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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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on new england's unsolved tonight there's new information that could help crack this case. fox 25's jim morelli live for us in princeton tonight where investigators are asking for help. jim? >> vanessa, they've been asking for the public's help ever since the murder happened on august 7th but this time investigators got sort of specific. they're looking for a vehicle an s.u.v. but there's not much details beyond that. >> reporter: more than three months have passed since the vanessa marcotte murder the town of pri >> leaves you with an uneasy sense that you're not sure what to do. >> reporter: but today a possible break in the case. the worcester county d.a. saying a dark colored s.u.v. was seen near where marcotte's body was found and around the time the murder is thought to have occurred. >> they may be dealing with a fresh out of the box homicidal killer. >> reporter: private investigator spoke with fox 25 by phone help says this
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a clear path to a suspect. someone he thinks knows the area. >> the familiarity with that area it is strong. you could quickly leave by a vehicle and get up on the roadway and be undetected. >> reporter: some in princeton may be frustrated with the lack of information that's come out with the case. >> i don't really feel like we've had much information on which to make clear decisionses about what we want -- how much risk we want to take or not. >> reporter: but shamshack says investigators are likely working this case with a sense of mission. >> this is a case that has outraged the community and outraged the investigators. a beautiful young woman who was brutally murdered. >> reporter: there you see justice for vanessa signs. you will find these around the town of princeton asking for tips and so far investigators have gotten more than a thousand tips but so far no arrests. live in princeton, jim
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line police want you to call if you have any information for you. we want to put the number up on the big screen. detectives have received more than 1,000 tips since marcotte's murder but again her killer remains at large. we do have more in-depth coverage on you our website. there you can watch bob ward's new england's unsolved as well as his one on one interview with a private investigator who predicted today's big developments. it's all there for you on fox25bost.c know after tonight's fox 25 news at 11:00 we're airing half hour special fox 25 investigates new england's unsolved. we'll go in-depth on the murder mystery surrounding marcotte. tonight we are learning about a family tragedy. a local father went to a destination wedding in jamaica and got hit and killed by a truck speeding by. fox 25's malini basu spoke to the the man's heartbroken family. >> reporter: at 33 years old christopher lee loved his family more than anything.
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up without a father. his five siblings and mother are now forced to go on without him. >> i love him so much and i hope that he's really proud. >> reporter: he was in jamaica for a destination wedding. the group was headed for a cafe when wild animals got in front of their truck. a speeding truck going by hit and killed. >> there was a his name he was dame often he tried to push my brother out of the way and unfortunately there were both struck. so dan the newlywed he began to work on my brother doing c.p.r. and compressions just trying to sustain him. >> reporter: it was too late. >> he asked all three of us at least 100 times a day is it okay if i go we all told him yes. >> he said i didn't think i should spend that much money on myself.
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birthday. jonathan is his twin. >> he says his brother took care of him when he was in a coma. >> he nursed me back to health. >> reporter: all the family wants is to bring him they tell us the jamaican government is making them pay for all of the medical expenseses before they release his body. >> just be patient. we're going to bring you home. we're coming to get you brother. no matter what we have to do. >> reporter: malini basu, fox 25 news. just heartbreaking but since we first aired the story at 10:00 a generous viewer called our station and told us he is willing to
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jamaica and bring their loved one back home. new tonight it works men caught on surveillance video breaking into a pawnshop in haverhill. police want you to take a good look at them. this is from the house of pawn on monday night. if you recognize them call police. take a look at this frightening surveillance video. it shows a man walk into a local gas station with a long gun and demand cash. we first broke this story last night on fox 25 news at 11:00 and since then we've opted that video that investigators e fox 25's jacqui heinrich live for us in newton tonight with a closer look at this chilling encounter. jacqui? >> reporter: vanessa, the cashier here has worked at this gas tailgs since the 1990s. he's never had anyone rob him. he's still trying to figure out just how much was taken after that robber emptied his drawer. tonight he tells us he hopes the public will put this man behind bars. >> at least he polite about it. saying please.
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cashier ordering him to empty his drawer. >> they say open the register. >> open it. open the register. >> reporter: police say an undisclosed amount of cash was taken and surveillance video shows the man take everything in the register. before not so discreetly walking out the dwoor that large weapon. >> the suspect had some sort of long gun, we don't know if it's a rifle, shotgun ab.b. gun we just don't know at this time. >> reporter: still no word on whether police ar as of today any news if the person is caught? >> i really don't know. >> reporter: they hope this video helps track the man down. the suspect is described as a man about'8 -- 5'8" wearing green pants at the time of the robbery. he a white bandanna across his face. still no word from police if they are tracking any leads.
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hours. today a federal jury in boston heard a chilling 911 call from convicted killer gar 85 sampson. >> i -- from gary sampson. >> i also killed a couple of system. >> when did you kill someone? >> i killed two people in massachusetts, and another one in new hampshire the other day. >> sampson called to turn himself in to police in vermont in 2001. at the time he had just murdered three men as you heard. after a week long crime spree across new england. jurors will decide if he death. also for the first time the jury saw surveillance video of sampson trying to stab a correction officer with a sharp end of a broom stick at a federal prison in innine 2011. all this -- in indiana in 2011. skyfox flew over sandy pond today as divers search
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last seen on friday. police found his car nearby. they did not find him in the water. tonight a you lowell police officer is at the center of an investigation surrounding what happened inside the school where he worked. officer david then placed on paid administrative leave while the d.a.'s office looks into a complete related to an arrest made at lowell high's career academy school. it happened in september. city manager kevin murphy would not give details to us but did say there was some sort of altercation between >> it is concerning because no matter what you shouldn't touch a child. even if the child is misbehaving as difficult as that can be you shouldn't touch the child. >> d.s.f. is also involved in this investigation. frightening animal attack on the south shore. fox 25 robert gouldston in may wouth where he spoke exclusively -- weymouth where he spoke exclusively.
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mouth around annie. police say it was a very large female coyote and something was not right with it. >> it ran over and dropped the cat and the cat went a few feet to try to climb up the tree then the coyote recircled and tried to grab it got within arm's length. >> reporter: scott started yelling and waves his arms but nothing worked. >> i got to the edge of the steps i was able to pick her up and came in and the coyote was at the steps. >> reporter: when police arrived the coyote started gi officer a hard time but he was able to corner it up the street using a rifle the animal control officer safely shot and killed the coyote jack saw it all. like this and bingo. >> my concern it was right at the time when kids go to school and that thing was very very aggressive. >> reporter: nobody was hurt even though at first police thought scott was. he came to make sure i was all right because they didn't know if i was bitten. >> reporter: annie had to undergo surgery but she's
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>> she's got nine lives but i think he's used seven or eight already. in weymouth, robert goldsston, fox 25 news. following breaking news from revere. the fire department tells us it's responding to a commuter rail train versus vehicle. this happened on oak island road. we're working our sources ands pass along new information as it comes in. new pictures tonight police in weymouth want you to take a look at. someone is leaving graffiti on playgrounds in the area. stella terrell park. acts of vandalism have been reported at several other parks. still watching those clouds trying to break up over the top of us. expecting sunshine tomorrow but still a big change in the offing are for the week. but first a local world war ii veteran is trying to make it to the somber ceremony marking 75 years since the pearl harbor attack. next at 11:00, the message he has for you and how you
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and a hot air balloon
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we have an update on the breaking news we told you about in revere. the fire department tells us it's responding to a commuter rail train versus vehicle. this happened on oak island road. we've been in contact with some people who are on that train who heard debris scraping the bottom of the
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passengers they had hit a car. again that's word tonight coming from people who were on that train. officials could not tell us any information about possible injuries. we'll pass along new information as soon as we get. tonight one community is rallying around a living member of america's greatest generation. friends and family are raising money to send a 91-year-old world war two veteran of the 75ing anniversary of pearl harbor. fox 25's kathryn burcham had the honouring of speaking with that veteran today. sworn in. >> with the father in the navy the sea was in ed hamilton's blood when pearl harbor was burned. >> reporter: on that day in 1945, ed was on board the u.s.s. bennett manning the guns as a hot caseman when the bombs began raining down from the japanese company cozies. >> we were -- company
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left wreak we would vin jod another two on the bottom. >> reporter: it was one of his many close kahlon his four year tour the at home waiting his bride melba who he met on revere beach. >> if you wrote almost day. >> reporter: seven decades later ed has a new pen pal a fourth grade student named dominick who lived in hawaii. now these two unlikely friends plan to meet for the first >> because so many of the guys can't go if i'm able i want to do it. >> reporter: family and friends have started a go fund me page to fly ed to pearl harbor. on his first night there he plans to have dinner with dominick, a member of the greatest generation touched by the youngest. he says he'll there be no matter what. >> last year there was a 100-year-old guy, 100 years old.
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the harmon call. now if he's -- on the harmonica. >> and they will leave for hawaii on november 30th. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. new at 11:00 the pentagon is investing billions of dollars to develop autonomous weapons machines that could one day kill on their own. more than 30 countries already possess defensive weapons. but the humans will decide when to strike. right now the big question is how much independence to give them. >> we're experienced that fully autonomous weapons better known as killer robots would pose grave dangers to civilians for that matter soldiers. we think they cross a fundamental ethical linch by turning life and death decision making over to machines. >> top pentagon officials say the u.s. must stay ahead in the robot arms race. nationses like russia and china are trying to close
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take a look here at this hard landing a hot air balloon had to make this afternoon in philadelphia after the balloon briefly touched down it looks like the was going to just keep going. luckily people ran to catch up with the balloon to help stop it. apparently this was supposed to happen because the pilot said it was a planned training exercise. no one was hurt. wednesday long known as prince spaghetti days. fears of salmonella contamination have led the grated cheese brands. no one has reported getting sick. we have posted a full list of the recalled products on our website i know ock was dying to yell anthony. >> exactly. >> martinelli. >> from our childhood. clouds trying to hang tough. going to see some sunshine
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mixing in but plenty of sunshine. temperature right now still 52 in boston. an average high temperature for this date. we're doing okay out there. in the suburbs within the 40s. as it's down to the low 40s already so your wake up forecast on average will be 41? with a mix youture of clouds and sun. mostly sunny is a better way to turn this because those clouds are just hanging so tough tonight. the farther east and southeast you are the better chance you have some clouds hanging in there. you see those here on the future cast through the morning hours into the middle of the day, stereo. so high temperatures with a mixture of sun and clouds in the 50s here in southeastern mass. you will see some sun it's an improvement over today. but off to the north and west temperatures in the 50s here as well. but with mow sunshine. see how it becomes increasingly sunny the farther north and west you go. that's the way it's going to
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any chance of clouds going to be mostly eastern massachusetts while the rest of us we bathe in sunshine on friday. but i want to fast forward this into the weekend. you will see a front coming through on saturday that's right here bringing this green which is rain but on the back edge snow is flying as some cold air works in behind this front. that snow will be flying into the mountains of vermont possibly even into some mixing a little farther east as well. by sunday morning so saturday night to sunday mornin through. then sunday during the day it will be mild enough that we're looking at rainshowers here in eastern massachusetts. but eventually some of this cold air is going to sink southward. would not be surprised if we're seeing some flurries even in the suburbs of boston by sunday night. that's what i have painted in here for you after a couple mild days to end this weekend. some sunshine temperatures right around 60. your weekend is always in view. that's the front with with
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temperature on saturday to about 46 with wind on sunday making it feel even colder with some rainshowers and some mixing happening. out beyond be onto monday still the risk for some of those snow showers and windy although the storm is pulling away. then there's wednesday. now we get to this part of the forecast we're getting dangerously close to thanksgiving. here's our longer term computer models are showing. this is another storm center a vigorous one pushing towards us by wednesday activity we know that because this blue line is a freezing line plus, we're getting southwest winds so we'll be dealing with a rain situation that would come in wednesday night and be here during thursday morning thanksgiving morning in that plays out. something we're watching very closely. but more immediately some sun back tomorrow and some warmer temperatures. straight ahead a great reaction from rick porcello when he learned he was named the cy young award winner.
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here he is, the cy young award winner. red sox pitcher rick porcello. he edged justin verlander despite verlander getting
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the highlight of the night was rick and his family. >> it's unbelievable i got my family standing here. i don't think they know yet. [laughter] >> what a moment. [laughter] >> you knew it was coming. [laughter] >> an emotional rick porcello >> my baby. >> isiah thomas against the mavericks with eight points entering the fourth quarter. he finished with 30. that tells you how hot he was late one made possible by the defense of smart. dallas made this closer than you would like. just when they needed him he stepped up. check this one out. so nice you get to see it twice. between the legs to avery bradley. take another look.
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t.d. garden. rob gronkowski. on the practice field today for the patriots as they got to work on the san francisco 49ers. he is expected to miss this week's game. >> i try to look at every week as an independent week which it is which is what i think you see in this league. >> reporter: but what you don't see are teams rebounding like the patriots. belichick is 41-6 since 2003, after a loss. but two of came last year, and one of them in week 13 right here at gillette to a philadelphia team led by chip kelly. >> you look at that game to see some of the things that hurt us. >> i'm sure we'll see. some elements of those games again. >> we just got to play better and i think that's what everyone in the locker room and defense has to do. there's nothing to say just go do it.
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>> almost 20 months later we finally got tom brady's real feelings about the deflategate saga and everything that came from it. in a television commercial for foot also locker. >> how do the -- that's an unfortunate mind-set you got. just because something is great year after year doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't some things just be great. it starts with questions, then questions turn intoing us sos then assumptions turn into staycations so greatness for something that never even happened. >> that's the final word. vanessa, ock, over to you. >> tom, thank you. we're getting our first picture in from that breaking news in revere. firefighters responding to a commuter trail train versus car. a viewer send us this it's hard to see. but the car is ripped in be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful.
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with a young jogger worded in broad daylight >> woman: it is predatory candidates without industry. >> a veteran gun down. >> woman: he made it home from a war zone. no. >> sitting in is a family murdered. >> man: what was consist is blunt force trauma to the head. >> these cold cases have never been so we continue to search for justice in new england's unsolved.hello everyone i am bob word for the next half hour i will walk you through crime scenes and talk out theories. for some of new england's most notorious unsolved murder


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