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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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currently fighting to call the shots during the transition of power. good morning, everybody. appreciate you being with us on this tuesday morning, november 15, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. rain back in the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says morning commute won't be so perfect that it actually will be the easy part of the day. storm tracker weather center with why what time the heavier stuff moves in. >> this morning a lot of clouds. even when we have some green in fitchburg and lawrence. the air is so dry there. way down. we started in the 40s at bedford at 40. nashua, new hampshire at 39. and worcester at 47. upper 40s in boston. just clouds there and 50s over the cape and islands where we have had some passing sprinkles which means you may have a couple of damp roads to get things started this morning. otherwise, we are looking at this morning temperatures slowly climbing up by maybe one or two degrees total. i am expecting the rain to be more widespread once we hit the late morning and into the
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futurecast in a couple of minutes. >> julie: has a look at the expressway. -- julie grauert has a look at the expressway. >> julie: looking fine through naponset. two new accidents on the pike eastbound the other one is 495 northbound, a rollover right after main street. a little bit of trouble in hopkinton, framingham areas right now. as we shift slightly north, route 1, 93 south moving along without any issue. things moving on the zakim bridge. 13 minutes on route 1. 19 minutes on the expressway. 28 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. back to you. new this morning, a state police cruiser is involved in a crash on berkeley street. our photographer at the scene said the cruiser only had minor damage, but the crash did take out a light box in the area and caused problem with a traffic light. we are working to find out more
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a play in made every patriots fan cringe. rob gronkowski being drilled during sunday night's game against seattle. one report says the tight end has punctured lung and a conflicting report overnight said it may not be serious. michael henrich is live with the questions surrounding -- looming around gronk's health. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning to you. everybody wants to know if rob gronkowski will be okay, if he will miss this weekend's game against the 9 ers status is right now. rob gronkowski meet earl thomas. he called sunday's collision the hardest hit of his career. >> he hit me fair -- fair and square. it's football. you are going to get laid out eventually. >> reporter: now it is patriots fans who are holding that you are collective breath. nfl network ian papa port
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the 49ers. but espn insider refutes that report saying that gronk bruised his chest and the injury is not overly serious. teammate tom brady had not heard about the injury before his monday night football radio appearance. >> i am not sure. i left the facility earlier today and i haven't heard anything, and i still haven't heard anything. that was the first i just heard of it. if it is the case i hope he is doing well, but i won't know more until tomorrow when i go into the football facility. >> reporter: fox25 cau gronk's toughness finishing the game with whatever the final diagnosis. >> he has had some pretty tough injuries to deal with and he just keeps coming back. rehab is hard, and his play never falls off. that shows the credit he deserves. and taking care of his body and being ready to go. >> the patriots played the 49ers this coming weekend. the ers have the worst record
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or without gronk. prefer to have him on the field. it is worth to be seen. it is worth noting that gronk did have an appearance cancelled in new york city for ea sports. we will keep monitoring his condition. michael henrich, fox25 morning news. shaerlted windows are all this is left behind in a school ravaged by fire. sawyer. >> sara: this morning students at that school will not be in the classroom because of the they return. our jessica reyes is live in lawrence, and actually students in class when the fire broke out. >> right, sara, the fire moved through just before 8:30 and if you take a look at the second story of the school. as you said school is closed today and likely will be through the end of the week. fire fighters were called to the bruce elementary school
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the second floor. there is no word on a cause here just yet, but the eagle tribune is reporting it may have been electrical in nature. more than 500 students were evacuated inside and they were moved to the school. the fire was contained to the classroom where the fire broke out but smoke and water damage especially on the second floor of this building. at this point, we are reaching out to the superintendent and mayor get more information when this school may reopen and is next for the kids here. as soon as we get that update we will pass it along to you on the fox25 morning news. for now we are live in lawrence, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> the state is offering rewards leading to information on the massive fire in belmont. fire fighters were fighting the flames shooting from the abandoned building of the mcclain hospital campus. while the cause of the fire sun
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hotline if they know what sparked the fire. offers a reward up to $5,000 if you can help solve the case. happening today, president-elect donald trump will meet with his vice president to talk about their transition to the white house, a meeting that comes after several reported arguments behind closed doors about positions in the west wing and key national security posts. daniel miller, the environment seems pretty hostile. >> cnn said they have the tran fight. the big difference is the lack of clarity between trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, his strategist steve bannon and his son-in-law who has a key role in transition decisions. mike pence will meet with president-elect trump at trump tower in new york city to discuss possible nominees. the "washington post" is reporting former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and ambassador john bolton is top
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secretary of state position. so far one of his appointments have come under fire. strategist steve bannon the head of breibart news, accused of being antisemitic, white nationalist and racist. many denounce it including senator elizabeth warren. she tweeted that the president of the united states should condemn bigots president. no give them a west wing office to decide the country's future. trump's campaign manager depended bannon >> people should look at his full resume, a harvard business degree, naval officer, success in entertainment and a goldman sachs partner. >> daniel: reports that president-elect trump is trying to get three of his children and son-in-law to get top clearance. they have all been advisors on the trump campaign and on the transition committee. if given secret clearance, the four may have success to secure
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schedules and secret service procedures. they will not get analytical intelligence reports unless they have a job that requires that. the trump team denying those reports. close to a week, but hillary clinton has been officially named the winner of the new hampshire election. she picks up four electoral votes the granite state. she took new hampshire by 2700 votes overall that meevs michigan still to be called. it will not make a difference that is the number of electoral votes that he needs to be president. a billerica man is being held without bail accused of beat rag woman into a coma. jessie filmierup was arrested an charged with attempted murder. emergency crews responded to the scene. a victim was taken from the house with severe head injuries. she is still in the icu. police say they were unable to answer questions about the crime because of the state's
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filler up will be back in court monday for a dangerousness hearing. a man arrested for a murder in easton is being held without bail in south carolina. michael arthur nougera was on the run for four days before police arrested him over the weekend. they will not say if noguera was the person who pulled the trigger. right now noguera is charged as an accessory to murder. which means they could force his return that could turn it into a lengthy court battle. a taunton couple is facing charges in connection with a tragic hit-and-run accident that killed a father. manofo and in court accused of hitting michael alfono. after hitting alfono he defendant drying dragging him with her car.
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co-defender could throw his bicycle into the woods. people close to alfono were outraged by the details. >> i don't care she is 19. i don't care if she has any prior charges. i don't care. i don't care. you killed somebody. and it was malicious because you didn't stop. all you had to do was make a phone call. and maybe we be alive. >> the woman in the red is girlfriend. he leaves behind two other children. they are being held on bail. residents in sudbury are concerned of a level 3 sex offender. police hosted this information on their facebook page to notify the public. they say 39-year-old shawn darren has been convicted of four counts of child rape and currently working at bartlett's farm stand. it is concerning and one mother who doesn't want to show her
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her business elsewhere. >> i know i won't be shopping there or bring my kid there. >> always concern, but i guess everybody needs a second chance. >> sara: the owner at bartlett farm refused to talk to us but she worked with shawn baron at another farm in concord. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. skyfox over a crash on north ave in wakefield off on that left hand shoulder.appear drive time of 28 minutes on 128 the weston tolls. shiri? >> shiri: for breakfast a little patchy drizzle. by lunchtime rain and coastal flooding. the breezy showers continue. i will show you how long-lasting this batch of rain will be. a father found guilty of killing his son by leaving him in a hot car.
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update on the lawrence football field ruined during a festival last month. mayor dan rivera posted a picture of the progress being made at veteran memorial stadium. all indication that the high school team should be able to play there on thanksgiving day. last month, heaps of trash was left on the field. cost. one month after a pair of workers were killed in a trench collapse. mayor marty walsh is working to keep workers safe. in the aftermath of the south end collapse. fox25 investigates learned that the company the men worked for atlantic drain has a long history of federal safety violations. the new bill will force companies applying for construction permits to envelope the city of any and
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revoke or suspend it based on history. three construction workers are hospitalized after a wall collapsed on top of them in christmas tree lane in kingston. one work her serious injury and was flown to the hospital. the other two are expected to be okay. the death toll from the mosquito-borne west nile virus might be greater than one once thought. it rapidly deteriorated years after contracti most of the deaths happened three years after infection. the group with the highest risk to die was anyone under 60 years old. the overall death rate for the virus jumped from 4 to 13%. the heroin epidemic has another public health crisis in massachusetts. one man was able to beat his addiction only to face a life-changing consequence. >> the heroin was more important to me at that time than anything. just because you get clean
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it is all rainbows and puppy dogs. >> sara: he is diagnosed with hepatitis c. hep-c rates have been increasing over the last decades especially in young people. they believe there is a direct correlation of the rise in injection drug use and rise in hep-c. tonight on fox25 news at 10, we will tell but other new health concern the heroin crisis is causing in massachusetts and what the state is doi we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone 6:17. live pictures from skyfox. over this accident on 128 southbound at north ave in wakefield. some progress in the last ten minutes. car involved in this crash on a tow truck getting ready to pull it away and things will open back up in the wakefield area. taking you to a live look at the expressway. volume starting to build. quite a few tail lights as you
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pike moving along fine eastbound, no major issue there is quite yet. things over on the zakim starting to slow down. 6:17 and 6:30 is the time when i say this is kind of when the bewitching hour begins and we start to see heavy, steady volume mr. up. the live drive times in ten minutes. first here is meteorologist minutes. first here is meteorologist shiri spear we have a lot of changes happening when you leave the house to lunchtime to the evening commute. let's break it down for you. flooding will be pretty widespread through eastern massachusetts, eastern new hampshire, all the way from the seacoast down to the cape that is our primary concern. beach erosion -- sometimes they go hand in hand. beach erosion not something a big issue but heavy rain for everybody not just at the coastline. to break down a cup of our communities impacted. new hampshire, revere, boston, scituate, quinsy in there. province town and nantucket
6:19 am
between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. that astronomical high tide because of a super moon. on top of that we have an extra half foot to a foot storm surge because of our ocean storm and wait it is swinging in the wind and shoving the water to the coastline. rain starting off in the 50s over the cape and islands. not too bad. nantucket in boston at 47 degrees. worcester at 47 degrees. let's go out to fitchburg because i know you are seeing a little bit of green on the map all of that rain is driving up before it ever gets down to the ground. there is a chance you will see one or two rain drops out there but overall looking at mostly dry conditions as you leave the house. fitchburg is somewhere that you won't see much of a rise in temperatures in the upper 40s. that's it. i think you are lucky if you gain 5 degrees. and by late morning and afternoon, steady, heavy rain moves in. it does continue on and off throughout the afternoon. futurecast here to time it out for you.
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and gist is pretty good. at 10 a.m., dealing with patchy, mostly just lighter showers across massachusetts. a couple sneaking into southern new hampshire. and still dry towns and cities out there. that all changes by lunchtime. i see a more widespread rain popping up. i see the shades of yellows, oranges that means incorporating heavy rains at time and you see more and more of that the deeper into the afternoon we go. at 3 p.m., we have heavy rain, we have lit downpours where you live. same goes for the evening commute home from work. look at this 7 p.m. picture. an absolute mess of the forecast. wind at 30 miles per hour. downpours on top of that. we could be dealing with some street lighting or leaves are clogging the drain or where it is slow to drain away. slow going evening commute for sure. luckily this evening a lot of rain showers lighten up and turns into more of a drizzle
6:21 am
what we are likely facing half an inch to an inch and a half of widespread rain. a couple of spots could push two inches before it is all said and done. upper 40s and lower 50s. southeastern massachusetts, warmer with mid- to upper 50s. either way, whatever that fox25 weather app says your temperature is right now, you are not going to move very much. breezy rain watching that midday coastal flooding as well. even though the forecast tomorrow is dry and partly sunny at 58 degrees. we still have coastal flooding because of the high tide. going with sunshine upper 50s to lower 60s. thursday, friday and saturday. back to you. embarrassing loss for the celtics losing down in new orleans to the pelicans. the worst team in the nba. driving to the basket late and the celtics even things up. 15. kelly olenick falls for the pump fake.
6:22 am
mark. the pelicans beat the celtics 106 had 15. brutal loss. back home and play the mavericks at the garden tomorrow night. 6:21. the mayor of brockton under fire for missing building materials. the city tried to track down an expensive slab of granite.
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after days of deliberation, a guilty verdict in the high-profile murder case of a georgia father accused of leaving a toddler inside of a hot car. justin ross harris showed no emotion as the jury found him guilty of all charges intentionally leaving a loy boy in his car in 2014. his 22-month-old son died. harris faces life in prison. his defense claims that he left his son in the car by accident but the prosecutor claimed that harris was having an affair and wanted out of his marriage. what you can say on the internet can have long-term consequences and two officials in clay, west virginia are finding that the hard way.
6:26 am
will be refreshing to have a beautiful, classy, dignified. i am tired of seeing an ape in heels. the city's mayor said just made my day. they want the women fired for being raceist. >>. >> this is not the way i want my town portrayed. michelle obama is a beautiful tall ended woman and rerng her as an ape in heels is a racial slur. >> sara: she said racist. she was only affecting the first lady's attractiveness. gonzaga university organized this massive mannequin challenge at the men's basketball game. they have gave their best reaction faces and cheerleaders were in a pyramid. gonzaga won 69-48. that takes an incredible amount
6:27 am
of coordination and cooperation. >> shiri: i am no good. no good. rain moving in. 7 a.m. low risk you will see any showers. but 10 a.m. and beyond, the soaking rains coming in. time it out with futurecast. islamic state is calling for an you a tack on one of the biggest holidays. why the group says a thanksgiving tradition could be a good target. gronk took a brutal hit
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> shiri: right now at 6:30, rain is on you the way. when it will hit your town and when we are tracking the potential for some flooding. >> brady throwing an incomplete and gronkowski gets popped. he took a shot.
6:31 am
hardest hit he has ever taken in his career. now the questions swirl. does ron gronkowski really have a punctured lung? new balance has picked up an endorsement that the company wants nothing to do with. what they are saying to try to clear the air. and good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us on this tuesday, november 15. thank you for joining us on this -- what is going to be a pretty rainy day. >> gene: sounds like you need the umbrella, the wet weather gear handy. shiri the doorstep. >> shiri: right now leaving the house in decent conditions. if you were leaving now, you are in help. drizzle from the cape to provincetown. 50 degrees. cloudy in marshfield. boston same story, 47. just cloudy there. i know a little birth rain, boxford, haverhill, lowell. ayer is very dry.
6:32 am
worcester at 47 degrees. new ipswich. dry and cloudy. the forecast in the boston area is at 49 degrees by 8:00 this morning with cloudy skies. but late morning until noon. we have the showers filling in. temperatures only hovering around 50 degrees here for the afternoon which means we are only going to go up a couple of degrees and we have that real heavy stuff that presses in for the afternoon and the evening as tim i will break down that hour by hour threat and the midday threat for coastal flooding. let's turn it over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and an accident update. >> julie: shiri, the earlier accident we have of pictures, that is cleared. delays stretching back to route 1 in the peabody area. waiting for this accident to clear on the pike eastbound route 1 in framingham.
6:33 am
as you approach the pike. things looking good on the expressway. pretty typical slowing as you head from the braintree split to morrissey boulevard. 34 minutes on the pike eastbound. 24 minutes on the expressway. 42 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. back to you. well, no school this morning for one lawrence elementary school after an electrical fire on the second floor. take a look at the damage to the bruce school. you can see some of the windows blown out by the fire 500 students and staff were safely evacuated just before 8:30 yesterday morning. fire fighters say an electrical short on a porch is to blame for this fire in bellingham. the flames quickly spread burning through the roof of this home on 4th avenue. the fire chief told the herald it took crews more than an hour. because so many of the family's belongings were stacked up inside that they couldn't open
6:34 am
okay. a pet bird was killed in the fire and a cat was also missing. tell the milford daily news that the house is a total loss. a hard hit leaves rob gronkowski thursdaying serious pain in his chest. it was arab actually reported that gronk suffered a punctured lung and the diagnosis is being called into question and not the only patriot sore after sunday night's game. live in foxborough with what is ailing tom brady as well. good morning, michael >> reporter: good morning, tom brady nursing a quad industry and he does expect to play this weekend. the same can't necessarily be by rob gronkowski. the hit that put him in question. the second quarter of sunday's game against the seahawks. gronk calls it the hardest hit he has taken and rap pa port is reporting that gronk punctured his lung and won't play this weekend. with all that said, espn refutes the report saying gronk
6:35 am
injury not overly serious. tom brady spoke on the radio ahead of monday night football saying he had not heard about gronk's injury but he did talk about thursdaying some of his own soreness. >> i am sore, but i will be ready to go next week. so just some treatment like i always get from my buddy alex and i will be good to go. it was part of football. everybody is playing with bumps and bruise this is time of year. i am no different. i get my treatment this week, and figure out their practice and be ready to go. >> reporter: gronk will continue to sort through some of the conflicting reports and try to get you an update -- work to get you an update snob. it must be noted that gronk was supposed to be in new york for an ea sports appearance. that appear hans had has been cancelled. the cancellation hat not been directly linked to this injury, but we are watching out for that.
6:36 am
of how the mayor is spending taxpayer money. mayor bill carpenter never asked for a city council meeting. asked for documents in hand for taxpayer money to pay for a college language class. they also want to know what happened to an expensive slab of granite being used at a city hall memorial. the granite was the wrong color and needed to be reordered. the city paid for the new piece but the first one disappeared. >> who signed for the granite, where was it stored it, where is it. who knows what about the granite. >> gene: not the first time the mayor has been criticized. in june of 2015, carpenter's driver's license was suspended for failure to pay state taxes. a finance committee meeting is scheduled for next monday to further discuss the course and the granite issue. veteran journalist ga when ifil has died. the long-time pbs news anchor
6:37 am
tree y'all cancer -- entrimetrial cancer. she briefly worked at the boston herald. she graduated from simmons college in 1977 and received an honorary degree from the school in 1993. the school tweeted out the simmons college community mourns the loss of powerful alumna gwen ifil a powerful leader and outstanding journalist. she >> gene: very sad and very young. >> sara: very young. racist newspapers left on front lawns across towns. coming up, there is nothing they can do about the messages of hate.
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6:40. we check traffic and weather together he ten minutes and now is the timee >> sara: things are slowing down on route 1 in saugus. >> julie: yes, they are. it will stay with us throughout most of the morning commute. and route 1 in saugus slow going. 29 minutes. an 11-minute chunk that i mapped out from 128 to the tobin. and double the time compared when there is no traffic which we will have to wait a little bit for that to open back. you. meteorologist joining us. this evening will be a problem
6:41 am
forecast. >> your bad news has started. mine has not. bus stops mostly cloudy. 40 to 50 degrees. maybe a cup of breaks in the clouds. going with the warm jacket. the showers very few and far between. but 3 p.m. for kids, parents and teachers coming home. 46 to 54. temperatures not going up that much, and i have got heavy rain on the way. i will time out the heavy showers and break down the concerns along the coastline for some flooding there that is coming up in less than 10. gene. a former department fighting to get her jab back. the board of selectmen fired cromwell last week. they said she was discriminated against because she is a woman, african-american and a lesbian. the police chief said she committed a failure of infractions including the fail tour report a case of child endangerment. >> i do have concerns obviously the way she conducted police work and the way she did her job and the reason sergeant
6:42 am
>> reporter: cromwell has filed grievances to her union. she and her attorney have filed a complaint with the massachusetts commission against discrimination. patriots day filmmaker are looking to give back to those impacted by the boston bombings. yesterday they released a new trailer and a patriots day charity campaign. the goal is to raise money for first responders, medical professionals and bombing survivor. "the herald" say they will match 100,000 in do thursday at the afi fest in los angeles. ride-sharing company lyft is look'!totite up the streets. the new addition to the cars
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6:45 am
welcome back at 6:44. meteorologist shiri spear. and i have got a little bit of rain here. just some sprinkles over the outer cape as well as nantucket. a cup of sprinkles inch into east falmouth and barnstable as well. another little batch from the north shore to southern new hampshire. this is very light stuff. some of it drying up on the way down. i am timing out the heavier stuff in less than five minutes. happening now, questions are swirling around rob gronkowski and his ability to play this weekend. there are reports about the injury he sustained during his hit sunday against seattle. gronk punctured his lung and will be out this weekend. espn is refuting that report saying that gronk bruised his chest and is not seriously hurt. looking out in lawrence, the bruce school where class is
6:46 am
school was cancelled after fire spread through. and president-elect trump meeting with vice president-elect pence for a business meeting as a new report discusses infighting during the transition process. at issue a power struggle of several key advisors of trump's staff and new reports that say mayor rudy giuliani and john bolton are the top two in the running for secretary of state. coming up, the top security clearance that trump reportedly wants to give his sara. >> sara: gene, messages of hate are popping up all across the country. and one of those under investigation in native after turning up in someone's mailbox. the tension motivating massachusetts attorney general to take action. catherine parrotta live in natick this morning. and catherine, the ag says this is to protect people's rights. >> reporter: what he done at the ag's office is launch a hotline. make easier for them to track these incidents and refer them
6:47 am
departments today investigating an incident or a report anyway of racism and harassment and other similar reports have been coming in across the country in the wake of the election. >> changing the locks on his door, and he was kind of unsure of how to handle the whole situation. >> reporter: something leaving maple street residents stunned. one of their neighbors taken to social media saying he was the target of two racist letters last week demanding he cleared his house of n words, makin trump and stating that naticks has no tolerance for black people. >> not behavior that indicative of the town of natick or the police department or any of the residents and won'ting tolerated. >> reporter: massachutsetts massachusetts attorney general maura healy of numerous report of harassment and intimidation of ethnic, religious minorities including women, lbgtq and immigrants and a hotline to
6:48 am
they say attorneys are ready to take information a go from there. >> understand the facts and make determinations whether or not this is something that is appropriate for legalized enforcement action, criminal prosecution, civil prosecution. >> reporter: several reports nationwide including a racist message spray painted on a wall in durham, north carolina and similar messages on a bathroom wall. trump supporters have been targeted. two men in connecticut were arrested for attacking a waving a u.s. flag and holding a trump sign. those incidents have more than police concerned. >> i feel bad that they were going through this, and you know, nobody likes a bully. >> reporter: and president-elect trump did have that recent interwith "60 minutes" and incidents of racism and harassment was brought up and the president-elect asked people to stop this behavior. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. for weeks, someone has been leaving newspapers from the kkk
6:49 am
called the crusader and has headline rip white christian america. the papers were printed in arkansas and dumped on to people's lawns in the middle of the night. the paper was mailed personally to the mill supervised police chief. >> a number of people obviously called. you find something like that in your driveway and take your children to school, and it is going to cause concern and on the professional level it is protected by the constitution. something we took a close look at, and at this stage, we are comfortable that there is no violation of the criminal laws. >> gene: the chief said he is not sure if it is related to the election and he has dealt with thing like this from other towns. and the election of donald
6:50 am
a web site declaring new balance as the official shoemaker of white people. the web site's founder says he is working to buy a bunch of products from the company. new balance is fighting back stressing it does not tolerate bigotry and hate in any form. the sneaker company says they have five factories around the country and have employees from all races, genders, cultures and affiliations. tryi president-elect trump has promised to roll back many of remember reforms. white announced her plans to resign from her role yesterday. her term was set to run through 2019. she plans to leave before trump takes office in january. all right, grab your umbrellas, everyone. by lunchtime, it is going to be pretty wet, right? >> shiri: ugly day ahead.
6:51 am
for your drive into work, leaving now or the next cup of hours but late morning, lunchtime, sara is right, the widespread rain. coastal flooding is another item because of the wind and astronomically high tide. coastal high flooding potential from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. all of eastern new hampshire. massachusetts up and down the seacoast to the cape. afternoon and tonight, winds will gust around 30 miles per hour. not going to do any damage and rainy day. 47 degrees right now in boston. no rain to report now. we have got a couple of thin spots in the clouds, but honestly clouds ruling from the get go and from 8 a.m. clouds and 49 degrees. by 10 a.m. i have our first steady rain starting to move in and will intensify by lunchtime and into the afternoon. look at the temperatures as well approximately hovering around 50 degrees all day long. very little if any warm-up.
6:52 am
your town is you will be within 5 degrees of that. a coastal low pushing toward us. pushing in the rain. the closer it gets the heavier the rain gets. it futurecast to break it down, 10 a.m. light and patchy rain over much of massachusetts and sneaking into new hampshire. you will find it even more widespread by noontime and seeing the yellows and oranges on the map even more so as we incorporate heavy showers. the problem is evening commute and dinnertime tonight. that will make a mess of the roads. to get you home pack your patience. and we have high temperature from the upper 50s in southeastern mass. 53 in boston. 52 in lawrence and 40s in worcester, fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. watching for minor coastal flooding surrounding that 11 a.m. high tide. remember anywhere from 10 to 2:00. a window there.
6:53 am
covered roads by the water and low lying houses. i know you don't like to hear that, but the situation with the midday high tide and tomorrow. even though that wednesday forecast dry with highs in the upper 50s. thursday, friday and saturday. i am watching that radar for you all morning long. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. an accident update. >> julie: we are following this accident eastbound on the pike right as the pike and the 495 where they come together in seeing eastbound delays approaching the accident site and then shortly thereafter. things looking good after you make it through the accident. the crash site moving along fine on the pike eastbound. a little volume building through medford. route 1 seeing a little heavier little bit of a jam there. 93 south looking good on the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. 46 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. almost half an hour on the
6:54 am
route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. new this morning, president obama has landed in athens, greece for the first stop of his final foreign trip as president. he plans to meet with the greek prime minister to discuss economic reform and transition of power to smrebingt donald trump. the president's trip will include stops in germany and peru. isis says the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city will be an excellent target for a terrorist attack. the group made the most recent addition of its english language magazine. they called on their followers to drive large trucks through the parade similar for a deadly attack in nice, france earlier this year. new york city leaders say they have been preparing for thanksgiving for months and found no credible threats. recreational marijuana is approved by voters met with resistance in some cities and towns across the state.
6:55 am
of how they are trying to stop pot shops from opening up. >> daniel: ashland is the first community and won't be the only to try to stop the opening of marijuana stores. they are considering a temporary moratorium on marijuana establishmentsments at a town meeting held on november 21. if approved, it could prevent pot shops from doing business in the town until well after the new state law permits. the proposed moratorium is designed to get the towns more time t could be the inevitable. >> you can't just ban it, but does give it the ability to regular late this to the extent that it's for the best of the community. >> ashland isn't the only community saying hold on. the mayor of metheun wants to ban marijuana retailers from opening in his city. 42% of local voters oppose the ballot question and in quincy and braintree, the mayor is looking at several options including a local ballot
6:56 am
question to ban marijuana shops. the mayor of amesbury says he is concerned that a marijuana shop will open in his city on the new hampshire line to bring customers just as fireworks shops in new hampshire from the bay state. now back to ashland, the majority of the people there did vote to legalize marijuana but a close vote. a difference of only 350 votes. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. rapper jay-z music streaming service is claiming it has exclusive rights to the music of the parent company filed court documents they negotiated with the late singer to stream his entire music collection including two albums. the administrator of prince's estate they fear maybe negotiating other deals. 6:56. the '80s no, sir stall ga on the cheap. coming up at 7:00, why you will
6:57 am
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7:00 am
does rob gronkowski really have a punctured lung. >> gene: finding out the plan for hunting of lawrence students after a school is closed after a damage could close the building for awhile. >> sara: donald trump's transition into the white house, key agreements drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us. i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. you will definitely want to hunt down the umbrella this morning because getting ready for a soak are of forecast. shiri spear in fox25 stormtracker weather center with timeline on rain. >> shiri: we got rain, wind, coastal concerns today, right now showers pretty broken up, pretty light what we have of it,


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