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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> now at 6:00 know rain and wind gusts topping 40 miles per hour are hitting state hard right now. this winter wonderland video comes from berkshires. >> earlier today a camera captured this snowy scene out on mass look at the radar. you can see snow stretching far east as worcester. you have showers shopping up as well. >> hi, everybody. >> the busiest person news room it our meterologist. these winds will not let up any time soon? >> they will get stronger as we head through overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. with winds gusts already well over 30 and 40 miles per hour some locations like worcester it will continue to draw in that cold air. we do have wind advisory until
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west, too because we have a winter storm warning that still goes into affect through tomorrow evening. parts of berkshires picked up well over half of a foot of snow they will stin to see risk of some snow. we still have strong winds and lot of energy in upper atmosphere. we will be talking about scattered showers and in many places scattered they showers. as temperature right now in 30s and 40s some of those actually making close to coast to getting so we are seeing some snow through worcester area. up through new hampshire getting some reports first snow flakes of the season but down across southeast just rain right now. i am going to have time line of when all of this comes to an en plus show you how cold it is going to feel tomorrow morning in just a few minutes. >> all right. it is possible wind responsible for a big mess. our cameras with there minutes after tree fell.
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we are live in nor wood. they said the ongoing drought will be big factor in this storm? >> yes. it certainly is that. maybe maybe under impress trees have tap root that guess deep into ground many case that's simple flee not true blah trees did to survive the drought my winds storm coming. it may end up killing them. >> >> it is climate view says that just keeps on giving. >> months extreme drought end for many trees in the area. like this one which fell this morning in waltham. the drought at one point was nine inches behind what we needed to be at the time. i think that was in at page trir tree specialist. in win chesteder. he says there has been some recovery from drought since summer but when comes to trees, the damage has been done >> i am saying you will have lot of branchs down first. those will be first and then, some trees coming afterwards.
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root system far from the trunk. problem is those roots are not providing much in the way of anchorage. there are some root system that it go out you know 125 feet wide. but only 6 to 8 inches deep. fox 25 meterologist, are predict worst winds to hit on monday when it could up up to 50 miles an hour. he says one silver line to wind storm it is occurring after many trees have already lost their area affected by the winds. as for what can save trees in long-term, well you probably don't want to hear in. >> one thing we can hope for a lot of snow to get some of the drought conditions out of here. >> know the only provide moisture, but it also provides insulation for root system and that goes for trees. shrubs and plants. so you can bet that plants are definitely saying it is not rest of the us let it snow.
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>> all right. breaking news out of lowell police there investigating an parent homicide. late this afternoon, we learned 44 year old woman was found hurt on o 10:30 last night these brought to hospital in later died. according to middle somebody -- district attorney's office. it appears victim was hurt during fight outside of her home after being asked to leave a party. we do crew on scene working story right now. we bring you live report at the bottom of the hour. we also following break,new out of san antonio texas. where an officer was this morning. in past 30 minutes he was identified as 50 year old been gentleman mean marconi he was writing ticket inside of car when driver got out walked up to cruiser and shot officer him in the head. gunman remains on the loose right now. police chief says his department is devastated. >> it is everybody's worst nightmare. you never want it see anything like this happen.
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they do the no yet know motivated gun man shooting are and killed the officer. he was 20 year old vet yavent force. >> and new at 6:00 dra math continuing video just that our news room. of the coast guard rescuing six people from sinking bolt off the coast of new bed ford they were pulled on another boat one by one this morning. fisherman called for help after their 727 foot scallop boat started tape on water. about five miles from shore. veriel has been towed and grounded to prevent sinking however he haver get out help. >> can you see where water is coming from? do you have pumps on board? >> trying determine if rock in fact caused that boat to start taping on water. >> murder suspect expected to face judge monday morning news of arrest break on fox 25 morning news. this scene two weeks ago on
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police arrived now boston police telling us they arrested davis on friday for the shooting. he the set to appear in roxbury district court. mitt romney meeting with president elect donald trump apparently very well. mike pence said this morning romney was insure just consideration to become the next secretary of state. as we report today the vice president -- president-elect sat down with new jersey chris chris christie and rudy giul dick another day private new jersey golf club meeting with high profile figures 12346r789 trump tweeted early sunday numerous patriots will be coming to as he continues to fill his administration. among those new jersey governor chris christie. who was removed as head of trump's transition team. and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, set to be on short list for secretary of state. the same role former massachutes governor mitt romney who met with the president-elect on saturday is also being
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grateful. that the governor gehlek rimpoche come in and they had a good meeting. it was a warm and a substance i exchange. i know he is under active consideration. to be the secretary of state of of the united states along with some other very distinguished americanses in >> as transition team continues to sort through viable candidates, trump has already made few selections. kansas representative mike pompep as c adirector of. alabama senator jeff session as attorney general. both of whom still need confirmation. retired army lieutenant general michael flynn for his top advisor on national security. >> fox 25 news. >> developing tonight soon to be first lady amember trump will the no be moving white house. the new york post reports, trump reported asked press elent if he plans on living white house. >>
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>> very soon. right after he finishes school. >> all right. you heard there ten year old barron trump by the way currently attend private school on new york city upper west side. >> state police suspended search for two people who cashed stolen s.u.v. into north home and then ran off. troopers been space chasing sufficient but, stopped when got out of high wall. minutes later. came across scene on hudson street. family was stleeping. say they ran downstairs to find the s.u.v. halfway through their front door. and now the house live in. >> we just you know trying to figure out where everybody can go. kids have school we have work. disresult the whole family. >> well thankful no one was hurt but susan there tells her family of seven including her ellicott inlaws may have live separate places until their home fixed >> we working learn identity construction worker killed in duxbury. officials i using power saw when kicked back. struck his throat. worker 28 question man was ex ka
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duxbury police and osha investigating. >> anti-defamation league rallying tomorrow against hate. follows spike hate fill across country since the elect. state local leaders will take part in event stems of state house. they want drive home mets sage regardless of who you voted this kind behavior unacceptable. and it is not represent who we are as a country >> we more details tonight last week attorney general announced hot line report hat hair raysments we post all information on our web site. >> and earlier this week we showed you in map the depict all of locations where hate crime here in massachutes has been reported sin adonald trump was elect numbered this information coming from the southern poverty law center. as you can see majority of complaints were filed in eastern part of our state. >> happening tomorrow, the teenager who led the police on chase in wareham expected to face a judge.
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charlie road early saturday morning he then sped down route 25. and that's when police started following him. when officers caught up with the teen he had skidded off of the road and crashed. was seriously hurt. >> lawyers of convicted killer garyly sam-son will begin making their case monday to try to spare his life. last week the government finished calling its witnesses to stand. sam-son admitted he killed philip and jonathan during crime spree in 2001. jurors will decide if he should be sentenced to death. hampshire but that was not death penalty eligible crime. >> lot of information was revealed in sam-son trial head to fox to hear gary lee sam-son confession to police. nine the 11 call he made also admitting to the ki8ings and video showing sam-son allegedly trying to stab corrections officer. toys r us pulling toy truck from its shelves after family said it burst into flames. family was driving home in washington when caught on fire
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they say, they are working with the company to find out why it caught favor. in meantime story leased this statement writing in part quote: we are implementing stop sale and pulling item from our stores and toys r pending further investigation. . . well check your hummuu brand. it is being recalled over listeria concerns. lyrically a listeria was found. if you have it toss if. listeria particularly dangerous some times even deadly for young children aisled and people with weak immune system. since symptoms favor muscle aches stiff ness and also stomach problems. >> all right we continue to work our source on breaking news story out of lowell. 44 year old woman is dead. the middle sex d.a. office says treating case as homicide.
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asked to leave a party. our crew working the story just spoke with the woman who lives near that home. we will have live report at the bottom of the hour. i am tracking rain and snow right now. along with some strong winds and dropping temperatures. i am going to show you what will feel like when you step out tomorrow morning p my latest time line on when threat of
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on weather alert tonight. it is snowing from worcester to new york. raining closer to boston area. strong winds gusts also picking up. fox 25 meterologist right now fine tuning her time line of your forecast and she will have full forecast for thanksgiving week just a few minutes. >> well it is shocking video showing true horror of drug man ojai shot in mcdonalds parking lot and as we reporter thought
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>> when i pulled up, i actually tried to wake the guy on grounds first. and, when i tried to wake him up he -- he wasn't move like wasn't responsive or anything. i touched his face and his face was like cold. his hands like turning pale >> eddie saw two man pass you now the joking at first. he said started recording because he didn't know what would happen. what he did not know was the two men had overdozed o drugs. >> it was just hard seeing that. i never s you know, on drugs. >> eddie two others took action. one calling the police. another a nurse administering medical aid. since inaccident last night, several have reacheded out to him including one of the men's families to say thank you. >> while not his first time helping someone his mother remains just as proud. >> it was devastating. i told him he just amazing. he is angel how he saved two lives >> he gives credit other women who jumped into action and says
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the community work towards a solution. >> it was blair reporting as we two men apparently overdozed police say this were treated at a hospital and may face charges. an 18 year old woman making a stunning recovery after she was shot in head three times and left for dead. earlier this months, they broke it into her boyfriends's home shot her while she was sleeping. she now slightly paralized. but that's not robbed her of her optimism. >> you might as well stay positiv sitting here and feeling bad for yourself. >> woman father says did not appear to remember what happened that night. police don't know why the woman was attacked but they don't believe that incident was random. so far, no arrests have been made. >> this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> poped on facebook. winter coming. guess what? it is already has arrived in someplaces. and this is what it was like this morning.
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across the region. some parts of the berkshires picked up over half a foot of snow and we still have a winter storm warning for parts of southern very month actually up through central and northern vermont, too but out three berkshires this area in pink, up through 7:00 pm tommorrow because we will continue to see accumulation and snow that's going create some hazardous travel. also winter weather advisory. additional couple of inches specifically across higher terrain if you are going travelling through area be aware with the winds and the b could see near white-out conditions. we did see snow for majority of the day across higher terrain but also rain >> did pick unmeasurable precipitation today. we still have the risk of showers out there. at this hour. we will continue as we head through the overnight but boy what difference a temperature. back into 30s boston right now. 30s and northest still else 40s for know the nantucket right now reporting some rain but would
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light snow. few flurries being reported out there. but we are noticing that it is winds behind this storm system, really crank and as we have some information continuing to just pour over our area, we will hold on to theft the showers. but is no the just the showers. it is all right winds behind this area low pressure. it winds advisory stretching all through the tri-state area and eastern southern new england. and this wind advisory, continues, through 7:00 pm tomorrow. and he is expecting to see per hour moment we could see some furs damage to some street limbs and also some ice >> these currents gusts again if you are seeing a little bit snow out there probably blowing around a lot because we got moment wind gusts over 20. over 30 and boston. over 30 in plymouth. nantucket as well over 40 currently in worcester. so i showed you temperatures. they were dropping into 30s but you got take into that wind. and then what feels like what
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it is feels like as eight >> and knees winds are begin drop you. and winds don't let up. get ready for school and work tomorrow, this what going feel like when you step outside. going feel like it is in teens you need address appropriately you can check in sherry spear she will straight let by yeah. >> not much improvement because winds are still going to be gusting out of west. and going feel like the teens and 20s pretty much all day. so as we take look it overnight conditions, se passing shower. or flurry. as we will see temperature fall back into 20s in. 30s could be coldest night in boston. then as we wake tomorrow with it feeling like teens, temperatures have going struggle to climb out of 30s staying well below normal near 40 in some spots but again feeling much cooler. as for precipitation well key see some snow showers. then out to berkshires our best chances seeing some more snow that seven day forecast with
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show that we are going talk being about improvement as we head into tuesday going to breezy. but dry on wednesday and then for thanksgiving, we will be talk another mix to rain. i will have more he do tail on that next half an hour >> all right. snow now following massachutes snowing across much of vermont right now. this picture snapped from newingers in cambridge. and this scene tonight in west milford new jersey about 40 miles north newark some spots here saw four inches of snow. it is not lot but certainly grab shovel, urge. and any time snow or severe weather hits when safe to do so we love for you take picture sore some video send it to us. e-mail them to sat: >> so path. to international space station. >> free astronauts spending first full day on the international space station. may they aid peg he librarian
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inside of school bathroom now she taking her city to court. she says toilet blew up after she flushed. it left deep gash in heing and sheeneded up emergency room. city is to blame they are work on school as you waterline that day. and she decided sue the city. and after her wounds became infected with form of tb in >> i went to plastic surn gone he looked at it. and he said you know, this is way peo oh, no! >> incidents happened right peeping retire after working at the school for 40 years. city could not comments because of the pending lawsuit. >> and well still is ahead the state top prosecutor will soon find herself back in the courtroom. potential four decade old cover up attorney general could testify about next months.
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develop out more than expected been killed in a train derailment officials say 14 coaches passenger train rolled off the track northern part of country. happened around 3:00 am local time. more that 150 others were injured. the cause under investigation. >> nearly 300 people have been killed in sara following five days of government airstrikes. this look at hospital that took direct hit from the strikes.
6:25 pm
operating at full capacity. the organization doctors without borders stepping in demanding syria stop bombing medical centrals. rocky eye cac isis strong hold mosul. as we reports from jerusalem not just then he militants are direct out fight. >> iraq military continues their against aides mosul this weekend. >> with special forces retaking several neighborhood. but desperate and war weary civilians are also slowing the offendive. iraqi come tanners say fights over food. and medical supplies have also broken out between starving civilian. who lived under isis brutal regime for near loo two years. soon 50,000 people have escaped mosul in recents weeks. but hundreds of thousands more remain trapped between the advance iraqi troops and isis fighters.
6:26 pm
taked by suicide bombers and isis snipers. tension are lice between the different ethnic groups fighting isis. iraq ci god calling on suni kurdish forces, to hand over the ter >> and further sectarian blood sled. injuries from c fox news >> pop francis revealing his secret manage job stress. he says manage to never look stressed by sleeping six hours each night. he claims it helped him not look fired as approaches his 80 smt birthday. pope also says he greatly helped by prayer. >> we show 30 minutes to go here on fox 25 news at 6:00. all new the local university that just announced several of its students have come down with the mumps. plus fire should down this local
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some snow showers if i can up. as temperature have been dropping into 30s currently below freezing worcester. just got report that we got some snow flakes right outside our studio right their but we have some light snow towards 495 as well route three up parts new hampshire and as get closer to coast micking with a little bit of rain. out three worcester and mass
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flakes up through better, showers and down across southeast just some rain for cape i will latest time line when all moves on put plus winds how make feel. when you wake up tomorrow. >> okay. those strong winds causing damage throughout the area are camera was there shortly after street fell on home right here in waltham. months extreme drought combined high winds caused very down trees. we have trees specialist they says there has been some recovery from drought since summer damage last been done. >> i would say probably going to have lot of branchs down first. those will sdpirs then some trees coming down afterwards >> parent says the silver lining to wind storm that occurring after the many trees have already lost their leafs in this reduces the lrp -- area potentially affected by the winds. remember, to get fox 25 forecast any time on your smart phone or tablet just down loathed weather app today. it is free. search for fox 25 weather in
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breaking news out of lowell a woman has died apparently after getting hurt outside of house party. fox 25 live for us tonight in lowell, at the scene where this all happened and we don't know much become rick vim other than her age? >> well you know chris matter of fact within last five minutes, the 44 year old victim family member just showed up on scene we have learned that she a mother of four children. she 44 years old. and family wall tel the entire thing. it all happened right here last night westminister village apartments. let me take you back what time all of this happened. it was around 11:00. when police found 44 year old woman was serious injuries investigator say the woman was at house party and she was asked to leave. police later learned woman was one of several people who were involved a fight outside of the home. at this hour still unclear exactly what that fight was over. now, that woman was taken to the
6:33 pm
now beam people living in this area very nervous. it is k0 -- it is very square. i mean happening in your own backyard. you know you are facing your --. >> again with witnesses 5 or 10 fn ins just talked to that victim's son he tells us his mother was here at a party with some friends friends that she known for so lo there were some sort argument right now at this hour thatson telling us left feeling so uneasy he still don't know all he knows what his brother toll him and 28 years old with down syndrome. and he only kept saying mommy get up. get up. we will have much more for you on this coming up tonight for now we live in lowell fox 25 news. so many questions thank you. new at 6:00 for case mump have been confirmed on harvard campus. according to harvard crimson
6:34 pm
across campus in spring making 66 people sick. . it is not clear whether new cases are connected to the previews outbreak. state local health officials are monitoring the situation. >> lawrence school planning reopen its doors a week after fire broke out in classroom. the brought school will open tomorrow for grade, 3 and 4 and 5. last we can fire broke out in second floor science classroom. the cause still under investigation. but officials believe, it had do with power out let. school has not said will be able to return to campus >> police identified the man killed head on crash in tilton new hampshire robert was killed after he have crashed another car last night. crash happened near country tlub can. dlooifr of the other car is in hospital. with serious injuries. police are investigating the crash. >> happening tomorrow driver accused in this hit and run crash in chelsea expected in court. we first showed you surveillance video on friday.
6:35 pm
off. now thanks some helpful tips police identified 25 year old arne know hernandez as the driver in the hit and run on broadway and fourth street police arrested hernandez in athabasca river the woman hit doing okay tonight. >> well massachutes turn general is being asked appear before judge. in texas. they report it is over lawsuit involving exxon mobile. company allegedly had damaging data about climate change from investors. healy will questioned by exx lawyers over her probe into company's public statements about global warming her investigation was puck cly mow at this stated. new york attorney general also called for questions. >> for second time brockton city council set to meet monday night to question the mayor on how spending taxpayer money. the city council want to know why mayor bill carpenter going to school on the taxpayer's dime. documents show in august the city auditor approved payment for few it and other fees. so mayor take a foreign language class at community college.
6:36 pm
meeting but mayor however did not show up. >> three local police departments have tracked down man allegedly selling drugs. officers found this large a. heroin inside of chelsea home. police say belonged to alexander. officer from chelsea everiette molden executed search warrant. 2er trafficking heroin. also identity fraud you. take look pictures. crash on 495 man field. you see the car including engine. which left laying in middle of the highway. one lane was closed for short period of time. we are told, nobody was hurt. >> some local leader kicked off thanksgiving week giving back to their communities. new at 6:00 we went boston today where arming me volunteers made possible. >> thanksgiving came a little earlier downtown boston. sunday. >> boston mayor walsh among volunteers boston rescue mission annual day of thanks.
6:37 pm
and local leader assembled basket complete thanksgiving dinner for families in need >> it is hope many homeless >> you know, with dozen kids in here today. mayor says this is what holiday all about. >> even though we have a lot of good thin our city there lot of need over roxbury. about 23 tons poultry. came, in and whether live out >> city counselor gave away more tito turkey giveaway. communities members lined up for hand up. and army of more than 300 volunteers awaited them. >> we want make sure that people lo are dealing with issues of food instability. and need some extra help this year, are able to get the represent they need >> paying forward. to he can community. kicking off thanksgiving week. >> need help throughout holiday season and beyond. find out how can donate or
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>> well new 6:00 bruin forward is making sure people don't go hundred agreeing at thanksgiving. he donated 400 piece which delivered today to local shelters. this is the second year he last donated piece for the holiday. all of piece are made here in boston. mikes pastry north avenue. we will starting tomorrow hundreds of people about hunger local community. 7th starts principal feel tomorrow morning. . two day walk ends including congressman would kennedy rich hair neil. >> >> hard worning police departments all arounded state need your help crack some tough cases. maybe you could help. this week mass post want begin in marlborough marlborough staving bank. where detective look for this man wanted for bank robbery. police say the masked man end bang boston post road last week demanding money. . he took the cash and took off. on foot.
6:39 pm
police believe get away car was waiting for him. as you can see the man identity was hidden by a masked gloves and sunglass if you know anything about this contact marlborough police. to another banking rob yeary this rob on cambridge street just last week. police say the man handed robbery note to bank teller and was given cash. now, the before he have spled the scene he was caught on surveillance. wearing baseball cap and sunglasses. contact burling ton police and make sure you mention mass most want tip program there could be cash reward if there arrest. >> our last crime takes attleboro where police are being loo for this duo for crime last months. women are wanted for using stolen credit cards. police say the cards were reported stolen after gar break. if you are recognize these women, please contact attleboro police. >> these case all come to us from law enforcement web site
6:40 pm >> for mast most wanted i am bob ward. fox 25 news. >> person there could a mayor shake up coming soon in his administration. . key issue affecting all of us that defense secretary feels the head of national security agencies should lose his job offer. plus as massachutes begins to transition into legal marijuana state. two jobs you may want to eye void if you are smoker.
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we continue on weather alert tonight. no only snowing range but the wind chill across much of state is now in teens. ouch fox 25 meterologist is fine tine her time line on how long this cold blast will last. she will your full forecast with thanksgiving week just a few minutes. >> police say 17 year old boy drove truck as the owner of the truck was hanging outsi police officer were responding an apartment on eastern avenue in worcester yesterday. for assault battery report. when got that he cling to door of that truck. his arms wedged window. now say driver was steeding swerve side to side. nearly running that man into parked cars. eventually owner fell off. and driver got out and ran off that's the him. took him no custody after violent fight.
6:44 pm
>> fox 25 continues to follow the aftermath of the of the legalization of recreational marijuana in massachutes this goes into affect next knocks plent fire departments are reassessing their own policies for employees. . massachutes. there already a law on the books that prevents officers and firefighters from smoking tobacco. patriot ledger reports police fire department national weather service all across state making it clear they have 0 tolerance for marijuana use. . but one lawyer tells the paper, the union will likely fight someone >> with just two weeks make shoe you know how it works. log onto fox 25 for complete coverage of the rules and regulations. >> new new england being one solve side mieventdz killer last week we showed you how technology, pro have aed new clues to the murders of young women and three children in new hampshire. now former f.b.i. profiler trying to unlock who their
6:45 pm
>> the purpose was not to injury not to scare but to kill. so intents was can i will he these people. >> victim body were stuffed into barrels and left woods their identity plain mystery. tonight 10:00 fox 25 bob ward travels virginia to learn who could have committed this kwiem. and why the location may hold vital clue >> you will ask you recall be on list way out. . as we report two top security administration officials have told president that their needs to be a change. this he tech spot for admiral mike roger both his boss telling president obama he should be removed from his post as head of national security agency. "washington post" trooiting governmented sources report that recommendation was sent to white house last months by the defense secretary ash car der. and the director of the national intelligence james. who joinly oversees the nsa. source say carter disappointed with the lack of of the progress
6:46 pm
clap per believes agency should be headed by civilian not someone with military backgrounds. >> this morning. at security forum nova scotia he quickly cut off reporter who was trying to ask about this report. >> i am just not going to go down this road. i am not going to comments on anything that's in the media. >> i am going accountable for my action i certainly understand that. it is not appropriate -- i want go down this you are welcome to ask i will give yo >> trying to have rock ger pushed out knew that he also one drooim leader candidates to b next director of the national intel general. roger net with mr. trump on tlurts day. at trump tower. and reportedly ruffled lot featers this in obama administration by not telling of any his superior about that meeting beforehand. late yesterday congressman nunez who chairman sent letter to carter and clap per praising rogers and request they appear
6:47 pm
on this report. before of the ends of the year. >> washington. fox news. >> this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. some people are happy about some people are sad. i am going with happy with this picture right here. everybody checking out the snow this was picture sent into sherry but of course we share all of our pictures. so thank you owe much for ending this. pretty excite so many of first do easy lot of it out through berkshires getting new snow reports. d note fall report wimbeldon vermont about three inch. down otis six inches. we are really seeing some of of the heaviest and more snow out through parts of berkshires as it expected. as we still have winter storm warnings in place there. that will continue through of 7:00 pm tomorrow for the threat of those snow showers continuing. then some hazard just conditions east of the berkshires we got winter weather advisory
6:48 pm
conditions cold involvment the rain we saw he recall loo morning. listed north but counterclockwise flow around this system and energy upper atmosphere is keeping the theft those scattered showers across region overnight tonight. through tomorrow. as temperature drop, as that cool air brings temperatures. we are seeing that change over light snow being reported across many places i am getting soon reports on twitter so thank you very much. chelmsford was latest one i got there. 31 in worcester. 39 out boston. we still nantucket vinyard some. >> also along 393 up into new hampshire beware of that snow flakes don't skinning right now.
6:49 pm
of. but across the central western parts of state we do see some of very light coating out there. but again just rain. down across parts of island. as we go through time this what looks like we are going still see risk of shower through overnight hours. especially across higher terrain. even towards the abosses area don't surprise few snow flakes through early morning. then he will break out those clouds. see a little bit sunshine tomorrow but still we are going enough energy clouds bubble up best chances are going out towards west. so for the affected snow fall don't look like patchy snow showers could see coat being to couple, in. >> and then i mentioned another 24 inch possible through the berkshires. so also winds. we do have that winds advisory. into 7:00 pm tomorrow for gusts up to 50 miles per hour for all southern
6:50 pm
tomorrow morning those winds still cranking. and going feel like the teens this what you need to be dressing for involvment want check sherry morning. she have current conditions. but going to be cold start to day. and going to be cold finish. those wind chills making it am only 20s in by the afternoon. as for actual temperatures it will be falling back into 20 and 30s and highs struggling get out of 30s. to near 40 degrees we will see winds dinning to die down. >> and it will be driez d wednesday. too but as we take look guitar day forecast. he could be talking another system bringing wintery mix changing to rain. as we go on through the day and then staying unsettled there after we will watch that close efor all football game. >> on sore in california where patriots not only battling 49ers they are battling mother nature as well.
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game nor weather getting done. you so fun i an i agree you hasn't been pretty day patriots were upset fourth quarter. we will take. it is supposed a little bit easier when you face team that's 1 and 8 but it has been wet weather mess. rain just stopped moment ago. it really had gotten lot worse throughout course of game. is 20-10 patriots over 49ers with about 11 and half minutes to play. let's check on teams mix in afc chiefs, hoping buccanears nothing but field goals until midway through fourth this was only one that mattered. he tried real it. alex smith connected with wilson to draw within two. 19-17 buck win and chiefs who right on patriots heels loss tough one at home. all right ravens 5 and 4 on road
6:55 pm
broken up third quarter. 92 yard drive. 13 places. 88 yards and then. they won again today. 9ette straight win 27-17 final. arling ton. all right bears. they are bad. they blew lead on road this afternoon against the giants. 16-9 chicago second. eli manning. very fitting that scored that touch down. the giants on board again this time manning goes to sterling shepherd. they try to keep pace. well explosion popularity bar stools been remarkable there huge segment awed enthat want news raw. that want news brash. we welcomedel president the man behind theed brand.
6:56 pm
>> our congratulations on all of your success. >> thank you preach. newspaper in three -- you see? >> i handeded out personally. drove the as troe fan he went high school todd mcshay. esp in went michigan same year as tom brady. you never really crossed paths brady and any every crossed paths. >> good prints in girl friend went michigan. was before brady was big deal he said if you value your girlfriend, never introduce them to tom brady. i tell you what i think he will do he do right thin like he is always take high road and kill them with kindness it would kill us. i mean, people talking you know
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