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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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coming up, the massive search for the gunman in one of the shootings that took the officer's life. >> gene: good morning, 6:00 on this monday morning november 21. we appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. for most of us the first snow of the season and for some of you just a dusting or coating. but others, check this out. they are getting a lot of snow. >> gene: oh, man. >> sara: out of berkshires this weekend. meteorologist shiri spear say right now. at the fox25 storm tracker weather center how long the flakes will stick around. >> shiri: if you were driving into the berkshires you will have bigger issues now and we are expecting additional accumulations. showers pivoting back into new england and will be no longer than a week with the patchy coating with east and central massachusetts. enough to affect the roads. flurries in boston at 31.
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even hyannis at 24. we deal with flurries down to the cape and islands and we wanted to take you hour by hour in worcester just to show you how cold it's going to be. and it is going to be a wind-blown day. i think flurries probably winding down by 8 a.m. we are left with mostly cloudy skies. maybe one or two of those stray flurries. nothing much that will stick, but temperatures only get into the mid-30s here in worcester and ends up being a little milder in the boston area. we will take a loo of minutes. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic this morning and when i have snow, you have issues. >> julie: we don't typically have this many accidents early unless there is a problem with the weather and the roads are slick. waiting for this accident to clear on route 3 southbound approaching 128. accidents on 128 southbound near route 3 haven't cleared and we also have an accident near route 2 and 128. as we shift slightly south, an accident on route -- 93 south rather near the beltway.
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and route 16. on the zakim, things look like her okay over the zakim bridge and leverett connector. live drive times. 14 minutes on route 1. 20 minutes on the expressway. 42 minutes from the andover to the leverett connector. back to you. developing news in lowell, a mother of four is dead the victim of an apparent attack at an apartment complex. >> sara: this morning her children are demanding to know what happened to her and for people to arrest the people responsible for her. our michael henrich is live in lowell. police clues at the apartment complex where this all happened. >> it's the westminster apartment complex in lowell. lowell police are expected to return to the scene to continue the investigation at some point today. the da's office says a 44-year-old woman lost her life. family members say she was a mother of four, and she got kicked out of a party here when a witness said she was beaten to death by a group of women. take a look at this victim's
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the district attorney identified her as gloribel arango. one witness who saw the fight did not want to show her face on camera but tells fox25 that the victim's son who has special needs held his mother in his arms in the parking lot, repeating the words, "i love you, get up. i love you, get up." arango was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. the fiancee of the other son say five six women attacked say five six women attacked her. >> for them to take her and take her life away over something because of an attitude or something. everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves. and it is disgusting. >> reporter: lowell police and the da's office are working together on this case which is considered a homicide. nobody has been arrested yet and lowell police are expected to return to the scene here this morning. we are working to get an update on that case as soon as developments occur. live in lowell, i am michael henrich, fox25 news.
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hit-and-run crash in chelsea is expected in court. the crash was captured on surveillance video. and you can see a minivan running into a 72-year-old woman and driving off. this happened at the corner of broadway and fourth streets on friday. tips from the public helped police tab down the driver. arnold hernandez was arrested saturday and is facing several charges. the woman who was hit is okay. president-elect donald trump will be meeting with anotheror opponent. former texas governor rick per le visit trump tower. we could hear of more opponents today. on sunday, trump said he had made a cup of deals over the weekend while meeting with potential administrative employees. one person earned consideration is mitt romney on the short list for secretary of state . trump tweeted that retired marine corps general james mattis is being considered for
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and said he was a true general's general. scott brown may be landing a job at the white house. he spoke to trump and expressed have of being the secretary of veterans affairs. brown laid off his platform including a hotline for suicidal soldiers staffed 24-7 and taking back bonuses for incompetent va staffers. last year the va handed out $177 million in bonuses. >> confirming that the future first lady and his youngest son won't be moving to the white house right away. melania and barron trump will stay in new york until the end of the school year. president-elect trump will move to washington right away and she will travel to washington to perform her duties as first lady. president obama finished his trip overseas and all focus is on a brief but awkward
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the u.s. is deeply concerned of the constant bombings going on in syria. when addressing the rest of the world, president obama told leaders not to judge the president-elect until he is finished putting his cabinet together. >> people should take a wait-and-see approach in are policy proposals in the white house once he is sworn in matches up with some of the rhetoric of his >> sara: the president arrived in washington two hours ago. he is taking the day to rest and recover. happening today, hundreds of people are coming together to take a stand against hate. all in response to the hundreds of act of hate across the country since donald trump became the president-elect. catherine parrotta live at the statehouse this morning where the rally will get under that by just a few hours. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the rally is set at 11:00 and
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involved in the rally and the message that hate will not be tolerated. 30 groups are preparing to participate in today's rally along with boston mayor marty walsh and maura healy. the goal is to send a message whoever you voted for hate won't be tolerated. it comes in a surge of instances of hate. just last week, we reported about one incident in natick where a resident reported receiving racist letters. all comes on the heels of the recent elections as the trump fire amidst concerns it won't be inclusive and evidence this past weekend. that reaction came as vice president elect mike pence was a member of the audience of the broadway show "hamilton" and a member of the staff delivered a message from stage. >> truly hope that this show has inspired to you impose our american values and work on behalf of always. >> when we arrived we heard a few boos and cheers and i nudge
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that is what freedom sounds like. >> reporter: the vice president-elect wasn't offended but president-elect trump took to twitter saying that pence was harassed. >> i want to reassure every american in the days ahead i am very confident they are going to see -- they are going to see president-elect donald trump be a president for all of the people. >> reporter: as there have been concern about some of these incidents that have been occurring across the country harassment, racism, also here in massachusetts as well. in fact, last week we told you that the attorney general's office had set up a hotline so people can report incidents like that, and as of last friday, there have been more than 300 calls made to that hotline here in massachusetts. for now live at the statehouse, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. now 6:08 this morning. at least one person is in police custody after hundreds of protesters clashed with police officers in north
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people who were protesting against the dakota pipeline. temperatures were in the 20s at the time. it turned into a riot when the group was trying to cross the bidge onto land operated by the army corp of engineers. they used tear gas to push the protesters back. they say it will affect the environment and destroy native-americans site. a teenager is hospitalized after a police chase in wareham. po chase before finding this scene. there wasn't much of the car that the 17-year-old was driving. it all started 4:30 saturday morning when someone reported being hit by an erratic driver. when police responded the car sped by with no head on after they called off the choice, the car skidded off the road and hit a tree. the teen was hurt. the driver may have been driving with a suspended license.
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executives to worked at the new england compounding center in framingham are demanding that federal prosecutors produce evidence before they go to trial for murdering 20 people. barry caden the supervising pharmacist glen chin want prosecutors to present their evidence at a hearing before the start of the trial in january. the two men claim there is no evidence that they purposely contaminated pain medication shipped nationwide sparking a fun gal meningitis outbreak in 2012. a total 664 people died in that outbreak. this morning a lawrence school will partially reopen a week after a fire in the classroom. the bruce school will open from grades 3 to 5 only. the school has not said when 6th-8th grader also return. last week a fire was started in a second-floor classroom and officials believe it had to do with a faulty power strip. lint buildup and a small
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heads into the dryer and when she returned, the room was filled with thick, black smoke. fire fighters were able to quickly put out the flames. the building suffered about $40,000 in smoke damage. the school is open today. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and be careful out there. we are seeing some slick spots. we just -- shiri and i heard from someone about route 3 as you head from new hampshire. very slick out there on the overpasses. right now 93 south, up to a 48-minut down to the zakim. shiri. >> shiri: the minor snow is one issue and the other issue are the winds. winds gusting to the 30-mile-per-hour winds. check out these wind chills as you leave the house. feels like 20 in boston and 15 in worcester. a.bitter cold day. how long the winds will stick around. when self-driving cars are expected to make their debut in the hub. a tragic night for police
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6:14. meteorologist shiri spear cape ann slight snow showers. into middleborough and brockton. i think this is the match to watch. and this batch will head toward 95 and 128 95 and 128 around the mass pike. beware of some slippery roads. developing this morning four police officers in three different states you were shot in a 12-hour period. three of those attacks were targeted or ambush scale. daniel miller joins us on the violence against law enforcement. >> daniel: very violent. the most gruesome of the attacks and to happen in san antonio, texas. a detective was in his patrol car writing a ticket when
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the driver walked up to the patrol car and shot him in the head and walked away. he was taken the hospital where he died. a person of a have and a possible suspect car leaving the scene here. investigators believe that car and suspect are not connected to the person the detective was writing a ticket for. the department identified the officer killed as detective ben mccrony. force and currently worked in the special victims unit. he leaves behind a wife and two adults children. they started a memorial for the detective detective calling whoever did this a coward. a man shot a missouri police officer earlier in the day. the sergeant was in critical but stable condition after being shot in the face. the sergeant was targeted
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and had not stopped or pulled over anyone at the type time of the shooting. the suspect died after being involved in a shootout with police earlier in the morning. a police officer in southwest florida is out of the hospital after being shot during a traffic stop at 8:00 last night. the sanibel police chief say a gunman drove by and shot into the officer's patrol car. police were able to take that suspect into custody following a shootout. we are getting late word that another officer in missouri was shot late lastig the shooting was outside of kansas city in the town of gladstone. the officer is expected to be okay. the suspect was also reportedly shot and no word on that person's condition. we are working to get the circumstances around the shooting. we will bring them to you as soon as we find out more information. in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. after a new hampshire mother lost her 18-year-old son to an opioid overdose, she is fighting to change a state law. >> these are humans lives. these are people.
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help somebody. and if we can enact a section 35, why are we not doing it. >> reporter: section 35 is what the law is called here in massachusetts allowing families and police to involuntary commit addicts. new hampshire has one of the highest opioid overdose rates in the nation close to 500 deaths a year compared to the state's homicide rate of 20. tonight at 10:00. stephanie coueignoux sits down with this mother and investigates the benefits and the >> good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. unfortunately each time i come back with a new report, i have more accidents to tell you about. take a look at these live pictures from skyfox. 128 southbound. it is only 6:18. in the burlington area and we are already seeing significant delays as they pan closer up to route 3. and i take a wide shot at -- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
6:19 am
accidents out there just north of the pike. it is slippery out there. and -- please leave early and take it very slow. you will encounter accidents on 128 southbound approaching route 3. you will also see accidents on route 2 as you approach 128. so take a little bit closer look waiting for there are accident. this to clear on 93 south as you approach fells way. live drive times. 17 minutes on route 3 from 495 to 128. up to an hour on 93 south. 40 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston toll meteorologist shiri spear breaking down the locations where the slipperiest conditions are still lingering, shiri. >> shiri: goes to show you don't need the hefty measurable snow totals to get issues on the road. coating, a dusting of snow in those communities. check back with julie in ten minutes and the berkshires getting a foot of snow. hill towns lead into the berkshires, about 3 inches. locally here, eastern mass,
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we are only talking less than an inch of snow. mostly just that coating thanks to some flurries that we are seeing in place right now. so additional snow will be exactly that. a patchy coating of snow in the forecast up to the berkshires we get an additional 1 to 3 inches. higher elevations and stretching into the green mountains. the snow i think will be bit of a headache this morning because it is causing those slippery conditions, but overall, winds will be much bigger sustained 15 to 30 and gusting 15 miles per hour. that strong enough to do some damage. so it is going to be windblown at 8 a.m. most of the local flurries drying out and future cast is painting a mostly dry picture with lingering clouds and wind, yes. i think we will have a couple of stray flurries both late morning and midday and even afternoon. we will see that slight chance for flurries in boston, lawrence, beverly and bedford all with highs in the 30s to
6:21 am
39 in nashua, new hampshire. 40 in plymouth. we have not yet seen high temperatures quite a chilly. so get ready for a very raw day ahead. flash floored to tomorrow because such a big travel week. northernmost new he thinks land a couple of snow showers. breezy and brighter and even wednesday locally, middle of the country up to the mississippi valley and the great lakes. rain and snow and that is actually the system that slides toward us for thanksgiving. so holding average, highs only in the 40s today through wednesday as things clear out and dry out. the winds weaken for the middle of the week. ing this with a little icy mix and quickly to light rain for a high of 44. we are talking block friday shoppers. lots of clouds around and a high around 50. back over to you, guys. it was quite a sight at harvard stadium. coming up hue few full moons managed to bring the harvard
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>> the boston globe released
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according to paper more than 330 companies participated in the survey this year. the top company in each category was for the biggest companies, bright horizon family solutions won. restaurant group, big night entertainment took home the awards for companies less than 1,000 employees and operate some restaurants and nightclubs in boston and foxwoods. and niche internearing won the medium sized category and a biotech company won for small businesses. hitting the streets of boston before the new year. cambridge-based nutonomy will try out their on a muss cars at race land marine park. the company has been test driving their self-driving cars in sin for in august. if approved by the city the first self-driving cars to hit public roads in massachusetts. an emotional reunion for a
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>> i don't know how to thank you. oh, my god. >> gene: that is roger declare of downey, california. he said his tea cup chihuahua lola was stolen from his home and now he has her back all thanks to the woman spotted the dog matching lola's scripps and brought her home. the 93-year-old is very happy to have his best friend back. rob gronkowski may be planning to spend a little more time in the city according to "the herald" the patriots end bought a $2 million condo in the seaport district. two bedroom, two bath and state-of-the-art appliances. has a home in fox bro and reportedly building a second home nearby. and we have snow and radar this morning. we are tracking the impact this will have on your travel plans. travelers to new york, you better check those flights. i am getting delays due to wind. how this plays into our own
6:27 am
may look a little different. the popular event that organize hes are thinking of cutting this year. marijuana will soon be legal in massachusetts.
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complete news coverage >> shiri: now at 6:30, many of you waking up to snow on your car this morning. a look at how long the flakes will stick around and if the snow can impact your thanksgiving travel plans. family members say a family of four was beaten to death in front of her adult special needs son who they say is to blame as the police investigation continues this morning. a new look at the marathon bombing through the eyes of the
6:31 am
charged documentary following the attack and a long road to recovery. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this monday morning now november 21. not on the calendar yet, but winter has arrived. and any type of message -- >> sara: i walked out to my car and snow on the ground. it was a coating but enough to go wow. >> shiri: enough that julie grauert checking traffic has a huge headache -- a huge headache on the roads because it is making a mess out there. the light show near cape ann. temperatures close to freezing. boston and sharon. framingham getting light snow and looks significant enough that it will do a little bit of sticking that goes up -- between 495 and mast pike and 128. we are going to get another little coating on those untreated roadways, and here in southeastern mass, same story.
6:32 am
temperatures close to freezing which means icy roads definitely a possibility. 33 in boston at 8 a.m. a cup of flakes still possible and will end up being mostly dry and very windy and cold today. i am breaking down the wind threats and chilly temperatures coming up. julie is back with live drive time traffic. based on what we are seeing. i feel like the roads were undertreated. >> julie: i do too. because we are seeing quite a few accidents. one of them like route 3. crews had to use the jaws of life. if you ok of the car has been taken off. we have a tow truck as they zoom in. several ambulances on scene and backups on 128 as you approach route 3. shift southbound. you can see this accident route 2 eastbound. both eastbound lanes blocked for some time. one of those eastbound lanes back open but still backing things up. shifting slightly east, waiting for accident to clear on 93 south at fells way. another one route 1 southbound
6:33 am
very slippery out there and shiri and i think the roads may be undertreated. an hour and ten minutes on 93 south. nearly an hour on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. developing news lowell, a mother of four is dead the victim of an apparent attack at an apartment complex. >> sara: this morning her children are wanting to know what happened and for police to arrest the people responsible. find new clues at this apartment complex where this happened? >> reporter: police detectives are expected back here to do just that. find out more about what happened here and who is behind this loss of life. the district attorney and family members combined to share that this 44-year-old mother of four took her adult special needs son to a party here at the westminster apartments with her friend, got kicked out, and a witness say a group of women then beat her to
6:34 am
life away over something -- because an attitude or something? everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves and it is disgusting. >> reporter: april wants answers after someone killed her fiance's mother, 44-year-old gloribel arengo. the home health aide and mother of four took her 28-year-old son with special needs to an long-time friends. according to him, her son saw his mother getting attacked kicked out of the party. >> you ask what happened, girl -- the girl hit mom and blood, all this. blood. so for him to have to go through that is unbelievable. and they cut him. he has stitches. to defend his mom. >> reporter: one witness who did not want to show his face
6:35 am
mother in his arms repeating the words "i love you, get up, i love you, get up." the district attorney said arengo was pronounced dead at a local hospital. lowell police and the district attorney's office are both working on this case which is considered a homicide. no arrests have been made so far. but lowell police expected to be back on scene here this morning. we will continue to work throughout the morning to give you an update. right now live in lowell, michael henrich, we are hearing from the wife of a man who was killed while working his construction job. 28-year-old jason sanderson was killed on saturday in duxbury. he was cutting pipe when his saw kicked back and hit him in the neck. co-workers say they tried everything they could to save him before the ambulance arrived. his wife is now looking for answers. >> it hit his carotid artery. they tried to control the bleeding.
6:36 am
>> why did this happen? i mean, why? >> sara: sanderson's wife is left to take care of her 9-year-old and 18-month-old twins and she won't be able to return as a nurse. duxbury police and show shah are investigating the accident. fox25 continues to follow the aftermath of the legalization of recreational marijuana in massachusetts. the law goes into month and police and fire department are reassessing their own policies for employees. in massachusetts already a law on the books that prevents officers and fire fighters from smoking tobacco. the patriot ledger reports that police and fire departments across the state are making it clear they also have zero tolerance for marijuana use. one lawyer tells the paper the unions will likely fight any department that tries to punish someone. with just a few weeks to go before question 4 is legal,
6:37 am
log on to for complete coverage of the rules and regulations. well at 5:36. who says you can't go home. tom brady went back to the san francisco bay area where he grew up and put up a show after a slow first half, brady lit up the 49ers. deion lewis was back in action if the first time. another weapon for the pats offense. and drive ends with brady hooking up with julian edelman in the front. move ahead to the second. brady goes to edelman and screen pass to james white who finds the pileen. another td passed up 13-3 pouring rain. and brady avoid pressure and finds danny amendola in the end zone and quite frankly the best pass of the season. rifle it is past the ear of the
6:38 am
mitchell catches it in stride and he is gone. first touchdown of the year for mitchell and brady. >> pretty cool. to have the first chance to do that was very special. i felt it in pregame warm-up and carried it right to the last play of the game. >> gene: brady and plaits take on jets and new york next sunday. a little bounce steps with horford and jake cloudy. they will be against the t-wolves. bs play host to the solution blues. in case you missed it things were interesting between the game of harvard and yale. a dozen naked or almost naked students stood on a wall at harvard stadium police held up the game until they kicked them. you.
6:39 am
yale won 21-14. looks like it is no longer just cell phones. coming up the kids toy being pulled from the shelves of one major retailer after it apparently burst
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. and we are checking traffic
6:42 am
>> gene: we are indeed. the first snowfall. not measurable but taking a toll on the roadways. all kind of accidents. >> enough to create problematic conditions. take a look at this. if you look closely the top of this car had to be taken off by the jaws of life and it was that slippery and the crash was that severe. closed two lanes of 128 southbound for the last half an hour or so. we are seeing drive times already up to an hour and it is just 6:42. traffic map too. up to a dozen accidents in some of just think the roads weren't treated well enough and people are getting their sea legs again in winter driving. >> i think a lot of the moisture on the roads. a little coating of snow. incredibly slippery out there so kids, parents, teachers headed into school. be real careful on the local roadways. the wind chill, 21. a situation where temperatures are bouncing around 30 degrees for the morning drive into work and school and wind chills dip
6:43 am
wind and that little bit of snow when i am back but in about 10. gene. former massachusetts governor deval patrick had a fond farewell when he left office in 2014. according to a new report published by the herald, patrick's farewell party included a ceremony and whole thing cost $300,000. all covered by donations for private citizens and corporations. one of the biggest ticket items was patrick's statehouse for late this cost $7 016 may not be going out with a bang in boston. organizers with the first night celebration are considering getting rid of their traditional midnight fireworks. they are mostly funded by donations and organizers are 100,000 short of their goal. group can't raise the money they will put on a pyrotechnic display in copley square instead. 6:4 3. soon marijuana will be legal in massachusetts.
6:44 am
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:46. meteorologist shiri spear. shifting to the boston area. mass pike a little slippery with an additional coating of snow back to 495. another burst of flurries halifax and to duxbury. a timeline of the wind and cold coming up in less than five. we are getting up to date. lowell police connects are expected back in an apartment complex investigating the death of a mother of four.
6:47 am
were found beaten to death. one witness told fox25 her son who has down syndrome was holding his mother in his arms in the parking lot pleading for her to get. you. witnesses say arengo was beaten shortly after leaving a party. our michael henrich reaching out to police to see if an arrest was made it a case. more than 30 groups awith arrest was made it a case. more than 30 groups awith mayor maura walsh matter who you vote for. the rally is scheduled for 11:00 this morning. fox25 will be there. a family of seven had not be able to spend thanksgiving at home this year after a car slammed into the front of their house making it unsafe to live in. and now the hunt it on for the people inside the car who did this. our jessica reyes is live in northborough this morning where that whole is covered up right
6:48 am
tough situation for the family that lives inside this home. chasing down to 90 off the highway to northborough and if you look here it took out the front steps. directly into the front door and this morning the family that lives here can't stay here for self-months now. >> as the kohn family was sleeping, this black suv went through the front door on hudson street. >> it was scary. >> reporter: happened just before 1:00. troopers were pursuing the suv they left their pursuit once it left the highway. troopers found it wedged inside the home. heard the two men inside the s uv arguing before they ran off. >> he just said that one of them said it was an accident and they should stay and deal with it. the other said, no, we got to go and they ran. >> reporter: state police began a search but eventually called it off.
6:49 am
thanksgiving all seven of them including their elderly inlaws are now without a home. the impact was so hard that the structure is now unsafe. >> the holiday season and we are trying to figure out where everybody can go. kids have school. we have work. disrupts the whole family. >> reporter: you heard susan say a swampy area and river behind her home and that's what you are looking at now. that's where she thinks the two guys may have taken you off to. they are and in the meantime, anyone with information to give them a call. live this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. a problem this morning with a popular toy hitting as the holiday season kicks into high gear. toys 'r' us stopping sales of this tonka truck after one of them caught fire the tonka mighty wheels dump truck. it happened in seattle -- washington state after they were driving home after buying the toy. flames shooting through the back of the couple's pickup
6:50 am
inside of the box. fire. it was hot it shall we got to pull over. we got to get out of this truck. we pull over and flames start shooting. >> the couple was not hurt as mentioned. toys 'r' us has pulled that toy from their shelves while it investigates. check your refrigerator, a popular hummus brand is recalling its product over listeria concerns. they say listeria was found in the plant where it was made. 2017 on the lid. you can constant sabra to get reimbursed. listeria is particularly dangerous, sometimes even deadly to young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. symptoms include fever, muscle aches, stiffness and stomach problems. 6:50 this morning. did you notice that was our snow weather open there. >> shiri: very appropriate.
6:51 am
weekend. >> julie: at least he loves the snow shiri sthairz is exactly right. i wouldn't want to drive anywhere this morning. ice and quite the slippery situation and only looking at a palm beach coating of snow locally. snow will be one of my lowest concerns with that said you do need on the roads early today. wind will be my biggest concern concern. damaging gusts up to 50 miles per hour. straight through your monday here across southern new england, and the cold that goes along with it. gusts at 25 miles per hour in worcester. close to that in beverly, 30 miles per hour in plymouth and 36 in new bedford and strengthening. flurries in boston right now. 31 degrees. feels like 20 because of the wind chill and for some of you, it feels like the teens. you can look at the fox25 weather thapz gives you the wind chill right there. the first thing you see when you open it up. that feels-like temperature.
6:52 am
one or two flurries wedged in here as well, and check out the temperatures barely moving here. a struggle to even get up to 40 degrees this afternoon. i do have this very light snow across eastern and central massachusetts. but as far as further accumulation goes, really the berkshires, western, northern new england that gets in on it today. future cast painting a pretty dry picture here. very windy conditions. i will step in and say don't be shocked if you find some fwlurs at any time of the day out there. i just don't think it is going to be doing much additional sticking. breezy and brighter for your travel plans tomorrow. for wednesday, big travel days. eastern -- eastern united states is look okay. it is toward the great lakes down the mississippi valley. rain and snow and we will be watching that system. that is the system that comes to us for thanksgiving in a little bit of mix and 50 here
6:53 am
and another weather maker this weekend. julie is track multiple gents. julie the everyone the jaws of life to take off the roof of the car. that you white car facing the wrong direction. three lanes blocked. i found that to be a really slip vis spot in general this morning. waiting for the earlier accident on route 2 to 2 eastbound as you approach settle for the last 45 minutes. shifting southeast and we have a new accident on 93 south right as you approach route 60 and route 16. here are your live drive times in the red. 30 minutes on route 3 from the billerica chelmsford. hour and 23 on 3 south and hour and 15 minutes from peabody to the weston tolls.
6:54 am
serious injuries and will spend months in the hospital after she was hit in a crosswalk. two good samaritans found her. and the plea from the family to find the driver that hit her. >> she will spend four months in the hospital recovering from hit-and-run. she is in the hospital in washington. broken spleen, femur and broken ribs. she was struck near the brookline walks in the area every day before she begins her job at driscol elementary school in brookline where she is the head secretary. >> hooked up to every single machine you can think about. they had to give blood to her because she lost so much blood because of her spleen. i -- i thought she was close to being dead. >> daniel: boston police are investigating the hit-and-run. police told the family there are surveillance cameras in the area. she was hit. they are in the process of
6:55 am
vehicle. the family is raising money to cover her medical expenses. for more information on how you can help, head over to our web site, it is in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. from his texas are investigating how they left a toddler in a car at the scene of the crash. the 3 xwrormd was found unconscious by a tow truck driver hired to bring a smashed-up car to the drunk yard. the driver and another passenger did not tell police say the car was thoroughly checked for passengers at the scene.the two back doors were not accessible, so he went to the -- to the passenger side door. it was open. so he reached inside -- inside of the car seat and looked inside there to make sure, you know, that there was no one in there, and there wasn't. >> reporter: the girl was found in the back seat with severe head injuries. her family says she is recovering but suffering from partial parole his.
6:56 am
keep some con tumors from standing behind samsung. those who own samsung are just as little to their brand and apple iphone users. 90% of owner also stick with their company when it comes to a phone upgrade. about half were expected to leave following the fire from their phones. and some of the phones hay were a battery issue that causes the device to shut down expectly. the problem is of iphone 6 s devices. apple urging anyone who is having a problem to take their phone to the apple store. if the serial number matches the phones affected they will get a new phone free of charge. a documentary about the boston marathon bombing will air tonight. >> they decided it was okay to blow up the boston marathon and that is what makes them monsters.
6:57 am
survivors to the shubert theater for a screening. it focuses not just on the bombing but the victims' recovery. you will need an hbo subscription to watch that. 6 coming up new at 7:00, a major announcement from the pope in the next 30 minutes. his message to priests about abortion. chipotle is facing a new lawsuit and has nothing to do with be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> >> >> >> shiri: now at 7:00 we begin the week with snow and a frigid forecast and look at how long the winter weather is sticking around and how long it could affect your travel plans. >> julie: it is not a lot of snow but causing a big mess on the road and tracking increasing drive times and problem spots every ten >> michael: family members reeling after mother killed outside apartment complex. >> it is disgusting. >> gene: what we learned about mitt romney's visit and scott brown. >> sara: self driving cars coming it the boston sooner than later and pilot paramedic set to


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