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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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all caught on camera. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. that woman is expected to be ok. john monahan is live in chelsea sunday receive, where police are trying to track down the driver. john? >> the reporter: they're looking for him tonight. the crosswalk we're talking about is right across the street behind me. that's where the 72-year-old woman was hit when a minivan sideswiped her, knocking her to the pavement, all of it caught on a surveillance camera above. chelsea's police chief posted this video on his twitter account, check it out. woman appears in the bottom left corner of that video, walking through the crosswalk. suddenly, she is hit and spun around by a white minivan. the vehicle does not stop, but just keeps on going. the woman, who is 72, was left lying on the street, on her back. somehow, she managed to roll over and sit up as someone rushes to help her. police say the woman had a laceration on her forehead. she was rushed to mass general with what police describe as non-life-threatening injuries.
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stopped and the driver fled the scene. police are looking for that vehicle and that driver and they asked the public to take a close look at the vehicle in this picture. there is a paper note taped to the rear window of the vehicle and the vehicle also appears to be an older model dodge caravan. it also seems to be missing a right front hub cap or it may just be a spare type. if you've seen this video, or have any information about what happened here with this hit and run, chelsea police want to hear from you. live in chelsea, john mon fox 25 news. >> mark: we continue to follow developing news out of boston, where police are investigating a stabbing on tremont street near northeastern university. police tell us one person was stabbed late this afternoon and taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition or any arrests. >> vanessa: a high school football captain is behind bars tonight, being held without bail. the 18-year-old faced a judge today. accused of assaulting a teenage girl who was walking to her bus in bourne. fox 25's malini basu has been following the story since it first broke and malini, i understand the team's defense
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>> the reporter: that's what they argue, vanessa, and as a matter of fact, i could tell you, john allen showed up to court today with his mother and grandfather by his side, he was wearing a nice shirt, a tie, hoping that he could convince the judge that he's a good person, but the judge threw him right back in jail for allegedly attacking a girl right here at this bus stop. fox 25 was there last night, in bourne, when 18-year-old john allen was set free on bail. this morning, a falmouth district court judge back behind bars. >> i love my son. he's innocent. >> the reporter: the senior, a student at upper cape cod regional vocational is charged with assault and battery, strangulation and suffocation on a 14-year-old girl. john glenn is the defense attorney. >> he's shocked. >> the reporter: it was last thursday, the girl was walking to the school bus stop on puritan an cranberry roads in bourne when she told police, she was attacked from behind. a witness called out the
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glen argues, bourne police have the wrong guy, after the victim couldn't recognize her attacker. >> she was shown a photo arave, the defendant's photo was in the photo array, she failed to identify anybody in the not toy array. >> the reporter: prosecutors argue allen is the man police have been looking for. >> noted that perpetrator was wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt with white lettering on it. >> the reporter: detectives say they found that sweatshirt in allen's his school parking lot at upper cape cod regional vocational high school. >> inside the vehicle was a maroon hooded sweatshirt, with white lettering, that had a long black hair on it. allen's attorney says, he is a good person, who is the captain of the football team, and works at an auto body shop in town. allen's mom claims her son is not a monster. >> would you be respectful of my privacy and myson's privacy.
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>> the reporter: and that long black hair that prosecutors mentioned is being sent to a crime lab, where they will test it. in the meantime, i do want to mention, i spoke to the victim as well as her mother, and they tell me that they have no idea who allen is and allen, as we mentioned is being held without bail and his dangerousness hearing is on tuesday. for now, live in bourne, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a norton man is facing charges tonight, after a late-night police standoff at his home. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the home on john scott boulevard after a domestic out of hand. police say a woman and child were able to get away before that suspect fired off several rounds of ammunition and hit a police cruiser. police eventually took 42-year-old heath mullet in to custody. we're getting a look at the guns confiscated at mullet's home. norton police sharing the photos and showing the bullet holes left behind by the gunfire. >> mark: a prank call from overseas causes a chaos on a campus in the heart of the city this morning, police are trying to track down the person who
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fox 25's blair miller joins us with reaction to this dangerous hoax. >> the reporter: this is a scary scene this morning, heavily armed police officers storming the comm. avenue campus right in the middle of the morning rush. this is breaking on fox 25 morning news today. sky fox over boston university, you can see the crime scene tape there, set up and a crowd of officers speaking with the students. boston police say a man calmed the b.u. police department around 8:30 a.m. and told them, he had shot somebody inside the library. he also said he was armed with guns and explosives. but no the library and b.u. student union were evacuated while police cleared the area. mayor marty walsh is grateful no one was hurt. >> the fact that somebody would pull something like this is really uncalled for, and hopefully, we fiend out who did it, and they won't do it again. >> the reporter: we're told the caller stayed on line and spoke with police for about ten minutes. that number was blocked. investigators are now trying to trace the call to find out where it came from. the area was shut down for more
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we will hear more from terrified students who witnessed police rush to their campus. reporting live, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a big scare at a new hampshire high school, a bad smell caused several students to get sick at west high school in manchester. sky fox was over the school as students left class and waited here on the football field. around 30 students and staff reported feeling nauseous and having headaches. >> we had medical staff on scene, checking if any students had any medical issues. >> vanessa: turns out, that odor was from construction in the gym. students and staff got back into the building around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. fire on the pike. this fedex truck went up in flames in millbury before 2:00 a.m. this morning. firefighters were able to thank out the flames, but as you're about to see there, some packages were damaged. about a third of the packages were burned. >> mark: police chase in pembroke ended with a crash in the woods along route 3. police tried to stop a brockton
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the driver took off, hit two cars, police eventually caught up to him and placed him under arrest. >> vanessa: turning to the weather now after a mild few days, expect some changes this weekend. temperatures are going to drop and our fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, you're also keeping an eye on the possibility of rain and even a few snowflakes for the weekend, right. >> kevin: undoubtedly going to happen. rainshowers and some places will see snowflakes as well. expecting flurries even into the suburbs of boston. what a gorgeous shot sent in from today. beautiful dave for most, although there were some clouds in southeastern massachusetts you had to contend with. those have made their way offshore, but attached to a big ocean storm, it's going to wobble around a little more and push the clouds back in here tomorrow. that's just one issue. that's just clouds. but back here is where the rainshowers are, along a cold front, that's pushing through the midwest, producing severe weather. that's not all. you see behind this front comes the cold hair and the cold air changes the rain over to snow. they're dealing with blizzard conditions in parts of
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approaching 20 inches just northwest of duluth, minnesota. pretty amazing, right, before thanksgiving. we'll talk about this storm and timing out another storm that will actually hit for thanksgiving, just ahead. >> mark: there are reports tonight, former senator scott brown will be tapped for donald trump's secretary for veterans affirms. brown told the new york boss it would be great to -- a great honor to serve. tomorrow, president-elect donald trump will sit down with mitt romney, the former massachusetts governor is reportedly on trump's short list for secretary of state. however, both men the campaign. romney called trump a con man and a fraud. trump called romney a loser. today, the president-elect nominated albany senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general, sessions opposes the legalization of marijuana and amnesty for illegal immigrants. in 1986, the senate did not confirm his nomination to become a federal judge because of racist statements he made as a federal prosecutor. and a harvard law school graduate is donald trump's pick to become director of the c.i.a.
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graduated top his class at west point. >> vanessa: the election is over, but elizabeth warren continues to keep donald trump in her sights, especially on twitter. tonight, we're finally hearing from the massachusetts senator about her war of words with the president-elect. fox 25's erika richie live in boston and the senator is not letting up on trump and his appointments. >> the reporter: no, vanessa, shells not and for the first time, we're hearing them directly from her mouth. since the election, she has en mentioned, really challenging and questioning donald trump's every move that he makes. she even took that message to the senate floor yesterday, but today, was the first time we heard from her back here in massachusetts. >> these are hard times, and we are stronger when we are together. >> the reporter: senator elizabeth warren didn't waste any time addressing the post-election climate as she addressed the crowd at a women's equality conference at umass boston this afternoon and didn't
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on to tear down his transition team and cabinet picks so far as well. >> there can be no compromise with racism, there can be no negotiation with bigotry. >> the reporter: those remarks made in regard to trump's choice chief of staff, mark ban i don't know and jeff sessions. senator warren got more animated about those choices as we spoke with her. >> it is so hard to know what than his direct invitation to bring racists, a racist white supremacist directly into the white house advisory group. >> the reporter: senator warren has been vocal about president-elect donald trump since his election. earlier this week, she sent him this eight page letter in which she accuses him of failing to keep his campaign promises and challenges him to reconsider his cabinet choices. the senior senator finished the
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refuse, i will oppose you every step of the way for the next four years. today in person, she had a new message for donald trump. >> i strongly urge donald trump to withdraw any consideration of senator sessions. >> the reporter: and senator warren went on to redirect that message to her fellow senators, should the president-elect ignore her suggestion, because it is the senate that has the final say over the attorney live in boston, erika richie, fox 25 news. >> mark: spelling counts. >> vanessa: how bad spelling is helping the feds link a serial bank robber to a string of crimes. >> mark: also ahead, there's a new type of dining and shopping experience that's about to open up in boston. we take you on a tour of italy and why there are concerns tonight about how this could hurt restaurants all over the city. >> the reporter: a fox 25 investigation uncovered workers at a major store finding
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action and there are calls for the feds to do the same.
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>> vanessa: federal action tonight after a fox 25 investigation.
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pushing costly services that may not be needed. >> mark: now we have learned that a u.s. senator is calling for a federal investigation. investigative reporter eric rasmussen is live in the control room and eric, that's not the only change happening. >> the reporter: it's not, ock. both fox 25 investigates and our sister station in seattle, found employees of office depot and office max diagnosing computer problems that simply didn't exist. office depot and office max are the same company and that company says it is a review. from the office max in dorchester. >> i was surprised to hear that i needed more than $149 in diagnostics and repairs on my computer for poor security and poor performance. >> the reporter: in marlboro, technicians said our laptop showed signs of poor performance and recommended a fix between $149 an $199. what the techs didn't know is that these computers were brand new, right out of the box, and
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our sister station in seattle also had six brand new computers go through the free scan at office depot stores in washington and oregon, and four stories, they were told computers had symptoms of malware and needed repairs. >> i've spoken to everybody i can think of and nothing was being done of it. >> the reporter: a former office depot employees turned whistleblower, spoke to our sister station, saying office depot pushes each employees sales goals. as a result of our undercover investigation, office depot has suspended its p.c. health checks throughout the chain pending review and a u.s. senator is calling for a federal investigation. senator maria cantwell of washington state, sent this letter to the federal trade commission, requesting the agency open an investigation in to what she calls office depot's
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to the office max in walczak --k pole, where the -- walpole, where the text said there was nothing wrong with the computer. we'll let you know, the next steps from the c.d.c. warned pregnant women and the ftc. eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: good news for drivers hitting the roads early for thanksgiving. massdot says crews will be off the pike by 5? a. a. earlier this week, we reported crews planned to be finished -- wednesday, but taking into consideration, increased traffic ahead of thanksgiving day moved the timeline to 5:00 a.m. road work will pick back up on monday, the 28th. and if you're taking to the skies, logan airport is sharing these key tips that will help make your holiday travel a little let hectic. they say families should plan now, how they're going to get to the airport and remember, there are many hov and public transportation options available for you. most airlines do allow you to check in on line for picking up
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massdot points out the cellphone lot is near the terminals and is also free. logan will also have some extra staff on hand in order to handle the additional travelers. >> mark: city of boston is getting ready to light up its official christmas tree. the are 47 foot white spruce arrived on boston common this morning with santa there to welcome it. he's the guy with the long beard right there. the tree has been making its way to massachusetts from nova scotia since tuesday. every year, the province sends a tree to boston as a thank you for boston's help during 1917 halifax explosion. the city will light the tree thursday, december 4th. >> kevin: another picture of that beautiful sunset in boston today. hope you enjoyed it. not going to see one tomorrow. probably not sunday either. and the reasons are these clouds. the clouds coming from the east, and also, some from the west, but first things first, this is the one that keeps playing
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rope, pick your game. the clouds taking over the area through the morning tomorrow. meteorologist jason brewer will be here watching that for you and then there's this storm. this one has got the rain and eventually some snow with it. the cold front part of the system is this here and that's the leading edge. ahead of it, there's warmth. there's severe weather along the front and in indiana, severe thunderstorms. the cold air comes blowing in and look at the snow falling here. had nearly 20 inches northwest of duluth, minnesota, not sure where that is. and yourself quite a blizzard going on. that storm system is moving into canada, but dragging toward us. the temperatures will seem mild compared to sunday and monday, compared to the gusty winds blowing on in here. the ocean storms backs upthrow tonight and the morning tomorrow. it will bring the clouds to the i-95 corridor, through 7:00 a.m. in the morning, in to boston, through the late morning, certainly by lunchtime, north shore, cape ann, especially you
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develop too and that's what future cast is showing us with the shots of green in there. let's stop there and talk about the better half of the weekend, that is, saturday. temperatures in the low 50's here, look at all of the clouds, back to the north and west, upper 50's, perhaps even 60 degrees in a few spots, because that's where you have the sun the longest, but where it's going to be coolest is southeastern massachusetts, that means, for the annual thanksgiving day parade and of course, plymouth, that's where you're going to have some cool, cloudy conditions for of the parade, but it will be dry. at least you have that going southeastern mass and that's tomorrow. however, through sunday, things change dramatically. this front coming on through, during the morning hours, this takes you to worcester, by 6:00 a.m. or so, then through the boston area, through the 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. hour and wheeling off to the northwest. you get the rainshowers, the mildest part of the day in the 40's is sunday morning. in the afternoon, temperatures will fall as the cold air comes pouring in, winds will be gusting and look at the snow falling until the berkshires, northward in to the mountains,
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happening. some of the higher elevations, i wouldn't be surprised to see grassy surfaces get covered in worcester county from the shot of cold air. windy and cold sunday into monday. we've been talking a lot about thanksgiving as well. thanking it all the way to wednesday and we'll check out what the computer charts are showing too. here comes the storm system from the west and this is spreading rain on in here. look at the cold air, precariously close by, we've been watching this the last couple of days and each time we see our computer charts come in, they look a little colder. still, we seem to be on the warm side of thi forecasting rain for thanksgiving day for now. new information comes in this evening and we'll update that as we go along. >> vanessa: police officers from all over the state going above and beyond the call of duty. the amazing way they came together today to lift the spirits of a little girl who's battling cancer. but first, let's send it out to the one, the only, butch stearns. hey, butch. >> the reporter: life at the garden, going to be one of the interesting nights.
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>> it was laslo 4th of july in the hamptons, you may remember, that kevin durant sat down with tom brady, danny ange, dan stevens, he ended up signing with the golden state warriors, he's back in town tonight. there is seth curry making his
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kevin durant will get here in boston tonight, let's hear from the voices of the celtics. >> i think it's going to be a fascinating night at the garden and i think boston fans will react to kevin durant the way they react to anybody they felt has wronged them. even if he didn't, and that's not really the point. a lot of it will be to some degree in good fun and also an element of respect for how good kevin durant, is but i think he has made himself sort of a new enemy in a post tv way. durant going to be? >> that's interesting. we were just talking about that inside. i think they'll give him a little bit of a hard time. he can potentially be a free agent next summer. we love him, so be careful. >> good point by mike gorman, durant can be a free agent. al horford, a came time decision. i've been told it's unlikely he'll play, but it is a gametime decision. 8:00 p.m. start for the celtics
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way to san francisco, without rob gronkowski. gronk ruled out for the game, so has chris hogan, the wide receiver. gronk with his chest situation, although we've been told the injury is not as bad as first thought. hogan with the back. julian edelman and bennett listed as questionable for the game. matt ryan at boston college, his number will be retired, matsuzaka ryan's memorabilia is all over chestnut him, currently right now, but tomorrow, that ryan, and ryan was in town today talking about it, it will be a big moment for him. >> i'm really looking forward to tomorrow, i think it's going to be a lot of fun, i'm excited to be back for a game, it's been a while since i've been able to make it back to campus for a game, certainly a special weekend for myself, and my family. >> that should be fun for matt ryan and fun for b.c. fans tomorrow. he was a great, great player. second greatest quarterback at p.c. behind doug flute in my opinion.
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night at the garden. we'll have it all covered for you tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. back to you, ock and vanessa. >> mark: that's going to be a dynamite night tonight. the game last year at the garden, it was crazy. cheers and tears of happiness inside many massachusetts courtrooms today. >> vanessa: more than three dozen families with a big reason to celebrate tonight. fox 25 is there as they officially bring in new members of their family. >> mark: fox 25 investigates, education inspectors looking into abuse claims with just a phone calm. we uncover how many concerning allegations day cares and school programs never get a second look.
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>> mark: our top stories at 6:30 p.m. shocking video from chelsea sunday receive, where a driver struck a 72-year-old woman in a crosswalk and took off. the hit-and-run was captured on this surveillance video at the bottom of the screen, you can see a woman clip the -- minivan rather clip the woman and then she falls to the ground at the intersection of 4th and broadway. the woman, who was hit, has might have for injuries. >> vanessa: the captain of a local high school football team is behind bars tonight accused of grabbing and assaulting a
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bail revoked in court. bourne police say he attacked a 14-year-old girl last thursday at a bus stop. in court today, allen's defense team argued, police had the wrong guy. allen is charged with assault and battery, strangulation, and suffocation. his mom told us her son is innocent. >> mark: chaos in the boston university campus when someone called in a threat, saying he shot a hostage and had guns and explosives inside boston university's library. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed, but it turns out, none of the threat was true. >> vanessa: and now, police want to find the person who made the international call. fox 25's jason law talked to a law enforcement expert about what it will take to catch the person responsible. >> the reporter: police say the caller was so elaborate and descriptive in his threat that they had no choice but to take it seriously. it took the bomb squad a little more than an hour to clear all six floors of the library. and now the boston police department is trying to track down whoever pulled this stunt. >> so when i was walking to class, i was like oh my goodness.
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for more than an hour friday morning, no one on campus knew what was going on. >> i talked to a cop and he said there was a bomb threat and hostages and my mind started spinning. >> the reporter: in the end, investigators say it was a hoax. the caller dialed into the b.u. police department around 8:30 a.m., told them he had shot somebody inside the library, and then he was armed with guns and explosives inside room 420. >> it was so detailed, that we had to take is serious. commissioner bill evans said room 420 doesn't exist. we checked and this is what the fourth floor looks like. no rooms, and lots of books. evans said the caller stayed on line and talked topless for ten minutes. his number was blocked. and now, investigators are trying to trace the call. >> we've had a lot of sort of robo calls, but this one was so genuine. >> you also never know whether this is a test. >> the reporter: dan linski is a former boston police superintendent and chief.
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>> things that can happen. officers are driving aft high rates of speeds to get here, interacting with the community that's frightened and engaged. you can have other effects where people's lives, someone can get hurt. >> the reporter: late friday afternoon, the university released a statement and said the call came from outside the united states. investigators say the caller never discussed politics or any political motivations. jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:30 p.m., a convicted sex offender who violated probation at a quincy library is headed back to prison. richard gardner to another year behind bars. gardner was just released last month after serving 28 years in prison for sexually assaulting several boys. gardner admitted he violated the terms of his probation by using a computer at the quincy library when he was prohibited from going to libraries or schools. >> mark: there's a serial bank robber who spells big trouble for the f.b.i. the man has robbed four banks and each time he leaves behind a note with a spelling error.
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this man, they say he spent. last two weeks terrorizing banks in several towns north of boston. but it's his terrible spelling skills that are getting him a whole lot of attention and a new nickname from the feds. during all four holdups, he's suspected in, the f.b.i. says he slipped the teller a note with the word robbery spelled wrong for getting that 2nd b. -- forgetting the second b. the note was scrawled on withdrawal slips and have just one word -- robery. >> that's crazy that he misspelled that. >> like that. >> the reporter: after four robberies and four misspelled notes, the f.b.i. has dubbed him the spelling bee bandit. >> should have stayed in school and learned how to spell it right, he maybe would have a good job and wouldn't have to steal. >> the reporter: his most recent target was peabody bank in the middle of a shopping plaza. >> not far from here is the peabody police station. plenty of cops in this area. i'm kind of shocked that he kind of got away. >> the reporter: he's accused of hitting up banks in arlington,
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he always wears sunglasses to cover his face and either a patriots or celtics hat. despite the nickname, the f.b.i. says this really is no laughing matter. investigators tell us, they're seriously concerned about this guy, saying he's become increasingly aggressive toward the bank tellers with each robbery. authorities and people who live around here, hopping he's caught asap. i think it's unreal, unnecessary. >> i hope they have catch him. >> the reporter: jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:30 p.m., do you regn very clear surveillance photos. worcester police say sees responsible for three separate armed robberies in a month. this is from a robbery at the honey farms at belmont street in the end of october. the suspect is 5'5" with a slender build. call worcester police if you can identify him. >> mark: a 20-year-old revere man is wanted in massachusetts and wyoming for multiple cases of vandalism. transit police say mark meadow kroft violated the terms of a 2015 vandalism plea deal when he department of early education
6:36 pm
street station. he's also wanted in cheyene, wyoming, for felony warrants related to graffiti. >> vanessa: turning now to the weather, we've enjoyed a mild few days this week, but things are about to change, the zakim bridge looking gorgeous tonight. temperatures are going to drop and kevin is also talking about the chance of rain and you've got some snowflakes potentially in the forecast. >> kevin: snowflakes in massachusetts by the end of the weekend, certainly by the start of next week. clear skies out brought clouds from time to time, it's spinning out there and it's a monster storm, we're on the fringes of it, so we're just going to get the clouds to back in on us tomorrow and then there's this, this front, the cold front, has severe weather along it, we know that by the yellow boxes here in indiana. those are severe thunderstorms cutting on through. in duluth, minoso, 20 mince of show -- minnesota, 20 inches of snow.
6:37 pm
in the suburbs. a timeline on when the storm will arrive and where it will snow just ahead. >> mark: fox 25 investigates uncovering more questions about whether state, school investigators are doing enough to check out reports of abuse and neglect. >> vanessa: a three month long investigation by fox 25 revealed inspectors with the department of early education and care are often doing it all over the telephone. and investigative reporter eric rasmussen found that ry other complaints as well. >> the reporter: a day care in hingham, the latest to face allegations of abusing children, some less than a year old. >> they said that she was rocked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> the reporter: while dcf looks this to the specific allegations of abuse, another state agency, early education an care, is responsible for investigate the day care's operations. yet, when fox 25 investigates, looked at investigation reports of other school programs in the
6:38 pm
eec investigators doing much of their work via phone, rather than visiting in person. >> right now, the sendoff to keep kids safe. >> we are doing our best to keep kids safe. eec commissioner tom web erie sently told state lawmakers, he has just five investigators to oversee some 9,000 programs. new numbers uncovered by fox 25 investigates paint an even more troubling picture. around metro boston, out of 25 who complaints received by eec since july, assigned to an investigator. the ra ratio, even worse, less than 10% of cases assigned to investigators in worcester and taunton over the last five months. after this hearing on beacon hill last week, state rep paul tucker told us, more needs to be done. >> there's no substitute for actually being there and seeing it, and giving people the opportunity one-on-one to be able to speak to an investigator. >> the reporter: no one with eec was available to talk to us on camera about the new numbers we
6:39 pm
result in multiple complaints and it assigns investigators based upon the severity of the allegations. for fox 25 investigates, i'm eric rasmussen. >> mark: senior at worcester tech is urging the school committee to revise a strict cellphone policy. it requires students to keep their phones off and out of site. some students say they like to listen to music to help them study. others have used their phones to take pictures of homework in classes that don't have enough textbooks for everyone. worcester's superintendent says the rules should not change. >> vanessa quincy high school will be dedicated to a family with deep ties to the community, but it's also causing some controversy. the field will be dedicated to the creedon family, whose members held positions in quincy for generations. but in 1984, lawrence creedon stepped down as superintendent of schools, amid allegations that he was inappropriately touching students. he was never actually charged, but later pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a homeless woman. the mayor stands by the
6:40 pm
that area, they all went to north quincy high. >> i feel like they should pick somebody in the family that's not him, and maybe kind of go with that specificity, so people don't make that awful association. >> vanessa: when the name of the field was being picked, the parks department held a public meeting for input, but no one showed up. >> mark: many people will be celebrating this thanksgiving with a new member in the family. tomorrow, is national adoption day. but today in boston, many of the courts celebrated a day early, the same time. fox 25's blair miller was there for the countless and emotional life-changing moments. >> the reporter: for the people here in the center of boston's downtown courthouse, it's a day they've been waiting a lifetime for. >> today is one of our faith days of the entire year. >> the reporter: especially the 41 kids here today. officially being adopted like the 3-year-old, nyla, her father, patrice could not have a
6:41 pm
and with a blessing of this judge, it became official. after nyla came to them through the foster care program several months ago. >> the biggest thing about it, when she got into our home, she changed us as much as we have changed her. >> the reporter: similar emotional scenes unfolded in courtrooms all across massachusetts today, part of national adoption day. the 14th year to have this day the need couldn't be greater, says bridget, with the massachusetts adoption resource exchange. >> we have over 41 here in buries today, but there remains over 600 across the commonwealth of children and teens who are still waiting for permanent adoptive families. >> the reporter: a new chance for the kids and a new chapter in secretary of homeland security of these families. >> -- in so many of these families. >> she had a tough beginning, we're trying to erase that, we're here now and she's home.
6:42 pm
today shine the light on the needs and the demands of those seeking adoption really on both sides. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: all nice to see. >> vanessa: great day for those families. >> mark: absolutely. and another great week coming up with thanksgiving and everything else, no doubt about it. kevin, you've been mixing the word in with the rain. >> kevin: all kinds of snow, climbing up to nearly two feet in minnesota. that storm moving our way. how it will travel around thanksgiving. >> the reporter: they are answering the call from all around the state. police in middleton helping a family in crisis. how they're trying to make life a little easier for the family of a 3-year-old girl battling cancer. >> vanessa: but first, get ready
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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there's a brand new attraction getting ready to open its doors in boston. eataly is setting up shop a space for being coakleying, shopping and eating -- cooking, shopping and eating your favorite italian dishes. >> mark: we want to warn you know, this story might make you hungry. >> the reporter: it's a cultural invasion. >> i'm excited every time i come to boston just for the chance, because i think it's one. most delicious and original cities opening in eataly triples it. >> the reporter: eataly, a bite of italian culture under one enormous roof. >> so good. home to restaurants, a calf difava butcher, -- cafe, butcher, shopping. >> it's a lot more than a grocery store. it is about learning. it is about eating.
6:47 pm
>> the reporter: boston restaurateur barbara lynch is restaurant collaborator. >> this is one of the best things that could happen to boston. >> the reporter: some have said the plan is too ambitious. space that leaves many employees in a city that is hungry for restaurant workers. >> we're all going to take a hit. we're already starving for employees. but we're going through this growth period in boston in general. there are, like, >> the reporter: lynch has seen the trend in her seven restaurants. she says the problem will level off and she doesn't believe this opening will have a negative impact on boston's neighborhood restaurants. she says eataly already has locations in several world class cities, and it's time for the hub. >> i know what's coming in to the city. i see a plan for 2030, they're going to do fabulous and if they weren't going to do fabulous, they wouldn't come here. they're smart, you know, very smart businessmen. smart and hungry for boston.
6:48 pm
gastronomic history. >> vanessa: the marine wharf hotel will be at 660 summer street in the ray flynn marine park. developers say the project will cost $160 million and will provide more than 250 jobs. in addition to the hotel project, it will also include a restaurant and retail >> mark: boston-based draftkings has announced they are teaming up with another fantasy sports company, merging with new york based fanduel. officials from both companies say the merger will help cut costs as the two fight to remain legal in several states. the deal isn't expected to be finalized until later in 2017 and still requires federal approval. approval. >> kevin: so we see mostly clear skies today.
6:49 pm
those are kind of pulling them back, a storm wobbling offshore has been bouncing them in and out of cape cod the last couple of days. been a problem for you, i know. most of the rest of the area seeing sunshine, but that storm out there wobbles back with more clouds tomorrow and back for more of the area. the main event is off to the well. that's just the appetizer, those clouds tomorrow, this is the main course. and it has heavy rain, thunderstorms, even severe weather right now, indiana, and also here, seeing some of that the deep s mississippi and in to tennessee, bringing some of that -- i'm trying to learn my geography as i'm talking to you. behind this, there's also some snow, heavy snow, blizzard conditions and this whole storm system moving into new england this weekend. not tomorrow, tomorrow will be just fine. if you don't mind some clouds. dinnertime temperatures are in the 50's and 40's across the area, much like you'll see first thing in the morning. in boston, going down into the 40's. 44 degrees under mostly clear skies. notice the clouds starting to
6:50 pm
night long ought other. wake up to bright sunshine in wachusett mountain in northern worcester county, but into the upper 30's out that way. here come the clouds hand that wobbling storm, pushing back toward us, on to cape cod, and by midnight tonight already, and then i-95 corridor, through the morning hours and through boston, by between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., already getting cloudy. this pushes farther west to 495 and beyonl drizzle blows in too, with the winds coming in off of the water. not strong wind, just enough to get that moisture coming in off the atlantic. farther north and west you are, better chance you have for number sunshine, the temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60 degrees. farther southeast you have go, more clouds and cooler temperatures. for instance, in plymouth, for the thanksgiving parade, big event in plymouth for this time of year, in the 50's in the morning and dropping to the 40's toward evening, really in the afternoon with the clouds rolling on shore, a cloudy day for you in plymouth.
6:51 pm
that's the cold front that's out to the west right now, producing the severe weather. it will produce rainshowers, as it comes through here. those clear out, even see a couple of breaks of sun in the wake of that front, but then has the system continues to spin over us, here comes the cold air, there's the snow in the berkshires, some snow in the worcester hills hand southwest new hampshire has well. your seven-day forecast shows that change saturday in to sunday, and by monday, still some flurries around, and it will be windy, with high temperatures again in this is a computer representation of a potential for snow and one that lines up best with my thinking, which is flurries all the way to the suburbs of boston, wouldn't be shocked to see a couple of flakes even flying around the city by sunday into monday. but back here is where you're accumulating snow is going to be particularly in the mountains of vermont and bleeding down into the berkshires of new hampshire. can be several inches up there. later on tonight, we'll be exploring more in-depth the rain headed our way for thanksgiving as well. new information coming in. >> vanessa: kevin, thank you. also coming up, a little girl
6:52 pm
she's battling cancer for the second time and could really use a reason to smile and today she got one. the way dozens of police officers from all ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour.
6:53 pm
and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
6:54 pm
>> mark: in middleton, a remarkable site police have across the state lining the center of town as a procession of police motorcycles makes its way to the police station.
6:55 pm
a head of state but for a very special v.i.p. bob ward shows us how a community is helping a family in crisis. >> the reporter: lola rose anderson is almost four years old, but she and her family have already endured so much. two bouts with a rare form of cancer mean life is precious, but difficult. >> we got a scan saying everything was clear, so we spent the summer enjoying life and thinking everything was great, and then she had another scan that said her tumor came back. in middleton, the police chief, the community, and police from around the state are rallying around lola, a police motorcycle escort takes her from her home to police headquarters, where it seems the entire town has turned out for lola. the all volunteer organization cops for kids with cancer is making this possible. presenting lola's parents with a $5,000 check to pay for mounting expenses. >> these are just good people that want to help other people. that's what they are. >> the reporter: and local business people are donating
6:56 pm
cards, for a family in need. >> middleton is a close knit community. people really help each other here in middleton and i'm proud to be the chief here. >> the reporter: cancer shows no mercy, but here in littleton, a police department fights back, with love. >> god answered our prayers. so far, so good. so we're just very fortunate for this wonderful community. >> the reporter: the money raised here in middleton is going to ease a major financial burden for lola and her family. but it's also going to help them of their lives. in middleton, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: great to see that community come out and support her. wow, all those people. >> vanessa: so special. >> kevin: really touching story. so let's talk a little bit about the weather and i know it's hard to follow that up. i say that a lot, such nice stories. >> mark: put you in that position. >> kevin: that's ok. i'm already in that position. by the end of the weekend, a
6:57 pm
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oh, my mariah. >> don't you dare! >> teasing, flirting all over her backup dancer. >> a crush on her. ? you don't have the slightest idea. >> sexy new scenes from her docuseries, but are the sparks real or could she be seeking revenge on her e your man locked lips with his ex? that's exactly what marc anthony did. >> a kiss with mark that has everybody talking. >> plus -- ?? ?? >> we're inside the recording studio with the actress bringing whitney houston back to life. >> and the people have spoken. >> we're with dancing's final four sharing their last-minute strategies to win.


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