronk punctured his lung and will be out this weekend. espn said gronk bruised his chest and is not seriously hurt. the bruce school in lawrence where school is not in session. school was cancelled after fire spread through a classroom charring everything inside. president-elect donald trump meeting with mike pence for transition meeting comes as a new report discusses infighting during the transition process. at issue, the power struggle between several key advisors on reports that former new york mayor rudy giuliani and ambassador john bolton are the top two in the running for secretary of state. coming up at the top of the hour, security clearance that trump reportedly wants to give his children. message of hate are popping up across the country in the days since the presidential election and one of those under investigation in native after turning up in someone's mailbox. the tensions motivating massachusetts attorney general to take action.
5:46 am
natick this morning. catherine, the ag says this is actual protect people's rights. >> reporter: and the massachusetts ag has launched a hotline for this purpose. she says it will make it easier to track these reported incidents and then refer them to local police departments that comes as natick police and departments across the country are investigating reported incidents of hate crimes in the week after the election. >> well, his change in the law. and he was kind of unsure of how this handle the whole siat maple street residents in natick stunned. one of their neighbors have taken to social media claiming he was the target of two racist letters demanding he cleared his house of n words, making mention of president-elect trump and that natick has no tolerance for black people.not behavior indicative of the town of natick or the police department or any of the residents and it won't be tolerated.
5:47 am
discussing incidents launched a hotline for people to report such crime. attorneys and investigators are ready to take information and go from there. >> understand the facts and make determinations about whether or not this something that is appropriate for legal enforcement action. criminal prosecution, civil prosecution. >> there have been several reports nationwide since the election including a racist in durham, california. and trump supporters have also been targeted two men in connecticut were arrested for waving a u.s. flag and holding a trump sign. those incidents in natick have police concerned. >> i feel bad they are going through this. nobody likes a bully. >> reporter: and
5:48 am
and incidents of racism has been brought up. he told people to stop this behavior. live in natick, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. for weeks someone has been leaving newspapers from the kkk at homes in milford. newspaper called the crusader and the headline rip white christian america. the papers are printed in arkansas and likely dumped on people's lawns in the military of the night. the paper was mailed personally to milford police chief tom mclaughlin. you find something like that in your driveway or caking your children to school, it is going to cause concern and reasonably so. on a personal level it is pretty offensive, on a professional level it is protected by the constitution. it is something we took a close look at, and at this stage we are confident there is no violation of the criminal laws. >> gene: chief says he is not sure if this is related to the election and reports of
5:49 am
police departments in other towns. meantime, more backlash for you in balance after the vp of public affairs said the election of donald trump is a in the right direction. a white supremacist is declaring the boston-based company the official shoemaker of white people. the web site's founder says he is looking to buy a bunch of products from the company. new balance is stretching back saying it does not tolerate bigotry and hate in any rm factories and they have employees of all races, gender and sexual orientation. rain is the word of the day. >> sara: kids need to be prepared especially on the way home. >> shiri: the way home. leaving the house in dry conditions and clouds. packing the rain gear is a smart move. rain turns widespread late morning. but by lunchtime, it is going to be wet out there.
5:50 am
that is for all of eastern mass and new hampshire. the coastline there is are shore road. perhaps even some local basements will end up taking on water. if you saw flooding with the king tides last month, chances are you will see it again today. afternoon and night winds gusting 30 miles per hour. not enough to do any damage but enough to create a very wind opinion blown rain later on today. 49 degrees south of boston and we say right now you are not going to be leaving with the umbrellas up or the hoods up, but look t morning, we have showers in the boston area. shortly after that, it turns much steadier and at times tracking heavy rain through lunchtime, throughout afternoon, the evening commute which is probably going to be the greatest impact of all today. that evening commute could have flooded roadways. obviously going to be slower going because of visibility and temperatures not moving, upper 40s to lower 50s. all i got all day for boston. this area of low pressure is sliding toward us here and we
5:51 am
consider the winds are shoving the water into the coastline, you pair that with the fact we have that astronomical high tide because the super moon and concerns of flooding. luckily right now rain totals have been nothing so far. examine to see the numbers go up from 1 to perhaps 2 inches of rainfall before the day is over. 10 a.m. here. futurecast underdoing perhaps the rain showers. by 10 a.m., expecting spotty rain across massachusetts, even we certainly see the yellows and oranges and heavier rain pop up once we hit lunchtime. continues on and off and the evening commute, dinnertime tonight. a brand-new future cast if you see it take a peek at the tv screen and the latest information and heavier sticking around a little bit later into the afternoon into 8 or 9:00 this evening before fading into just drizzle for
5:52 am
of highs in the upper 40s, boston should see 50. closer to upper 50s. maybe even one for 60-degree readings over southeastern massachusetts. seven-day forecast with the weekend always this view, going partly sunny and a quieter day. potential for midday coastal flooding. sunshine and upper 50s to lower 60s, thursday, friday and even saturday. and for more sunday showers. julie grauert is up now with traffic and weather together every ten minutes. julie, starting south of town. no issues as you head through the hingham area, weymouth and the braintree split. 24 and 95 are clear. over to the expressway. things moving along nicely there. we aren't seeing a lot of volume picking up. just a handful of tail lights through the gas tank. 13 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 16 minutes on 24. 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road.
5:53 am
greece for the first stop on his final foreign trip as president. he plans to meet with the greek prime minister to discuss economic reforms and transition of power to president-elect donald trump. the president's trip will include stops in germany and peru. isis says the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city would be an excellent target for a terror attack. the group made a statement in its most recent addition of its english language magazine. to drive large trucks through crowds at the parade that is similar to a deadly terror attack in nice, france. new york leaders have been preparing for thanksgiving for months and found no credible threats. a lawyer in ohio have been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for cimino advertising his clients and then sexually assaulting them. michael fine was caught on a hidden camera by a client who claim she was hypnotized during
5:54 am
another woman claimed her undergarments were dishevelled after meeting with fine. he pled guilty to six counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping. he will have to register as a tier 2 sex offender once he gets out of prison. one of the most controversial ballot questions and even though recreational marijuana has been approved by voters, met with resistance in some cities and towns across the state. our daniel miller joins us with how some are trying to stop pot >> daniel: ashland is the only community and won't -- is the first community an won't be the only one trying to regulate stores. they will have a temporary moratorium at a town meeting on november 21. if approved it could prevent pot shops from doing business in town until well after the new state law permits. town manager says the proposed moratorium designed to give the town more time to study and to be the inevitable.
5:55 am
it does give the ability to regulate it to -- to the extent that it -- it is for the best of the community. >> reporter: ashland isn't the only community saying hold on. the mayor of metheun told the globe he wants to ban marijuana retailers from opening in his city. 52% of local voters oppose the ballot question, and in quincy and braintree, the mayors are looking at several options including banning a local ballot question even though the mayor of amesbury is concerned that a marijuana shop will be open on the new hampshire state line bringing customers just as they lured buyers from the bay state. back to ashland. majority did vote to legalize marijuana, but it was close a difference of only 350 voters. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. the annual dangerous toys list is coming out this morning. each year, world against toys
5:56 am
for kids. big unveiling is happening at 10:00 this morning right here in boston. fox25 will be there. sticks around with us on air and online for a full list of toys to be careful of this holiday season. amazon making a big change this holiday season. the retail giant will no longer use blue and gold wrapping paper on gifts. instead they will offer velvet gift bags in five sizes and three colors. the gift bags will be the same price as the old price as the old wrapping paper. now 5:56 this morning. an american challenge -- the mannequin challenge. an incredible sight. one of president obama's
5:57 am
5:58 am
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now at 6:00, rain is on the way and timing out downpours and expected coastal flooding. how much of an impact your town will get. gronk feeling a little sore of a taking this big hit. questions of how serious his injury is. a fire tears through a elementary school in lawrence. what is next for 500 kids that go here. new reports of tension in donald trump's inner circle.
6:00 am
currently fighting to call the shots during the transition of power. good morning, everybody. appreciate you being with us on this tuesday morning, november 15, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. rain back in the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says morning commute won't be so perfect that it actually will be the easy part of the day. storm tracker weather center with why what time the heavier stuff moves in. >> this morning a lot of clouds. even when we have some green in fitchburg and lawrence. the air is so dry there. way down. we started in the 40s at bedford at 40. nashua, new hampshire at 39. and worcester at 47. upper 40s in boston. just clouds there and 50s over the cape and islands where we have had some passing sprinkles which means you may have a couple of damp roads to get things started this morning. otherwise, we are looking at this morning temperatures slowly climbing up by maybe one or two degrees total. i am expecting the rain to be more widespread once we hit the late morning and into the


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