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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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toward us, but the real main event is this. there are rainshowers around chicago, and there's snow on the back side of this system. this is all coming toward new england and it's going to bring a huge change this weekend. you want to talk temperatures, look at this. back here in the upper plains and midwest, chicago is 63. to the northwest, minneapolis, not too far away, i mean, it's only this much after all, it's 33 degrees right now. that's the cold front that's coming toward us, that's the change that await under the circumstance thi comes through and the rainshowers changes to snow. lots to talk about in a few minutes. >> elizabeth: you can download the free fox 25 weather app to keep track of the weather all season. >> blair: a 911 caller caused panic and fear on b.u.'s campus. he shot a hostage and was armed with guns and explosive inside boston university's library, but investigators say none of it was true and moments ago, they told
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fox 25's jason law spoke with some rattled students and also police about what they're doing to catch the prank caller. >> police say the caller was so descriptive and elaborate in the threat, they had to take it serious. it took the bomb squad six hours to clear all floors in the b.u. campus and now the search is on for whoever pulled this stunt. asher thought police were conducting another drill. >> i thought it was somebody practici getting in to the other building, i said wait, if it's a drill, why do i keep hearing more and morsi republicans and why is he carrying such a big gun. >> the reporter: it wasn't a drill. tallahassee the result of a hoax. investigators said the person called the b.u. police department around 8:30 a.m., they would them he had shot somebody inside the library and armed with guns and explosives inside room 420. >> he mentioned the room was booby trapped. a short time later, there was another call that he had just
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>> the reporter: room 420 doesn't exist. we checked, and this is what the fourth floor looks like. no rooms and lots of books. commissioner bill evans says the caller stayed on the line and talked to police for about ten minutes. his number was blocked. now, investigators are trying to trace the call. >> we're, working on that. we have boston regional intelligence working on it, but as you know, the last year or two, we've had a lot of robo calls, but this one was so genuine. >> the reporter: investigators say the caller never talked about politics or any kind of at this point, it's still unclear if the call even came from boston, or somewhere else entirely. jason law, fox 25 news. >> blair: a high school in manchester, new hampshire, evacuated today when a bad smell made several students sick. sky fox was over west high school this morning, students were moved on to the football field. around 11 students and staff reported feeling nauseous and having some headaches. the school burned, it was stemmed from a chemical odor from construction in gym. several students were treated at
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deputy u.s. marshal has been shot and killed while trying to serve an arrest warrant in georgia. it happened south of savannah. according to the f.b.i., patrick carruthers was shot twice. the suspect was later killed by officers who returned fire. they have not yet released the suspect's name. the captain of a local high school football team is accused of grabbing and assaulting a 14-year-old girl it happened last week on cape and that student was just in court today. fox 25's malini basu was there for the arraignment and has all the details. malini? >> the reporter: and elizabeth, that 18-year-old, john allen is back in custody, he is in jail right now, that's after his mom poled bail last night and we were there. now, that attack itself happened right here on this busy road, just one week ago. this is where that 14-year-old girl tells police, she was attacked. now, let me thank you inside of that falmouth courtroom. john allen, here he is, appeared in court with his mother and grandfather by his side. allen is charged with assault
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suffocation. bourne police say he attacked a 14-year-old girl, again, last thursday, on puritan and cranberry roads. a witness saw the attacks and yelled out the victim's name. in court today, prosecutors say police have the right guy. after they found evidence on him, but the8 police have the wrong guy. >> this is a case where identity is clearly at issue here and there are several inconsistencies commonwealth's witnesses. >> the reporter: now, allen here, we're being told, he is a senior at upper cape cod regional in bourne, where he is the captain of the football team. now, back out here live, once again, allen right now is being held without bail. there is a dangerousness hearing for him coming up on tuesday. coming up at 5:00 p.m., when you get into details about what police found inside of his car. for now, we are live in bourne, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> i. >> i we are seeing the shocking
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driver struck a 72-year-old pedestrian and took off. that hit-and-run captured on the surveillance video at the bottom of your screen, you see a mini van clipped the woman right there, and then she falls to the ground at the intersection of 4th and broadway. the cameras also captured the suspect's car, which is a white mini van. the woman hit has minor injuries. we are in chelsea tonight as police search for that driver, and you can look for a live report coming up all new tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> elizabeth: a norton man is facing charges tonight after a his home. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the home on john scott boulevard after a domestic incident got out of hand. a woman and child were able to get away before the suspect fired off several rounds of ammunition and hit a police cruiser. police eventually took 42-year-old heath mullet in to custody. >> mark: president-elect donald trump is extending more invitations to join his cabinet. two of his choices have local
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fox 25's vanessa welch joins us with more unthe picks. >> the reporter: the trump transition teammates trump has decided who he will nominate for attorney general and national security adviser. alabama senator jeff sessions was the attorney general nominee. he is a fierce opponent of amnesty for illegal immigrants and legalization of marijuana, but he faces a tough confirmation fight. 30 years ago, the senate rejected his nomination, to be he made racist comments while serving as a federal prosecutor. kansas congressman mike pompeiio is the choice to lead the central intelligence agency. the harvard law school grad has been critical of the nuclear deal with iran and hillary clinton's handling of the benghazi attack and retired lieutenant general michael flynn will be donald trump's national security adviser. the rhode island native served as director of the defense intelligence agencies for two years under president obama. but since then, he's been a
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administration, and the pentagon. tomorrow, the president-elect will meet with former massachusetts governor mitt romney, the pair had a bitter feud during the campaign, but romney is reportedly under consideration for secretary of state. we'll continue to follow this. in the newsroom, vanessa welch, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: this sunday at 4:30 p.m., the patriots play in san francisco, and as of this hour, it looks like rob gronkowski will not be playing against the 49ers. butch stearns is here with some of the late-breaking news. butch? elizabeth, gronk missed his third day of practice in a row in foxborough and his status for sunday's game according to several reports, out, not on the team plane, which has already left for san francisco. the good news is whatever injury gronkowski suffered on this hit from seattle safety earl thomas last sunday night in foxborough is not as bad as initially reported.'s ryan handble reporting that there was an equipment bag in front of gronk's locker this morning.
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that gronk is not on the team heading to san francisco and will not play. earlier today, tom brady add to the uncertainty about gronk's status for sunday's game. >> are you worried about no gronk this weekend? is he out? >> no. but it's possible. >> maybe you know something i don't know. i don't know. i don't know if we'll have him or not, so i don't want to speculate on something i really don't know about yet, so we'll see. >> the reporter: sunday is a homecoming, of course, for brady who grew up outside of the bay area in sanitizer patriots have dropped from 14 point favorites to 8 point favorites. follow me on twitter and facebook. i'll have a live report with tom leyden on sunday night sports wrap after the game. >> blair: route 139 in stoughton was closed for several hours, while crews worked to clear the tractor-trailer. sky fox found the truck on its side around 11:00 a.m. this morning, near route 204. the traffic coming in to stoughton was detoured while a tow truck came in to pull out
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investigation tonight. one lane on 139 reopened around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> elizabeth: schools in two more local communities are taking action after high levels of lead were discovered in a tap water. water tested in attleboro and north attleboro schools exceeded government lead limits. north attleboro is flushing, taking out of service, or allowing hand washing only at problematic taps, while waiting for a result of a second test. >> mark: this is. many families have been working toward, mostly because they've been taking care of someone very young, who has been in the foster care program, but today what may have seemed like a formality is so much more. for the people here in the center of boston's downtown courthouse, it's a day they've been waiting a lifetime for. >> today is one of our favorite days of the entire year. >> blair: especially the 41 kids here today, officially being
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father could not have a bigger smile. for he and his wife, it's their third child and with the blessing of this judge, it became official. after nyla came to them through the foster care program several months ago -- >> the biggest thing about it, when she got into our home, she changed us as much as we change heard. >> the reporter: similar emotional scenes unfolded hampshire. it's the 14ing year to have this day focused on the family and the need couldn't be greater, says bridget with the massachusetts adoption resource exchange. >> we have over 41 year in boston today, but there remain offer section hundred across the commonwealth, as children and teens who are still waiting for permanent adoptive families. >> the reporter: a new chance for the kids and a new chapter in so many of these families. >> she has a rough beginning, but we try to help her raise that, we're here now, and she's
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and so many of those great children, those families. as you know, we adopted both of our boys, so i know what the parents have gone through. it's an emotional process, it's a very long process, so congratulations to all of them and adoption advocates hope that days like this shine the light on the need and demands of those seeking adoption. there are so many kids out there. >> elizabeth: when i saw all the tiny faces, you think about their lives being changed. they have someone who loves them and is going to provide for them, and you're right, the need is so great. tiki: special time for them. >> e just a few short years, still ahead, how their town rallied around them today, as their little girl fights cancer for a second time. >> kevin: time for the weekend and i'm tracking this storm that's going to bring a huge change smack dab in the middle of it. a timeline on change and the snow. >> the reporter: investigating
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>> elizabeth: fox 25 investigates uncovering more questions about whether state school investigators are doing enough to check out reports of abuse and neglect. a three month investigation by fox 25 revealed inspectors with the department of early education and care are often doing it all over the phone. investigative reporter eric rasmussen is here now with more on what we found. eric. >> the reporter: we looked at two years of reports from two residential schools, serving kids with emotional and behavior issues. it revealed eec conducted almost all of its investigations by
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school once. >> i think it's very serious. something really bad could happen. >> the reporter: sue filed a complaint of after her daughter ivey says she was abused at a dorm in marlboro. dcf couldn't confirm the allegations and fox 25 uncovered nine investigation reports that chamberlain conducted by the department of early education and care over a year and a half. allegations of abuse, a school stafme with a student, another student, dizzy and disoriented, and hospitalized after taking the wrong medication. all but one investigated by interviewing the school's assistant director, via phone. >> right now, is the sendoff to keep kids safe. >> we are doing our best to keep kids safe. >> the reporter: eec investigators tom weber said the investigators make on-site investigations as necessary. the state agency revealed it has just five investigators to
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residential schools across massachusetts. but some lawmakers on beacon hill aren't satisfied. >> this is a very vulnerable population that's being served. and i would think that there's no substitute for going on the ground, being there, seeing it with your own eyes. >> the reporter: records for another residential school, evergreen center in milford, show a similar pattern. out of 17 reported incidents, it appears an eec investigator only visited the site once. evergreen declined to speak on camera, but told agencies reviewed the allegations, and the majority were dismissed. for each allegation at chamberlain, that school also told us, the proper agency investigated the report on site. meyers says that hasn't changed her concerns for students here and across the state. >> they deserve a lot better than what they're getting. >> the reporter: now, those cases where investigators were only making phone calls raised some red flags to us, so we decided to take a closer look and we found, many cases where
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investigating at all, that's something we're putting together for 5:00 p.m. for fox 25 investigates, i'm eric rasmussen. >> blair: a new study shows massachusetts ranks below the national average when it comes to preventing drunk driving. mothers against drunk drivers raided each state on the enforcement of five different laws that catch or punish impaired drivers. massachusetts scored a two out >2l@6ia? five. the national average is just under three. the bay state was downgraded for not requiring ignition interlocks for drivers who row fused to take a breathalyzer drunk driving charge. >> elizabeth: employees at one of the busiest airports in the country are threatening to strike during thanksgiving. workers at o'hare international airport in chicago are expected to walk off the job, including janitors, baggage handlers. they want pay increased to $15 an hour.
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hampshire. said the gulf ends early in november. sun going down, blue sky. not everyone had that blue sky all day today and you can tell where it is, but what the temperatures look like. upper 50's and 60's back here, look at fitchburg, 64. right now, but out on cape cod, low 50's, nantucket, 51 degrees, that's where the clouds were again today. all of this blue sky here, and then these clouds just parked over cape cod. now, as the sun is going down this afternoon, the clouds end the day. but it took all day long and it's because of this monster sitting out there. huge storm, actually kind of rotates back, and then wobbles around, it's going through another cycle like this and come back this way and push the clouds back toward us tomorrow and that's not even the main event. our big storm system is out here. this is the cold front, with some showers along it and behind a cold front, your get cold air and this time of year, you have to talk about snow. heavy snow happening in
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and that's all drifting eastward. there are already winter storm warnings and lake-effect storm warnings in new york, because of this system coming our way this weekend. so let's take it step by step. first of all, for overnight and tomorrow, that storm system out in ocean, pushing the clouds back toward us, so that by 10:00 p.m. tonight, we're starting to see those drift this way. through the morning, they'll be coming closer and closer to boston, along the i-95 corridor. then they have push farther we, into the evening. and by dinnertime, it will be cloudy all the way out to 495, so the farther west and north you are, the better chance you have for a full dave of sunshine coming up tomorrow. and those clouds really take over tomorrow night across the area. let's stop there and talk about the temperatures tomorrow. it will be coolest where it's going to be cloudiest, once again, so 50's here. really thought we would get to 60 again tomorrow and there will be towns that do that. they will be north and well. most are stay in the 50's, but a few towns will hit 60 where the sun is out all day long. remember, we're fighting the
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toward us from the ocean. then there's that storm to the west. this is the rainshower activity, 6:00 a.m. sunday morning, coming through here. we're going to get some showers along that front. as the front pushes on through, by 9:00 a.m. in the morning, boston gets out of it, then we focus on the cold air, that's blowing on in here. gust think winds and check this out, that's snow. into the berkshires, up is where the winter storm warning is and that snow is going to start to fall in the green mountains of vermont. they're happy already. i just saw a tweet bush mountain, how excited they are about the snow coming their way. it's the west side of the green mountains that will get the most, because the winds are coming from that direction, the air lifts up the mountains, called upsloping and rings out the snowflakes right on to the ski areas. same thing for the berkshires, but look at this by 4:00 p.m. sunday afternoon, that snow shower activity at least, making it into the worcester hills and southwest new hampshire. so the big change this weekend happens saturday in to sunday especially sunday morning, highs
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early, and then in the afternoon, leveling off and actually falling with the gusty winds moving in. we'll keep it chilly on monday as well, with still some rain and snow showers in the air. won't be snowing or raining all the time, and the best chances are farther west you go. now, through the next couple of hours, we'll update that situation, but we also need to talk about this, issues for thanksgiving as well. tiki: seeing that kind of forecast, not that hard to believe that thanksgiving is less than a week away and. city of boston is getting into the holiday spirit. >> elizabeth: we are indeed. the city's official christmas tree arrived on bto you might be able to see him. the man himself. >> blair: just checking it out. >>,. >> elizabeth: supervising, it's a 47-foot white spruce making its way from massachusetts from nova scotia since tuesday. this happens every year. the province sends us a tree to thank us for the help during the 1917 halifax explosion. the tree will be lit tomorrow night. 11 days into the long awaited attraction at the prudential center. coming up, i'm take you on a
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celebrity chef mario vitale about what the new location will be. now here's mark ockerbloom. >> mark: the spread of the zika virus made headlines all summer and even cases of it reported in the u.s. all new at 5:00 p.m., the encouraging news out today about
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?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? here's pepto bismol!
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porch. >> elizabeth: in a city where residents were told the british are coming, boston is now on alert for an italian invasion. italy, a cooking, shopping, eating space is about too open its doors and we got a sneak peek of the boylston street location. it's a cultural invasion. >> i'm excited every time i come to boston. just for the chance, because i think it's one of the most delicious and original cities in america. that we're opening in italy, triples italian culture under one enormous roof. >> so good. >> elizabeth: home to restaurants, a calf difava butcher, fish, cooking classes, italy is a wine, dine, shop hybrid, just don't call it a grocery store. >> it's a lot more than just a grocery store. it is about learning. it is about eating. and it is about shopping. >> elizabeth: boston
4:26 pm
things that could happen in boston. >> what has happened is so exciting. >> some said the plan is too ambitious. space that needs many employees in a city that is hungry for restaurant workers. >> we're all going to take a hit. we're already starving for employees, but we're going through this growth period in boston in general. there are, like, five restaurants a week opening. >> elizabeth: lynch has seen the trend in she says the problem will level off and doesn't believe the opening will have a negative impact on boston's neighborhood restaurants. italy already has locations in several world class cities and it's time for the hub. >> i know what's coming into the city. i see a plan for 2030, they're going to do fabulous and if they weren't going to do fabulous, they wouldn't come here. they're smart. they're very smart businessmen. >> elizabeth: smart and hungry for boston. >> i love this town and i love
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political history and i love being a big part of it. >> elizabeth: you are going to love this place. >> blair: i love italian. i loved the pizza you were eating. >> elizabeth: i've been to the one in new york city, this one is warmer, and it's just a great space, there's so much to see and do. >> blair: i love the concept. >> elizabeth: italy opens at 4:00 p.m., the location is 800 boylston street. >> blair: reservation for two. we'll be doing the show from there live today. >> elizabeth: i don't want people lining up at 9:00 a.m. >> blair: it's supposed to be his moment if a school play. still ahead, the teacher who is coming under fire for taking the mic away from one boy and leaving him in tails. >> sarah: i was looking at the food. i'm tracking this storm coming our way and where there will
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>> blair: right now, we are updating breaking news at 4:30 p.m. the new england patriots will be without rob gronkowski this weekend. the nfl network says gronk was not on board the team's plane to san francisco today and that means he is likely out for sunday's game against the 49ers, the tight end suffered a punctured lung after a violent hit in sunday night's game against seattle. we will have much more on the story at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. obviously the weekend before thanksgiving, so many people have early travel plans.
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including a chance for snow here. >> kevin: can you believe that, we're talking about snow in the forecast, when it's 61 degrees during evening in november, just two days before that's due to happen. now, there's a big change coming obviously to get from here to there. we're seeing the cold air come through the midwest and upper plains right now, we've seen sunshine here today, except for you on cape cod. even you getting some clearing in the late hours. those clouds though will be coming back to the west, back toward you, wobbling in off the ocean from this gigantic storm that's out there. fortunately, this one is actually missing a nuisance with clouds in southeastern massachusetts. those back in tomorrow at the same time as this storm is moving in toward us this weekend. now, ahead of it, there are warm temperatures, record temperatures even, there's actually a cold front right in here, severe weather happening in indiana right now, along that front. it's on the back side of it where the cold air is and that's where you'll find the huge change. in fact, we go from severe weather and record high temperatures to cold and blizzard conditions. some of that snow is going to
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is coming through and changing your weekend. >> elizabeth: federal agents are hunting for a local bank robber who keeps making the same mistake. the man has robbed four banks, and each time, he leaves behind a note with a spelling error. fox 25's jessica reyes went to the site of the latest heist in peabody. >> the reporter: the f.b.i. is it stepping up their search for this man -- they say he spent the last two weeks terrorizing banks in several towns north of boston. but it's his terrible spelling skills that are getting him a whole lot of attention and nickname from the feds. during all four holdups he's suspected in, he slipped a teller a note with the word robbery spelled wrong. it was scrawled on withdrawal slips and had one word -- robery. >> now at four robberies and four misspelled notes, the f.b.i. has sarcastically dubbed him the spelling bee bandit. >> he should have stayed in school and learned how to spell
4:33 pm
good job and wouldn't have to steal. >> the reporter: peabody bank on sunday right in the middle of a busy shopping plaza was his last attempt. >> not far from here. peabody police station. it's not far. plenty of cops in this area. i'm kind of shocked that he kind of got away. he's also accused of hitting up banks in arlington, burlington and reading, all during the past two weeks. he always wears sunglasses to cover his face and either a patriots or celtics hat. despite of the nickname, the f.b.i. says this really is no laughing matter. investigators tell us, they' guy, saying he's become increasingly aggressive toward the bank tellers with each robbery. authorities and people who live around here, hoping he's caught asap. >> i think it's unreal. unnecessary. >> the reporter: jessica raviest, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: three 15-year-old girls are facing a hate crime charge for a violent incidents on the t, it happened last monday on a red light train station at saven hill. the trio made fun of a woman for her accent and when the woman
4:34 pm
punching her. witnesses say the teens were celebrating as they got off the train. neighbors in dorchester are disturbed by what happened. >> it's an insidious feeding of anger and hatred at people. >> it's horrible any person should be attacked on these trains. >> elizabeth: someone snapped a picture before the teens left. letting police id and arrest them. fox 25 reached out to the district attorney's office about this case an we were sent this statement, saying, we want to make sure that everyone feel there's no room for behavior like this, period. girls are due back in court at the end of the month. >> blair: a medical emergency led to a troubling discovery in a high schoolers backpack and that student attends nashua south high school. police say a loaded handgun was found after the student suffered a seizure yesterday morning. school officials searched his bag to see if he may have taken something to cause the seizure. that's when they said they found the weapon. >> you would think they're safe in school, yeah. i'm not thinking there's a gun in school. you know.
4:35 pm
so it's scary. it's scary. >> blair: the student was taken to a local hospital for treatment. no word right now if he will face any charges. >> elizabeth: this weekend, the new athletic field at north quincy high school will be dedicated to a family with deep community ties, but the decision comes with controversy. a member of that family is a former superintendent of schools, who is accused of inappropriately touching students. >> the reporter: creighton field named nor the creighton family, a distinguished long line in the first father and immigrant from ireland, he and his son, fireman, the son, later the deputy fire chief, serving in world war i and world war ii. his children became educators. but that's where the water gets muddy. lauren resigned from his position of quincy superintendent of schools in 1984, amid allegations he had inappropriately touched students. we asked mayor coke if it would
4:36 pm
after that family, a field where students would play. his answer -- >> the superintendent serves 16 years. he served the united states navy. he's one of the co-founders of quincy football. you know, so there was a lot of good that was accomplished as well. >> the reporter: now people in the area are shocked to hear the mayor is backing the decision by the parks department. >> i feel like they should pick somebody in family that's not him. and maybe kind of go with that specificity,o make that awful association. >> why would the mayor stand behind that decision, that makes no sense whatsoever. >> the reporter: but the mayor, saying the stain on one person's reputation shouldn't tarnish that of the whole family. >> they served the nation, served the community, lived in that area, they all went to north quincy high. >> the reporter: jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: when the name was being picked, the parks department held a public meeting for input, but no one showed up. >> mark: time. >> blair: time is running out for a popular garden in boston's
4:37 pm
the proudy garden will close for good in the next few weeks, to make room for a new hospital building. several groups went to court to save the garden, but have not been successful. today, a local foundation is sending more than 16,000 pounds of food and emergency supplies to haiti. the be like britt foundation runs an orphanage in haiti. it was recently devastated by hurricane matthew. the storm killed hundreds a woman was killed by a powerful hurricane in haiti six years ago. an emergency and math class, coming up, the controversial
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>> blair: the f.b.i. has joined the search for a missing newborn whose mother was found murdered in her home. police in wichita, kansas, say the baby's father came home from work yesterday and discovered the tragedy. his 1-week-old daughter was missing and her 27-year-old mother was dead. authorities say they considered the child to be missing and now endangered. there is no amber alert right now, because they don't have any information on a suspect. >> elizabeth: we're getting our first look at the chaos caused with someone fired gunshots at a sweet 16 party in connecticut. bridgeport police released a surveillance video of that shooting at an italian american club. five people were hurt. we told you about that shooting on monday, and you can see in the new video, police eye light
4:41 pm
fight breaks out. police haven't made any arrests an hope the video will produce new tips. >> blair: wild video of a fire at a pallet yard southeast of l.a. this morning. this fire quickly burned two acres before it was finally contained at 6:00 a.m. firefighters reported multiple explosions from propane tanks within the compound. it is not clear what caused the fire, but no one there was hurt. >> elizabeth: a fire sparked by a samsung phone forces students from a classroom in missouri. the phone's battery started smoking during a class. fox 25 has been covering issues with samsung phones for months. the batteries can be overheat when they're overworked, plugged in too long or charged with a generic charger. >> we see all the time, people walk in here with the charger and the charger is fried. we really need to start looking at the chargers specifically. yeah, we know who is manufacturing the batteries, but who is manufacturing these chargers? >> elizabeth: the phone in kansas city was a samsung galaxy
4:42 pm
model that was recalled earlier this year. >> blair: this next story ahead is great. a grandmother texts a complete stranger, thinking it was her grandson. still ahead, her amazing reaction when they found out the truth. >> kevin: tracking a storm in the middle of the country, it's bringing rain, severe weather, snow and blizzard conditions and this one is headed right toward new england. highly show you when.
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>> blair: you know where we're going with this one. i mean, does it get any better than this? this was a moment specialist paul had been waiting seven months for. he surprised his 3-year-old daughter isabella at her doubled and scored class yesterday in western new york. the father says his training stint with the national guard
4:45 pm
being home sick, you know, pictures, not being able to really talk to him. everybody is back the other end, now it's just getting back in swing of things and being dad again. >> blair: gone for seven months. he is not sure how much time he'll have to spend with his family before being called up again, but he is thankful he will be home for thanksgiving. >> elizabeth: employees at a local mcdonald's will be delivering food to your table. next year, the chain plans to expand its table service new cities, including boston. customers will place the order with a cashier or kiosk and wait for an employee to bring the food to them. it's the latest attempt by mcdonald's to win back customers. >> kevin: exceedingly difficult to walk away from counter when you're sitting at the table. i had to say it. sarah is here with me and she retweeted this picture. look at that beautiful,
4:46 pm
you're enjoying this great day out there. temperatures around 60 degrees, even in the 60's some places. lawrence is 61, still boston, 61. the core temperatures are here and that's because the tough clouds came backing in again today and now they're pulling back out, and they're going to back in again later tonight, and it's all because of this wobbling ocean storm. i guess we should be thankful it's not hitting us directly, but it is a pain for you out if cape cod and southeastern massachusetts, with the clouds coming in and out all the time. off to the west, a storm system is going to change every going from where we are now, a little bit, knew degrees anyway cooler tomorrow with more clouds. i'll show thaw in a moment. this is a cold front right here and that's where all the showers are, even thunderstorms, severe thunderstorm warning, a little yellow box, right there, underneath the clouds, that's in indiana. severe weather on this front, which i'm saying it like that, because that's so shocking to be talking about of the severe weather here, on the back side, the snow that's flying. but when you see how temperatures are, you get an idea. you know when we talk about
4:47 pm
it's the cold fronts with the stark temperature differences that can cause the most severe weather. look at this, 60 in chicago. off to the northwest in minneapolis, it's 33, so the temperature difference is quite extreme here. snow back there, the severe weather along the front here and that's where you're getting those thunderstorms to pop up as the front comes eastward toward us. here's how our weather is going to shape up this weekend. first tonight, that some in ocean wobbling back this way, bringing the clouds on in here and those clouds taking over, through the morning, at least on to the 6:00 a.m. meteorologist jason brewer will be here to tell you how the clouds are backing in even more thousand of the morning hours. boston gets in to it certainly later in the morning and by noontime, cloudy again and clouds keep backing up toward 495 by dinnertime. may be a couple much showers that come in off the ocean or really some drizzle and then the clouds are rolling on in, so we'll watch for that, but really not expecting much in the way of precipitation until the front arrives sunday morning, so tomorrow, with increasing clouds, mostly cloudy out here, it will be in 50's.
4:48 pm
there from the get-go in the morning, so temperatures will stay in 50's with the clouds. sun disappearing to clouds in boston area, north shore hand south shore. norwood gets to 56 before that happens, off to northwest. closer to 60, your best chance for 60 is back here where you'll have sun for a longer part of the day. in fact, much of the day we have the clouds take over. that front comes through sunday morning, that's where these rainshowers are here. so the rainshowers are going to come on through with the front, and as that front wheels northeastward away from us, it's going to bring an end to the good portion of the day, in much of massachusetts, but to the west, it will be snowing. the cold air has come on in, the rain has changed to snow, the green mountains back here through the spine of berkshires especially on western side, where the air is rising up the slopes, upsloping is what we call that and here in the worcester hills, some of the same action happening here in the afternoon, there will be some light snow at times here in worcester and in the monadnock area too, southwest new hampshire. seven-day forecast, shows that huge change coming.
4:49 pm
nose dive. only in the 40's on sunday and monday, after the 60's we had today, and the upper 50's tomorrow. and we're still looking ahood to the wet turkey on thanksgiving as well. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. it has really been a tough time for one middleton family. their little girl has been diagnosed with cancer twice in the last year. >> blair: she is still fighting that disease. as fox 25's bob ward reports, the town and local police officers came together to help this family. >> the reporter: lola rose anderson is almost four years old, but she and her family have already endured so cancer, means life is precious but difficult. >> we got a scan saying everything was clear so we spent the summer enjoying life, thinking everything was great and had another scan that said the tumor came back. >> the reporter: today is different. in middleton, the police chief, the communities, and police from around the state are rallying around lola, a police motorcycle escort takes her from her home to police headquarters, where it seems the entire town has turned
4:50 pm
the all-volunteer organization, cops for kids with cancer is making this possible. presenting lola's parents with a $5,000 check to pay for mounting expenses. >> these are just good people who want to help other people, that's what they are. >> the reporter: local business people are donating thousands more, checks, gift cards, for a family in need. >> middleton is a close knit community. people really help each other here this middleton and i'm proud to be the chief here. >> the reporter: cancer shows no mercy, but here in littleton, a police department fights back, with love. >> god so far, so good, so we're just very fortunate for this wonderful community. >> the reporter: in middleton, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> blair: it's hard to imagine what family is going through, but it sounds like they're surrounded by positive things. that's what it takes sometimes. new hat 4:30 p.m., singer kanye west is coming under fire for statements he made at the concert. >> elizabeth: part of the crowd in san jose boo'd the player saying he would have voted for
4:51 pm
need to stop focusing on racism. it's just a fact the world is racist. west is coming to boston next month for a concert at the garden. >> blair: hockey legend wayne gretzky will follow in the footsteps of several boston sports greats. ist going to voice a character on an upcoming episode of simpsons. gretzky won four stanley cups with the oilers and holds most of the scoring records. >> elizabeth: this is wanda, and what she meant to do was to send a group text to her grandsons asking them if they were coming over for the holiday. instead, she got a text back, saying, who's this, so she texted them back, it's grandma. the person on the other end asked for proof in the form of a selfie. >> ives thinking, that's strange, so i took a selfie at work, i texted him the picture, and i waited for a response, and
4:52 pm
i don't know, who says, you're not my grandma. but can i still have a plate? >> elizabeth: you're not my grandma. can i still get a plate. i love this. in true grandma style, wanda said, of course. the two even have a chance to meet after the exchange went viral and now, yes, he is coming over for thanksgiving, a new grandson perhaps. >> blair: this video takes of the meaning of dunk to a whole new height. >> elizabeth: i feel nauseous already. >> blair: 24-year-old simon barry of record yesterday for the highest ever bungee dunk and here we go. boom. made it. took the biscuit. dumped a biscuit into a cup of tea. from 230 feet up in the hair. this was part of guinness' world records day. >> elizabeth: this is it why i also don't golf. it's such a specific tiny target that you're going after, right? one of many. a little boy's big moment in the school play is ruined by a
4:53 pm
next at 4:30 p.m., the teacher grabbed the microphone, just as he was about to say his lines. how far the teacher is reacting after video went viral. now, here's vanessa welch with what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> the reporter: republicans are ready to repeal or replace obama care under donald trump's presidency. all new at 5:00 p.m., the uncertainty of its future and the fight to save it.
4:54 pm
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wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle.
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go to, dawn saves wildlife. manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care >> blair: a little boy is left in tears, because he's not allowed to say his part in the thanksgiving play. a teacher grabbed the microphone before he could say anything. >> elizabeth: it happened at a school in west virginia and as again lavanchy shows us, -- gene lavanchy showed us, the video is getting national attention. >> he never goes without laughing or saying i love you, mommy and daddy. >> kent was heartbroken to see his 6-year-old son who has high
4:57 pm
moments after the teacher in question takes the microphone off the stage. >> for them to do what they did is very appalling to me. >> squires says in the video, taken by the boy's mother, their son was about to deliver his favorite line -- gobble gobble. >> there's no way to defend it. we saw t i saw it, the 172nd snippet. there's no way to defend it. >> the reporter: the doctor insists there was no malicious intent and that the teacher feels horrible school never received a permission slip from the boy's parents, and that the play had already ended. squires disputes that. >> and it's a play, they were first and second graders and i do not see the harm in letting that child say what he felt was very important. >> the reporter: robin is an employee at the ark of harrison county, west virginia, working with people with developmental disabilities. they left a comment on the video, pledging her support. >> she acted that way in front
4:58 pm
behind closed doors. squires says this isn't the first time he's had a falling out with the school. he recalled faculty coming to him with complaints about his son every day after kindergarten. >> she's like, i just need to tell you, your kid, you know, caleb was acting out today, right in the middle of all of the parents. >> the reporter: he since resolved that with dr. mansion, but the school is now under fresh scrutiny, with the video drawing national attention and resonating with thousands. >> me being disabled, i thank god it never happened to did, what kind of heartbreak i would be going through and stuff like that. >> the reporter: as for the teacher in question, dr. mansion says, she will not be disciplined. gene lavanchy, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: you are saying, you see that little guy's reaction. and she's right, you know, it was important to him to be able to say those lines, he was probably practicing. that video has been put on youtube and people from around the world have been showing that little boy and his family lots of support. >> blair: that may have be worse, everybody is now seeing
4:59 pm
attention towards him. i hope they right that ship. stay with us, fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> the reporter: now hat at 5:00 p.m., a high school football captain is accused of assaulting and strangling a teenage girl. why the judge ordered him without bail. >> kevin: i'm tracking a huge change to end your weekend, including snow. >> the reporter: a threat called into boston university's campus. what investigators are doing right now to figure out plus, state school investigators often checking out allegations of abuse and neglect, with just a phone calm. fox 25 investigates uncovers cases where school inspectors may not be investigating at all. >> vanessa: first at 5:00 p.m., a high school football captain faces a judge for an assault and attempted kidnapping on cape.
5:00 pm
>> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. the football player turned himself in last night. one week after it happened. fox 25's malini basu is live in bourne and malini, he is being held without bail tonight. >> the reporter: he is, mark, being held without bail, but first, that attack happened directly behind me at the school bus stop. today, prosecutors in court say they absolutely have right person and they say it was all thanks to a strand of hair on the suspect's sweatshirt. the mom says tonight son is innocent. 18-year-old john allen walked in freely, to falmouth district court today, where he faced a judge. the senior, a student at upper cape cod regional vocational, is charged with assault and battery, strangulation and suffocation on a 14-year-old girl. >> he's shocked. he's shocked. >> the reporter: defense attorney john glenn argues, police have the wrong man in custody, but prosecutors say allen is their guy, after police


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