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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> the reporter: now, how the argument started, what it was over and who shot who is unclear. it took place inside number 20 west cottage. that argument ending with one man dead, one in custody. he is being questioned by a homicide detective and no charges as of yet. that's how we understand it at this point. in dorchester, on the line, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> mark: we are also following breaking news at logan airport. a plane landed at the airport, just after 4:00 p.m., with a dead person on board. mass state police tell meyers, florida, to boston, the man was in his 80's, and according to officials, died of natural or medical causes. his death is not considered suspicious. >> vanessa: and developing on the cape, a man has been arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a girl, walking to her bus stop in bourne. 16-year-old -- 18-year-old, rather, john allen is charged with attempted aggravated kidnapping. last thursday, allen grabbed a 14-year-old girl from behind, throwing her to ground. he is due in court tomorrow and
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>> mark: also at 6:00 p.m., shaking children and force feeding them. alarming accusations of abuse inside a hingham day came. fox 25 investigates learned dcf is looking in to bright horizons day care and we have learned one worker has been fired an one is on leave tonight. >> vanessa: a parent told fox 25's jason law, he got a phone call from the day care, telling him about shocking allegations involving his own child. jason joins us live now and jason, this father believes these alleged abuse may have been going on for months. almost a year, and as soon as the father learned about the allegation, he says he yanked his two kids out of the day care, they're no longer there. they spent 14 hours hath children's hospital yesterday, making sure his 10-month-old daughter was not hurt and the good news is, she didn't sustain any injuries, but he says, he was notified by the day care center earlier this week, that two employees were accused of shaking and force feeding the kids. >> you can say anger, frustrated, upset. >> the reporter: joe sheehan got a call from his daughter's day care, that gave him chills.
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there has been abuse going on at the day care for the last ten months. >> the reporter: sheehan met with us outside of the hingham police department where he says he and his wife filed a complaint against the day care wednesday. sheehan says he was told by management at bright horizons his 10-month-old daughter was one of seven children who may have been abused by two workers. sheehan said the allegations included shoving food in the kids' mouths and using a hand to make them swallow. he says he was also told the workers are accused the kids to get them to fall asleep. >> it was tuesday, we found out that they said that she was rocked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> the reporter: bright horizons web site says the center cares for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged kids. the day care is inside this blue cross blue shield building in hingham. we tried to speak to the bright horizons workers inside and they referred us to their corporate office in watertown. >> i would like to see, you know, the two individuals prosecutors.
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>> these kids can't speak for themselves. they don't have a voice. so somebody has to. >> the reporter: late this afternoon, bright horizons issued a statement to us that reads in part, as soon as the incident was brought to our attention, we communicated directly with all the families who have children at the center. the teacher involved has been terminated. we are supporting the authorities as they review this situation. the department of children and families also confirmed to us that they have an hope investigation, but they say they coulno for fox 25 investigates, i'm jason law. >> mark: gut wrenching and tearful testimony today in the death penalty trial of convicted killer gary lee sampson. the two families of two of sampson's victims sat in court, feet away from their loved ones' killer, while the tapes of sampson's chilling confession played in court. fox 25's bob ward was in court, joins us with new audio that details the murders and bob, this jury had to deal with a lot of emotion today.
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pain in that courtroom today. several jurors appeared to cry, as families of the victims took the stand, and talked about how this case, what happened in this case, devastated their lives. they are the victims of gary lee sampson, 69-year-old phillip mccloskey of taunton and 19-year-old jonathan rizzo of kingston and in federal court in boston, their families took the stand in sampson's death penalty trial and spoke of unbearable loss. sheryl, said of her dad, i his wisdom and the fact this my kids will never know him. he was a great guy. jonathan rizzo was 17, a student at george washington university. rizzo's mother mary brought the jury to tear when she remembered how she told police she wanted a warm blanket placed on her son's body in the woods of abbington. i wanted my hands on that blanket, my love to be with him.
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chilling matter of fact confession gary sampson gave to investigators in vermont right after his arrest. sampson coldly spoke of what he did to jonathan rizzo in abbington. >> i stabbed him in the heart, in the chest, in the throat. it was premeditated. >> the reporter: it was premeditated, that's what gary sampson this jury only has to answer one question -- should gary sampson get the federal death penalty. the defense will begin calling its witnesses on monday. reporting live from south boston, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the fight is over. disgraced house speaker sal dimasi will finally be free next week, one. most powerful politicians in massachusetts was convicted of extortion an other crimes in june of 2011. he began serving his eight year
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dimasi was diagnosed with cancer. he was supposed to be locked up until 2018. but next tuesday, he'll walk out of prison two years early. fox 25's crystal haynes joins us live now and crystal, today, the judge gave a very stern warning with his ruling. >> the reporter: while judge mark wolf said that dimasi's sentence was always supposed to be a long sentence, but not a life sentence, and in his decision though, he pointed out that he was the third house, being convicted of a federal crime and he had a stern warning to politicians. praise from local lawmakers at the state house for a federal judge's decision to release former house speaker, sal dimasi from prison roughly two years early because of his deteriorating health. senate president stan rosenberg wished dimasi a joyous homecoming via twitter.
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before thanksgiving, so he can spend some time with his family, but most importantly, i hope as time goes on, his health improves as well. the 71-year-old is in remission from both throat and prostate cancer, but treatments have left him unable to swallow solid food. in his 69 page decision, judge mark wolf wrote the cancers that dimasis developed while serving his sentence are now part of his history and characteristics and weigh in favor of reducing his sentence. middlesex county sheriff says wolf's ruling is a good decision for the prison system. he's been a longtime advocate for reform on the issue of compassionate release. >> if you're hurting so much that they need of the type of medical care that we cannot provide to them, then they should be able to get that in a place that can be provided for them. >> the reporter: dimasi has served about five of an eight year sentence for corruption after receiving $65,000 in kickbacks from a burlington
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politicians. knowledge of his experience should strongly discourage public officials and others from emulating dimasi's example. >> i believe that his decision on this is one that i certainly accept. >> the reporter: now, dimasi will be released to his wife, debra, next tuesday. and will be under house arrest for the next six months at his home in melrose. we reached out to the dimasi family and have not heard back. reporting in boston >> mark: a violent takedown inside federal court, all caught on camera. a man at the center of that video had a lot to say when he was back in court this afternoon. prosecutors are now asking a judge to seal evidence in the case, because of fox 25's first report. investigative reporter eric rasmussen uncovered that video last month and he's live outside the federal courthouse in boston tonight. eric. >> the reporter: ock, james
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happened up in courtroom 4, here back in march, but in a long speech, in a different courtroom in front of a judge today, mosaro said he was the one who was assaulted and prosecutors now want to seal evidence in this case, because that controversial courtroom video ended up on fox 25. this rare look inside federal court in boston shows two u.s. marshals tackling defendant james mosaro. moments after they have tried to put him in handcuffs back in march, mow sari, in for a probation violation, has been locked up on new charges. the marshals said they were injured, but mosaro says he suffered a broken rib and dislocated shoulder and wants the charges thrown out. he said in my life, i have never assaulted or threatened any member of law enforcement. despite the video, the pros
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the door of the courtroom. mosaro insisted the kicking continued in the hallway, during a bizarre ten minute long speech in court, where he questioned why the u.s. marshals, who were accusing him are still overseeing his confinement. why did you let your client speak today. >> i have no comment. >> the reporter: what do you think about the government's effort to seal the evidence. >> no comment. >> the reporter: defense attorney daniel clardy didn't want to talk about the case outside court. inside, the magistrate his impartiality. i'm not mailing this in, the judge told mosaro. you're starting to harm your own case. now, please be quiet. in court records we should note confirm mosaro has a history of mental illness. the judge did not make a ruling on a request to seem evidence or emotion for mosaro to be released. the judge did say he wants him to be reevaluated. live in boston, eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: trouble on the tracks in revere.
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and miraculously, two people in that car walked away, seconds after the crash. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins is live in control room now hand lily, it's amazing that no one was killed. >> the reporter: looking at the video, it was startling and the man and woman in the car, they're very fortunate to still be alive. you can watch closely at the very top of your screen here, a car barrels right past the flashing lights, on to the tracks there, almost immediately. that train comes flying into the car, slicing it in half. anse receive, that man and woman -- or rather a woman come running out of the passenger seat and the driver comes right after her. it all all happened around 10:30 p.m. last night on oak island road in revere. >> we are kind of expecting to see something not very nice at all. it was just amazing that you could walk away from something like that. >> the reporter: amazing. that's really the word here. the train was going from boston to rockport.
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none of them were hurt. police tell us the car had been involved in another accident before this crash. the driver left the scene of that accident before the car ended up on the tracks. he's been summoned to court at a later date. in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> kevin: i am tracking a storm coming out of the deep west, the rocky mountains going to bring big changes. the timeline and where snow is likely to follow. >> mark: a local soccer college team advancing but accused of playing dirty. all caught on camera and here's the kicker. we've learned, it's not the first time this team has been accused of stepping out of bounds. >> vanessa: his department is in the middle of an evidence scandal that put hundreds of criminal cases in jeopardy. >> this business is built on trust. and it's built on credibility. >> the reporter: we have got an
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>> vanessa: we have continue to keep an eye on the breaking news on the dorchester-roxbury line, where one person was shot and killed and another is in custody. this after an argument between the two took a deadly turn. police are still on scene investigating. this is happening on west cottage street. we don't know what the men were fighting about, but we do know they knew one another. police commissioner william evans says the public is not at risk tonight. we'll stave on top of this and -- stay on top of this and
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in. >> mark: drugs, money, evidence, missing from lockup. causing more than 100 criminal cases to be thrown out. fox 25 sits down with braintree's new interim chief. >> vanessa: he talked to robert goulston, who talked to us about how the department -- >> this business is built on trust and credibility. >> the reporter: braintree's new police chief is starting by made. >> people trust us that we can do the right thing, then we will recover rapidly. >> the reporter: the evidence scandal involving guns, cash, and drugs being unaccounted for in the evidence room for years has already led to more than 100 cases being thrown out. >> when you have a case that's dismissed because the evidence is compromised, the potential is you put a dangerous person back on the street. >> the reporter: bruce gordon, a former state police major, was hired to do the audit that uncovered of the brain tree issues. his evidence audra martinnisting
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you think. >> i think it's time -- evidence locker and they get a response of we're all set, everything is ok, and trust is good, but you need to verify it, president reagan said. >> the reporter: braintree addressed some of the major issues, like designating one evidence officer and requiring more evidence entry training. the new chief wants to set the bar higher and use advanced tracking software. >> i should be able to have 100% >> the reporter: the chief also wants to relocate the evidence room to the p.d.'s lower level, which is surrounded by concrete. >> this is a secure section of the building. >> if you try to get in here, you're going to be discovered. >> the reporter: the evidence tracking software alone will run about $300,000. but the chief says, in this line of work, you can't afford not to get it right. >> there is no other standard. it has to be the best. >> the reporter: braintree's new evidence handling system should be in place by next june, but
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in braintree, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: you'll want to hit the brakes a little more often the next time you're driving in boston. city councilors voted to lower the speed limit from 30 to 25 across most of the city. the speed limit would impact any road where there isn't already a speed limit sign. at this time it's unclear when the new speed limit will go into effect. some new laws are in effect tonight to protect pets in massachusetts. first responders will have legal protection if they break a car window to rescue a trapped pet. local animal control will also be able to issue citations with pets are found housed in cruel conditions. fines will range from $50 for first offenses to $300 for more violations. >> kevin: dropping out of the 50's this evening, and in to the 40's, the sky is clear up around new england finally. boy, i really thought we would see more sun for all of you. some places saw plenty, others, not much at all until late in the day as it was going down.
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cape, dropping into the 40's there as well. boston, hour-by-hour tonight, clear skies, and dropping down through the 40's, there will be some 30's, but they're going to be out toward worcester county. high temperatures tomorrow, with that sunshine, going to be in the upper 50's to low 60's across much of the area. there will be some places with the wind off the water, like nantucket that will stay in the low to mid 50's. but overall, real fine looking november day coming up for you will tomorrow. better enjoy it. it's going to last into saturday, but this storm back here, tt' weekend. ahead of it, there's warm air streaming from the south. no doubt about that. that's why we'll be mild for a knew days, and why they've had record high temperatures ahead of this storm. but on the back side, it is snowing, out there in colorado, this is moving into the dakotas, there are blizzard warnings in western minnesota, because of this storm system already. dakotas as well. this is planned to go off toward the northeast, and most of the energy going to hour north. but it's going to drag that cold
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we're going to feel this weekend. i'll give you an idea what they're dealing with, this is from one of our opened interns, nick, thanks for sending this in, in denver, it takes less than 24 hours to go from 80 and records to this, snowing out there right now. that's the kind of storage that we're dealing with -- storm that we're dealing with. you'll see in the seven-day forecast, it's going to bring quite a dramatic change to us saturday in to sunday. that weekend always in view and here's how it looks. on saturday, with some sunshine, 60 degrees. the cold front comes by sunday morning. your warmest par into the 40's. 48 degrees with wind blowing in that cold air, wind, gusty winds blowing in the colt air and changing republican drops to sleet and -- raindrops to sleet and snow has it comes on by. let's talk about a timeline for that and we'll start on sunday. on sunday, there's the system pushing on in from our west. the clouds coming on in here, really late saturday night and into early sunday morning with rainshowers. notice the pink, that's the changeover, first starts in the elevations back here in berkshires, but as the cold air
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changes over even closer in to the worcester hills and perhaps into the suburbs of boston. not talking about accumulations here, but just seeing some flakes and sleet mixing in. where there will be accumulations will be here, into mountainous areas where the snow will be persistent and coming down steadier, maybe several inches up there in the green mountains especially, we'll watch for accumulations in to the berkshires. we're not talking about a ton of snow, but it is something we have to watch very closely. next after that will be your thanksgiving travel. if you're looking to get away, try to get out on monday or you this wednesday is the worst day to leave for travel and factor in rain that's coming, makes it even that much more worse. rain arrives wednesday and continue in to thanksgiving holiday as new information comes in this evening, we'll update both of the storms. >> coming up, a beautiful baby girl getting a big show of support. >> complete random people to come forward and really try to
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>> vanessa: this beautiful girl is a fight early. savannah is only three months old and already been through more than any child should have to go through. she spent more than a week in the icu and will undergo open heart surgery in january. she has a heart defect and her parents didn't know what to do when they found out. >> mark: in attleboro today, they didn't have to look nine armed robberies to find the -- to look far to find the help
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than just the lunchtime crowd at olive garden in south attleboro. there's a mission to help their co-workers, thomas eastwood and calie sergeant. and their little girl. >> i would do anything to save her. >> the reporter: 3-month-old savannah was diagnosed with a heart defect before she was even born. >> i was really scared. i was definitely upset. i was confused, and i was worried about what her outcome would be like. >> the reporter: tom and calie met her at olive garden and when th their little girl's condition which resulted in days in the icu, weekly doctor visits and two surgeries still ahead, they knew they had to do something. >> especially when you have children and you know, you're fortunate to have children who grew up healthy and you didn't have the struggles, just to know that, i feel as a general manager, i feel obligated to do something. >> the reporter: and that something resulted in nearly $6,000 in donations so far from co-workers, the company, even customers. and the effort is growing.
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couple dropped off what they could. not interested in lunch, just helping this little girl. >> complete random people to come forward and really try to do everything they can to help, and it was definitely surprising. >> the reporter: yet, it's not clear what lies ahead for savannah. she's slated for open heart surgery in january and mom knows, every bit of support helps. >> i think that it would be 100% different if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have the support, we wouldn't feel so secure. >> i can't wait t three, four years when she's running around the restaurant and i'm yelling at tom, to hey, get your kid, i'm running a business. they are wearing bracelets that say saving savannah. what's even better, the family says down the road, they want to pay it forward, donate back to
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investigation. why residents say the new information doesn't ease their constant fear. >> mark: but first, one man is
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us us at 6:30 p.m., we're following breaking news in dorchester. one person is dead after a shooting on west cottage street in dorchester. boston police told us the gunfire stemmed from some sort of an argument. they do not believe this was a random act. we have a crew on the scene gathering more information. we'll keep you updated as >> mark: we are following breaking news from logan airport. a plane landed at the airport late today with a dead man on board. mass state police tell fox 25 the plane was flying from fort meyers, florida, to boston. the man was in his 80's. his death is not considered suspicious. >> vanessa: fox 25 investigates uncovered allegations of abuse inside of a hingham day care. a spokesman for bright horizons on technology place says an employee at the day care has been fired. another worker is on administrative leave tonight, while the investigation continues.
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workers are accused of shaking and force feeding children. >> mark: an emotional day in the sentencing trial of convicted killer gary sampson. the family of two of his victims, phillip mccloskey and jonathan rizzo, spoke of their unbearable loss. the jury that will decide if sampson should be put to death, also heard sampson's chilling confession to investigators in vermont after his arrest for three murders in 2001. he coldly spoke of what he did to rizzo in abbington him in the heart, in the chest, in his throat. >> mark: sampson's lawyers will start to call witnesses to the stand on monday. >> vanessa: a federal judge has granted a request to release former house speaker sal dimasi from prison early as he battles health problems. prosecutors say those health issues make it difficult for him to function normally in prison. dimasi has served five years of an eight year sentence on public corruption charges. he was treated for a throat and
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>> mark: a new lead in a murder of investigation that has gripped the small town. state police are on the lookout for a dark s.u.v., seen parked near where vanessa marcotte was killed in august. >> vanessa: fox 8 live's kathryn burcham spoke to princeton residents -- fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke to president promising ton residents who are trying to find comfort. >> the reporter: investigators believe the man who killed vanessa marcotte either lives here or frequent princeton. that doesn't sit well with residents, who say the new information does little to erase ei >> there are a lot of people that are very frightened in princeton still. >> the reporter: the moment that vanessa marcotte's body was found this these woods, princeton and its residents were fundamentally changed. >> i am more vigilant, just driving down the road, doing my things, than i was beforehand. >> the reporter: the concern for their own safety is pervasive, after the google executive was snatched from the side of brook station road and murdered, nearly within view of the cars that passed by.
6:33 pm
paranoid. >> i read the police reports in the weekly paper and the people who say i heard somebody in my backyard and footsteps, but you never would have seen before that. >> the reporter: residents hope a break in the case may finally bring us into peace -- a sense of peace back to their community. state police identified a vehicle of interest, which they describe as a dark colored s.u.v. that investigators say was seen parked here in window the time marcotte was killed. >> anything is helpful. it is very vague, but even that's enough to >> the reporter: the information may be vague, but people here hope it's just enough to track a murderer. >> hopefully, they would be able to find, like a make or a model of a vehicle, and if they could put that out, then hopefully that would be able to close up some more of the case. >> the reporter: investigators are asking anyone who may have seen that s.u.v. on august 7th or who has information to contact them. in princeton, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: if you remember anything that could help lead to
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>> vanessa: tonight, an 18-year-old is under arrest, accused of 8 salting a girl who -- assaulting a girl who was walking to her bus stop if bourne. malini basu live for us in bourne, getting new information on the arrest. malini? >> the reporter: vanessa and mark, we just talked to police within the hour, they tell fox 25, that 18-year-old john allen turned himself in to police earlier today, and that he is a high school student. i want to take you right back to where that assault happened exactly one week a a 14-year-old girl was walking to the bus stop, right there on puritan and cranberry reads, when from know where, she tells police, a man came from behind and threw her to ground. now that teenager had her headphones on and had no idea that someone came up from behind her. now, luckily, fox 25 has learned that another student, who was standing at the bus stop, saw what happened, and she yelled out the victim's name and that's when allen allegedly got spooked. we're being told that allen is
6:35 pm
aggravated kidnapping and strangulation. here we are, again, one week later, police tell us, they made the arrest. >> he came in to the station, we placed him in custody. >> he just walked himself in. >> that's correct. >> the reporter: and also, allen will be arraigned first thing tomorrow morning, at falmouth district court, as for the victim, we've learned just a short time ago, that she of course, right now, is still so, so scared, much more about that victim and how she's doing at 10:00 p.m. for now, live in bourne, >> vanessa: three teenage girls are facing hate crime charges in connection with an attack on the mbta. it happened the day after the election. police say the group harassed and then attacked a woman, who they believe to be an immigrant. prosecutors say they mocked her accent and told her to go back to her own country and when the woman tried to leave, one of them punched her in the face. the teens are due back in court later this month. >> mark: the jeremiah oliver case headed back to court today is the 5-year-old fitchburg boy
6:36 pm
suitcase on the side of i-190. alberto sierra is charged with reckless endangerment. he was the boyfriend of jeremiah's mother. sierra's lawyers want to block the prosecution from using statements he made to an inmate. no one has been charged with boy's murder. >> vanessa: this man is being held without bail tonight, months after police say he shot and killed a man in mattapan. in court today, we learned police used cellphone records to connect julian trouble to the crime. prosecutors say he has weapons and drug convictions dating back a man was killed during a cookout on historia street in june. his brother dwayne was also shot, but he survived. >> mark: tears an tension in a salem courtroom as a college student is sentenced for the drunk driving crash that killed his best friend. fox 25's ted daniel live outside the courthouse where emotions were running high today, ted. >> the reporter: mark, three and a half years in the house of corrections, that was the
6:37 pm
castano today, it was part of a plea deal first offered to him last month. he was taken in to custody right after the hearing ended. let's take you right into the courtroom now, castano in the sport coat and tie. police say his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he crashed his bmw. that happened back in april, near endicott college in beverly. the crash killed 19-year-old craig sampson. sampson was childhood. both grew up in wilson, vermont. after the hearing this afternoon, craig sampson's father made an emotional plea. >> but the fact of the matter is that alcohol was a factor in this and people made decisions to drink, people made decisions to drive. please, please, please please think, think, think, think
6:38 pm
family had pushed for a harsher sentence of up to seven years in just a minute. but the judge went with three and a half, followed by probation. reporting live in salem, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a truck went up in flames, near hand mbta station in westminster. you can see all the black smoke going over the tracks there, and the flames as well. this was at the layover station around 10:00 a.m. this morning. firefighters tell us, it took five minutes to get these flames under control. they also say no one was inside the uc one was hurt. >> mark: haz-mat teams rushed to a bank in newton this morning when an a.t.m. malfunctioned at the bank of mcon walnut street around 10:00 a.m. crews shut down walnut from washington to madison for a few hours. firefighters say it appears the battery inside the a.t.m. malfunctioned and caused an odor. >> vanessa: for the second time since june, a home in taunton has caught fire. crews were called out to this abandoned home on walnut street yesterday morning. officials are calling this fire suspicious. neighbors say no one has lived
6:39 pm
there's a lot of foot traffic on the street. an arson investigator has been brought in to help figure out the cause of the fire. >> mark: racist graffiti has been removed from la bathroom at attleboro high school. the principal tells fox 25, a student found the messages in a third floor boys bathroom on tuesday. they included a racial slur, saying the klu klux klan will handle all african-americans and go donald trump. school leaders are looking at video from a security camera outside the bathroom in hopes of identifying the student two men caught on surveillance video breaking into a pawnshop in haverhill. police want you to take a good look at them. this is from the house of pawn on emmerson street on monday night. if you recognize them, call haverhill police. police in weymouth have released several pictures in hopes of finding who is behind these messages at a local park. officers say there's been graffiti at several playgrounds and parks recently. if you know who may be responsible for the vandalism, call police. >> vanessa: a brockton dog that bit four people last month has
6:40 pm
the city of brockton ordered the huskie leo to be put down, but it hasn't happened yet. the vet determined the dog sat risk for biting again. back in october, leo got loose and bit four different people, including a firefighter and an animal control officer. the town of abbington has removed nearly 80 trees since one fell and killed two people in the spring. public works officials say crews have taken down the trees request of concerned residents. back in april, a whitman couple were killed when a large tree fell on their car, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the town, it has not been settled yet. >> kevin: pleasant evening in and around boston, really all over southern new england, but big changes ahead this weekend. i'll show you when the cold air and snowflakes will arrive. >> mark: head butting and red cards and that's not all. the dirty plays that has some umass boston soccer players in
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> mark: did they play dirty. u.s. mass boston men's soccer team is advancing to the sweet 16, but the team is making headlines for all the wrong read cards in the last game and that's not all. this isn't the first time the team has been accused of stepping out of bounds. >> the reporter: last year, the team made national headlines for a twitter war the former new england revolution player about concussions. three players were disciplined in that incident. now, more trouble for the team following last weekend's ncaa tournament game. umass boston in the black uniforms, beat haver ford sunday
6:45 pm
there were more than 50 fouls called, including this one. half a haverford player pulled out a umass player, that umass player kicked the ball into his opponent's face, the referee immediately issues a red card, meaning that umass player was thrown out of the game and suspended for the next game -p the refer are redid not call there one. the haver for the record player is getting back into position when a umass player throws a shoulder and head butts that player who immediately drops to the ground. but there was here. late in the game, check out umass's number 77, williamson, he appears to elbow his opponent in the face, for no hey parent reason. then, grabs a player, around the neck, and throws him to the ground. the referee in the green shirt immediately issues a red card. williams is thrown out of the game, but not before head butting that referee. you can see the referee hunched over in pain and staggers out of view. i played soccer most of my life
6:46 pm
seeing someone head butt a referee is unacceptable. >> the reporter: we reached out to umass boston about the incident, would not go on cameras, but issued a statement saying in part the actions of a few players on the field sunday were unacceptable and could not be condoned in any way. we have taken appropriate disciplinary action toward the players involved in this incident and we've met with all players on the team to convey the gravity of the situation and our response. again, umass boston will have two players suspended for saturday's playoff game against tufts. in the control room, chris >> vanessa: we are following some breaking news out of wellesley right now. sky fox just got over the scene where a person has been hit by a train near wellesley square station, it is dark, but you can see flashing lights below. and umass workers there on the scene. the wellesley fire department says it happened at the corner of weston road and central streets. the commuter rail tweeted out, passengers should expect significant delays for both inbound and outbound trains on the framingham-worcester line. we'll continue to follow this
6:47 pm
information as we get it. if you are hitting the roads for thanksgiving, you'll want to plan ahead. the mass pike toll demolition project is expected to cause traffic troubles. construction will stop at noon wednesday and the road work will not pick up again until monday. all work zones are now in the second phase, which means most of the toll booths have been torn down. massdot also wanting to test out weekday commuter rail service to gillette stadium. they say the 11-month trial would provide four daily trains between the transportation officials will presents their plans to town selectmen and the mbta in the next knew ex woods of abbington. currently the station is only used during patriot games and special events at the stadium. >> kevin: we have some changes to talk about, first of all, the clearing skies we have out there, some of you had the sunshine all day long, others, were stuck in clouds, now, everybody will be clear tonight, it's going to allow your temperature to drop, but it's
6:48 pm
dinnertime temperatures in the 50's in boston, but in the suburbs, upper 40's, same for you much of cape cod. near 50 anyway upper 40's to near 50. boston dropping down to the 40's tonight. waking up to sunshine and 43 in the morning, but 43 in boston, you know it's going to be cooler in the suburbs. expect some upper 30's especially the farther west you go, and out into worcester county particularly. high temperatures tomorrow with that sunshine rebound nice live. you're looking at 50's and low 60's all across the area to the west. to the southeast, a little bit islands staying generally in the 50's. so nice weather here all the way out to the midwest for now. that's the kind of weather that's coming our way for a couple of days. some sunshine, temperatures near 60, not so hard to take, but then there's this. a big storm out here that's been brewing in the rocky mountains. it's brought warm weather on the front end of it. in fact, record warm weather on the tonight end of it -- front end of it. that's where the southerly winds are. this is a cold front and ahead of a cold front, winds come from the south. that's where your warm air is
6:49 pm
warmest days are before the cold front in new england. same with this, but on the back side of the storm system, that's snow and the snow is falling into the rocky mountains, there are blizzard warnings for minnesota and the dakotas. and the storm system, the center of it want to go up this way, but it will drag the cold front through our area, and have i am my indications for our weekend forecast. here's the overview of your seven-day forecast, your weekend always in view. you can see clearly the weekend has a huge change coming up. near 60 on saturday. remember, just ahead of the cold sunday morning, will be the mildest part of the day, well into the 40's, and then dropping in the afternoon on gusty winds. and as those winds come in, it will change raindrops over to snowflakes. let me show you what i'm talking about. we'll focus in on the sunday area. let's start with sunday. that's when the storm system is approaching us. so watch to the west as it starts to come into the picture and brings the clouds on in here, along with rainshowers. you'll see those in green right there. now let's go down more closely. see the snow that's falling here in blue?
6:50 pm
and eventually, into vermont as well. but as the green, the rain swings on through during the morning, 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, notice the blue behind it, that's the cold front coming through, the cooling that's happening, changing the raindrops to snowflakes, particularly in the elevations, but in this instance with the cold air in place, we're likely to see flurries in suburbs of boston. the solid block of snow to the north in the mountains, the greens and whites in new hampshire. they're happy to see that. by monday, we're not talking about a lot of snow, if anything, those raindrops, but off to the north and west, you'll see here, the snow starts to accumulate, in to the berkshires, and off to the green mountains of vermont and the white mountains of new hampshire. good for the ski country. but this is some cold air coming our way, and we're going to watch tonight as new information comes in tonight to see if the snow gets any closer to boston. i'll see you then. >> after the break. an update on the patriots as they continue practice without rob gronkowski, but another big guy missing this afternoon as
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ??
6:53 pm
>> mark: plook key betts had an awesome -- mookie betts had an awesome season.
6:54 pm
crunching, this m.v.p. is for you. if you're not a fan of number crunching, he's not for you. mike trout wince the 2016 m.v.p. mookie betts finished second, received nine first place votes. we're biased because he plays in our city, but i'll never get past the standard of winning and that's something that mookie upheld this year, while trout was unable to do that. he put up his typically phenomenal numbers. mookie hit .318, 113 r.b.i.'s. as for trout, this is time he's been named m.v.p. he's been first or second place in each of his five full seasons in the major leagues, an incredible talent, statistically almost neck and neck with betts. the angels finished 21 games out of first place in the american league west. 21 games. you tell me how far the most valuable player can be on a team, 21 games out of first place. but he is. patriots continue their preparation for the 49ers, without rob gronkowski, he
6:55 pm
in santa clara. that we know. nate solder missed practice, his absence not injury related. martellus bennett talking about the reality of trying to play hurt in the nfl today. >> it's something you feel you can play through, we all have different injuries at different times. if it's something that you're capable of playing with, you're going to play with it. if it's something the doctor says you can't play with it, then you're not going to play with it, but it's up to us the majority of the time, are going to play. >> vanessa: tough season for the b.c. football team. two games left on the schedule, including saturday's matchup with yukon in chestnut hill. if eagles win, that game against the huskies, then go on to beat wake forest next week in the season finale, they will be bowl eligible at 6-6, which will be so big for this group, because more than anything else, they could use the extra month of practice. patrick is trying to keep the guys focused with that goal in mind. >> playing the post-season, we
6:56 pm
probably shouldn't have dropped, but we still have an opportunity, and we still got a great, two winnable games the next two weeks, to go down and give our post-season berth. >> today is the guinness world records day. i know you knew that. even if you didn't know that, the harlem globetrotters did, they spent the daybreaking nine world records on the course. >> mark: what? >> shot from all over the gym. i saw kevin do this once, i'm not sure if this is a record. he did maybe they did it three times in a row or something like that. have you seen them live? they're great. i've only seen them working and i had a camera on my shoulder and i was all of a sudden involved in their skit. that's how they roll. >> mark: they selected you have. you were vulnerable. >> kevin: ok. cold this weekend. snowflakes in the serve day forecast especially for new england.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
?? ?? revenge of mariah's ex. is he trying to destroy her new show? ?? >> the new drama as we catch the backup dancer lookinger and mo more like mimi's man. >> are charlie sheen's children in danger? >> the new charlie's ex. we have the disturbing police car. >> shelley duvall'ssfall from fame, struggling with mental illness and her cry for mental health today. >> if i say i'm healthy the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. and we hit the beach with the stars of "baywatch." watch out zac efron and the rock, i'm on the set with the women giving the sexiest man alive a run for his money. >> what do you call him now? >> dwayne.


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