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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 a new warning from the f.b.i. >> this specific area they believe some homegrown terrorists may target. plus, legalizing marijuana may not be the last step. the technology being developed right now that police have been asking for. a woman is hit and thrown to the pavement by a driver who kept ongoing. tonight police need your help to try to mind that hit-and-run driver. >> a marine veteran reaches out to fox >> the damage she claims a contractor did to her home before walking out halfway through the job. and giving back to a group of local heroes. what these firefighters saved that this mom cherishes dearly. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. developing tonight a new f.b.i. terror warning with specific targets. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch.
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homegrown terrorists attacking crowded areas like shopping malls and the presidential inauguration. fox 25's erica richie joins us live now from faneuil hall where thousands are expected to attend tomorrow night's tree lighting. erica? >> reporter: so the f.b.i. is concerned about these paris-style attacks that could happen here over the holiday season here. where multiple soft targets are hit by homegrown terrorists versus one large target hit by an organized group. they say that brings us which could be considered a soft target because of the many masses of people who are expected to come out for the tree lighting here tomorrow night. >> i'm such a sucker for the tree lighting. >> reporter: spirits are up and so is the tree. faneuil hall will host the lighting of the city's first christmas tree saturday night. it's an exciting event but on the eve a warning from the f.b.i. that has the potential to suck the life out of celebrations like
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said while there is no specific threat information about possible attacks in our area as we approach the thanksgiving holiday, law enforcement and members of the public must remain guarded. >> we've been forced to be diligent since 2001, why is this news? >> i think it's a new reality. >> reporter: because of that folks at faneuil hall on friday night were unphased by the f.b.i. warning saying what they're cautioning is already a way of life. >> it's unfortunate, but little by little we're all growing to accept that. >> paris-like attacks at places like shopping mall, crowded venues special events but some like liz say boston's already been tested and come out on top. >> i really have faith in our police force, especially after the marathon bombings. >> reporter: boston police officers will be have add private security and ensure it won't threatened. telling us "the boston police are working with the federal, state and local partners to remain vigilant
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approaches. authorities urge the public to report anything that they see and believe to be suspicious to their local law enforcement. >> see something, say something sort of thing. >> reporter: it's always a good rule to remember. late tonightdy hear from the general manager of faneuil hall who says that safety is the number one priority here and assures that there is a robust safety plan that is in place for the weekend festivities and in fact has been for several months to ensure that that is fulfilled. a woman at the center of this horrifying video. a mother overdoses in a store her little girl crying for help. fox 25's christine mccarthy live in lawrence where an arrest warrant has now been issued after that mom was a no show for court. >> reporter: that's right, she was set to appear in court today by summons on a child endangerment case involving her little 2-year-old girl right here at the family dollar store
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the d.a.'s office tells us tonight that she never showed. >> balling, a scared toddler tugs on her mother passed out in an aisle at a family dollar store. the disturbs video shot by a customer on their cell phone in september shed light on a heartbreaking reality the devastating effect of drug use on those who are too young to understand. >> i feel heartbroken for that kid most of all. i mean, the kid biggest victim. >> reporter: but since then that mother identified as mandy mcgowan failed to appear in court on her child endangerment charge friday. spokesman for the d.a.'s office tells fox 25 an arrest warrants has now been issued. >> they definitely need to it's probably a little scary maybe they might get some jail time but all in all it's the help that they need. >> reporter: police say mcgowan had overdosed on an oral dose of heroin or fentanyl requiring two doses
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>> i think it's sad. i feel like you know the kid most of all, you know, must have been terrified. >> reporter: it's unclear where she is now. but one likely former address for her in salem, new hampshire, appeared empty only an eviction notice for mcgowan on the door. >> she has to face up and, you know, go to the court take advantage of altogether the help she can get. the only person that can really help them is themselves. was taken into protective custody immediately following this incident. however, we don't know her status tonight. we're live in lawrence tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. breaking news now out of wells, maine where a 5-year-old boy was among the victims of the a deadly crash on the main turnpike. a lowell man was driving a white box truck and that truck hit another car then landed on top of it killing the little boy and the man who volunteered to drive him as part of a community action group.
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maine. the crash shut down the turnpike and caused traffic backups for hours. developing tonight a hit-and-run caught on camera and the drivers still nowhere to be found. fox 25's john monahan is live outside chelsea court. john the victim is a 57 -- 72-year-old woman. >> that's theors walk where she was hit. police have released that video hoping somebody can help to i.d. that driver. this surveillance video is tough to watch. a 72 at the bottom of the screen in a crosswalk. suddenly this white minivan hits her. she's knocked to the pavement and the minivan keeps ongoing. >> he doesn't have a heart. >> reporter: kayleigh lives in this chelsea neighborhood she is stunned the driver did not stop. >> it was so -- who would do that you know an older woman. >> reporter: this man, also, upset. >> i don't know what to say. to me it's disgusting i
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chelsea is a very busy street. packed with cars and pedestrians. >> sometimes they see that you're coming but they don't stop. >> reporter: while our crew was filming two cars collided a block away. >> no, it's not surprising. you can hear it with once or twice a week. >> chelsea police released the the video with a close-up of the minivan. they say there's a paper note taped to the back window it and appears to an older model dodge car the right front tire is spare tire or missing a hubcap. kayleigh says whoever did this needs to come forward. >> he's a heartless person that would be like your mom, your grandma. >> reporter: that woman was rushed to mass general with cuts and bruises to her head but she was conscious. police hope someone recognizes that minivan if you do police in chelsea want to hear from you. live in chelsea, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> all right, john.
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>> yes. >> check out this winter wonderland. at least 20 inches has fallen so far in minnesota. you are tracking some snow locally for the weekend. >> yes, there will be some snow coming into new england. i'm looking at this update right now. i just called this up on the computer 24.6 inches in st. louis, minnesota. so over two feet in some spots. that's just in. so how about that. this is the snow we're talking about. it's part of the same system that is coming to new england. first of all though we have to get through this that's then we'll get to the snow. for now it is mostly clear out there. some clouds offshore but they're connected to a big ocean storm. it's going to back up toward us enough to bring those clouds into our area tomorrow. so we're in the squeeze getting clouds from both ways when the rain and snow will arrive this weekend along with the cold temperatures. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. president-elect donald trump has set allawsuits against the now defunct trump university. the new york attorney general announced late this afternoon that trump agreed
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class action lawsuits in california, and a civil suit filed in new york over the now defunct university. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge any wrongdoing. new at 10:00 tonight women graduates of harvard business school are showing their disapproval of fellow alum and trump cabinet pick steve bannon. bannon has been tapped as chief strategist and senior counsellor. now more than 600 women all alumni and current students have signed an they call him the creator of the alt right movement saying he's promoting sexism and racism and also calling on harvard business school to condemn bannon. there are reports tonight former senator scott brown could be tapped by donald trump's secretary for veterans affairs. brown told "the new york post" it would be a great honor to serve if he's asked. tomorrow, president-elect donald trump will sit down with mitt romney the former massachusetts governor reportedly on trump's short list for secretary of state.
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during the campaign. romney called trump a con man and a fraud. trump called romney a lose are. the election may be over but the war of words between elizabeth warren and trump continues. senator warren waste nod time addressing the most election climate. and she didn't just talk about the president-elect she also addressed his transition team and cabinet picks so far. >> and be no compromise with racism there can negotiations with bigotry. senator warren has been vocal about president obama since the election she sent him an eight page letter accusing of failing to keep his campaign challenges and challenging him to reconsider his picks. a high school football captain is behind bars tonight. john allen accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl who was walking to her bus stop in bourne. fox 25 was there last night
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this morning a judgerded on him back in jail. allen is a senior at upper cape cod regional high school. his defense attorney says officers got the wrong guy. >> this is a case where identity is clearly at issue here and that there are several inconsistencies with the statements of all commonwealth witnesses. >> detectives say they found a sweatshirt matching the suspect's description in allen's car. the victim told fox 25 sh dangerousness hearing will be on tuesday. a fox 25 investigation about possible unnecessary computer repairs leads to a call for a federal investigation. straight ahead the change the big box store is also making in the aftermath of our investigation. plus, they are horrific allegations of racial bullying at school. >> he'll scrub himself, he'll sit in the bathtub and have been his skin trying to get the brown off of him. >> the reason the school district has now banned the
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property. but first a story you will only see on fox 25 a
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on fox 25 a marine veteran says her dream home has been destroyed bay contractor who watched off the job. a disagreement over the work left her home without a
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veteran fought for the u.s. in iraq two tours of duty. saving her money to buy a home when she returned. but when she hired a local contractor to expand her house she says things quickly spiralled out of control. >> it's left me with not my dream home it's left me with a nightmare. >> reporter: when she was fighting in the deserts of iraq, what kept her going was this, a plan buy a house in newburyport and make it her own. in july it became reality. she hired a contractor to expand the include an art studio, a therapy of sorts to help her deal with ptsd. >> i have an outlet where i can throw something on paper or paints or do that that really, really does help. >> reporter: but soon after the beams went up. >> this room was going to be the sitting room art room. >> the dream began to unravel. >> alex were coming from here at one point. >> reporter: she and the town's building inspector says the contractor didn't follow a permit plan a permit he never picked up.
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seams led to water damage during a rainstorm. she says when she questioned the contractor's work he responded with insults. >> calling us ignoreability, calling us stupid and that's it right there. >> reporter: last month the contractor quit amidst the war of words leaving her with a half built home and no protection from the elements. >> so i have noup stairs i'm leaving in my living room. >> reporter: she spent nearly $30,000 already, says a new fix her home and continue the expansion it would cost nearly $50,000. money she simply doesn't have. >> it is my life savings. everything that i've ever saved and it's now it's like the money pit home. >> reporter: she says her homeowners insurance will only cover a portion of the damage and repairs. now we did speak to her former contractor he denies that he caused any water damage and says he stands by
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complaints and police say there was no criminal wrongdoing. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a winchester man pleaded guilty to the murder of his own mother. a judge sentenced 48-year-old matthew mcconveney to life in prison for the beating of 70-year-old barbara mcconveney back in 2014. we've been covering this case since the beginning including the shocking admission to our own bob ward that he killed the families cats and his mother. >> to my mother barbara and to her cat pumpkin i apologize deeply. sometimes i get out of control. >> did you do it? >> yes. >> what did you do, what did do to her? >> murder her. >> before the confession, he took off and was eventually arrested in north carolina. tonight still no arrests after a 911 caller caused panic and fear on boston university's campus this morning. he told police he shot a
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b.u.'s library. investigators say none was true. it took the bomb scaud more than an hour to clear the library. b.u. sent us a statement saying they believe the call came from overseas. a local mother cooks and hand delivers a meals to firefighters. she did this because they saved pictures of her late children from a fire. >> reporter: exactly, once the fire is out, efforts on making sure all living things are out of the building and on saving personal belongs. tonight the milford fire department found out how much their efforts in that department were appreciated. >> you find a nursery school. >> reporter: saving photographs of beloved toy a ceramic tree crafted by an 8-year-old. these are the treasures of debbie crystal's life. about six weeks ago she was
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her milford home. >> i called 911 we had kind of a short amount of time to run around and grab our belongings. >> reporter: but her most precious belongings were in this room just below the fire. >> and that's where i keep some very special things. >> reporter: special things associated with two special people her late son and daughter. >> myda you passed away seven years ago from breast cancer. and then my son passed away about a little over two fire she went looking for the special things and spotted a plastic tub. >> and i opened up the tub and everything was in there. i was -- i just cried, i was so happy. >> reporter: the mementos placed in that plastic tub by milford firefighters. tonight debbie treated those firefighters to a home cooked meal as a way to say
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feel their appreciation but everything we did is no different than what any other fire department would do. >> reporter: and that debbie says is precisely the point. >> these guys work hard, and they don't always get appreciated, or acknowledged for the important work that they do. >> so tonight the guys dined on lasagna, chowder, salad and debbie's special homemade chocolate chip cookies but arguably most satisfying thing on the menu was the enormous gratitude. live in milford, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> quite a meal she cooked off. >> the food looks fantastic. she's right they don't get the recognition that they deserve. >> she didn't lose those dear precious items to her for sure tonight. >> best story of the day. it's technology that could be a game changer for police. a breathalyzer that can also detect marijuana. why the company believes
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item. >> congratulations. >> but first chances are you will be clapping right along with this story. the emotional journey dozens
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here's good news for drivers hit the roads early. toll demolition will end early. earlier this week we the reported that crews planned to be done at all tolling sites by noon on wednesday. taking into consideration increased traffic all workers will be done by 5:00 in the morning. road work will pick up again on monday 28th. blair miller there was. for the people there it's a day they've been waiting a lifetime for. especially the 41 kids here
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could not have a bigger smile. >> i'm here to adopt my little girl. >> for he and his wife it's their third child. >> how old were you with the blessing of this judge it became official. after she came to them several months ago. she changed us as much as she changed her. similar emotional scenes unfolded in courtrooms all part of national adoption day. and the need couldn't be greater says bridget with the massachusetts adoption resource exchange. of children and teens who are still waiting for permanent adoptive families. a new chance for these kids and a new chapter and so
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we are here now and she's home. it can be a long process an adoption advocates hope that days like today shine the light on the needs and the demands of those seeking adoption really on both sides what a thanksgiving it will be for those families. enrich each other's lives tremendously. a fox 25 investigation revealed a major box store retailer diagnosing problems that didn't exist. next how the company is tackling the results of our investigation. into thanksgiving for our weather team because we have a couple storms to track. this is first one bringing big change this weekend. i'll tell you about another one for thanksgiving. plus, this mother said bullying made her child go into the bathroom and try to wash the brown off of his skin. >> these children calling him a dirty n word.
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>> federal action after a fox 25 investigation earlier this week we uncovered a major big box retailer
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>> now we have learned that a u.s. senator is calling for a federal investigation and as fox 25 investigative reporter erik rasmussen discovered that's not the only change happening. >> from the officemax in dorchester. >> i was surprised to hear that i need more than 149 dollars worth of diagnostics and repairs on my computer for poor security and poor performance. >> reporter: to the one in marlboro technicians said our laptop showed signs of poor performance and recommended a fix between $149 and what the techs didn't know is that these computers were brand new right out of the box had never been connected to wi-fi. our sister station in seattle also had six brand new computers go through the free scan at office depot stores in washington and oregon. in four stories they were told computers had victims
10:31 pm
and said office depot pushes each employee to meet sales goals for tech services and each tech's goals are posted in the break room. >> the program itself is mandatory. it's not an option. >> reporter: as a result of our under cover investigation office deputy has suspended its p.c. health checks throughout the chain pending review and a u.s. senator is calling for a federal investigation. senator maria cantwell of washington state sent this letter to the federal trade agents open an investigation into what she called office depot's exploitive behavior. >> we did take one of our computers to the officemax in walpole where techs said there was nothing wrong with the computer that was also the case for two computers our sister station tested in its investigation. we'll stay on top of this and let you know the next steps from the company and the f.t.c.. for fox 25 investigates. new at 10:00 firefighters rushed to put out the flames coming there
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about a third of the packages had to be unloaded to help crews put out the fire. the cause of the fire is investigation. they have listened to music others would like to use their phone to take pictures of their classes that don't have enough textbooks for everyone. but the superintendent says the rules should not change. still no arrests tonight in the stabbing in boston near northeastern university. skyfox over tremont street where boston police say a man was stabbed just after 3:00 this afternoon. that victim was taken to boston medical center and is expected to survive. >> we have much to 60s tonight as far as weather is
10:33 pm
is this storm system here. it's brought two feet of snow to minnesota at least parts of minnesota and blizzard conditions expected right through the morning that blowing and drifting snow you know how that works we've had them here. then there's this. that cold front ahead of it. now it's not severe but there's still some heavy showers on here but look at this off to the west the clouds are drifting back monster storm out here as the wobbles west word though clouds continues to progress it's already getting mostly cloudy had in boston and on cape ann. those clouds will continue westward. can be a couple spots of drizzle that will start to
10:34 pm
you will see the green showing up here in future cast that's what it's denoting. but look at that blue sneaking up on us. but the wake up forecast 39 degrees on average cooler to the north and west. and milder to the southeast where the clouds have already started to roll on in. we'll cloud up everywhere but it's going to stay dry the at least through the morning. temperatures for highs tomorrow generally in the 50s we're never goingto storm it's just the clouds that are backing towards us in that onshore flow where the clouds come in first you will be in the 50s all day long. back here to the north and west mostly upper 50s a few towns will hit 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. even if it stays in the 50s
10:35 pm
dropping into the 40s but the clouds firmfully place all day long. even at the beginning of the in any event plymouth still going to be dry should be fine just cool for the event. in boston tomorrow evening. the tree lighting will be happening and temperature in the 40s for that. i'm keeping it dry for that event as well. 8:00 the festivities kick off there already looks beautiful with the lights they're already on now here are the clouds in place late tomorrow night and here comes the front might event get a couple breaks of son even into the worcester hills from time to time seeing some light snow. not likely to see accumulations maybe coating the grassy surfaces in some spots in the highest elevations but the real steady accumulation also
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>> just so you can see that's where your accumulations are going to be not expecting heavy snow this way but certainly some flurries. we'll talk about that thanksgiving storm coming our way as well. >> check this out off the coast of the cape. let's see it. there it is right there. viewer shot this showing humpback whale swimming not far away from shore. even though the whale was about 25 feet from land it was in deep enough water to swim safely and we have shared this on our facebook page if you want to check it out again. >> sitting in jail awaiting trial just because they can't afford a few hundred dollars bail. some state lawmakers are trying to reform a system they say is wasting millions of tax payer dollars. >> a mother says her son has
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new at 10:00 an ohio teen was arrested after firing shots into his neighbor's home and streaming the the whole thing on facebook live. the 15-year-old showed a rifle and a .9-milimeter before pointing it toward an open window and firing. laughing but his neighbor didn't think it was funny. >> you just sitting in your home watching television you hear something like that that was freak you out it scare you because i'm not used to hearing that. >> i'll say. the teen is facing weapons charges. police are still trying to figure out where he got the guns. an arizona mother says she and her son were banned from their school district after speaking out about racial bullying. sue's son is in third grade he's 8 years old and he has been the target of bullies. she brought her concerns to
10:41 pm
bullying immediately. but hear her describe the phone call she received the next day from campus security. >> i'm serving you over the phone, you are not to step foot on tucson unified school district property, the school or the districts ever again in your life. nor your son. if you do, you will be arrested. >> reporter: the charge interference with an educational institution. the tucson school district says it's not this comment. movement says she will speak out at the next board meeting. check out thin credible video of a fire at a pallet yard in southern, california. it quickly burned about two acres before it was contained firefighters say there was several explosions mostly from the propane on-site. the cause is under investigation. a massive foam blob spread through one california neighborhood today. check this out.
10:42 pm
lunchtime after the company was testing out fire retardant. crowds came to see what it and was one guy even rode his bike, like at this, right into and through the foamy block. >> it looks like snow. that's amazing. >> he's covered in shaving cream. recreational pot is about be to legal in massachusetts police could soon get a new tool to detect high drivers. >> the people behind the marijuana breathalyzer walk
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by state lawmakers to reform the barrel system which they say punishes -- bail system which they say punishes the poor if let's criminals with cash walk free. >> they want to change a system they say costing taxpayers millions. >> reporter: the sole purpose of bail is to make sure someone arrested for a crime shows up at court. people end up slipping through the cracks and that has consequences. jorg herks a suspended license when he was pulled over in auburn on may three months earlier he stood before a judge in the charge of assault and battery on a police officer and stated during his arrest he was not going back. zambrano had a long criminal history and was on probation for three other cases at the time. he was released on $500 bail. when officer ron tarentino approached his car on that may night, that's when zambrano kept his promise of
10:46 pm
>> we're devastated for this family. the residents of auburn have lost a deddated and grave public servant. >> reporter: an investigation into the zambrano case found no the fault with the courts but recommended adopting risk assessment instruments to evaluate how reoffense and dangerousness are assessed in criminal cases. that's something state senator william brownsberger chair of the state judiciary committee says could be an uphill battle in massachusetts because of limitations to hold people without bail for moreth >> it may require a constitutional amendment so it's a steep climb. >> reporter: risk assessment is just one tool that some states are using to update a bail system that was created in the middle ages. advocates want to make sure high risk offenders are detained while low and medium risk offenders are put on levels of supervised release. >> this is a way to look at bail completely different and use the science and the data that's out there to say who's actually going to show up for trial and who's not.
10:47 pm
representative supports senate bill 802 completely overhaul the pretrial process. the state spends $1.1 billion a year on incarceration but half of the population in county jail are people awaiting trial. their average time in jail two months. some are there because they can't afford to post a few hundred dollars bail. >> in massachusetts, we'll be incarcerating probably about 25% less people. >> that's significant. >> it's significant. >> reporter: wellesley studied this issue for years and says the impact a pretrial incarceration is particularly tough on women. >> most of the women in prison are very poor. tremendous anxiety about their children their apartment, if they're evict dhed lose everything. >> reporter: megan perry was struggling with addiction in maine when she was arrested for selling heroin. at five months pregnant, she sent to jail to await trial.
10:48 pm
thing to be in trail. through maine retrial services perry released she gave birth to her daughter in a hospital, and was provided drug treatment through the program. >> it helped me have hope. >> reporter: when she moved back to massachusetts, and started working with women in recovery, that's when she realized they didn't have access to the same services outside of jail. the fact that we don't have any pretrial options here i was >> reporter: she says under their bill, pretrial services would be offered to low risk offenders through the department of probation. >> if you're a taxpayer in massachusetts you're spending $100 million that you don't need to spend on this system that's not failing. >> reporter: the road to recovery was long for megan. she's been sober for five years and she thinks more people deserve the same opportunities she had just so grateful.
10:49 pm
be her mom again. >> reporter: washington, d.c. reformed their bail system back in 1992. they release the majority of their defendants under supervision programs. they claim that 90% made their scheduled court appearance and estimate they saved $398 million every year by avoiding pretrial incarceration. i'm blair miller, fox 25 investigates. schools in two more local communities are take action after high levels of lead were discovered in the tap water. water tests in attleboro and north exceeded government lead limits. attleboro are fixing. boston children's hospital is saying its final good-byes to the gardens. the green space is scheduled to close for good sometime in the next several weeks. the garden will be demolished to make room for a new clinical building. different groups have fought to keep it open. the hospital plans to
10:50 pm
campus. this one had me in tears earlier tonight it and may make you cry and smile at the same time. this 3-year-old little girl has been diagnosed with cancer twice. as bob ward reports, she and her family got a much needed break from it all today. >> lola rose anderson is almost 4 years old but she and her family have already endured so much. to bouts with a rare form of cancer mean life is precious but difficult. >> we got a scan today so everything was clear so we spent the life and thinking everything was greet then she had another scan that said her tumor came back. >> reporter: today though is different. in middleton the police chief, the community and police from around the state are rallying around lola, a police motorcycle escort takes her from her home to police headquarters where it seemed the entire town has turned out for lola. the all volunteer organization cops for kids with cancer is making this possible. presenting lola's parents with a $5,000 check to pay
10:51 pm
>> these are just good people who want to help other people. that's what they are. >> reporter: and local business people are donating thousands more checks, gift cards for a family in need. >> middletown is a -- middleton is a close knit community and i'm plowed to be chief here. >> reporter: here in littleton the police department fights back with love. >> god answered our prayers so far so good. so we're just very fortunate for this wonderful community. >> reporter: the money raised here in going to ease a major financial burden for lola and her family. but it's also going to help them get through the toughest fight of their lives. in middleton, bob ward, fox 25 news. good people helping good people. i'll tell you what we wish little lola the very best and her family as well. check this out here. this new mom gave birth to five children at once. what makes this one in 55 million chance even rarer?
10:52 pm
it passed police opposed to recreational marijuana argue that the technology doesn't exists to test high driving that the technology doesn't exists to test high driving like drunk that the technology doesn't exists to test high driving like drunk afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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new at 10:00 a breathalyzer for marijuana could hit the market as soon as next year. the developer believe it will not only help police facing drug charges as well. most of us see pot like this or like this. but u.k. berkley chemist matt francis sees it like this. >> so this is the thc molecule. >> reporter: francis has spent the last year and a half looking for pot looking for someplace no one has ever found it before in a user's breath. >> we had to develop some
10:56 pm
actually be done. it was not obvious when it started that we could tag this. >> reporter: meanwhile it can be obvious to a street cop when someone is driving stoned. >> i think for most of our officers impaired is impaired they can see that based on their training and experience. >> reporter: but according to sergeant david doubted with the union being able to make an arrest and being able to get a conviction are two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like with alcohol it's very difficult for them to say okay all of these you may have been right, officer, but we need to convince a jury. >> reporter: that would be hound labs buzzing with an answer. it's breath test that can detect both alcohol and hot when the person taking it exhales that's important because there are already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marijuana but to tell if they spoked pot recently or stoned breath is much better than urine or
10:57 pm
for a long time. sometimes days, sometimes even a month. so you cannot use those methods very well to determine if someone has recently ingested marijuana or smoked marijuana. you can't tell how long it's been. >> reporter: while dr. francis has worked on the problem for a year and a half mime lynn the c.e.o. of hound labs and the guy demonstrating the breathalyzer for us has been working on this for much longer. >> we have tremendous interest from not only law enforcement and employers who are struggling with this problem, but also the you can't be driving stoned. everybody really accepts that. >> reporter: the breathalyzer will be the best defense for pot users who aren't high at the time they're pulled over. hound labs says the breathalyzer could become available sometime next year. its price tag is expected to be $1,000. our instagram picture of the day shows a beautiful evening in boston it certainly was right outside the see it go sign in downtown boston. there's at hashtag we'll get
10:58 pm
the picture of the day. all of that nice weather is coming to an end from two different directions. a storm to our west and one in the ocean this one backing up on us. but by sunday it's rainshowers turning to snow showers here in new england. some places they will be accumulating. fast forward to wednesday, and look at this precipitation making its way in here this blue line that's the freezing line so this would be snow, this would be rain it's precariously close to being a mix. something we looking at the new information for right now. we'll have that late listen up a mom celebrates her birthday by bringing five children into the world on the same day. the lexington, kentucky, mom gave birth to quinn youtuplets already a one in 55 million chance. savannah, sadie, sophia scarlett and the lone little boy lucas were the couple's first through fifth children. although they were all born prematurely all five babies are healthy and now her family goes from two to seven.
10:59 pm
right. you always have your poor siblings. >> i can't stop thinking about the little boy. one boy amongst all those girls. all those dolls. >> an iconic dress going for a pretty penny. >> the dress marilyn monroe wore as she sang happy it went for $5 million. ripley's believe it or not thought it was worth $4.8 million. monroe'sew recipes and even an address book were also auctioned off. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. first at vac the f.b.i. is alerting law enforcement across the country about their concern over potential terror attack. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark onchth the f.b.i. admits its concern is centered around the thanksgiving holiday and president-elect donald trump
11:00 pm
faneuil hall will a big crowd will gather tomorrow night. >> reporter: so the f.b.i. is concerned about paris-style attacks where multiple soft targets are hit by homegrown terrorists versus one large target hit by an organized group. so that brings to us faneuil hall here in boston which could be considered a soft target as the masses are expected to come out for the tree lighting tomorrow night. >> reporter: spirits are up and so is the tree. factianle hall will host the lighting of the christmas industry saturday night. it's an exciting event for the crowds that will show up here but on the eve a warning from the f.b.i. that has the potential to suck the life out of celebrations like this. in a statement released to fox 25, the f.b.i. said while there is no specific threat information about possible attacks in our area, as we approach the thanksgiving holiday law enforcement and members of the public must remain guarded. >> we've been forced to be diligent since 2001 why is this news?


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